December 12, 1981: Mirage, Diana Ross, Syreeta, Fatback, Purple Flash


TOM BROWNE ‘Fungi Mama’ will be on 12in immediately after Christmas, with a remix of ‘Funkin’ For Jamaica’ as flip . . . The Clash’s excellent disco-orientated 123bpm ‘Radio Clash‘ is due on 12in too . . . Ruddy Thomas has been picked up by Creole, and not Phonogram after all . . . J Walter Negro & Loose Jointz ‘Shoot The Pump‘, favourably reviewed on import some months back, is now being distributed here via Rush Release prior to Island release, and all of a sudden seems hot for the majority who ignored it . . . Joe Williams deserves slapped wrists for gee-ing everyone up about this Monday jazz-funks moving to Valentinos and then not telling a soul that in fact they moved right back to Tottenham Eltons after the first week — so Chris Hill and all the other guests mentioned recently in RM (and other papers) had their whereabouts totally misrepresented . . . Blackpool’s Frenchie, ever a mine of useful info, says incipient superstars Mike & Brenda Sutton actually wrote and appeared on Cheryl Lynn’s ‘Shake It Up Tonight’, and adds that their own ‘We’ll Make It’ could be a case of “Play it again, SAM”! . . . David Norton, star of the great ‘An American Werewolf In London’, should be familiar to some — he was the Travolta clone in TV’s ‘Makin’ It’, and had a minor hit with the theme song . . . Al Taylor, of 26 Terence Avenue, Rhyl, Clwyd, North Wales, wonders if anyone can turn him on to a good source for VHS videos of stuff like ‘Soul Train’ or any other soul on video, except live concerts . . . Neil Fincham (Edinburgh Uptown) had the local SDP lot in on the night of the Crosby by-election, and entertained ’em with the likes of ‘Death Of A Clown’ (dedicated to Maggie Thatcher), ‘Help’ (Michael Foot), ‘Let’s Work Together’ — oh well, there goes his knighthood unless a miracle happens! . . . Lenny at Edinburgh’s Nite Club above the Playhouse Theatre seems to spin a lot of electro-funk and more . . . Johnnie North, still at Erith 2001 on Saturdays, now does Croydon Scamps on Wednesdays, Soho’s futuristic Le Kilt on Thursdays, and Mayfair’s Samantha’s just off Regent Street on Fridays . . . Rockafellas, the late nite eaterie right next door to Samantha’s, has finally re-opened after a refit of its fire-damaged kitchen . . . Tom Holland now funks Dartford Flicks every Thursday with a leaning towards choice oldies . . . Martin Starr, Dennis Richards & Superfly’s Saturday lunchtime jazz-funk sessions at Bristol Scamps offer special admission prices for fellow DJs and out of towners — is that higher or lower?! . . . Nigel Halkes says that Bristol’s MHE Records & Tapes in Gloucester Road has current 12in imports at reasonable prices . . . Bristol’s Radio West must certainly be the first UK station to have Brandi Wells on its main playlist (good on yer, Dave!) . . . Chris ‘Anthony Bernards’ Ellis, picking himself up after both the “Wallabys — discotheque disaster” fiasco and writing off his dad’s new car, invites any tribes with contributions for the Easter Caister Staines Phewshun Phew magazine to contact him at 15 Georgian Close, Leacroft, Staines, Middlesex TW18 4NR . . . Gt Yarmouth Tiffany’s custard pie-flinging Paul Major (who’s moving on in the new year) has a DJ-ing brother, Roger Dynamite, who rocks Yarmouth Wheels on Thursdays and is more futuristic on other nights at Crystals, Tiffany’s, and Lowestoft Hedley House — which brings me to my query, how many other families have two or more siblings in the record-spinning biz? . . . CBS-loving Chris Cole (Guildford), look out — following last week’s quote, Loraine Trent says “Right, I’ll have him!” . . . Julio Iglesias’s huge breakthrough with a foreign language hit could hopefully make UK companies realise that the main charm of Continental recordings is that they AREN’T in English . . . I always play the foreign version on the rare occasion we get the choice (even ‘D.I.S.C.O.’ is quite palatable in French!) . . . Vicky D ‘This Beat Is Mine’ should be retitled ‘This Synth Is Evelyn King’s’! . . . EWF’s tricky ‘Let’s Groove’ intro varies down to synch sensationally over Tom Browne’s ‘Fungi Mama’ (my mix), and ‘Godmoma Here’ goes great with ‘Do It Roger’ (Graham Gold’s mix) . . . Groove Weekly’s Catherine Dean evidently would be lost for words without this page — hi, Cathy! . . . Mark Clark (Bracknell) seems so hung up on ‘Brideshead Revisited’ that he’s even incorporated his chart into an accurate pastiche of a typical scenario . . . Christmas may be coming but we’d still appreciate getting as many DJ charts as possible over this busy period: however, please note that if you’ve any disco dates or comparable urgent info, our deadline for anything happening up to January 6th is this coming Tuesday — yes, TUESDAY (15) — and for dates later in January it’s the following Monday (21), after which we won’t be looking at the mail again until the new year . . . KEEP ‘EM COMING!


