January 9, 1982: Brandi Wells, Tom Browne, Central Line, Richard ‘Dimples’ Fields, Daryl Hall & John Oates


THE WHISPERS do indeed have a brand new album, ‘Love Is Where You Find It’, due on UK release this week . . . 12in newies due now too are George Benson ‘Never Give Up On A Good Thing’, Slave ‘Wait For Me’ / ‘Just A Touch Of Love’, Earth Wind & Fire ‘I’ve Had Enough’ / ‘Let’s Groove (Remix)’ / ‘Sparkle’, Modern Romance ‘Queen Of The Rapping Scene’ / ‘Can You Move (Everybody Salsa – US rap mix)’, Mike Post ‘Hill Street Blues’, Five Special ‘Just A Feeling’, while albums due next week are Kleeer, Chaka Khan, Sister Sledge, Shalamar . . . Al Jarreau ‘Roof Garden’ will be on single in a fortnight . . . Rush Release have serviced a mystery RCA white label 12in by an unnamed group, ‘Don’t Stop’ being a 128-129bpm chanting electronic pop pounder in the deadpan Depeche Mode style . . . I’m writing this while still holidaying in North Nottinghamshire, where import shops and disco gossip ain’t exactly on the doorstep, so sorry if there’s very little hot to report . . . Baccuus International are currently revamping London Camden Town’s old Music Machine into an “ultra hi-tech discotheque” for re-opening under a new name in a couple of months or so . . . Capital Radio’s ‘Souled Out And Roots Rockers’ programme now runs 9.30-10.30pm on Fridays . . . ‘OTT’ sorta ‘TISWAS’ for kids who stay up late, is very silly and quite likely to keep people in (or at least watching on their videos) on Saturday nights, especially if it sustains such inspired lunacy as The Greatest Show On Legs – three stark naked guys having difficulty in covering their naughty bits with balloons while dancing the cha cha cha! . . . Chris Hill, David Bowie, Shirley Bassey and Elvis Presley were all born on January 8th – mind you, my birthday’s the same day as the Queen’s! . . . Chris Hill now makes a point of mixing solidly for an hour between 11pm and midnight every Saturday at Canvey Goldmine . . . Froggy, who’s punters sing the “R-D-R-D-O” bit from ‘Caveman Boogie’ as “airy-ah-ah-soul”, defends the way he doesn’t do much mixing when at Radio One’s Kid’s disco’s by saying “With 3,000 kids in the venue there will be a thousand standing in front of the stage waiting for a giveaway or a silly and although I do mix a few records together it’s only two at a time as otherwise I’d lose contact with the crowd who basically would not understand what the hell was going on.” (he’s been brooding about that for months, has our Frog!) . . . Mark Southall of Newport’s Flashback Record Shop (where I believe his hero also works) says without doubt that Britain’s best mixing DJ is Dave Bumford who demonstrates the fact every Friday at Scruples in the Kings Head Hotel, Newport (Gwent) – Dave also prints exhaustive BPM lists and peel-off sticky BPM labels . . . I’ve been having fun with two copies of Kool keeping the ‘Get Down On It’ title line repeating ad infinitum, also synching KID over TC Curtis for ages, and taking Lamont Dozier out of Brandi Wells ‘Around’ . . . Europa International Agency has recently restructured itself and started up Bless The Funk Promotions which kicked off over Christmas presenting Froggy, George Power and others at Wood Green Avenida (over the Odeon) with a strict funk/soul but no jazz/reggae policy, this venue evidently being regular – as are the more commercially orientated Europa International’s nights for North London Colleges at Southgate Royalty on Wednesdays . . . Neil Fincham and Colin Cordrey say their funk/soul weekend policy at Edinburgh’s Uptown packs the place by 10.30pm so get there early if you want to get in . . . Lenny says it’s not all electro-funk at Edinburgh’s Nite Club (over the Playhouse Theatre), the video thang is where it’s all happening . . . Theo Loyla after seven and a half years has had to leave his residency at Bridge Country Club (near Canterbury) where his all-time top request was Stephanie Mills ‘If You Can Learn How To Cry‘ (US Tamla 7in) . . . I actually played for a party at my parents on New Year’s Eve, in preparation of which I and my father spent two days just shovelling snow out of the drive so that our guests could arrive, with the consequence that my leg muscles ended up aching in places I didn’t even know I had places! . . . London Capital Radio’s four hour uninterrupted continuously mixed New Year’s Eve ‘Ain’t Nothin’ But A House Party’ show meanwhile went out on tape after I’d put it together before heading North for Christmas, and in the compiling of it I discovered a sensational synch mix through the drum break of Altered Images ‘Happy Birthday’ into – you try it too – Chris Montez ‘Let’s Dance’! . . . Soft Cell ‘Tainted Love’ and ‘Bedsitter’ on 12in are both 145bpm and mix flawlessly, but in synching the 145bpm Human League ‘The Sound Of The Crowd’ through ‘Bedsitter’s’ central tapping bit I could not tell which record was making which noises, they were so perfect (ahh, the luxury quartz locked – fixed speed – decks!) . . . Bruce Springsteen ‘Cadillac Ranch’ synched out of Rod Stewart ‘Maggie May’ is a bit tasty too! . . . POD peculiarities this week include pop jocks finally catching up with Perry Haines, and discovering ‘Fire And Desire’ on the flip of Rick James ‘Super Freak’ at last . . . “D” Train is moving faster than British Rail’s APT, look at that record go! . . . and speaking of trains, I’ve got to get this onto a Red Star to London . . . Next week hopefully there’ll be some news that’s new, but in the meantime – make it anything you like, but MAKE SOME MONEY!


