October 27, 1984: Dazz Band, Cool Notes, Roy Ayers, S.O.S. Band, Tom Browne


MATT BIANCO’s 12in next week teams an extended percussion-climaxed ‘Half A Minute‘ with ‘Matt’s Mood II‘ as flip — no messing about this time! . . . Kool & The Gang’s ‘Fresh‘ 12in is due next week while finally Switch ‘Keeping Secrets’ and a re-cut Mercy Mercy are due now . . . Al Jarreau plus David Sanborn’s band play Wembley Empire Pool Sunday 25 Nov, to be filmed and recorded for US syndication — so true believers are needed as an audience . . . Nick Ratcliffe (Portsmouth Ritzy) confirms Luther Vandross is actually credited on the original un-remixed ‘Georgy Porgy’ B-side of the 1979 RCA 12in by Charmé (with an acute “e”) featuring Vivien Cherry called ‘Do It All For Love’ — however, Ralph Tee (Rickmansworth) reckons it was also on their 1982 LP ‘Ultra Dance’ (incidentally the 1978 original by its writers Toto has just come out on their cheapo-cheapo Hallmark/Pickwick LP) . . . The Jones Girls after only one album have left RCA for Capitol and a doubtless welcome return to producer Dexter Wansel . . . Showstopper Promotions’ umpteenth Caister Soul Weekender is this weekend: even though a few veteran funkateers from the very first exactly six years ago will be there, Chris Hill is forced to admit the event is now on a par with Teddy Boy revivals, everyone dressing as they know their big brothers and sisters used to rather than as they do now . . . Chris Hill has left Canvey’s Goldmine, the club he put on the map more than ten years ago, to be replaced by his old warm-up jock from that era Big Tom Holland, Chris’s Saturdays as well as Sundays now being spent at Stan & Jayne Barrett’s Sheffield Arms near lovely Sheffield Park in Sussex — where the disco has been renamed Hilly’s in honour (grand opening Nov 10) . . . Tony Blackburn admits he only has a seven-incher — shock revelation scoop! — coming out on RCA, as a belated follow-up to his “Lenny Gamble” oldie (wot, no 12in?) . . . Billboard’s new US charts breakdown reveals some interesting discrepancies especially amongst the Hot Black Singles, where sales in general lag behind Airplay frequency, so that for instance last week Leon Haywood ‘Tenderoni’ was at 13 in Airplay, nowhere in the Sales Top 30, yet rising at 24 in the combined main chart (which is all we used to see) — the chart’s new typography is less easy to take in at a glance . . . Peter Young counts down the Record Mirror Disco Top 20 at 8.50pm on his Saturday 6-9pm Radio Mercury 103.6FM soul show, which last week he cleverly kicked off very drily exactly as if it was just one from his old Capital series, without any welcoming effusions for his new Sussex listeners . . . Chad Jackson promoting his ‘Crew Cuts Lesson 2‘ LP with “live” scratching demonstrations last week on his home turf in the window of Manchester’s HMV Shop attracted such a crowd that he had to stop after half an hour as record buyers couldn’t get into the shop — in London at the Virgin Megastore the crowd was smaller and I got the impression many ordinary shoppers were thinking “why’s he mucking up all those good records?” (some of his stunts were really good, others he spoilt by scratching on too long), and in fact to escape the piercing volume I explored the books department, spending £34! . . . David Toop’s well researched ‘The Rap Attack — African Jive to New York Hip Hop‘ (Pluto Press £4.95) was my most interesting purchase, the best reasoned examination of black music I’ve read since the oft-quoted Marshall & Jean Stearns ‘A History Of Jazz Dance‘, thoroughly recommended especially to people like Sheffield’s Mike Ward who