September 12, 1981: DISCOTEK ’81 – “A look to the future”


BADEM’S DISCOTEK ’81 equipment exhibition is at London’s Bloomsbury Centre Hotel (near Russell Square tube) for four days starting this Sunday (13), the first two being public days for the likes of us (£1 admission) from 11am-6pm (7pm Monday) — and during these two days the DJF is running a series of 12 DJ seminars in the hotel’s Wren Room from noon to 6pm, with many guest speakers covering all sorts of topics, the seminars costing £1 each, £4 for one day’s six, or £7.50 for all twelve (I appear to be involved in Sunday’s concluding open forum) . . . Sunday evening there is then a British Disco Awards ’81 presentation at Busby’s in Charing Cross Road (near Tottenham Road tube), compered by Radio 1’s Adrian Love, the £2 tickets being available earlier in the day at the BADEM show’s DJ Registration desk . . . Roger Squire’s Disco Centres, with a stand at Discotek ’81, will also be mounting a supplementary Discorama ’81 exhibition on all four days at the Bonnington Hotel, just down the road from Russell Square in Southampton Row, cannily opening an hour earlier and closing at 8pm (8.30pm Tues/Wed) . . . Donald Byrd’s ‘Love Byrd’ LP (reviewed last week) is now on UK release as Elektra K 52301 . . . Funkapolitan’s white label instrumental version of ‘As The Time Goes By’ turns out to be promotional only . . . Bunny Mack Supafrico’ has been picked up by RCA, while Akie Dean’s newest production due on Rokel is Jimmy Haynes (Senyah backwards — or is that vice-versa!) ‘Funk On The Rocks’, which goes great between Carl Carlton and Mike “T” . . . Chris Hill has been doing some white label promotion on The Dukes ‘Mystery Girl‘, an Arif Mardin-produced tightly played (Greg Phillinganes on keyboards amongst others) jogging 0-106-107-108bpm swayer with lush vocalese by the Incognito singers — suffice to say that they’re a famous hit-writing duo, and (to put you further off the scent) it’ll be out via WEA . . . CBS’s September LP releases should include Bob James, Herbie Hancock, Sadao Watanabe, Gladys Knight, Teddy Pendergrass, Earth, Wind & Fire, Stars On 45, Stylistics, Hi-Gloss, Cheryl Lynn . . . Showstopper Promotions are still taking bookings for their West Country Weekender at Perron Sands in Cornwall over October 2/3/4 (starring Froggy, Chris Brown, Sean French, Tom Holland, Jeff Young, Brother Louie, Martin Collins, Chris Dinnis) — the cost is £25 each, but to book you must send £10 deposit and two passport-sized photos per person, plus your names, addresses, number of reservations covered by deposit, and an SAE, to The Royalty Nitespot, Winchmore Hill Road, Southgate, London N14 . . . Tony ‘Tycoon’ Jenkins has joined up with Anthony Bernard’s brother Chris Ellis in a plan actually to open a club in Harrow called Wallaby’s, due to demand created by the on-going “wind-up” situation, motto obviously being ‘Jump to the beat at Wallaby’s’ and resident DJ Ken Gerou (think about it!) . . . ta for the coconut slice, Chris! . . . Jerry James, standing in for Phil Leppard at East Grinstead Martine’s until next Saturday (19), advises non-members of his Thurs/Friday residency at Brighton’s Bonsoir to get to the Bonsoir by 10.15pm if they want to get in, it gets that full . . . Nick Davies (Watford New Penny/Reading Cavershams), horror of horrors, suggests a Eurovision Winners medley . . . Rob Harknett (Harlow), reminding us of how Czechoslovakian DJs have to take exams before they’re allowed to spin a record, reports that of thirty-four would-be DJs recently examined, only TWO passed (now there’s a way to get rid of cowboys!) . . . Elra Dee, wife of John Dee who is running a charity disco for Stuart Henry’s MS appeal at Merthyr Tydfil Tiffany’s on Monday 28th September, bets that DJs’ wives and girlfriends are the most underpaid personal secretaries in the business! . . . Barbara Mason has answered Richard ‘Dimples’ Fields on US WMOT 7in with ‘She’s Got The Papers, I Got The Man’ — while a dynamite mix out of ‘I Like Your Lovin’ (despite being faster at 110-111-113bpm) is the O’Jays ‘Use Ta Be My Girl’, which then sets the scene for ‘Ain’t No Stoppin’ Us Now’ and a nice mellow oldies set . . . Gary Allan (Liverpool McMillans) suggests mixing Mass Production ‘Shante’ over Modern Romance ‘Salsa Dub’, and Kev Hill (Southend Rascals Tues/Wed) extends Donald Byrd ‘Love Has Come Around’ using two copies and chopping after the chick’s long wail towards the end into the first piano-led instrumental bit about 30 seconds from the start . . . US imports have been flooding in over the past two sun-drenched weeks, but I’m afraid I’ve been more interested in getting fresh air for a change, staying with my pals Sparrow, Nivea and Harriet out in the country for as long as possible . . . Soft Cell is obviously an extremely popular record for which a case could be argued to cross it over into the Disco 90, where in fact it would be number 18 —but then Aneka would be number 22 in this current pop dominated era, and do we really need such stuff in the specialist chart? . . . I’m only crossing over such pop/futurist material as is getting a buzz from mixing-style DJs, who obviously find anything over 135bpm to be incompatible . . . Corfu nothing, why the hell isn’t ‘Walking Into Sunshine’ at number one here, yet? . . . KEEP IT COOL!

