June 12, 1982: Larry Graham, Rick James, Heatwave, Shep Pettibone’s Mastermixes, Billy Griffin


DARTFORD FLICKS caught fire a fortnight ago while Morrissey Mullen were playing, the fire spreading from a kitchen extraction unit and mainly damaging the roof, but thanks to proper fire drill and no punter panic (for which DJ Colin Hudd gives thanks) all 700 inside were outside in three minutes — no disasters so no national press coverage of a disco blaze that ended well, huh? — all of which means that Colin’s gigless and Flicks is closed for a couple of months until the revamped “space age” reopening . . . ‘Orange Grove‘ has appeared in the plural (‘Groves’) as by Ranson/McKenzie & Friends on finished label Smokey 12in (SMJD 005), the 131-132bpm jazz-funk flier having hit on white label as by Ransom, MacKenzie & Friends . . . other white labels about include Second Image ‘Star‘, a Roy Carter-produced cleanly striding 120-121bpm smacker (due next week on Polydor); Congress ‘You Gotta Get It Right‘, a Gonzalez associated chap-sung building 110-118-110bpm bumbling soul shuffler with “you can get it girl”-type whispering group refrains (Tooti Frooti); Linx ‘Plaything‘, disappointingly starts as a convincing beefy Walden-ish 0-120bpm smacker before dissipating in a sub-Jacksonian jumble of directions which so far have cleared floors fast (Chrysalis); Chris Hunter ‘Keep This One In Tune’, a jerkily bounding inconsequential 120bpm thudder with nice sax by sessioneer Chris but about as much actual vocal tune as Patrick Boothe (Polydor); plus there’s an extended 118-119bpm promo remix of Rose Royce ‘Best Love’ (Epic) . . . Dennis Brown and Change are evidently about on UK 12in now . . . First Light ‘Horse With No Name’ should be 129bpm . . . Incognito really blazed on their instrumentals at Gullivers recently, while last week Elixia lived up to all the raving that’s been going on in Essex, although their proposed ‘Changing Me Over’ debut single (on cassette) could be more adventurous and less typically Britfunk . . . Streetwave’s Morgan Khan has passed his driving test, so if you see a flash Cadillac behaving erratically, run for cover! . . . Bristol jazz-funk mafioso Martin Starr is on a production and presentation course at the National Broadcasting School in Soho’s Greek Street, so not surprisingly he, Superfly and myself met up outside Groove last week . . . Froggy’s evidently remixing releases on Record Shack . . . Neil Fincham (Edinburgh Mad Hatter’s Speakeasy) says Morrissey Mullen ‘Come And Get Me’ is great out of ABC ‘Part 2’, and recommends as a reliable source of imports in Scotland (to order only, 2-3 day delivery) Glasgow’s Disca’s at 1139 Pollockshaws Road . . . Kev Hill, just before quitting the now pop-orientated Basildon Sweeney’s, by chance got great revived action from Finished Touch ‘I Love To See You Dance’ (US Motown, 12in, c.1978) . . . Pete Davis (Derby) warns, re the Sharon Brown remix, “Ignore the sticker and listen first, ‘cos some copies were the original (that’s the swizz!)” . . . Martin Platts, now reputedly working in North Wales (has he really got a gig anywhere?) has been running up Snowdon with a 90lb pack on his back in an effort to raise another £10,000 for charity . . . Sunday 27th June’s National Soul Festival at Margate Winter Gardens features Shakatak and Second Image plus Steve Walsh, Dave Brown, Owen Washington, Ian Shaw, Dave Collins, CJ Carlos and, doing a mixing set, James Hamilton (who’s he?) — come and see how I compare with my 11 years old photo! . . . Tony Howard wonders whether there are any jazz-funk clubs in Worthing: well, Paul Clark does the Montague every Thursday, Tony . . . Nick Ratcliffe has swung Tuesday’s at Camberley Ragamuffins around to black funk, and moves Wed / Fridays to Basingstoke Martines . . . Tony Cochrane has opened the “modern dance” Club Feet in Dundee’s Tay Hotel with DJ Dancing Dick Dastardly on Fri / Saturdays (10pm-2am), plus Under-18s early evening Saturdays . . . Robb Jones’s soul show hit the Hereward Radio airwaves just as I dial tuned driving past Peterborough going home for Whitsun, fading away short of Newark, and sounded more soulful than disco (Saturdays 10pm-1am) . . . Diana Ross threw a wobbler because what she was singing didn’t make the audience boogie, amongst other reasons, and was full of tantrums on her opening Wembley gig — the fact that she got her act together on subsequent nights can’t have helped those original £20 ticket holders . . . ‘The Microphone Boom Of Laura Mars’? . . . Rayners Lane’s Record & Disco Centre, which gets hot imports fractionally early as they’re nearer Heathrow, both hires and sells a comprehensive range of equipment — look out for their special Disco Spiders, a snip at three for £42.90! . . . Martin Kent lost his Truro Penalty Spot gig as the club’s for sale minus one licence, so he’d welcome offers of work at 36 Malabar Road, Truro, Cornwall . . . Paul Major, who’ll need a Svenson himself if he keeps abusing his own hair so, is now nosing for a funky South-East / South Coast gig (who isn’t?), offers to 119 Higher Drive, Oulton Broad, Lowestoft, Suffolk . . . Martin Richards (Erith’s Phoenix mobiles) protests that mobile jocks, just because they give people a good time at MoR gigs, are not themselves (necessarily) Wallys, and I agree, being very much an MoR jock myself when doing parties . . . Tony St Michael (Finsbury Park) wonders whatever happened to — and then lists a thousand names: everyone’s a star for 15 minutes, although many he mentioned are still around . . . Nick Mahon, regrettably, “No” . . . There’s so much product about right now that most of it must, inevitably, get lost (however, maybe now my more recent reviews will finally appear!) . . . Pop Orientated Dance has become the Nightclubbing Chart but is still compiled as before, like the blacker Disco Chart, from DJ’s returns: to contribute, send your dancefloor reaction Top 20 (or more, preferably) to arrive by the Wednesday of the week prior to publication (remember this time lag if enclosing gig info) on your own paper addressed to James Hamilton, Record Mirror, 40 Long Acre, London WC2E 9JT . . . Level 42 as predicted are bigger Nightclub than Disco . . . KEEP IT TIGHT!