MIRAGE: ‘As From Now’ (Copasetic COP 005, via PRT).
Extremely classy excellent smoothly pushing then choppily jiggly Michael Jackson / Brothers Johnson-ish exciting high-flying 122-123-125bpm backbeat stormer with some yowling guitar, presumably on 12in but reviewed off 7in.

DIANA ROSS: ‘Tenderness’ (Motown TMGT 1248).
Infectiously buoyant bubblingly tugging 119bpm 12in skipper from her Chic session, and a lot stronger than anything on her new album, flipped by a brand new but very disjointed long ‘Medley’ of old Supremes classics.

SYREETA: ‘Quick Slick’ (Motown TMGT 1247).
Delightfully sung bass synth burbled slinky 116bpm bouncy funk bumper suddenly comes alive now it’s on beefed-up 12in, with instrumental flip. 

MASTERMIND: ‘Uncle Slam Wants You’ (Half Moon 12 ROUND 2004, via Spartan).
Now belatedly part of Rondelet Records UK launch of the Brooklyn-based black label’s catalogue, this bubbly 114-115-116-115(break)-117-0bpm 12in jiggler was about on import some months back, and has guffawing chatter and chants making funky fun of the US Army’s rookie enrolment procedure.

EDDIE LOVETTE: ‘Mr Sea’ (LP ‘Rockers For Lovers’ KR KRLP 3001, via RCA).
In a subtle onomatopoeia, this surf effects introed and accompanied lovely 75bpm lover’s rock jogger turns out to be about that other ‘Mr C’ — Sam Cooke. Well worth hearing.

JOHN HOLT: ‘Ghetto Queen’ (Creole CR 12-22).
Bass thudding cool sweet 68bpm 12in lover’s rock by a veteran originator of the style.

GREGORY ISAACS: ‘Permanent Lover’ (Pre PRE 2012).
Pleasant relaxed 67bpm 12in lover’s rock jogger with subdued sax joining plaintive Gregory.

ALTON ELLIS: ‘And I Love Her’ (Island 12WIP 6748).
The romantic Beatles classic adapted into nice gently arranged 68-69bpm 12in reggae.

TWEETS: ‘Birdie Song/Let’s All Sing Like The Birdies Sing’ (PRT 12-P 226).
Nicely silly and entirely appropriate vocal 190/95bpm follow-up, already charted, but on 12in starting usefully with a segued short snatch of their original hit!

THE PIRANHAS: ‘Vi Gela Gela’ (Dakota DAK 2).
Ever accelerating 126-130bpm 7in loosely knit sorta salsa but basically raucous rough voiced pop rattler ending after sax with a good amusing rhythm-backed rap.

