March 31, 1984: Pointer Sisters, AB’s, Art Of Noise, Cameo, Gino Soccio


SOMETHING like 16,000 actual DJs and goodness knows how many other followers of the music reading these pages, I don’t see why it should be up to me to chase record companies for their beastly product — if they can’t be bothered to get it to me they needn’t expect to see any mention of it . . . Julia & Company’s cooled out less jazzy Munzibai & Morales remix (115bpm on acetate, great out of Galaxy ‘Carnival Mix’) in a change of tactics will now only have 1,500 pressed for specialist shops as the original hit is slipping already . . . Barbara Mason and possibly the group Ingram are mooted as support for Jeffrey Osborne’s one-off London Dominion show on Monday April 16! . . . Slave’s UK tour continues after tonight (Thur 29) at Hammersmith Odeon, playing Manchester Carousel Fri (30), Nottingham Rock City Sun (1), London Lyceum with Greg Edwards Mon (2), Taunton Kingston’s Tues (3), Brighton Top Rank Wed (4), Basildon Raquel’s Thur (5), . . . Thames Valley DJ Assn’s second annual Shownite is Monday evening (2) at Syon Park’s Camellia Restaurant Complex (Islesworth, off the London-Hounslow road), £2 on the door, with exhibits, promotions, awards, entertainment, booze and lots of DJs buying rounds . . . Kev Hill (Harlow Whispers), who got his car back inevitably minus vinyl and cassette deck, was among many visitors to the Disco Mix Club Hippodrome convention annoyed by Radio 1’s Johnny Beerling talking so long that there wasn’t then time for forum questions . . . Island picked up Jocelyn Brown who, somewhat surprisingly not from the cast of ‘Dreamgirls’, has in fact been the session singer behind such as Inner Life, Change, Cerrone . . . Phil Fearon guests on the One Blood US mix, their B-side original 93bpm ‘Get In Touch (Sound City Mix)’ sharing the side with a 68½bpm ‘No Tears Woman‘ reggae chugger . . . Kool’s follow-up 105½bpm ‘In The Heart‘ next week is flipped by a rock-orientated 120bpm remix of ‘Tonight‘ . . . ‘StreetSounds Electro 3‘ (ELCST 3) so soon after ‘Crucial Electro’ and with largely unproven material may be a mistake — current Pumpkin, Newcleus, Davy DMX are warm, Fresh 3 MC’s, Imperial Brothers, Divine Sounds, Boogie Boys (‘Zodiac’) less so . . . Eartha Kitt’s new remix is from the latest DJs-only US Hot Tracks 2-LP set (SA 3-1, £40 if Record Shack have any left!), which besides a Pointer Sisters 134bpm ‘Jump’ remix has an original artists ‘Best Of Hot Tracks 1983’ megamix starting usefully with a synth underpinned new ‘Billie Jean’ (119)/’Jeopardy/Last Night A DJ/Rock The Boat’ (117)/’Pilot Error/Love Is A Stranger’ (116-122)/’Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin’ (123bpm) before then getting Hi-NRG . . . US import LPs currently cost £7.50-£7.99, 12in £4.25-£4.50 or more, depending on where you shop . . . ‘Segue’ Steve Goddard (looking like a 6′ 5½” cross between Colin Hudd and Bob Jones!) sounds punchy on stereo Radio Horizon 102.5FM — I remember buying records from his brother at the Paul’s For Music stall in Brick Lane fifteen years ago! . . . Mastermind’s master of the “one handed four beat cutback”, Cut It Up Max (whose incredible long tension building live ‘Rockit’ scratch, beat by individual beat, needs hearing to be believed) keeps reviving my old C.O.D./Tyrone Brunson ‘The Bottle/The Smurf’ megamix on Radio Invicta 103.6FM Wednesday nights, and I must say it now sounds better than I thought at the time — incidentally, the original Gil Scott Heron/Brian Jackson ‘The Bottle (Drunken Mix)‘ has been revived by so many jocks in the wake of ‘Breakin’ Down’ that maybe a