February 4, 1984: Jackie Wilson obituary, Julia & Company, Steve Arrington’s Hall Of Fame, Afrika Bambaataa & Soul Sonic Force, Tania Maria, Bryan Loren


OFFICIALLY REVEALED on their import LP sleeve, the featured singer on Rockwell ‘Somebody’s Watching Me’ (now a UK 12in, Motown TMGT 1331) really is Michael Jackson — the hot head’s current motto must be “Things go better with Coke!”, huh? . . . Gary Crowley’s master mix version of ‘Play That Beat Mr DJ’ turns out to be the winning entry by US DJs Double Dee & Steinski of a recent US radio competition, and although only about here on strictly privileged aircheck cassettes (unless you dubbed it off Gary’s show yourself, of course), it could end up at least on white label provided 21 Records here can sort out the copyright problems — which are immense, as the mix is made up of not only GLOBE & Whiz Kid’s original but also (are you ready?) Spoonie Gee ‘The Monster Jam’ a NASA aircheck, Alex Dreier ‘Power Closing Techniques’, James Brown ‘Soul Power’, World Famous Supreme Team ‘D’Ya Like Scratching?’ Funky Four + 1 ‘That’s The Joint’, Yazoo ‘Situation’, Dr Saint ‘Harry Houdini’s Final Seance’, Incredible Bongo Band ‘Apache’, Culture Club ‘I’ll Tumble 4 Ya’, Love Bug Starski ‘Starski Live At The Disco Fever’, Rufus Thomas ‘Tutti Frutti’, The Dance Instructor ‘Betty White’s Dance Party’, Humphrey Bogart from ‘Casablanca’, Herbie Hancock ‘Rockit’, Supremes ‘Stop In The Name Of Love’ (over Peech Boys ‘Don’t Make Me Wait’ rhythm!), Grandmaster Flash ‘Adventures On The Wheels Of Steel’, Kurtis Blow ‘Party Time’, Bohannon ‘Let’s Start The Dance’, Soul Sonic Force ‘Planet Rock’, Indeep ‘Last Night A DJ’, Peech Boys ‘Don’t Make Me Wait’ (acappella), Konk ‘Konk Party’, and the legendary mayor of New York Fiorello LaGuardia ‘The Little Flower’ whadaya mean, you haven’t heard it yet?! . . . Shannon’s promo “remix” instead of emphasising the dub’s excitement sticks mainly to the vocal, and far from equalising the two original sides’ different BPMs now runs 0-116½-115¼-116½bpm — a blown opportunity . . . Godwin Logie is remixing Lefturno for UK release next week on MCA . . . The B Boys 33 1/3bpm 5-track 12in is now not surprisingly classified as an LP — and Chester Browton (Selsey) reports Radio Victory’s Saturday night soul host Franklin Hughes managed to play ‘Cuttin’ Herbie’ right through at the wrong speed without even noticing (I also hear he’s got deep pockets)! . . . Mel Brooks’ last rap ‘It’s Good To Be The King’ was number one in France for ages and already his ‘Hitler Rap’ is huge there too . . . Soul Sonic Force mention “fresh” in their newie, there’s the Fresh 3 MCs, Tyrone Brunson, Tara, and now Davy DMX all with ‘Fresh’ as, or in, their current titles — what’s with this “fresh” (another ‘All The Way Live’, ‘To The Bank’)? . . . Ian Levine is seguing ‘Street Sounds Boys Town 1‘ and is also back producing Evelyn Thomas again, while Miquel Brown ‘He’s A Saint He’s A Sinner’ is due on doubtless fast-selling 12in this week . . . ‘Gangster Of The Grove’ Eddie has teamed with Stevie B for a new Boys Town night on Thursdays at Canvey Island’s Monico, while the same night is Hi-NRG with Duane Henson at the Grapevine in Peterborough’s aptly named Queen Street . . . Steve Walsh starts his weekly residency Thursday (2) at Fleet Country Club with a PA by Second Image, who he’ll also be interviewing on County Sound Saturday evening . . . Steve Walsh with Cino Berigliano plus one Capital Radio DJ are now keeping the Best Disco tradition going on Fridays at London’s Lyceum, Cap Rad’s own Mister Ouch! Al Matthews funking Tottenham Eltons though this Friday (3), when Chris Hill twinkles at Benson-on-Thames Rivers and Jeff Young joins Colin Hudd at Dartford Flicks . . . Island’s Adrian Sykes visits Peter Lee at Bolton’s Dance Factory this Saturday (4) with David Joseph, LCGG and the George Kranz Dancers, while on the Isle Of Sheppey Froggy joins John ‘Nick’ Osborne at Leysdown Stage 3 . . . Rod Bolam hopes to revive memories of his pioneering Letchworth Broadway jazz-funk nights of ’76-’78 when starting this Monday (6) with similar aims at his current Thur/Fri/Sat residency, Stevenage’s Annabella’s in Danestrete — good luck! . . . 16 year old Warren Aylward funks Southsea Nero’s with poppier partner Ray Andrews on Mondays, when this week (6) Pete Tong will be souling Bermondsey Dockhead’s Swan & Sugarloaf — which is where starting Wednesday (8) RM’s own Lisson Grove lip Gary Crowley will be joining resident Nicky Holloway weekly now! . . . Quentin Cook and co-promoter Bill Short promise live acts ‘n hot toons every Wednesday at The Roxy in Brighton’s swish Pink Coconut — just as long as the acts are decent, dear! . . . Radio Horizon’s Nick Lawrence funks Thur/Fri/Sat at Mile End’s Benjy’s, Mike Morgan does Fri/Sun at Writtles Chequers as well as still supporting Kevin Springham at Chelmsford’s bustling lazer-lit Dukes . . . Rich Edwards had £2,500 of flight case packed 7in, 12in & LP records plus two Sure mikes and some Disco Mix Club cassettes pinched from his car in Birmingham — all were stamped with his name and Gloucester 25874 phone number, so ring that or the Brum fuzz if you’ve any info . . . Big Phil Etgart (01-864 3271) is offering vast sums for either the original or remake of Monk Higgins ‘Who-Dun-It‘ (I’ve got that on Chess somewhere, but I’m not selling!) . . . US imports seem to be settling down as at least £6.99 LP, £4.50 12in (some famous central stockists are evidently charging 25p more) . . . US LPs include Maleman (Mercury — punchy mid/down-tempo beat), Deco (Qwest — very derivative though with fans), Jenny Burton (Atlantic — predictable ‘One More Shot’ remakes), Homi & Jarvis (GRP — laid back), T. Ski Valley (Capo — a “best of” set by Tyrone Cox, his real name!) . . . Mezzoforte mixes less alarmingly (its intro can seem a bit violent) if you skip the opening “funk” passage — it’s rather nice out of Billy Griffin’s old ‘Hold Me Tighter In The Rain’ . . . Cosmic (also Thur/Fri/Sun at Basildon New Yorker) on his Wednesday at Southend’s Rain rivalled Flicks’ “boobless wonder popping out of the cake” by presenting the boss with an 18 year old 40 inch busted blonde — pics promised! . . . Lamont Dozier confesses in song, “Twiggy was my passion!”! . . . Ronnie McNeir is still hanging on deservedly up North, Melle Mel ‘White Lines’ is proving to be as long lasting a sleeper as Chill-Fac-Torr ‘Twist’, while presumably Hashim is hot with the services in the NAAFI — but Stevie Wonder’s ‘Happy Birthday’ reissue didn’t exactly take off like a rocket did it? GINO – Full Story And Pics, read all abaht it! . . . DIN DAA DAA!