SAVANNA, whose ‘I Can’t Turn Away‘ has exploded on white label prior to official release next week on R&B Records (RBL 203), turn out to be four North Londoners led vocally and on guitar by Leroy Osbourne — the other guys being Orphy Robinson, Jeffrey Durrant and Raymond ‘Sammy’ Graham-Jacobs. Without musically putting a foot wrong, they’re heading in the steps of label-mates Imagination to score a smash on their first outing.

DISCOTEK ’81 A look to the future

DJ of London’s Le Beat Route, ALAN COULTHARD, surveys the opening of ‘DISCOTEK ’81’ and looks at the future for discos and DJs.

SUNDAY SEPTEMBER 13 sees the opening of the National Discotheque Trade Show at the Bloomsbury Centre Hotel, Coram Street, London WC1. Judging by the rush for stall space, it looks like being the most successful exhibition yet with almost 60 stands.

But though trade is flourishing for disco manufacturers, the same cannot be said for the club scene. New Romantic boom or not, club attendances have been experiencing a bit of a lull. Some say this always happens in the summer holidays, but the real reason can be attributed to the return of the ‘all-dayer’ which seems to go hand in glove with funk and soul: we all know that the current ‘in’ craze is a funk revival. But although all-dayers are exceedingly popular, the recent glut has led to stagnation in the clubs, which has resulted in the drop in numbers.

What makes us go to clubs and discos? SEX, DRINK, MUSIC and FASHION, though not necessarily in that order! We go to be entertained, and a disco is the only place which offers all four ingredients. But we also want variety, and while technicalities can improve turntables, speakers and lighting, to the average punter it doesn’t mean that much. However, the introduction of video into our discos will bring us into a new age.

My own club, Le Beat Route, along with several others up and down the country has not been slow to recognise the potential of video equipment. Most DJs intersperse their set with a video track, but this is only scratching the surface. While the DJ has control over the dance floor every time he plays a record, when he puts on a video he has the attention of the entire club.

As soon as the video disc and videogram have been officially put on the market, there will be specialised clubs dealing exclusively in visual music. With two videograms for playing videodiscs instead of having two normal turntables, the DJ of the future will be able to progress from one video disc to the next with the minimum of difficulty.

Already in America clubs are investing in wall to wall screens for this purpose, and some bands are specifically making videos to go with their 12-inch singles. Duran Duran, for example, did this with the extended format of their ‘Girls On Film’ single and while it will never be shown in this country it is guaranteed a success in the New York clubs.

Where does this leave the mobile DJ, whose pocket cannot stretch as far as a VCR? They are very costly at present, but once the equipment becomes easier to produce, prices will drop. Certainly, a mobile DJ with video facilities could charge a higher rate for his services.

I’m not suggesting that the day of the record spinning DJ is numbered, but today’s jock should be aware of any new innovations which might affect his trade.

