January 26, 1985: T.C. Curtis, Little Benny & The Masters, Eugene Wilde, Change, George Benson


THAMES VALLEY DJ Assn’s Sunday (27) 2-7pm Disco-Ex at Sunbury’s Kempton Park has 32 major disco exhibit stands, followed 7-12pm by Shownite 85 with the Cool Notes and Black Lace live plus PAs including hopefully Chaka Khan, Sade & Wham! . . . Saturday (26) Capital Radio sponsors the Kensington Commonwealth Institute’s one day 10am-5.30pm seminar Rock ‘N Roots at which panels (Charlie Gillett seems heavily involved) will discuss with audience participation all sorts of black music topics, including pirate radio (I’m going along with the Solar-FM guys) — £5 tickets (£2.50 unemployed/student) from Capital or the Commonwealth Institute . . . North Wales DJ Ian Turner (Llandudno 79404) is after artistes willing to appear at a PA-style concert on Sunday March 17 at Llandudno’s 1,200 seat Arcadia Theatre in aid of the Feed The World Ethiopia campaign, at which he hopes Bob Geldof will be star guest . . . Ballymena DJ Davy King reveals that the elusive Modern label is an offshoot of Northern Ireland’s Emerald Records and available from Solomon & Peres, 120 Coach Road, Templepatrick, Co Antrim (9486-32711) alternatively Davy himself can supply any desperate jocks with copies of the label’s great John Anderson Big Band ‘Glenn Miller Medley’ on 0266-41374 after 6pm (check for N. I. dialling code) . . . London picked up Barrington Levy ‘Here I Come’ for rush release as of now (LONX 62) . . . Fourth & Broadway’s “go go” compilation seems to be on hold, their first release from Washington DC’s DETT label now being Redds & The Boys ‘Movin’ And Groovin‘ . . . Dave Clark (Barking Chains) reminds us the Jimmie Gray produced Kirk ‘Sweet Legs’ Thorne rap of ‘Mr Magic’ was previously on Champagne/DJM’s 1981 compilation LP ‘Premixture‘ . . . Dave McAleer, nowadays behind labels like S.O.U.N.D. and Crystal City, is looking for new black dance music acts and song writers — send demos and details to him at 38 Wharncliffe Gardens, London, SE25 6DQ . . . Wokingham Mark One record shop’s Mark Clark reports the upcoming Maze set is a goodie, while Melba Moore produced by Keith Diamond sounds like a female Billy Ocean! . . . Rayners Lane Record & Disco Centre, as an example, have pegged LP import prices at £8.49 but 12in rise from £4.75 to £4.99 (don’t forget they do good part exchange swapsies, though!) . . . Matt Bianco’s currently promoed ‘Big Rosie (Remix)‘ is a buoyantly bounding 121½bpm samba instrumental, commercially their next B-side, while also now promoed on single-sided 12in is the acappella started LP version of Ashford & Simpson ‘Solid’ . . . Morales & Munzibai, have remixed ‘Club‘ and ‘Dub‘ mixes of the Commodores on so far scarce US promo . . . Amii Stewart’s UK LP in a few weeks will have some alternative tracks and remixes (including ‘Friends’) as well as all the better import tracks . . . Mercury are releasing a ‘Best Of Jerry Butler’ LP . . . Julian ‘Slack’ Palmer has moved to A&R at Fourth & Broadway, leaving Adrian ‘Black’ Sykes as head of club promotion with new boy Tim Rudling to answer the phone . . . Steve Walsh & Paul Hardcastle’s label Total Control Records has signed with EMI where it would appear to be a major part of their new Dance Division, with busy Paul as house producer: Paul is also currently remixing Third World’s old ‘Now That We Found Love’ for Island with added Direct Drive female vocal and a wild dub B-side, while his original ‘Rain Forest‘ has sold over 250,000 in the States so far and Bluebird/10 have just promoed his ‘Forest