January 15, 1983: Trammps, Galaxy-Tu Orchestra, Jonny Chingas, Bobby M, Mezzoforte


ROCKERS REVENGE’S imminent adaptation of Jimmy Cliff’s ‘The Harder They Come’ is immediately recognisable as them (on exclusive 114bpm acetate promo) but not as excitingly special as was ‘Walking On Sunshine’ . . . Piccadilly Radio’s soul jock Mike Shaft, with support from Spin Inn Records Kev Edwards and the rest of the Manchester mafia, has launched a slightly skimpy (so far) but glossily printed magazine called — you’ll never believe this — ‘TCOB NOW’, the first part being of course ‘Taking Care Of Business’, but are you ready for ‘North Of Watford’!? (details on 061-434 6362) . . . Showstoppers South Of France trip to a fully equipped hotel and club site in the SW of France rather than at St Tropez) with Chris Hill, Froggy, Tongy, Youngy, Collinsy, Jonesy jocking is offered in two overlapping lengths, May 20-June 5 (£175)/May 27-June 5 (£150), full details from lovely Kim on 01-886 1426 . . . Thames Valley DJ Association’s big ‘Shownite 83’ is this Monday (17) at Hounslow’s Red Lion Hotel 8pm-2am, £3 a ticket, with awards, video displays, the Cold Hand Band live and much more . . . ‘Kibbitzing’ Joe Adelman (Friend of the Stars) does one hour spots nightly except Friday at the revamped Studio Valbonne in Soho’s Kingly Street, where a good lighting operator is needed . . . Gary Oldis (Aycliffe Bee-Jays) is desperate for a copy of Paulette Reeves ‘Jazz Freak‘ — call Darlington 82134 anytime in the next 50 years, after 10am! . . . Gillingham-based John Clancy (0634 53992) specializes in MoR work but can’t find enough gigs, club work especially . . . Cleveland Area DJ Assn’s new number is Middlesbrough 244700, c/o Graham Murray of the Teesvalley Roadshow still . . . ‘Be Mine Tonight‘ is the Jammers biggest track, not as printed last week . . . ‘I’ll Be Around’ hit in ’72, as students of maths probably worked out . . . Capital’s David Rodigan is having fun using snippets of ‘Last Night A DJ Saved My Life’ as carted stabs between reggae tracks . . . Lenny Henry, whose Break Wind & Fire and Buck Cherry were brilliant last Saturday, ate so much at the Ponderosa while appearing at Watford Baileys he couldn’t move on stage! . . . I had just got to the words ‘Steve Wright’ while reading RM in the library at Capital Radio last week when in walked my favourite DJ with someone I didn’t recognize: Peter Young was, by incredible coincidence, with Steve Wright himself — it turns out his crack about a vocabulary of ten words was aimed at all the imitators of Roger Scott rather than at Rog himself! . . . Kev Hill at a New Year’s gig in Wanstead relayed Big Ben from my Capital four hour continuous party music show and immediately got sucked into the following mixes — it was 20 minutes before he could get back into his own records! . . . Imagination’s Santa Claus outfits for their Hammersmith “carol service” cost a cool £2,000 — they obviously don’t shop at Roger Squire’s . . . Nigel Halkes (Portishead) ensured a namecheck by sending me the first Christmas card of 1983 — but would have rated a mention anyway for info-ing that one Bristol DJ had to return ‘Buffalo Gals’ because it was scratched! . . . SCRATCH ON!


THE TRAMMPS: ‘Up On The Hill (Mt. U)’ (US Venture VD-5024).
What a monster! Driven by an incredibly powerful sparse bass and simple clapping 116bpm 12in beat, the guys soulfully chuckle, rasp, wail and ramble on about “Mount You”, with an equally impressive bass emphasizing instrumental flip.

THE GALAXY-TU ORCHESTRA: ‘Always And Forever’ (US Moonglow MGW 107).
I nearly got writer’s cramp from giving out the details last Saturday at Gullivers while playing this fabulously “yukky” 51-0bpm 12in knee trembler, an instrumental chix chorused version of Heatwave’s classic smoocher overlaid with a gorgeously corny “wedding vows” rap by Rosko — not the Emperor, but the veteran US jock whose schtick always was heavy mysticism — the flip being the same again with a ‘Desiderata’ rap.

JONNY CHINGAS: ‘Phone Home’ (US Columbia 44-03480).
Another superior ‘E.T.’-er, starting atmospherically with night-time sounds of the forest before naggingly pitched jazzy synth and 117½bpm 12in rhythm box beats weave through “phone home” groans, soft bursts of vocal, and acid guitar, all building an extremely unusual subtle intensity that’s gonna be huge once it’s been heard a few times (instrumental flip).

