March 12, 1983: Patrick Williams, Joe Sample, Whispers, C.O.D., Omni


MORGAN KHAN (to continue from last week’s Hot Vinyl) has taken his Streetwave label away from CBS to join StreetSounds being pressed and distributed by PRT, although the Hudsons will stay leased to CBS, his first acquisition given this new full independence of operation being Wish ‘Mr DJ’ — for which your own James Hamilton is creating a special remixed bonus third track . . . DJs Chris Brown & Mike Sefton will soon be circulating moody white labels of ‘We’re All Right Tonight‘ by Pagoda, a Greg Knowles-led splinter group from the Inversions . . . CBS release Visual in a fortnight and could be picking up Steve Shelto, this latter really now having taken off and despite my initial doubtful opinion of it, I too cracked it by mixing in the sequence David Joseph/Jazzy Dee/Jimmy Young/Steve Shelto . . . Polydor passed on C-Brand but Phonogram got it for inclusion on a future 4-track/4 artiste 12in, the C-Brand 116-115½bpm having been misprinted recently (I even used a nice new black typewriter ribbon last week but still didn’t win!) . . . Montana Orchestra is actually 123-122-123-126-124-126-124bpm, after careful consideration, and the Rah Band 97½-97-96½-96bpm — final commercial TMT copies of the Rah Band will contain other remixes either in addition or instead of those already included on Red Label copies . . . I originally thought the Nile Rodgers B-side, ‘Get Her Crazy‘, was too monotonous to be truly a dancer but now the somewhat electronic tempoed 116½bpm repetitive tribal chant jitterer is fast becoming the hot side . . . PRT have followed my suggestion and totally re-edited Disco Connection ‘Rock Your Baby’, the similarly and Belgian recorded original inspiration for Forrest ‘Rock The Boat’ — and Adrian (Bournemouth Adams) makes a back-and-forth medley of the two his current high spot of the evening . . . Island’s Bryan O’Connor has been circulating white labels of a 110½bpm cover version of ‘You Are In My System’ as by the R.P. Band — vocals (better than The System original) quite obviously by Mr R.P. himself, Robert Palmer! . . . Kinsman Dazz, now called Kinsman Dazz Band, have their classic 1979 album reissued on import US Casablanca (810 312-1 M-1) . . . Polydor’s Verve label has reissued the 1967 ‘Get It While You Can’ album by Howard Tate (Verve POLD 5096), who I saw at the Apollo in Harlem at the time when the title track and (included) ‘Look At Granny Run Run‘ were hot soul singles — he was on a bill with Peaches & Herb, The Fascinations, Robert Parker, Oscar Toney Jr, Mighty Sam, Albert King and more, July ’67 . . . Polo Records, up-dating their DJ mailing list, are looking for demo tapes from new artistes — contact their A&R office at 351 Edgware Road, London W2 (01-402 6954) . . . Theo Loyla’s recent DJ survey also revealed that 85 per cent of disco DJs use independent record shops rather than chain stores, the assumption being that as DJs buy mainly new releases they must reckon they get better service from indies (not that this really needed a survey to discover!) . . . Quincy Jones must be chuffed (and rich), his Michael Jackson LP and single are not only top of the LP and singles charts here but also in America, where they top the Black LP, Black singles and Dance/Disco charts too — a stupendous and unique grand slam — and not only that, it was the Quincy-produced Austin/Ingram duet which had been holding Michael from the top US singles slot until last week! . . . Loraine Trent’s assistant at CBS, Caroline Douratsos leaves this Friday with her husband to live on the Greek island of Syros — we’ll miss her muchly (but what a nice holiday destination, hint hint!) . . . Epping Forest Country Club surprised some at Soul On Sound’s alldayer last Sunday by not being a bigger venue, but had nice rooms for withdrawing into (some of the fellahs were even queuing in the Ladies!) — which was just as well as it was full to capacity, making the frequent PAs (by David Joseph, The Biz, Richard Jon Smith, Animal Nightlife and many more) difficult to see unless like the TV camera crew you were on the stairs . . . Manchester jocks Colin Curtis and Kev Edwards had to leave with their coach party at 9pm so the drivers were back within tachometer time, which upset all their punters . . . I celebrated my 20th anniversary as a DJ by playing one of the first records I’d used in March ’63, James Brown ‘Night Train‘, which actually got a round of applause, shortly followed by Tony Jenkins unexpectedly presenting me with a ‘Happy 20th BPMs’ birthday cake — thanks for both! . . . Soul On Sound’s next event could be in either Preston or Glasgow, incidentally . . . Chris Hill, well known Afrika Bambaataa fan, plays captain to a motley “crew” of mafioso at a Bournemouth Beach Party on Easter