Visitors to Discotek ’81 will soon become aware that this is rapidly becoming big business, which suggests a promising future for the disco DJ. My only worry is that the thriving supply side of the industry will not find an equal demand for their products in clubs and dance halls that seem to be stagnant at present.

Let’s hope I’m wrong. Certainly, there’s plenty of hope for the future as long as we are to accept the changes which are destined to come.


THIS year BADEM (British Association of Discotheque Equipment Manufacturers) are welcoming all disc-jockeys to the exhibition on the first two days, labelled ‘Public Days’, with the 15th and 16th being set aside for trade only. RECORD MIRROR will, of course, be present in force and to help you find your way around, here’s a guide to the various stands which will be set up for exhibits.

1. Video Disco Supplies, 2. Akwii Electronics, 3. H&C Electronics, 4. CEL Electronics, 5. Perception Electronics, 6. Mill Hill Switchgear, 7. RK Lighting, 8. Moflash, 9. Multiform Electronics, 10. Le Maitre, 11. SIS, 12. Northern Lights, 13. RCF/Covemain, 14. Sound Electronics, 15. RSC, 16. IC Electrics, 17. Disco International, 18. Zero 88, 19. Optikinetics/Mode, 20. Galaxy 7 Policies, 21. & 22. McCormack Electronics, 23. Pulsar, 24. Citronic/CCM, 25. JW Parker, 26. Mico Lighting, 27. CDC, 28. Avitec Electronics, 29. Cloud Electronics, 30. Wilmex, 31. Project Electronics, 32. Rainbow Cases/Mega, 33. FAL, 34. Aston Engineering, 35. RECORD MIRROR, 36. Cerebrum/Powerdrive, 37. Manhattan Sound & Light, 38. (to be filled), 39. DSN Marketing, 40. Roger Squire’s, 41. Soundout Labs, 42. East Anglian Productions, 43. Shure Electronics, 44. Adda, 45. Astral, 46. M-Jay Electronics, 47. Lightomation, 48. Malham, 49. Palm Garden, 50. (to be filled), 51. Canstrut, 52. Disco CS, 53. Powerhouse Enterprises, 54. Park Light and Sound, 55. Martin Audio, 56. Disco Sales and Hire, 57. Northern Light.


EVELYN KING: ‘If You Want My Lovin’ (RCA RCAT 131).
Virtually ‘I’m In Love – Part 2’ and a doddle to mix with it, this bubblingly snapping 116bpm 12in smacker nevertheless has plenty of appeal of its own and seems set to be equally as big.

STAR SOUND: ‘Stars On 45 Volume 3′ (CBS A13-1521).
Not as it turns out a Supremes medley after all (negative reaction must have got through to them), the latest 124bpm 12in instalment is a hotch potch collection of ’19 Favourite Instrumental Intros’ seemingly chosen at random, with a bias to rock and pop hits of the ’70s this time.

ARETHA FRANKLIN: ‘Hold On I’m Comin’ (Arista ARIST 12428).
The disjointedly dramatic intro winds up and then the regular brassy beat explodes into a fiery roaring and storming, wailing and soaring 122bpm 12in revival of Sam & Dave’s soul classic, while the sinuously smoochy 31½-32½bpm ‘Love All The Hurt Away‘ plugside finds her duetting with George Benson in radio-aimed style. The latter is also title track of her LP (SPART 1170), on which the joyfully strutting 0-114bpm revival of the Rolling Stones ‘You Can’t Always Get What You Want‘ and dead slow ‘It’s My Turn’ are also getting attention. 

BILLY OCEAN: ‘Nights (Feel Like Getting Down)’ GTO GT 13-303).
Almost a UK hit before and now a monster in the States, this soulfully pent-up 116bpm tight thudder has been given a stark new sparse remix on 3-track 12in, with the older 0-122bpm ‘Are You Ready’ and attractive slow 34/36bpm ‘Taking Chances’.

BILLY SQUIER: ‘The Stroke’ (Capitol CL 214).
Extremely like a slower Queen ‘Another One Bites The Dust’, this funkily chundering heavy 92bpm rock lurcher and the less funky 94-96-98bpm ‘My Kinda Lover‘ alternative A-side are only on 7in but deserve the attention a 12in would get them.