JACKIE WILSON, who died a couple of weekends ago, never recovered from a heart-attack which had left him in a coma for several years — sad irony for a performer whose stage antics made him truly “the black Elvis”. One of his most fantastic tricks was to spin round with his back to the audience, drop to his knees, and hang upside down by the back of his legs over the edge of the stage, so that all the girls would swarm down and cover him in kisses, every now and then Jackie’s voice carrying on the song as he lowered his still aloft microphone-holding hand.

Detroit born, as an under-age 16 year old he won a Golden Gloves welter weight boxing championship in 1948 before turning to singing, being spotted at a talent show in 1951 by Johnny Otis. Anticipating the departure in 1953 of Clyde McPhatter from Billy Ward’s Dominoes, Jackie auditioned for the group and did indeed take over as lead singer for four years before going solo in ’57. This is where things get interesting, because in an early example of a now familiar pattern, his first hit was a top ten smash in Britain yet only peaked at 62 in the USA and that hit was ‘Reet Petite’, co-penned by Berry Gordy Jr (Gordy co-wrote many Wilson hits, his first taste of success, before founding Motown). The unusual quasi-operatic range of Jackie’s voice was emphasised on his only other UK hits of that era, ‘To Be Loved‘ and ‘All My Love‘, while in the States his rootsier R&B style gave him greater crossover success, his first stone smash being ‘Lonely Teardrops‘ at Xmas ’58, ‘I’ll Be Satisfied‘ and ‘Doggin’ Around‘ from the next two years recently having been made popular again by Shakin’ Stevens and Klique respectively.