PATRICE RUSHEN, pretty as a picture, has finally been replaced after seven weeks by Odyssey as London’s best seller, but she’s still hanging on in our chart after a similar stretch during which not only was her single number one, but her album peaked at number two as well! Is this a record?


LARRY GRAHAM: ‘Sooner Or Later’ (Warner Bros K 17925T).
An immediate monster on promo white label, the sharply smacking simple semi-instrumental 116bpm synth swayer (with just the vocodered title line repeated to occasionally answering chix) is now rush released on 3-track 12in with the vigorously enunciated vocal version and dead slow lovely old 36bpm ‘One In A Million You’ smoocher (these last two alone on 7in). Likely to be vying with Odyssey at the top soon.

RICK JAMES: ‘Dance Wit’ Me’ (Motown TMG 1266).
Promoed on 3-track 12in (with short versions of ‘Give It To Me Baby’ and ‘Super Freak’) but so far commercially only on 7in, this typical though superior smacking 123-124-123bpm hunk of funk drives along with bags of bounce to reach (Pt.2 on 7in) a Roy Ayers vibes break and some searing sax. Try mixing ‘Standing On The Top’, his LP’s ‘Monkey Talks’, then this!

HEATWAVE: ‘Lettin’ It Loose’ (Epic EPC A13-24143).
Barry Blue / Johnnie Wilder-produced Rod Temperton-penned full bodied uncomplicated heavily thudding 109bpm 12in jolting thumper with raunchy rhythm and sleazy Bob James-ian touches, quite incredibly good before BLT’s ‘Tighten It Up’, flipped by the slow rolling 0-93/46bpm ‘Mind What You Find’.

JESSE GREEN: ‘Nice & Slow (US Remix)’ (Excaliber EXCL 520).
Here you are, for all who had difficulty in getting the import, his jauntily jiggling 1976 UK pop-soul hit in its great bright and breezy 112bpm 12in remix with a new bass break as it bounces and sways along (try it with Mike Anthony).

ROY HAMILTON: ‘Take Your Time’ (FUN-K 001).
Not the late soul balladeer but evidently one of Tony Cook’s Party People, Roy’s dynamite jitter-filled smacking 130(intro)-123-121-123bpm 12in instrumental (on white label) chops perfectly with ‘You’re The One For Me’ and other exciting sounds of that ilk, his 130(intro)-123-121-123-121-122bpm vocal version being less essential.