BOBBY M: ‘Let’s Stay Together’ (Glory TMGT 1288).
Lovely faithful 101bpm 12in revival of Al Green’s smoocher by white saxist Bobby Militello with superb soulfully aching vocal by Jean Carn, flipped by Bobby’s instrumental jazzy flute tootled 117bpm ‘Charlie’s Backbeat‘.

MEZZOFORTE: ‘Garden Party’ (Steinar STE 1205).
Rather strong return by the Icelandic jazzers, a doodlingly introed then brassily snapping chunkily lurching 0-117½bpm 12in jazz-funk instrumental driver, flipped by the possibly even more exciting episodic smoothly stomping 123bpm ‘Funk Suite No.1‘. Recommended.

CENTRAL LINE: ‘Nature Boy’ (Mercury MERX 131).
Oh dear — the new UK-only A-side ‘Full Version’ has been ruined by a mood destroying overly busy intro before finally settling into the interestingly backed but more suitably tranquil (and now re-dubbed) 115bpm vocal section which was so impressive in its entirety on the US version — however, this far better less gimmicky 115½bpm US original (oddly here as ’83 Mix’) is on 3-track 12in flip, along with an unnecessary repeat of ‘You’ve Said Enough‘ instead of the anticipated instrumental.

ANGELA BOFILL: ‘Ain’t Nothing Like The Real Thing’ (LP ‘Too Tough’ US Arista AL 9616).
Narada Michael Walden has found a far more rewardingly pliable “little girl” voice than Stacy Lattisaw’s to produce (on one side, Angela doing the other herself), the 119bpm title track jolter being very Stacy while the real standout is this gorgeous Boz Scaggs-duetted 94bpm revival of Marvin & Tammi’s classic, most other tracks being delicate slowies although her own ‘Is This A Dream‘ is a mildly strutting 111bpm jogger.

CHARADES: ‘Gimme The Funk’ (US Brunswick D 224).
Excellent unpretentious straight ahead ever rolling 113-114-115bpm 12in creamy funk chanter, instrumental flip, all so simple and oh so right.

THE GAP BAND: ‘Outstanding’ (US Total Experience TED 704).
Flipped by an instrumental version and the sinuous 93bpm P’funk ‘Talkin’ Back‘, this remixed nagging slow 99bpm 12in jiggly jogging groove from ‘Gap Band IV’ now really gets to you as the guys weave in gospel derived style over the soulfully dragging (old-style Yarbrough & Peoples-ish) rhythm. Wooo!

EARTH WIND & FIRE: ‘Fall In Love With Me’ (US Columbia 38-03375).
Serviceable if less than sensational, totally typical shrill 117bpm 7in strutter, out ahead of their ‘Powerlight’ album.

MELBA MOORE: ‘Mind Up Tonight’ (Capitol 12CL 272).
More of that mind numbing Paul Lawrence Jones III produced 116bpm “shopgirl” beat, indistinguishable from Evelyn King, on 4-track 12in with an instrumental version, the slow ‘The Other Side Of The Rainbow’ and older ‘Piece Of The Rock’.

ULTIMATE CHOICE: ‘My Body’s Hot (Pts 1/11)’ (US Heat HS 2010).
Nicely amateurish “down home” label design for a good funkily burbling 117bpm 7in jiggler which annoyingly fades sides out/in on a really great sax break — look out in case there’s a 12in too.

MELLE MEL & DUKE BOOTEE: ‘Message II (Survival)’ (Sugarhill SHL 119).
Two of the Furious Five rabbit on about how “only the strong can survive” over a jittery 125bpm 12in electronic beat (instrumental flip), good with Soul Sonic Patrol orbiters, in similar vocal style to but nowhere as incisive as ‘The Message’.

STONE: ‘Girl I Like The Way That You Move’ (Carrere CART 261).
Ludicrously over-late UK release for this oddly bubbling, thudding and wukka-wukking intense vibes tinkled 121-122-121-122bpm 12in ever circling groove (dub mix instrumental flip), which sounds superb but always was a bit specialist dancefloor-wise.

DIRE STRAITS: ‘Twisting By The Pool’ (Vertigo DSTR 212).
Vintage lick filled fabulous 181bpm twist tempo rock ‘n’ roller on 3-track ‘ExtendeDancEPlay’ 12in with similarly styled 176-0bpm ‘Two Young Lovers‘ and 151-147bpm ‘If I Had You‘, great for mobiles.

DWAYNE OMARR: ‘This Party’s Jam Packed’ (US Survivor SUD-132).
Slightly low key synth burbled 111bpm 12in vocoder rapper over party noises, with some human voices but basically a subduedly effective electro funker (rather than electrophonic phunk), in two differently introed versions which’ll need careful mixing to work well.

