July 25, 1981: Central Line, Level 42, Black Slate, Brick, The Strikers


RCA RECORDS cap their sustained hit streak with the top three places in this week’s disco chart all on the actual RCA label . . . Lobo, now on 12in, is not the ‘Dog Named Boo’ singer but a Dutchman . . . Commodores is also now on 12in, Teena Marie ‘Square Biz’ is on US promo 12in flipped by the old Ozone ‘Mighty-Mighty’, and Marcia Hines is on extended 121½bpm 12in promo (Logo obviously mean business) . . . David Sanborn has a 4-track 12in LV due imminently . . . MSO ‘In The Jungle’ (confusingly titled ‘Colombia’ on 7in) is at least now being stocked by Soho’s Groove Records in Greek Street, who managed to track down the elusive Mainstreet label and order this sizzling slab of pure Latin excitement . . . Robbie Vincent’s VE Night at Dartford Flicks last Thursday was good fun, my reference to Louis Jordan ‘Caldonia‘ as “the week’s hottest new import” (which it would have been in May 1945!) creating a lot of interest, while a confetti cannon detonated up in the lighting gantry destroyed a couple of hundred quids worth of neon tubes! . . . Capital Radio’s jazz session producer Jeremy Lloyd (of Incognito fame) wonders whether Spaces named their ‘Song For Jeremy’ with him in mind! . . . Paul Dower of Waterford’s Suirside Radio is persevering with his disco show and still needs the big disco hits that don’t go Top 40 Pop as these are hard to get in his part of Eire — maybe friendly pluggers could contact him at Suirside, 7 The Mall, Waterford, Ireland . . . Derek ‘Greg’ Lawrence (01 571 4528), well experienced at mixing up futurist and dance music, is angling after a Saturday matinee-style disco gig or any other West London DJ work . . . Nick Davies is going futurist on Sundays at Watford New Penny, with half-price drinks from 8-10pm . . . Kev Hill (Basildon Sweeneys) reports his fave local band Elixia have jazzed up their basic funk sound with more than a hint of Latin influence . . . Preston’s Keith Richard won the £1,000 Carling Lager amateur disco dancing final at Sheffield Top Rank Suite recently . . . Paul ‘Wiggy’ Wignall & Tony Riding, resident at Liverpool’s Wynners in Peters Lane for smart over-22s, will pay anything for a mint condition Johnny Bristol ‘Bristol’s Cream’ LP . . . Don Covey has reunited 1968’s Soul Clan supergroup for live USA appearances, with himself, Solomon Burke, Ben E King, Joe Tex, plus new member Wilson Pickett as replacement for Arthur Conley (and not Ben E King for Otis Redding, as printed by another paper which should have known better) — the original line-up’s ‘Soul Meeting’ single by coincidence having hit the US soul chart exactly 13 years ago last week . . . Carl Carlton, also exactly 13 years ago, had his first minor success with ‘Competition Ain’t Nothing’ as by Little Carl Carlton, “14 Year Old Sensation” . . . Roger Scott’s new Wednesday 6pm ‘Soul Cruising’ on Capital Radio has already done the Soul Clan and probably Carl too by the time you read this, so don’t miss it as every week there’s something among the soul oldies of relevance to today! . . . Barbara Acklin’s 1968 ‘Love Makes A Woman‘ at 118bpm does indeed vari-synch superbly out of Carol Jiani ‘The Woman In Me‘ . . . War ‘Cinco De Mayo’ is the background basis for the latest of Chris Hill’s legendary raps . . . Flash Gordon (Bristol Sinatras) recommends local reggae group Talisman ‘Dole Age‘ / ‘Free Speech‘ — but what’s the label? . . . Froggy’s hot for Hi-Tension ‘There’s A Reason‘, Martin Platts (Blackburn) gets strong reaction to Gap Band ‘When I Look In Your Eyes‘, Marshal ‘Woolie’ King (Sunderland Mayfair Roller Disco) gets ’em skating to Incredible Bongo Band ‘Bongo Rock ’73‘, Frenchie is amongst North-Western jazz jocks on Alphonse Mouzon ‘Funk Transplant‘ (US Metronome LP) from ’79 . . . Edgar Winter ‘Above And Beyond‘ (the exciting bit after the guitar two-thirds through) is terrific out of Sharon Redd’s remix . . . Zenith ‘People Of The Sun‘ (US Lynx 12in) and, now belatedly breaking in US discos, Suzy Q ‘Get On Up And Do It Again‘ (Canadian JC 12in) both got zilch response following my reviews but work really well for me, the latter especially out of the Graingers . . . Mike Morgan, still doing Chelmsford YMCA Saturday roller disco, is now at the Angel in Bocking near Braintree every Tues/Fri/Sunday . . . Ronnie Symonds (or is it Simons?) has joined Larry Foster at Ilford’s Room At The Top to replace Terry Hooper, who as manager opened Stratford’s new Revelations club last week . . . Mark Southall of Newport’s Flashback Records reputedly appears in the cover photo on Cheryl Lynn’s LP, but whether as the extra weight inside her sack or as the stereo-totin’ kid is unclear! . . . Mike Heaney (Southgate), thanx for the support . . . Richie Rome’s album, which first appeared early last August eventually to be dominated by the ‘Remember Me‘ track, merely managed to crack the Disco 90 for four weeks peaking at 81 shortly before Xmas yet nevertheless has only just dropped right out of the survey after a colossal eleven months bubbling under — surely an all-time “sleeper that never was”? . . . Neil Fincham (Dunbar Goldenstones) observes that saying a record “caused a riot” takes on a whole new meaning these days . . . KEEP COOL!

