March 24, 1984: Phil Fearon & Galaxy, Cameo, Dayton, Denise LaSalle, Tout Sweet


JULIA & CO rush an M&M remix this week . . . Streetwave got AB’S ‘Deja Vu’ for UK 12in . . . Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’ instrumental evidently is NOT the ‘P.Y.T.’ flip . . . CBS’s Fiction Factory 12in was mailed by Rush Release . . . Chris Ryder actually left Skyline Radio for his own commercial-free Atlantis . . . Skyline’s Oscar J. Jennings had a natter at Mayfair’s Rockafella’s diner last Friday with Horizon’s Nick Lawrence & Steve Goddard about the future effect of Redhill/Reigate ILR station Mercury Radio on 103FM — a wavelength so full of pirates that Friday’s Dread Broadcasting Corp swamps Invicta in the Harlesden area! . . . Curtis Simon, back from JA with a hot Gregory Isaacs toon for his own Diamond C label, reports that the clash with Barry G has made Capital’s David Rodigan a supa-star in Jamaica! . . . Capital’s ‘Mr Ouch!’ Al Matthews and suave John Sachs seem to spend their nights at Mayfair’s Gullivers . . . Mastermind Roadshow cut up Peckham Kisses Friday (23), Graham Hunter funks RAF Greenham Common Saturday (24) — ready for a rap attack?! — Leeds Tiffany’s 3pm Sunday (25) all-dayer stars the usual crew, Slave start a UK tour Wednesday (28) at Luton Pink Elephant . . . Chris Hill, Carol & I return to Cumbria at Egremont’s Old Hall next Friday (30) . . . California’s Larc label folded, their veteran soul stars moving to Private I — where The Dells album notes reveal they backed Barbara Lewis’s 1963 classic ‘Hello Stranger‘, produced (as were The Capitols/Deon Jackson) by Ollie McLaughlin who sadly died last month . . . I missed Atlantic’s Jerry Wexler and his vintage soul videos lest week but am certainly catching ‘I Love Quincy‘ (Jones of course) this Friday on Channel 4 at 11.15pm . . . The Crusaders are now just Joe, Wilton, and drummer Ndugu Chancler . . . STAY FRESH!


PHIL FEARON & GALAXY: ‘What Do I Do? (Carnival Mix)’ (Ensign XENY 510)
Brilliantly remixed to sound the same yet full of important differences too, this slightly Latin-tinged longer 113½bpm version is still frothy but harder and reaches great brass and a bass break, the flip’s even more different and excellent jazzily instrumental 0-113½bpm ‘Pina Colada Mix-In-Dub‘ incorporating snatches of ‘Dancing Tight’. Clever devil, he’ll got your money twice!

CAMEO: ‘She’s Strange’ (Club JABX 2)
Immediately massive alter preliminary radio play on 7in, the terrific full length subtle sinuous slinkily weaving 109bpm smacker is right in the Rufus/Lynn/Osborne bag, albeit with a sharper sound — even sharper now it’s on 3-track 12in with the equally good slower dragging 98bpm ‘Groove With You‘ (nice between Dennis E and Y&P), and jerkily smoochy 84-42bpm ‘Love You Anyway‘ which climaxes in jazzy Benson-ish scat.

DAYTON: ‘The Sound Of Music (X-Tended Remix)’ (Capitol 12CLX 318)
Disco Mix Club’s Alan Coulthard floored me when he confessed this cleverly straightened out and simplified (though less jazzy) 114-115-114-115(break)-114-115bpm remix was all his own work, rather than from the US as misleadingly suggested on promo copies! Now a doddle for mixers (McF&W follows nicely), it’s flipped by the gently drifting lovely 51½-106-104bpm ‘Promise Me‘ and Roger Troutman-dominated 111bpm ‘Love You Anyway‘.

DENISE LaSALLE: ‘Right Place, Right Time’ LP (US Malaco MAL 7417)
Spine tingling time! In clubs like Mayfair’s Gullivers where black lovers know an ace smoocher when they hear one, the gut wrenching Latimore-duetted sensationally soulful old-style 28/56-56½bpm title track has proved an instant floor-packer far hotter even than ‘Taxi’. Fans of bluesy deep southern soul can anticipate what more to expect from titles like ‘Your Husband Is Cheating On Us‘, ‘Keep Your Pants On‘, ‘Bump And Grind‘!