refuse to acknowledge where “rap” belongs in the development of black music (by the way Mr Toop, if you’d care to contact me I’ve some first hand experiences of “live” soul raps by the likes of Irma Thomas which predate your chronology somewhat) . . . “Do Or Die” I now realize is hip hop-ese for Brooklyn’s black ghetto Bedford-Stuyvesant housing centre, which suddenly makes much more sense of Divine Sounds’ ‘Do Or Die Bed Sty‘ . . . Les Cokell opens Leeds’ gay Rockshots 2 in Call Lane with PAs by Earlene Bentley, Miquel Brown, Norma Lewis, Laura Pallas, Jackson Moore, Odyssey, Mari Wilson, Nicci Gable, Betty Valentino, 501’s, Girltalk this Friday (26), when Imagination and Shakatak PA with Steve Walsh and the JFM jocks at London’s Lyceum, and John Mayoh has a Motown night at Manchester’s New Millionaire . . . Wednesday (31) Hull Romeos & Juliets have a Pernod-plugging Halloween “Appointment With Fear”, free before 10pm if you’re “dressed to kill” . . . John Dene (Bishopsgate BB’s/Portsmouth Ritzy) suggests A&M should try a sax-extended version of The Carpenters ‘This Masquerade‘, which confuses his punters into thinking it’s by Sade! . . . Slack & Black is actually Julian Palmer and fellow Island plugger Adrian Sykes, but Mike’s brother Brian Gardner thinks he and Julian should call themselves that, especially on Tuesdays when Soho’s Wag Club becomes The Slammer for a reggae toasting night . . . Horizon listeners have been raving over the RAH Band’s great “inter-planetary phonecall” – featuring ‘Clouds Across The Moon‘, played off a demo tape originally circulated about three months ago to just a few obviously wrong people, whose discouraging response then has meant that another inferior track is set for release — boo! . . . Crystal Palace McDonalds should have excellent reception! . . . Gary London’s Saturday 8-10pm Skyline 90.2FM Hi-NRG show now refers to it as “Gay Dance Music”, which indeed is what our own Hi-NRG Disco chart (which he counts down) has always reflected . . . Al Rockwell, not Stockwell, is the Stockport STR 92.1FM pirate . . . Neil Matthew “broadcasts” a funky show pre-match Tues/Sat at Billericay Town Football Club on a “station” called NLR (New Lodge Radio) which they call “Britain’s only legal pirate” — he’s also mobile with Fighting Machine Roadshows, and after a weekday pub gig on 02774-51536 (evenings) . . . Chris Britton seems to be moving around, most recently Thursday at London West End’s new Shaftesbury’s and Wed/Fri/Sat at Tottenham Ritzy . . . Inner Life ‘No Way’ didn’t feature Jocelyn Brown, it was Debbie Cooper from Change . . . Joyce Kennedy, US hit ballad partner of Jeffrey Osborne, was lead singer in the old multi-racial Mother’s Finest . . . Stephanie Mills I can’t help thinking on her LP sleeve looks awfully like Brass Construction’s cuddly percussionist Sandy Billups in drag! . . . David Grant, intent again on being a soul rather than pop star (hurrah!), has let his hair grow back into an Orin Cozier style — what next, glasses? . . . I’m still not noticeably being serviced by CBS so was surprised to receive a letter signed by Adam Ant and Marco Pirroni hoping I’d like their enclosed Francois Kevorkian-remixed 12in of the ugly ‘Apollo 9’, their “first venture into club mixes” . . . ‘Top Secret!’ from the makers of ‘Airplane’, in which the hero is a berk, has Val Kilmer doing a ridiculously accurate copy of Elvis Presley’s ‘Jailhouse Rock’ gyrations, except he sings ‘Tutti Frutti’ instead . . . ‘The Bill’ could be a London ‘Hill Street Blues’ — it seemed really odd when the sergeant didn’t say “let’s be careful out there”! . . . HEAVE HO, HEAVE HO!