GLENN GRAINGER of the Graingers, whose ‘Shine Your Light‘ (US BC 12in) has yet to do as well here as it deserves, turns out to have toured extensively as musical director and trumpeter with Odyssey, who not surprisingly call him “Grainger the Arranger”!


CENTRAL LINE: ‘Walking Into Sunshine’ (Mercury MERX 78).
Sensationally strong simple sleazily chugging 112bpm 12in tripper produced by ex-Heatwave bassist Roy Carter sounds really great out on the floor, the 129-128bpm ‘That’s No Way To Treat My (Love)‘ flip being Eddy Grant-type vocals with Change ‘Searching’ beat as backing.

LEVEL 42: ‘Turn It On’ (Polydor POSPX 286).
Excellent bass synth pushed cool steady 117bpm ticker with a gorgeous atmosphere and beautifully controlled smooth vocals slotting into the powerful unhurried beat, the acappella scat introed 143bpm ‘Beezer One‘ flip being very jazzy.

BLACK SLATE: ‘Live A Life’ (Ensign ENYT 215).
Without the over-obvious gimmicky hook of ‘Amigo’ but aided no end by the catchy vocoder-continued vocal pattern and superb chunky playing, this lovely 65/130(intro)-63½/127-63-126bpm 12in reggae roller is actually even more powerful as a whole and should be huge, while the 0/64(intro)-65bpm ‘Reggae Feeling‘ flip is good too. 

LINDA TAYLOR (Editor: artist credited should be Cayenne): ‘Roberto Who . . ?’ (Groove Production GP 3612).
Beefily remixed with a possibly over-long but skippable monotonous intro, this cheerful 120(start)-123-124bpm 12in Latin-jazz chugger has Linda Taylor’s vocal or an instrumental flip and really takes off as it reaches various breaks. Modern Romance being great out of it.

CHERYL LYNN: ‘Shake It Up Tonight’ (CBS A13-1436).
Ray Parker Jr-produced soulfully wailed bubblingly bumped cool 121bpm 12in chugger mixes superbly between BB&Q and Commodores, with a sorta GQ flavour that’s evident in several other things at the moment too.

VOGGUE: ‘Dancin’ The Night Away’ (Memory MERX 76).
Chix-cooed and synth twiddled steadily swinging 124bpm 12in Eurodisco swayer modelled on the old Motown sound and already hitting pop.

PLEASURE: ‘Glide’ (Fantasy FTCT 196).
Keenly sought and much requested in this originally promo-only 12in version, the sparsely bumping 119-117-118-119-120(bass)bpm convolutedly rambling largely instrumental tumbler builds a nagging intensity and was first out around the end of ’79, as I remember mixing the more vocally urgent 123-0-125-126bpm ‘The Real Thing‘ flip out of Michael Jackson’s ‘Don’t Stop’.

UNLIMITED TOUCH: ‘Searching To Find The One’ (Epic EPC A13-1454).
Jittery jolting sombre subduedly tense 114-112-114-112-114-113bpm 12in chix-sung disco plodder with a dull bass undertow, finally out here in remixed form, does go on a bit without ever letting rip, but the jazzy piano-backed guys/gals sung swaying gentle 113bpm ‘Carry On‘ flip adds extra value.


