December 19, 1981: Kool & The Gang, K.I.D, J. Walter Negro, Lamont Dozier, Kryptic Krew


BRANDI WELLS ‘What Goes Around Comes Around’ / ‘Watch Out’ are already on PRT-distributed UK 12in promo back-to-back (Brandi incidentally was in Slick of ‘Space Bass’ fame) . . . ‘D’ Train ‘You’re The One For Me’, a dramatic chart riser this week (note it’s the instrumental that’s the hot side), will be out here late next month, but amazingly the Jones Girls’ big-selling import album is unscheduled . . . Richard ‘Dimples’ Fields’ ultra soulful ‘She’s Got Papers On Me’ will be edited for 7in only issue as flip to ‘I’ve Got To Learn To Say No’ on January 8th — surely a full 12in could have been a smash? — while the same date sees a 3-track 12in from Earth Wind & Fire of ‘I’ve Had Enough’ / ‘Sparkle’ / ‘Let’s Groove (Remix)’ . . . Mirage ‘As From Now’ is on 121-125bpm white label 12in at any rate . . . Kraftwerk ‘The Model’ / ‘Computer Love’ (EMI 12in) has been relaunched with a new picture sleeve, which should please Leicester’s HMV Shop at least! . . . Aneka ‘Japanese Boy’ is on remixed US Handshake 12in, Laurie Anderson ‘O Superman’ in the States is on both 33 1/3 rpm 7in and 45 rpm 12in, while Herbie Hancock ‘Magic Number’ has been remixed for US 12in promo . . . US Warner Bros has started a slightly rock orientated Video Club subscription rental scheme for American discos to hire at 60 dollars for 8 months their specially compiled promo-only various artists video tapes, which do include black acts, with 5 second gaps between numbers so the video can run as a complete 30 minute programme or be individually cued . . . Rush Release in fact next month start their own similar video promotion service, which will be kept to a maximum of 100 subscribers . . . CBS entertained a gaggle of DJs last Tuesday lunchtime to launch the ‘Second Suite’ and ‘Ace Of Clubs’ albums, Bournemouth’s Steve Glover and Wigan’s Greg Wilson both arriving late after learning the hard way that it had been snowing in the South-East! . . . Second Image at Mayfair Gullivers last Wednesday were much improved if only really exciting on a rap number and in a call-and-answer audience participation part which ended with the tongue twisting bit from ‘The Lone Ranger’, their encore then culminating as a jam with Heatwave’s Keith Wilder, Imagination’s Errol Kennedy, Carl Douglas, and the cool and soulful Lloyd Charmers . . . Gullivers’ two special parties with dirt cheap drink on recent Mondays were such a success that now every Monday the drinks are 50p . . . Liverpool’s first all-dayer for two years at the Warehouse recently saw Mike Davidson, Frank Cookson, Gary St Clair and Gary Allan spinning solid funk for 12 solid hours to a good attendance with — and this is the story, really — no trouble at all . . . Steve Dennis, undaunted by criticism of the Edgbaston Faces DJ Convention, is planning another for next year with the promise, “And now . . . Something Completely Different” . . . Paul Anthony has moved to Wolverhampton’s new de-luxe Eve’s in Showell Road, where with two lighting engineers he handles the large rooms two dancefloors, while Dave Tee jocks the small room . . . Chris Stewart & Roger Allen hint that Londoners could broaden their soul radio ‘Horizon’ by tuning to 94.4 FM on Sunday evenings after 7pm . . . Roger Squire’s London shop is busy advertising legal CB rigs on Capital Radio . . . Sheffield DJ Jim Kershaw will be presenting his own ‘History Of Reggae’ over six weeks on Radio Hallam in the new year, the first show in the series concentrating on the calypso and mento era with lots of rare oldies . . . Blackburn’s Martin Platts, whose real ambition is eventually to beat the Trans-America running record of 46 days 13 hours, clarifies that on his John O’Groats to Lands End run his accompanying four roadshow DJs will not be there to run as well, but to raise funds while he’s running . . . Nigel Porter of Leicester has a theory that his home town’s discos lack imagination and variety because of the strong live music scene at such major venues as the university, polytechnic, and DeMontfort Hall, as well as at many small clubs and pubs, while Leicester DJs tend to toe a safe management line without establishing any character of their own — it also takes ages for records to catch on there, and old Motown singles still outsell many of today’s lesser hits! . . . James Brown contrary to reports of his age during his recent visit here, was in fact born in May 1928 . . . Anthony Godden (Earls Court) points out the similarity of Kim Wilde’s ‘Cambodia’ to Peter Jacques Band ‘Welcome Back’ . . . Alan Donald (Rothesay) says the Pretenders ‘I Go To Sleep’, Springfield / Warwick sound notwithstanding, was on Cher’s first solo album — admittedly right in the era it still reeks of . . . Alan incidentally has an AMI Continental jukebox for sale, and will put up anyone trekking out to buy it (call 0700-3696 / 4673) . . . Alan Coulthard (Marble Arch Dial 9) will pay full price for two second-hand Technics SL-1500 turntables (the digital vari-speed readout model), call him on 01-485 8744 (room E67) — he also says two copies of Alton Edwards synched two beats apart gives a dynamite effect . . . Gladys Knight’s ‘Reach High’ is sensational out of Mike & Brenda Sutton . . . Sally Marsh (Burgess Hill) sez forget Froggy (she’s actually less polite than that), the best mixer in Britain is Steve West at Basingstoke Martines! . . . John Grant really did retire permanently from jocking in the North-West — he’s now, honestly, the harbour master at Newhaven! . . . Lee Taylor, languishing at Scheveningen’s Kurhaus Club in Holland, sends love to Michelle . . . Weeks & Co. ‘Rock Your World’, belatedly hitting the chart (it’s the one with Beggar & Co rip-off chants), actually works out at 116(intro)-118-116-118-117(break)-118-117-118bpm . . . Blue Rondo A La Turk, still strong in the clubs, had an amazingly short Top 75 life . . . PRT distributed product like Grandmaster Flash can’t be reviewed as I don’t have it . . . Sandy Martin (Swindon Brunel Rooms) is now, oh gawd, learning the bagpipes specially for New Year’s Eve! . . . Liz Bailey (Leicester) was the first to send a Christmas card — to her and all the other subsequent kind senders, very many thanks indeed . . . Davy King (Ballymena Raglan), who presumably knows, says Santa must be Irish because with all the doors and windows about he still comes down the chimney! . . . KEEP KOOL!