LONDON’S PIRATE soul stations were indeed back last week, if somewhat patchily, plus the general music Skyline returned loud and clear on 90.2FM. Solar FM’s test transmissions actually packed up just about the time you’d have been reading last week’s column, but the station is liable to reappear at any time on 102.5FM — probably under its old identity as Horizon Radio, though with new co-operative DJ management . . . stay tuned. JFM returned last Wednesday with intermittent transmissions and a weaker signal on 103.25FM, promising to go 24 hours a day with lower power but a more efficient transmitter system when they move up to 104.3FM, a move planned for this Monday and not (as I write) carried out — maybe because as I warned them this would bring them perilously close to a powerful Greek-Cypriot on 104.1FM? In any event, JFM is trying to get well away from Radio Mercury (who themselves obliterate anything within reach of 103.6FM), although as evidently even Solar FM were complained about to the Dept of Trade & Industry as interfering with Mercury’s reception it seems a clash of signals is not the real reason for this sort of complaint! BBC and ILR stations would do well to bear in mind the main root of Rock ‘n’ Roll in the late ’40s/early ’50s: American white kids, fed up with the overly manufactured pop of their day, tuning along their dials and getting hooked by the excitement and greater substance of the black music they found on those funny little black stations. Ring any bells?

YUM YUM! Double delicious twins are San Diego sisters Jeanette & Claudette Russ, who were discovered singing in church and first called Split Image before their relationship was emphasized as TWIN IMAGE on their debut single ‘Kiss And Make It Better’ (Capitol 12CL 342), a Jerry Knight-penned perky Kashif-ish 118bpm pop-soul lurcher starting with a strikingly acappella “ooh, let me show you what a kiss can do — ooh, let me show ya”, the line that underpins the whole song (inst flip).


DAZZ BAND: ‘Let It All Blow’ (Motown TMGT 1361)
As predicted this is indeed a simple groove that’s ended up absolutely massive, and in double quick time to boot — a great 115bpm semi-electro lurching chugger with Herbie Hancock-style piano and just a lazily delivered “heave ho, heave ho, let it all blow, down down down down” the total deadly catchy lyric content (inst flip). The next ‘Dr Beat’?

THE COOL NOTES: ‘I Forgot’ (Abstract Dance 12AD 002)
Another masterful languidly lazy drifter, surprisingly as fast as 110bpm, this time sung by Steve Mackintosh with the delightful Lorraine and Heather in title chanting support, everything from the neat little scratch intro kept to a beautifully interlocked minimum for the maximum effect — this is British black music at its most distinctive and least derivative (girls-sung 139bpm ‘Baby I Just Want It‘ flip with dated appeal).

ROY AYERS: ‘In The Dark’ (US Columbia 44-05115)
Currently tickling ears and feet with his tinkling vibes on Terri Wells’ ‘Who’s That Stranger‘, Roy’s back in his own right too with this infectious huskily sung sound FX-spiced lightly driving (0-)120bpm jazz-funk chugger co-produced by Stanley Clarke, bound to be big at Caister as it’s bang in that old bag — the flip’s more subduedly shuffling instrumental 121-1201/2bpm ‘Love Is In The Feel‘ being good too.

THE S.O.S. BAND: ‘No One’s Gonna Love You’ (US Tabu 4Z9-05121)
Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis have done another typically excellent remix job on this beautiful stately (0-)101¾-0bpm swayer, easing it out yet dropping in some exciting little touches especially at the start, so that more than ever it’s like a tranquil ‘Change Of Heart’ (and don’t forget it synchs sensationally through ‘Secret Fantasy’!), flipped by the group’s own lovely slow 68bpm ‘I Don’t Want Nobody Else‘.

TOM BROWNE: ‘Secret Fantasy’ (LP ‘Tommy Gun’ Arista 206495)
Recently reviewed in full on import, the otherwise electro-biased set’s only hot cut so far is this Siedah Garrett-sung lovely squirming 102bpm swayer just like ‘Juicy Fruit’ as if sung by The SOS Band, sure to be on UK single soon.

DEMOCRATIC THREE: ‘Cut Loose (My Fellow American)’ (Streetwave MKHAN 32)
A breathtaking hip hop hotch potch as if Double Dee & Steinski had been let loose with Die Zwei’s ‘gRAPsch!’, this 120¾bpm basic judderer brilliantly cuts in fragments of American radio and TV sound-tracks (including the Presidential subtitle), James Brown’s compere Danny Ray and much, much more (in Justice Jam Mix, Dance Mix, Dance Dub versions). Created by Julian ‘Slack’ Palmer and friends, it’s the most convincingly genuine hip hop yet to be made in Britain.

THE 3 ROCKIES: ‘Moving Along’ (10 Records TEN 3312)
Rollerskating trio from ‘Starlight Express’ with a really nice breezily cantering little 123bpm Britfunk flier tucked away on 3-track 12in behind two versions of the far less impressive ‘Stop Wasting Your Time’. Brilliant, it’s getting better with every play — more, more, make it the A-side! Ooh, I do like this!