HIGH FASHION: ‘Feelin’ Lucky Lately’ (Capitol 12CL 250).
Jacques Fred Petrus-produced doodlingly introed BB&Q-ish 0-115-116-117-118bpm 12in shuffler settles into a strong side-to-side kicking smack smack groove with good interplay, and synchs sensationally (minus intro) out of the Petrus-produced Ritchie Family 12in.

NARADA MICHAEL WALDEN: ‘Summer Lady’ (LP ‘Confidence’ Atlantic K 50683).
Indecision has raged during the four weeks this hasn’t managed to be printed as to which track should be first single, current chart reaction now suggesting this ‘Tonight I’m Alright’-like hurried 120bpm smacker with its nice mumbling French lady counterpointing Narada’s excitable yelping, the initially reckoned ‘I’m Ready‘ being a self-consciously ‘I Shoulda Loved Ya’-like pleasantly pushing 114bpm swayer, the similarly inspired synth sizzled jolting 114bpm ‘You Ought To Love Me‘ coming up for some jocks, while the title track‘s a choppy urgent 116bpm smacker preaching the teaching of Sri Chinmoy, and ‘You’re No.1‘ a “live” effect at 101bpm funk bumper.

SHALAMAR: ‘A Night To Remember’ (Solar K 13162T).
Pleasant enough languidly if disjointedly rolling slow 109bpm smacking jogger, on limited edition 7in-priced 3-track 12in with an emptier 109bpm remix by David Grant & Peter Walsh, plus the mushy 117bpm ‘On Top Of The World‘ — meanwhile RCA have put out ‘Work It Out‘ (Solar SOT 21), an equally pleasant and possibly more attractive rolling 111bpm 12in swayer.

SHAKATAK: ‘Streetwalkin’ (Polydor POSPX 452).
Sleazily tuneful but less than original ‘Street Life’-like 94bpm 12in jogger with Jackie Rawe replacing Randy Crawford and Dick Morrissey’s sax Wilton Felder, flipped by the rather good attractively pumping jazzy instrumental 132-134-136-134-132(seat)-134bpm ‘Go For It‘.

FREEEZ: ‘One To One’ (Beggars Banquet BEG 78T).
Discarding previous tricksiness and pretension, the four guys (Everton McCalla on drums) get back to a well made straightforward 124bpm 12in Britfunk romp with slight Latin touches as it progresses, and a more rhythmically emphasized instrumental flip that’s possibly preferable.

TOUCH: ‘Love Something Special’ (Elite DAZZ 14).
Touch now have an identifiable groove, and although less mind grabbing than their last one this friskily leaping licketty spit 127bpm 12in burbler is good enough, the instrumental ‘Love Speciality‘ flip letting the keyboards and synth cut through the romping rhythm without any Britfunk vocal attempts.

JOHN HANDY: ‘Hard Work’ (ABC Impulse MCAT 626).
Now the basis for a household cleanser TV jingle and still of course one of Chris Hill’s classic rap-over tunes, this joyously simple bouncy mellow saxophone blown instrumental jazz loper with catchy title line repetition is much less energetic than the 132-134(doodling guitar)-133-134bpm tempo would suggest, and is out again on 3-track 12in.

ILLUSION: ‘Why Can’t We Live Together’ (PRT 12P 238).
Perfectly acceptable 114-113bpm 12in cover version of Mike Anthony’s original update of Timmy Thomas’s classic, fine for those who didn’t yet get the import. Incidentally, Mike’s subsequent new version had to be remade minus the elements he’d evidently nicked from Timmy’s backing track, while there’s yet another version by Kenneth Sherman (Dutch EMI) and a horrid fast live re-recording by Timmy Thomas himself (French Vogue).

VOGGUE: ‘Love Buzz’ (Mercury MERX 105).
This newly Richie Riviera remixed chix-cooed 121(intro)-123(sax)-122-123(sax)-122bpm 12in tuneful lightweight pop/gay disco bubbler is now flipped for comparison by its original inspiration, the beefier old 123bpm ‘Dancin’ The Night Away‘.

KID CREOLE & THE COCONUTS: ‘Stool Pigeon’ (LP ‘Tropical Gangsters’ Ze ILPS 7016).
The white folks current fave exotica stick to a similar sleazy bump, judder and sway formula on this 106bpm jitterer, the 107bpm ‘Annie I’m Not Your Daddy‘ and mainly instrumental morse code guitar 111bpm ‘I’m Corrupt‘. All very clever, but give me the real thing.

