February 23, 1985: Maze featuring Frankie Beverly, DeBarge, Midnight Star, Tom Browne, War


Two weeks away on Sunday March 10, Disco Mix Club’s DJ Convention at London’s Hippodrome costs £10 with excellent buffet an extra £7 (food only available if booked): send cheque made payable to DJ Conventions 1985 at 25 Monkspath, Walmley, Sutton Coldfield, West Midlands B76 8RX, and remember it’s who you meet that’s more important than the actual event . . . Manchester’s Millionaire has arranged an amazing exclusive boost for any visiting artistes doing PAs —they also appear beforehand at the Arndale Shopping Centre’s packed Top Shop, right next to a chart return record shop (details John Mayoh 061-236 2466 or Ratko Top Shop 061-747 4655) . . . Britain’s majority musical taste remains unfortunately as ever influenced over the short term (reflected in the chart) by national Radio One: however, it’s heartening to recall those many soul classics which might have sold better back in the 60s, when the Light Programme in its equally ignorant way was just as blinkered about black music, and which are now better remembered by everyone than the briefly successful “popular” pap that was forced instead onto a public who knew no better — until that is they eventually heard Booker T & The MG’s, Ramsey Lewis, Edwin Starr, Eddie Holman, Jackie Wilson, The Drifters, Delfonics, Tams, Isley Brothers and indeed all the early Motown hits, on the second or even third time around often many years later . . . Redds And The Boys’ import version is far stronger than the UK version . . . Kool & The Gang ‘Misled’ in a less rock-y remix “to help break it on the floor” is due flipped by the original . . . Record Shack picked up the new Disconet remix of Samantha Gilles, and 10 Records have Maxi Priest . . . Richard Jon Smith’s promoed 118⅓bpm ‘ABC Of Kissing‘ is a dead ringer for Phil Fearon! . . . Caister’s main camp, on the same April 12-14 weekend as the overflow Caister Soul Weekender has been ousted to the nearby Seashore camp, is rather strangely the site for a rival Caribbean Weekender with lots of London sound systems and such radio jocks as (probably) David Rodigan and CJ Carlos — could make an interesting clash! (details Jet Promotions 01-689 9231) . . . LWR, Solar, Horizon, Skyline and seemingly more Greek and Arab stations than ever were all going strong in London last week despite official claims and hopes to the contrary . . . Radio London Soul Night Out tickets are only available on the door from 9pm Thursdays at Kilburn’s National Club, to prepare for a scrum . . . Radio Mercury’s auntie funker Peter Young actually played Prince ‘Erotic City‘ — it’s the way he funks ‘em! . . . Bronski Beat ‘Smalltown Boy‘ topped US Dance/ Disco, with the Prince-prod/penned Sheena Easton ‘Sugar Walls‘ in hot pursuit and big in the Black chart too . . . Rick James predictably takes a Prince-like rock route on his new material — well, he would wouldn’t he? — while Mick Jagger’s current video is remarkably like Prince (or is that vice versa?) . . . Thames Valley DJ Assn meets noon Sunday (24) at Bracknell Oceans in Market Street . . . Phillip Sampson tonight (Thursday 21) opens Brighton’s first purpose-built gay club (the mind boggles!), Beverly Hills in Meeting House Lane, with next week (28) Earlene Bentley the first of its Thursday big name cabaret stars . . . Tuesday (26) Laura Pallas & Phyllis Nelson star with Adrian Dunbar at one-off gay Basseys in Southampton’s Mayfair Suite, while Sunday (24) sees Carol Jiani at Bournemouth Academy’s Bolts and Divine at Edinburgh Fire Island . . . Hi-NRG breakers include Vivien Vee ‘Americano‘ (Dutch Break), Fancy ‘Get Lost Tonight‘ (German Metronome), Rofo ‘I Want You‘ (Belgian Infinity) . . . Peter Stringfellow, raving about Edwin Starr’s new and unplaced ‘It Ain’t Fair‘, has signed Dusty Springfield to his Hippodrome label (she refuses to go Hi-NRG) . . . Friday (22) finds Lonnie Liston Smith and other explosive New York jazzers at Southgate Pink Elephant’s Ethiopia benefit night, Mainstream live at Dartford Flicks, Darren Dawes with Ian Swanson, Clive Farrer and Hi-Res Break Crew at Bracknell Rugby Club, and Chris Hill at Peckham Kisses’ allniter . . . Bossa Man Baz Fe Jazz guests Sat (23) with Rhythm Doc at Coventry’s Precinct Roma Wine Bar, and he’s in the jazz room (where else?) at next Sunday’s (3) Nottingham Rock City alldayer . . . Pete Haigh’s new monthly funk alternative on Morecambe Promenade Upstairs At Charlestons is Tuesday (26) . . . ET’s protege ‘Mambo’ Peter Sharma is now resident at Edgbaston Faces International with an upfront funk policy Wed/Sat — there’s also a new Celebrity cocktail bar with pianist Dave Mellor, ex-MD for the late lamented Matt Munro (my condolences to Michelle) . . . Alan ‘Gibbo’ Gibson has just arrived at Jackie’s in Cairo’s Nile Hilton Hotel for his latest Bacchus residency . . . Washington DC go go label DETT’s third UK 12in through Fourth & Broadway in April will be the newly mixed studio version of Experience Unlimited ‘E.U. Freeze‘, the basis for Kurtis Blow’s ‘Party Time’ — which itself is due again in freshened form . . . I frankly will be glad when go go goes, BPM-ing all that wandering percussion is driving me mad, but not before Tony Blackburn and I have been the guests of Island Records mid-March in Washington DC! . . . Nick Ratcliffe (Portsmouth Ritzy) adds Atlantic Starr ‘Gimme Your Lovin’‘ to his go go-ish oldies . . . Keith Bell, chairman of Winchester City Football Club, after his recent record wants received ‘phonecalls from all over Britain — and the discs for free from DJs Rob Fox (Peacehaven) & Andrew Charles (Plymouth) — plus he had two offers of friendly games for the Football Club, and a proposition from an ex-girlfriend who’d rediscovered his number here (his wife was well pleased)! . . . Record Mirror, where even the small print gets results! . . . French linguists will realize the ’50s Paris discotheque last week was L’Etoile . . . Bobby Womack’s singing discovery now seems to be spelt Alltrinna Grayson . . . Steve Wiggins (Barry) reports MCA product is hard to find even in Cardiff’s top record stores and wonders if they want jocks to push it? . . . LET’S DO OUR JOB BEFORE THEY DO THEIRS!


