September 19, 1981: “Should we run two separate disco charts, one for black music and one for white?”


DISCOTEK ’81 looked much as usual – great if you’re into speaker stacks and flashing lights – although BADEM’s Jim St Pier said displays were slanted more towards club installations than mobile units this year . . . Froggy and Kelly won DJ awards at the Busby’s bash, Nicky Price and Norman Scott were cock-a-hoop at Lazers/Bolts winning the London club award, Steve Dennis and Alan Gibson got the regional club award for Edgbaston Faces (these awards decided by disco pluggers opinions), Fatman was as over-exhuberantly noisy as ever, and Busby’s jocks Greg Buccheri and Cino Berigliano played almost nothing but oldies all night . . . Style X ‘No Secret Affair‘ – about on white label, is a well conceived cheerfully bounding brassy fast 137-139bpm jazz instrumental with a raggedly sung vocal flip, similarly Buzzz ‘Tonight’s Alright’ sounds as if some futura-funkers heard ‘Masterblaster’ and came up with their own 133bpm reggae fusion . . . Modern Romance will be reissued soon here as an extended Disconet remix with much longer rap . . . Ronnie Laws could possibly visit the UK for PAs in the very near future – clubs with imaginative ideas should contact Capitol’s Debbie Bennett (01-488 4488) – and Maze may be here in November . . . Ernie Priestman, no longer with Whitehaven’s Whitehouse, plans opening a new de-luxe club in Allonby near Carlisle early next year and needs a DJ/manager with a feel for the disco business to handle day-to-day problems (call Lorton 280) . . . Soho’s Le Beat Route now has 25p booze all night on Tuesdays (a ’60s soul night from this week) as well as Wednesdays, and also between 6.30-9pm (when admission is only £1 every night Mon-Friday – hic! . . . CJ Carlos leaves Soho’s Hombres after this weekend to start next week confusingly on Tuesdays at Bracknell’s Wednesdays, and on Thurs/Fri/Saturdays at High Wycombe’s Tuesdays – hic hic! . . . Larry Foster now jocks most Wed/Thursdays at Terry Hooper’s Reflections Club in Bridge Road, Stratford (E15), where £35 membership of this sophisticated soul nitespot can be discussed on 01-519 2524 . . . Chorley Hospital Radio on 21st October start a sponsored attempt to break the Guinness record 208¼ hours non-stop broadcast by a DJ, money pledges for charity being welcomed by John Clarke, 65 Wilkinson Avenue, Little Lever, Bolton, Lancs (Farnworth 792459) . . . Derek Pierce (Bath Moles Club), offered Mondays to run ‘Moderne Music’ nights with live bands (amplification provided), wants to hear from the likes of Soft Cell, Funkapolitan, Blue Rondo A La Turk – or any similar! – on Bath 26277 . . . Mike Tobin invites futurist-slanted resident club jocks to write in for mailing list application forms from Magnum Associate Promotions, Vivian House, 2 Market Hill, Southam, Royal Leamington Spa, Warwickshire CV33 OAJ . . . Alan Jewell jets off today to Oslo’s Leopard (which he thinks means “kiss” in Norwegian), where he’ll be mixing until 4 every morning for the next four months – what will Morgan Khan do without a chauffeur? . . . Rob Harknett was playing current hits at a club near the airport in Stansted when he was asked to play some “new” records – like ‘Rappers Delight’, ‘Shame’ etc: he says not even the Danes and Czech kids are that far behind! . . . Tom Wilson (Edinburgh Oscars) reports from Juan-Les-Pins that Al Jarreau is kinda big sur la Cote d’Azur . . . John Murray of the Freeway Stereo Disco at Kirkcaldy Ice Rink says the official roller disco crowds for the summer season was 19,014 – what, all at once? . . . Gary Allan (Liverpool McMillans) mixes Sylvester ‘Give It Up’ through the break bit of George Benson’s oldie so that the two locked together go “give me the night – BOOM – give me the night -BOOM”, the booms being Sylvester’s intro drum . . . Alan Gaskell (St Helen’s West Park Rugby Club on Sundays) finds the start of Carl Carlton runs together for ages over the first break in Gino Soccio ‘Try It Out’ . . . CBS’s Loraine Trent seems upset that despite DJ reactions to her, the Quick ‘Sharks Are Cool’ has even dropped out of our breakers (and she doesn’t know it yet but the Big Dipper’s slipping too) – maybe they’re spinning you a line, love? . . . Nolans ‘Chemistry‘ is actually rather good, and Abba’s latest sounds nice – hang on, that’s not Abba, it’s Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark! . . . Patti Austin’s album, dripping with class though it is, ain’t actually packed with another ‘Upside Down’ or ‘My Old Piano’ material-wise, so maybe Diana Ross wouldn’t have done so well produced by Quincy Jones . . . I walked into Mayfair’s Rockerfellas late nite eaterie on Saturday to be told “That other DJ is in at the back, you know, Big Ginger” – ladies and gentlemen, allow me to introduce Big Ginger, Steve Walsh! . . . Mark Clark (Bracknell) suggests running a poll amongst disco jocks to see who they consider the most pleasant to work with nationally known radio DJ – Mark’s vote is Simon Bates . . . I’m not saying who, but one well known London radio DJ was asked to do the closing session of a lavish private party last Saturday between 3 and 6 in the morning, and not exactly wanting the gig he quoted £500 an hour – “alright” they said, and so he copped £1,500 (which was worth staying up for)! . . . zzzz . . . STAY AWAKE!