BRICK: ‘Sweat (Til You Get Wet)’ (US Bang 4Z9 02253).
Out a few weeks but for some unfathomable reason totally ignored, this dynamite Ray Parker Jr-produced staccato 116(start)-118(incl. break)-116-118bpm 12in squeaky funk chanter goes into a terrific bass and flute break that gets my crowd excited at any rate. A perfect chop mix out of Bobby Broom ‘Saturday Night‘, it’s certainly my own biggest hit of the minute and worth everyone investigating.

THE STRIKERS: ‘Inch By Inch’ (LP ‘The Strikers’ US Prelude PRL 14100).
The killer cut is this extremely powerful infectiously locomoting 120-121bpm smoothed out retread of the ‘Body Music’ idea but with more of a creamy clop than a jittery jiggle! Try it, it’s a monster.

RENE & ANGELA: ‘Wall To Wall’ LP (US Capitol ST-12161).
Superbly consistent strong set by the Moog-wielding duo, ultra-beefy bass synth underpinning not only the title track infectiously lurching 122bpm strutting smacker but also the sparser 124-125bpm ‘Just Friends‘, rolling 50/100bpm ‘Secret Rendezvous‘, atmospherically jogging 97bpm ‘Wanna Be Close To You‘, chunky 106bpm ‘I Love You More‘ and smoochy 42-43bpm ‘Imaginary Playmates’.

LA TOYA JACKSON: ‘Stay The Night’ (US Polydor PD-D-518).
The Jacksons sister covered Billy Ocean’s ‘Are You Ready’ on her first album and now does another of his admittedly Michael Jackson-ish rompers, a jittery 119bpm 12in chugger which hits some nice bass emphasis halfway.

ROY AYERS: ‘Center Of The World’ LP (US Polydor PD-1-6327).
An interesting fusion of jazz and Afro with lots of help from Fela Anikulapo-Kuti, this set has received a mixed reception. Full review next week, but in the meantime, most programmable tracks are probably ‘There’s A Master Plan’, ‘Land Of Fruit And Honey‘, ‘Destination Motherland‘.

DAVE VALENTIN: ‘Pied Piper (Man Of Song)’ (LP ‘Pied Piper’ US Arista/GRP 5505).
Chick warbled tootling 117(intro)-121-118-122bpm tapper by the jazz flautist, ‘Sambiando‘ being a frantic 0-142-139-0-138-67-135bpm Latin rattler, all good stuff if that’s what your dwindling audience really goes for.

TANIA MARIA: ‘Super Happy’ (LP ‘Piquant’ US Concord Jazz/Picante CJP-151).
Latin jazz by a singing pianist on an invigorating but totally specialist set (for dancing to at any rate), this being a pleasant 91-94-99-97bpm instrumental cocktail tinkler with wordless scatting getting quite nagging after a while, while other cuts are even deeper.

GLEN RICKETTS: ‘Only Love’ (Jamaican CDS 45 011/D).
Attractive well arranged 69/34bpm 7in reggae swayer with a Stevie Wonder-ish vocal tinge, sounds stronger the more you hear it.