BRANDI WELLS: ‘What Goes Around Comes Around’ (WMOT WMOTL 105, via PRT).
Already established as the new Evelyn King, this Dexter Wansel-arranged powerfully lurching 113bpm 12in simple snickety strutter mixes sensationally out of ‘I’m In Love’ and just keeps right on along through some great rolling instrumental passages, while the equally strong ‘Watch Out‘ coupling is a chunkier 117bpm bass rumbled lilter with more vocal emphasis including a rap about the backing band and some superb jazzy scatting. The only two hot cuts off her import album, this is terrific value and not to be missed.

TOM BROWNE: ‘Fungi Mama / Bebopafunkadiscolypso’ (Arista GRP ARIST 12450).
One of the hottest sounds around, this crowing cockerel introed and clucking chickens accompanied madly jaunty bass burped 121-122-123-124bpm 12in driving jitterer has blasts of trumpet and happy fiesta-type chanting, mixing beautifully between “D” Train and EWF or (as discovered over Xmas) chopping sensationally out of Bros Johnson ‘Stomp’ in place of the bass break, the flip’s new 111bpm ‘Funkin’ For Jamaica’ remix being a tiny bit shorter and slightly rearranged with less vocal and different more doodling trumpet at times.

CENTRAL LINE: ‘Don’t Tell Me’ (Mercury MERX 90).
Sneakily infectious subtly powerful steadily tugging 111(intro)-114-113-114bpm 12in clomper with touches of Evelyn King in the beat and backing plus a whole lot of Eddy Grant in the vocal, the somewhat Isleys-style ‘Shake It Up‘ fast funky 129bpm B-side burbler fading in on some “go ‘head” chants. 

RICHARD ‘DIMPLES’ FIELDS: ‘She’s Got Papers On Me’ (Epic EPC A1918).
Not shortened as initially feared although only on 7in (as flip to the datedly whomping 117bpm ‘I’ve Got To Learn To Say No‘) this full 6:36 long sensationally deeply soulful 20/40bpm bittersweet smoocher culminates in a dynamite abrasively nagging rap by Betty Wright as the wronged wife, and has been not only a US soul radio smash but also huge here for months in hipper sophisticated venues. One of the classics of 1981, it made his album a top Stateside seller, yet can now be bought here for the price of a single.

DARYL HALL & JOHN OATES: I Can’t Go For That (No Can Do)’ (RCA RCAT 172).
Timmy Thomas-type electronic rhythm box driven gorgeous 111bpm 12in lush harmony swayer by the USA’s currently most consistent chart-toppers, A dynamite mix out of Gayle Adams’ final break, with lots of blue eyed soul appeal.