MAZE featuring Frankie Beverly: ‘Back In Stride’ (Capitol 12CL 353)
Back in strength, too, this surprisingly catchy insidious jittery 113-0bpm pusher on 12in has the old New Orleans live ‘Joy And Pain’ & ‘Feel That You’re Feelin’’ as flip, while their terrific consistently satisfying LP ‘Can’t Stop The Love’ (US Capitol ST-12377) has the mellow mesmeric tugging title track 0-100bpm ‘Can’t Stop‘ swayer, jiggly burbling 110⅔-112-111bpm ‘Too Many Games‘, gently weaving 91¾-91½bpm ‘Reaching Down Inside‘, lovely drifting 0-94⅔bpm ‘Magic‘, insistently worming 102-101½bpm ‘I Want To Feel I’m Wanted‘, smoochy 70½-70-69⅔-70⅔bpm ‘Place In My Heart’. Back on top!

DeBARGE: ‘Rhythm Of The Night’ (US Gordy 1770GF)
From Berry Gordy’s hip hop kung fu movie ‘The Last Dragon’, a totally infectious Lionel “calypso”-type jaunty 116bpm singalong jiggler for dancing all night long (all night), only on 7in until the M&M remix but already glossily videoed to make it a smash (slow 37½-75bpm ‘Queen Of My Heart‘ flip).

MIDNIGHT STAR: ‘Operator’ (Solar MCAT 942)
Long overdue UK release for the simple strong Zapp-ish burbling backbeat (0-)119⅓bpm import smash, still flipped by the equally good older 107bpm ‘Playmates‘, likely to establish Solar’s current US superstars here. Their LP ‘Planetary Invasion’ (MCF 3251) has been hottest for the superb Marvin Gaye-ish 100⅚bpm ‘Curious‘, and rock-funk 118bpm title track.