IAN DURY: ‘Spasticus Autisticus’ (Polydor POSPX 285).
Extremely strong electronically tricked out update of the ‘Rhythm Stick’ idea (now sounding like a rapper of course), this CXII-CXIV-CXV-CXVIII bpm XII in jolter sadly won’t get much radio play due to its disturbing lyrics.

JUNIOR GISCOMBE: ‘Mama Used To Say’ (Mercury MERX 80).
Bob Carter-produced brassy ponderously chugging 55-110-55-110bpm jolter growled in Stevie Wonderful style on 3-track 33 1/3 rpm 12in in a variety of slightly different mixes (all 110bpm), the ‘Party Mix’ being possibly easiest to get into.

CRUSADERS: ‘I’m So Glad I’m Standing Here Today’ (MCA MCAT 741).
Pop-aimed dead slow lugubrious 0-35-0bpm 12in smoocher croaked by Joe Cocker to an effectively familiar noisily peaking tune, the Stix Hooper-penned snappily jiggling 115bpm ‘Standing Tall‘ instrumental disco plugside being disappointingly unspectacular.

ONE WAY: ‘Push’ (MCA MCAT 738).
Stark bumping bass and synth 113bpm intro imperceptibly jumps to 117-118bpm once the staccato vocals slot into the still sparse beat, which didn’t do much last Spring and although now on 12in, it ties in with Rafael Cameron. There will be rivalry from One Way’s brand new import LP.

JIMMY ROSS: ‘First True Love Affair’ (Megafunk MFX 1, via Phonogram).
Despite being largely ignored here on Belgian Spice 7 and Canadian Quality/RFC, now with yet another mix this smoothly jittering ‘Good Times’-ish 118bpm 12in chugger has some catchy ingredients and could finally justify Mr. T’s faith in it.

HARLOW: ‘Take Off’ (Champagne FIZY 103).
Exciting long fast 130bpm gay galloper with synthetic effects, good of its type, coupled for Wally appeal on 3-track 12in with the dubious Eurodisco delights of the 115bpm Massara ‘Margarita‘ (not bad in itself) and – um – 121bpm Spargo ‘You And Me‘ (anything to make it chart, eh Dave?!).

MULTIVIZION: ‘Work To Live Don’t Live To Work’ (Situation 2 SIT 8T, via Beggars Banquet). ‘Chant No.1′ clone to the extent that instead of Beggar & Co. backing it’s Freeez behind this 120-122bpm 12in cash-in, which has its points though originality ain’t one of ’em.

GASPER LAWAL: ‘Kita-Kita’ (Cap CAP-18).
Somewhat ethnic but interesting 118-117bpm 7in African percussion instrumental with boomy bass, frisky polyrhythms and a bit of chanting.

ERICA GALE: ‘Don’t Draw The Line’ (Santic SAN 0019, via Ital 01-249 5445).
Reminiscent of such ’60s soulstresses as Barbara Lewis, this haunting 72(intro)-74-75-76-77bpm 12in lovers rock swayer may not have universal appeal but could just creep up on ya!

DENNIS ‘BLACKBEARD’ BOVELL: ‘Bertie’ (Fontana BOV 12).
Useful but muzzily mixed high spirited 124-125bpm 12in calypso, flipped by the UB40/Specials-styled 66bpm ‘Bettah‘ reggae lurcher.

JACKIE MITTOO: ‘These Eyes’ (Black Roots/Rough Trade BR 20/RTO 20).
The old Guess Who/Jr Walker tune adapted by the veteran Jamaican organist into an electronically fluttering nice easy 69/34-70-35bpm 12in lovers rock instrumental smoocher.

BARRY ISSACHAR: ‘Special Kind A Love’ (Shashamane SHA 1023, via Ital).
Pleasantly soulful steady tempoed 74bpm 12in lovers rock slowie, with Jackie Mittoo on organ.


ROGER: ‘I Heard It Through The Grapevine’ (LP ‘The Many Facets Of Roger’ US Warner Bros BSK3594).
Roger being Zapp’s Roger Troutman and the whole LP an ultra-funky gas, led off by a marathon slow-starting c.120bpm P’funkification of the Gladys Knight / Marvin Gaye classic! Grabbed from Groove just before I headed back out into the sun, this and the also funky CAPTAIN SKY ‘Station Brake‘ (US WMOT 12in — c.111bpm) and GERALDINE HUNT ‘Heart Heart‘ (US Prism 12in — c.109bpm) will be reviewed in full next week, when the countryside maybe won’t beckon so hotly (let’s face it, you all have holidays, but I never do!).