ALTON EDWARDS looks set to give Kool & The Gang’s ‘Get Down On It’ a big fight at the top of the disco chart in the coming weeks with his ‘I Just Wanna (Spend Some Time With You)‘. One thing that is consistently said of the Zimbabwe-born soulster is that wherever he does a PA, his record then becomes one of the top requests . . . which may explain why it’s already the number one seller in London.


KOOL & THE GANG: ‘Get Down On It’ (De-Lite DEX 5).
Nicely timed to be a Christmas chart topper, this terrific heavily thudding infectious 110-111bpm 12in funk bumper is also in certain circles sung as “Suck My Helmet” (“oh all right then”) and accompanied by a downwards pointing gesture during the title line chorus! A consistently huge request in hip clubs for ages, it’s now flipped by the atmospheric moody slow original studio version of ‘Summer Madness’.

K.I.D.: ‘You Don’t Like My Music’ (Excaliber EXCL 515).
Appalling re-edited 118bpm vocal version of ‘Hupendi Muziki Wangu?!’ replaces the original instrumental’s magic with awful zingy Liquid Gold-type over obvious Wally appeal — however, the 3-track 12in is flipped by the great weirdly introed percussively building madly catchy jauntily bounding 119bpm instrumental original (terrific out of Bohannon), and the mundane chanting 119bpm ‘It’s Hot (Take It To The Top)‘.

J WALTER NEGRO & THE LOOSE JOINTZ: ‘Shoot The Pump’ (Zoo York 12WIP 6765).
All about the dangers of letting off fire hydrants to gush cooling water into New York’s sizzling summer streets, this second cousin to Kid Creole is a great slightly salsa-style semi-rapped 121bpm 12in rattling and thudding jiggler with lotsa dialogue and effects all wrapped up in a gimmicky pictorial sleeve. Right, that’s the import review from three months ago which had such underwhelming effect until this got sent out for free to rave reaction. Bah! 

TC CURTIS: ‘Bodyshake’ (Groove Production GP 112T).
Patteringly introed purposeful 119-120bpm 12in instrumental thudder with wheezling synth and brassy blasts builds an ominous power just by rolling right along at a constant intensity, the chix-backed vocal version however being worth avoiding.

FOUR TOPS: ‘Don’t Walk Away’ (Casablanca CANX 1006).
Tinkling slow introed then brash and breezy old fashioned Motown-style hollering 0-125-123-125bpm 12in romper, obviously destined to do best in pop venues.