KIRK ‘SWEET LEGS’ THORNE: ‘Mr Magic’ (LP ‘Pre-Mixture’ Champagne CHAMP 2).
Budget priced £2.99, 8-track various artists album, divided equally between US and UK acts with Roy Ayers Uno Melodic label supplying most of the Yanks, yet really only three tracks stand out — this boomingly thudding supposedly “X rated” 111-110-112bpm UK rap with the vocal mixed too far back, the Ayers-prod/penned JUSTO ALMARIO ‘Sho’ You Right‘ being a nice tootling snickety 122-124bpm jazz-funk instrumental, and the INVERSIONS ‘All Night Service’ another pleasant enough 117-119bpm instrumental. Some of the others are awful.

Newly 12-inched, slowed down and much remixed chick-spoken bubbling 127-124-125-126bpm electronic pulsator from exactly two years ago when it used to work well out of Flying Lizards ‘Money’.

METHOD ACTORS: ‘Commotion (Dance Mix)’ (Armageddon AEP 12009, via Stage One).
Bass-snapped pent-up stark 141-142-143bpm 12in “new dance” lurcher.

DONALD BYRD: ‘I’ll Always Love You’ (Elektra K 12580).
Attractive lush 0-20-39/78-39-0bpm 7in smoocher with trumpet amidst harmony vocal, a long time coming (if indeed ever) on 12in.

DEFUNKT: ‘The Razor’s Edge’ (Hannibal HNS 1201, via Stage One).
Monotonous brassy sometimes discordant 106bpm 12in jitterer with some huskily growled vocals, from the Kid Creole school of new black music and not, as that gentleman would undoubtedly agree, best promoted via disco DJs.

CHAS ‘N’ DAVE ‘Stars Over 45’ (Rockney KOR 12, via PRT).
Surprisingly successful 120bpm 7in fusion of old music hall numbers, Cockney accents and the medley handclap format, likely to hit big.


FATBACK: ‘Gigolo’ LP (US Spring SP-1-6734).
Further confirmation of the new US dancestep, this surprisingly strong set’s subdued scat introed (like a less lush Bob James) title track is a braggingly conversational good funky slow 102bpm groin grinding groove, Steam’s old ‘Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Her Goodbye‘ becomes a quietly chanted mainly instrumental subtle 115-116-117-118bpm smacker with jazzy muted trumpet and flute, ‘Do It (‘Til The Feelin’ Runs Out)‘ is a good everybody singin’-‘n’-hollerin’ brassy 110bpm jiggly smacker (great out of Vernon Burch), and ‘Rockin’ To The Beat‘ another good rap-introed solid 115bpm smacker.

PURPLE FLASH: ‘Creme Souflee’ (Canadian Uniwave PBI 5).
Extremely effective purposefully thumping 116bpm 12in funk rapper combines growling Wolfman Jack-like vocals with a Young & Co-type moronically simple backing and more than a trace of ‘The Breaks’, making it eminently mixable (as I kept proving all weekend!). Great art it ain’t, but it’s lotsa fun.

VERNON BURCH: ‘Do It To Me’ (SRI SRI-00018).
Particularly funky granite hewn monolithically powerful starkly smacking sparse 110bpm 12in jolter with Prince-like guitar, chinks between beats and vocoder both introing and duetting.

BOHANNON: ‘Take The Country To New York City’ (LP ‘Alive’ US Phase II FZ 37699).
Poor value for anyone with his ‘Let’s Start The Dance’ remix as both 12in versions plus another brief snatch of it team up with just three other new tunes, of which two are also split into two parts, the main one being this typically jittering 0-111-113-112bpm polyrhythmic thumper, while (BPMs when I’ve more time) ‘A Happy Song For You‘ is jauntily similar and ‘You’re The One‘ a lovely clapping lightweight soaring swinger of the sort he’s often done before. Despite niggling irritations, it’s a pleasant set.