Monday in Boscombe’s Academy, promoted by Showstoppers (whose April Caister weekender is totally sold out) . . . Maze return for four nights at Hammersmith Odeon in May, but don’t bother trying to get tickets as amazingly they all sold out in an incredible stampede on Saturday following Robbie Vincent’s announcement of the dates on Radio London — however, Maze also play Manchester Apollo, Nottingham Rock City and Birmingham Odeon for one night each . . . ‘TCOB North Of Watford’ issue number 2 is a much better more substantial read than the first edition of Mike Shaft’s quaintly yclept fanzine . . . ‘Surface Thrills’, the less than startling new import Gordy LP by the Temptations, ought to be retitled ‘Surface Noise’! . . . Rush Release have been passing on (is that the right expression?) an hilarious new ‘Golden Circle’-type chain letter, only this one guarantees within one month to give 35 million people a dose of herpes! . . . Dave Rawlings reports the latest craze at Basingstoke Martines on Saturday nights is a hula-hoop competition, with all the local toy shops scouring the country for stocks to keep the practising punters supplied . . . West Sussex & Hants DJ Assn have an open night and equipment demonstration at Guildford’s Stoke Hall this Monday (14) at 8.15pm . . . Denise Williams stars at Watford Baileys for three nights from Thursday (10), while Viola Wills makes an exclusive London gay club appearance at Mile End Benjys on Sunday (13) . . . Terry Davis, whose monthly soul oldies show co-hosted with Clive Richardson on JFM this Sunday features a New Orleans special, has a ’60s soul ‘Function At The Junction’ on Saturday (12) at Lavender Hill’s The Cornet in Lavender Gardens (get there before 10.45pm) . . . Wigan Tiffanys has a marathon oldies alldayer/niter with a cast of thousands this Friday lunchtime right through until Saturday breakfast, while Friday evening finds yet more Northern jocks having a ‘Rare Soul Fling’ at Wolverhampton Old Vic Hotel’s Cavendish Suite, several of this mob plus others then moving on Saturday for a ‘History Of Northern Soul’ allniter at Burntwood Recreation Centre — d’ya reckon anyone will need artificial stimulation to keep going? . . . Neil Rushton tells me that the parallel ‘Modern Soul’ underground scene up north, for comparison with the south’s soul revivalists, has made a big floor-filler out of the Australian-recorded cover version of ‘I’ll Be Around‘ by Doug Parkinson . . . Pete Haigh & Steve Naylor do an ‘Urban Contemporary Dance Mix’ night on Thursdays at Standish Cassinellis near Wigan (M6 exit 27) . . . I found rather unnerving during my obviously all-mixed set at Epping Forest all the northerners clustered around the DJ booth watching my every move — hey chaps, it’s just a way of making the records flow, it’s no big deal you know . . . Joe ‘Minimix’ Field and Mike Allin have moved their jazz-soul Sundays to Hemel Hempstead’s kinky sounding Whip & Collar pub in Two Waters Road (free admission, and they get a good crowd) . . . Chris Kaye this week (12) adds Saturdays as well as Wednesdays funking the Eagles Nest at Badgers Mount in Kent (what names we’re getting this issue!) . . . Radio Horizon’s Barry Jameson now co-funks Fridays at Hackney Flappers with Mark Summers, who’s started a series of star PAs at the club on Thursdays . . . Steve Day, just engaged to Dawn Westbrook, now joins Larry ‘Daddy’ Foster on Tuesdays funking Stratford Reflections . . . Chris Bangs presents TC’s Latin/Jazz Fusion on Wednesdays at Kingston-on-Thames Jesters in Crown Passage . . . Buddy Lucas, jazz-souling Bermondsey Old Kent Road’s Dun Cow (Wed)/Green Man (Fri/Sat), says from reaction he gets, the nine-or-so months old Gene Chandler ‘I’ll Make The Living If You Make The Loving Worthwhile‘ (US Chi-Sound 12in) should be put out here . . . Lofty Lofthouse (Gateshead), amongst its many critics, says The Band AKA “at the tragic mixing point between ‘Joy’ and ‘Grace’” empties the floor . . . Simon Walsh at Bradford’s Time & Place is still hangin’ in there with the Webboes at number 2 in his chart, and this under-rated electrophonic phunker is showing further signs of life now . . . Ray Edwards (Raymondo of “sorry ‘baht that!” fame on Capital’s old ‘TV On Reggae’ show) has been replaced on Radio City’s weeknight late show by Brian Chalker, who despite his Country & Western background is reported by Cardiff listener Al Dupres to be continuing the slot’s soulful tradition . . . Capital’s Saturday evening soul show, currently presented by ‘The Baad’ Al Mathews (mmm-hmm), this week moves from 5-8pm to just 7-9pm — and it was the news of this curtailed time shift, no matter what else you may have heard, that discomfitted the show’s previous incumbent… Al’s actually calming his act down now . . . YES INDEEDY (MMM-HMM!).