AFRIKA BAMBAATAA & SOULSONIC FORCE: ‘Looking For The Perfect Beat’ (US Tommy Boy TB 831).
Despite some good scratching effects this messy 119bpm 12in jitterer disappoints as it’s far too tricksy and bitsy for dancers to get into (eg: the floor evaporates!).

THE ADC BAND: ‘Hot Legs’ (US UhUrU International UH 12-01).
Co-produced in Atlanta by John Abbey, this fun filled frisky 118½bpm 12in funky high stepper has vocoder answering the lead fella’s drooling salacious “tenderloin US DA certified” remarks about ladies legs, while the 103-102-101-100bpm ‘Show Stopper‘ flip really grooves nicely in a very subtle way with drifting tinkly piano.

SWEET ECSTASY: ‘Jam Party’ (Canadian Pegasus MMP 0082).
Jaunty 115bpm 12in rapper with guys and gals very much like a funkier Wham ‘Young Guns’, in fact the alternative flipside version of the straighter chix warbled ‘Pull Our Love Together‘.

LACE: ‘Can’t Play Around’ (US Atlantic RFC 0-89927).
Larry Levan-mixed grow-on-you girlie group squawked 0-111-112-111½-113bpm 12in weaver becomes quite catchy the more you hear it, with nice little twiddly bits and simple synth, and a good 111-112-114bpm instrumental flip which has been helping sell it.

ELOISE LAWS: ‘I’ve Got The Rhythm, You’ve Got The Blues’ (LP ‘All In Time’ US Capitol ST-12252).
Incredibly sweetly sung airily jaunty 118-119bpm little tripper, real grower (do try it — it’s a joy), the rest of the family affair being more brittle and best for home listening.

GEORGE HOWARD: ‘The Preacher’ (LP ‘Asphalt Gardens’ US Palo Alto Jazz PA 8035).
Locksmith’s soprano saxist has an immediately acclaimed jazz-funk set, most obvious dance standout being this sprightly 122-123bpm tootler set in a classic mould.

KABBALA: ‘Ashewo Ara’ (Red Flame RF 1211).
Osibisa-like Ghanian criss-cross rhythms, this slow chanting introed complex subtle 117bpm 12in instrumental being beautifully arranged although the more obviously rhythmic 125bpm B-side ‘Voltan Dance’ will be easier to use.

(Editor’s note: perhaps James’s copy has been mis-labelled, as Ashewo Ara is the 125bpm track and Voltan Dance is the chant-introed 117bpm track).

MIKE & BRENDA SUTTON: ‘Don’t Let Go Of Me (Grip My Hips And Move Me)’ (Silvertown STST 1, via IDS).
Drastically overdue UK release for the Shep Pettibone mixed tunefully bounding 119-118bpm 12in sharp smacker with an ear-bending freakily phased — or, with hindsight, is it scratched? — passage making great sensual play of the song’s subtitle.

LANIER & CO: ‘After I Cry Tonight’ (US Larc LP 81010).
New label (looking like the old MoWest) hitting the US Black chart with this lovely achingly sung soul drenched Jerry Butler-ish 38/76½-77bpm 7in slowie.

HARRY RAY: ‘Love Is A Game’ (LP ‘It’s Good To Be Home’ US Sugarhill SH 269).
Nice set of sugary sweet slowies, some harking very obviously back to his days as lead singer with the Moments (and more recently of course, Ray, Goodman & Brown), most contemporary in feel being this breathy 113-114bpm swayer and the lushly rolling slower 96½bpm ‘You Ain’t Been Loved’.

TONY TUFF: ‘You’ll Never Find’ (Grove Music IPR 2058, via Island).
Nice friendly mellow 86bpm 12in lovers rock adaptation of Lou Rawls ‘You’ll Never Find Another Love Like Mine’.

AURRA: ‘Such A Feeling’ (US Salsoul SG 387).
Shep Pettibone-mixed bassily booming rather monotonous ever rolling 111bpm 12in chunderer with few chick/chap wailed peaks and little excitement, which hasn’t stopped its immediate (though I suspect short lived) acceptance, parts 2 & 3 being airier mixes.

SLAVE: ‘Visions Of The Lite’ (US Cotillion 90024-1).
Sinuous subtlety rather than blazing excitement has always been Slave’s forte, but, now minus Steve Arrington, they badly need some excitement injected here as slick sinuosity alone can be kinda dull. Such cuts as the 120-122-120-122-120bpm ‘Do You Like It . . . (Girl)’, 106-107bpm ‘I’ll Be Gone‘, 0-108bpm ‘Intro (Come To Blow Ya Mind)‘ 111-112bpm ‘Friday Nites‘ (others include the 0-116-117-118-119bpm ‘Be My Babe’, 118bpm ‘Visions’, 125-129-0-126bpm ‘Sweet Thang’) are evidently getting response but I cannot really believe the mailing list serviced set is as big on the floor as accumulated chart positions might suggest.