DETROIT SPINNERS: ‘Love Connection (Raise The Window Down)’ (LP ‘Can’t Shake This Feelin’ Atlantic K 56838).
Mtume & Lucas replace Michael Zager as producers, making this funkily burbling exhuberantly chanted 113bpm backbeat smacker the group’s best out-and-out disco dancer in a while, although the rest of the set is slick soul as before, ‘You Go Your Way (I’ll Go Mine)‘ being a very nice soulfully wailed 43/86bpm gentle jogger and ‘Got To Be Love‘ a pleasant winding 106bpm swayer, while the smooth bubbling 117-118bpm ‘Knack For Me‘ and fast bounding 127bpm title track are due as the initial single in a fortnight.

PIGBAG: ‘Papa’s Got A Brand New Pigbag’ (Y 12-Y-10).
Long overdue, here at last is a much extended 12in remix of the great brassily screeching, braying and squealing, drums rattled 137-136-143-137-139-0bpm instrumental which originally seemed totally off the wall but subsequently inspired the likes of Haircut One Hundred (with whom it now mixes superbly). I hope it’s a smash this time around.

A CERTAIN RATIO: ‘Waterline’ (Factory Fac 52).
Beautifully packaged rather interesting Manchester originated weird disjointedly flowing jazzy but also Pigbag-ish 0-127-0bpm 12in bass and percussion instrumental, ending in freaky Pink Floyd-type electronic flutters. Big for Greg Wilson at Legend and Wigan Pier.

MASS APPEAL: ‘Tartan Fling’ (Red Bus RBUS 62, via PRT).
Excellent rumpity tumpity 0-133-135bpm 7in jolly medley of traditional Scottish tunes, great for parties and strong enough not to be ruined by a superfluous ‘Hooked On 45’ beat, hidden as flip of the less successful 131-132bpm ‘Stars On 39-45’ which medleys George Formby and other World War II memory jerkers.

VARIOUS: ‘Check Out The Groove‘ LP (Creole CRX 6).
So badly packaged you won’t even notice it, this album nevertheless offers over an hour’s worth of the original 12in versions (obviously not cut as loud as on the singles) of the following goodies from various labels — Sharon Redd ‘Can You Handle It’, Young & Co ‘I Like What You’re Doing To Me’, Carol Jiani ‘Hit ‘N’ Run Lover’, Bobby Thurston ‘Check Out The Groove’, Imagination ‘Body Talk’, Firefly ‘Love (Is Gonna Be On Your Side)’, BT Express ‘Do It (Till You’re Satisfied)’, Scandal featuring Lee Genesis ‘I Wanna Do It’, Project ‘Love Rescue’, Watson Beasley ‘Breakaway’. Wot a lot they got!

MAVIS JOHN: ‘How Can I Love Again’ (Red Stripe SON 2222, via Sonet).
Superb old fashionedly soulful 30/61-0bpm 7in slow lament. Not to be missed by veteran deep soul fans.

LEGATO: ‘Lately’ (Santic SAN 0021, via Ital, 01-249 5445).
Mushy rap introed nice attractive 30-63-64/128bpm 12in romantic mellow lovers rock-ish shuffler by a new guy-led / gals-harmonised trio for whom this was co-penned by Erica Gale.

SCRUNTER: ‘Woman On The Bass’ (Charlie’s Records CRD001 via Smokey Joe Productions, 0442-47915).
This 111bpm 12in calypso and the 108bpm ‘Animal‘ double A-side are hits from two Trinidad carnivals, and are both rather ethnic but useful to find available here as the first release from Smokey Joe’s new calypso catalogue.

ED WATSON: ‘Boogie Woman’ (Charlie’s Records CRD002).
Nice happy infectious 120bpm 12in calypso with a long instrumental start usefully in the ‘Sugar Bum Bum’ style, making it a much better bet for general disco use at party time.

DIRECT DRIVE: ‘Don’t Depend On Me’ (Oval DRIVE 20/20, via Rough Trade, 01-221 1100).
Linx influenced pleasant enough but terribly tentative lightweight 116-117-118-117bpm 12in jiggler by a young sounding black group, the 2-track flip’s complex comes-and-goes c125bpm ‘Time Machine‘ being nicely scatted and wailed with a Lonnie Liston Smith ‘Expansions’ feel which could get it specialist jazz-funk attention.