RUDDY THOMAS: ‘Just One Moment Away’ (Creole CR 12-27).
Although maybe not immediately devastating, this cool slinky subtle slow 74bpm 12in lovers rock swayer nevertheless sneaks up your trouser leg and has been huge in the reggae market.

BAR-KAYS: ‘Nightcruising’ (Mercury MERX 89).
Fairly uninspired burbling 117bpm 12in funk chanter like a subdued Rick James ‘Give It To Me Baby’ (their LP’s ‘Traffic Jammer‘ is much better), flipped by the US single-issued monotonously bumping 111-112-113bpm ‘Hit And Run‘.

LAKESIDE: ‘Magic Moments’ (LP ‘Your Wish Is My Command’ Solar K 52340).
WEA’s new set beats RCA’s old material here, but none of it is up to much — this 119-121bpm smacker starting in usefully Prince-like style before wandering off, while the title track‘s a gong-introed 0-115bpm muddled low key snapper of no great distinction.

VARIOUS: ‘Ace Of Clubs‘ LP (Epic EPC 85450).
This collection of Prelude’s US disco hits turns out to be completely segued with very neat chops disguising any BPM jumps, but although the 12in versions are used the result makes it better suited to early evening warm-up play and less useful for mixing in the normal way. Conquest’s ‘Give it To Me’ is unfortunately the vocal version and Nick Straker Band’s 117bpm ‘A Little Bit Of Jazz’ is not the new US remix, while the rest is all recent material by Hi-Gloss, Bobby Thurston, Sharon Redd, Vicki Sue Robinson, Unlimited Touch, Strikers, Hot Cuisine and the somewhat ignored 107bpm Empress ‘Dyin’ To Be Dancin‘.

VARIOUS: ‘Second Suite‘ LP (CBS 88566).
Excellent double album follow-up to ‘Bitter Suite’ makes a great Christmas present idea as it’s jammed full of jazz-funk classics (and a few less so), including Eddie Russ ‘Zaius‘, Heath Brothers ‘Dreamin‘, Starship Orchestra ‘You’re A Star‘, Bob James ‘Sign Of The Times‘, Marlena Shaw ‘Yuma/Go Away Little Boy‘ and, as Ramsey Lewis’s contribution says, ‘So Much More‘.

THE CLASH: ‘This Is Radio Clash’ (CBS A13-1797).
Fiendish guffaw introed excellent 122bpm pop rapper on 33 1/3 rpm 4-track 12in with ‘Radio Clash’ continuing in exactly similar style, the flip’s ‘Outside Broadcast‘ and ‘Radio 5‘ getting a lot freakier in “dub” style.

ALTERED IMAGES: ‘I Could Be Happy’ (Epic A13-1834).
The great group’s current chart hit is very different on much remixed and extended 130bpm 12in, which has a long instrumental first half and gimmicky gaps in the sound as the singing starts.

THE WAITRESSES: ‘Christmas Wrapping’ (Ze WIP 6763).
Rather good Tom Tom Club-type 116-118bpm 7in unison girlie group rapper with Dixie Cups-like innocent charm and Stax-style stabs of brass.

ELKIE BROOKS: ‘Fool If You Think It’s Over’ (A&M AMS 8187).
Strange somewhat Janis Ian-ish gorgeous lush rhythm box driven 109bpm 7in revival of Chris Rea’s lovely oldie, to my mind the nicest thing she’s ever done.

THE AMAZING BAVARIAN STOMPERS: ‘Liberty Bell’ (Penthouse PENT 11).
Jolly oompah oompah 126-0bpm 7in treatment of the Monty Python theme, less instantly familiar than the Grenadier Guards great version on Decca but still good MoR fun, while the even more useful 128-132bpm flip medleys in similar but vocal style ‘Colonel Bogey/I’ve Got A Lovely Bunch Of Coconuts/Yes We Have No Bananas’.

BAD GIRLS: ‘The Conga’ (Spinach SPIN 002).
Good jolly Europop-style 126bpm 7in discotization, patterned on that TV nappy commercial.

CABASA: ‘Conga’ (Hobo HOS 105, via PRT).
MoR-aimed happy 131-132bpm 7in conga kicker with good salsa backing spoilt by unconvincing vocals.

THE NUPTOWN KEYS: ‘The Best Of Christmas’ (EMI 5248).
Synthesized instrumental 0-128bpm 7in medley of Christmas carols given an old fashioned harpsichord-type feel despite being all electronic.