KLEEER: ‘Stonseee’ (LP ‘Get Ready’ US Atlantic 80038-1).
Far from their best though with individual tracks better than anything on the bigger selling Slave set, like this great drily humorous 107bpm funk rapper mainly spoken by a butch voiced “General Beauregard Stonseee” who wants to learn how to become a disc jockey, and the delicate lovely lush slow 0-33½-67bpm ‘Say You’ll Stay‘, admittedly a lot less remarkable being the ponderous 106bpm title track, acappella started jerky 122bpm ‘She Said She Loves Me‘, snapping 122bpm ‘Pritty Things‘, subdued 110½bpm ‘Your Love Is What I Need‘, frantic 142bpm ‘Slidin’ & Glidin‘.

THE FUNKACISE GANG: ‘Funkacise’ (US GRP GRP-T-4001).
Tom Browne and the GRP All-Stars team up for a possibly slightly corny but good ‘Funkin’ For Jamaica’-mixing 114½bpm 12in rap variation on ‘Work That Body’, the instrumental flip really needing the lyrics to stand up strongly.

MAURICE STARR: ‘You And Me’ (US Catawba CA 6000).
Chunkily fidgeting 112½-115(break)-114bpm 12in lurcher uses Al Green vocal tricks and a Slave/Aurra feel, changing gear into a very nice instrumental central section for some fine tootling sax.

VAUGHAN MASON featuring BUTCH DAYO: ‘You Can Do It’ (US Salsoul SG 386).
Good enough natured easily revolving 114(intro)-116-117-115-117-116-117bpm 12in “get up” semi-rapper revolving around splurging synth chords and clapping beat, with two vocal versions and a mildly fiercer instrumental.

GRANDMASTER FLASH & THE FURIOUS FIVE: ‘It’s A Shame (Mt. Airy Groove)’ (Sugarhill SHL 118).
Scratching and rapping Detroit Spinners/Pieces Of A Dream combining 0-107bpm 12in jolter, far better and much more timely than the completely vocodered electro jittering 122bpm ‘Scorpio‘ A-side.

VAN STRATOSPHERE: ‘You Remind Me’ (US Venture VD-5023).
Michael Jackson-ish oddly pitched youngster pleasantly whines and worries a lolloping gentle 110bpm 12in shuffler which I like a lot but have yet to try out on dancers.

FRANKIE SMITH: ‘Double Dutch II — The Rope’ (US Frills Records FR-12004).
Stone City Band-backed belated frisky 121-122-121-120bpm 12in continuation of the rope-skipping ‘Double Dutch Bus’ smash, with chirruping street kids between his exaggerated ‘Troglodyte’ vocalese (instrumental flip).

THE JONZUN CREW: ‘Space Is The Place’ (US Tommy Boy TB-828).
Latest electronic instalment in the 125bpm 12in Soul Sonic Patrol orbiters saga, a must for fans and great for mixing with the rest, with useful effects intros on both sides.

QUADRANT SIX: ‘Body Mechanic’ (US Atlantic RFC 0-89992).
More of that 124bpm 12in electro stuff made especially for Soul Sonic Patrol orbiters, as good as any of ’em.

KLEIN & MBO: ‘Wonderful’ (US Atlantic 0-89896).
Blandly busy 124bpm 12in electro skitterer with chirruping chix just about gets gritty enough (especially the instrumental) to be useful for Soul Sonic Patrol orbiting mixers, while the Boys Town Gang and ‘I Feel Love’ fans will doubtless dig it.

PETER BROWN: ‘Baby Gets High’ (US RCA PD-13357).
Jerkily bounding through smooth fast Michael Jackson-ish 122bpm 12in rattling galloper with a conga-type beat which surprisingly vari-synchs perfectly into ‘I Feel Love’.

COCO DU JOUR: ‘Dancin’ In The Darkness’ (US Moonglow MG 106).
Quietly grumbling synth and shifting beats back a sexily teasing lady before the superb mellow squealing saxophone swoops off into flight, on episodic 122-121-122-119-118½bpm 12in, with a jazzier differently structured “original mix” but overall possibly more of a gay atmosphere.