ZAFRA BROS: ‘Will You See Me Tonight’ (US Eastbourne EAR 104).
Synth jiggled cloppingly introed then tambourine chinked unison chanted 0-112-113bpm 12in rolling burbler with electric guitar amidst other breaks, best in this Tony Humphries mix (check the labels), the other side’s alternative less dynamic version being 109-112bpm.

FINAL EDITION: ‘We’re Moving On (Straight Ahead)’ (US VAP VAR-19815).
Tee Scott-mixed choppy 120-119-121-119-118-120-119bpm 12in jiggler by a male group with squeaky/bass counterpointing vocals and lots of room for rhythm bits.

PURE ENERGY: ‘You’ve Got The Power’ (US Prism PDS 415).
Chix squawked routine rolling 119-118-120-121bpm 12in disco lurcher with handclaps, tinkles and synth, enlivened by a brief vibes break, instrumental on the flip.

STARPOINT: ‘Do What You Wanna Do’ (LP ‘Wanting You’ US Chocolate City CCLP 2020).
This functional smacking 116bpm funky burbler, with a little Prince in the rhythm texture, joins the unexceptional though tidy enough 118-117bpm title track in setting the pattern of gal/guys vocals and burping bass synth for other cuts like the 120-119-118bpm ‘Last Night‘ and 106-104bpm ‘Shake It Out‘.

THE DELLS: ‘Whatever Turns You On’ LP (US 20th Century-Fox T-633).
Veteran soul fans (hi, Fatman!) are keen on the title track gaily cantering 117-118bpm harmony filled soaring shuffler, ‘Is It It‘ being a nice starkly smacking buoyantly whomping fast 129bpm romper, while there’s a (Chi-Lites inspired?) 30/59-29/57bpm revival of ‘Stay In My Corner’ with a less searingly sustained long note than of old.

MAIN INGREDIENT: ‘Evening Of Love’ (LP ‘I Only Have Eyes For You’ US RCA AFL1-3963).
Bubbly 113bpm soul vocal group canterer in the old style but with a bass break that builds back up, all somewhat dated yet warm for several “up-front” jocks.

OTHER RECENT 12in imports in brief include: HENDERSON & WHITFIELD ‘Dancin’ To The Beat‘ (Park Place), a jiggly clapping c.115bpm thudder with instrumental flip; the rhythmically similar c.111bpm TOMORROW’S EDITION ‘U Turn Me On‘ (Mel-O); EDNAH HOLT ‘Serious Sirius Space Party‘ (West End), a pleasant c.94bpm slow thudding swayer; MARY WELLS ‘Gigolo‘ (Epic), a fluctuating c.115/118bpm brassy juggler presumably tied in with the US dance; BARBARA ROY ‘If You Want Me‘ (Black Sun), a great ultra-gimmicky remix of the song that was previously 116-114-115bpm; CAROL JIANI ‘The Woman In Me‘ (Moby Dick), a Barbara Acklin-style 122bpm soul swinger that I loved on LP; MISS MAN & CO. ‘Gave It All To Me‘ (Cha Cha Palace), a usefully English-slanted mixer combining Teena Marie ‘Square Biz’ / Vicki Sue Robinson ‘Hot Summer Night’ / Jimmy Ross / BB&Q, etc; HOT PLATE ‘Disco Mix‘ (Rams Horn), an extremely frantic gay-slanted mixer combining Lime / Nightlife, etc; ARTHUR ADAMS ‘Fire’ (Inculcation), a disappointingly uninspired c.120bpm smacker with forced excitement but some flashy bass eventually; AM-FM ‘You Are The One‘ (Dakar), a jiggly c.104bpm funk chanter; BT EXPRESS ‘Let Yourself Go‘ (Coast To Coast), a dull ponderous c.109bpm funk jitterer; BAD GIRLS ‘Too Through‘ (BC), a strange sparse c.104bpm rumbling lurcher; WRECKIN’ CREW ‘Found The Groove‘ (Newman), a nice stark jaunty c.119bpm gals ‘n’ guys smacker with rap rhythm; DENROY MORGAN ‘Sweet Tender Love‘ (Becket), a ponderous c.108bpm plodder. Rumoured to be good and already sold out is the KRYPTIC CREW ‘Jazzy Sensation‘, evidently a variation on Gwen McCrae’s ‘Funky Sensation’, while amongst the LPs is RAY BARRETTO ‘La Cuna’ (CTI), good jazz with Latin rhythms for specialist jocks.