As far as the newer breed of soul fan is concerned, though, his name will live on thanks to his ’66/’67/’68 recordings, ‘Whispers‘, ‘Higher And Higher’, ‘I Get The Sweetest Feeling’ — though on a shameful about turn, Britain didn’t latch on to the last named classic until it charted here in 1972, and again in 1975. His early ’70s UK visit, backed by just a simple guitar trio, showed us for a final time what a magnificently musical talent he possessed, as well as an exciting physical presence. He has already been missed.


JULIA AND COMPANY: ‘Breakin’ Down (Sugar Samba)’ (US District Of Columbia DYSC DC-OPUS)
Most talked about buzz of the week, and already hotly battled over by several UK labels, this jazzily introed totally joyful staccato sung strutting jiggly 117-116bpm cantering samba builds incredible excitement as it intensifies through fiddle-pitched sax to full blown brass and an ever more rhythmic climax while Julia (McGirt?) squalls up a vocal storm to rival Aretha Franklin at her high flying best. Yeah, they really do make records like that these days!’ (Edit/dub flip). Run for cover, the fallout could be deadly.

STEVE ARRINGTON’S HALL OF FAME: ‘What Do You Want From Me’ (LP ‘Positive Power’ Atlantic 780127-1)
The most impressive feature of this excellent non-”electro” funk set is the newly mature authority of Steve’s versatile voice, growling, yodelling, scatting, wailing and cajoling while his well muscled rhythm machine cranks out a heart pounding remorseless momentum. Most Slavish are this sinuously chugging 108bpm pent-up roller (great with Circle City Band) and the “classically”-introed 107-106-105bpm ‘Mellow As A Cello‘, his vocal being most fluid on the dropped coin-introed 119-120-119-120-119-120bpm ‘Money On It‘, while ‘15 Rounds‘ is an 115-116bpm update of the Dominoes ’60 Minute Man’, ‘Hump To The Bump‘ a steel drums climaxed speedy Narada-ish 121-122-123bpm smacker, the title track a jiggly 116½bpm chugger, ‘Young And Ready’ a basic 107-108bpm thudder and ‘Sugar Momma Baby’ a soulful slow (0-) 80¼bpm jogger.

AFRIKA BAMBAATAA & SOUL SONIC FORCE: ‘Renegades Of Funk’ (US Tommy Boy TB 839)
Advertised for two months and now finally about on import just ahead of UK release, the Arthur Baker/John Robie-produced 114bpm 12in hip hop rapper isn’t particularly inventive but must rank with the classics as Afrika, Mr Biggs, GLOBE, Pow Wow and Jazzy Jay pop their tops to typical electro backing. With an instrumental flip and another actually stronger ‘Renegades Chant‘ version, out of which the ultra-catchy ‘Iko Iko’ bit will be spliced into our 7in edit, it’s likely mixers will need two copies — if not, Brunson bridges well and it’s good with ‘White Lines’, Break Machine etc.

TANIA MARIA: ‘Deep Cove View’ (LP ‘Love Explosion’ US Concord Jazz Picante CJP-230)
On the Brazilian jazz pianist’s mainly reflective slow set, this strong but short jiggly accelerating 93-97-98-99-100bpm pent up jogger has scatting instead of words and is kinda like Rodney Franklin “freezing” an instrumental ‘Come With Me’, the only other equally good dancer being the disjointed bass introed then brassily lurching Portuguese sung 93(intro)-95-96bpm densely jittering ‘Funky Tamborim‘, although doubtless jazz samba fans will also try ‘Bela Be Bela‘.

BRYAN LOREN: ‘Lollipop Luv’ (Virgin VS 663-12)
Co-prod by the ex-Cashmere guy with Nick Martinelli, this trickily disjointed quietly tapping 120bpm 12in lightweight lurching skitterer could well have Galaxy-like appeal and appears to be filling floors already (dub flip) — it’s certainly catchy on the radio.

KOOL & THE GANG: ‘Joanna’ (De-Lite DEX 16)
Very pop orientated lovely lazily swaying 105bpm ‘Too Hot’-type semi-slow US smash, on 3-track 12in with the rather routine 120bpm ‘Tonight‘ and very ‘Get Down On It’ like 118bpm ‘You Can Do It‘ — which may be a mistake (and pulled off subsequent pressings like ‘Too Hot’ before it?) as the latter must surely have follow-up hit potential too.