TOM BROWNE: ‘Secret Fantasy’ (US Arista AD 1-9322)
Last year’s still potent Siedah Garrett-sung soulfully nagging 102bpm hot tempo wriggler finally extended on 12in, but as flip to the remixed electronically juddered 0-105-0bpm instrumental tootler ‘Loop‘, both sounding strong now.

WAR: ‘Groovin’’ (US Coco Plum CCP-1001)
A blissful and somehow logical harmonica-backed 109⅓bpm revival of the Young Rascals’ summer classic true to its original atmosphere (inst flip), hot already on radio.

SHIRLEY BROWN: ‘Boyfriend’ (LP ‘Intimate Storm’ US Soundtown ST-8008)
An exquisite heartfelt sundry deep southern soul set (bought weeks ago without time for review) which together with this mellow new 88⅓-88bpm swayer usefully combines many 7in tracks like her ‘Woman To Woman’ saga-continuing 40½-81-85½bpm ‘I Don’t Play That‘, tortuous 0-30-61-62bpm ‘Leave The Bridges Standing‘, current searing 72-71½bpm ‘This Used To Be Your House‘ and datedly swinging (now Julia-ish) 112-112⅔bpm ‘Looking For The Real Thing‘. This is it, with lasting value.

SPANK: ‘Ohh Baby’ (LP ‘Spank You!’ German Metrovynil LP 3325)
A determinedly eccentric funk group who excel on this really very soulful chunkily rolling 97⅓-99-100bpm jogger (worth hearing), the Al Hudson-ish chugging 115⅔bpm ‘You‘ and beautiful 94⅔bpm ‘Falling’, but are snappily routine on the 123bpm ‘Freakin’ Babies‘, 127bpm ‘Classy Lady‘, 132bpm ‘Come On And Dance‘, 129bpm ‘Night People‘, 121bpm ‘It’s Not‘.

LONNIE HILL: ‘Galveston Bay’ (LP ‘You Got Me Running’ US Urban Sound US-777)
Throaty sometimes Womack-ish soulster poised to explode specifically with this gorgeous gently shuffling 96½-97⅓bpm romantic floater and the tranquil 71-72⅓bpm ‘Could It Be Love‘, although (apart from the flashdance 203bpm title track) he’s never less than interesting on the (Sam Cooke-ish) 126bpm ‘My Sweet Love’, 121- 122½bpm ‘Something Special To Me’, 130bpm ‘Close To You‘, 106⅔-108bpm ‘Gonna Keep On Dancing‘, 117½bpm ‘Step On Out‘, 0-126-127bpm ‘Mr Music Man‘ and brassily jerky 0-103-103½-104bpm current US hit ‘Hard Times‘.

AMII STEWART: ‘That Loving Feeling’ (LP ‘Try Love’ RCA PL70642)
Classy downtempo dance set with several new remixes (including the tougher 95bpm ‘Friends‘), this lovely slinky 0-91⅓bpm thudder being an obvious follow-up but the sleazily undulating 79¼bpm ‘Losing Control‘, weaving (0-)92bpm ‘High Dimension‘, jolting 95½bpm ‘Dance Till You Get Enough‘, juddering 102bpm ‘I Gotta Have You Back‘, attractive 44½/89bpm title track, throbbing 108bpm ‘Dangerous Rhythm‘ and trotting 121bpm ‘Fever Line‘ are all good.

BEVERLEY SKEETE: ‘Warm’ (Elite DAZZ 36, via PRT)
Flute tootled tremulously trilled lovely light 100bpm swayer rich with atmosfear (!), flipped by its inst and her previous 108⅓bpm ‘If The Feeling Is Right‘.

MARY JANE GIRLS: ‘In My House’ (Motown TMGT 1377)
Rick James-created trippingly chugging 116½bpm strutter, creamier and sneakier than you might expect (inst flip).