UK Disco Top 90 – December 12, 1981

01 01 Earth Wind & Fire – Let’s Groove – CBS 12”
02 04 George Benson – Turn Your Love Around – Warner Bros 12”
03 03 Kool & The Gang – Get Down On It / Take My Heart / Good Time Tonight / Pass It On / No Show – De-Lite LP
04 02 Arthur Adams – You Got The Floor – RCA 12”
05 09 Imagination – Flashback / Burnin’ Up – R&B 12”
06 07 Kool & The Gang – Steppin’ Out – De-Lite 12”
07 06 Rose Royce – R.R. Express – Whitfield LP/12”
08 05 Alphonze Mouzon – I’m Glad That You’re Here / Instrumental – London 12”/LP
09 11 Modern Romance – Ay Ay Ay Ay Moosey / Moose On The Loose / Tear The Roof Off The Moose – WEA 12”
10 08 Second Image – Can’t Keep Holding On – Polydor 12”
11 13 George Benson – Never Give Up On A Good Thing – Warner Bros LP
12 28 Shakatak – Easier Said Than Done – Polydor 12”
13 10 Four Tops – When She Was My Girl – Casablanca 12”
14 22 Brandi Wells – What Goes Around Comes Around / Watch Out – US WMOT LP
15 15 The Dukes – Mystery Girl – WEA 12”
16 23 Blue Rondo A La Turk – Me And Mr. Sanchez – Diable Noir 12”
17 20 Dynasty – Love In The Fast Lane – Solar 12”
18 42 Alton Edwards – I Just Wanna (Spend Some Time With You) – Streetwave 12”
19 21 New York Skyy – Let’s Celebrate / Call Me – Epic/Streetwave 12”
20 18 Level 42 – Starchild – Polydor 12”
21 24 Prince – Controversy – Warner Bros 12”
22 38 GQ – Shake – Arista 12”
23 16 Slave – Snap Shot / Wait For Me / Party Lites / Steal Your Heart / Smokin’ – US Cotillion LP
24 30 Light Of The World – Ride The Love Train – EMI 12”
25 12 The Quick – Zulu (Remix) – Epic 12”
26 26 Gayle Adams – Love Fever – US Prelude 12”
27 17 Bohannon/Dr. Perri Johnson – Let’s Start II Dance Again – US Phase II 12”
28 19 Earl Klugh – Twinkle – Liberty 12”
29 25 Letta Mbulu – Kilimanjaro – US MJS 12”
30 40 Jumpp – Bouncy Bouncy / The Bounce – RCA 12”
31 31 K.I.D. – Hupendi Muziki Wangu?! – US SAM 12”
32 50 Perry Haines – What’s Funk? – Fetish Funk Rox 12”
33 27 Roger – I Heard It Through The Grapevine – Warner Bros 12”
34 44 Haircut One Hundred – Favourite Shirts – Arista 12”
35 34 Linx – Can’t Help Myself – Chrysalis 12”
36 14 Donald Byrd – Love Has Come Around – Elektra 12”
37 32 Bob James – Sign Of The Times – Tappan Zee 12”
38 29 Twennynine/Lenny White – Twennynine (The Rap) / Rhythm / Movin’ On / Need You / Just Like Dreamin’ / Don’t Look Back – Elektra LP
39 49 Incognito – North London Boy – Ensign 12”
40 36 Teena Marie – It Must Be Magic – Motown 12”
41 35 Rick James – Superfreak / Fire And Desire – Motown 12”
42 58 Spandau Ballet – Paint Me Down – Reformation 12”
43 33 Earth Wind & Fire – I’ve Had Enough / You Are A Winner / Evolution Orange / Lady Sun – CBS LP
44 60 Hot Cuisine – Disco Calypso (Remix) / Skunkin’ – Kaleidoscope 12”
45 66 Norman Connors – Mr. C / Keep Doin’ It / She’s Gone – US Arista LP