JIMMY CLIFF: ‘We All Are One’ (CBS TA 4056)
From his Kool album and with a typical Kool intro, this immensely catchy and already naggingly familiar 112bpm 12in pop-reggae swayer has also been covered somewhat surprisingly by CURTIS HAIRSTON (US Pretty Pearl PP 515), whose 108-110bpm version emphasises more the slowed-down ‘Masterblaster’ backbeat.

DE DE: ‘S & M (Sexy Music)’ (US Clockwork CW 80915)
In two versions, ‘Rated G’ and ‘Rated X‘ (we’ll concentrate on the only mildly suggestive latter!), this atmospheric coolly tripping little 0-109bpm 12in slinker has a repetitive cooing chorus worming in under your skin between the odd conversational come-on about whipping out your licking stick, and the like. Dangerously infectious — the tune, that is!

STACYE BRANCHE Featuring THE BAND A.K.A.: ‘Precious And Special’ (US BouVier B0-0305-5)
Previously mentioned on her debut LP but now a 12in, this James ‘AKA’ Jarrett-prod/penned languidly rolling 110½-109-110½(break)-109bpm sinuous swayer is slightly ‘Good Times’-ish with subtly weaving singing to delight fans of the classier soul ladies (edit flip).

GRANDMASTER MELLE MEL: ‘Jesse’ (US Sugarhill SH-32016)
Nowhere near as adventurous as ‘White Lines’, Melle Mel reverts to more routine narrative rap style for 0-109bpm 12in endorsement of Presidential black hope Jesse Jackson, punctuated by grunts, chants and calls to “vote, vote, everybody get out and vote” (which stay on the inst flip). Historical commentary as it happens, so interesting for that — and good out of Malcolm X, too!

THOMAS DOLBY: ‘Hyperactive!’ (Parlophone Odeon Series 12R 6065)
Stand back for a genius at work! Brilliantly combining electro, hip hop, white boys rap, squawking chix, Kid Creole brass and bags of ultra-jittery sass, this 105bpm (if not 210bpm) 12in tour-de-force may in fact be so clever that dancers really will stand back in confusion . . . but do hear it.

FREESTYLE EXPRESS: ‘Freestyle’ (US Music Specialists Incorporated MSI 102)
Infectious if over-fast 0-129bpm 12in electro snicker like a hip hop ‘Let It Whip’ with “wikki wikki”-type Smurf voices (who stay in the better inst flip without the few “straight” vocal bits). I like it enough to bother slowing it down to Hashim speed, but unless you’re into chipmunk voices do hear it for yourself first.

LOOSE ENDS: ‘Tell Me What You Want’ (Virgin VS 658-12)
Produced in Philadelphia by Nick Martinelli though sounding surprisingly like I-Level, thanks largely to the two guys/one gal Britfunk vocals, this slickly tripping little 118bpm 12in jiggler has acid guitar yowling through the unchanging even tempo dub flip) and is exciting some with its sophisticated cool, but leaves me merely cold.

SHARON MITCHELL: ‘Handsome Stranger’ (US Team Entertainment TRS3002)
The infinitely preferable ‘Club Mix’ of this slightly old fashioned (possibly Boys Town!) Italian-made 121bpm 12in canterer has a great long clonking and lurching bass and percussion first half with a lovely Spanish guitar break before finally being let down by trite repetitive rather ‘Rasputin’-like lyrics (although Luther’s LP hit can soon be mixed out of a long bongo-backed acappella break).

TONY COOK AND THE PARTY PEOPLE: ‘On The Floor (Rock-It)’ (Half Moon HM 1134, via Pinnacle)
One-time James Brown drummer with a loosely knit rambling sparse funk clonker which can’t decide if it’s a flowing old fashioned groove or jerky modern hip hop, complete with Smurfs. The punchier 121-120½-121bpm 12in ‘Short Version — Funkier Mix’ does it all more cleverly than the “cosmic” introed then interminable 122-121½-122-121-122bpm ‘Special DJ Master Mix‘.

CHRISTINE LEWIN: ‘Juicy Fruit’ (Kufe Records EB002, via 01-500 1845)
Take a smoocher still as much requested as this and you’ve obviously got a floor-filler even when it’s been lightly done over as 90-92½bpm 12in lovers rock by a sweetly demure young lady (dub flip).

DAVY DMX: ‘One For The Treble (Fresh)’ (US Tuff City 4Z9 04955)
Kurtis Blow’s scratching DJ Davy Reeves is not terribly exciting cutting and scratching this monotonous rumbling slow 106bpm 12in instrumental hip hopper, really only for real specialist fans, but it’s useful for mixers to use in part (even more inst/bonus beats flip).