Dire, Straits

THIS WEEK you’ll have to hock your furniture to afford all the hot newies now flooding disco record stores – in fact there’s dangerously too much product to choose from and much I fear will get lost undeservedly. (Also, there’s so much I had to spend a marathon eleven hours on Saturday just BPM-ing, and now my beat-counting thumb has seized up!). The danger is increased by the way in which many new imports are unlikely to spread outside the London area. Import retailer/wholesaler, Groove of Soho’s Tim Palmer theorizes that the recent drastic price hikes have discouraged provincial shops from stocking the imports that once they might have carried, and in fact the importers themselves have cut down on their own initial orders with the result that there are fewer records to go around even in London. Tony Monson’s Disc Empire in Chelsea is actually closing down, ending one imaginative source of import material (especially from Japan). Paul Anthony in Walsall had to close his disco record shop for reasons that might not be quite so keenly felt in London but which must mirror much of the country. At BADEM’s open forum, Paul explained that local unemployment is so high amongst the black kids who are really into their music that they obviously no longer not only don’t buy records but also don’t get out to clubs as much, meaning that clubs have closed, thus in turn putting the black DJs out of their gigs, meaning that they too no longer buy records. DJ custom at Paul’s shop dropped from sixty or so a week to less than twenty, and he closed. (Incidentally, attempts by the council to provide disco entertainment facilities have been wrecked by vandalism, so with some people you can’t win). More and more it becomes apparent from the DJ charts we get that provincial jocks are relying on the records they get sent for free, so unless material is mailed out promotionally by a UK company it’ll never break out of London, where imports still figure strongly. Now of course we’re experiencing the “white backlash” from people who go to discos but don’t like disco music – black disco music, that is. As forecast at the start of the, then largely misunderstood, futurist boom, the new white bands have caught on as they’re white kids making white disco music with an image which other white kids for the first time (since the Stones at any rate) find exciting to identify with . . . and oddly enough the population of Britain is largely white. Now that the bands have dropped futurism for funk there looks like no stopping ’em. This week for instance, had Soft Cell been included at number 5, the disco chart’s top five would have been completely white orientated – despite Central Line being easily the biggest request at black orientated clubs. Where does this leave the traditional disco fan, for whom in Britain the disco scene has always been synonymous with soul music, and its main outlet? Should we run two separate disco charts, one for black music (which still needs all the help it can get) and one for white? Let me know, and meanwhile keep struggling to keep the faith.

Hello, Betty?

‘DIMPLES’ FIELDS US hit ‘She’s Got Papers On Me‘ which ends with Betty Wright impassionedly nagging as his divorced wife, has sparked off what looks like being the biggest answer version craze since Shirley Brown’s ‘Woman To Woman’ – and like that “telephone call” record, the best of the new bunch starts with phone tones and a bit of rap before Jean Knight & Premium wail the great 20/40 bpm ‘You Got The Papers (But I Got The Man)‘ (US Cotillion 46020), on 7in. Now on 12in, Barbara Mason’s equally nice 31½-33½bpm ‘She Got The Papers (I Got The Man)‘ (US WMOT 4W9 62237) has been joined by Betty Wright herself and the Richard ‘Dimples’ Fields-penned/produced 38-39 bpm ‘Goodbye You Hello Him‘ (US Epic 4902521), which mentions “papers” before slightly leaving the theme of the others. Deep soul freaks will want them all, and more.