Fire‘ as a trailer to their ‘Zero One’ soundtrack LP (plus of course he’s behind The Silent Underdog’s new ‘Pigbag’ hit and has new product due under his current solo contract with Cooltempo!) . . . Horizon Radio as threatened snuck back on 94.5FM to rival breakaway Solar-FM (who experienced some interference from a brief return of LWR, while Radio Fulham has joined London’s soul airwaves on 92.1FM . . . JFM’s studio it seems was finally tracked down when the police and DTI men blacked out the electricity supply floor by floor until the station’s signal cut off — whereupon Steve Jackson and Mastermind’s Herbie & Dave, who were just starting their very first show, couldn’t get out of the window . . . Hull Bali Hai regular Carl Kingston has lost his BBC Radio Humberside evening show due to needletime cutbacks but is sitting in as a freelance on Viking Radio 102.7FM . . . Radio Forth jock Tom Wilson in his regular telephone chat with New York’s Charlie Cassanova at WBLS learnt that ‘BLS are still urban contemporary, it only being WKTU that’s gone Top 40 in NYC . . . America’s colour conscious music video cable service MTV has finally started a separate cable channel Video Hits One (VH-1) on which around a third of the artists screened appear to be black — giving an outlet at last to MTV’s leading critic, Rick James . . . Mayfair Gullivers ‘King J Root’ party nights every Wednesday are heaving, Melle Mel & Scorpio hangin’ out last week while tonight (23) James Mtume plus Carroll Thompson & Total Contrast are due to PA . . . Chas Dennis finds ’60s soul and R&B taking the place of jazz sets at his gigs (like Yeovil Electric Studio Sat 26), and in fact every Thursday at Taunton Kingstons it’s oldies until 10pm when things get more modern and Chris Stagg does some mixing too . . . Friday (25) finds the ’60s soul Function At The Junction upstairs at Clapham Junction’s Wessex Suite, and Chris Hill guesting with Colin Hudd at Dartford Flicks (Chris might have had more of a look-in on Bob Geldof’s ‘This Is Your Life’ had he been flown in specially from New Zealand or somewhere!) . . . Saturday (26) Kev Hill celebrates Harlow Whispers first birthday with lots of PAs headed by the Cool Notes . . . Sean French joins Vicky Holloway at London Bridge Tooley Street’s Royal Oak Mon (28), Pete Haigh funks Tues (29) upstairs at Charlestons on Morecambe Promenade, Greg Wilson hip hops Wigan Pier Wed (30) with top breakdance crews and prizes . . . I don’t know which end of town Tim Westwood lives, but I haven’t seen him hanging out around Harlesden where the Mastermind guys are my near neighbours and the kids in the local supermarket stopped being heavily into hip hop ages ago — anyway, isn’t street roller hockey going to be 1985’s skateboard?! . . . Grandmaster Flash’s current ‘Sign Of The Times‘ turns out to be rapped by his group’s new member Leven and (Melle Mel’s brother) Kid Creole . . . Major Harris claims he was in the Jarmels for their 1961 US hit ‘A Little Bit Of Soap‘ but reference books don’t list him — and if he’s as young as he says he is the other guys would’ve been a whole lot older! . . . Atlantic should consider re-issuing Bobby Darin’s ‘La Mer (Beyond The Sea)‘/’Mack The Knife‘ following their current revivals by respectively George Benson and Frank Sinatra . . . Colin Hudd’s hot chop is from Little Benny’s “duh duh duh duh duh” into Direct Drive’s “dit dit” (if you yet my drift!) . . . MCA’s Paul Bunting seems to be overtaking Streetwave’s Morgan Khan for the title ‘Mr Reliability’ . . . Broader than Broadway, Safer than Safeway — WOAH OH OH!