THE PUBLICBAR SUPPORTERS CLUB: ‘Christmas Crackers’ (Chrysalis CHS 2566).
Chas & Dave-style coldly efficient singalong clapping 138-0bpm 7in Christmas medley.

HOT ICE: ‘A Very Medley Christmas’ (Kaleidoscope KRLA 1763).
Well done if incongruous mixture of old Christmas hit snippets in formula handclapping 0-119bpm 7in medley.

NEIL TAYLOR: ‘A Christmas Cracker’ (Cherub CUS 1209).
Gary Glitter recreating ‘Do You Want To Be In My Gang’-introed 7in party medley progresses with a nice sense of the unexpected (and slight lack of polish) through various old silly pop ravers. Neil being an Orpington based mobile DJ-cum-human dynamo (and young Billy Fury lookalike!) who knows how to get pop crowds going.

LOBO: ‘Lobo’s Gospel Show’ (Polydor POSP 383).
‘Amen/Oh Happy Day/Cottonfields’ etc in a 0-124bpm 7in medley similar to but less infectious than his last one.

SALSOUL ORCHESTRA: ‘Christmas Time’ (Epic/Streetwave EPC A13-1883).
Awful limply hustling bland 126bpm discotized seasonal medley (and a 122bpm ‘New Year’s Medley‘ flip) which never exactly filled floors even when current five years ago, so why it’s on 12in for the first time now is a mystery.

THE HYSTERICS: ‘Five Tracks Of Laughter’ (KAO KA 5).
Starting with a traditional but laughter accompanied 0-114-0bpm version of ‘Jingle Bells’, this 5-track 7in otherwise consists entirely of various laughing effects without any music — there’s sneezing and hiccups with laughter, belching with laughter, one man quietly giggling, and a long track of gradually accumulating group laughter. Sadly the most useful for jocks, an instantaneous burst, is not included.


LAMONT DOZIER: ‘Shout About It’ (US M&M MM 103).
Very different from what one might have expected, this dynamic deceptive languidly lilting tension filled 0-113-114bpm 12in hard smacker has a Benson-ish vocal tinge at times but revolves around the ultra tight staccato chunkily choppy rhythm drive with jolting bass and handclaps running through mellow then tough changes (the flip’s instrumental). Likely to be rather big!

THE KRYPTIC KREW: ‘Jazzy Sensation’ (US Tommy Boy TB 812).
Gwen McCrae’s ‘Funky Sensation’ (which has yet to be as big here as it deserves) now reappears on terrific 3-track 12in in three different new guises. The ‘Manhattan Version’ sung by Tina B being a slinky slow spaced out bass bumped jittery 100-102-101-102bpm rewrite with rapping bits, the instrumental a 100-101bpm nagging funker, while the long ‘Bronx Version‘ is an excellent straight rapping 103-104-105-106-105-103(halfway break)-104-105-106-103bpm treatment by Afrika Bambaataa & The Jazzy 5 which mentions “do the Gigolo” and a list of school names in passing, and takes the rap format into the realms of dub with its abstract vocal patterns.

SUGARDADDY: ‘One More Time’ (US BC BC4012).
Good hard bass bumping 110-111-110(chick)-112bpm 12in rap thudder based on Suzy Q solidly lurches along with its rhythm riding momentum interrupted by a smacking Rita Saunders-sung break, and is great before ‘Got Down On It’ (especially if you mix into Kool’s title chorus).

FUNN: ‘School Daze’ (US Magic 93500).
School bell and “good morning class” schoolmarm-introed bass bumped 115bpm 12in brassy heavy funk smacker with choppy guys ‘n’ gals and nice instrumental touches, reminiscent of ‘Rhyze To The Top’ and great mixing on into Kleeer ‘Get Tough’ (out of the break) or Syreeta ‘Quick Slick’. It’s not the same as the similarly titled rapper by Brothers Unique.

CREME D’COCOA: ‘I Will Survive’ (US Venture VD-5018).
Gloria Gaynor’s classic may now stand for the epitome of Wally fodder, yet however strong your prejudice this usefully slower and male sung hustling 0-111-113-111-0-113bpm 12in revival is ankle twitchingly infectious, George Benson’s ‘Never Give Up’ chopping well out of it to restore your hipness rating.