SYLVESTER: ‘All I Need’ LP (US Megatone M-1005).
The title track is an excellent deliberately paced jiggly 94bpm soul jogger, lost amidst a welter of rapping frantic gay gallopers like ‘Don’t Stop‘, ‘Be With You‘ and ‘Won’t You Let Me Love You‘ (all at 130bpm), the 129bpm ‘Do Ya Wanna Funk’ hit, 116bpm ‘Tell Me’, 150bpm ‘Hard Up’.

RAYY SLYY: ‘Hey You (You Got To Give It Up)’ (US Salsoul SG 382).
Frankie Beverly co-arranged but rather odd squeakily sorta Prince/Sylvester-style 122-123-125-126bpm 12in burbler, the lead voice lacking longer “instrumental” with nice sax break probably being best (if still dodgy) bet.

FORREST: ‘Rock The Boat’ (German Ariola Dance Records 600.710).
Hues Corporation classic speeded up in usefully similar 114½bpm 12in style to the Disco Connection update of ‘Rock Your Baby’, with flurrying percussion break and steady (though not quite 115bpm!) Linn Drums.

YARBROUGH & PEOPLES. ‘Heartbeats’ (US Total Experience TED 703).
Odd atmospheric war drums thudded laid back 0-117-118-119-118-117-118bpm 12in throbber with briefly rapping mellow fellow before haunting chick and vocoder, disappointing as “disco” though getting gay support and so obviously in with pop chances.

THE FLIRTS: ‘Passion’ (“O” QUEL 3, via PRT).
Steadily tripping repetitive Bobby “O”-produced 119bpm 12in girlie group pop ditty, long a gay smash, here flip to the pure pop 148bpm ‘Jukebox‘.

KC & THE SUNSHINE BAND: ‘(You Said) You’d Gimme Some More’ (Epic EPC A13-2760).
Gay/pop-aimed angrily buzzing densely textured 130bpm 12in chugger with catchy familiar rhythm pattern.

SET THE TONE: ‘Let Loose’ (Island 12WIP 6838).
Francois Kevorkian mixed the untidy 118-117-0bpm white boys funk ‘Dance Sucker‘ A-side, but not this much more interesting freakily percussive sparse 128bpm 12in instrumental which could have ‘Der Amboss’-type appeal.

DIVINE: ‘Native Love Step By Step’ (‘O” QUEL 1, via PRT).
Evidently UK only special remix of the Bobby “O”-produced synth pulsed 126bpm 12in monotonous gay rattler by an overweight drag queen.

DON HENLEY: ‘Dirty Laundry’ (Asylum E 9894).
Eagles member’s fabulous ominously chugging deliberate slow 98bpm 7in roller (about the gutter press) is a US Dance hit.

TACO: ‘Puttin’ On The Ritz’ (RCA 284).
Continental smash interesting blend of ’30s vocal style, vocodered phrases, 98½bpm 7in electronic backing, a bit of tap dancing and bursts of other similarly vintage songs before a stereo footsteps fade.

DARRYL WAY: ‘Little Plum’ (SNAT Records ECG 002).
Good jaunty little fiddle ‘n’ synth 0-107bpm 7in instrumental with Emerald Express flavour.

KAJAGOOGOO: ‘Too Shy’ (EMI 12BP 417).
Slinkily progressing atmospheric moody slow mainly instrumental 107bpm 12in blend of electronic futurism and funky rhythm elements, ending in white boys vocal.

THE MEMBERS: ‘Going West’ (Genetic SP 1, via Island).
Modern Romance-ish mainly instrumental brassy 122-121bpm rerun of the Gibson Bros/Village People-type rhythm, big in US discos, on 3-track 12in with the similar style rap rhythm 105bpm ‘Boys Like Us (DJ Mix)‘ and storming 129bpm ‘Chairman Of The Board‘.

CHEVI: ‘Ge Me More’ (Sunburn SB-D 18, via Orbitone 01-965 8292).
Fairly frantic happy 122bpm 12in calypso should be good with the right crowd.

GEE SLOLEY: ‘I Like Your Loving’ (Red Man RED 003).
Richard ‘Dimples’ Fields catchy oldie given an 85bpm 12in lovers rock reading best for its own market, with interesting longer vocal dub flip.

MARCIA GRIFFITHS: ‘Untrue Love’ (Intense INT 004).
Pleasant 66-67-68bpm 12in lovers rock, with Niggar Kojak-credited 67bpm ‘Come Inna Dis‘ flip which starts with Marcia before the man gets toasting.

DENROY MORGAN: ‘Happy Feeling’ (Becket BKSL 6, via PRTO).
Circuitously building ultimately infectious lazily lurching 0-111-112-113-114bpm 12in reggae-disco chugger with Marley-esque singing over chirruping chix, steel drums, fierce bits and more.