AN UNEXPECTED BATTLE has broken out between two rival European versions, neither brand new, of the theme from ‘Shaft — that Richard Roundtree starring 1971 film which sparked a spate of “blaxploitation” flicks, and whose Isaac Hayes-penned 117-122-0bpm wukka-wukking theme was no less influential musically.

Polydor have already picked up for Feb 15 release the interesting 122-0bpm electro treatment by VAN TWIST (French Magic M 771), surprisingly close to the original arrangement apart from the way the actual noises are generated (reviewed off green vinyl rather than the earlier evidently different white vinyl version), this being the winner so far on radio although currently in short supply — so thus selling faster at the moment and preferred anyway by many is the even older 121¾-121½-122½-122-121½(vocal on)-0bpm non-electro treatment by EDDY AND THE SOULBAND (Dutch Break 308467), in which Ben Liebrand excitingly cuts up the wukka-wukking “real” instruments with car ignition effects and bursts of percussion (WEA were after this when last heard). Incidentally, Eddie Murphy’s hilarious though foul mouthed new film ‘Beverly Hills Cop’ could well become the ‘Shaft’ of the ’80s — do see it!


T. C. CURTIS: ‘You Should Have Known Better’ (Hot Melt 12TC 003)
Taking London’s airwaves by storm, this excellent buoyantly lurching 113½bpm chugger is worryingly whinneyed and yelped (sometimes in Jackson-ish style) while the beat and backing chicks keep creaming away (inst flip) — terrific stuff, so nagging it should be a national smash!

LITTLE BENNY & THE MASTERS: ‘Who Comes To Boogie’ (Bluebird/10 BRT 13)
Singing trumpeter Benny Freemen from Rare Essence seems all set to spearhead the UK explosion of Washington DC’s “go go” beat with this infectious brassy 109¼-109½-109¾-109½-108¼-109½bpm good time party jiggler (less vocal Club Mix flip), similar to Chuck Brown’s ‘We Need Some Money’ — which is surely due for re-promotion?

EUGENE WILDE: ‘Personality’ (Fourth & Broadway 12BRW 18)
Bruce Weeden has created two good back-to-back remixes of this mournfully sung electronically jittered nagging wriggler, the acappella introed 115½bpm Complex vocal and sparse 116bpm Split dub, sandwiching a de-Hi-NRG-ized John Morales remix of the joyfully bounding 123½bpm ‘Let Her Feel It’ (previously credited to Simplicious).

CHANGE: ‘Say You Love Me Again’ (WEA YZ32T)
Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis prod/penned gorgeous luscious 0-72/36-0bpm tender slowie dripping with class and deserving of ‘Wishing On A Star’-style crossover smash status, flipped by a Froggy & Simon Harris-mixed ‘Change Medley‘ of ‘Change Of Heart/You Are My Melody/Warm.

GEORGE BENSON: ‘Beyond The Sea (La Mer)’ (LP ’20/20′ Warner Bros 925178-1)
Air-brushed and over refined Russ Titelman-produced set on which the standouts are this righteously swinging Joe Sample-tinkled lush brassy 121-117-114-112-0bpm big band revival of Bobby Darin’s late ’50s arrangement of the Charles Trenet originated old French standard, the instantly familiar comfortably rolling 99bpm ‘Please Don’t Walk Away‘, Cecil & Linda Womack-written/accompanied tender delicate 40½-0bpm ‘New Day‘ (the radio jocks fave) and more Al Jarreau-ish 109¾bpm title track version, others being the wallpaper-ish instrumental 102bpm ‘Stand Up‘, mushily spurting 101bpm ‘Hold Me‘, gentle 73bpm ‘I Just Wanna Hang Around You’, slushy Michael Masser 0-34/68bpm ‘Nothing’s Gonna Change My Love For You’, dead slow Roberta Flack duet ‘You Are The Love Of My Life’, and bland flashdance 155bpm ‘No One Emotion’ (co-penned by Cliff Magness whose contributions are always the worst tracks on today’s “big name” black albums).

MASS PRODUCTION: ‘Come Get Some Of This’ (US Paran PR 0118)
Bass synth jittered powerful beefy 109bpm Slave-ish roller with chix taking the lead before a deep butch bass growled rap, everything building very soulfully and likely to have strong brain-snagging floor appeal (starker inst flip).

THE SILENT UNDERDOG produced by PAUL HARDCASTLE: ‘Papa’s Got A Brand New Pigbag’ (Kaz Records KAZ 50T, via 01-960 6336)
Note well the label’s typography — this is NOT a solo Paul Hardcastle recording (not a lot, it isn’t)! Slowed down and levelled out it becomes a typical 0-117½bpm squittery synth electrofunk version, flipped by the original old 135-134-141-135-136-0bpm PIGBAG version . . . for the rhythmic inspiration of which try following it with Esther Phillips’ ‘What A Diff’rence A Day Makes’!