CITISPEAK FEATURING JEANNE HARRIS: ‘I Don’t Need Your Handouts’ (US Partytime PT-106)
Freakily introed chick wailed jolting c.119bpm 12in semi-hip hop lurcher with an old fashioned disco overlay too (inst flip).

LAURENCE HUDSON: ‘Automatic Lover’ (US Easy Street EZS-7507)
(Ed’s Note: Artist should be ‘LAURIECE HUDSON’)
Somewhat Hi-NRG jerky c.128bpm 12in jolter, not DD Jackson’s oldie, with vocoder amidst the chirrupy squawking and jittery rhythm (dub flip).

ZENA DEJONAY: ‘I’ve Got To Find A Way’ (US TVI TVI-2011)
Tony Valor-produced thrumming beefy c.122bpm 12in chugger in pleasant if inessential old fashioned style (dub/edit flip).

TIA MONAE: ‘Don’t Keep Me Waiting’ (US First Take FTR 516)
Mutteringly introed then chick wailed c.118bpm 12in shuffling skitterer, without enough development to stand out, in four different versions.


01 01 Share The Night – World Premiere – Epic 12”
02 04 Magic – Circle City Band – US Circle City Records 12”
03 06 Al-Naafiysh (The Soul) – Hashim – Streetwave 12”
04 07 Another Man / Rap – Barbara Mason – Streetwave 12”
05 02 Holiday – Madonna – Sire 12”
06 08 Don’t Knock It (Until You Try It) / Private Party (Remixes) – Bobby Nunn – Motown 12”
07 05 Serious – Billy Griffin – CBS 12”
08 09 Lovin’ You – Status IV – US Radar 12”
09 07 The Sound Of Music – Dayton – Capitol 12”
10 11 Let The Music Play / Dub – Shannon – Club 12”
11 13 (I’m Just A) Sucker For A Pretty Face – West Phillips – Canadian Quality 12”
12 18 Ain’t Nobody – Rufus & Chaka Khan – Warner Bros 12”
13 10 I Wanted Your Love – Luther Vandross – Epic LP
14 12 Spice Of Life, Manhattan Transfer, Atlantic 12in
15 23 Street Dance (Instrumental) – Break Machine – Record Shack 12”
16 — What Do You Want From Me / Hump To The Bump / Mellow As A Cello – Steve Arrington’s Hall Of Fame – Atlantic LP
17 40 Hi, How Ya Doin’? / I’ve Been Missin’ You / Tribeca / Help Yourself To My Love – Kenny G – US Arista LP
18 17 On The Upside – Xena – Streetwave 12”
19 14 Thriller – Michael Jackson – Epic 12”
20 24 Fresh (Scratch Mix) / Fresh – Tyrone Brunson – US BID 12”
21 28 Crazy Cuts – Grandmixer D.ST. – Island 12”
22 20 Straight From The Heart (Remix) – Fat Larry’s Band – Virgin 12”
23 32 So Different – Kinky Foxx – Sound Of New York 12”
24 30 What About My Love – Damaris – US Columbia 12”
25 31 Where Is My Man – Eartha Kitt – Record Shack 12”
26 19 Joys Of Life / No Time To Waste / Do You Feel My Love Now Baby – David Joseph – Island LP
27 — Baby I’m Scared Of You / Love Wars / T.K.O. – Womack & Womack – German Elektra LP
28 15 Baby Doll (Remix) – Girls Can’t Help It – Virgin 12”
29 — King Of The Beat – Pumpkin – US Profile 12”
30 25 Out Of Sight – Lefturno – US Ascot 12”
31 16 Straight Ahead – Kool & The Gang – De-Lite 12”
32 22 Cuttin’ Herbie – The B Boys – Streetwave 12”
33 35 Taxi / Where Is Love – J. Blackfoot – US Sound Town LP/7”
34 55 Joys Of Life (Remix) / Baby Won’t You Take My Love – David Joseph – Island 12”
35 27 Doggie Boogie Baby – Charles Earland – US Strut 12”
36 34 Wish You Were Here – First Light – London/Oval 12”