TOUT SWEET: ‘Another Man Is Twice As Nice’ (Buzz International VIBE 2T, via Pinnacle)
Finally released here, the really amusing now 109¾bpm answer version to ‘Another Man’ is quite a hoot and the crowds love it, especially out of Cheryl Lynn, Cameo or of course Barbara Mason (dub mix flip). Too sweet!

THE DELLS: ‘Love On’ (LP ‘One Step Closer’ US Private I BFZ-39309)
Bang on target, this superb lazily swaying 91bpm jogger is perfect out of Dennis Edwards while the lovely slow rolling 78bpm ‘You Just Can’t Walk Away‘ is deep soul balladry at its very best (there are two more tortuous dead slowies in typical soul drenched Dells style), OK if less distinguished dancers being the 115bpm ‘Come On Back To Me’, 123bpm ‘Don’t Want Nobody‘, 121bpm ‘Jody‘ — and any group that’s been together 31 years can be forgiven taking the misguided advice that presumably prompted the frantic 140bpm title track sop to US radio.

CARL ANDERSON: ‘Keep It Alive’ (LP ‘On & On’ US Epic BFE 39217)
Good specialist soul set earning many raves, co-produced by Skip Anderson (what’s the relationship?), this gently swaying and looping 96½bpm jogger with nice piano making most immediate impact along with the lovely lazily drifting 84½-85½bpm title track, although the brashly storming 117bpm ‘Don’t Make Me Wait‘, 116bpm ‘Magic‘ (which I never did get around to playing on 12in), brassy 116-117bpm ‘Try‘ and jazzy 121-0bpm ‘Time To Win‘ are fairly potent dancers, Stevie Wonder’s ‘Lately’ being one of two radio slowies.

ONE BLOOD: ‘Get In Touch With Me’ (Ensign 12ENY 513)
Last summer’s 88bpm original by Collage still being unissued here on Solar despite evident underground popularity, here’s a good swaying jiggly jogging 92bpm reggae-soul cover version with nice Culture Club-ish vocals and stabbing soprano sax, in the Munzibai & Morales remix or the denser original (of this version).

MAIN LINE: ‘Somebody’s Watching Me’ (Malaco MAL 1220)
Fairly pointless 126bpm remake of Rockwell’s hit incorporating lines from ‘Thriller’, but not of course sung by the man that matters — if anything, the accurately Jackson-accented semi-rapping Part II is much more intriguing and really could fool people in a mix (inst too).

MALCOLM X: ‘No Sell Out’ (Tommy Boy/Island 121S 165)
Rebalanced and less punchily mixed 102bpm version of the hip hop history lesson, in which Keith LeBlanc’s electro beats (inst flip) back excerpts from the speeches of the early ’60s Black Muslim leader whose militant stance contrasted with the dreams of Martin Luther King and worried the hell out of white America before his inevitable assassination on February 21, 1965. Usefully here the sleeve has “lyrics” and biographical details. If at first you find it ugly, persevere, as it’s powerful stuff.

THE SPECIAL AKA: ‘Nelson Mandela’ (2 Tone CHS TT12 26)
Given an altogether jauntier and universally appealing treatment though similar in idea, this Elvis Costello-produced chart-climbing fabulous afro-goes-blue beat message chant pleads for the freeing of a black South African anti-apartheid leader jailed in 1962 but still a figurehead feared by the white government there. Acappella chix-introed then 0-127bpm (the fade actually accelerates fast!), it’s the most infectious pop hit of the moment — but don’t forget what it’s about.

YELLOWMAN: ‘Strong Me Strong’ (CBS TA 4241)
Surprisingly produced Material, the albino toaster namechecks Capital Radio’s clash conqueror David Rodigan on this hypnotically pushing 0-91¼bpm reggae rapper (reviewed off 7in though due on 12in), great for the right crowd (dub flip).

JOCELYN BROWN: ‘Somebody Else’s Guy’ (US Vinyl Dreams VND DOI)
Jocelyn caterwauls over tempoless piano plonks in Jennifer Holliday style before eventually a chunkily jiggling beefy 103bpm backbeat smacks in behind her, the instrumental dub flip being strong too and easier to mix (there’s a rumour both sides could be combined for UK release).