DISCO TOP 85 – JANUARY 15, 1983

01 01 Heavy Vibes / Club Mix – Montana Sextet – Virgin 12”
02 02 Be Mine Tonight / What Have You Got To Lose / And You Know That – The Jammers – Salsoul 12”
03 07 The Smurf – Tyrone Brunson – Epic 12”
04 04 In And Out – Willie Hutch – Motown 12”
05 06 Soul Makossa – Nairobi – London 12”
06 10 Just Keep On Walking – Rod – US Prelude 12”
07 03 Groovin’ (That’s What We’re Doin’) – The S.O.S. Band – Tabu LP
08 05 Jazzy Rhythm – Michelle Wallace – System 12”
09 14 Hold Me Tighter In The Rain – Billy Griffin – CBS 12”
10 12 Loopzilla – George Clinton – Capitol 12”
11 09 (Sexual) Healing – Marvin Gaye – CBS 12”
12 11 Thriller / Billie Jean / Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin’ / Baby Be Mine – Michael Jackson – Epic LP
13 19 Last Night A D.J. Saved My Life – Indeep – US Sound Of New York 12”
14 13 Buffalo Gals (Scratch) – Malcolm McLaren – Charisma 12”
15 08 E.T. Boogie – Extra T’s – US Sunnyview 12”
16 17 Friends (Remix) – Shalamar – Solar 12”
17 15 Keep The Fire Burning – Gwen McCrae – Atlantic 12”/Remix
18 18 Magic’s Wand – Whodini – Jive 12”
19 20 Reach Up – Toney Lee – US Radar 12”
20 24 Super Duper (Lovin’) – Masurrati & Huey Harris – US Lioness Ltd 12”
21 16 Can You Dig It / Brazilian Memories / The Best Is Yet To Come – Grover Washington Jr – US Elektra LP
22 21 High Hopes – The S.O.S. Band – Tabu 12”
23 25 Young Guns (Go For It) – Wham – Inner Vision 12”
24 54 Changes (Remix) – Imagination – R&B 12”
25 39 Let Love Shine / Won’t You Be Mine / Let’s Celebrate (Remix) – NY Skyy – Epic Streetwave 12”
26 28 I’ll Be There / Paradise / You Can’t Take My Love / I Knew It Couldn’t Happen – Stanley Turrentine – US Elektra LP
27 30 Such A Feeling – Aurra – US Salsoul 12”
28 35 Do It Anyway You Wanna – Cashmere – US Philly World 12”
29 23 A.M. – First Light – Oval 12”
30 40 Creme De Creme / Instrumental – William DeVaughn – Excaliber 12”
31 26 Nunk – Warp 9 – Arista 12”
32 49 My Love Is Waiting – Marvin Gaye – CBS 12”
33 32 Step In The Light / Young Free And Single – Sunfire – US Warner Bros LP
34 52 Fool For Love / The Jungle Stomp – Prince Charles & The City Beat Band – US MJS 12”
35 38 Can’t Get Enough / Put It In A Magazine – Sonny Charles – US HighRise LP
36 48 Ride On The Rhythm – Mahogany – US West End 12”
37 29 Life Is Something Special / Special Edition – New York Citi Peech Boys – US Island 12”
38 27 You’ve Said Enough – Central Line – Mercury 12”
39 22 Fast Money – Roy Ayers – US Uno Melodic 12”
40 31 I’ll Be Gone / Do You Like It … (Girl) / Friday Nites – Slave – US Cotillion LP
41 37 Back To Love / Shame – Evelyn King – RCA 12”
42 36 She’s Just A Groupie – Bobby Nunn – Motown 12” promo/US LP
43 NE Love Don’t Come Easy – New Jersey Connection – Nite Life 12”
44 68 Let’s Stay Together / Charlie’s Backbeat – Bobby M/Jean Carn – Gordy 12”
45 57 Huevo Dancing – Fresh Face – US Catawba 12”
46 66 Feelin’ Hot (Instrumental) – Futura – US Reelin & Rockin 12”
47 34 Nature Boy / UK Remix – Central Line – Mercury 12”
48 NE Up On The Hill (Mt. U) / Instrumental – Trammps – US Venture 12”
49 53 I Feel Love (Mega Mix) – Donna Summer – Casablanca 12”
50 44 Pop Quiz / Papa Was A Rollin’ Stone / Camouflage / Call Me / Nobody Knows / Soaring – Bill Wolfer – US Constellation LP
51 58 Magic In The Moonlight – Detroit Spinners – Atlantic 12”
52 61 I’d Like To (Instrumental) – Feel – US Sutra 12”
53 72 Be Mine Tonight (Remix) / Instrumental – Jammers – US Salsoul 12”
54 33 Play At Your Own Risk – Planet Patrol – 21 Records 12”
55 62 Ms Fine Brown Frame – Syl Johnson – US Boardwalk 12”
56 RE Love Is A Game / You Ain’t Been Loved – Harry Ray – US Sugarhill LP
57 46 Hi De Hi, Hi De Ho – Kool & The Gang – De-Lite 12”
58 60 In The Name Of Love / Can You Handle It (Remix) – Sharon Redd – Prelude 12”
59 42 I Wanna Know / It Keeps Me Coming Back – Rocket – Virgin 12”
60 43 Give Me (Dub Version) / Remix – I Level – US Epic 12”
61 74 Atomic Dog / Man’s Best Friend – George Clinton – Capitol LP
62 55 Haven’t Been Funked Enough – Ex Tras – ExcellenT 12”
63 75 I’ll Be Around – Detroit Spinners – Atlantic 12”
64 71 Funkacise – The Funkacise Gang – US GRP 12”
65 51 Street Sound – Antoniou – Elite 12”
66 50 Chance To Dance – Wreckin Crew – US Erect 12”
67 63 Turn On Some Music / Midnight Lady / Third World Girl / Joy – Marvin Gaye – CBS LP
68 64 Truly – Lionel Richie – Motown 12”
69 79 You Got Something Special – Lemelle – US Leviticus 12”
70 41 Girl I Like The Way That You Move – Stone – Carrere 12”
71 NE Message II (Survival) – Melle Mel & Duke Bootee – Sugarhill 12”
72 67 Holding On For Love / It’s Your Love – Cargo – EMI Zonophone 12”
73 NE Dancin’ All Night – Master Jam – US 2nd To None Records 12”
74 NE Hip Hop Be Bop (Don’t Stop) – Man Parrish – US Importe/12 12”
75 NE You Can Do It / Instrumental – Vaughan Mason/Butch Dayo – US Salsoul 12”
76 NE Space Is The Place / Instrumental – Jonzun Crew – US Tommy Boy 12”
77 59 D.M.S.R. / 1999 – Prince – US Warner Bros LP
78 NE The Preacher / Asphalt Gardens – George Howard – US Palo Alto Jazz LP
79 47 The Beat Goes On – Orbit – Canadian Quality RFC 12”
80 NE Gimme The Funk – Charades – US Brunswick 12”
81 NE Cool Down The Pace – Gregory Isaacs – Island 12” Remix
82 81 Knockout – Margie Joseph – US HCRC 12”/Remix
83 RE Bladerunner (Version) – Morrisey Mullen – Beggars Banquet 12”
84 NE Mirda Rock – Reggie Griffin & Technofunk – US Sweet Mountain 12”
85 73 Eastern Palace / Rappers Mix – Risan – Saffron 12”