re-release would work? . . . Chris Kaye souls Tonbridge’s The Loggers pub next to the station (free) Tuesdays, but for other ventures offers work to established SW London/Surrey soul-funk DJs with loyal fans prepared to travel: contact him c/o Woodleafe Promotions, Unit F, Thorpe Works, Holden Park Road, Southborough, Tunbridge Wells, Kent (wot, no post code?!) . . . Ian Gordon at Liverpool’s new The Blitz in Duke Street is after PA’s (an ideal set up, he says) on 051-489 3798 — he mixes new wave/funk Thur/Fri/Sat . . . Andy Bianchi (Poole Mariners Wharf under-18s Saturday afternoon) is after freebie giveaways like promo stickers, badges, T-shirts, while Mark Anthony, now doing Wed/Fri/Sat at Edgbaston Faces French Club Jardine, says “Friends, Romans, record companies, send me your promos!” . . . Theo Loyla is reviving his Super Jocks mailing list at 6 Tomay Cottages, Hawthorne Corner, Herne Bay, Kent CT6 6TL . . . Neil Fincham is attempting to launch a DJ association for East/West/Mid-Lothian & Fife — anyone interested write to him c/o Mad Hatters, 126 High Street, Edinburgh . . . Phil Blizzard (Stoke-on-Trent 634584) is in London on Wednesdays doing some radio production work and could be available for voice-overs or club gigs . . . Dave Smith, funking Fridays at Mayfair Samantha’s, had four Shure microphones (one a special EQ model) nicked in their bag from his car by the Barbican Centre . . . Friday (30) Chris Hill souls Egremont Old Hall (I’ll be an onlooker), Peter Lee has an Island mega-promotion with David Joseph, Phil Fearon, Frankie GTH at Bolton’s Dance Factory, Hereward Radio’s Steve Allen electro-funks Peterborough’s Marcus Garvey Club, John DeSade with Capital’s suave John Sachs and a Paradise PA funks New Addington Kim’s, Pete Haigh & Richard Searling have their third ‘Mecca Soul Revival’ at Blackpool’s Baskervilles, where Saturday (31) they also start a weekly current funk ‘n soul night — Pete incidentally confirmed its existence by sending me the 12in of Race ‘What Is Race?’ (US Ocean Front TOF 1000) . . . Danny Daniels fills in for holidaying Graham Gold this week at Mayfair Gullivers, with me back on Saturday (31), when Chris Ramrachia & Nytro Express funks Bushey’s Hartspring Sports Centre in Park Avenue, Kev Ashman has a “silly hat” party at Charing King Arthur’s Court . . . Monday (2) Chris Hill debuts at Bermondsey Dockhead’s Swan & Sugarloaf, Paul Webb at Dublin’s Pink Elephant in South Fredrick Street has a “Black Monday” (music-wise) the first in every month . . . Tuesday (3) JFM’s Graham Gold starts weekly funking Tottenham Rudolph’s (over-21s) . . . Bob ‘The Doc’ Jones jazz-souls Wednesdays at Braintree Springwood Estate’s Fantasy Club (Rayne Road off A120), where Russ B electro-funks Fri/ Sat (free every night) — Bob’s also moved Tuesdays to Chelmsford’s ‘The United Brethren’ in New Writtle Street with his boxes of jazz ‘n R&B . . . Cyndi Lauper’s remix topped US Dance/Disco last week but has already been ousted by Shannon ‘Give Me Tonight’ while Central Line ‘Time For Some Fun‘ is steadily climbing US Black and Dance charts . . . Channel 4’s ‘I Love Quincy‘ certainly kept Gullivers’ punters at home in the dry last Friday! . . . Steve Levine’s demonstration on Saturday Superstore of making music by computer was fascinating . . . Record Shack’s ebullient Jeff Weston, flushed with chart success, last week treated Miquel Brown, new signing Steve Grant (ex-Tight Fit), label exec Paul Savory, Froggy, Island’s Adrian Sykes and myself to a Peking duck — which was an unexpected treat considering my lunch date was just with Adrian! . . . STAY JUST AS FRESH AS YOU ARE!