KOUSH: ‘Push’ (Koush KH001).
Disjointed brassy bass-pattering 111bpm 12in jolter with some untidily assembled nice ingredients and unnecessary vocal interruptions, the fast 132bpm ‘Fireworks II‘ instrumental flip being quite jazz-funky and better.

STACY LATTISAW: ‘Baby I Love You’ (Atlantic K 11680).
Piercingly piped burbling catchy 115bpm 7in swayer unlikely to do much now unless pop radio picks it up.

YELLO: ‘Bostich’ (Do It DUN-IT 13).
Snare drum introed initially rather Germanic menacing 120bpm electro-disco rattler becomes jitteringly percussive with rapid-fire deadpan raps and shouts, on remixed 12in for the first time now.

CRISTINA: ‘Disco Clone’ (Ze 12WIP 6750).
1978 vintage early Ze classic much beloved by the Rusty Egans of this world, an episodic 127-128-127bpm ramble through various styles which previously might have been dismissed as “zingy”, now on 12in as flip to a Christmas record that came too late.


No Import Reviews this week.

UK Disco Top 90 – January 9, 1982

01 01 Kool & The Gang – Get Down On It – De-Lite 12”
02 02 Earth Wind & Fire – Let’s Groove – CBS 12”
03 03 Alton Edwards – I Just Wanna (Spend Some Time With You) – Streetwave 12”
04 13 ‘D’ Train – You’re The One For Me (Instrumental) – US Prelude 12”
05 05 Brandi Wells – What Goes Around Comes Around / Watch Out – US WMOT 12” promo/US LP
06 04 New York Skyy – Let’s Celebrate / Call Me – Epic/Streetwave 12”
07 10 Gayle Adams – Love Fever – Epic 12”
08 12 Tom Browne – Fungi Mama / Funkin’ For Jamaica (Remix) – Arista 12”
09 07 George Benson – Turn Your Love Around – Warner Bros 12”
10 08 Kool & The Gang – Steppin’ Out – De-Lite 12”
11 14 Jones Girls – Nights Over Egypt / (I Found) That Man Of Mine / ASAP (As Soon As Possible) – US Phil Int LP
12 06 Imagination – Flashback / Burnin’ Up – R&B 12”
13 18 Lessette Wilson – Caveman Boogie / Corrida (Ai No Corrida) / Saturday Nite Groovin’ – US Headfirst LP
14 09 George Benson – Never Give Up On A Good Thing – Warner Bros LP
15 21 Bohannon/Dr. Perri Johnson – Let’s Start II Dance Again – US Phase II 12”
16 15 Grover Washington Jr – Little Black Samba / Jamming / Be Mine (Tonight) / East River Drive – Elektra LP
17 26 Norman Connors – Mr. C / Stay With Me / She’s Gone / Keep Doin’ It – US Arista LP
18 11 Second Image – Can’t Keep Holding On – Polydor 12”
19 17 Alphonze Mouzon – I’m Glad That You’re Here – London 12”
20 31 Mike & Brenda Sutton – We’ll Make It – US SAM 12”
21 30 Aurra – Make Up Your Mind – US Salsoul 12”
22 19 Shakatak – Easier Said Than Done – Polydor 12”
23 25 Shock – Let Your Body Do The Talkin’ / I Think I Love You / Let’s Get Crackin’ / Stand Up – US Fantasy LP
24 20 Modern Romance – Ay Ay Ay Ay Moosey – WEA 12”
25 24 GQ – Shake / I Love (The Skin You’re In) – Arista 12”
26 42 Bohannon – Take The Country To New York City / A Happy Song For You Part I & II / You’re The One / Start The Dance (Inserts) – US Phase II LP
27 58 Lamont Dozier – Shout About It – US M&M 12”
28 27 Letta Mbulu – Kilimanjaro – US MJS 12”
29 16 Rose Royce – R.R. Express – Whitfield LP/12”
30 70 T.C. Curtis – Bodyshake (Instrumental) – Groove Production 12”
31 29 Kool & The Gang – Take My Heart / Good Time Tonight / Be My Lady – De-Lite LP
32 12 Tom Browne – Bye Gones / My Latin Sky / Come For The Ride / Can’t Give It Away – Arista GRP LP
33 63 J. Walter Negro & Loose Jointz – Shoot The Pump – Zoo York 12”
34 51 Daryl Hall & John Oates – I Can’t Go For That (No Can Do) – RCA 12”