PATRICK WILLIAMS: ‘Too Hip For The Room’ (LP ‘Dreams And Themes’ US PCM Records PAA-1001)
Already my favourite album of the year purely for listening, this composer/arranger/conductor’s beautiful jazz instrumental set features Tom Scott and all “the men” in subtly voiced brassy rather ’50s big band-type mood (try the lovely slow ‘Times’ for a great example), and I seem to have spent the whole weekend turning people onto it following in turn from Hertfordshire DJ Mike Allin turning me onto this particular featured track, a A fabulous sleazy good-time lurcher which takes off through 95-92-93-97/194-200-95-0bpm with a fast central section making that part ultra-specialist. The opening passage has produced squeals of delight every time I’ve chopped it out of the drum rolls that punctuate Tania Maria’s ‘Come With Me’, and then before the fast bit I chop into Chill Fac-Torr ‘Twist’. However that’s not all, as Williams composed the theme for ‘Lou Grant’ and, sho nuff, here’s the most definitive Tom Scott-played 95bpm ‘Lou’s Blues‘ that one is likely to find (as several readers have subsequently pointed out), while the multi-tempoed ‘Agave‘ is getting specialist Latin action. Give your ears a treat!

JOE SAMPLE: ‘Wings Of Fire’ (LP ‘The Hunter’ US MCA MCA-5397)
It’s a goodie! Totally independent of any fellow Crusaders, jazz pianist Joe’s self-penned instrumental set has returned one’s faith in his abilities at least, this melodic 119-120-121-120-122bpm adrenalin charger being the best dancer although the (0-)115-116-117-118-117-118bpm title track, 113bpm ‘Beauty And The Beast‘ (reminiscent of ‘Many Steps’) and (0-)91bpm ‘Night Flight’ are sure to get some attention too.

WHISPERS: ‘Keep On Lovin’ Me’ (LP ‘Love For Love’ US Solar 60216)
Worth the wait for its sheer quality as a self contained album if not so much as a dance set, their completely down tempo second side has a mellow resonance reminiscent of vintage Flamingos and is dominated by the deep soul 0-71-73bpm ‘Do They Turn You On‘, while the most impressive dancer is this classy 112bpm smooth chugger with nice little adlibs towards the end, the more laid back 0-106bpm title track also being good. The most obviously ”up” tune, on US single-issued A-side, the catchy 114bpm ‘Tonight‘ is in Britain coupled with the older 108bpm ‘Turn Me Out’ as 2-track flip to the slow Lionel Richie-influenced ‘This Time’ on 12in (Solar E 9878T). Surely that should have been the 7in plugside, but ‘Tonight’ would have made more sense alone on 12in A-side?

C.O.D.: ‘In The Bottle’ (US Emergency EMDS 6535)
Causing controversy but already winning converts in a big way, this potential purist antagonising electrophonic phunk 117bpm 12in adaption (destruction?) of Gil Scott Heron’s classic has Man Parrish as associate producer and it certainly shows, the instrumental side with interesting finish being easier to take than the overly familiar vocal line which clashes against the unsympathetic robotic beat. However, the vocal side is cleaning up!

OMNI: ‘All For The One’ LP (US Fountain FR-3-822)
A good soul set by a male vocal group, the title track being an excellent infectiously rhythmic 110½bpm funk chugger that vari-synchs like a bitch out of the Whispers ‘Keep On Lovin’ Me’, while the more angular 115bpm ‘Body Groove‘ goes through a central acappella break that stays on the beat and the romping fast 132-134-132bpm ‘Out Of My Hands (Love’s Taken Over)‘ built a minor cult reputation on 12in some time back.