KLEEER: ‘Next Time It’s For Real’ (LP ‘Intimate Connection’ Atlantic 780145-1)
Producer Eumir Deodato’s limiting over-use of drum machine rhythms drags everything down to a similarly sombre level, this rolling slow 94bpm crib from Stevie’s ‘Superstition’ creating subdued tension while the brighter 123bpm ‘Break‘ is a charging chanter in Kool style, weaving synthetics creating the vocodered instrumental 105bpm ‘Tonight‘ and similar though soulfully sung 104bpm title track, 106bpm ‘Go For It‘, 110bpm ‘You Did It Again‘, the 148bpm ‘Ride It’ being frantic rock-disco and 132bpm ‘Do You Want To?’ a loose whipper. Patchy but by no means unpleasant.

THE CRUSADERS: ‘Mega Street’ (MCA MCAT 853)
Alan Coulthard neatly blends a marathon medley of the classic Randy Crawford-sung ‘Street Life’ (102-106-108)/Wilton Felder ‘Insight’ (108-109-110)/Joe Sample ‘Burnin’ Up The Carnival’ (109)/’Street Life’ (111-112)/JS ‘There Are Many Stops Along The Way’ (113)/WF ‘Inherit The Wind’ (115)/’Dead End’ (115)/’Street Life’ (115-115½bpm), which rightly takes A-side precedence over the new ghastly chix squawked lurching almost Hi-NRG 126bpm ‘Night Ladies‘ — these same chix also singing their alternative import 12in ‘New Moves‘ (US MCA MCA-13991), which is like a speeded-up 122bpm early Jackson 5 record (dub/edit flip). Their imminent LP on this showing could be a disappointment.

SHANNON: ‘Give Me Tonight’ (Club JABX 1)
I couldn’t understand why there were two different videos for ‘Let The Music Play’ until someone pointed out the second one is actually for this 118½bpm continuation! Yeah, well, the harder dub version flip is good for mixing and stronger in its own right.

PATTI AUSTIN: ‘Fine Fine Fella’ (LP ‘Patti Austin’ Qwest 923974-1)
A somewhat disappointingly shallow assembly of familiar slick formulae serving as “product”, this tuggingly rolling 110⅔bpm chugger and to an extent the 109bpm ‘Shoot The Moon‘ and Kashif-ish 115bpm ‘Starstruck‘ being of possible interest to today’s discerning fans of the Cheryl Lynn/Jeffrey Osborne/Rufus synthesized rhythm pattern, the Donna Summer-ish 125bpm ‘Rhythm Of The Street’, Michael Jackson-ish 116bpm ‘Hot! In The Flames Of Love’, 123bpm ‘I’ve Got My Heart Set On You’, 0-121½bpm ‘It’s Gonna Be Special’, the slowies and indeed the set as a whole being basically for US radio.

STACY LATTISAW & JOHNNY GILL: ‘Block Party’ (LP ‘Perfect Combination’ Cotillion 90136-1)
US-aimed datedly jolly chugging 115½bpm backbeat lurcher from the Narada Michael Walden-produced youthful new “sweethearts of soul”, who mean little here at the moment, other (lesser) dancers being the slowed-down ‘Searching’-ish 112½bpm ‘50/50 Love‘ and jolting 116bpm ‘Heartbreak Look‘, while a nostalgic 97½bpm revival of the Shirelles ‘Baby It’s You‘ owes most to the distinctive Bacharach & David structure it began with.

Predictably pleasant 63-63½bpm 7in revival of the classic old Major Harris smoocher.

FICTION FACTORY: ‘Ghost Of Love’ (CBS TA 3819)
Useful almost entirely instrumental until the end 121-123-122-124-0bpm 12in Special Dance Mix of the current pop hit, very different from its 7in form, now a tunefully striding smacker with wide disco appeal.

DEPECHE MODE: ‘People Are People’ (Mute 12BONG 5)
Booming, bashing, juddering and so full of exciting “white boys hip hop” effects it’s like Scritti Politti as if produced by Trevor Horn on speed, this (0-)119-0bpm jerky jolter is in fact dangerously close to over doing it!