37 — Renegades Chant / Renegades Of Funk – Afrika Bambaataa & Soul Sonic Force – US Tommy Boy 12”
38 — Deep Cove View / Funky Tamborim – Tania Maria – US Concord Jazz Picante LP
39 26 Running With The Night (Remix) – Lionel Richie – Motown 12”
40 — Breakin’ Down (Sugar Samba) – Julia And Company – US District Of Columbia DYSC 12”
41 43 Bigger Than Life / Love Wars – Lamont Dozier – Demon LP
42 53 Lagos Jump – Third World – CBS 12”
43 46 Never Too Late / Instrumental – Julius Brown – US West End 12”
44 29 You Ain’t Got No Money – Jaime Lynn – US Salsoul 12”
45 42 Just Can’t Get Enough – Lew Kirton – Epic 12”
46 31 This Love Is For Real / Truly Bad / She’s So Good To Me – Ron Banks – US CBS Associated Records LP
47 82 Lollipop Luv – Bryan Loren – Virgin 12”
48 — You Are Beautiful / Believer / You Got Some Love For Me – Chic – US Atlantic LP
49 44 Big Apple Noise – Trans-Lux – US Master Mix 12”
50 36 No Sell Out – Malcolm X – US Tommy Boy 12”
51 47 You’re A Winner / Activate – Sharon Redd – Prelude 12”
52 56 Bad Times – Captain Rapp – US Saturn/Becket 12”
53 37 Watch The Closing Doors / Dub – I.R.T. – US RCA 12”
54 — AC/DC / Cravo E Canela – Paz – Paladin LP
55 61 I’ll Let You Slide – Luther Vandross – Epic 12”
56 39 I Wanna Be With You – Armenta – Savoir Faire 12”
57 62 Fresh Flesh (Inst) / (Vocal) – Tara – US Unlimited Gold 12”
58 41 Secret Love – Evan Rogers – US RCA Victor 12”
59 45 Out To Get You – Fascination – Banana 12”
60 51 Love Will Find A Way / Penny Lover / Can’t Slow Down – Lionel Richie – Motown LP
61 52 Electric Boogie (Remix) / Long Version / Dub 3 – Marcia Griffiths – Island 12”
62 57 Din Daa Daa (Trommeltanz) – George Kranz – Fourth & Broadway 12”
63 50 Ebony Eyes – Rick James & Friend – Gordy 12”
64 — Somebody Save The Night / Sweet Sensation – Sharon Redd – Prelude LP
65 — Somebody’s Watching Me – Rockwell – Motown 12”
66 — Delicious / I’m So Glad I Met You – Deco – US Qwest LP
67 68 All Of My Lovin’ – Jimmy Williams – US Salsoul 12”
68 49 Midnight Sun – Mezzoforte – Steinar 12”
69 38 Inside Love (So Personal) – George Benson – Warner Bros 12”
70 54 A Night In New York – Elbow Bones & The Racketeers – EMI America 12”
71 69 It’s Alright – NV – Sire 12”
72 66 White Lines – Grandmaster & Melle Mel – Sugarhill 12”
73 83 Crotona Park – Dave Valentin – US GRP LP
74 — Joystick – Dazz Band – Motown 12”
75 — Be With You Tonight / Ourselves – Total Contrast – Total Contrast Records 12”
76 60 Relax (US Remix) – Frankie Goes To Hollywood- US Island 12”
77 — Livin’ In A Back Street – Kadenza – Calibre 12”
78 — Just Can’t Let You Go – Ronnie McNeir & Instant Groove – US Crossroad Entertainment Corp 12”
79 75 Future Shock / Herbert Hancock Megamix – Herbert Hancock – CBS 12”
80 77 Action – Evelyn ‘Champagne’ King – RCA 12”
81 63 In The Night / I Need You – Richard Jon Smith – Jive 12”
82 — Move It – Dave Roach – Coda 12”
83 81 Beat Box – Art Of Noise – UT 12”
84 — Play That Beat Mr. DJ (Master Mix) – Whiz Kid – Aircheck cassette
85 — To The Bump – Papa Face & Bionic Rhona – Fashion 12”