DAVID SIMMONS: ‘Love Tonight’ (US Atlantic 0-86911)
Unheard of since his late ’70s Philly soul days, David’s back with a scorching sultry 89bpm smoocher a bit like Dennis Edwards singing ‘Sexual Healing’ if you can get to that, with a husky romantic rap towards the end (two instrumentals and edit flip). Knee tremble time, girls!

PHIL COLLINS: ‘Sussudio’ (Virgin VS736-12)
Rattling and rumbling, Phil whips up ‘The Glamorous Life’, ‘Holiday’ and ‘Girls Just Want To Have Fun’ into a percussive 121bpm judderer that overall sounds like Prince with EWF brass — but, what’s it all about?

JUNIOR: ‘Do You Really (Want My Love)’ (London LONX 60)
Hardly noticeable during a pool table scene in ‘Beverly Hills Cop’, a Nigel Martinez-produced stark snappy 125bpm electronic yelper flipped by its empty Dub and the old Extreme Mix of the Chaka Khan-intended 117bpm ‘Somebody’.

JONZUN CREW featuring MICHAEL JONZUN: ‘Lovin’ (Tommy Boy/Polydor POSPX 725)
Disjointedly jolting Marvin Gaye-ish 95½bpm slow swayer, possibly useful with the Commodores, flipped by its instrumental Jazz Mix and the vocoder-introed more predictable juddering electro 107bpm ‘Mechanism‘.


SAM HARRIS: ‘Hearts On Fire (Dance Mix)’ (Motown TMGT 1370)
Extensively remixed strangulatedly sung 137bpm rock-disco galloper, flipped by a slow started exciting Psycho Mix (and mawkish ‘Over The Rainbow‘!), already number 32 in the Hi-NRG chart.

VICIOUS PINK: ‘Fetish’ (Parlophone PSLP 384)
Chick whispered exciting frantic 134bpm whacker for the Frankie crowd, promoed on single-sided 12in ahead of full release Feb 11. Incidentally, this Leeds Warehouse duo’s ‘CCCan’t You See‘ ended up selling so well it could have gone Top 20 had all its sales been in weeks rather than months!

BOYS TOWN GANG: ‘Dance Trance Medley’ (Rich and Famous Records Ltd 12RNF 2, via PRT)
Finally released here — but as flip to a slow rolling 101bpm revamp of Stevie’s ‘Yester-me, Yester-you, Yesterday‘ — this month’s old Hi-NRG hit is a great old fashioned ’70s-style zingy (0-)133½bpm disco medley of specialist material.

VILLAGE PEOPLE: ‘Sex Over The Phone’ (Record Shack SOHOT 34)
Not Hi-NRG as such but happening first in gay clubs, this potentially controversial 118bpm chugger has some fantasy-fulfilling phonecalls as an ear-catching gimmick amidst the chanted hollering (inst flip).

LATIN QUARTER: ‘Toulouse’ (Rockin’ Horse RHT 101, via CBS)
Sinewy bass driven fast pop 155bpm speeder with lisping Grace Jones-ish chick.

SPACE: ‘Magic Fly (Remix)’ (Record Shack REMIX 1)
Much altered and slowed 125½bpm remix by Flood of the Euro-electro oldie, flipped similarly by the chick-sung meandering 0-124bpm ‘Carry On Turn Me On‘, to start a new Record Shack series of remixed dance classics.

FUNKMEISTER: ‘War Dance’ (Ryker RYK M2, via CBS)
Nazi-glorifying 120bpm ‘Relax’ rip-off full of good sound effects and packaged with sexy pin-ups (anything to sell it), already out in two mixes which Greg Wilson has now combined into yet a third — heard so far only on cassette.

JEROME: ‘Something To Say About Love’ (Calibre CABL 128)
Smoothly striding 127bpm subdued US-style soft rock disco (inst flip), getting some gay play.

SEDUCTION: ‘Electricity’ (Challenge TAL 14)
Desiree-keened burbling 127bpm remake of Ashaye’s oldie, in AC and DC Mixes, neither exactly electric.