35 23 Blue Rondo A La Turk – Me And Mr. Sanchez – Diable Noir 12”
36 41 Earth Wind & Fire – I’ve Had Enough / Lady Sun / The Changing Times / You Are A Winner / Evolution Orange / Wanna Be With You – CBS LP
37 32 Jumpp – Bouncy Bouncy / The Bounce – RCA 12”
38 36 Luther Vandross – Never Too Much – Epic 12”
39 22 Arthur Adams – You Got The Floor – RCA 12”
40 38 Twennynine/Lenny White – Twennynine (The Rap) / Rhythm / Movin’ On / Don’t Look Back – Elektra LP
41 52 K.I.D. – Hupendi Muziki Wangu?! – US SAM 12”
42 67 Melba Moore – Take My Love – EMI America 12”
43 54 Mirage – As From Now – Copasetic/12” promo
44 53 Vicky ‘D’ – This Beat Is Mine – US SAM 12”
45 34 Slave – Snap Shot / Party Lites / Wait For Me – Cotillion LP
46 56 Rick James – Superfreak – Motown 12”
47 28 Level 42 – Starchild – Polydor 12”
48 37 Earl Klugh – Twinkle – Liberty 12”
49 40 Human League 100 – Don’t You Want Me – Virgin 12”
50 55 Ray Barretto – Pastime Paradise / La Cuna / The Old Castle – US CTI LP
51 72 Fatback – Do It (‘Til The Feelin’ Runs Out) – US Spring LP
52 NE Central Line – Don’t Tell Me – Mercury 12” promo
53 44 Linx – Can’t Help Myself – Chrysalis 12”
54 62 Garfield Fleming – Don’t Send Me Away – US Becket 12”
55 48 Prince – Controversy – Warner Bros 12”
56 45 Perry Haines – What’s Funk? – Fetish Funk Rox 12”
57 71 Gwen McCrae – Funky Sensation – US Atlantic LP
58 69 Kryptic Krew featuring Tina B/Afrika Bambaataa & The Jazzy 5 – Jazzy Sensation – US Tommy Boy 12”
59 33 Dynasty – Love In The Fast Lane – Solar 12”
60 50 Tracy Weber – Sure Shot – Canadian Quality RFC 12”
61 76 Zafra Bros – Will You See Me Tonight – US Eastbourne 12”
62 73 Bob James – The Steamin’ Feelin’ – Tappan Zee 12”
63 78 Brooklyn Express – Sixty-Nine / Change Position (88) – US One Way 12”
64 75 Syreeta – Quick Slick – Motown 12”
65 35 The Quick – Zulu (Remix) – Epic 12”
66 43 Light Of The World – Ride The Love Train – EMI 12”
67 RE Northend – Tee’s Happy / Happy Days – US Emergency 12”
68 61 Main Ingredient – Evening Of Love – US RCA LP
69 NE Tomorrow’s Edition – U Turn Me On – US Mel-O 12”
70 59 Teena Marie – It Must Be Magic – Motown 12”
71 84 Lava – The Ratter / Give It Up / Sky Rocket / Hideaway – Norwegian Polydor LP
72 RE Bar-Kays – Nightcruising / Hit And Run – Mercury 12”
73 39 Hot Cuisine – Disco Calypso – Kaleidoscope 12”
74 90 Modern Romance – Clubland Mix / Nothing Ever Goes The Way You Plan / Queen Of The Rapping Scene / Bring On The Funkateers – WEA LP
75 49 Hawk & Co – Nitelife – Epic/12” promo
76 NE Detroit Spinners – Can’t Shake This Feelin’ / You Go Your Way / Love Connection / Got To Be Love / Knack For Me – Atlantic LP
77 87 Godmoma – Godmoma Here – US Elektra LP
78 NE Mynk – Get Up An’ Dance – US Posse 12”
79 81 Jeanette ‘Lady’ Day – Come Let Me Love You – US Prelude 12”
80 88 Weeks & Co – Rock Your World – US Chaz Ro 12”
81 82 Gene Dunlap – Take My Love / Party In Me / This One’s On Me / Jam City – US Capitol LP
82 NE Henderson & Whitfield – Dancin’ To The Beat – US Park Place 12”
83 NE Syreeta – Out The Box – US Tamla LP
84 74 Lowrell Simon – Love Massage – US Zoo York 12”
85 77 Phyllis Hyman – Tonight You And Me – Arista 12”
86 NE Kano – Can’t Hold Back (Your Loving) – US Mirage 12” promo
87 NE Jerry Carr – This Must Be Heaven – US Cherie 12”
88 NE Fine Quality featuring Cuz – Ahh Dance – US Sugarhill 12”
89 NE Beggar & Co – Bahia De Palma / Got To Get Away – RCA LP
90 86 Diana Ross – Mirror Mirror / Work That Body – Capitol LP