LUTHER VANDROSS: ‘’Til My Baby Comes Home’ (US Epic 49-05159)
Billy Preston-organed surging gospel-soul 140bpm galloping swinger (LP Version flip), very well done — but why’d he have to do it so fast? Once familiar it’ll be less of a trick (remember Chill Fac-Torr and dance in half time).

COMMODORES: ‘Janet’ (LP ‘Nightshift’ US Motown 6124ML)
Disappointing apart from this incredibly attractive lushly tripping 109bpm swayer, and the datedly lurching supposedly “live” slightly Lionel-ish 109½bpm ‘Play This Record Twice‘, other dancers being routine US-aimed product.

LEVERT: ‘I’m Still’ (US Tempre 1835)
O’Jay Eddie’s son Gerald gets similarly overwrought and worked up on an agonised timeless 62⅓-65½-67bpm deep soul meanderer, with its edit and the smoother though still emotional 95bpm ‘I Want Too‘.

THE MANHATTANS: ‘You Send Me’ (US Columbia 38-04754)
Nice tranquil smoochy 35¾-71½bpm revival of Sam Cooke’s classic, flipped on 7in with the sharply vocalised modern 115bpm ‘You’re Gonna Love Being Loved By Me‘, while by immense coincidence as part of a Golden 45’s series (worth checking by mobile DJs) just out here is 1957’s original sweet smooth 96⅔-0bpm SAM COOKE ‘You Send Me‘ (EMI G45 44), with his swaying 110bpm ‘Only Sixteen‘ as flip!

WILTON FELDER: The Truth Song’ (LP ‘Secrets’ MCA MCF 3237)
The predictable Crusader’s set’s other saving Bobby Womack vocal is this jerking snappy 88bpm jogger with Wilt’s sax halfway, instrumental joggers being the 93bpm ‘Mr Scoots‘, 104⅔bpm title track and 79bpm ‘I Found You‘, all with a hissy sharp snare sound and rather dull.

LONNIE LISTON SMITH: ‘Enlightenment’ (LP ‘Silhouettes’ Doctor Jazz ASLP 805, via PRT)
Finally out here to coincide with his visit, the set’s hottest cuts were this “shining star”-cooed friskily forceful shuffling 117bpm jazz funk driver and his brother Donald sung slow deliberate 77bpm ‘If You Take Care Of Me‘ (due on single).

EVELYN ‘CHAMPAGNE’ KING: ‘Give Me One Reason’ (RCA RCAT 474)
Short noisily spurting stolid 101½-101⅚bpm lurcher, more powerfully flipped by Jonathan Fearing’s friskily storming 118⅘-119-0bpm remix (but not the Vocal Dub) of ‘Out Of Control‘ crammed next to the Prince-ish 133bpm ‘Don’t It Feel Good‘.

THIRD WORLD: ‘Now That We’ve Found Love’ (Island 121S 219)
Paul Hardcastle’s remix is actually a complete 0-118⅘bpm remake with just the old lead vocal occasionally amidst bland new Direct Drive backing (0-118⅔bpm Instrumental too), quite a shock, but at least the classic original hit 120-122bpm soul-reggaefication of this O’Jays oldie is flip (with the reggae 0-93bpm ‘Prisoner In The Street’). Meanwhile their current ‘Sense Of Purpose‘ (US Columbia 44-05146) is a Shep Pettibone-remixed War-like plopping c124bpm loper.


This next logical and most important breakdown is of the Disco chart. Based primarily on DJ-mailed floor reaction it has for some time also included a carefully formulated proportion of sales input, to keep it up to date and let the latest big sellers appear without delay. Imports and upfront club hits may be out of the reach of many DJs, but still I maintain that if our charts don’t reflect what the pacesetters are playing there will be nothing for the others to aspire towards. A chart should be both playlist and shopping list combined, and without upfront jocks ‘Rock Around The Clock’ would probably still be number one (where I agree it belongs!).

What follows is a Top 40 based just on this week’s sales input (figures on left), and similarly those records’ positions based purely on floor reaction (right) — which latter you will see remains the most important ingredient, especially if you cross-refer to the main combined chart and note the respective omissions. Record pluggers can decide for themselves whether their tactics have worked.