No UK Reviews this week.


ROSE ROYCE: ‘R.R. Express’ (LP ‘Jump Street’ US Whitfield WHK 3620).
Oh boy, but they’re back with a bang! Borrowing from BT Express, this Norman Whitfield-produced marathon 116bpm powerhouse chugger starts out with shunting locomotive-type effects over the rhythm before Rose Royce return to a mid-’60s sound to take the long 12 minute track on home. Nothing else on the album can compare, but who cares as this is a monster!

ROGER: ‘I Heard It Through The Grapevine’ (LP ‘The Many Facets Of Roger’ US Warner Bros BSK 3594).
In one of the most successful fusions of funk and jazz to date (although by no means “jazz-funk”) this unreservedly recommended set is that real rarity, an album that’s thoroughly funky yet so full of satisfying variety you listen to it with delight all the way through. With all vocals via vocoder, Roger Troutman of Zapp fame has made an easily flowing 0-118bpm funk tour-de-force out of the Gladys Knight/Marvin Gaye classic, the 111bpm ‘So Ruff So Tuff‘ being closest he gets to straight P’funk, while delightful jazzy guitar on the 118bpm ‘A Chunk Of Sugar‘ scatting instrumental and chunkily lolloping 0-27-108bpm ‘Do It Roger‘, and superb synth on the bubbly 0-112bpm ‘Maxx Axe‘ make a fabulously fresh fusion, leaving the amusingly introduced ‘Blue (A Tribute To The Blues)‘ as exactly that, an homage to the guitarists called King. Buy this album.

STANLEY TURRENTINE: ‘Hermanos’ (LP ‘Tender Togetherness’ US Elektra 5E-534).
Due here (K 52313), this excellent consistent set by the saxist is initially getting reaction for the accessible good-time 114-115bpm funk of ‘Havin’ Fun With Mr T‘, but I’m sure jazz-funk jocks will soon switch to this lovely pulsating 0-117-120-121bpm instrumental loper, while ‘I’ll Give You My Love‘ is a breathy chick-cooed then beefily blown fast 129bpm romper, ‘Tamarac‘ a brassy 114bpm bumper, ‘After The Love Is Gone’ a tender 0-15-30-65bpm smooching ‘Cherubim’ a lyrically played jogging 0-109/55bpm specialist swayer, and ‘World Chimes’ a throwaway 121bpm tootler. 

JUMBO: ‘Take It Light (Get That Mojo Working Day And Night)’ (US Atlantic DM 4818).
Wailing and rocking in old-style Al Hudson fashion at times, this extremely strong simple 109bpm 12in disco thumper has some great vibrant breaks and an infectious vocal pattern which keeps making me want to sing “I take what I want” (which those really long in the tooth may remember as an early Sam & Dave title!).

T LIFE: ‘Somethin’ That You Do To Me (Keeps Turning Me On)’ (US Arista CP-710).
Chittering and chugging in ‘Get Tough’ style (which mixes out of it without actually sounding like it), this cheerfully rolling 113(very start)-115 bpm 12in thudder has guys ‘n’ gals breathlessly panting “uh uh uh” in an intricate vocal interplay which may not add up to a strong song but sounds fine on the floor.

CAPTAIN SKY: ‘Station Brake’ (US WMOT 4W9-02407).
Dynamite bonging and tapping unusual 111bpm 12in heavy funk semi-rapper with guffawing fruity-voiced guy over chanting chix, the less heavily structured instrumental ‘Station Brake (Innermission)‘ flip having nice piano and synth building jazzy tension through the loudly booming and bumping percussive rhythm.