BROTHER TO BROTHER: ‘Monster Jam (I Want To Funk With You)’ (US Sugarhill SH-560).
Out a while and, as I discovered, one of the biggest requests downstairs at Gullivers, this ultra-heavy 110-111bpm 12in funk chanter wheezles and thuds along in a way that may not sound so hot heard cold but which really cuts through on the floor.

DYNASTY: ‘The Second Adventure’ LP (US Solar S-20).
Now with a truly distinctive sound if not necessarily an immediate stand-out song, their latest consistent set’s new dancers are a toss-up between the sleazily smacking 0-104bpm ‘Give Your Love To Me’ jogger, chuggingly jolting 111bpm ‘Pain Got A Hold On Me‘ thudder, easily rolling 107-106bpm ‘That Lovin’ Feeling‘ smacker, jerkily starting spirited 121-122-123bpm ‘Revenge‘ lurcher, ‘Love In The Fast Lane’ being amazingly like a slower 109bpm version of Shalamar’s ‘Make That Move’ and ‘High Time (I Left You Baby)’ a similarly familiar 119bpm juddering jiggler.

KLYMAXX: ‘All Fired Up’ (LP ‘Never Underestimate The Power Of A Woman’ US Solar S-21).
Notwithstanding their awful title track 12in debut, the all-girls-together group are better stretched over a whole set and this sneakily accelerating 114(intro)-119-120-121-120(bass on)bpm funky jitterer is useful for mixers, ‘Can’t Let Love Just Pass Me By‘ being a rather nice old fashioned 122-124bpm soul romper, ‘I Wish You Would (Tell Me Something Good)‘ a jerky 111-114bpm jiggler, and ‘The Beat Of My Heart (Is For You)’ an empty 126bpm speeder.

SHEREE BROWN: ‘It’s A Pleasure’ (LP ‘Straight Ahead’ US Capitol ST-12153).
Consistently pleasant listening set in the Emotions / Minnie Riperton style, the one that could open it up to you being this gorgeous gurgling then squeaking slow rolling 47/95-96-97bpm delightful jogger, worth hearing.

BOBBY KING: ‘Heart To Heart’ (LP ‘Bobby King’ US Warner Bros BSK 3568).
The Louisianna-raised soulster who visited recently as vocalist with Ry Cooder) has more specialist soul than out-and-out dance appeal, although this intensely building 90/45-89-88bpm jogger with nice sax should fit with today’s semi-slow tempos, ‘A Fool And His Love‘ being a thudding 35/71bpm smoocher, ‘Fool For The Night‘ a disjointed 105(intro)-102-103-106-103bpm jitterer, while the 56/112 bpm ‘Having A Party’ is datedly true to Sam Cooke.

JOSE DE JESUS & 157th ST. BAND: ‘Get Tough’ (US Park Place ALI-1002).
Spanish-sung messily driving but zestful 125-126-127bpm 12in bass rumbled treatment, unrecognisable as the Kleeer klassik, with an instrumental flip.

TAVARES: ‘Turn Out The Nightlight’ (LP ‘Loveline’ US Capitol ST-12167).
Also on 7in, this lovely 37/74 bpm delicate smoocher is by far the best cut on a meretricious set, off which passable dancers are the bass burbled smacking 120-122bpm ‘Better Love‘ and Solar-style 118bpm title track.

PEACHES & HERB: ‘Star Steppin’ (LP ‘Saying Something!’ US Polydor PD-1-6332).
Carefully contrived but unexciting set, only this atmospherically dreamy sensuous sleazy 94/47bpm slow Timmy Thomas-ish ticker sounding like a surefire single, although the dull jittery smacking 115bpm ‘Freeway‘ is already on UK 7in (POSP 330), the attractively harmonised 120bpm ‘Go With The Flow’ starting like a reject from ‘Fame’, while ‘Wear You Out‘ is a brassy 114bpm smacker and ‘Red Hot Lover‘ a clomping 119bpm ditto.