DARYL HALL & JOHN OATES: ‘Adult Education’ (REC RCAT 396)
Late reaching me on 12in, this Nile Rodgers co-mixed freaky slow 0-91bpm half stepping semi-hip hop jolter is usefully flipped by the (mislabelled) old 110bpm ‘I Can’t Go For That’ and Jellybean-remixed 113bpm ‘Say It Isn’t So’, all floor-aimed.

PRINCE CHARLES & THE CITY BEAT BAND: ‘More Money’ (Virgin VS 66912)
The posturing funkster, once fashionable with white folks, played rock gigs in the UK but now attempts to regain hip hop credibility by whistling a snatch of ‘The Good The Bad & The Ugly’ over this bass jolted chugging non-“electro” 108½bpm chanter, flipped by an impossibly frantic 128½bpm racer and monotonously rapping 98-101-101½-102½-103bpm ‘Don’t Fake The Funk‘ in a style that Trouble Funk do so much better — but they don’t have a press agent.

BOBBY KING: ‘Lovequake’ (US Motown 4518MG)
Rumblingly introed inoffensively bland 109bpm soul swayer with Bobby getting het up to no revolutionary effect, except it’s a lot better than the 125bpm ‘Midnight Shine‘ official A-side.

STARPOINT: ‘Breakout’ (LP ‘It’s All Yours’ US Elektra 60353-1)
Usefully ‘Good Times’-ish c.114bpm dancer on a mainly slow set, with a Staples-ish c.81bpm version of Bill Withers ‘Use Me‘.

THE JONES GIRLS: ‘Keep It Comin’ (US Philadelphia International ZS4 04385)
Keni Burke-prod/penned old fashioned (and, pre-RCA, obviously not new) shrill Emotion-ish chugging 120½bpm strutter, rather abrupt on 7in but yet to materialize in any larger format.

DISTANCE Featuring JANEY HALLETT: ‘Just One More Kiss’ (Challenge TAL-6)
Stark sub-Kashif electro-driven 121½bpm skitterer fleshed out with wailing chix ‘n sax in another cheapo Sojka & DeJongh production which manages to be both sparse and over-busy all at the same time (possibly preferable ‘El Primitivo’-mixed 121bpm inst flip).


EVELYN THOMAS: ‘High Energy’ (Record Shack SOHOT 18)
Forsaking the cliched formula its opportunist title might suggest, this Ian Levine/Fiachra Trench-prod/penned friskily treated but quite stolidly chugging 0-124bpm thumper reunites Ian with his grittily wailing ‘Weak Spot‘ hit maker of 1976 (inst flip). It has to be said of this team that they do find female singers with vocal authority.

ROMANCE: ‘Tie Me Down’ (Passion PASH 1221)
Simon Soussan-produced quite decent and initially rather laid back skipping 119-120-121-120-121bpm canterer reputedly wailed by Jessica Williams with bursts of gospel intensity between a variety of synth breaks (inst flip).

LINDA LEWIS: ‘You Turned My Bitter Into Sweet’ (Electricity TRICT 5)
Yet another Kevin Antony Roberts-prod/Ian Geofrey Levine-mixed Northern Soul update, Mary Love’s oldie becoming a coolly ticking 0-129bpm galloper more Mid-than Hi-NRG thanks to its fluid “Motown” bass line.

RAMMING SPEED: ‘When You Walk In The Room’ (Proto ENAT 115)
Guenther & Morrison-prod/Levine-mixed frantically skittering 132bpm electronics drive a particularly silly Minnie Mouse-voiced female’s revival of the Jackie DeShannon/Searchers oldie (inst flip), utter bilge.

SHALAMAR: ‘Deadline USA’ (MCA MCAT 866)
195bpm . . . need I say more? Well, it’s from the film ‘DC Cab’ (here known as ‘Street Fleet’), on 3-track 12in with its dub and producer Giorgio Moroder’s breakneck rattling 130bpm Hi-NRG instrumental ‘Knock Me On My Feet‘.