46 37 Melba Moore – Take My Love – EMI America 12”
47 61 Freeez – Anti-Freeez (Set Me Free) – Beggars Banquet 12”
48 52 Patti Austin – The Genie (Remix) / Every Home Should Have One – Qwest 12”
49 56 Phyllis Hyman – Tonight You And Me – Arista 12”
50 54 Shock – Let Your Body Do The Talkin’ / Let’s Get Crackin’ / I Think I Love You / Stand Up – US Fantasy LP
51 57 Hawk & Co – Nitelife – Epic 12” promo
52 76 Tom Browne – Fungi Mama – Arista GRP LP
53 46 Ronnie Laws – Heavy On Easy / Stay Awake – Liberty 12”
54 55 Mike & Brenda Sutton – We’ll Make It – US SAM 12”
55 73 Grover Washington Jr – Little Black Samba – Elektra LP
56 NE ABC – Tears Are Not Enough – Neutron 12”
57 43 Richard ‘Dimples’ Fields – I Like Your Lovin’ / She’s Got Papers On Me – Epic
58 51 Strikers – Inch By Inch – Epic 12”
59 67 Lessette Wilson – Caveman Boogie / Corrida (Ai No Corrida) / Saturday Nite Groovin’ – US Headfirst LP
60 NE ‘D’ Train – You’re The One For Me – US Prelude 12”
61 69 Jimmy Haynes (Senyah) – Funk On The Rocks – RCA 12”
62 62 Skool Boyz – Jam Beneath The Groove / Your Love / You Can Get Down / Burning Up – US Destiny LP
63 47 Melba Moore – Let’s Stand Together / Let’s Go Back To Lovin’ – US EMI America LP
64 87 Luther Vandross – Never Too Much – Epic 12”
65 41 T Life – Somethin’ That You Do To Me – Arista 12”
66 59 Stanley Turrentine – Havin’ Fun With Mr.T / Hermanos / After The Love Is Gone / Tamarac – Elektra LP
67 63 Roger – Do It Roger / Maxx Axe / So Ruff So Tuff – Warner Bros LP
68 80 Al Jarreau – Closer To Your Love / Love Is Real – Warner Bros 12”
69 84 Tracy Weber – Sure Shot – Canadian Quality RFC 12”
70 39 Northend – Tee’s Happy / Happy Days – US Emergency 12”
71 82 Celena Duncan – Shine On – RCA 12”
72 NE Aurra – Make Up Your Mind – US Salsoul 12”
73 79 Angela Bofill – Tropical Love / I Do Love You – US Arista LP
74 75 Mel Brooks – It’s Good To Be The King Rap – Luggage Label 12”
75 65 Imagination – So Good So Right – R&B LP
76 89 Garfield Fleming – Don’t Send Me Away – US Becket 12”
77 NE Pig Bag – Sunny Day – Y 12”
78 78 Randy Crawford – Street Life (Live) / Secret Combination – Warner Bros 12”
79 RE Rodney Franklin – Hill Street Blues / Dance Tonight / Endless Flight – CBS LP
80 NE Five Special – You Can Do It / Just A Feeling – US Elektra LP
81 86 Hi-Lites – Stylistic Love – EMI
82 70 Gwen McCrae – Funky Sensation / Poyson – US Atlantic LP
83 72 Prince – Let’s Work / Do Me Baby – Warner Bros LP
84 RE Donald Byrd – I’ll Always Love You – Elektra LP
85 81 Frontline Orchestra – No Entry / Don’t Turn Your Back On Me – Ice 12”
86 NE Diana Ross – Mirror Mirror / Work That Body / Endless Love – Capitol LP
87 88 Jones Girls – Nights Over Egypt – US Phil Int LP
88 NE Godmoma – Godmoma Here – US Elektra LP
89 NE Lowrell Simon – Love Massage – US Zoo York 12”
90 NE Vicky ‘D’ – This Beat Is Mine – US SAM 12”