TINA B: ‘Nothin’s Gonna Come Easy’ (Atlantic A9603T)
Arthur Baker’s wife with an “orchestrated” Irene Cara-ish monotonous 0-124bpm thudder remixed from ‘Beat Street’ (dub/edit flip).

DISCO TOP 85 – January 26, 1985

01 01 SAY YEAH, The Limit, Portrait 12in
02 03 FRIENDS, Amii Stewart, RCA 12in
03 02 YAH MO B THERE (JELLYBEAN REMIX), James Ingram, Qwest 12in
04 10 WHO COMES TO BOOGIE, Little Benny & The Masters, Bluebird/10 12in
05 06 CAN I, Cashmere, Fourth & Broadway 12in
06 04 ANYTHING?, Direct Drive, Polydor 12in
07 14 LOVERIDE, Nuance featuring Vikki Love, Fourth & Broadway 12in
08 65 I DIDN’T MEAN IT AT ALL/CITY LIFE, Sasss featuring Dexter Wansel and Grover Washington Jr, 10 Records 12in
09 18 THIS IS MY NIGHT (DANCE REMIX)/CAUGHT IN THE ACT, Chaka Khan. Warner Bros 12in
10 11 20/20 (JELLYBEAN REMIX), George Benson, Warner Bros 12in
11 07 STEP OFF (REMIX), Grandmaster Melle Mel & The Furious Five, Sugarhill 12in
12 32 SOLID, Ashford & Simpson, Capitol 12in
13 05 IN THE DARK/GOREE ISLAND, Roy Ayers, CBS 12in
15 17 OPERATOR/PLAYMATES, Midnight Star, US Solar 12in
18 20 CONTAGIOUS, The Whispers, Solar 12in
19 09 TREAT HER LIKE A LADY, The Temptations, Motown 12in
21 22 AFTER THE DANCE IS THROUGH, Krystol, US Epic 12in
22 08 YOU USED TO HOLD ME SO TIGHT, Thelma Houston, MCA 12in
23 35 FLY GIRL, Intrigue, US World Trade Records Inc 12in
24 26 SEXOMATIC, Bar-Kays, Club 12in
25 13 LIKE A VIRGIN (US DANCE REMIX), Madonna, Sire 12in
26 43 I FOUND MY BABY/DISRESPECT/WEAK SPOT, Gap Band, US Total Experience LP
27 24 MYSTERIOUS (REMIX), Twilight 22, US Vanguard 12in
29 — YOU SHOULD HAVE KNOWN BETTER, T.C. Curtis, Hot Melt 12in
30 15 FRESH, Kool & The Gang, De-Lite 12in
31 — NIGHTSHIFT, Commodores, Motown 12in __
32 25 HEARTLESS (REMIX), Evelyn Thomas, Record Shack 12in
33 12 WHO DO YOU LOVE, The Intruders, Streetwave 12in
34 31 POLICE OFFICER, Smiley Culture, Fashion 12in
35 50 HERE I COME, Barrington Levy, Time 12in
36 37 TOUCHING IN THE DARK/IT’S COOL, Walter Jackson, Bluebird/10 12in
37 42 EYE TO EYE, Chaka Khan, Warner Bros LP
38 30 I’M IN LOVE WITH YOU, KoKo-PoP, Motown 12in
39 61 I FOUND MORE LOVE, Godfrey Lloyd Jnr & Hot Shots, Justice 12in
40 58 1999, Prince, Warner Bros 12in
41 — STARTING AGAIN/OVO MEXIDO, Second Image, MCA 12in
42 28 LET ME SHOW YOU, BMP, US Epic 12in
45 34 I CAN FEEL YOUR LOVE SLIPPIN’ AWAY, Samson & Delilah, US Saturn 12in
46 39 I BELIEVE IN LOVE, Major Harris, Streetwave 12in
47 74 COOL OUT, Magnum Force, US Paula Records 12in
48 51 PUSH (IN THE BUSH), Clair Hicks And Love Exchange, US KN 12in
49 55 DANCE LOVER, Mikki featuring Starz, US Renaissance Recording 12in
50 — THEME FROM ‘SHAFT’, Eddy and the Soulband, Dutch Break 12in
51 48 YOU ARE THE ONE FOR ME, G.Q., US Stadium 12in
52 75 OUT OF CONTROL (VOCAL DUB VERSION)/REMIX, Evelyn ‘Champagne’ King, US RCA Victor 12in
53 53 BIG ROSIE (REMIX), Matt Bianco, WEA 12in promo
55 52 PROVE IT TO ME, New Experience, US Philly World Records 12in
56 16 LATELY/CHEY CHEY KULE, Eugene Wilde, Fourth & Broadway LP
57 — FOR YOU MY BABY LOVE, The Gents, US Positive Image 12in
58 44 GEORGY PORGY, Charme, RCA 12in
61 56 PLEASE DON’T GO (DUB VERSION), Nayobe, US The Fever 12in
62 — PAPA’S GOT A BRAND NEW PIGBAG, The Silent Underdog, Kaz 12in
63 57 THINGS ARE NOT THE SAME (WITHOUT YOU), First Love, US Mirage 12in
64 re HALF A MINUTE (REMIX), Matt Bianco, WEA 12in
65 47 MY DEAR MR GAYE/WE’VE GOT TO STOP, Teena Marie, US Epic LP
66 — YOU TURN ME ON, Bruni Pagan, US Motown 12in
68 84 SHOULD I (PUT MY TRUST IN YOU), Caution/Maxi Priest, Level Vibes! 12in
69 66 (YOU GOT ME) HYPNOTIZED/SHE’S A PLAY GIRL, Ci Ci, US Creative Funk 12in
70 41 KEEPING SECRETS, Switch, Total Experience 12in
71 54 STOMP (REMIX), Brothers Johnson, A&M LP/12in promo
72 59 SOME KINDA LOVER, The Whispers, Solar LP
73 49 LOVE LIGHT IN FLIGHT, Stevie Wonder, Motown 12in
74 — SHAFT, Van Twist, French Magic 12in
76 — GIRL YOU’RE TOO COOL/WHAT’S YOUR NAME, Magnum Force, Bluebird/10 LP
77 — S.O.S. FIRE IN THE SKY (DISARMAMIX), Deodato, US Warner Bros 12in
78 82 DANCIN’ TO BE DANCIN’, Skyy, Dutch Rams Horn 12in
79 38 DON’T DRIVE DRUNK (REMIX), Stevie Wonder, Motown 12in
80 79 GHOSTBUSTERS, Ray Parker Jr, Arista 12in
81 — IN LOVE AGAIN, Band Of Gold, RCA 12in
82 73 L.O.S. (LOVE ON SIGHT), Colors, US Power Light Records 12in
83 — YOU ARE MY LOVER, Black Ivory, US Panoramic 12in
84 81 UNDER MI SENSI, Barrington Levy, Time 12in
85 — WAY DOWN DEEP IN MY SOUL, Barbara Pennington, Record Shack 12in