BOHANNON: ‘Alive’ LP (US Phase II FZ 37699).
Full BPMs for this pleasant but irritatingly chopped up set are the similarly jittering 0-111-113-112bpm ‘Take The Country To New York City’ and 111-112bpm ‘A Happy Song For You Part 1‘, their respective ‘(Instr)’ and ‘Part II’ versions — confusingly juxtaposed in the labelling, so beware — being 111-113bpm and 111bpm, while the gorgeous lightweight jazzily swinging 132-133-136-0bpm ‘You’re The One‘ has a soaring lady scatting (Jean Carn?) and ‘Hard Work’ rhythm. The 119bpm ‘Start The Dance (Inserts)‘ gives namechecks to New York, DC and Atlanta, for mixing into the original. James Brown alumni Fred Wesley and Maceo Parker help out, incidentally.

CON FUNK SHUN: ‘Body Lovers’ (LP ‘7’ US Mercury SRM-1-4030).
Vocoder and bass tricked out straightforward 120bpm funk smacker, best of a set that’s typical of competent mainstream US soul at the moment, ‘A Song For You‘ being a pleasant loosely flowing 121-123-120-123-120-123-120-121-122bpm romper. ‘If You’re In Need Of Love‘ an effete 119(intro)-117bpm swayer, ‘Bad Lady‘ a convoluted 123bpm jiggler, ‘I’ll Get You Back’ a lethargic 112bpm jolter, and ‘California 1’ a pop-aimed 118bpm tripper.

MADAGASCAR: ‘Rainbow’ (LP ‘Spirit Of The Street’ US Arista AL 9565).
The “dark horse” group from the ‘Arista Funksters’ 12in EP, these youngsters extremely competent but overly shrill and brittle set does get a bit wearying after a while with everything at the same Chaka Khan-ish squeaky fever pitch, best bet being this rolling pleasant 111bpm soarer, while the jittery bumping 108-109bpm ‘Baby Not Tonight‘ was on the 12in, ‘International Jamboree‘ is a joltingly jerky percussive 112bpm skitterer with some steel drums, and the rest are the 0-112bpm ‘Pay Attention’, 107bpm ‘This Is When It Counts’, 127-128bpm ‘Dance Spirit Dance’, and 109bpm ‘Here Today Gone Tomorrow’.

LENNY WILLIAMS: ‘I’m Sorry’ (LP ‘Taking Chances’ US MCA MCA-5253).
The distinctively whinnying soulster’s jittery 114bpm pent-up trotter is the best dancer of a not particularly disco-orientated set, ‘Freefall (Into Love)‘ being a looser 116bpm repetitive romp and ‘Responsible Man‘ a relaxed 116bpm tripper, while the 82/41bpm ‘Where There’s A Will There’s A Way’ is most rhythmic of the nice slowies.

PEABO BRYSON: ‘Love Is On The Rise’ (LP ‘I Am Love’ US Capitol ST-12179).
Typically classy set of lush soul ballads, the grittiest being this 99bpm jogger, though they’re all really best for fans of the man to listen to at home.

OTHER IMPORTS in brief, all on 12in, are: MYNK ‘Get Up And Dance‘ (Posse), an OK c.113bpm harmony chugger with ‘Rise’-type backbeat; QT ‘Want Some Get Some‘ (M&M), a good c.122bpm Prince-ish funker; SOMETHIN’ SPECIAL ‘Come Make It Feel Good‘ (Emergency), distinctively rhythmic c.118bpm tripper in two mixes; YOUNG & CO ‘Is It Good To You‘ (Eastern), a disappointing rattling c.115bpm monotonous smacker; SULA ‘Jungle Rap’ (Starwave), a jiggly slow c.97-98bpm thudder reminiscent of ‘Rockin In The Jungle’; C M LORD ‘Flashback‘ (Montage), a chick wailed guitar jiggled c.116bpm busy smacker; SLYCK ‘Love It Or (Beat The Bush)‘ (Solid Platinum), a murky c.120bpm burbler with howling effects and funky bass; SUGARHILL GANG ‘Apache‘ (Sugarhill), an awful disjointed c.114bpm rap treatment of the Shadows tune; LADY D ‘Lady D‘ (Reflection), an unexciting c.111bpm rapper, no relation to our own dear Princess of Wales.