RANDY CRAWFORD: ‘Look Who’s Lonely Now’ (LP ‘Windsong’ Warner Bros K 57011).
Superb listening set (of course), full of shimmering slowies and lightweight skippers, meatiest smoocher being this sultry ‘Street Life’-ish 92/46bpm beauty which co-writer Bill LaBounty did in similar style on his own recent equally good album (which Crawford fans will love too).

DIANA ROSS: ‘Work That Body’ (Capitol 12CL 241).
Military drumming accents Di’s rhythmically counting 111bpm 12in entry to the current physical jerks “aerobic dancing” craze, which some may like, flipped by the pleasant 101bpm ‘Two Can Make It‘.

UB40: ‘Love Is All Is All Right’ (DEP International 12DEP 4).
Their first to have real genuine crossover reggae appeal (in other words it works a treat at Gullivers!). This beautiful 0-65bpm 12in slow grinder deserves to be heard by hard jocks.

SPACE: ‘Magic Fly’ (Metropolis 12WIP 6783).
The Giorgio Moroder-style Euro synth hit from that ‘I Feel Love’ summer of ’77, speeded up to 131bpm on Rusty Egan instigated useful 4-track 12in along with the Maddy Bell-sung hi-hat hissed 139bpm ‘Save Your Love For Me‘, Kraftwerk-ish 137bpm ‘Robbots‘ and pounding 131bpm ‘Air Force‘.

WHAM: ‘Wham Rap!’ (Inner Vision IVL A13-2442, via CBS).
Modern Romance-type beefy good 114-115-118-117bpm 12in white boys rapper, likely to be big in its market with some “street credible” expressions in the ‘Unsocial Mix’ side cleaned up for the alternative ‘Social Mix‘ flip.


VARIOUS: ‘96.7 KISS FM presents Shep Pettibone’s Mastermixes‘ LP (US Prelude PRL 19100).
The New York radio station’s own exclusive remixes of various Prelude disco hits in a double album that mixing jox will love, most useful here being the 120bpm ‘D’ Train ‘You’re The One For Me‘, 111bpm Sharon Redd ‘Can You Handle It‘ (great with Mike Anthony!), 123-124-123-121-124-0bpm Strikers ‘Body Music‘ (interpolating ‘Inch By Inch’), plus there’s the 108-109bpm Gayle Adams ‘Love Fever‘, 116-117-116bpm Nick Straker Band ‘A Little Bit Of Jazz‘, 121bpm Secret Weapon ‘Must Be The Music‘, 115bpm Conquest ‘Give It To Me‘ — this latter though being the vocal version — and many more. My one quibble is that the cuts you’d like to mix together tend to be on the same piece of vinyl.

BILLY GRIFFIN: ‘Hold Me Tighter In The Rain’ (LP ‘Be With Me’ US Columbia FC 37745).
Very much what I’d call a “Greg Edwards” type of Philly style soul set (bet he likes the 125bpm title track!), the light voiced guy really cutting through on this beautiful solidly pushing but delicate pulsating 51(intro)-103bpm jogger, made for sweaty hot summer nights. Hear it!

THE LIVE BAND: ‘A Chance For Hope’ LP (US TSOP TS 5002).
Interesting modern soul set by some boys (and a gal) who obviously admire Maze, the lovely 0-111-109-110bpm title track jogger especially grooving along with Frankie Beverly phrasing (watch the sudden fade end) while a straightforward funk style appears on the 120bpm ‘Strut Your Stuff‘ and both styles combine on the 0-105bpm ‘We Are Live‘.

GENE CHANDLER: ‘I’ll Make The Living If You Make The Loving Worthwhile’ (US Chi Sound CH-2001).
Out a while but initially missed as Groove were pushing the wrong side, this gorgeous singalong 99bpm 12in shuffling jogger has excellent lyrics every bit as good as those ones about “has she got a friend for me” — and they gave him a hit here.

BLT: ‘Tighten It Up’ (US Gold Coast 7402).
Burbling bass introed Warlike 109-111(percussion)-109bpm 12in jittery jolter with Gil Scott Heron-ish fella and chanting chix builds through guitar to an explosive drum break, and — here’s the remarkable part — lyrically echoes (at the same BPM) the new Heatwave ‘Lettin’ It Loose’!

SALSOUL ORCHESTRA: ‘Take Some Time Out (For Love)’ (US Salsoul SG 368).
Thudding slinky 106bpm 12in roller with sensuous chattering chick at the start before all the girls come in a-wailing and a-cooing while things pick up into a livelier swaying groove. Could be a slow burner.