01 01 STARGAZING, Earlene Bentley featuring Sylvester, Record Shack 12in
02 03 LET ME FEEL IT, Samantha Gilles, Belgian Infinity 12in/US JVC remix
03 02 LET THE NIGHT TAKE THE BLAME, Lorraine McKane, Carrere 12in
04 04 BELIEVE IN THE BEAT, Carol Lynn Townes, Polydor 12in
05 12 TAKE ME TO HEAVEN (REMIX), Sylvester, Cooltempo 12in promo
06 18 TOUCH ME IN THE MORNING, Lydia Steinman, Long Island Sound 12in promo
08 08 CHINESE EYES/COME INSIDE (REMIX), Fancy, US Personal 12in
09 05 DO YOU NEED ME (HI-NRG MIX), Touchdown, Krack 12in
10 11 CHINATOWN, Cruisin’ Gang, Italian Cruisin’ 12in
11 10 APPRECIATION (REMIX), Alicia Myers, US MCA 12in
12 07 DON’T BEAT AROUND THE BUSH, Hot Gossip, Fanfare 12in
13 14 I’M ON MY WAY, Tabu featuring Debbie Sharp, Crystal City 12in
14 15 THIEF OF HEARTS, Melissa Manchester, US Casablanca 12in
15 — CRUISIN’, Sinitta, Fanfare 12in promo
16 09 REACH FOR THE STARS/REMIX, Life Force, Polo 12in promo
17 19 SECOND BEST, Evelyn Thomas, German Hansa/French In The Mix LP
18 20 I WANNA LOVE YOU, Stephanie Wells, Canadian M.A.N. 12in
19 21 BORN TO LOVE, Claudja Barry, US Personal 12in
20 — KNOCKIN’ ON MY DOOR, Barbara Fowler, US Profile 12in
21 24 ONE SHOT LOVER, Venus, Belgian ARS 12in/LP remix
22 16 I GET WHAT I WANT, Carol Douglas, French Jonathan 12in
23 17 SEX, Sylvester, Cooltempo LP
24 27 I’LL CRY FOR YOU (1984 REMIX), Kumano, Canadian Power 12in
25 — SEX OVER THE PHONE, Village People, Record Shack 12in
26 26 ALL THE LOVE IN MY HEART, Tony Caso, US “O” 12in
27 — TOTAL ECLIPSE OF THE HEART, Koffie, US Pandisc 12in
28 — IN THE EVENING (REMIX), Sheryl Lee Ralph, Swedish Beat Box 12in
29 — NO REGRETS, Martinique, German Teldec 12in
30=— I’M STONE IN LOVE WITH YOU, Priscilla Love, Dutch GMP 12in
30=30 PLEASE DON’T GO, Nayobe, US The Fever 12in