MELBA MOORE: ‘Take My Love’ (US EMI America A-8092).
Emphatically thumping bright and breezy little 0-119bpm 7in smacker, kinda like the Emotions over a Whispers backing track.

MIDNIGHT STAR: ‘Tuff’ (LP ‘Standing Together’ US Solar S-19).
Although other tracks have typically been mentioned in passing by WEA mailing list jocks, really only this appropriately titled 105-104bpm heavy funk rollingly jolting stamper stands out, and would make a good if predictable 12in.

OTHER IMPORTS in the flood of autumn scheduled albums include sets from Rose Royce (check ‘Rose Royce Express’), Jermaine Jackson, One Way, Pieces Of A Dream, Gil Scott-Heron, Whispers, Luther Vandross (disappointing), Shadow, M-Zee Band (Michael Zager), Emotions, Patti LaBelle, Mike Maniere, Baby Brother, Lovesmith . . . and that was just by last Friday. Give a guy a break!

UK Disco Top 90 – September 12, 1981

01 01 Spandau Ballet – Chant No.1 / Feel The Chant – Reformation 12”
02 02 Modern Romance – Everybody Salsa/Salsa Rappsody – WEA 12”
03 03 Carl Carlton – She’s A Bad Mama Jama – 20th Century-Fox 12”
04 05 Stevie Wonder – Happy Birthday – Motown 12”
05 06 Central Line – Walking Into Sunshine – Mercury 12”
06 07 Funkapolitan – As The Time Goes By / Rap – London 12”
07 04 Evelyn King – I’m In Love – RCA 12”
08 10 Human League – Love Action/Hard Times – Virgin 12”
09 09 Tight Fit – Back To The 60’s – Jive 12”
10 11 Hi-Gloss – You’ll Never Know / I’m Totally Yours – Epic 12”
11 17 Donald Byrd – Love Has Come Around – Elektra 12”
12 12 Jacksons – Walk Right Now – Epic 12”
13 08 Level 42 – Turn It On / Beezer One – Polydor 12”
14 16 Cheryl Lynn – Shake It Up Tonight – CBS 12”
15 13 Rafael Cameron – Funtown USA / All That’s Good To Me – Salsoul 12”
16 14 Third World – Dancing On The Floor – CBS 12”
17 40 Linx – So This Is Romance / The Rio Mix – Chrysalis 12”
18 18 Commodores – Lady (You Bring Me Up) – Motown 12”
19 15 BB&Q Band – On The Beat – Capitol 12”
20 22 Love Unlimited Orchestra – Lift Your Voice And Say – Unlimited Gold 12”
21 20 Richard ‘Dimples’ Fields – I Like Your Lovin’ – Epic
22 36 Al Jarreau – Easy / We’re In This Love Together – Warner Bros 12”
23 23 Imagination – In And Out Of Love – R&B 12”
24 26 Lobo – The Caribbean Disco Show – Polydor 12”
25 25 Enigma – I Love Music – Creole 12”
26 29 Phyllis Hyman – You Sure Look Good To Me / Tonight You And Me / Don’t Tell Me Tell Her – Arista 12”
27 19 Odyssey – Going Back To My Roots – RCA 12”
28 24 Voggue – Dancin’ The Night Away – Mercury 12”
29 39 Boys Town Gang – Remember Me/Ain’t No Mountain High Enough Suite / Cruisin’ The Streets – Moby Dick LP
30 38 Randy Crawford – Rainy Night In Georgia – Warner Bros
31 21 Teena Marie – Square Biz – Motown 12”
32 56 Mike ‘T’ – Do It Any Way You Wanna – US Golden Pyramid 12”
33 42 Frankie Smith – Double Dutch Bus – WMOT 12”
34 37 Cameo – Freaky Dancin’ / Don’t Be So Cool / The Sound Table – Casablanca 12” pack
35 28 Rah Band – Rock Me Down To Rio / Riding On A Fantasy – DJM 12”
36 53 Arthur Adams – You Got The Floor – US Inculcation Band 12”
37 48 Al Jarreau – Roof Garden / Closer To Your Love / Teach Me Tonight / Breakin’ Away – Warner Bros LP
38 47 Strikers – Inch By Inch – US Prelude LP