UK Disco Top 90 – December 19, 1981

01 01 Earth Wind & Fire – Let’s Groove – CBS 12”
02 03 Kool & The Gang – Get Down On It – De-Lite 12”
03 02 George Benson – Turn Your Love Around – Warner Bros 12”
04 10 Second Image – Can’t Keep Holding On – Polydor 12”
05 06 Kool & The Gang – Steppin’ Out – De-Lite 12”
06 19 New York Skyy – Let’s Celebrate / Call Me – Epic/Streetwave 12”
07 05 Imagination – Flashback / Burnin’ Up – R&B 12”
08 18 Alton Edwards – I Just Wanna (Spend Some Time With You) – Streetwave 12”
09 13 George Benson – Never Give Up On A Good Thing – Warner Bros LP
10 14 Brandi Wells – What Goes Around Comes Around / Watch Out – US WMOT LP/12” promo
11 09 Modern Romance – Ay Ay Ay Ay Moosey / Moose On The Loose / Tear The Roof Off The Moose – WEA 12”
12 07 Rose Royce – R.R. Express – Whitfield LP/12”
13 04 Arthur Adams – You Got The Floor – RCA 12”
14 08 Alphonze Mouzon – I’m Glad That You’re Here – London 12”/LP
15 26 Gayle Adams – Love Fever – Epic 12”
16 12 Shakatak – Easier Said Than Done – Polydor 12”
17 60 ‘D’ Train – You’re The One For Me – US Prelude 12”
18 55 Grover Washington Jr – Little Black Samba / Be Mine (Tonight) / Jamming / Reaching Out – Elektra LP
19 16 Blue Rondo A La Turk – Me And Mr. Sanchez – Diable Noir 12”
20 17 Dynasty – Love In The Fast Lane – Solar 12”
21 52 Tom Browne – Fungi Mama / Bye Gones / My Latin Sky / Lazy Bird / Come For The Ride – Arista GRP LP
22 59 Lessette Wilson – Caveman Boogie / Corrida (Ai No Corrida) / Saturday Nite Groovin’ – US Headfirst LP
23 21 Prince – Controversy – Warner Bros 12”
24 87 Jones Girls – Nights Over Egypt / (I Found) That Man Of Mine / ASAP (As Soon As Possible) – US Phil Int LP
25 28 Earl Klugh – Twinkle – Liberty 12”
26 20 Level 42 – Starchild – Polydor 12”
27 29 Letta Mbulu – Kilimanjaro – US MJS 12”
28 22 GQ – Shake – Arista 12”
29 25 The Quick – Zulu (Remix) – Epic 12”
30 30 Jumpp – Bouncy Bouncy / The Bounce – RCA 12”
31 43 Earth Wind & Fire – I’ve Had Enough / You Are A Winner / Lady Sun / Evolution Orange – CBS LP
32 27 Bohannon/Dr. Perri Johnson – Let’s Start II Dance Again – US Phase II 12”
33 50 Shock – Let Your Body Do The Talkin’ / Let’s Get Crackin’ / I Think I Love You / Stand Up – US Fantasy LP
34 54 Mike & Brenda Sutton – We’ll Make It – US SAM 12”
35 24 Light Of The World – Ride The Love Train – EMI 12”
36 38 Twennynine/Lenny White – Twennynine (The Rap) / Rhythm / Movin’ On / Need You / Just Like Dreamin’ – Elektra LP
37 23 Slave – Wait For Me / Snap Shot / Party Lites / Steal Your Heart / Smokin’ – Cotillion LP
38 15 The Dukes – Mystery Girl – WEA 12”
39 31 K.I.D. – Hupendi Muziki Wangu?! – US SAM 12”
40 34 Haircut One Hundred – Favourite Shirts – Arista 12”
41 41 Rick James – Superfreak – Motown 12”
42 45 Norman Connors – Mr. C / She’s Gone / Keep Doin’ It / Stay With Me – US Arista LP
43 32 Perry Haines – What’s Funk? / What’s What? – Fetish Funk Rox 12”
44 35 Linx – Can’t Help Myself – Chrysalis 12”
45 64 Luther Vandross – Never Too Much – Epic 12”
46 39 Incognito – North London Boy – Ensign 12”
47 33 Roger – I Heard It Through The Grapevine / A Chunk Of Sugar – Warner Bros 12”
48 03 Kool & The Gang – Take My Heart / Good Time Tonight / Pass It On / Be My Lady – De-Lite LP
49 44 Hot Cuisine – Disco Calypso / Skunkin’ – Kaleidoscope 12”
50 72 Aurra – Make Up Your Mind – US Salsoul 12”
51 13 Four Tops – When She Was My Girl – Casablanca 12”
52 NE Human League 100 – Don’t You Want Me (Ext Dance Mix) – Virgin 12”
53 40 Teena Marie – It Must Be Magic – Motown 12”
54 46 Melba Moore – Take My Love – EMI America 12”
55 68 Al Jarreau – Closer To Your Love / Love Is Real – Warner Bros 12”
56 69 Tracy Weber – Sure Shot – Canadian Quality RFC 12”
57 49 Phyllis Hyman – Tonight You And Me – Arista 12”
58 42 Spandau Ballet – Paint Me Down – Reformation 12”
59 76 Garfield Fleming – Don’t Send Me Away – US Becket 12”
60 48 Patti Austin – The Genie (Remix) / Every Home Should Have One – Qwest 12”
61 51 Hawk & Co – Nitelife / Instrumental – Epic 12” promo
62 56 ABC – Tears Are Not Enough – Neutron 12”
63 80 Five Special – You Can Do It / Just A Feeling / Your Body Heat – US Elektra LP
64 71 Celena Duncan – Shine On – RCA 12”
65 70 Northend – Tee’s Happy / Happy Days – US Emergency 12”
66 47 Freeez – Anti-Freeez (Set Me Free) – Beggars Banquet 12”
67 81 Hi-Lites – Stylistic Love – EMI
68 NE Main Ingredient – Evening Of Love – US RCA LP
69 NE Bob James – The Steamin’ Feelin’ – Tappan Zee 12”
70 NE Ray Barretto – Pastime Paradise / La Cuna / This Old Castle – US CTI LP
71 NE J. Walter Negro & Loose Jointz – Shoot The Pump – Zoo York 12”
72 73 Angela Bofill – Tropical Love / I Do Love You – US Arista LP
73 RE Gene Dunlap – Take My Love / Party In Me / This One’s On Me / Jam City – US Capitol LP
74 NE Bohannon – Take The Country To New York City / A Happy Song For You / You’re The One – US Phase II LP
75 NE Daryl Hall & John Oates – I Can’t Go For That – US RCA 12”
76 NE Weeks & Co – Rock Your World – US Chaz Ro 12”
77 88 Godmoma – Godmoma Here – US Elektra LP
78 NE Quincy Jones – Just Once – A&M
79 NE Syreeta – Quick Slick – Motown 12”
80 79 Rodney Franklin – Hill Street Blues / Dance Tonight / Vibrations – CBS LP
81 90 Vicky ‘D’ – This Beat Is Mine – US SAM 12”
82 NE Bar-Kays – Nightcruising / Traffic Jammer / Hit And Run – US Mercury LP/12” promo
83 NE Lava – The Ratter / Sky Rocket – Norwegian Polydor LP
84 77 Pig Bag – Sunny Day – Y 12”
85 82 Gwen McCrae – Funky Sensation – US Atlantic LP
86 89 Lowrell Simon – Love Massage – US Zoo York 12”
87 83 Prince – Let’s Work – Warner Bros LP
88 RE Jeanette ‘Lady’ Day – Come Let Me Love You – US Prelude 12”
89 62 Skool Boyz – Jam Beneath The Groove / Your Love – US Destiny LP
90 NE Fine Quality featuring Cuz – Ahh Dance – US Sugarhill 12”