Incidentally, Little Benny is still so far ahead on the floor that nothing can catch him, yet (oddly as with Chuck Brown ‘Money’ when first hot to trot last year) sales have been less impressive: maybe record companies should let the go go bandwagon build up a more genuine sales base before hopping on it?

OK, so the figures are sales/floor, plus as a bonus in brackets last week’s positions which lack of space prevented then:

1/21 (1/44) Loose Ends, 2/5 (6/10) Eddy & Soulband, 3/9 (11/20) Julia & Co, 4/3 (18/5) Commodores, 5/76 (-) Thelma Houston, 6/7 (5/12) TC Curtis, 7/35 (-/22) Midnight Star 12in, 8/63 (-) Fatback, 9/36 (21/40) Phyllis Nelson, 10/40 (15/57) Van Twist, 11/52 (16/-) Dazz Band, 12/59 (28/-) Paul Hardcastle, 13/100= (-) Wilton Felder LP, 14/4 (2/4) Ashford & Simpson UK, 15/2 (14/2) Eugene Wilde, 16/50 (-) Lillo Thomas, 17/26 (4/25) KoKo-PoP, 18/61 (19/-) Maze, 19/8 (7/14) Jenny Burton 12in, 20/29 (34/33) Jeff Lorber 12in, 21/41 (3/47) Jeff Lorber LP, 22/11 (23/7) Cashmere 12in, 23/17 (-/46) Chuck Brown ‘BL’, 24/71 (-/62) New Edition, 25/- (-) I Level, 26/27 (22/13) George Benson LP, 27/68 (-) DC Allstars, 28/- (-) Alex Malheiros, 29/100= (-) Commodores LP, 30/51 (17/65) First Love, 31/- (-) Tom Browne, 32/20 (8/32) Wilton Felder 12in, 33/31 (38/24) Cashmere LP, 34/22 (9/17) Second Image, 35/10 (25/6) James Ingram, 36/- (30/-) Spank, 37/32 (12/36) Junior, 38/1 (10/1) Little Benny, 39/56 (36/-) Ashford & Simpson US, 40/77 (-) Redds & Boys.

Volatile little suckers, sales, aren’t they?!


Island Records’ Julian ‘Slack’ Palmer, fresh back from a guided tour of Washington DC’s ghetto where he saw Trouble Funk and Ayre Rayde & The Chance Band at Cheriy’s (sic) and Chuck Brown & The Soul Searchers at the Penthouse, reports the current hot hits with go go kids are these:

02 WAR (ON THE BULLSHIT), Osiris, Jem Rose (’82)
03 HAPPY FEET, Mass Extension, Future
04 FREAK UNIQUE, Nature’s Creation, Capital City
05 ON THE MOVE LIVE, Shady Groove, Full House
06 DANCE TO THE DRUMMER’S BEAT, Herman Kelly & Life, bootleg
07 REQUEST LINE, Rockmaster Scott & The Dynamic Three, Reality
08 LATIN FUNK, Trouble Funk, Jamtu
09 BASKETBALL, Kurtis Blow, Mercury
10 KNOCK HIM OUT SUGAR RAY/E.U. FREEZE, Experience Unlimited, Vermack (’80)

More go go revelations next week!


Beats Per Minute for last week’s Top 75 entries on 7 in (f/r for fade/resonant ends):

Mick Jagger 132f, Stranglers 127f, Jermaine Jackson 56⅓f, Van Twist 122-0r, Wilton Felder 28½-57½-60¼f, Silent Underdog 0-117½f.