ONE WAY: ‘Hold It’ (LP ‘Fancy Dancer’ US MCA MCA-5347).
A real little growler, this slinkily chinking and throbbing 99-100-101-104bpm slow groover should get up your trouser leg as it’s pretty hypnotic, the down-tempo wall and clap of the 102bpm ‘Pull Fancy Dancer/Pull‘ being old-style Al Hudson funk, as is the pedestrian 109bpm ‘Burn It‘, while the sparsely bounding 122-123-124bpm ‘Come Give Me Your Love‘ goes on about “any time – tonight is fine”. I hope ‘Hold It’ is a single.

PIECES OF A DREAM: ‘Warm Weather’ (LP ‘Pieces Of A Dream’ US Elektra 6E350).
Produced by Grover Washington Jr (who guests as well with Ralph MacDonald, Dexter Wansel), this lovely mainly mellow jazz set is best for background listening or smaller intimate gatherings, the already 7in issued hot cut being a surf effects introed gently jogging 100/50bpm gorgeous atmospheric swayer with Barbara Walker doing an accurate impression of Randy Crawford’s singing, while the B-side’s ‘Body Magic‘ is an excitingly convoluted 0-116-115bpm herky jerky bass and synth snapped instrumental bubbler, ‘Steady Glide‘ a subduedly nagging 105-107-106bpm patterer with synth and some Grover tootling, ‘Easy Road Home‘ a tensely peaking 55/110-112-110-114bpm electronic keyboards moocher, ‘All About Love’ a traditional 0-124-0bpm cocktail piano swinger, the 34bpm title track, slinky ‘Touch Me In The Spring’ and vocal dead slow ‘Lovers’ being really laid back.

Indian-recorded ever-so-politely backed rollicking 0-134-0bpm sitar treatment of the ‘Sound Of Music’ tune (coupled with two more on 3-track 7in), which is hilariously effective segued out of Silhouettes ‘Hot Licks‘, say! Try it, for fun.

I HATE having to let you down just when I thought I was winning, but after the largely sleepless weekend’s exertions I just had to crash and get some kip, now leaving me with no time to do more than merely list all the more important Beats Per Minute. Continuing with imports, the funk/soul SHADOW LP (US Elektra 6E-345) has ‘Best Lady‘ 120-121, ‘Born To Hustle‘ 107, ‘Shadows In The Street‘ 117; GERALDINE HUNT ‘Heart Heart‘ 12in (US Prism PDS 412) 109-110(break)-109-110; CANDY BOWMAN ‘I Wanna Feel Your Love‘ 12in (US RCA PD-12305) 115(intro)-118-119; JR FUNK ‘Good Lovin‘ 12in (US Brass BRDS 2518) 118-119; CHI-LITES ‘Me And You‘ 12in (US 20th Century-Fox/Chi-Sound TCD-132) 113/56-114-115-116; RONNIE LAWS LP (disappointing) (US Liberty LO-51087) ‘Heavy On Easy‘ 0-119(intro)-122-120-122, ‘Good Feelings‘ 118, ‘Your Stuff‘ 107, ‘Stay Awake’ 0-34/68-69, ‘Solid Ground’ 53/105, ‘Summer Fool’ 97/48, ‘There’s A Way’ 79.

Then the lead review of the UK Newies would by a mile have been the dynamite MIKE ‘T’ ‘Do It Any Way You Wanna’ 12in (Blue Inc INCD 13) 118; BOB JAMES ‘Sign Of The Times‘ 12in (Tappan Zee CBS A13-1608) 0-99-100; PATTI AUSTIN LP (Qwest K 56931) ‘The Genie‘ 122-123 (like ‘Razzamatazz’), ‘Do You Love Me?‘ 127, ‘Love Me To Death‘ 109, ‘The Way I Feel‘ 111/55, ‘Every Home Should Have One’ 103, ‘Baby Come To Me’ 45, ‘Symphony Of Love’ 89, ‘Oh No Margarita’ 113; RONNIE LAWS ‘Heavy On Easy’ 12in (Liberty 12UP 644) 0-120 (intro)-123-121-123; THE JONESES ‘Summer Groove (Moving-On)‘ 12in (Champagne FIZY 507) 124-126-127-126-127; WHISPERS ‘This Kind Of Lovin‘ 12in (Solar SOT 22) 114; WAS (NOT WAS) ‘Wheel Me Out‘ 12in (Ze 12W1P 6716) 126; HEAVEN 17 ‘Play To Win‘ / ‘Play’ 12in (BEF VS 433-12) 128; GIDEA PARK ‘Seasons Of Gold’ 12in (Polo POLO 12-14) 125; STARS ON 45 Volume 2 LP (CBS 85181) Side A 123 / B 124; TIGHT FIT “Back To The ’60s – Part 2′ 12in (Jive T-005) 128; MORRISSEY MULLEN ‘Stay Awhile‘ 12in (Beggars Banquet BEG 63T) 115; LINDA TAYLOR ‘(You’re) In The Pocket‘ 12in (Groove Production GP 109T) 109-110-109; UK PLAYERS ‘Girl‘ 12in (A&M AMSP 8169) 121. Full filth next week. Sorry!