POINTER SISTERS: ‘Automatic’ (Planet RPST 105, via RCA)
To its sales advantage here never on import despite massive US disco success, this dynamite Jellybean-remixed solidly pushing 111bpm chugger is huskily sung in almost masculine style, rhythmically right in the current hot (if specialist) groove making it a must for mixers . . . and with the girls name it’ll doubtless get crossover radio support too. The less vibrant original 110bpm LP version and emptily frantic 145bpm ‘Nightline‘ are flip. A monster!

AB’S: ‘Deja Vu’ (Streetwave XKHAN 503)
Thoroughly irritating for all who paid around £12 for the Japanese import LP just to get this one killer cut, it’s now on UK 12in (running at 33 1/3rpm), a floor-filling terrific very Level 42/Brothers Johnson-style subtly jiggling slinky cool 0-91-92-88½-92-88½bpm jazzy jogger, most intriguingly sung in Japanese with the odd English word woven into it. People’s ears will prick up if radio play it so it could be a smash.

ART OF NOISE: ‘Beat Box’ (ZTT ZTIS 108)
Despite topping America’s dance chart and being incredibly influential the original 108bpm version of this Trevor Horn exercise in hip hop was largely ignored here — to British DJs’ everlasting shame. Now it’s been totally remixed and revamped into two new “diversions”, even more imaginatively freaky, the 108½bpm Diversion One ending with acoustic piano while the 107bpm Two incorporates what sounds like a car’s ignition system! Especially if you’ve rushed out to buy Depeche Mode and Scritti Politti, hear those plus the original and be amazed.

CAMEO: ‘She’s Strange (Club Mix)’, (US Atlanta Artists 818 384-1)
Freakily juddering through a much starker more fragmented and percussive structure, the Mark Berry-remixed 0-108½bpm new version may sound strange indeed to ears already accustomed to the slinky original — which is close enough already to perfection (and on the now also 108½bpm flip for value) — but this very difference supplies exciting contrast for mixers.

GINO SOCCIO: ‘Turn It Around’ (US Atlantic 0-86960)
Rhythmically rather like Laid Back’s ‘White Horse’ though vocally in white AOR Steely Dan style, this synth washed smoothly flowing 124½bpm electronically pulsed backbeater really reaches disco perfection on its longer largely instrumental flip, climaxing with tootling trumpet before a jagged breakdown. His hottest since ‘Dancer’.

MICHAEL JACKSON: ‘P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing)’ (Epic TA 4136)
Apologies, but when a record shop owner says the ‘Thriller’ instrumental is not after all on the flip, and CBS aren’t sending out product, who do you believe? Fret not, the 118bpm instrumental IS on the flip, along with a quite decent “live” 0-108-105-104-105-106-0bpm half stepping ‘Heartbreak Hotel’ (here retitled ‘This Place Hotel‘) — oh, and all you LP buyers must know the 126bpm A-side by now, surely?

‘OM’ ALEC KHAOLI: ‘You Are The One (Bambo Wangu)’ (US Emergency EMDS 6543)
Craftily copying Lionel Richie right down to the exact same 108½bpm as ‘All Night Long (All Night)’, this more electronically treated but similar “mumbo jumbo” afro-type chant spiced sparsely ticking jogger is beefiest and best in its more instrumental B-side version — and has enough of its own to offer alongside the obvious similarities to make it very useful indeed.

EXECUTIVE: ‘Celebrate Your Love’ (US Oh My! Records OM 4001)
Vocally very Luther Vandross, the guys combine his familiar approach with a sometimes ‘Good Times’-ish but episodic 117-116½(break)-115-116bpm rhythm that’s sure to please soul purists (slightly slower inst flip), all rather nice and likely to do well for the new label.

RICH CASON AND THE GALACTIC ORCHESTRA: ‘Street Symphony’ (US Private I Records 4Z9 04978)
Label-hopping rapper Rich does a good mush-mouthed subdued social commentary in ‘Is This The Future?’ Fatback Band style to an 111⅔bpm rhythm that’s perfect with Cameo (Pointers mix well too), making it worth attention — street and party chatter add to the soul appeal, though it’s not another ‘Message’ (inst flip).

THE STYLE COUNCIL: ‘The Paris Match’ (LP ‘Cafe Bleu’ Polydor TSCLP 1)
On a beautifully integrated side one, all of which is excellent listening inspired by an early ’60s smoky jazz club milieu, including several “period” instrumentals by keyboardist Mick Talbot, this gorgeous sultry 65-0bpm sophisticated smoocher sung by Tracey Thorn (Everything But The Girl’s ‘Night And Day’ singer) knocks spots off other trendy would-be sophisticates like Sade or Carmel, sounding as if Astrud Gilberto had done ‘Cry Me A River’. Shame about side two . . .

TIA MONAE: ‘Don’t Keep Me Waiting’ (Recent Future Records CART 320, via Carrere)
Originally on 4-track import 12in including two superior dub mixes, the 3-track UK release idiotically leaves these off, instead giving you just the vocal and instrumental Club Mix versions and an unnecessary vocal edit of the now 0-117bpm vibes-tinkled jerkily jittering skitterer, tensely wailed by Miss Monae over cooing chix with strong jazz-funk appeal.

THE LAST POETS: ‘Long Enough’ (US Kee Wee KW 8401)
Unknown in Rayners Lane and out of stock in Soho, so a total surprise to me when it hit the chart, this return to vinyl by the rap pioneering once abrasive street poets (check their debut Douglas LP circa 1970) is a Gil Scott Heron/Dr John/Lefturno-ish husky rap over a jazzy jiggle retaining their old percussion and gritty values with nary a whiff of beat box (edit flip) — however, it’s therefore torture to mix being a bongoes introed stop-start 111½-110½-112½-109(sax)-112-111(break)-112-110bpm, and at 45rpm just to increase the drag!