SHOCK: ‘Electrophonic Phunk’ (LP ‘Shock Waves’ US Fantasy F-9619).
Disappointingly mundane funk set (confusingly similar in appearance to an Azymuth album), apart from this powerful chant introed smacking beefy basic 115-116bpm thudder with vocoder, brass and heavy bass, great out of Larry Graham and much enquired about at Gullivers.

ATLANTIS: ‘Keep On Movin’ And Groovin’ (US Chaz Ro CHDS 2524).
Once past the tricksy Strikers/Peech Boys-style intro, this settles into a catchily trucking 122-123-122bpm 12in thunker that’s possibly catchy ‘cos it’s so like Kool’s ‘Take It To The Top’, the instrumental flip letting the jaunty backing and percussive simple rhythm stand alone.

THE ARMED GANG: ‘All I Want’ (US Chaz Ro CHDS 2525).
Resonant dramatic synthetics and a snicking beat power the very mixable 119bpm 12in instrumental side, which has a tune too, the squeaky vocal group’s singing making their side sound thinner and less useful.

DAVID MORRIS: ‘Saturday Night’ (US Becket BKD 509).
Slightly routine but well constructed 119-118bpm 12in funky soul smacker gets to a great beefy bass synth break in Goldie Alexander style, with much more bass & synth on the differently treated instrumental flip.

HOWARD JOHNSON: ‘So Fine’ (US A&M SP-12048).
The 28 Flavors man scoops out a doo-wop acappella introed then slightly too strictly controlled 113bpm 12in smacker, flipped by ‘This Is Heaven‘ also at 113bpm, both of which sound good but ultimately lack life. I’d rather have butter pecan.

VIDEEO: ‘Thang (Gimme Some Of That Thang)’ (US HCRC 4W9 02923).
Starting with a useful “put that record back on” gimmick, it is as the title suggests an ultra heavy 118½bpm funk thang, fine of its kind. Ah reckon that thang must be poon-tang!