UK Disco Top 90 – July 25, 1981

01 01 Odyssey – Going Back To My Roots – RCA 12”
02 08 Evelyn King – I’m In Love – RCA 12”
03 02 Thelma Houston – If You Feel It – RCA 12”
04 06 Quincy Jones – Razzamatazz – A&M 12”
05 12 Third World – Dancing On The Floor – CBS 12”
06 09 Imagination – Body Talk – R&B 12”
07 26 Spandau Ballet – Chant No.1 – Reformation 12”
08 03 Evasions – Wikka Rap – Groove Production 12”
09 14 Gino Soccio – Try It Out / Closer – Atlantic 12”
10 05 Coati Mundi – Que Pasa/Me No Pop I – Ze 12”
11 04 Rick James – Give It To Me Baby / Ghetto Life – Motown LP
12 21 Starsound – Stars On 45 Volume 2 – CBS 12”
13 11 Keni Burke – Let Somebody Love You – RCA 12”
14 15 Grace Jones – Pull Up To The Bumper – Island 12”
15 13 Kool & The Gang – Take It To The Top / Celebremos – De-Lite 12”
16 23 Tom Tom Club – Wordy Rappinghood – Island 12”
17 10 Whispers – I Can Make It Better – Solar 12”
18 20 Carl Carlton – She’s A Bad Mama Jama – 20th Century-Fox 12”
19 07 Strikers – Body Music – Epic 12”/Dutch Rams Horn 12” remix
20 17 BB&Q Band – On The Beat – Capitol 12”
21 16 Smokey Robinson – Being With You – Motown/12” promo
22 25 Hi-Gloss – You’ll Never Know / I’m Totally Yours – Epic 12”
23 19 Linx – Throw Away The Key – Chrysalis 12”
24 41 Abba – Lay All Your Love On Me / On And On And On – Epic 12”
25 22 Bobby Thurston – Very Last Drop – Epic 12”
26 39 Shakatak – Brazilian Dawn – Polydor 12”
27 35 Material – Bustin’ Out – Ze 12”
28 45 War – Cinco De Mayo – US LAX 12”
29 36 Lamont Dozier – Going Back To My Roots – Warner Bros 12”/LP
30 28 Michael Jackson – One Day In Your Life – Motown
31 53 Jacksons – Walk Right Now – Epic 12”
32 40 Sharon Redd – Can You Handle It (Remix) – US Prelude 12”
33 61 Commodores – Lady (You Bring Me Up) – Motown 12”
34 32 Cheryl Lynn – Shake It Up Tonight – US Columbia 12”
35 29 Wish – Nice And Soft – US Perspective 12”
36 NE Modern Romance – Everybody Salsa/Salsa Rappsody – WEA 12”
37 33 Tee Mac – Sound Of the Universe – Ensign 12”
38 27 Starsound – Stars On 45 – CBS 12”
39 18 Enigma – Ain’t No Stopping – Disco Mix 1981 – Creole 12”
40 24 Champaign – How ‘Bout Us – CBS 12”
41 47 Bob Marley – No Woman No Cry /Jamming (Live) – Island 12”
42 34 Teena Marie – It Must Be Magic / Square Biz / Portuguese Love – US Gordy LP
43 55 Richard ‘Dimples’ Fields – I Like Your Lovin’ / She’s Got Papers On Me – US Boardwalk LP
44 50 Tantra – Hills Of Katmandu / Wishbone – Automatic 12”
45 51 Rafael Cameron – Funtown USA – US Salsoul 12”
46 74 Stevie Wonder – Happy Birthday – Motown LP/12” promo
47 68 Morrissey Mullen – Slipstream / Stay A While – Beggars Banquet LP
48 31 Barry Biggs – Wide Awake In A Dream – Dynamic 12”
49 37 Cameo – Freaky Dancin’ / The Sound Table / Don’t Be So Cool – US Chocolate City LP/12” promo
50 NE Tight Fit – Back To The 60’s – Jive 12”
51 64 Randy Crawford – You Might Need Somebody – Warner Bros 12”
52 63 Maze – Joy And Pain / Changing Times / Running Away / Southern Girl – US Capitol LP
53 60 Cayenne – Roberto Who…? – Groove Production 12”
54 42 Esther Williams – I’ll Be Your Pleasure – RCA 12”
55 37 Debra Laws – On My Own – Elektra 12”
56 72 Voggue – Dancin’ The Night Away – Mercury 12”
57 NE Strikers – Inch By Inch / Hold Onto The Feeling – US Prelude LP
58 77 Morrissey Mullen – Do Like You / Badness – Beggars Banquet 12”
59 NE Bobby Broom – Saturday Night / Share My Love / Clean Sweep – US Arista GRP LP
60 NE Spaces – Song For Jeremy / Try Some Of This / Life Line / Eddie And Carol – US Arista LP
61 81 Boystown Gang – Cruisin’ The Streets / Remember Me/Ain’t No Mountain High Enough Suite – US Moby Dick 12”
62 49 France Joli – Gonna Get Over You – US Prelude 12”
63 NE Stacy Lattisaw – Feel My Love Tonight / With You / Young Girl / Love On A Two Way Street / Baby I Love You / Screamin’ Off The Top / Spotlight – US Cotillion LP
64 RE Was (Not Was) – Wheel Me Out – Ze LP/US Antilles 12”
65 90 Shalamar – Uptown Festival – Golden Grooves 12”
66 NE Level 42 – Turn It On – Polydor 12”
67 65 Randy Crawford – Rainy Night In Georgia – Warner Bros LP
68 58 Gilberto Gil – Maracatu Atomico – Elektra LP
69 73 Avonn – Everybody Get Down – US RBL 12”
70 52 Quincy Jones – Betcha Wouldn’t Hurt Me / The Dude – A&M LP
71 NE Raydio – Still In The Groove / A Woman Needs Love / So Into You – Arista 12”
72 44 Mighty Fire – Love Fantasy / Love Attack – Elektra LP
73 RE Michael McGloiry – Won’t You Let Me Be The One – Pinnacle 12”
74 69 Morrissey Mullen – Pass The Music On / Dragonfly – Beggars Banquet LP
75 71 Keni Burke – You’re The Best / Love Is The Answer – US RCA LP
76 85 Carol Jiani – Hit ‘N’ Run Lover (Remix) / The Woman In Me – Canadian Matra LP
77 82 Love Unlimited Orchestra – Lift Your Voice And Say – US Unlimited Gold 12”
78 83 Kid Creole – Going Places / Table Manners / Gina Gina / I Am – Ze LP
79 NE Black Slate – Live A Life / Reggae Feeling – Ensign 12”
80 66 Touchdown – Ease Your Mind – Record Shack 12”
81 60 Cayenne – Little Sunflower / Kensal Sunrise / Fiesta Cubana – Groove Prod LP
82 NE Candido – Jingo / Dancin’ & Prancin’ – Excaliber 12”
83 NE Pig Bag – Papa’s Got A Brand New Pig Bag – Y
84 59 Stargard – You’re The One / High On The Boogie / Back To The Funk / It’s Your Love That I’m Missin’ / Here Comes Love – Warner Bros LP
85 NE Lobo – The Caribbean Disco Show – Polydor 12”
86 57 Proton Plus – Pay-Up – UK Champagne 12”
87 76 Ramsey Lewis – Expansions / Romance Me / Lakeshore Cowboy – CBS LP
88 NE Central Line – Walking Into Sunshine – Mercury 12”
89 NE Was (Not Was) – Out Come The Freaks – Ze 12”
90 NE Rene & Angela – Wall To Wall / Wanna Be Close To You / I Love You More – US Capitol LP