BUBBLING UNDER the UK Disco 90 with increased support are:

Kryptic Krew: ‘Jazzy Sensation’ (US Tommy Boy 12in)
Brooklyn Express: ‘Sixty-Nine’ / ‘Change Position (88)’ (US One Way 12in)
Sylvia St James: ‘Behind My Back’ / ‘The Way To Your Heart’ (US Elektra LP)
Mirage: ‘As From Now’ (Copasetic 12in promo)
G.Q.: ‘You’ve Got The Floor’ / ‘Shy Baby’ / ‘Face To Face’ (Arista LP)
Mike Post / Larry Carlton: ‘Hill Street Blues’ (Elektra)
Zafra Bros: ‘Will You See Me Tonight’ (US Eastbourne 12in)
Conquest: ‘Give It To Me (Instrumental)’ (US Prelude 12in)
Rhyze: ‘Rhyze To The Top’ (US 20th Century-Fox 12in)
Touch: ‘Keep On’ (white label 12in)
Tyzik: ‘In The Mood’ / ‘Prophecy’ (US Capitol LP)
Lamont Dozier: ‘Shout About It’ (US M&M 12in)
T.C. Curtis: ‘Bodyshake’ (Groove Production 12in)
Vernon Burch: ‘Do It To Me’ (US SRI 12in)
Index: ‘Starlight’ (Record Shack 12in)
K.I.D.: ‘You Don’t Like My Music’ (Excaliber 12in)
Syreeta: ‘Out The Box’ (US Tamla LP)
Tomorrow’s Edition: ‘U Turn Me On’ (US Mel-O 12in)
Cache: ‘Where Is My Sunshine’ (Groove Production 12in)
Four Tops: ‘Don’t Walk Away’ (Casablanca 12in)
Jerry Carr: ‘This Must Be Heaven’ (US Cherie 12in)
Miss Man & Co: ‘Give It All To Me’ (Canadian Cha Cha Palace 12in)
Modern Romance: ‘Nothing Ever Goes The Way You Plan’ / ‘I Can’t Get Enough’ / ‘Bring On The Funkateers’ (WEA LP)
Henderson & Whitfield: ‘Dancin’ To The Beat’ (US Park Place 12in)
Human League: ‘Love Action (Instrumental Remix)’ (US Disconet LP)