UK Disco Top 90 – September 19, 1981

01 02 Modern Romance – Everybody Salsa/Salsa Rappsody – WEA 12”
02 06 Funkapolitan – As The Time Goes By / Rap – London 12”
03 01 Spandau Ballet – Chant No.1 / Feel The Chant – Reformation 12”
04 08 Human League – Love Action/Hard Times – Virgin 12”
05 05 Central Line – Walking Into Sunshine – Mercury 12”
06 11 Donald Byrd – Love Has Come Around – Elektra 12”
07 03 Carl Carlton – She’s A Bad Mama Jama – 20th Century-Fox 12”
08 10 Hi-Gloss – You’ll Never Know / I’m Totally Yours – Epic 12”
09 04 Stevie Wonder – Happy Birthday – Motown 12”
10 23 Imagination – In And Out Of Love – R&B 12”
11 09 Tight Fit – Back To The 60’s – Jive 12”
12 17 Linx – So This Is Romance – Chrysalis 12”
13 07 Evelyn King – I’m In Love – RCA 12”
14 13 Level 42 – Turn It On – Polydor 12”
15 15 Rafael Cameron – Funtown USA / All That’s Good To Me – Salsoul 12”
16 22 Al Jarreau – Easy / We’re In This Love Together – Warner Bros 12”
17 21 Richard ‘Dimples’ Fields – I Like Your Lovin’ – Epic
18 14 Cheryl Lynn – Shake It Up Tonight – CBS 12”
19 20 Love Unlimited Orchestra – Lift Your Voice And Say – Unlimited Gold 12”
20 12 Jacksons – Walk Right Now – Epic 12”
21 26 Phyllis Hyman – You Sure Look Good To Me / Tonight You And Me / Don’t Tell Me Tell Her – Arista 12”
22 32 Mike ‘T’ – Do It Any Way You Wanna / Instrumental – Blue Inc 12”
23 30 Randy Crawford – Rainy Night In Georgia – Warner Bros
24 24 Lobo – The Caribbean Disco Show – Polydor 12”
25 18 Commodores – Lady (You Bring Me Up) – Motown 12”
26 29 Boys Town Gang – Remember Me/Ain’t No Mountain High Enough Suite / Cruisin’ The Streets – Moby Dick LP
27 57 Keni Burke – You’re The Best – RCA 12”
28 36 Arthur Adams – You Got The Floor – US Inculcation Band 12”
29 16 Third World – Dancing On The Floor – CBS 12”
30 37 Al Jarreau – Roof Garden / Closer To Your Love / Teach Me Tonight – Warner Bros LP
31 48 Wish – Nice And Soft – US Perspective 12”/Excaliber 12”
32 25 Enigma – I Love Music – Creole 12”
33 19 BB&Q Band – On The Beat – Capitol 12”
34 46 Sylvester – Give it Up (Don’t Make Me Wait) – Fantasy 12”
35 45 The Joneses – Summer Groove (Moving-On) – Champagne 12”
36 33 Frankie Smith – Double Dutch Bus – WMOT 12”
37 39 Quincy Jones – Betcha Wouldn’t Hurt Me – A&M 12”
38 31 Teena Marie – Square Biz – Motown 12”
39 61 Savanna – I Can’t Turn Away – R&B 12”
40 35 Rah Band – Rock Me Down To Rio / Riding On A Fantasy – DJM 12”
41 76 Beggar & Co – Mule (Chant No.2) / Go Forth – RCA 12”
42 47 Brick – Sweat (‘Til You Get Wet) – US Bang 12”
43 41 Evelyn King – If You Want My Lovin’ – RCA 12”
44 64 K.I.D. – No.1 – Record Shack 12”
45 38 Strikers – Inch By Inch – US Prelude LP
46 59 Pig Bag – Papa’s Got A Brand New Pig Bag – Y
47 40 Royal Philharmonic Orchestra – Hooked On Classics – RCA 12”
48 28 Voggue – Dancin’ The Night Away – Mercury 12”