THE SALSOUL ORCHESTRA: ‘Ooh, I Love It’ (Salsoul SALT 102)
Vince Montana’s 1975-recorded forerunner of ‘Heavy Vibes’ has the same bass line but a limper more rambling construction and cooing or rapping dated chix, and has excited plenty of interest although personally I doubt it deserves quite such a high chart placing. On 3-track 12in in three versions, the 115-116-115½-116-117(“love break”)-118-117-119-120bpm ‘Love Break’ A-side, possibly stronger 114-117-115-117-118-119-120bpm ‘Love Break Version‘, and sleek basic instrumental 0-117-119-120-0bpm ‘Love Break Groove‘.

SECOND IMAGE: ‘Better Take Time’ (Polydor POSPX 565)
Harmonised classy but very slight, lightweight 124-123-123½bpm 12in blue-eyed skipper, reminiscent of the old Classics IV and probably ideal FM radio fodder for the States, but on disco floors it’s the flip’s simple bone dry cool instrumental 118bpm ‘Special Lady‘ with a telling jazzy piano solo that’s already the winner. Currently on white label, commercial copies will be twin-packed in limited numbers with a Pete Wingfield remixed ‘Can’t Keep Holding On — ’83’

HARRY RAY: ‘Love Is A Game’ (Sugarhill SHL 122)
Busted open in soul revivalist venues off import LP and now remixed for 12in, the ex-Moment duets soulfully with Angie B of the Sequence on a nicely worded 112-112½-113bpm swayer, very classy.

BAR-KAYS: ‘She Talks To Me With Her Body (Remix)’ (US Mercury 811 165-1)
Good strong basic funk 117-117½bpm 12in blend of electrophonic rhythm attack over a Ray Parker Jr-ish bass line, with squealing synth and macho vocals slotting precisely into the framework while it builds to a fierce finish.

THE BARRON KNIGHTS: ‘Buffalo Bill’s Last Scratch’ (Epic EPC A13-3208)
Unexpected maybe but even on 12in, this brilliant 110-110½bpm parody of Malcolm McLaren also takes pot shots (literally!) at Orville and Renato on the way. Great fun!

DAVID MILLER: ‘Swing And Dine, Dance All The Time’ (LGR Records 001)
Terrifically infectious happy 0-88-89-88-89bpm 12in reggae bubbler with a chorus you’ll find hard to resist. Heavily featured by Robbie Vincent of late and well worth finding even by pop jocks.

STEPHANIE MILLS: ‘You Can’t Run From My Love’ (US Casablanca 810 337-1)
Evidently destined for one in a series of 4-track 12in releases by Phonogram here, this extended 111bpm 12in remix of her last album’s debut UK single is a pleasant enough worriedly pent up lurcher but still nothing terribly special.

BILL WOLFER: ‘Papa Was A Rollin’ Stone’ (Solar E 9849T)
Excellent 120bpm 12in remake of Norman Whitfield’s moodily dramatic stop-start Temptations classic, true to the original but so full of long quiet passages of the barest minimum hi-hat tapping rhythm (especially in the first two-thirds) that it’s notoriously difficult to put across on dance floors.

EBONEE WEBB: ‘Here My Love Is’ (LP ‘Too Hot’ US Capitol ST-12250)
Totally derivative funkers, this 109-110-111-112bpm grinder being a faster ‘Don’t Stop The Music’ while Prince clones are the 124-125-126bpm ‘Are You Really Ready‘ and (also on 12in) 125-126-127bpm ‘Too Hot To Be Cool‘.

ANGELA BOFILL: ‘Too Tough’ LP (Arista 205273)
While it was hot on import the largely down tempo set’s biggest specialist soul track became her own self-produced mildly weaving 111bpm ‘Is This A Dream’, the Narada Michael Walden-produced lazily drifting 108bpm ‘Love You Too Much‘ and gorgeous Boz Scaggs-duetted 94bpm revival of Marvin & Tammi’s ‘Ain’t Nothing Like The Real Thing‘ being the other cuts (apart from the now 12in-issued 119bpm title track). Pleasant stuff, not essential for dancers.