O’BRYAN: ‘Lovelite’ (US Capitol V-8583)
Rather jaunty chunkily chugging 114½bpm jitterer with traces of Michael Jackson accent, except the rhythm is sorta ‘Bad Mama Jama’/’Boogie In Your Butt’ chicken strut driven by burbling synths (inst flip), possibly a bit American for here . . . though it really trucks!

ALISHA: ‘All Night Passion’ (Fourth & Broadway 12BRW 3, via Island)
Passionlessly squawking 15 year old Jewish girl hip hopping aboard the Shannon bandwagon in a Mark Berry co-produced now faster 120½bpm flurry of electro beats, nothing like as good as Shannon or Xena (why hasn’t that been re-promoted?), here on 4-track 12in with its differently textured dub/bonus boats, and a new edit. Could be good with Cyndi Lauper’s remix.

EDDIE “D” Featuring GALAXXY: ‘Cold Cash $ Money’ (US Pop Art PA-1403)
Cleanly produced typical basic 110bpm beat box rhythm brought alive by strong rapping, scratching and cash register sound effects combining quite hypnotically (dub/edit flip). GALAXXY alone (not Phil Fearon — note the double “x”) are also out here with ‘Sexy Style‘ (Greyhound GRPT-106), a very loosely strung, untogether 113bpm electro beat skitterer in three versions, surprisingly mixed by Munzibai & Morales.

ROMAN SANDALS: ‘This Is It’ (Body Rock BR 5002)
Great name and bound to get undue media attention as prod/co-sung (with girlfriend Rosie Rex) by ex-New York Doll Sylvain Sylvain, the untidily jumbled and unsoulful vocal side of this brassy 119½bpm cross-pollinated afro-pop-funk-hip hop works less well than the Double Dee & Steinski-mixed much harder and more genuinely hip hop instrumental flip, which is worth checking. Hi, Suzie!

CRUSADERS: ‘Dead End’ (LP ‘Ghetto Blaster’ MCA MCF 3176)
Far from their peak, the now Ndugu Chancler joined Joe Sample and Wilton Felder stay on in the groove of this jiggly 119bpm instrumental (though it’s no Rodney Franklin) and hit a typical slow lick on the jogging (fractionally fluctuating) 0-100-101½bpm ‘Mr Cool‘ and drifting 75¼bpm ‘Zalal’e Mini (Take It Easy)‘, Jessica Williams and/or Gwen Evans singing the Brothers Johnson-ish 124bpm ‘Gotta Lotta Shakalada‘, early Jackson 5-ish 122½bpm ‘New Moves‘, emptily jolting 126bpm ‘Night Ladies‘. Sadly inessential, though not the total disaster anticipated.

GREGORY ISAACS: ‘Lovers Magic’ (Diamond C International DCD 003, via Jet Star/Hawkeye)
Curtis Simon’s hot production of the cool ruler is a mind naggingly catchy lazily lolloping 76½-77bpm lovers swayer (dub-flip) soulfully groaned and wailed with a murderous repetition of the word “magic” that’ll work upside your head!

GLORIA IFILL: ‘All Night Long (Soca)’ (Trinidisc TRIN 001, via 01-674 3419)
Lionel Richie’s mock afro/carib original is too wordy to adapt ideally into real 119-120bpm soca, so it’s the more instrumental chorus-only 119bpm ‘Club Soca Mix’ which really whips up a good truly jolly ethnic groove.

DERRICK HARRIOT: ‘Rap This Rock’ (Hawkeye HD 56)
Superb cool grinding 83bpm reggae slinker, recommended.

BARRINGTON LEVY: ‘Prison Oval Rock’ (Greensleeves GRED 136)
Powerfully simple sparse sinuous 78bpm reggae, with a political message, in master mix and two harder dub plate versions.

REGGAE REGULAR: ‘Tribute To The DJ’ (Greensleeves GRED 138)
Soulfully swaying 74-73½bpm reggae rockers repeatedly asking “What would we do without the DJ?” What indeed, sir?

DeBARGE: ‘Time Will Reveal’ (Gordy TMGT 1329)
Tranquil squeaky 65bpm smoocher, recently huge on US radio, here on 4-track 12in with the better previously issued attractively rolling 88-87-88-87bpm ‘I Like It‘, lovely gently drifting MoR 94-93½bpm ‘All This Love‘ and brassily jolting 117½bpm ‘Never Fall In Love Again‘, in an effort finally to break the physically ill-favoured family group (if the brothers shaved their moustaches they’d look less like little rats!).