BUBBLING UNDER the UK Disco 90 with increased support are:

Daryl Hall & John Oates: ‘I Can’t Go For That’ (US RCA 12in)
Fine Quality featuring Cuz: ‘Ahh Dance’ (US Sugarhill 12in)
Commodores: ‘Oh No’ (Motown)
Heaven 17: ‘Penthouse & Pavement’ (BEF 12in)
Temptations: ‘Aiming At Your Heart’ (Motown 12in)
Human League 100: ‘Don’t You Want Me’ (Virgin 12in)
Bob James: ‘The Steamin’ Feelin’ (Tappan Zee 12in)
J. Walter Negro & The Loose Jointz: ‘Shoot The Pump’ (US Zoo York 12in)
Ozone: ‘Gigolette’ (Motown 12in)
Mike Post: ‘Hill Street Blues’ (Elektra)
Diana Ross: ‘Why Do Fools Fall In Love’ (Capitol)
Bar-Kays: ‘Nightcruising’ / ‘Traffic Jammer’ / ‘Hit And Run’ (US Mercury LP)
Brooklyn Express: ‘Sixty-Nine’ (US One Way 12in)
Pablo: ‘Bo Mbanda’ (Island 12in)
Edikanfo: ‘Nka Bom’ / ‘Blinking Eyes’ (Editions EG LP/12in promo)
Defunkt: ‘The Razor’s Edge’ (Hannibal 12in)
Dells: ‘Happy Song’ (20th Century-Fox 12in)
Bohannon: ‘Take The Country To New York City’ (US Phase II LP)
Ray Barretto: ‘Pastime Paradise’ / ‘La Cuna’ (US CTI LP)
Pointer Sisters: ‘Should I Do It’ (Planet)
Tyzik: ‘In The Mood’ / ‘The Way You Move Me’ (US Capitol LP)
Lava: ‘Sky Rocket’ / ‘The Ratter’ (Norwegian Polydor LP)
Kirk ‘Sweet Legs’ Thorne: ‘Mr Magic’ (Champagne LP)
Grace Jones: ‘Pull Up To The Bumper (Remix)’ (Island 12in)
Zaffra Bros: ‘Will You See Me Tonight’ (US Eastbourne 12in)

POD (Pop Orientated Dance — compiled from DJs playing a wide range of material):