THE BREEKOUT KREW: ‘Matt’s Mood’ (US Plateau NP 50024)
After a while you suddenly realize with a start it’s THAT ‘Matt’s Mood’ — the Matt Bianco ear-opener given a dynamite 97½bpm US rap treatment to become a purposefully weaving nagging tugger, followed by its percussive Rock Beats instrumental, and flipped by two versions of a different fast 121bpm electro skitterer, ‘Everybody Break‘ and ‘Break, Break’.

WEST STREET MOB: ‘Mosquito (A.K.A. Hobo Scratch)’ (Sugarhill SHL 137)
Fully detailed twice before, the brilliantly conceived haunting simple 107bpm scratcher (specially written for them by Malcolm McLaren & Trevor Horn) here is flipped by the LP’s 112-114-0bpm US Remix of their old ‘Break Dance — Electric Boogie‘, the purest possible example of hip hop as it’s scratched over the repeated break from the Incredible Bongo Band’s legendary ‘Apache‘. Essential for third generation b boys.

PAUL HARDCASTLE: ‘Eat Your Heart Out’ (Cooltempo COOLX 102)
Although this new label debut is nowhere near as generally appealing as lucky Bluebird’s lovely instrumental one-off ‘Rain Forest’, Paul continues to carve out his niche as the new RAH Band with another typical synth pushed 0-125½-125bpm lurching chugger, vocalist Kevin Henry back again riding the rhythm in lightweight ‘D’ Train style (some may prefer the more instrumental dub flip). Due commercially next week.

WHISPERS: ‘Contagious’ (US Solar 7- 69683)
Yet another ‘Contagious’, a Reggie Calloway-produced typically Whispery bubbly 115bpm smacker only on 7in so far.

STYLISTICS: ‘Give A Little Love’ (US Streetwise SW 1136)
Absolutely typical old-style 69bpm 7in smoocher, so depending on how that idea appeals you’ll love it or otherwise (semi-inst flip), prod/penned by Maurice Starr & Michael Jonzun — showing their true roots?

CUTTY: ‘Naughty Times’ (Cooltempo COOLX 105)
Sneakily pleasant on the radio and a possible grower, if no earth shaker, this staccato chaps rapped/demure girls cooed gently burbling mellow swayer with nice sax and boys talk halfway is here slowed down to 113bpm (inst flip).

STEPHANIE MILLS: ‘In My Life’ (LP ‘I’ve Got The Cure’ Club JABL 5)
Hawk Wolinski’s productions are better than George Duke’s on Steph’s slightly disappointing new set, after his 113½bpm ‘The Medicine Song‘ smash this Chaka-ish 102-0-102bpm “today’s groove” being Hawk’s best (and due as follow-up, hopefully with the tempoless pause somehow bridged with rhythm), although his 111bpm ‘Undercover‘, 120bpm ‘You Just Might Need A Friend‘ and 119bpm ‘Rough Trade‘ are fairly trite, Duke’s best shot being the good delicate 0-34-69-71bpm radio ballad ‘Everlasting Love‘ (follow-up double A-side?), his (0-)116½bpm ‘Edge Of The Razor‘ strutting rockily.

CARGO: ‘Do It’ (CG Records CG 1023, via 01-458 1020)
British jazz veteran goes electro, shock horror! Well, not quite doing a Herbie, keyboardist/vibist Mike Carr leads guitarist Jim Mullen and saxist Don Weller in a “do it together” chix cooed shuffle over Robert Ahwai’s tapping and plopping 121bpm synthetic rhythm and Simon Morton’s percussion, the tougher instrumental flip being the side that gets down.


Hi-NRG BREAKERS include:
Giorgio Moroder & Phlip Oakey: ‘Together In Electric Dreams’ (Virgin)
Kimyla: ‘Don’t Give Your Love So Easily’ (US Nuance)
Laura Branigan: ‘The Lucky One’ (Atlantic)
Freddie Mercury: ‘Love Kills’ (CBS)
Bronski Beat: ‘I Feel Love’ (London LP)

BETTY VALENTINO: ‘Young Men’ (Polydor POSPX 713)
Perpetually scrubbing rhythm, organ blasts, rock guitar and macho Village People-like chants power Betty’s quite exciting densely textured 127bpm driver, due commercially Nov 9.