POP JOX are playing: 1 (1) Madonna, 2 (2) Kool & The Gang, 3 (7) The Limit, 4 (13) Grandmaster Melle Mel, 5 (4) Temptations 12in, 6(9) Bar-Kays, 7 (3) Dazz Band, 8(5) Thelma Houston 12in, 9 (21) James Ingram, 10 (12) Wham! ‘ESW’, 11 (17) Amii Stewart, 12 (8) Chaka Khan ‘IFFY’, 13 (6) Ray Parker Jr, 14 (20) Sheryl Lee Ralph, 15 (11) Evelyn Thomas ‘H’, 16 (10) Billy Ocean ‘CQ’, 17 (24) Intruders, 18 (26) Roy Ayers 12in, 19 (23) Eurythmics ‘SC’, 20 (re) Ashford & Simpson, 21 (14) Sister Sledge WAF, 22 (36) The Sweet, 23 (—) Chaka Khan ‘TIMN’, 24 (15) Sister Sledge ‘LIM’, 25 (19) Tears For Fears, 26 (—) Council Collective, 27 (28) Foreigner, 28 (—) Pointer Sisters ‘ND’, 29 (16) Kane Gang, 30 (25) Matt Bianco ‘HAM’, 31 (27) Bros Johnson, 32 (—) Smiley Culture, 33 (—) Carol Lynn Townes, 34 (—) Billy Ocean ‘L’, 35 (32) Cashmere, 36 (—) Prince, 37 (—) King, 38 (—) Nuance, 39 (—) Direct Drive, 40 (—) George Benson 12in.


Beats Per Minute for last week’s Top 75 entries on 7in (endings denoted by f/r/c for fade/resonant/cold):

Prince 118¾f, Chaka Khan 0-108½f, Big Country 0-114½f, Billy Ocean (0-)107½f, Cashmere 124f, George Benson 109¾f, Eurythmics 0f, Big Sound Authority 60½-121f, Carol Lynn Townes 135¾f, Kirsty MacColl 164f, Elvis Presley 168½…0r, Whispers 115½f, Nuance 107½f, Heaven 17 102¾f, Time Zone 138½f, RAH Band 0-91½-0f, Associates 55/110f. Now supplied on 7in remix, James Ingram should be 117 2/5-117 3/5-118f, to be ridiculously accurate.