UK Disco Top 90 – June 12, 1982

01 01 Patrice Rushen – Forget Me Nots – Elektra 12”
02 04 Temptations/Rick James – Standing On The Top – Motown 12”
03 03 Patrice Rushen – Number One / Remind Me / Where There Is Love / Breakout – Elektra LP
04 02 Fat Larry’s Band – Act Like You Know – WMOT 12”
05 06 The Band A.K.A. – Grace / Instrumental – Epic/Streetwave 12”
06 07 Junior – Mama Used To Say (US Remix)– Mercury 12”
07 09 Blue Feathers – Let’s Funk Tonight – Canadian Siamese 12”
08 10 Stevie Wonder – Do I Do – Motown LP
09 12 Kid Creole & The Coconuts – I’m A Wonderful Thing, Baby – Ze 12”
10 13 Linda Taylor – You And Me Just Started / Club Mix – GPL 12”
11 14 Atlantic Starr – Circles – A&M 12”
12 05 Sharon Brown – I Specialize In Love – Virgin 12”
13 15 ‘D’ Train – Walk On By – Epic 12”
14 32 Odyssey – Inside Out – RCA 12”
15 11 Gwen Guthrie – It Should’ve Been You – Island 12”
16 08 Touchdown – Ease Your Mind (US Remix) / Ritmo Suave – Excaliber 12”
17 18 Jerome – (I’m Into) Your Love – RCA 12”
18 22 Valentine Brothers – Money’s Too Tight / Instrumental – US Bridge 12”
19 17 Rick James – Dance Wit’ Me – Motown 12” promo
20 53 Larry Graham – Sooner Or Later (Instrumental) – Warner Bros 12”
21 20 High Fashion – Feelin’ Lucky Lately – Capitol 12”
22 26 Sinnamon – Thanks To You / Instrumental – US Becket 12”
23 25 Ritchie Family – I’ll Do My Best (For You Baby) – US RCA 12”
24 21 Brass Construction – Do That Thang / Forever Love / Attitude – Liberty LP
25 16 Gap Band – Early In The Morning – Mercury 12”
26 19 Elecktrik Funk – On A Journey (Instrumental) – Epic 12”
27 38 Keni Burke – Risin’ To The Top / Hang Tight / Can’t Get Enough / Changes / All Night – US RCA LP
28 30 Peech Boys – Don’t Make Me Wait – US West End 12”
29 33 Narada Michael Walden – Summer Lady / You Ought To Love Me / I’m Ready / Confidence / You’re No.1 – US Atlantic LP
30 31 A Taste Of Honey – We’ve Got The Groove / Diamond Real / Sayonara / I’ll Try Something New – US Capitol LP
31 27 Mike Anthony – Why Can’t We Live Together – German Ariola 12”
32 46 Dennis Brown – Love Has Found Its Way – A&M 12”
33 24 Maze – Before I Let Go / Golden Time Of Day (Live) – Capitol 12”
34 45 Ranson/McKenzie & Friends – Orange Groves – Smokey 12”
35 28 ‘D’ Train – Keep On / You’re The One For Me (Reprise) / ‘D’Train Theme – Epic LP
36 39 Patrick Boothe – Dance All Night – Streetwave 12”
37 44 I.C.Q. – Final Approach – ICQ 12”
38 36 Candela – Love You Madly – US Arista 12”
39 23 Savanna – Never Let You Go – R&B 12”
40 35 Cameo – Just Be Yourself / Flirt – Casablanca 12”
41 29 Shalamar – I Can Make You Feel Good – Solar 12”
42 40 McCrarys – Love On A Summer Night – US Capitol LP
43 56 Ashford & Simpson – Street Corner – Capitol 12”
44 70 Loose End – In The Sky / Instrumental – Virgin 12”
45 52 Al McCall – Hard Times / Instrumental – US West End 12”
46 41 Fonda Rae – Over Like A Fat Rat – US Vanguard 12”
47 17 Rick James – Money Talks / Throwdown – US Gordy LP
48 51 Jesse Green – Nice And Slow (US Remix) – Excaliber 12”
49 43 Whispers – Emergency – Solar 12”
50 55 Rah Band – Perfumed Garden / Funk Me Down To Rio ’82 – KR 12”
51 34 Stone – Time – Carrere 12”
52 50 Phil Upchurch – Free & Easy – US Jam LP
53 NE George Duke – Ride On Love – Epic 12”
54 47 Level 42 – Are You Hearing (What I Hear?) – Polydor 12”
55 64 Oliver Sain – Cruisin’ On Sunset / The Closer I Get To You – US HCRC LP
56 76 ABC – The Look Of Love (Pts. 1/2/3) – Neutron 12”
57 82 Light Of The World – Check Us Out – EMI 12”
58 49 Fat Larry’s Band – Be My Lady – US WMOT LP/Canadian WMOT 12”
59 67 Shalamar – A Night To Remember / Remix – Solar 12”
60 69 Ray Parker Jr – Just Havin’ Fun / Let’s Get Off / Stay The Night – Arista LP
61 NE Shakatak – Streetwalkin’ / Bitch To The Boys – Polydor LP
62 54 Brandi Wells – What Goes Around Comes Around (Remix) – WMOT 12”
63 58 Was (Not Was) – Tell Me That I’m Dreaming – Ze 12”
64 NE Shalamar – Work It Out – Solar/RCA 12”
65 68 Herbie Hancock – Lite Me Up – CBS 12”
66 61 Miles Watson – You’re My Everything / Instrumental – US Profile 12”
67 RE Atlantic Starr – Sexy Dancer / Love Me Down / Love Moves / Perfect Love – A&M LP
68 NE BLT – Tighten It Up – US Gold Coast 12”
69 74 George Chandler – This Could Be The Night – Polydor 12”
70 81 Maxine Singleton – Don’t You Love It (UK Remix) – System 12”
71 60 Hi-Tension – How D’You Feel – EMI 12”
72 NE Herbie Hancock – Motor Mouth / The Bomb / Give It All Your Heart – CBS LP
73 NE ‘D’ Train / Sharon Redd / Strikers – You’re The One For Me / Can You Handle It / Body Music (Remixes) – US Prelude LP
74 72 D’Lllegance – Chanson D’Llegance (Mix-x-tend) – US Airwave 12”
75 NE Voggue – Love Buzz (Remix) / Dancin’ The Night Away – Mercury 12”
76 87 BT Express – Keep It Up – US Coast To Coast LP
77 62 Dramatics – Live It Up – US Capitol 12”
78 73 Direct Drive – Time’s Running Out – Oval 12”
79 57 Kandidate/Viscount Oliver – Can’t Say Bye / Instrumental – Polydor 12”
80 NE Rose Royce – Best Love – Epic 12” promo
81 NE Atlantis – Keep On Movin’ And Groovin’ / Instrumental – US Chaz Ro 12”
82 77 Kinkina – Jungle Fever – US Profile 12”
83 NE Heatwave – Lettin’ It Loose – Epic 12”
84 NE Jean Carn – Don’t Let Me Slip Away / My Baby Loves Me / If You Don’t Know Me By Now / Completeness – US Motown LP
85 RE Roni Griffith – (The Best Part Of) Breakin’ Up / Love Is The Drug – Vanguard 12”
86 NE Touch – Love Something Special / Love Speciality – Elite 12”
87 NE Cheri – Murphy’s Law – Polydor 12”
88 NE Decoupage – Puerto Rico / Salsa Version – R&B 12”
89 NE Lenny Zakatek – Say I Love You / Waatie Mix – London 12”
90 85 Roy Hamilton – Take Your Time / Instrumental – white label 12”