DISCO TOP 85 – March 12, 1983

01 02 You Can’t Hide Your Love – David Joseph – Island 12”
02 04 Billie Jean (Remix) – Michael Jackson – Epic 12”
03 01 Rock The Boat – Forrest – CBS 12”
04 05 Joy / Instrumental – The Band A.K.A. – Epic Streetwave 12”
05 08 Get On Up – Jazzy Dee – Laurie 12”
06 03 Last Night A D.J. Saved My Life – Indeep – Sound Of New York 12”
07 06 Outstanding – Gap Band – Total Experience 12”
08 07 Phone Home – Jonny Chingas – CBS 12”
09 16 I Am Somebody – Glenn Jones – RCA 12”
10 11 I Just Gotta Have You (Lover Turn Me On) – Kashif – Arista 12”
11 09 Groovin’ (That’s What We’re Doin’) (Remix) – The S.O.S. Band – Tabu 12”
12 10 Garden Party / Funk Suite No.1 – Mezzoforte – Steinar 12”
13 12 I’m Down For That / She’s Got To Be (A Dancer) – Jerry Knight – Funk A&Merica 12”
14 20 Wired For Games – C-Brand – US Spring 12”
15 17 Never Too Much (Remix) / Since I Lost My Baby – Luther Vandross – Epic 12”
16 19 Reach Up / Dub Mix – Toney Lee – TMT 12”
17 14 Nature Boy (Remix) / (Original ’83 Mix) – Central Line – Mercury 12”
18 28 Ooh I Love It (Love Break) / (Version) – Salsoul Orchestra – US Salsoul 12”
19 24 Come With Me / Sementes, Graines & Seeds / Sangria – Tania Maria – US Concord Jazz Picante LP
20 26 Weekend (Weekday Side) – Class Action – Sleeping Bag 12”
21 35 Tonight – Whispers – US Solar 12”
22 13 Ride On The Rhythm / Dub Mix – Mahogany – West End 12”
23 15 Gimme The Funk – Charades – US Brunswick 12”
24 22 Thriller / Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin’ / The Lady In My Life / P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing) / Beat It – Michael Jackson – Epic LP
25 18 Hip Hop Be Bop (Don’t Stop) – Man Parrish – US Importe/12 12”
26 65 Young Free And Single – Sunfire – Warner Bros 12”
27 23 1999 – Prince – Warner Bros 12”
28 57 Don’t You Give Your Love Away – Steve Shelto – US SAM 12”
29 34 50/50 Love / How Long – Maurice Massiah – Canadian Quality RFC LP
30 54 Times Are Tight (Instrumental) – Jimmy Young – US Delirium 12”
31 25 Hold Me Tighter In The Rain – Billy Griffin – CBS 12”
32 27 Too Tough – Angela Bofill – Arista 12”
33 33 Get Loose / I’m In Love – Evelyn King – RCA 12”
34 29 Be Mine Tonight / What Have You Got To Lose And You Know That – Jammers – Salsoul 12”
35 21 Up On The Hill (Mt. U) – Trammps – US Venture 12”
36 44 Sugar Pie Guy (Remixes) – The Joneses – US Mercury 12”
37 30 The Harder They Come – Rockers Revenge – London 12”
38 31 Haven’t Been Funked Enough – Ex Tras – ExcellenT 12”
39 59 You Meet My Approval / Nobody Can Be You – Steve Arrington’s Hall Of Fame – US Atlantic LP
40 49 Baby’s Got Another – Richard John Smith – Jive 12”
41 53 I Want Your Love Back – Celena Duncan – RCA 12”
42 51 Steppin’ Out (With You) / Rico Rico / Steppin’ Out Jam – Cloud – Silvertown 12”
43 45 Touching In The Dark / If I Had A Chance – Walter Jackson – US Kelli-Arts 7”
44 52 Wham Rap! (Enjoy What You Do) – Wham – Inner Vision 12”
45 39 Do It Anyway You Wanna – Cashmere – US Philly World 12”
46 43 The Chinese Way (Remix) – Level 42 – Polydor 12”
47 12 Fire / Nothing Can Hold Us Back / Do It All For You – Jerry Knight – US A&M LP/Funk A&Merica 12”
48 61 One More Shot / One More Time – C-Bank – Bronze Next Plateau 12”
49 58 Twist (Round ‘N’ Round) – Chill Fac-Torr – US Philly World 12”
50 56 You And I / Do Something – Goodie – Total Experience 12”
51 38 I’ll Be Around – Detroit Spinners – Atlantic 12”
52 32 Let’s Stay Together – Bobby M/Jean Carn – Gordy 12”
53 73 No Stoppin’ That Rockin’ – Instant Funk – US Salsoul 12”
54 37 In The Streets – Prince Charles – Greyhound LP
55 41 Looking For The Perfect Beat – Soulsonlc Force – 21 Records 12”
56 40 Ashewo Ara – Kabbala – Red Flame 12”
57 47 You Can’t Run From Love (Club Mix) – Maxine Singleton – US Connection 12”
58 36 Mind Up Tonight (Remix) – Melba Moore – Capitol 12”
59 NE In The Bottle – C.O.D. – US Emergency 12”
60 62 The Girl Is Fine (So Fine) / Dance Version – Fatback – US Spring 12”
61 84 Hangin’ / Dance Dance Dance – Chic – Atlantic 12”
62 NE Wings Of Fire – Joe Sample – US MCA LP
63 63 Mr D.J. / Instrumental – Wish – US Blue 12”
64 50 I Like It Like That (Remix) – Inner Life – US Salsoul 12”
65 82 Paradise Drive – Midnite – Tivoli 12”
66 66 Who’s Getting It Now (Remix) – Chocolate Milk – US RCA 12”
67 NE On The Wings Of Love – Jeffrey Osborne – Funk A&Merica 12”
68 46 Fall In Love With Me – Earth Wind & Fire – CBS 12”
69 80 Baby Come To Me – Patti Austin & James Ingram – Qwest 12”
70 69 The Music Got Me – Visual – US Prelude LP
71 68 Spaced Out / Party Mix – Pure Energy – US Prism 12”
72 81 I’d Like To (Instrumental) – Feel – Buddah 12”
73 NE Too Hip For The Room / Lou’s Blues / Agave – Patrick Williams – US PCM Records LP
74 NE Doin’ It – Gwen McCrae – Atlantic 12”
75 NE Falling (Remixes) – The Biz – Midas 12”
76 70 Atomic Dog (Remix) – George Clinton – Capitol 12”
77 NE Space Is The Place / Pac Jam – Jonzun Crew – 21 Records 12”
78 72 All I Need Is You – Starshine – US Prelude 12”
79 55 Freak It Out (Instrumental) – Electric Smoke – US Blue 12”
80 48 Feelin’ Hot (Instrumental) – Futura – Graffiti 12”
81 42 Is This A Dream / Love You Too Much – Angela Bofill – Arista LP
82 NE I Can’t Let You Go – Talkback – CBS 12”
83 85 Beverly – Fonzi Thornton – US RCA 12”
84 NE Young Free & Single / Instrumental – Lorita Grahame – Intense 12”
85 NE Solo Wind / Manhattan Carnival / “G” Major Dance / City Limits – Dave Tofani – US Telestar Cassettes LP