ENGLISH EVENINGS: ‘Tear You Down’ (Safari SAFE LS 64)
Frankie-inspired ‘Two Tribes’-type electro backed raucous 130½bpm male pop (inst on flip).

POINTER SISTERS: ‘I’m So Excited’ (Planet RSPT 108)
Reissue of their older 182bpm galloper, now maybe usefully like a female Billy Joel ‘Tell Her About It’ (they’re the same BPM!).

PEPE GOES TO CUBA: ‘Kalimba De Luna’ (RCA RCAT 453)
LaBionda co-produced shuffling 110bpm Eurodisco chugger (owing nothing to Frankie), possibly useful for Continental-inclined pop crowds.

DISCO TOP 85 – October 27, 1984

01 01 I FEEL FOR YOU/REMIX, Chaka Khan, Warner Bros 12in
02 02 SLIPPERY PEOPLE, Staple Singers, US Private I 12in
03 03 GOTTA GET YOU HOME TONIGHT, Eugene Wilde, Fourth & Broadway 12in
04 09 LET IT ALL BLOW, Dazz Band, US Motown 12in
05 06 WHO’S THAT STRANGER, Terri Wells, London LP
07 04 TUCH ME, Fonda Rae, Streetwave 12in
08 05 THE MEDICINE SONG, Stephanie Mills, Club 12in
09 10 OFF AND ON LOVE, Champaign, CBS 12in
10 08 EYE TO EYE, Chaka Khan, Warner Bros LP
11 14 I CHOOSE YOU, Paris, Bluebird 12in
12 35 INTERNATIONAL (REMIX), Brass Construction, Capitol 12in
13 23 GEORGY PORGY, Charme, US RCA Victor 12in
14 11 LOVE LIGHT IN FLIGHT/DON’T DRIVE DRUNK, (with Dionne Warwick), Stevie Wonder, Motown LP
15 13 CANDLELIGHT AFTERNOON, Phyllis St. James, Motown 12in
16 12 RAIN FOREST, Paul Hardcastle, Bluebird 12in
17 15 HALF A MINUTE, Matt Bianco, WEA LP/12in promo remix
19 17 AIN’T NO TURNIN’ BACK/PHONEMATE, Phyllis St. James, US Motown LP
20 28 SECRET FANTASY, Tom Browne, Arista LP/US 7in
21 29 I’M GIVIN’ ALL MY LOVE, Terri Wells, US Philly World 12in/London LP
22 20 MAGIC TOUCH (REMIX), Rose Royce, Streetwave 12in
23 30 YOUR TOUCH (CLUB VERSION), Bonnie Pointer, US Private I 12in
24 22 ENCORE/GOT TO BE REAL, Cheryl Lynn, Streetwave 12in
25 18 LOST IN MUSIC (REMIX), Sister Sledge, Atlantic 12in
26 21 I WISH YOU WOULD, Jocelyn Brown, Fourth & Broadway 12in
28 82 LOVERGIRL, Teena Marie, US Epic 12in
29 19 WE NEED SOME MONEY, Chuck Brown & The Soul Searchers, Master Mix 12in
31 47 CARIBBEAN QUEEN/DANCEFLOOR, Billy Ocean, Jive 12in
32 59 TREAT HER LIKE A LADY, The Temptations, US Gordy 7in
33 33 AFTER THE DANCE IS THROUGH, Krystol, US Epic 12in
34 43 SEXOMATIC, Bar-Kays, US Mercury 12in
38 — IN THE DARK/LOVE IS IN THE FEEL, Roy Ayers, US Columbia 12in
39 49 OUT OF CONTROL, Evelyn ‘Champagne’ King, RCA 12in
40 41 YOU MAKE ME HAPPY, Hi-Tension, Streetwave 12in promo
41 79 I’M WARNING YOU, Gayle Adams, Fourth & Broadway 12in
42 50 OOOHH/THAT’S THE WAY I LIKE IT, Slave, US Cotillion 12in