GEORGE BENSON: ‘Late At Night’ (Warner Bros W 9325T)
Richie-style piano-backed dead slow drippy 0-34/68-0bpm duet with Vickie Randle, on 3-track 12in with the better more typical gently harmonised steadily pulsing 104½bpm ‘Love Will Come Again‘ (Chaka Khan’s backing cuts through) and older mushy 85(intro)-83-82½bpm ‘Welcome Into My World’.

PLANET PATROL: ‘It Wouldn’t Have Made Any Difference’ (US Tommy Boy TB 843)
Todd Rundgren ballad given an 86bpm Chi-Lites (rather than Temptations)-type treatment, straight not hip hop — although the 127bpm ‘Don’t Tell Me‘ flip is what you’d expect (both from a UK-released LP that had nil response here despite trendy press raves). Incidentally, how do Tommy Boy got their printed BPMs so inconsistently wrong?

PEABO BRYSON/ROBERTA FLACK: ‘Maybe’ (Capitol 12CL 327)
Bacharach & Bayer Sager-prod/penned tempoless 0-33bpm romancer on 3-track 12in with the (0-)34/68bpm ‘I Just Came Here To Dance’ and Peabo’s older solo 123bpm ‘Move Your Body’.

GEORGE MYAMI: ‘We’re Havin’ A Party’ (Passion PASH 1218)
Sam Cooke’s classic in an electronically loping 120bpm update with singing and sax still in the original 1962 spirit-co-produced by Alpine Grant so there’s a touch of brother Eddy too.


Frankie Goes To Hollywood-inspired but much faster 0-133bpm galloper, instrumental for the first half until chix “come” in with lyrics supposedly about a new dance step (snigger snigger), Ian Levine’s ‘Hi-NRG Mix’ alternative A-side being a drastically different even faster and more vocal 0-139bpm version (only on white label for the next month, after which both sides should then be the same BPM).

VELVETTE: ‘Nothing’s Worse Than Being Alone’ (Electricity ELECT 4)
Kevin Antony Roberts-prod/Ian Geoffrey Levine-mixed typical (you guessed?) 129bpm (yup, count ’em!) chick sung Northern Soul revival (yet another), this time of the Ad Libs oldie (edit/inst flip). Forgive me if I appear under-enthused, but familiarity does breed . . . familiarity?

EARTHA KITT: ‘Where Is My Man (Hot Tracks Megamix)’ (Record Shack SOHORT 11)
Lifted from the current US Hot Tracks set, where it’s called the ‘East-West Remix’ being a collaboration between San Francisco jox Steve Algozino & Rob Kimbel and Atlanta’s Aron Siegel & Randy Dethman, this usefully opened-out extended 118bpm version at last has long instrumental passages, on 3-track 12in with its original instrumental and 7in vocal, cut at 33 1/3rpm.

MIMI: ‘The Man’s So Real’ (Challenge TAL 8)
More fully fleshed newly overdubbed now 127bpm ‘Totally Intensified’ remix of the title line emphasizing but otherwise languidly flowing pulser, with dated appeal (127½bpm inst ‘Cruise Mix’ flip).

YVONNE BROWN: ‘My World Is Empty Without You’ (Buzz International VIBE 3T, via Pinnacle)
Unexceptional 184bpm Supremes revival in Phil Collins copying style (inst flip).