BUBBLING UNDER the Disco 85 are:

Slave: ‘Do You Like It … (Girl)’ (Atlantic 12in)
Chaka Khan: ‘Best In The West’ / ‘Be Bop Medley’ (Warner Bros 12in)
BT Express: ‘This Must Be The Night (Froggy Remix)’ (Record Shack 12in)
Yasuko Agawa: ‘New York Afternoon’ (Japanese Invitation LP)
Peech Boys: ‘Life Is Something Special’ (Island 12in)
Melba Moore: ‘Underlove’ (Capitol 12in)
Klymaxx: ‘The Man In My Life (Fred Dove & Froggy Remix)’ (Solar 12in)
Muscle Shoals Horns: ‘More Than Ever Now’ / ‘Shoalin’ (US Monument LP)
Powell Family: ‘No Problem’ (Island 12in)
Bill Wolfer: ‘Papa Was A Rollin’ Stone’ (Solar 12in)
The System: ‘Sweat’ / ‘Stand Up And Cheer’ (US Mirage LP)
Flowchart: ‘Ask The Boss’ (Italian Maximus 12in)
Second Image: ‘Special Lady’ (Polydor 12in)
Ray Parker Jr: ‘You Can’t Change That’ / ‘For Those Who Like To Groove’ (Arista 12in)
Nile Rodgers: ‘Get Her Crazy’ / ‘Yum-Yum’ (US Mirage 12in)
Colin Blunstone: ‘Touch (Instrumental)’ (PRT 12in)
Stephanie Mills: ‘You Can’t Run From My Love (Remix)’ (US Casablanca 12in)
Whispers: ‘Keep On Lovin’ Me’ (US Solar LP)
Transit: ‘Dance Groove’ (US Storm 12in)
Harry Ray: ‘Love Is A Game (Remix)’ (Sugarhill 12in)
Peabo Bryson: ‘Go For It’ (US Capitol LP)
Earth Wind & Fire: ‘Spread Your Love’ / ‘Speed Of Love’ (CBS LP/12in promo)
Omni: ‘All For The One’ (US Fountain LP)
Cori Josias: ‘Takin’ It Straight’ / ‘Dub Mix’ (Metropolis/Carrere 12in)
Lanier & Co: ‘After I Cry Tonight’ (US Larc/LP)
Extra T’s: ‘I Like It’ (US Sunnyview 12in)