43 40 CHANGE YOUR WICKED WAYS, Pennye Ford, US Total Experience 12in
44 46 MAS QUE NADA, Sergio Mendes & Brasil ’66, A&M LP
45 — GOTTA MAKE UP YOUR MIND, Major Harris, Streetwave 12in
46 34 YOU TURN ME ON, Rick James, Gordy LP
47 53 INSIDE MOVES/WHEN I LOOK AT YOU/JET STREAM, Grover Washington Jr, Elektra LP
48 75 SEA SHELLS, George Lee’s Anansi, Ebusia 12in
49 32 HOT POTATO, LaToya Jackson, US Private I 12in
50 — I FORGOT, The Cool Notes, Abstract Dance 12in
51 36 TODA MENINA BAIANA, Gilberto Gil, WEA 12in
52 37 NOW THAT I HAVE YOU, McGee, US American Dream Records Ltd 12in
53 45 JAZZY LADY, Richard ‘Dimples’ Fields, RCA LP/US 12in
54 61 RUNAWAY LOVE, Linda Clifford, CRC 12in white label
55 — EAT YOUR HEART OUT, Paul Hardcastle, Cooltempo 12in
56 44 RUNNING, Gwen Pressley & Portable Patrol, US Aerial 12in
57 27 PLEASE DON’T GO (REMIX), Steve Washington, Streetwave 12in
58 — I CAN’T WAIT TO BREAK, Billy Jones, US NIA 12in
59 38 WE’RE ROCKING THE PLANET, Hashim, US Cutting Records 12in
61 48 NAUGHTY TIMES, Cutty, Cooltempo 12in
62 77 RELEASE YOURSELF (DUB), Aleem, Streetwave 12in
63 — WHAT ARE WE GONNA DO?, Ultimate 3 MC’s, US Partytime 12in
64 42 LET SLEEPING DOGS LIE, Intrigue, Music Power Records 12in
65 56 DO OR DIE BED STY, Divine Sounds, US Specific Records 12in
66 76 IT MUST BE HEAVEN, Mercy Mercy, Ensign 12in promo
67 52 KEEPING SECRETS, Switch, US Total Experience LP
68 67 NIGHT SO RIGHT, Dolos, US Sunnyview 12in
69 62 SURPRISE SURPRISE, Bobby Womack, Motown LP/7in
70 80 I KEEP CALLIN’, Al Jarreau, US Warner Bros 7in
71 — ROUGH CUT, Kid Frost T.M.S., US Electrobeat 12in
72 — I WISH YOU WOULD (MASTERMIX), Jocelyn Brown, Fourth & Broadway 12in
73 68 L.A. NIGHT, Yasuko Agawa, Japanese Invitation LP
74 71 LOCK IT UP, Al McCall, US Profile 12in
75 — COMPROMISE, Jellybean, EMI America EP
77 — FORGIVE ME GIRL/ITCHIN’ FOR A SCRATCH, Force MD’s, Tommy Boy/Island 12in
78 — FRESH, WILD, FLY AND BOLD, The Cold Crush Brothers, US Profile 12in
79 72 CAN’T SLOW DOWN, Angela Bofill, US Arista 12in
81 54 GET OFF (YOU FASCINATE ME) (REMIX), Patrice Rushen, Elektra 12in
82 — AT THE PARTY/THE TRUTH, Grandmaster Melle Mel & The Furious Five, Sugarhill LP
83 70 JAILHOUSE RAP, Fat Boys, US Sutra 12in
84 58 WE GOT LOVE, The Real Thing, RCA 12in
85 — DYNAMIC (TOTAL CONTROL), Dynamic Breakers, US Sunnyview 12in


Beats Per Minute for last week’s Top 75 entries on 7in (endings denoted by f/r/c for fade/resonant/cold):

Chaka Khan 0-124f, Ultravox 139r, Spandau Ballet 146½-0r, Lionel Richie 99-0r, Sisters Of Mercy 136r, Divine 128f, Elton John 168f, Hall & Oates 114¾f, Jeffrey Osborne 149f.