DISCO TOP 85 – FEBRUARY 23, 1985

01 01 WHO COMES TO BOOGIE, Little Benny & The Masters, Bluebird/10 12in
02 05 NIGHTSHIFT, Commodores, Motown 12in/remix promo
03 08 THEME FROM ‘SHAFT’ (HOT PURSUIT MIX), Eddy and the Soulband, Club 12in
04 03 PERSONALITY (COMPLEX)/LET HER FEEL IT (RETOUCHED), Eugene Wilde, Fourth & Broadway 12in
05 17 I’M SO HAPPY/BREAKIN’ DOWN (REMIX), Julia & Co., London 12in
06 09 YOU SHOULD HAVE KNOWN BETTER, T.C. Curtis, Virgin/Hot Melt 12in
07 02 SOLID, Ashford & Simpson, Capitol 12in/LP Mix promo
08 14 BAD HABITS/LET’S GET BACK TO LOVE, Jenny Burton, US Atlantic 12in
09 06 YAH MO B THERE (JELLYBEAN REMIX), James Ingram, Qwest 12in
10 15 HANGING ON A STRING, Loose Ends, Virgin 12in
11 04 ANYTHING?, Direct Drive, Polydor 12in
12 07 CAN I, Cashmere, Fourth & Broadway 12in
13 10 I DIDN’T MEAN IT AT ALL/CITY LIFE, Sasss, 10 Records 12in
14 11 SAY YEAH, The Limit, Portrait 12in
15 12 LOVERIDE, Nuance featuring Vikki Love, Fourth & Broadway 12in
16 53 BUSTIN’ LOOSE/PT 2, Chuck Brown & The Soul Searchers, Source 12in
17 18 THIS IS MY NIGHT (DANCE REMIX), Chaka Khan, Warner Bros 12in
19 25 OPERATOR, Midnight Star, Solar 12in
20 21 AFTER THE DANCE IS THROUGH, Krystol, US Epic 12in
22 19 I’M IN LOVE WITH YOU, KoKo-PoP, Motown 12in
23 13 STARTING AGAIN/OVO MEXIDO, Second Image, MCA 12in
24 23 I CAN FEEL YOUR LOVE SLIPPIN AWAY, Samson & Delilah, US Saturn 12in
25 16 BEYOND THE SEA/STAND UP/20/20, George Benson, Warner Bros LP
26 32 MOVE CLOSER (NEW MIX), Phyllis Nelson, Carrere 12in
27 33 STEP BY STEP (REMIX), Jeff Lorber featuring Audrey Wheeler, US Arista 12in
28 20 FRIENDS, Amii Stewart, RCA 12in/Dutch High Fashion Music remix
30 — (I GUESS) IT MUST BE LOVE, Thelma Houston, MCA 12in
31 34 1999/LITTLE RED CORVETTE, Prince, Warner Bros 12in
32 38 SHAFT, Van Twist, Polydor 12in
33 28 CONTAGIOUS, The Whispers, Solar 12in
34 26 DO YOU REALLY (WANT MY LOVE), Junior, London 12in
35 — GIRLS ON MY MIND, Fatback, US Cotillion 12in
36 52 HEARTBEAT/LET IT ALL BLOW (REMIX), Dazz Band, Motown 12in
37 27 FLY GIRL, Intrigue, US World Trade Records Inc 12in
38 42 WE NEED SOME MONEY, Chuck Brown & The Soul Searchers, Master Mix 12in
40 55 FOREST FIRE, Paul Hardcastle, Bluebird/10 12in
41 31 20/20 (JELLYBEAN REMIX), George Benson, Warner Bros 12in
42 76 SETTLE DOWN (EXTENDED REMIX), Lillo Thomas, US Capitol 12in
43 39 LOVE TONIGHT, David Simmons, US Atlantic 12in
44 35 HERE I COME, Barrington Levy, London 12in
45 43 THINGS ARE NOT THE SAME (WITHOUT YOU), First Love, 10 Records 12in
46 41 PARTY TIME, Kurtis Blow, Mercury 12in/US LP remix
47 56 BACK IN STRIDE, Maze featuring Frankie Beverly, Capitol 12in
48 40 I FOUND MORE LOVE, Godfrey Lloyd Jnr & Hot Shots, Justice 12in
49 85 OUTTA THE WORLD (REMIX), Ashford & Simpson, US Capitol 12in
50 50 OUT OF CONTROL (REMIX)/VOCAL DUB VERSION, Evelyn ‘Champagne’ King, US RCA 12in
52 — BUSTIN’ LOOSE, D.C Allstars, Streetwave 12in
54 47 LOVE IN MODERATION (REMIX)/PADLOCK (REMIX), Gwen Guthrie, Fourth & Broadway 12in
55 74 MR. TELEPHONE MAN, New Edition, MCA 12in
56 — THE TRUTH SONG, Wilton Felder, MCA LP
57 37 EYE TO EYE/MY LOVE IS ALIVE, Chaka Khan, Warner Bros LP
58 57 PUSH (IN THE BUSH), Clair Hicks And Love Exchange, US KN 12in
59 51 I FOUND MY BABY/DISRESPECT, Gap Band, Total Experience LP
61 46 SEXOMATIC, Bar-Kays, Club 12in
62 58 MYSTERIOUS (REMIX), Twilight 22, US Vanguard 12in
63 61 LOVIN’, Jonzun Crew featuring Michael Jonzun, Tommy Boy/Polydor 12in
64 — MOVIN’ AND GROOVIN’, Redds And The Boys, Fourth & Broadway 12in/US TTED 12in mix
66 — JANET, Commodores, US Motown LP
67 71 COME GET SOME OF THIS, Mass Production, US Paran 12in
68 59 TOUCHING IN THE DARK, Walter Jackson, Bluebird/10 12in
69 — MR MAGIC – PARTY FOR TWO, Kirk Thorne, JKO 12in
71 84 OHH BABY/YOU, Spank, German Metrovynil LP
72 64 (YOU GOT ME) HYPNOTIZED/SHE’S A PLAY GIRL, Ci Ci, US Creative Funk 12in
73 — IN MY HOUSE, Mary Jane Girls, US Motown 12in
74 — IN THE SAND, I Level, Virgin 12in
75 44 BIG ROSIE (REMIX), Matt Bianco, WEA 12in
76 — ‘TIL MY BABY COMES HOME, Luther Vandross, US Epic 12in
78 66 YOU TURN ME ON, Bruni Pagan, US Motown 12in
79 — MISLED, Kool & The Gang, De-Lite 12in
81 67 SHOULD I (PUT MY TRUST IN YOU), Caution/Maxi Priest, Level Vibes! 12in
82 49 PAPA’S GOT A BRAND NEW PIGBAG, The Silent Underdog, Kaz 12in
84 75 TIE ME UP (REMIX), Mtume, US Epic 12in
85= 63 DROP THE BOMB/PUMP ME UP, Trouble Funk, Sugarhill 12in
85= — PAPAIA, Alex Malheiros, US Milestone LP