1(1) EWF 12in, 2(8) Soft Cell ‘Bedsitter’, 3(2) Modern Romance, 4(3) Blue Rondo, 5(6) Four Tops, 6(5) Haircut 100, 7(4) Kool 12in, 8(7) Spandau Ballet, 9(10) ABC, 10(9) Arthur Adams, 11(11) Queen / Bowie, 12(13) Police ‘Magic’, 13(18) Soft Cell ‘Tainted’, 14(23) Olivia Newton-John, 15(46) Duran Duran, 16(16) Ultravox, 17(19) OMD ‘Joan’, 18(32) Rod Stewart ‘Tonight’, 19(26) Quick, 20(17) Jumpp, 21(21) Donald Byrd ‘Around’, 22(22) George Benson 12in, 23(15) Rose Royce, 24(20) Human League ‘Heart’, 25(33) Japan, 26(12) Altered Images, 27(24) Ottawan ‘Hands’, 28(34) Julio Iglesias, 29(27) Depeche Mode, 30(38) Diana Ross 7in, 31(14) Second Image, 32(36) Pretenders, 33(37) Fun Boy Three, 34(30) Incognito, 35(31) Heaven 17, 36(-) Havana Let’s Go ‘Spanish Cabaret’, 37(29) Enigma ‘Summer Groovin’, 38(25) Imagination 12in, 39(41) Nuptown Keys ‘The Best Of Xmas’, 40(48) Simple Minds, 41(39) Dukes, 42(43) Rick James, 43(40) Mel Brooks, 44(-) Chas Jankel ‘Questionnaire’, 45(-) Alphonse Mouzon, 46(35) Tweets ‘BS’, 47(44) Isley Bros, 48(-) Trevor Walters, 49(-) Bob James ‘Sign’, 50(45) Tears For Fears ‘Suffer The Children’.


Beats Per Minute for the last three weeks’ pop chart entries on 7in (the fact they haven’t appeared earlier was the least of last week’s cock-ups!) are:

Cliff Richard 28-56-0f, Human League 118f, Godley & Creme 107f, Madness 73-75f, Duran Duran 145f, Status Quo 37-76f, David Bowie 48/95-99-101f, Gary Numan/Dramatis 0-121f, Bad Manners 53-214-55-219-0r, Bucks Fizz 0-85c, Meat Loaf 0-170-174-0r, Showaddywaddy 169/84f, Boney M 0-155-0-36/71-0r, Shakatak 102f, Helen Reddy 0-34-0f, Clash 123c, Commodores 0-21½-0r, Damned ‘Disco Man’ 173-0r, Light Of The World 115-117-115-117f, Gary Glitter 143-138f, Rose Royce 117f, Alvin Stardust 201-0c, Teardrop Explodes 143c, Pointer Sisters 131f, Linx 116-117f, Sheena Easton 0-32/65f, Scritti Politti 62½f, Tweets 0-190/95c, Barron Knights 0-114-189-0f, Ottawan 129f, The Beat 138c.


STEVE DENNIS of Edgbaston’s Faces — which has won yet another award, this time a certificate for its restaurant — is renowned for his ability to intersperse all the hottest new vinyl with excellent silly sessions. Not exactly a Top Ten, his current “loonie-toones” include McLean & McLean ‘Dolly Parton’s Tits‘, Snowmen ‘Hokey Cokey’, Jackie Lee ‘Rupert’, Wombles ‘Remember You’re A Womble’, Jimmy Bo Horne ‘Is It In’ (rowing), Modern Romance ‘Ay Ay Ay Ay Moosey’ / Blue Rondo A La Turk ‘Me And Mr Sanchez’ / Trini Lopez ‘Trini Trax’ (conga), Ovaltineys ‘We Are The Ovaltineys’ (drama classes), Electronicas ‘The Birdie Song’, Jungle Book s/t ‘I Wanna Be Like You’ (Animal Crackers), Drastic Measures ‘Teddy Bears Picnic’, Carlos Malcolm ‘Bonanza Ska’ (Saturday Morning Pictures), Music For Pleasure ‘We’re Off To See The Wizzard’, Barry Gray ‘Thunderbirds’ (flying), plus Steve evidently “sings” to ‘Singin’ In The Rain’ and ‘The Music Man’. Maybe these need to be seen in action to see how they work!

One thought on “December 12, 1981: Mirage, Diana Ross, Syreeta, Fatback, Purple Flash”

  1. I completely agree with James here and his comment on foreign language recordings and the completely pointless English versions. I always prefer the foreign language versions think the foreign language is part of the appeal and far better than the pretentious crap that ruins a lot of English records and like that about a lot of trance records that you only get a foreign language version of.


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