10 thoughts on “January 26, 1985: T.C. Curtis, Little Benny & The Masters, Eugene Wilde, Change, George Benson”

  1. I always wondered why there was two rival European versions of ‘Shaft’ out back here – and it seems like the ‘Eddy’ of Eddy & The Soul Band may have been a reference to Eddie Murphy. The EATSB was the bigger hit although for some reason in a pub I used to go in at the time they had Van Twist on the jukebox. Early mention of Ben Liebrand too.

    As you can imagine Tony Blackburn used to play ‘Sex Over The Phone’ a lot on his Radio London show at the time.

    Some people were getting all excited about go go at this point what with that Little Benny record crossing over but it turned out to be (Kurtis Blow tune aside) just about go go’s only big tune in this country if I remember correctly.

    And JH is right about how quickly electro/hip hop disappeared from the shopping precincts after of 1983/84 as the mass music of the street. It all fits in with 1985 being so crap in everything as I’d always remembered all the decent electro was made 1982-84 and there was another distinct lull in hiphop in this country now for a couple of years as there had been in 1980 after the initial first few hits. IIRC street music now went back to more mainstream funk (obviously with far more electronic instruments and mixes though) until the jack tracks took over in a couple of years. It should be remembered though that however rubbish things dance orientated was getting bigger and bigger even before house music arrived.


    1. I’d say that hip hop was elbowed out of the way by the whole Live Aid ‘pop royalty’ schtick that dominated so much of 1985. Commercially, its biggest 1985 hits fall either side of that: ‘Step Off’, at the start of the year, and ‘The Show’, in the autumn.

      But I don’t think hip hop fell out of the frame after that – 1986 marks the debut of Mantronix and, picking up where ‘The Show’ left off, acts like Whistle and The Real Roxanne landing top twenty hits …


  2. JH is bang on with his observation about the disappearance of the breakdance crews from town centres which had been there in 1983 and 1984. In line with how crap 1985 was in everything electro seemed to dry up and there was with the odd exception a real lull in hip hop in general for a couple of years. IIRC The sounds for the 18-25s ‘on the streets’ went back to more traditional funk and r&b albeit with much more electronic productions and that more or less ruled the roost In the UK until the jack tracks started to break through in late 1986. That’s not to say that there was any drop off in the popularity of dance type music before house as I remember even the stuff we had already being as massive as ever before house.

    I always wondered why there we’re suddenly 2 versions of ‘Shaft’ out at this time – the Eddy and the Soul Band was the bigger hot in the UK although strangely in the pub I used to drink in at the time the Van Twist one was the one on the jukebox.

    Around this time a lot of people thought gogo was going to be big in Britain especially with the Little Benny record crossing over although (aside from the Kurtis Blow record that used a gogo rhythm) it turned out to be the only tune that made it over here. I seem to remember that gogo in England was always more of a West End hipsters and music press driven thing that coming from the underground dance scene – maybe that was why the hype didn’t work.


  3. I’ve given up with that comment! I tried about 3 times – even once after that “tester” one went through ok. There was nothing outrageous in the post or anything! And my others went through to the 1974 upload all right. Really strange like you say.


  4. I still think JH was observant in his noticing how it was not the same phenomenon it had been in 1983/84 (and would be again from the latter part of the decade). The break-dancers had disappeared from the precincts, the Streetsounds electro compilations weren’t quite so ubiquitous even if still coming out regularly – and on the pirates although there’d been a very obvious break between those shows that played hiphop and those that didn’t in 1983/84 there seemed to be a far greater number of hiphop tunes that you just couldn’t avoid they were just so big on the streets.

    As I remember it by 1985 there were very big hiphop hits such as Doug E Fresh’s The Show, Paul Hardcastle’s 19, Wally Badarou’s Chief Inspector , Buggin’ by Whistle which were played throughout all but the most specialist shows on Solar radio in London (by far the biggest pirate by now) but it was no longer the craze it had been as JH said. The stuff that started to predominate was more old school – funk tunes like those by the Conway Brothers, Cashflow, Full Circle and Willy Colon and R&B like Alexander O’Neal and Freddie Jackson. AO’N getting his first mention this month I think.


  5. Error on page:“Singing trumpeter Benny Freemen from Rare Essence”

    Should read: Singing trumpeter Anthony “Little Benny” Harley from Rare Essence.


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