01 03 You’re A Winner – Sharon Redd – Prelude LP
02 02 He’s A Saint He’s A Sinner / Manpower / Beeline – Miquel Brown – Record Shack LP
03 01 Evergreen / Jealous Love – Hazell Dean – Proto 12” promo
04 04 Where Is My Man – Eartha Kitt – Record Shack 12”
05 06 Relax (US Remix) / (Sex Mix) / 7in Edit – Frankie Goes To Hollywood – US Island/ZTT 12”
06 07 I Am What I Am – Gloria Gaynor – Chrysalis 12”
07 09 I’m Living My Own Life – Earlene Bentley – Record Shack 12”
08 05 It’s Too Late – Simone – KRP 12”
09 13 Life Is The Reason – Norma – ERC 12”
10 11 Rocket To Your Heart (Remix) – Lisa – Dutch BDM 12”/US Hot Tracks LP
11 18 Didn’t Say A Word (Megamix) – Shirley Lewis – Electricity 12”
12 10 Love On The Rocks (Remix) / Take My Heart Away – Lama / Gillian Lane – US Disconet LP
13 08 Sweet Temptation – Gem – US Street King 12”
14 15 I’m The One / Save Yourself For Me – Charade / Dee Dee Martin – Passion LP
15 12 Reputation / I Pretend – Bobby “O” – Dutch BMC LP
16 17 Everlasting Love – Vicki Sue Robinson – US Profile 12”
17 14 Let The Music Play – Shannon – Club 12”
18 19 Danger – Flirts – Canadian Unidisc 12”
19 26 Get Ready / Freak Mix – X-Ray Connection – Dutch Break 12”
20 24 La Cage Aux Folles – Le Jete – Dance 12”
21 20 Holiday – Madonna – Sire 12”
22 22 Going Through The Motions – Danny Lugo & Destination – US C&M 12”
23 23 I’ve Got The Music In Me – Yvonne K – Italian X Electric 12”
24 16 Skiing In The Snow – Laura Pallas – Record Shack 12”
25 27 How About It – M.D.M.C. – Dutch High Fashion 12”
26 — Sound Of My Heart – Sleeping Lions – CBS 12”
27 28 Strangers In The Night – Baumann – Arista 12”
28 25 You Can Dance – Motion – Canadian DBA 12”
29 29 Countdown (Here I Come) – Kofi & The Love Tones – Electricity 12”
30=— No Regrets – Amanda Lear – German Ariola 12”
30=30 Ballet Dancer – Electric Theatre – German Mercury 12”
30=30 On The Grid (Remix) – Lime – US Prism 12”


BUBBLING UNDER the Disco 85 are:

Loose Ends: ‘Tell Me What You Want’ (Virgin 12in)
Hazell Dean: ‘Evergreen’ (Proto 12in promo)
Fresh 3 MC’s: ‘Fresh’ (US Profile 12in)
Jimmy Cliff: ‘We All Are One’ (CBS 12in)
Kool & The Gang: ‘Joanna’ (De-Lite 12in)
Quando Quango: ‘Love Tempo (Remix)’ (Factory 12in)
Tony Cook: ‘On The Floor’ (Half Moon 12in)
De De: ‘S&M (Sexy Music)’ (US Clockword 12in)
George Benson: ‘Inside Love (Instrumental Remix)’ (Warner Bros 12in promo)
Fatback: ‘Please Stay’ (US Spring 12in)

While under the Boys Town/Hi-NRG 30 are:

Mimi: ‘The Man’s So Real’ (Challenge 12in promo)
Lisa: ‘Rocket To Your Heart’ (US Moby Dick LP)
Susan Stevens: ‘This Is Love (Remix)’ (Dutch Rams Horn 12in/US Disconet LP)
Xena: ‘On The Upside’ (Streetwave 12in)
Richie: ‘Trying It On’ (Challenge 12in)
Lama: ‘Love On The Rocks’ / ‘Nineteen Ninety Three’ (Italian Numero Uno 12in)
Yvonne Gidden: ‘In Orbit’ (Electricity 12in white label)
Cascade Orchestra: ‘Spring Rain’ (Passion 12in)
Night Heroes: ‘Giorgio Moroder Medley’ / ‘O.I.M’ (Canadian Matra 12in)


Beats Per Minute for last week’s Top 75 entries on 7in (endings denoted by f/c/r for fade/resonant/cold):

Echo & The Bunnymen 0-124f, Simple Minds 120f, The Smiths 162r, Juan Martin 271/2-0r, Nik Kershaw 97½f, Prefab Sprout 120f, Re-Flex 0-127f, World Premiere 108f, First Light 42/84f, Fiat Lux 0-29-58f, Wang Chung 103f.


IN RESPONSE to the continual bickering about our removal of the pop orientated and slow moving Nightclub chart, here’s a sample dip to show what you’re currently missing…