BUBBLING UNDER the UK Disco 90 with increased support are:

Carrie Lucas: ‘Show Me Where You’re Coming From’ (Solar)
Lisa Hill: ‘I Am On The Real Side’ (US Cherry Hill 12in)
Electra: ‘Feels Good (Inst)’ (US Emergency 12in)
Kid Creole: ‘Stool Pigeon’ / ‘I’m Corrupt’ (Ze LP)
Change: ‘The Very Best In You’ (London 12in)
Angela Clemmons: ‘Give Me Just A Little More Time’ (US Portrait 12in)
Richard ‘Dimples’ Fields: ‘If It Ain’t One Thing It’s Another’ (Epic)
The LIVE Band: ‘A Chance For Hope’ (US TSOB LP)
Norma Lewis: ‘I’m Into Your Love’ (KR 12in)
Salsoul Orchestra: ‘Take Some Time Out (For Love)’ (US Salsoul 12in)
Randy Crawford: ‘Look Who’s Lonely Now’ (Warner Bros LP)
Ray Parker Jr: ‘Jack And Jill’ (Arista 12in)
O’Jays: ‘I Just Want To Satisfy’ (Phil Int)
Freddie Hubbard: ‘Gibraltar” (US Pablo LP)
Caviar: ‘Never Stop Loving You’ (US Survivor 12in)
Billy Griffin: ‘Hold Me Tighter In The Rain’ (US Columbia LP)
Ritchie Family: ‘Walk With Me’ / ‘One And Only’ / ‘This Love’s On Me’ (US RCA LP)
Ruddy Thomas: ‘Key To The World’ (Hawkeye 12in)
Congress: ‘You Gotta Get It Right’ (Tooti Frooti 12in white label)
Fist Light: ‘A Horse With No Name’ (Oval 12in)

Nightclub Chart:

01 09 Mama Used To Say (US Remix) – Junior – Mercury 12”
02 01 Forget Me Nots – Patrice Rushen – Elektra 12”
03 12 The Look Of Love – ABC – Neutron 12”
04 03 Papa’s Got A Brand New Pigbag – Pigbag – Y 12”
05 14 Only You / Situation – Yazoo – Mute 12”
06 02 I Specialize In Love – Sharon Brown – Virgin 12”
07 04 I Can Make You Feel Good – Shalamar – Solar 12”
08 19 Girl Crazy – Hot Chocolate – Rak
09 07 Just An Illusion – Imagination – R&B 12”
10 17 Walk On By – “D” Train – Epic 12”
11 39 Hungry Like The Wolf – Duran Duran – EMI 12”
12 08 Instinction / Chant No.1 (Remix) – Spandau Ballet – Reformation 12”
13 05 Really Saying Something – Bananarama/Fun Boy Three – Deram 12”
14 18 The Meaning Of Love – Depeche Mode – Mute 12”
15 15 Island Of Lost Souls – Blondie – Chrysalis 12”
16 45 House Of Fun – Madness – Stiff
17 31 Fantasy Island – Tight Fit – Jive 12”
18 23 The Rhythm Of The Jungle – The Quick – Epic 12”
19 20 I Won’t Let You Down – PhD – WEA
20 25 (I’m Into) Your Love – Jerome – RCA 12”
21 57 Torch – Soft Cell – Some Bizzare 12”
22 10 Night Birds – Shakatak – Polydor 12”
23 16 Act Like You Know – Fat Larry’s Band – WMOT 12”
24 09 Promised You A Miracle – Simple Minds – Virgin 12”
25 — Goody Two Shoes – Adam Ant – CBS
26 — Work It Out – Shalamar – Solar/RCA 12”
27 54 Are You Hearing (What I Hear)? – Level 42 – Polydor 12”
28 26 The Telephone Always Rings – Fun Boy Three – Chrysalis 12”
29 68 Thank You For The Party – The Dukes – WEA 12”
30 34 Circles – Atlantic Starr – A&M 12”
31 60 A Little Bit Further Away – Kokomo – CBS
32 13 Fantastic Day – Haircut 100 – Arista 12”
33 28 Time – Stone – Carrere 12”
34 24 I Love Rock ‘N’ Roll – Joan Jett – Epic
35 33 You And Me Just Started – Linda Taylor – Groove Production 12”
36 — Magic Fly / Save Your Love For Me – Space – Metropolis 12”
37 61 I’m A Wonderful Thing, Baby – Kid Creole & The Coconuts – Ze 12”
38 47 Grace – The Band AKA – Epic/Streetwave 12”
39 36 White Boy – Culture Club – Virgin 12”
40 51 Club Country – Associates – Associates 12”
41 41 Lite Me Up – Herbie Hancock – CBS 12”
42 37 Don’t You Love It (UK Remix) – Maxine Singleton – System 12”
43 — Do I Do – Stevie Wonder – Motown LP
44 — Early In The Morning – Gap Band – Mercury 12”
45 32 On A Journey (Instrumental) – Electrik Funk – Epic 12”
46 11 Ebony And Ivory – Paul McCartney/Stevie Wonder – Parlophone 12”
47 — Iko Iko – Natasha – Towerbell
48 74 Emergency – Whispers – Solar 12”
49 44 Paris Is One Day Away – The Mood – RCA 12”
50 42 Show You My Love / Go Back – Goldie Alexander – Project 12”
51 29 Ever So Lonely – Monsoon – Mobile Suit Corporation 12”
52 30 One Step Further – Bardo – Epic
53 — Dry Bones – Gigolo – Channel
54 62 Puerto Rico – Decoupage – R&B 12”
55 — Standing On The Top – Temptations/Rick James – Motown 12”
56 — Fireworks – Siouxsie & The Banshees – Polydor 12”
57 38 Try Jah Love – Third World – CBS 12”
58 27 Perfumed Garden – Rah Band – KR 12”
59 35 Poison Arrow – ABC – Neutron 12”
60 21 You Got The Power / Cinco De Mayo– War – RCA 12”
61 46 Hello Rio! / Shalala Song – Ottawan – Carrere 12”
62 — Orient Express – Jean Michel Jarre – Polydor 12” promo
63 — Fools Are Friendly – Xclusiv – Le Maitre Music 12”
64 71 Can You See The Light – Brass Construction – Liberty 12”
65 — Baby It’s True – Mari Wilson – Compact 12”
66 22 You’re The One For Me – “D” Train – Epic 12”
69 — Cantonese Boy – Japan – Virgin
70 49 Your Love – Lime – Carrere 12”
72 58 (The Best Part Of) Breakin’ Up – Roni Griffith – Vanguard 12”
74 — Love Is All Is All Right – UB40 – DEP International 12”

Ed’s Note: Only a Top 65 was printed this week. Missing placings have been obtained from next week’s chart, where possible.

3 thoughts on “June 12, 1982: Larry Graham, Rick James, Heatwave, Shep Pettibone’s Mastermixes, Billy Griffin”

  1. Loving the lukewarm review for Shalamar’s “A Night To Remember” which would go on to be one of their biggest hits and still played today. Amazing how many future classics failed to impress Hammy when released and those he raved about that often sank without trace!


  2. So there’s Wham’s first review .

    And First Light entering the chart and reviewed the other week is possibly Paul Hardcastles first mention – although I think he might have been in sone other funk group before.

    That remix album is one of the first of the kinds of dance compilations that became standard as we go through the 80s and into the 90s.

    And that Soul festival is interesting as it is an early mention of the other scene in London to the Funk Mafia this is the blacker more inner city one with Steve Walsh and CJ Carlos and many others. I was more on the other one but went to a few nights with this lot.

    There’s still a good book to be written about the underground jazz-funk scene 1974-about 1987 which was massive but basically ignored by the media.
    I thinkn if Greg Wilson came from the south east (where it was mostly taking place) instead of the north west he’d do a great job. Actually he’d probably do a good job anyway as the the north west and west midlands were the other places which had an influence.


  3. I never realised Billy Griffin’s ‘Hold Me Tighter In The Rain’ was first released as early as June 1982. In my mind, it’s from much later that year, even early 1983 – when I remember Ian Dewhirst at Leeds Warehouse playing it (a lot!) …


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