39 32 Quincy Jones – Betcha Wouldn’t Hurt Me – A&M 12”
40 31 Royal Philharmonic Orchestra – Hooked On Classics – RCA 12”
41 67 Evelyn King – If You Want My Lovin’ – RCA 12”
42 35 Eddy Grant – I Love You Yes I Love You – Ensign 12”
43 27 Roy Ayers – There’s A Master Plan / Destination Motherland / Land Of Fruit And Honey / The River Niger – Polydor LP
44 30 Black Slate – Live A Life / Reggae Feeling – Ensign 12”
45 66 The Joneses – Summer Groove / Moving-On – US Good 12”
46 52 Sylvester – Give it Up / Here Is My Love – Fantasy 12”
47 33 Brick – Sweat (‘Til You Get Wet) – US Bang 12”
48 44 Wish – Nice And Soft – US Perspective 12”/Excaliber 12”
49 46 Stephanie Mills – Top Of My List – 20th Century-Fox 12”
50 49 Impressions – Fan The Fire – 20th Century-Fox 12”
51 62 Startrax – Startrax Club Disco – Picksy 12”
52 41 Rick James – Give It To Me Baby – US Motown 12”
53 34 Starsound – Stars On 45 Volume 2 – CBS 12”
54 55 Level 42 – ’43’ / Starchild – Polydor LP
55 64 Rene & Angela – Wall To Wall / I Love You More / Wanna Be Close To You / Just Friends – US Capitol LP
56 43 Chris Rainbow – Body Music – EMI 12”
57 54 Keni Burke – You’re The Best (Remix) – RCA 12”
58 58 Dynasty – Here I Am – Solar 12”
59 72 Pig Bag – Papa’s Got A Brand New Pig Bag – Y
60 70 Unlimited Touch – Searching To Find The One – Epic 12”
61 NE Savanna – I Can’t Turn Away – R&B 12” white label
62 NE Heaven 17 – Play To Win / Play – Virgin 12”
63 63 Shakatak – Brazilian Dawn – Polydor 12”
64 NE K.I.D. – No.1 – Record Shack 12”
65 50 Bobby Broom – Saturday Night / Clean Sweep – US Arista GRP LP
66 NE M.S.O. – Colombia (In The Jungle) / The Music Man – Mainstreet 12”
67 45 Cayenne – Roberto Who…? – Groove Production 12”
68 60 Vicki Sue Robinson – Hot Summer Night / Hot Version – US Prelude 12”
69 82 Rick James – Super Freak Pt.1 / Pt.2 – Motown 12”
70 61 Raydio – Still In The Groove / A Woman Needs Love – Arista 12”
71 59 Candido – Jingo / Dancin’ & Prancin’ – Excaliber 12”
72 89 Bob James – Sign Of The Times / The Steamin’ Feelin’ – US Tappan Zee LP
73 77 Supremes – Supremes Medley – Motown 12”
74 RE General Saint & Clint Eastwood – Another One Bites The Dust – Greensleeves 12”
75 75 Big Dipper & The Heavenly Bodies – Victim Of The Planets / Dippers Delight – Epic 12”
76 81 Beggar & Co – Mule (Chant No.2) / Go Forth – RCA 12”
77 NE Donald Byrd – Love For Sale / I Feel Like Loving You Today / I Love Your Love – Elektra LP
78 NE Rockie Robbins – Time To Think – US A&M LP
79 NE Lonnie Youngblood – Feelings/Expressions – WEA LP
80 83 Boys Town Gang – Ain’t No Mountain High Enough/Remember Me (Edit) – Moby Dick 12”
81 68 Brothers Johnson – The Real Thing – A&M 12”
82 85 Richard ‘Dimples’ Fields – She’s Got Papers On Me – US Boardwalk LP
83 88 Bunny Mack – Supafrico (Version) – White Label 12”
84 NE Hi-Tension – We Got The Funk – EMI 12”
85 90 BB&Q Band – Starlette / Mistakes / I’ll Cut You Loose – US Capitol LP
86 NE Fania All Stars – Going Back To My Roots / Sausalito – US Fania LP
87 RE Woods Empire – Sweet Delight – US Tabu 12”
88 RE Suzy Q – Get On Up And Do It Again – Canadian JC 12”
89 65 Herbie Hancock – Everybody’s Broke / Magic Number – US Columbia 12”
90 76 Patti Austin – Do You Love Me? / Solero – Qwest 12”