01 STRAIGHT AHEAD, Kool & The Gang, De-Lite
02 RUNNING WITH THE NIGHT, Lionel Richie, Motown
03 RELAX, Frankie Goes To Hollywood, ZTT
04 THRILLER, Michael Jackson, Epic
05 WHERE IS MY MAN, Eartha Kitt, Record Shack
06 I AM WHAT I AM, Gloria Gaynor, Chrysalis
08 HOLIDAY, Madonna, Sire
09 SHARE THE NIGHT, World Premiere, Epic
10 BREAK MY STRIDE, Matthew Wilder, Epic
11 EVERGREEN, Hazell Dean, Proto
12 YOU’RE A WINNER, Sharon Redd, Prelude
13 DON’T KNOCK IT, Bobby Nunn, Motown
14 SERIOUS, Billy Griffin, CBS
15 LET THE MUSIC PLAY, Shannon, Club
16 EBONY EYES, Rick James & Friend, Gordy
17 THE SOUND OF MUSIC, Dayton, Capitol
18 GIVE ME THE NIGHT (MEDLEY), Mirage, Passion
19 WE ALL ARE ONE, Jimmy Cliff, CBS
20 WISH YOU WERE HERE, First Light, London/Oval
21 SPICE OF LIFE, Manhattan Transfer, Atlantic
23 CRAZY CUTS, Grandmixer D.ST., Island
24 ANOTHER MAN, Barbara Mason, Streetwave
26 WHITE LINES, Grandmaster & Melle Mel, Sugarhill
27 STOP LOOK AND LISTEN / TOKYO, Donna Summer, Mercury
28 DIN DAA DAA (TROMMELTANZ), George Kranz, Fourth & Broadway
29 WHAT IS LOVE, Howard Jones, WEA
30 A NIGHT IN NEW YORK, Elbow Bones & The Racketeers, EMI America

. . . all of which reflects recent record company mailouts with a sprinkling of real hits which maybe some jocks even had to buy! When we began our Nightclub chart we were hoping to get a more imaginative response, reflecting the alternative music played at fashionable posers’ paradises, which the ‘Nightclub’ name was originality meant to denote. However, chart returns from that type of venue were never sufficient to dent the numbing mediocrity of the majority — and, when we did get them, they tended to be so original and idiosyncratic that only a few key records were common to all (which doesn’t help compile much of a master chart!). If we were suddenly to be deluged with charts from this type of DJ, though, I still would be happy to have a go at assembling a truly alternative regular listing.

Another option, which this column has never encouraged as I believe it can lead to an unrealistic ego tripping one-upmanship, is to publish individual DJ’s charts. These comments do not apply to the example which now follows, from IAN DEWHIRST at The Warehouse in Leeds, who splits his charts into ‘Funk’ and ‘Pop’ (this being the latter). Also huge in Leeds are Rufus, Girls Can’t Help It, Trans-Lux, Pumpkin, Jeffrey Osborne ‘Don’t You Get So Mad’ and The SOS Band ‘Just Be Good To Me’, while at the same time you can hear the likes of these…

01 RIDE A WHITE SWAN, Pulse Beat, Arista 12in
02 SOUL TRAIN, Swans Way, Mercury 12in
03 OUT COME THE FREAKS, Was (Not Was), Geffen 12in
04 ISRAEL — LIVE, Siouxsie & The Banshees, Polydor LP
05 RELAX (US REMIX), Frankie Goes To Hollywood, ZTT 12in
06 2000 LIGHT YEARS, Danse Society, Arista 12in
07 THE KILLING MOON, Echo & The Bunnymen, Korova 12in
08 SOUL MINING. The The, Some Bizzare LP
09 GIMME SHELTER, Sisters Of Mercy, Merciful 12in
10 WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES IT MAKE, Smiths, Rough Trade 12in
11 SPEED YOUR LOVE TO ME, Simple Minds, Virgin 12in
12 MY BABY JUST CARES FOR ME, Nina Simone, Charly 10in
13 PRISONER OF LOVE, Spear Of Destiny, Epic 7in
14 I’D DO ANYTHING, Dead Or Alive, Epic 12in
15 HERE COMES THE RAIN AGAIN, Eurythmics, RCA 12in
16 BABY TURNS BLUE, Virgin Prunes, Rough Trade 12in
17 HYPERACTIVE, Thomas Dolby, Parlophone Odeon 12in
18 DOCTOR DOCTOR, Thompson Twins, Anna 12in
19 IMPULSIONS, Test Dept, Some Bizzare 12in
20 IGNORE THE MACHINE, Alien Sex Fiend, Anagram 12in

2 thoughts on “February 4, 1984: Jackie Wilson obituary, Julia & Company, Steve Arrington’s Hall Of Fame, Afrika Bambaataa & Soul Sonic Force, Tania Maria, Bryan Loren”

  1. Milestone alert: the next column to be posted (one of the 1973 columns which we’ve been quietly adding to the bottom of the blog) will be the 500th to appear on this site!


  2. I was a regular at The Warehouse in Leeds and that DJ chart from Ian Dewhirst is a very accurate representation of what he played – all those tracks featured alongside soul and funk. A really diverse Saturday night for a really diverse crowd. Good times!


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