DISCO TOP 85 – MARCH 31, 1984

01 02 DON’T LOOK ANY FURTHER, Dennis Edwards, Gordy 12in
02 03 WHAT DO I DO?, Phil Fearon & Galaxy, Ensign 12in
03 05 SHE’S STRANGE/GROOVE WITH YOU, Cameo, Club 12in
04 01 BREAKIN’ DOWN (SUGAR SAMBA), Julia & Company, London 12in
05 06 YOU’RE THE ONE FOR ME/DAYBREAK/A.M. (MEDLEY)/INSTRUMENTAL, Paul Hardcastle, Total Control Records 12in
06 08 TAXI, J Blackfoot, Allegiance/Sound Town 12in
07 13 AIN’T NOBODY, Rufus & Chaka Khan, Warner Bros 12in
08 10 IT’S ALL YOURS, Starpoint, US Elektra 12in
10 15 S.O.S., Matsubara, US D&D 12in
11 18 BACK AT YA/INSTRUMENTAL, Kerr, Greyhound 12in
12 07 RENEGADES OF FUNK/RENEGADES CHANT/INSTRUMENTAL, Afrika Bambaataa & Soul Sonic Force, Tommy Boy 12in
13 17 COME BE WITH ME/LIGHT MY FIRE, The Ronnie McNeir Experience, US Capitol mini-LP
15 81 WHAT DO I DO? (CARNIVAL MIX)/(PINA COLADA MIX-IN-DUB), Phil Fearon & Galaxy, Ensign 12in
16 37 LOVE ME LIKE THIS, Real To Reel, US Arista 12in
17 09 STREET DANCE/INSTRUMENTAL, Break Machine, Record Shack 12in
18 48 STOP WHAT YOU’RE DOIN’, The Chi-Lites, US Private I 12in
19 24 OUT OF SIGHT (REMIX), Lefturno, MCA 12in
20 12 LET THE MUSIC PLAY/REMIX/DUB, Shannon, Club 12in
21 29 FLYING HIGH, Cloud One, US Heavenly Star Record Corp 12in
22 11 ON THE FLOOR (ROCK-IT), Tony Cook & The Party People, Half Moon 12in
23 40 HAVE YOU GOT THE TIME (DISCO MIX), The Funkmasters, Master-Funk 12in
24 — P.Y.T. (PRETTY YOUNG THING)/THRILLER (INSTRUMENTAL), Michael Jackson, Epic 12in
25 36 THE SOUND OF MUSIC (X-TENDED REMIX), Dayton, Capitol 12in
26 — GET IN TOUCH WITH ME (US MIX), One Blood, Ensign 12in
27 35 PLANE LOVE (REMIX)/DUB, Jeffrey Osborne, US A&M 12in
28 55 GIVE ME TONIGHT/DUB VERSION, Shannon, Club 12in
29 39 AIN’T NO STOPPIN’ (AIN’T NO WAY), McFadden & Whitehead, US Sutra 12in
31 34 ENCORE, Cheryl Lynn, US Columbia 12in
32 44 DANCE TO THE BEAT/DUB BEAT, T.C. Curtis, Hot Melt 12in
33 14 SOMEBODY’S WATCHING ME, Rockwell, Motown 12in
35 30 LET ME SHOW YOU, Larry Wu, US Atlantic 12in
36 31 FRESH (SCRATCH MIX)/FRESH, Tyrone Brunson, US BID 12in
37 45 (I’M JUST A) SUCKER FOR A PRETTY FACE, West Phillips, Trans Q/S.O.U.N.D. 12in
38 38 DON’T WASTE YOUR TIME (REMIX), Yarbrough & Peoples, US Total Experience 12in
39 28 ANOTHER MAN IS TWICE AS NICE, Tout Sweet, Buzz International 12in
40 54 I WANTED YOUR LOVE, Luther Vandross, Epic LP/US 12in
41 20 SECRET LOVE, Evan Rogers, RCA 12in
42 26 OOH, I LIKE THE WAY IT FEELS, Toni Smith, Malaco 12in
43 25 DEJA VU, AB’s, Streetwave 12in
44 21 TELL ME WHAT YOU WANT, Loose Ends, Virgin 12in
45 67 KEEP IT ALIVE/DON’T MAKE ME WAIT, Carl Anderson, US Epic LP
46 16 WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME/MELLOW AS A CELLO, Steve Arrington’s Hall Of Fame, Atlantic LP
47 61 SWEET SOMEBODY, Shannon, Club LP
49 41 STAY ON IN THE GROOVE, Rodney Franklin, CBS LP
50 59 HELLO/ALL NIGHT LONG (ALL NIGHT) (INSTRUMENTAL), Lionel Richie, Motown 12in
51 33 DON’T YOU WANT MY LOVIN’/INSTRUMENTAL, Michael Baker, Passion 12in
52 71 JAM ON IT, Newcleus, US Sunnyview 12in
53 — SOMEDAY/OUTSTANDING, Gap Band, Total Experience 12in
54 52 YAH MO B THERE, James Ingram/Michael McDonald, Qwest 12in
55 — SOMEBODY ELSE’S GUY/DUB, Jocelyn Brown, US Vinyl Dreams 12in
57 51 (RETURN TO THE VALLEY OF) OUT COME THE FREAKS (REMIX), Was (Not Was), Ze/Geffen 12in
58 56 LOVE ON/DON’T WAN’T NOBODY, The Dells, US Private I LP
59 52 LOVIN’ YOU, Status IV, Design Communications 12in
60 77 LUCKY STAR, Madonna, Sire 12in
62 65 RIGHT PLACE RIGHT TIME, Denise LaSalle/Latimore, US Malaco LP
63 47 HEY! DJ/INSTRUMENTAL, World’s Famous Supreme Team, Charisma 12in
64 53 (IT’S A) DOGGIE BOOGIE BABY, Charles Earland, US Strut 12in
65 43 HUMP TO THE BUMP, Steve Arrington’s Hall Of Fame, Atlantic 12in
66 — SHE’S STRANGE (CLUB MIX REMIX), Cameo, US Atlanta Artists 12in
67 46 SLOW TONGUE/E.S.P., Millie Jackson, Sire LP
68 83 LONG ENOUGH, The Last Poets, US Kee Wee 12in
69 80 I’VE GOT TO FIND A WAY, Zena Dejonay, US TVI 12in
70 — WHEN YOU’RE FAR AWAY (REMIX), Gladys Knight & The Pips, US Columbia 12in
71 — TAKE SOME TIME, Sparque, US West End 12in
72 — TURN IT AROUND (INSTRUMENTAL), Gino Soccio, US Atlantic 12in
73 76 BOY WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN, Roz Ryan, Streetwave 12in
74 62 GIMMICK, Duces Wild, US Next Plateau 12in
75 — I’M GONNA GETCHA/L.A. MIX, Family Brown, US Buzz Records 12in
76 — ONE FOR THE TREBLE (FRESH), Davy DMX, US Tuff City 12in
77 — TO BE OR NOT TO BE (THE HITLER RAP), Mel Brooks, Island 12in
78 — WHITE HORSE (US MEGAMIX), Laid Back, Creole 12in
79 58 I LOVE THE PIANO, Kasso, Banana 12in
80 72 SATISFY ME LOVER/BREAKOUT, Starpoint, US Elektra LP
81 75 BEAT BOX, Art Of Noise, ZTT 12in
82 — TAKE HIM BACK (TAXI), Anne LeSear, US HCRC 7in
83 — CELEBRATE YOUR LOVE, Executive, US Oh My! Records 12in
84 — NO SELL OUT (REMIX), Malcolm X/Keith LeBlanc, Tommy Boy/Island 12in
85 — BAD TIMES (I CAN’T STAND IT), Captain Rapp, Becket 12in