DISCO TOP 85 – MARCH 24, 1984

01 01 BREAKIN’ DOWN (SUGAR SAMBA), Julia & Company, London 12in
02 03 DON’T LOOK ANY FURTHER, Dennis Edwards, Gordy 12in
03 02 WHAT DO I DO?, Phil Fearon & Galaxy, Ensign 12in
05 14 SHE’S STRANGE/GROOVE WITH YOU, Cameo, Casablanca 12in
06 38 YOU’RE THE ONE FOR ME/DAYBREAK/A.M. (MEDLEY)/INSTRUMENTAL, Paul Hardcastle, Total Control Records 12in
07 10 RENEGADES OF FUNK/RENEGADES CHANT, Afrika Bambaataa & Soul Sonic Force, Tommy Boy 12in
08 12 TAXI/WHERE IS LOVE, J. Blackfoot, Allegiance/Sound Town 12in
09 09 STREET DANCE/INSTRUMENTAL, Break Machine, Record Shack 12in
10 08 IT’S ALL YOURS, Starpoint, US Elektra 12in
11 06 ON THE FLOOR (ROCK-IT), Tony Cook & The Party People, Half Moon 12in
12 05 LET THE MUSIC PLAY/REMIX/DUB, Shannon, Club 12in
13 20 AIN’T NOBODY, Rufus & Chaka Khan, Warner Bros 12in
14 07 SOMEBODY’S WATCHING ME, Rockwell, Motown 12in
15 16 S.O.S. Matsubara, US D&D 12in
16 11 WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME/MELLOW AS A CELLO/15 ROUNDS/MONEY ON IT, Steve Arrington’s Hall Of Fame, Atlantic LP
17 23 COME BE WITH ME/LIGHT MY FIRE, The Ronnie McNeir Experience, US Capitol mini-LP
18 34 BACK AT YA/INSTRUMENTAL, Kerr, Greyhound 12in
19 13 HOLIDAY, Madonna, Sire 12in
20 18 SECRET LOVE, Evan Rogers, RCA 12in
21 19 TELL ME WHAT YOU WANT, Loose Ends, Virgin 12in
24 52 OUT OF SIGHT (REMIX), Lefturno, MCA 12in
25 31 DEJA VU, AB’s, Japanese Moon LP
26 33 OOH, I LIKE THE WAY IT FEELS, Toni Smith, Malaco 12in
28 39 ANOTHER MAN IS TWICE AS NICE, Tout Sweet, Buzz International 12in
29 40 FLYING HIGH, Cloud One, US Heavenly Star Record Corp 12in
30 41 LET ME SHOW YOU, Larry Wu, US Atlantic 12in
31 24 FRESH (SCRATCH MIX)/FRESH, Tyrone Brunson, US BID 12in
33 44 DON’T YOU WANT MY LOVIN’?, Michael Baker, Passion 12in
34 47 ENCORE, Cheryl Lynn, US Columbia 12in
35 62 PLANE LOVE (REMIX)/DUB, Jeffrey Osborne, US A&M 12in
36 76 THE SOUND OF MUSIC (X-TENDED REMIX), Dayton, Capitol 12in
37 55 LOVE ME LIKE THIS, Real To Reel, US Arista 12in
38 48 DON’T WASTE YOUR TIME (REMIX), Yarbrough & Peoples, US Total Experience 12in
39 64 AIN’T NO STOPPIN’ (AIN’T NO WAY), McFadden & Whitehead, US Sutra 12in
40 42 HAVE YOU GOT THE TIME (DISCO MIX), The Funkmasters, Master-Funk 12in
41 32 STAY ON IN THE GROOVE, Rodney Franklin, CBS LP
42 29 YAH MO B THERE, James Ingram/Michael McDonald, Qwest 12in
43 43 HUMP TO THE BUMP, Steve Arrington’s Hall Of Fame, Atlantic 12in
44 41 DANCE TO THE BEAT, T.C. Curtis, Hot Melt 12in white Label
45 37 (I’M JUST A) SUCKER FOR A PRETTY FACE, West Phillips, Trans Q/S.O.U.N.D. 12in
46 46 SLOW TONGUE, Millie Jackson, Sire LP
47 25 HEY! DJ/INSTRUMENTAL, World’s Famous Supreme Team, Charisma 12in
48 50 STOP WHAT YOU’RE DOIN’, The Chi-Lites, US Private I 12in
49 26 OUT OF SIGHT, Lefturno, MCA 12in
50 28 LOLLIPOP LUV, Bryan Loren, Virgin 12in
51 36 (RETURN TO THE VALLEY OF) OUT COME THE FREAKS (REMIX), Was (Not Was), Ze/Geffen 12in
52 21 LOVIN’ YOU, Status IV, Design Communications 12in
53 70 (IT’S A) DOGGIE BOOGIE BABY, Charles Earland, US Strut 12in
54 49 I WANTED YOUR LOVE, Luther Vandross, Epic LP/US 12in
55 51 GIVE ME TONIGHT/DUB VERSION, Shannon, US Emergency 12in/Club promo
56 — LOVE ON/DON’T WANT NOBODY, The Dells, US Private I LP
57 59 WHAT ABOUT MY LOVE?, Damaris, CBS 12in
58 78 I LOVE THE PIANO, Kano, Banana 12in
59 57 HELLO/ALL NIGHT LONG (ALL NIGHT) (INSTRUMENTAL), Lionel Richie, Motown 12in
60 53 I’VE GOT TO FIND A WAY, Zena Dejonay, US TVI 12in
61 66 SWEET SOMEBODY, Shannon, Club LP
62 82 GIMMICK, Duces Wild, US Next Plateau 12in
63 66 DIN DAA DAA (TROMMELTANZ), George Kranz, Fourth & Broadway 12in
64 — KEEP IT COMIN’, The Jones Girls, US Philadelphia International 7in
65 — RIGHT PLACE RIGHT TIME, Denise LaSalle/Latimore, US Malaco LP
67 — KEEP IT ALIVE, Carl Anderson, US Epic LP
68 54 JOYS OF LIFE (REMIX), David Joseph, Island 12in
70 71 FUNKY TAMBORIM/BELA BE BELA/DEEP COVE VIEW, Tania Maria, Concord Jazz Picante LP
71 77 JAM ON IT, Newcleus, US Sunnyview 12in
72 — BREAKOUT, Starpoint, US Elektra LP
73 45 T.K.O./BABY I’M SCARED OF YOU/LOVE WARS, Womack & Womack, Elektra LP/12in promo
74 79 FO-FI-FO/IT’S GETTING HOT IN HERE, Pieces Of A Dream, Elektra LP/12in promo
75 74 BEAT BOX, Art Of Noise, ZTT 12in
76 56 BOY WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN, Roz Ryan, Streetwave 12in
77 — LUCKY STAR, Madonna, Sire 12in
78 — MEGA STREET, Crusaders, MCA 12in
79 — NEXT TIME IT’S FOR REAL/BREAK, Kleeer, Atlantic LP
80 85 DANCING IN THE SHEETS, Shalamar, US Columbia 12in
81 — WHAT DO I DO? (CARNIVAL MIX), Phil Fearon & Galaxy, Ensign 12in
82 — DISTANT LOVER, Kevin Keys, US Jersey Connection 12in
83 61 LONG ENOUGH/INSTRUMENTAL, The Last Poets, US Kee Wee 12in
84 83 KING OF THE BEAT, Pumpkin, US Profile 12in
85 81 NEVER TOO LATE, Julius Brown, US West End 12in