BUBBLING UNDER the UK Disco 90 with increased support are:

The Time: ‘The Stick’ / ‘Get It Up’ (US Warner Bros LP)
Trevor Walters: ‘Love Me Tonight’ (Ital 12in)
Teena Marie: ‘It Must Be Magic’ (Motown LP)
Pieces Of A Dream: ‘Warm Weather’ / ‘Body Magic’ (US Elektra LP)
Bobbettes 1981: ‘Love Rhythm’ (US QIT 12in)
Cousin Ice: ‘You Stepped Into My Life’ / ‘Cousin Ice’ / ‘Funkelectricity’ (US Urban Rock LP)
Lionel Richie / Diana Ross: ‘Endless Love’ (Motown)
The Quick: ‘Sharks Are Cool Jets Are Hot’ (Epic 12in)
Ottawan: ‘Hands Up’ (Carrere 12in)
Denroy Morgan: ‘I’ll Do Anything For You’ (US Becket 12in)
Sister Sledge: ‘He’s Just A Runaway (Tribute to Bob Marley)’ (Atlantic 12in)
Larry Graham: ‘Just Be My Lady’ (Warner Bros)
Crusaders: ‘Standing Tall’ / ‘I’m So Glad I’m Standing Here Today’ (MCA 12in)
Ritz: ‘Workin’ Out’ (US Posse 12in)
Lime: ‘You’re My Magician’ / ‘Your Love’ / ‘Agent 406’ (US Prism LP)
One Way: ‘Push’ (MCA 12in)
Passport: ‘Rambling’ (US Atlantic LP)
Klymaxx: ‘All Fired Up’ / ‘The Beat Of My Heart’ (US Solar LP)
Bobby King: ‘A Fool And His Love’ / ‘Heart To Heart’ / ‘Fool For The Night’ (US Warner Bros LP)
Michael Henderson: ‘(We Are Here To) Geek You Up’ (US Buddah LP)
Bang Gang: ‘Street Music (Instrumental)’ (US Sugarscoop 12in)
Archie Bell: ‘Any Time Is Right’ (Becket 12in)
Gladys Knight & The Pips: ‘Reach High’ (US Columbia LP)
Sadao Watanabe: ‘Orange Express’ (US Columbia LP)
Vaughn Mason: ‘Rockin’ Big Guitar’ (US Brunswick 12in)
Brother To Brother: ‘Monster Jam’ (US Sugarhill 12in)
Jose De Jesus: ‘Get Tough’ (US Park Place 12in)
AfterBach: ‘It’s You’ (US ARC LP)
Junior Giscombe: ‘Mama Used To Say’ (Mercury 12in promo)
Max Edwards: ‘Rockers Arena’ (Korova 12in)

DORC (Disco Featured Pop Hits)

1(2) Soft Cell, 2(1) Aneka, 3(3) Duran Duran, 4(5) Ultravox, 5(8) Kid Creole, 6(9) Simple Minds, 7(4) Depeche Mode, 8(10) UB40, 9(11) Debbie Harry, 10(12) ELO, 11(7) Gidea Park, 12(6) Shakin’ Stevens, 13(14) Tenpole Tudor, 14(19) Havana Let’s Go, 15(13) Kraftwerk B/A, 16(15) John Foxx, 17(17) Bad Manners, 18(20) Pinter Sisters, 19(-) Visage, 20(18) Kiki Dee, 21(-) Nolans, 22(21) Bow Wow Wow, 23(16) Specials, 24(23) Siouxsie, 25(-) Bill Wyman, 26(-) Cliff Richard, 27(24) Grace Jones, 28(25) Au Pairs, 29(30) Eddie Maelov & Sunshine Patteson, 30(-) Chas & Dave.


Beats Per Minute for last week’s pop chart entries on 7in (endings denoted by “f” for fade, “c” for cold, “r” resonant) are:
Alvin Stardust 177-0r, Imagination 84f, Heaven 17 129f, Quincy Jones 28(intro)-111f, Linx 0-117f, Mike Berry 134/67f.

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