01 01 CRUISING, Sinitta, Fanfare 12in
02 02 TAKE ME TO HEAVEN/SEX (REMIXES), Sylvester, Cooltempo 12in
03 03 STARGAZING, Earlene Bentley featuring Sylvester, Record Shack 12in
04 04 BELIEVE IN THE BEAT, Carol Lynn Townes, Polydor 12in
05 18 DON’T PLAY WITH FIRE/WITHOUT YOUR LOVE, Paul Parker, Fantasia 12in
06 11 KNOCKIN’ ON MY DOOR, Barbara Fowler, US Profile 12in
07 19 CHINATOWN, Cruisin’ Gang, Italian Cruisin’ 12in
08 13 YOU’RE MY HEART YOU’RE MY SOUL, Modern Talking, German Hansa 12in
09 06 TOUCH ME IN THE MORNING, Lydia Steinman, Long Island Sound 12in promo
10 05 LET ME FEEL IT, Samantha Gilles, Belgian Infinity 12in/US JVC remix
11 12 SINDERELLA, Betty Wright, US Jamaica 12in
12 09 RSVP, James & Susan Wells, Fanfare 12in
13 25 HEARTS ON FIRE (DANCE MIX), Sam Harris, Motown 12in
15 23 CHINESE EYES/COME INSIDE (REMIX), Fancy, US Personal 12in
16 15 TOTAL ECLIPSE OF THE HEART, Koffie, US Pandisc 12in
17 — WALK THE NIGHT, Bent Boys, Canadian Black Sun 12in
18 27 NEW ATTITUDE, Patti LaBelle, US MCA 12in
19 20 DO YOU NEED ME (Hi-NRG MIX). Touchdown, Krack 12in
20 07 LET THE NIGHT TAKE THE BLAME, Lorraine McKane, Carrere 12in
21 30 CRASHIN’ DOWN, Legear, Proto 12in promo
22 — I’M NO ANGEL/ECSTASY, Madleen Kane, US TSR 12in
23 17 APPRECIATION (REMIX), Alicia Myers, USA MCA 12in
24 — SEX OVER THE PHONE (REMAKE), Village People, Record Shack 12in
25 30 NEW YORK CITY, Village People, French Scorpio LP
26 14 NO REGRETS, Martinique, German Teldec 12in
27 30 INTO THE NIGHT, Tony Beverley, French Vogue 12in
28 24 JUNGLE BEWARE, June Brown, Bolts Records 12in white label
29 22 NO FOOL (FOR LOVE), Hazell Dean, Proto 12in
30= re GIRLS IT AIN’T EASY, Peggy Blu, Dutch Injection 12in
30= 21 THIEF OF HEARTS, Melissa Manchester, US Casablanca 12in