BUBBLING UNDER the Disco 85 are:

Tyrone Davis: ‘Are You Serious’ (US HighRise 7in)
RJ’s Latest Arrival: ‘Stay With Me’ (US Zoo York 12in)
Gwen McCrae: ‘Doin’ It’ (Atlantic LP)
Sandy Kerr: ‘Thug Rock’ (US Catawba 12in)
Grandmaster Flash: ‘Scorpio’ (Sugarhill 12in)
Northend: ‘Tee’s Happy’ (StreetSounds LP)
Earth Wind & Fire: ‘Fall In Love With Me’ (US Columbia 7in)
Mike & Brenda Sutton: ‘Don’t Let Go Of Me’ (Silvertown 12in)
Kabbala: ‘Voltan Dance’ / ‘Ashewo Ara’ (Red Flame 12in)
Azymuth: ‘Indian Pepper’ / ‘Club Morocco’ (Milestone LP)
Dr Jeckyll & Mr Hyde: ‘The Challenge’ (US Profile 12in)
Imagination: ‘Heart ‘N’ Soul’ (R&B LP)
C-Bank: ‘One More Shot’ (Canadian Next Plateau 12in)
Tony Tuff: ‘You’ll Never Find’ (Grove Music 12in)
Quadrant Six: ‘Body Mechanic’ (US Atlantic RFC 12in)