BUBBLING UNDER the UK Disco 90 with increased support are:

Touch: ‘Keep On’ (white label 12in)
Diana Ross: ‘Why Do Fools Fall In Love’ (Capitol)
ConFunkShun: ‘Body Lovers’ / ‘I’ll Get You Back’ (US Mercury LP)
Rhyze: ‘To The Top’ (US 20th Century-Fox 12in)
Patrick Cowley: ‘Menergy’ (US Fusion 12in)
Purple Flash: ‘Creme Souflee’ (Canadian Uniwave 12in)
Creme D’Cocoa: ‘I Will Survive’ (US Venture 12in)
Kwick: ‘You’re The Kind Of Girl I Like’ / ‘Nightlife’ (US EMI America LP)
Dr. Jeckyll & Mr. Hyde: ‘Genius Rap’ / ‘Genius Of Love’ (US Profile 12in)
Bill Summers: ‘We Call It The Box’ / ‘Jam The Box’ (US MCA LP)
Bar-Kays: ‘Traffic Jammer’ (US Mercury LP)
Kat Mandu: ‘I Wanna Dance’ (US Brass 12in)
Empire: ‘Freakman’ (Canadian Quality RFC 12in)
Lime: ‘You’re My Magician’ (US Prism 12in)
Double Exposure: ‘After All This Time’ (US Gold Coast 12in)

POD (Pop Orientated Dance — compiled from DJs playing a wide range of material):

1(1) Human League 100, 2(4) EWF 12in, 3(3) Modern Romance 12in, 4(2) Haircut 100, 5(10) Kool ‘Steppin’, 6(5) Soft Cell ‘Bedsitter’, 7(6) ABC, 8(7) Blue Rondo, 9(18) George Benson 12in, 10(15) Godley & Creme, 11(25) Snowmen, 12(8) Duran Duran, 13(13) Diana Ross ‘Fools’, 14(22) Imagination, 15(26) Madness, 16(9) Julio Iglesias, 17(17) Police, 18(11) Oueen/Bowie, 19(12) Jumpp, 20(27) Cliff Richard, 21(14) Public Bar Supporters Club ‘Xmas Crackers’ (Chrysalis), 22(38) Trini Lopez, 23(-) Kool ‘Get Down’, 24(31) Tweets ‘Birdie Song’, 25(16) Four Tops ‘When’, 26(39) Abba, 27(21) Ultravox, 28(29) Second Image, 29(37) Rose Royce, 30(30) Nuptown Keys ‘The Best Of Xmas’ (EMI), 31(42) Ottawan ‘Hands Up’, 32(47) Altered Images, 33(43) The Quick, 34(33) Alphonse Mouzon, 35(45) Fun Boy Three, 36(23) Pretenders, 37(-) Rod Stewart ‘Turks’, 38(-) Chas & Dave, 39(40) Four Tops ‘Walk’, 40(-) Bucks Fizz, 41(44) Arthur Adams, 42(28) Olivia Newton-John, 43(-) Adam & The Ants, 44(-) Heaven 17 ‘Penthouse’, 45(-) Tears For Fears ‘Suffer The Children’ (Mercury).

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