POD (Pop Orientated Dance — compiled from DJs playing a wide range of material):

1(1) EWF 12in, 2(3) Modern Romance 12in, 3(2) Soft Cell ‘Bedsitter’, 4(6) Haircut 100, 5(4) Blue Rondo, 6(7) Kool ‘Steppin’, 7(9) ABC, 8(5) Four Tops ‘Girl’, 9(8) Spandau Ballet, 10(-) Human League 100 ‘Want’, 11(10) Arthur Adams, 12(11) Queen/Bowie, 13(15) Duran Duran, 14(20) Jumpp, 15(28) Julio Iglesias, 16(12) Police ‘Magic’, 17(22) George Benson 12in, 18(18) Rod Stewart ‘Tonight’, 19(31) Second Image, 20(-) Public Bar Supporters Club ‘Xmas Crackers’ (Chrysalis), 21(38) Imagination, 22(25) Japan, 23(45) Alphonse Mouzon, 24(14) Olivia Newton-John, 25(13) Soft Cell ‘Tainted’, 26(16) Ultravox, 27(19) The Quick, 28(23) Rose Royce, 29(30) Diana Ross ‘Fools’, 30(32) Pretenders, 31(27) Ottawan ‘Hands’, 32(33) Fun Boy Three, 33(17) OMD ‘Joan’, 34(-) Boney M, 35(-) Cliff Richard, 36(21) Donald Byrd ‘Around’, 37(39) Nuptown Keys ‘The Best Of Christmas’ (EMI), 38(36) Havana Let’s Go ‘Spanish Cabaret’ (Polydor), 39(-) Eddy Grant ‘Time To Let Go’ (Ice), 40(-) Snowmen, 41(29) Depeche Mode, 42(-) Trini Lopez ‘Trini-Trax’ (RCA), 43(46) Tweets ‘BS’, 44(35) Heaven 17, 45(-) Shakatak, 46(-) Linx, 47(-) Godley & Creme, 48(34) Incognito, 49(-) Jets, 50(-) Chas & Dave.


Beats Per Minute for last week’s pop chart entries on 7in (endings denoted by f for fade, c for cold, r for resonant) are:

Adam 0-119f, Abba 0-82f, Toyah 132f, Police 70-141/70f, Rod Stewart 161f, Jon & Vangelis 21½/43-0f, Altered Images 131r, Foreigner 0-102-101f, Chas ‘n’ Dave 120 acappella c/f, Boomtown Rats 103f, Lulu 107f, Elvis Costello 52-0r, Snowmen 0-200c, Rolling Stones 0-58/116-59/118f, Placido Domingo/John Denver 19-39-0r, Barry Manilow 19-38/76-77f, Hysterics 0-114-0f, Brown Sauce 143c.

One thought on “December 19, 1981: Kool & The Gang, K.I.D, J. Walter Negro, Lamont Dozier, Kryptic Krew”

  1. The first mention of one of the legendary London pirates here with Horizon mentioned which along with JFM were some of the earliest of the jazz-funk stations which later joined by others such as Solar and the illegal version of Kiss and then by such famous rave stations as Centre Force and Green Apple.

    I also notice Mr Hamilton mentions the Beggar and Co ‘ripoff chant’ this was also used by Modern Romance on one of their mixes and gradually became the thing that groups of drunken blokes chanted in pubs, at football etc in the eighties – completely forgotten now though.


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