01 02 BLACK LEATHER, Miquel Brown, Record Shack 12in
02 01 ALL AMERICAN BOY, Barbara Pennington, Record Shack 12in
03 05 IN THE EVENING, Sheryl Lee Ralph, US New York Music Company 12in
04 03 SECOND BEST/HEARTLESS/RUNNING WILD IN THE NIGHT, Evelyn Thomas, French In The Mix LP/Record Shack promo
05 04 I’M ON FIRE, Kelly Marie, Calibre Plus 12in
06 28 IF IT’S LOVE (THAT YOU’RE AFTER), Jackson Moore, ERC 12in white label
07 08 REACHING FOR THE BEST, Xenia Rowe, Crystal City 12in pre
08 07 CAN THE RHYTHM, Girltalk, Innervision 12in
09 13 HIGH SEX DRIVE, Dolmann, Passion 12in
10 12 LAST CALL, Job, US Megatone 12in
11 14 HANDS OFF!, Laura Pallas, Record Shack 12in
12 21 SHARPSHOOTER, Laura Branigan, US EMI American LP (soundtrack)
13 09 HEARTS ON FIRE, Sam Harris, US Motown LP
14 06 TIME BOMB, Jeanie Tracy, US Megatone 12in
15 11 THE FIGHT (FOR THE SINGLE FAMILY), Norma Lewis, ERC 12in
16 18 LONG AFTER TONIGHT IS ALL OVER, True, Rock City 12in
17 15 BE MY BABY, Dennis Dwyer, Dutch Friends 12in
18 — DON’T BEAT AROUND THE BUSH, Hot Gossip, Fanfare 12in white label
19 — I DON’T GIVE A DAMN, Nicci Gable, Passion 12in white label
20 20 I ALWAYS WANTED TO BE FREE, Tina B., Elektra LP
21 29 HELPLESS, Flirts, US Telefon 12in
22 10 THUNDER AND LIGHTNING, Heat-X-Change, Passion 12in white label
24 — BACK IN MY ARMS (ONCE AGAIN), Hazell Dean, Proto 12in
25 16 YOU CRY, Sense, W.A.R. 12in
26 — BREAK ME UP (THE BREAK), The Energy Section, Canadian Matra 12in
27 — MANHUNT, Silhouette, US Fantasy 12in
28 26 WHY?, Bronski Beat, London 12in
29 19 HEY HEY GUY, Ken Laszlo, Italian MEM 12in
30 — LOVERGIRL, Teena Marie, US Epic 12in


POP JOX are playing: 1 (1) Sister Sledge, 2 (2) Stephanie Mills, 3 (3) Ray Parker Jr, 4 (4) Miami Sound Machine, 5 (6) Stevie Wonder 12in, 6 (8) Bronski Beat, 7 (9) Paul Hardcastle ‘RF’, 8 (26) Billy Ocean, 9 (5) Culture Club, 10 (19) Chaka Khan, 11(11) Animal Nightlife, 12 (12) Simplicious, 13 (7) Level 42, 14 (10) David Bowie, 15 (14) Staple Singers, 16 (25) Sade, 17 (35) Eugene Wilde, 18 (15) Jocelyn Brown, 19 (22) Moroder/Oakey, 20 (16) Fonda Rae, 21 (24) Style Council, 22 (-) The SOS Band ‘WG’, 23 (29) Alicia Myers, 24 (21) Matt Bianco ‘MM2’, 25 (37) Wham!, 26 (32) Rose Royce, 27 (27) Alphaville, 28 (20) Cars, 29 (13) Laura Branigan ‘SC’, 30 (-) Lionel Richie, 31 (33) Prince, 32 (-) Ralph MacDonald, 33 (-) Phyllis St. James ‘CA’, 34 (-) Paul Young, 35 (17) Melle Mel ‘WL’, 36 (-) Paul McCartney, 37 (18) Freddie Mercury, 38 (-) Johnny Mathis, 39 (-) LaToya Jackson, 40 (39) Kraftwerk.

One thought on “October 27, 1984: Dazz Band, Cool Notes, Roy Ayers, S.O.S. Band, Tom Browne”

  1. A pop culture note- that small insignificant reference to the new ITV cop series “The Bill” which woukd of course run for years becoming one of UK TV’s most successful & popular Police dramas. It’s little nuggets like this hidden away in the narrative that make this a must read blog- along with the music reviews and chart placings of course!


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