Mike Gordon of London’s famous Vintage Record Centre (in Roman Way just over the road from Caledonian Road tube station) is very disappointed I appear to have ceased the chart hit 7in BPM listings. Mike writes, ‘I’ve always found them of great use for my mobiles — I do those wally weddings you mention!’ Well to tell the truth, since the Gallup chart has been swamping us with new entries, very few of which go on to have any real stature, I’ve been a bit put off by the work load involved in BPM-ing so much dubious material. Let’s face it, a market that is so fragmented and insignificant that a record can hit the Top 100, peak to the Top 10, and then be out of that whole Top 100 all within eight weeks is hardly healthy. What we are facing are momentary thrills, the fleeting fancies of a few thousand people, not the foundation of future classics. Anyway, somewhat in retrospect, I have now done the BPMs for all the Top 40 hits since Gallup kicked off in the new year (ending demoted by f/c/r for fade/cold/resonant:

Michael Jackson 116½f, Bonnie Tyler 0-32-65-32-67½-32f, Kajagoogoo 108f, Toto 92f, Eurythmics 125f, Musical Youth 86f, Tears For Fears 125f, Madness 137-139-140f, Thompson Twins (0-)112f, Fun Boy Three 121c, Cocker/Warnes 0-17/35-35/70f, Forrest 114½f, Depeche Mode 129f, Wham 116(intro)-119f, Spandau Ballet 152c, Belle Stars 113f (‘Stretch Mix’ 112f), Icehouse 136f (remarkably similar to Stranglers ‘European Female’ 136f), Austin/Ingram 44¾-89½f, Everly/Richard 124-126-125-127f, Haysi Fantayzee 0-199c, Bananarama 117f, Men At Work 105(start)-107f, China Crisis 47/94f, Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark 128r, Blancmange (0-)118-0r, lndeep 110f, David Joseph 117f, Orange Juice 106f, Malcolm McLaren 0-93-91f, Thin Lizzy 170c, Rogers/Easton 0-31-61-0-31-0r, Prince 119f, Eddy Grant 121½f, Stranglers 141f, Joan Armatrading 128-126½f, Soft Cell 0-77f, Rockers Revenge 114f, Central Line 115f, Echo & The Bunnymen 0-138-135-0r, Dire Straits 181c, U2 133f, Level 42 122f, Elvis Presley 162f, OK, Mike? Keep on rockin’!