01 01 Young Guns (Go For It) – Wham – Inner Vision 12”
02 02 Buffalo Gals – Malcolm McLaren & The World Famous Supreme Team – Charisma 12”
03 04 Time (Clock Of The Heart) – Culture Club – Virgin 12”
04 03 Mirror Man – Human League – Virgin 12”
05 07 I Feel Love (Mega Mix) – Donna Summer – Casablanca 12”
06 11 Best Years Of Our Lives – Modern Romance – WEA 12”
07 06 Friends – Shalamar – Solar 12”
08 08 Living On The Ceiling – Blancmange – London 12”
09 05 (Sexual) Healing – Marvin Gaye – CBS 12”
10 10 Hi De Hi, Hi De Ho – Kool & The Gang – De-Lite 12”
11 09 In And Out – Willie Hutch – Motown 12”
12 22 You Can’t Hurry Love – Phil Collins – Virgin 12”
13 15 The Look Of Love – ABC – Neutron 12”
14 14 Wishing – A Flock Of Seagulls – Jive 12”
15 13 Truly – Lionel Richie – Motown 12”
16 21 The Other Side Of Love – Yazoo – Mute 12”
17 16 Mad World – Tears For Fears – Mercury 12”
18 18 Changes – Imagination – R&B 12”
19 17 Heavy Vibes – Montana Sextet – Virgin 12”
20 12 I Don’t Wanna Dance – Eddy Grant – Ice 12”
21 31 Magic’s Wand – Whodini – Jive 12”
22 — Dear Addy (Remix) – Kid Creole & The Coconuts – Ze 12”
23 — Loopzilla – George Clinton – Capitol 12”
24 27 E.T. Boogie – Extra T’s – US Sunnyview 12”
25 30 Thriller – Michael Jackson – Epic LP
26 29 In The Name Of Love – Sharon Redd – Prelude 12”
27 19 Keep The Fire Burning – Gwen McCrae – Atlantic 12”
28 26 Christmas Rapping – Dizzy Heights – Polydor 12”
29 25 Ooh La La La (Let’s Go Dancin’) – Kool & The Gang – De-Lite 12”
30 20 Do It To The Music – Raw Silk – KR 12”
31 24 Situation (Remix) – Yaz(oo) – US Sire 12”
32 28 Rio – Duran Duran – EMI 12”
33 — Let’s Get This Straight (From The Start) – Dexy’s Midnight Runners – Mercury 12”
34 40 Talk Talk – Talk Talk – EMI 12”
35 23 Never Give You Up – Sharon Redd – Prelude 12”
36 — Jazzy Rhythm – Michelle Wallace – System 12”
37 — The Smurf – Tyrone Brunson – Epic 12”
38 — Do You Really Want To Hurt Me – Culture Club – Virgin 12”
39 — Where The Heart Is – Soft Cell – Some Bizzare 12”
40 39 Our House – Madness – Stiff 12”


01 01 It’s Raining Men – Weather Girls – CBS 12”
02 03 She Has A Way – Bobby “O” – US “O” 12”
03 04 I Feel Love (Mega Mix) – Donna Summer – Casablanca 12”
04 02 In The Name Of Love (Remix) – Sharon Redd – Canadian Prelude 12”
05 06 Mind Warp / Tech-No-Logical World – Patrick Cowley – US Megatone LP
06 08 Don’t Stop / Be With You – Sylvester – US Megatone LP
07 09 Shoot Your Shot – Divine – Canadian Black Sun 12”
08 05 Medley: I’m Not In Love – Scherrie Payne – Record Shack 12”
09 07 Dirty Talk (USA Connection) – Klein & MBO – TMT 12”
10 11 Thunder & Lightning – Risque – Dutch Polydor 12”
11 10 Magic’s Wand – Whodini – Jive 12”
12 14 Work Me Over / I Will Follow Him – Claudja Barry – Canadian Lollipop 12”
13 17 Fantasy – Hotline – Italian Il Disc 12”
14 19 You Are A Danger – Gary Low – Canadian Quality 12”
15 16 The Other Side Of Love – Yazoo – Mute 12”
16 20 Situation (Remix) – Yaz(oo) – US Sire 12”
17 13 Mirror Man – Human League – Virgin 12”
18 24 Native Love Step By Step (UK Remix) – Divine – “O” 12”
19 21 Can He Find Another – Double Discovery – US Polydor 12”
20 23 Make My Feet Wanna Dance – Motion – Canadian Tojo 12”
21 15 I’m So Hot For You – Bobby “O” – US “O” 12”
22 12 Keep The Fire Burning – Gwen McCrae – Atlantic 12”/remix
23 26 Collision (Remix) – Sphinx – Italian Systems Music 12”
24 27 Heartbeats – Yarbrough & Peoples – US Total Experience 12”
25 28 Der Amboss (Instrumental Remix) – Visage – German Polydor 12” Promo
26 18 Buffalo Gals (Scratch) / (Trad.Square) – Malcolm McLaren – Charisma 12”
27 30 (You Said) You’d Gimme Some More – KC & The Sunshine Band – Epic 12”
28 — Over And Over – Reggie Simms – Canadian PBI 12”
29 — Tequila – Bo Boss – US Emergency 12”
30 — The Look Of Love (Scratch Mix) – ABC – Neutron 12”

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