BUBBLING UNDER the UK Disco 90 with increased support are:

Lime: ‘Your Love (Remix)’ / ‘Agent 406’ (US Prism LP)
Hi-Tek: ‘Car Tune’ (Original 12in)
General Saint & Clint Eastwood: ‘Another One Bites The Dust’ (Greensleeves 12in)
Roberta Flack: ‘Qual E Malindrinho’ / ‘Rollin’ On’ (US MCA LP)
Genji Sawai & Bacon Egg: ‘What Comes Next?’ / ‘Skipjack’ / ‘Hand And Foot’ (Japanese Electric Bird LP)
Manhattan Transfer: ‘(Wanted) Dead Or Alive’/ ‘Smile Again’ (Atlantic)
Brick: ‘Sweat (Til You Get Wet)’ (US Bang 12in)
Champaign: ‘Can You Find The Time’ (CBS 12in)
Steve Winwood: ‘Night Train’ (Island 12in)
Klymaxx: ‘Never Underestimate The Power Of A Woman’ (Solar 12in)
Black Uhuru: ‘Sponji Reggae’ (Island LP)
Cheryl Lynn: ‘In The Night’ (US Columbia LP)
Evelyn King: ‘If You Want My Lovin’ (US RCA 12in)
Royal Philharmonic Orchestra: ‘Hooked On Classics’ (RCA 12in)
Eddy Grant: ‘I Love You Yes I Love You’ (Ensign)
Midnight Star: ‘I’ve Been Watching You’ (Solar 12in)
Tania Maria: ‘Vem P’ra Roda’ / ‘Super Happy’ / ‘Yatra-Ta’ / ‘Lemon Cuica’ (US Concord Jazz / Picante LP)
Frankie Smith: ‘Double Dutch Bus’ / ‘Double Dutch’ (US WMOT 12in)
Dave Valentin: ‘Pied Piper’ / ‘Sambiando’ (US Arista GRP LP)
Lee Oskar: ‘Song For My Son’ (US Elektra LP)
Pleasure: ‘Glide’ (Fantasy 12in)
Roy Ayers: ‘There’s A Master Plan’ / ‘Africa Center Of The World’ (US Polydor LP)
Manhattan Transfer: ‘On The Boulevard’ / ‘Spies In The Night’ ‘(The Word Of) Confirmation’ / ‘Kafka’ (Atlantic LP)
Brothers Johnson: ‘The Real Thing’ / ‘Caught Up’ / ‘Do It For Love’ / ‘Dancin’ Free’ (A&M LP)
Junior English: ‘Never Let Me Go’ (Exclusive 12in)
Phyllis Hyman: ‘Can’t We Fall In Love Again’ / ‘Tonight You And Me’ / ‘Don’t Tell Me Tell Her’ (US Arista LP)
Richie Havens: ‘Going Back To My Roots’ (Warner Bros 12in promo)
Rahmlee: ‘Basin Street Brass’ / ‘Down In Storyville’ (US Headfirst LP)
Donna Washington: ‘Save Your Love For Me’ (US Capitol LP)
Smokey Robinson: ‘You Are Forever’ (Motown)