01 01 Billie Jean (Remix) – Michael Jackson – Epic 12”
02 06 Rock The Boat – Forrest – CBS 12”
03 05 Love On Your Side (Rap Boy Rap) – Thompson Twins – Arista 12”
04 02 Too Shy – Kajagoogoo – EMI 12”
05 13 You Can’t Hide Your Love – David Joseph – Island 12”
06 04 Last Night A D.J. Saved My Life – Indeep – Sound Of New York 12”
07 12 Groovin’ (That’s What We’re Doin’) – S.O.S. Band – Tabu 12”
08 29 Joy – The Band A.K.A. – CBS 12”
09 03 Wham Rap! – Wham – Inner Vision 12”
10 07 Hey Little Girl – Icehouse – Chrysalis 12”
11 09 Communication – Spandau Ballet – Reformation 12”
12 10 1999 – Prince – Warner Bros 12”
13 08 Change – Tears For Fears – Mercury 12”
14 14 Hold Me Tighter In The Rain – Billy Griffin – CBS 12”
15 15 Waves – Blancmange – London 12”
16 11 The Harder They Come – Rockers Revenge – London/Streetwise 12”
17 25 Never Too Much – Luther Vandross – Epic 12”
18 17 Phone Home – Jonny Chingas – CBS 12”
19 28 Get Loose – Evelyn King – RCA 12”
20 24 Shiny Shiny – Haysi Fantayzee – Regard 12”
21 30 I Am Somebody – Glenn Jones – RCA 12”
22 38 Garden Party – Mezzoforte – Steinar 12”
23 21 Ride On The Rhythm – Mahogany featuring Bernice Watkins – West End 12”
24 16 Outstanding – Gap Band – Total Experience 12”
25 18 Electric Avenue – Eddy Grant – Ice 12”
26 22 Sign Of The Times (Stretch) – Belle Stars – Stiff 12”
27 35 Africa (Dub Mix) – Key Of Dreams – Baby 12”
28 20 Buffalo Gals (Scratch) – Malcolm McLaren – Charisma 12”
29 32 Cash Flow – Leisure Process – Epic 12”
30 — D’Ya Like Scratchin’ (With The Red River Valley Girls) – Malcolm McLaren – Charisma 12”
31 34 Africa – Toto – CBS 12”
32 23 Down Under – Men At Work – Epic 12”
33 19 Mind Up Tonight – Melba Moore – Capitol 12”
34 36 The Tunnel Of Love – Fun Boy Three – Chrysalis 12”
35 — Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This) – Eurythmics – RCA 12”
36 26 Fall In Love With Me – Earth Wind & Fire – CBS 12”
37 39 Get The Balance Right – Depeche Mode – Mute 12”
38 — Thriller – Michael Jackson – Epic LP
39 — Get On Up – Jazzy Dee – Laurie 12”
40 27 The Chinese Way – Level 42 – Polydor 12”


01 01 Rock The Boat – Forrest – CBS 12”
02 12 The Night – Azul Y Negro – Italian Mercury 12”
03 04 Billie Jean (Remix) – Michael Jackson – Epic 12”
04 02 Don’t Stop – Sylvester – US Megatone 12”
05 03 Last Night A D.J. Saved My Life – Indeep – Sound Of New York 12”
06 05 Got You Where I Want You Babe – Stereo Fun Inc. – US Moby Dick/Dutch Rams Horn 12”
07 07 Shoot Your Shot / Jungle Jezebel – Divine – “O” 12”
08 08 Weekend (Weekend Side) / (Weekday Side) – Class Action – US Sleeping Bag 12”
09 15 Be With You (Remix) – Sylvester – German Ariola 12”
10 06 Fantasy (Re-Remix) / (Remix) / (Original) – Hotline – Canadian Unidisc 12” / Italian Il Disc 12”
11 09 She Has A Way – Bobby “O” – “O” 12”
12 10 Takin’ It Straight / Dub Mix – Cori Josias – Metropolis/Carrere 12”
13 13 Red Light Lover – Gwen Jonae – US Arial 12”
14 14 Heartbeats – Yarbrough & Peoples – Total Experience 12”
15 — Breaking My Heart – Roni Griffith – US Vanguard 12”
16 18 Under My Thumb – Fast Radio – US Radar 12”
17 19 Can We Try Again – Technique – US Arial 12”
18 — Just Like All The Rest – Thelma Houston – US MCA LP
19 20 I’m Free – Celi Bee – US Paris International 12”
20 27 Shotgun – Paul Sabu – US Arial 12”
21 — The Beach – New Order – Factory 12”
22 11 Never Seen Anything Like You – Bobby Nunn – Motown 12” promo/US LP
23 21 X-Rated (Remix) – Carol Jiani – Dutch High Fashion 12”
24 24 Ride Like The Wind – Vincent Montana Orchestra – US PSW 12”
25 26 Working Girl – Cheri – 21 Records 12”
26 25 Penguins Invasion – Scotch – Italian Il Disc 12”
27 — You Can’t Run From Love (Club Mix) – Maxine Singleton – Creole 12”
28 22 He’s A Pretender – High Inergy – Gordy 12”
29 23 I Just Don’t Know What To Do With Myself – Cheri Lewis – Creole 12”
30 28 To Meet Me (Instrumental) – Den Harrow – Italian Hole 12”

One thought on “March 12, 1983: Patrick Williams, Joe Sample, Whispers, C.O.D., Omni”

  1. “A new black typewriter ribbon”, wow! The past really is “A different country”. Love the contemporary update on the growing success of MJs Thriller album. No one could’ve predicted the groundbreaking success and cultural significance it would have. Love being able to watch the past play out in real time through the pages of this blog.


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