BUBBLING UNDER the Disco 85 are:

Bobby King: ‘Lovequake’ (US Motown)
One Blood: ‘Get In Touch With Me (Remix)’ (Ensign promo)
Anne LeSear: ‘Take Him Back (Taxi)’ (US HCRC 7in)
Scritti Politti: ‘Wood Beez’ (Virgin)
Jonny Bankcheck: ‘The Runaway’ (US MEMO)
Aswad: ‘Chasing For The Breeze’ (Island)
Gloria Ifill: ‘All Night Long (Soca)’ (Trindisc)
Boogie Boys: ‘Break Dancer’/’Shake & Break’ (US Capitol)
Dr John: ‘Jet Set’ (US Streetwise)
Dominatrix: ‘The Dominatrix Sleeps Tonight’ (US Streetwise)


Beats Per Minute for last week’s Top 75 entries on 7in (endings denoted by f/r/c for fade/resonant/cold):

UB40 0-75½r, Madonna 0-117f, John Lennon 58/116-116f, J. Blackfoot 66¼f, Fiat Lux 122f, Fiction Factory 0-124-126f, Chris Rea 128f, Propaganda 0-107(-0f on 12in, which is all I have), The Special AKA 0-127f (fade speeds up!), Heavy Pettin’ 138-141-138/69-141-0r, Whodini 111½f.