BUBBLING UNDER the Disco 85 are:

Bobby King: ‘Lovequake’ (US Motown)
“Om” Alec Khaoli: ‘You Are The One’ (US Emergency)
Double Dee & Steinski: ‘Play That Beat Mr DJ (Master Mix)’ (Aircheck cassette/US Disconet LP)
Scritti Politti: ‘Wood Beez’ (Virgin)
De De: ‘S&M’ (US Clockwork)
Clockwork: ‘I’m Your Candy Girl’ (US Private I)
Fatback Band: ‘I Found Lovin’ (US Spring LP)
Rose Royce: ‘New Love’ (US Montage)
Spinners: ‘Right Or Wrong’ (US Atlantic 7in)
Julie Kelly: ‘Better Than Anything’/’We’re On Our Way’ (US PAULSA LP)
Takanaka: ‘Sail On Fire’ (Japanese Kitty LP)
O’Bryan: ‘Lovelite’ (US Capitol)
Awesome Foursome: ‘Funky Breakdown’/’Funky Mixdown’ (US Partytime)
Stacy Lattisaw & Johnny Gill: ‘Block Party’ (US Cotillion LP)
Slim: ‘Good To Go’ (US TTED)
Collage: ‘Get In Touch With Me’ (US Solar)
P.Funk All-Stars: ‘Copy Cat’ (US Uncle Jam LP)
Jayme Marques: ‘Berimbao’ (Italian RCA LP)
D’Bora: ‘No Sense’ (US West End)
Inner Life: ‘No Way (Remix)’ (US Personal)


Beats Per Minute for last week’s Top 75 entries on 7in (endings denoted by f/r/c for fade/resonant/cold):

Culture Club 118¼f, Shakin’ Stevens 130-129-0r, Depeche Mode 119½f, Siouxsie 69c, Simple Minds 109f, Dead Or Alive 109f, Shalamar 123f, Rick Springfield 131-0r (Cliff sings Bruce!), Billy Idol 166-0f, Bluebells (0-)55½-112-113-115f, Rock Goddess 131r, Cyndi Lauper 32½-64¾f, Captain Sensible 0-55/110f, Dennis Edwards 95f.