DORC (Disco Featured Pop Hits)

1. Human League, 2. Ultravox, 3. Depeche Mode, 4. Visage, 5. Eddie Maelov & Sunshine Patteson ‘Lines‘ (Human 12in), 6. Soft Cell ‘Memorabilia’, 7. Kraftwerk ‘Computer Love’ / ‘The Model’, 8. B-Movie ‘Marilyn Dreams‘ (Deram 12in), 9. Can ‘I Want More’ (Virgin 12in), 10. Duran Duran ‘Careless Memories’, 11. Kraftwerk ‘Pocket Calculator’, 12. The Passions ‘Skin Deep‘ (Polydor 12in), 13. Heaven 17 ‘I’m Your Money‘ (Virgin 12in), 14. Eno/Byrne ‘The Jezebel Spirit’ (EG 12in), 15. Icehouse ‘We Can Get It Together‘ (Chrysalis 12in).


1. Bad Manners, 2. Specials, 3. Gidea Park, 4. Dept S, 5. Shakin’ Stevens ‘Crazy’, 6. UB40, 7. Kirsty McColl, 8. Bucks Fizz, 9. Joe Jackson, 10. Elaine Paige.


Beats Per Minute for the last two week’s pop charts entries on 7in (endings denoted by “f” for fade, “c” for cold, “r” for resonant) are:
Motorhead 0-228-0r, Kate Bush 147c, Spandau Ballet 120r, Visage 135f, Saxon 182f, Jacksons 132f, Dexy’s Midnight Runners 188f, Kraftwerk ‘Computer’ 0-63/126f ‘Model’ 62/124f, Girlschool 0-236f, Vangelis 0-43f, Vapors 0-147-0r, Tight Fit 127f, Carl Carlton 114f, Thunderbirds 64/127-0c, BB&Q Band 121c, Rose Tattoo 94/188-0r, Echo & The Bunnymen 126f, Dept S 192c, Candido 0-121-123f, 999 0-122f, Voggue 125f.


LAST SATURDAY at Mayfair Gullivers the final part of my set flowed nicely enough to be worth noting down (the first part wasn’t bad either!), coming out of some slowies with Lonnie Youngblood ‘Feelings‘, synch Imagination ‘Body Talk‘, vari Lowrell ‘Mellow Mellow Right On‘, vari Eighties Ladies ‘Turned On To You‘, synch Rahmlee ‘Basin Street Brass’ / ‘Down In Storyville‘, chop minus intro Odyssey ‘Roots’, run rap intro over break James Brown ‘Sex Machine’, synch Grace Jones ‘Bumper‘, run rap intro over break Juny Boom ‘Rules Of The Game‘, chop into bass beat Graingers ‘Shine Your Light‘, synch Suzy Q ‘Get On Up And Do It Again‘, synch Central Line ‘Walking Into Sunshine‘, vari Carl Carlton ‘Mama Jama‘, synch Carl Carlton ‘Sexy Lady‘, vari Bobby Broom ‘Share My Love‘.

One thought on “July 25, 1981: Central Line, Level 42, Black Slate, Brick, The Strikers”

  1. This is always eye-opening for someone who was part of this scene a year or so later – so this is when Tania Maria first appeared in the context of the British jazz-funk scene – anyone who was around on it by the mid 80’s we probably remember all those latin jazz records that were played interminably at many nights – and Tania Maria and especially her ‘Come With Me’ off the album of that title sort of summed all that up. Personally I didn’t mind the occasional latin jazz record but sometimes they seemed to be on all the time!


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