49 54 Level 42 – ’43’ / Starchild / Heathrow – Polydor LP
50 43 Roy Ayers – There’s A Master Plan / Destination Motherland / Land Of Fruit And Honey / The River Niger / Africa Center Of The World – Polydor LP
51 34 Cameo – Freaky Dancin’ / Don’t Be So Cool / The Sound Table – Casablanca 12” pack
52 50 Impressions – Fan The Fire – 20th Century-Fox 12”
53 80 Boys Town Gang – Ain’t No Mountain High Enough/Remember Me (Edit) – Moby Dick 12”
54 62 Heaven 17 – Play To Win / Play – BEF 12”
55 56 Chris Rainbow – Body Music – EMI 12”
56 51 Startrax – Startrax Club Disco – Picksy 12”
57 NE Ottawan – Hands Up (Give Me Your Heart) – Carrere 12”
58 66 M.S.O. – Colombia (In The Jungle) / The Music Man – Mainstreet 12”
59 72 Bob James – Sign Of The Times / The Steamin’ Feelin’ – US Tappan Zee LP
60 77 Donald Byrd – Love For Sale / I Feel Like Loving You Today / I’ll Always Love You – Elektra LP
61 NE Trevor Walters – Love Me Tonight – Ital 12”
62 85 BB&Q Band – Starlette / I’ll Cut You Loose – Capitol 12”
63 49 Stephanie Mills – Top Of My List / Magic – 20th Century-Fox 12”
64 NE Rose Royce – R.R. Express – US Whitfield LP
65 74 General Saint & Clint Eastwood – Another One Bites The Dust – Greensleeves 12”
66 78 Rockie Robbins – Time To Think – US A&M LP
67 NE Stanley Turrentine – Havin’ Fun With Mr.T / Hermanos / I’ll Give You My Love / Tamarac – US Elektra LP
68 RE Aretha Franklin – Hold On I’m Comin’ / Love All The Hurt Away – Arista 12”
69 69 Rick James – Super Freak Pt.1 / Pt.2 – Motown 12”
70 58 Dynasty – Here I Am – Solar 12”
71 68 Vicki Sue Robinson – Hot Summer Night / Hot Version – US Prelude 12”
72 55 Rene & Angela – Wall To Wall / I Love You More / Wanna Be Close To You – US Capitol LP
73 NE The Time – The Stick / Get It Up – US Warner Bros LP
74 73 Supremes – Supremes Medley – Motown 12”
75 84 Hi-Tension – We Got The Funk – EMI 12”
76 79 Lonnie Youngblood – Feelings/Expressions – WEA LP
77 NE Diana Ross & Lionel Richie – Endless Love – Motown
78 NE Pieces Of A Dream – Warm Weather / Body Magic / Steady Glide – US Elektra LP
79 52 Rick James – Give It To Me Baby – US Motown 12”
80 90 Patti Austin – Do You Love Me? – Qwest 12”
81 75 Big Dipper & The Heavenly Bodies – Victim Of The Planets / Dippers Delight – Epic 12”
82 NE Roger – I Heard It Through The Grapevine – US Warner Bros LP
83 NE Patti Austin – The Genie – Qwest LP
84 86 Fania All Stars – Going Back To My Roots / Sausalito – US Fania LP
85 NE Multivizion – Work To Live Don’t Live To Work – Situation 2 12”
86 82 Richard ‘Dimples’ Fields – She’s Got Papers On Me – US Boardwalk LP
87 RE Dr. York – Shake-N-Skate – Groove Production 12”
88 RE Maze featuring Frankie Beverley – Joy And Pain – Capitol 12”
89 88 Suzy Q – Get On Up And Do It Again – Canadian JC 12”
90 83 Bunny Mack – Supafrico / Version – RCA 12” white label


BUBBLING UNDER the UK Disco 90 with increased support are:

Bobbettes 1981: ‘Love Rhythm’ (US QIT 12in)
Jean Carn: ‘We Got Some Catchin’ Up To Do’ / ‘Bet Your Lucky Star’ (US TSOP LP)
The Duke’s: ‘Mystery Girl’ (WEA 12in white label)
Jacksons: ‘Time Waits For No One’ (Epic)
Crusaders: ‘I’m So Glad I’m Standing Here Today’ / ‘Standing Tall’ (MCA 12in)
Ritz: ‘Workin’ Out’ (US Posse 12in)
One Way: ‘Push’ / ‘All Over Again’ (MCA 12in)
Silhouettes: ‘Hot Licks’ (MCA)
Harlow: ‘Take Off’ (Champagne 12in)
Bang Gang: ‘Street Music (Instrumental)’ (US Sugarscoop 12in)
Gilberto Gil: ‘Maracatu Atomico’ / ‘Samba De Los Angeles’ (Elektra LP)
Bobby King: ‘A Fool And His Love’ / ‘Heart To Heart’ / ‘Fool For The Night’ (US Warner Bros LP)
Michael Henderson: ‘(We Are Here To) Geek You Up’ (US Buddah LP)
Jumbo: ‘Take It Light’ (US Atlantic 12in)
Bill Summers: ‘Summer Fun’ (MCA 12in)
Ronnie Laws: ‘Heavy On Easy’ (Liberty 12in)
Jose De Jesus: ‘Get Tough’ (US Park Place 12in)
Captain Sky: ‘Station Brake’ / ‘(Innermission)’ (US WMOT 12in)
T Life: ‘Somethin’ That You Do To Me’ (US Arista 12in)
One Way: ‘Hold It’ (US MCA LP)
Spyro Gyra: ‘Summer Strut’ / ‘Freetime’ / ‘Amber Dream’ (US MCA LP)
Real Thing: ‘Foot Tappin’ (Calibre 12in white label)
Junior Giscombe: ‘Mama Used To Say’ (Mercury 12in)
Jean Knight & Premium: ‘You Got The Papers’ (US Cotillion)
Brother To Brother: ‘Monster Jam’ (US Sugarhill 12in)
Geraldine Hunt: ‘Heart To Heart’ (US Prism 12in)
Shadow: ‘Born To Hustle’ / ‘Best Lady’ (US Elektra LP)
Cedric Myton & The Congos: ‘Can’t Take It Away’ (Go-Feet 12in)
Dynasty: ‘Love In The Fast Lane’ (US Solar LP)
Heaven & Earth: ‘I Really Love You’ (US WMOT 12in)

DORC (Disco Featured Pop Hits)

1(1) Soft Cell, 2(2) Aneka, 3(3) Duran Duran, 4(10) ELO, 5(8) UB40, 6(4) Ultravox, 7(7) Depeche Mode, 8(11) Gidea Park ‘BBG’, 9(15) Kraftwerk ‘The Model’ / ‘Computer Love’, 10(16) John Foxx, 11(5) Kid Creole, 12(13) Tenpole Tudor, 13(14) Havana Let’s Go, 14(9) Debbie Harry, 15(12) Shakin’ Stevens, 16(-) Japan, 17(6) Simple Minds, 18(-) Rolling Stones, 19(-) Our Daughter’s Wedding, 20(18) Pointer Sisters, 21(26) Cliff Richard, 22(-) Alvin Stardust, 23(27) Grace Jones, 24(-) B-52’s, 25(21) Nolans, 26(17) Bad Manners, 27(25) Bill Wyman, 28(19) Visage, 29(20) Kiki Dee, 30(-) Gidea Park ‘Seasons’.


HIT NUMBERS: Beats Per Minute for last week’s pop chart entries on 7in (endings denoted by “f” for fade, “c” for cold, “r” for resonant) are:
Adam & The Ants 75-150/75c, Ross/Richie 0-32/47-0r, Tweets 0-190/95c, Sheena Easton 142f, Gidea Park 125f, Beggar & Co 121-120f, Godley & Creme 86/172f, Tubes 35-71-73f, Exile 123f, Portsmouth Sinfonia 0-148…0f (forget it!), Joan Armatrading 28-57/115f, Phyllis Hyman 127f, Ivor Biggun 121f.

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