01 01 COUNTDOWN (HERE I COME), Kofi & The Lovetones, Electricity 12in
02 06 HIGH ENERGY, Evelyn Thomas, Record Shack 12in
03 08 NOTHING’S WORSE THAN BEING ALONE, Velvette, Electricity 12in
04 04 COMING OUT OF HIDING, Pamela Stanley, US TSR 12in
05 02 I’M LIVING MY OWN LIFE, Earlene Bentley, Record Shack 12in
06 10 EMERGENCY, Laura Pallas, Record Shack 12in
07 07 LOVE TRAP (REMIX), Astaire, Passion 12in
08 03 THE MAN’S SO REAL Mimi, Challenge 12in/remix
09 09 DESIRE (HI-ENERGY MIX), Paul Parker, Technique 12in white label
10 29 WHEN YOU WALK IN THE ROOM, Ramming Speed, Proto 12in white label
11 18 I’M GONNA LOVE YOU FOREVER, Jimmy Ruffin & Jackson Moore, ERC 12in
12 11 ROCKET TO YOUR HEART (REMIX), Lisa, Dutch BMC 12in
13 13 SOMEBODY TO LOVE, Cafe Society, Passion 12in white label
14 12 FOR ALL WE KNOW, Norma Lewis, ERC 12in
15 25 HAPPINESS, Christopher Street, ERC 12in
16 17 JUMP, Pointer Sisters, US Planet LP/Hot Tracks remix
17 15 EVERGREEN/JEALOUS LOVE, Hazell Dean, Proto 12in
19 14 LOVE ON THE ROCKS (REMIX), Lama, Carrere 12in
20 — I LOVE MEN, Cinema, US Promise 12in
21 — THE UPSTROKE/Hi-NRG MIX, Agents Aren’t Dangerous, Proto 12in white label
22 21 IN ORBIT, Yvonne Gidden, Electricity 12in
23 19 RE-LIME-D (MEDLEY), Lime, Dutch Polydor 12in
24 27 LOVE FIRE, Jimmy James, ERC 12in
25 — YOU TURNED MY BITTER INTO SWEET, Linda Lewis, Electricity 12in
26 — ALIVE WITH LOVE, Tina Fabrique, US Prism 12in
27 16 JUST ANOTHER BROKEN HEART, Dorothy Moore, US Streetking 12in
28 — TIE ME DOWN, Romance, Passion 12in white label
29 05 HE’S A SAINT HE’S A SINNER, Miquel Brown, Record Shack 12in
30 23 GOT A DATE (REMIX), Dionne Warwick, Arista 12in


POP JOX are playing: 1(7) Phil Fearon, 2(4) Julia & Co, 3(1) Shannon, 4(3) Frankie GTH, 5(8) Madonna ‘H’, 6(17) Weather Girls, 7(5) Break Machine, 8(10)Lionel Richie, 9(2) Rockwell, 10(11) Nena, 11(9) Sade, 12(15) Tony Cook, 13(24) Afrika Bambaataa, 14(re) George Kranz, 15(6) Kool, 16(25) Bananarama, 17(12) James Ingram, 18(33) Culture Club, 19(18) Wang Chung, 20(re) World’s Famous Supreme Team, 21(-) The Special AKA, 22(21) Man Tran, 23(23) Van Halen, 24(30) Melle Mel, 25(29) Matt Bianco, 26(re) Millie Jackson, 27(-) Lefturno (remix), 28(13) Was (Not Was), 29(40) Hot Chocolate, 30(22) Thompson Twins, 31(-) Shannon ‘GMT’, 32(20) Style Council, 33(38) Carmel, 34(-) Michael Jackson ‘PYT’, 35(16) Matthew Wilder, 36(14) Cyndi Lauper, 37(-) Whodini ‘MW’. 38(-) Fiction Factory, 39(-) Bourgie Bourgie, 40(-) Soft Cell/Dead Or Alive (tie).

2 thoughts on “March 31, 1984: Pointer Sisters, AB’s, Art Of Noise, Cameo, Gino Soccio”

  1. Although they’re not mentioned by name, Stock Aitken Waterman make their decidedly inauspicious debut this week, with Agents Aren’t Aeroplanes “The Upstroke”. They’d have two records in the UK Top Twenty by July, and a Number One by the following spring – but you’d never guess it from this debut offering.


  2. So that’s why that expensive Japanese AB’s import was in all the dance record shops for ages back then – I remember it being in Slough Imports all wrapped in its luxurious Japanese packaging for years – they must have all got a copy or two in and then the big tune came out on UK 12″.

    I see one of THE biggest tunes of the mid-1980s Fatback Band’s “I Found Loving'” which I knew was around for some time before it crossed over but didn’t know was getting played this far back, has appeared in the breakers. The quite similar Cashflow “Mine All Mine” also eventually crossed over a couple of years later and Steve Walsh even had his own hit version of “I Found Lovin'” based on the party atmosphere he used to create when he played it out. He’s also high in the charts this week as the partner in Total Control records with Paul Hardcastle.

    Also interesting to see another perennial staple of 80’s London pirate radio “Intimate Connection” making an unheralded appearance in the disco chart as a Kleeer album track – this “Between The Sheets” by the Isley Brothers, “Secret Fantasy” by George Duke and “Portuguese Love” by Teena Marie were that relatively rare thing on the funk pirates in that they were slowies that were played for years around London and always used to make the polls they regularly did for the listeners’ All Time Tunes . They were that long lasting that they were still being heavily played when acid house was kicking off in 1988.


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