01 01 COUNTDOWN (HERE I COME), Kofi & The Lovetones, Electricity 12in
02 02 I’M LIVING MY OWN LIFE, Earlene Bentley, Record Shack 12in
03 04 THE MAN’S SO REAL, Mimi, Challenge 12in/remix
04 06 COMING OUT OF HIDING, Pamela Stanley, US TSR 12in
05 03 HE’S A SAINT HE’S A SINNER, Miquel Brown, Record Shack 12in
06 07 HIGH ENERGY, Evelyn Thomas, Record Shack 12in white label
07 05 LOVE TRAP (REMIX), Astaire, Passion 12in
08 13 NOTHIN’S WORSE THAN BEING ALONE, Velvette, Electricity 12in
09 19 DESIRE (HI-ENERGY MIX), Paul Parker, Technique 12in white label
10 12 EMERGENCY, Laura Pallas, Record Shack 12in
11 10 ROCKET TO YOUR HEART (REMIX), Lisa, Dutch BMC 12in
12 14 FOR ALL WE KNOW, Norma Lewis, ERC 12in
13 30 SOMEBODY TO LOVE, Café Society, Passion 12in white label
14 09 LOVE ON THE ROCKS (REMIX), Lama, Carrere 12in
15 08 EVERGREEN/JEALOUS LOVE, Hazell Dean, Proto 12in
16 24 JUST ANOTHER BROKEN HEART, Dorothy Moore, US Street King 12in
17 15 JUMP, Pointer Sisters, US Planet LP
18 15 I’M GONNA LOVE YOU FOREVER, Jimmy Ruffin & Jackson Moore, ERC 12in
19 21 RE-LIME-D (MEDLEY), Lime, Dutch Polydor 12in
20 11 DANGER, Flirts, Canadian Unidisc 12in
21 17 IN ORBIT, Yvonne Gidden, Electricity 12in
22 23 LIFE IS THE REASON, Norma, ERC 12in
23 16 GOT A DATE (REMIX), Dionne Warwick, Arista 12in
25 25 HAPPINESS, Christopher Street, ERC 12in
26 26 I’VE GOT TO FIND A WAY, Zena Dejonay, US TVI 12in
27 30 LOVE FIRE, Jimmy James, ERC 12in
28 22 SOUND OF MY HEART, Sleeping Lions, CBS 12in
29 — WHEN YOU WALK IN THE ROOM, Ramming Speed, Proto 12in white label
30=— AFTER THE FALL, Kathy Wilson, US BMO 12in
30=— YOU GOT TO MOVE IT ON, Rofo, Belgian Infinity 12in


POP JOX are playing: 1 (3) Shannon, 2 (2) Rockwell, 3 (1) Frankie GTH, 4 (6) Julia & Co, 5 (4) Break Machine, 6 (11) Kool, 7 (-) Phil Fearon, 8 (5) Madonna, 9 (8) Sade, 10 (20) Lionel Richie A/B, 11 (7) Nena, 12 (-) James Ingram, 13 (17) Was (Not Was), 14 (13) Cyndi Lauper, 15 (28) Tony Cook, 16 (10) Matthew Wilder, 17 (38) Weather Girls, 18 (-) Wang Chung, 19 (32) The Smiths, 20 (23) Style Council, 21 (14) Man Tran, 22 (18) Thompson Twins, 23 (-) Van Halen, 24 (-) Afrika Bambaataa, 25 (-) Bananarama, 26 (9) Michael Jackson, 27 (-) Tina Turner, 28 (29) World Premiere, 29 (24) Matt Bianco, 30 (-) Melle Mel, 31 (25) Keith & Darrell, 32 (26) JB’s All Stars, 33 (-) Culture Club, 34 (-) Kasso, 35 (27) Elbow Bones, 36 (30) Nik Kershaw, 37 (-) Tyrone Taylor, 38 (-) Cameo, 39 (37) Madness, 40 (36) Hot Chocolate.

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