POP JOX are playing: 1 (1) Ashford & Simpson, 2 (4) James Ingram, 3 (5) Prince ‘1999’, 4 (2) The Limit, 5 (3) King, 6 (15) Eugene Wilde A/B, 7 (11) Little Benny, 8 (9) Cashmere 12in, 9 (6) Billy Ocean A/B, 10 (10) Commodores, 11 (8) Chaka Khan 12in, 12 (7) Madonna ‘LAV’, 13 (13) Amii Stewart, 14 (21) George Benson 12in, 15 (14) Dead Or Alive, 16 (22) Nuance, 17 (17) Sheryl Lee Ralph, 18 (26) Kool & The Gang ‘F’, 19 (33) Bruce Springsteen, 20 (—) KoKo-Pop, 21 (23) Direct Drive, 22 (18) Phil Collins, 23 (40) Whispers, 24 (20) Art Of Noise, 25 (—) Julia & Co, 26 (—) Barrington Levy, 27 (48) Kool & The Gang ‘M’, 28 (25) Bar-Kays, 29 (45) Second Image A/B, 30 (24) Sasss A/B, 31 (16) Foreigner, 32 (27) Jimmy Ruffin B/A, 33 (35) Temptations, 34 (—) Junior, 35 (47) Laid Back, 36 (30) Van Twist, 37 (12) Melle Mel, 38 (19) Wham!, 39 (—) Loose Ends, 40 (—) Eddy & The Soulband, 41 (—) Midnight Star ‘O’, 42 (28) Strawberry Switchblade, 43 (—) Shalamar mix/A, 44 (—) TC Curtis, 45 (—) Bryan Adams, 46 (37) Carol Lynn Townes, 47 (—) First Love, 48 (re) Thelma Houston (old), 49 (42) Ray Parker Jr, 50 (—) Change.

2 thoughts on “February 23, 1985: Maze featuring Frankie Beverly, DeBarge, Midnight Star, Tom Browne, War”

  1. I can’t work out if there’s a bit of needle or not between JH and Tony Blackburn – there was that “most boring man ” thing then they were big buddies at the meal they both went to , then JH was having a laugh at TB’s expense about Robbie Vincent revealing his lack of knowledge about Lonnie Liston Smith and the rest of the “Jazz Explosion” tour (which was a bit unfair as these are basically jazz acts and Blackburn has always just professed a love for soul and never said he was a jazz-funker). And this week they seem to be all friends again.

    Every few weeks I read something (often seemingly obscure) that for some reason I specifically remembered reading all those yeas ago – this weeks it’s the review of the War single saying it was somehow felt right that they had recorded it – I think that’s stuck in the memory because it was played a lot on the radio in London at the time and I didn’t really know who the Young Rascals were so didn’t know what he was getting at. Similarly I occasionally see long forgotten clubs I visited getting mentioned this week there’s Oceans which had 2 or 3 clubs in towns to the West of London (they’d previously been named after days of the week – Tuesdays, Thursdays etc).

    Finally this must have been the week after the great Matt Monro passed away. Frank Sinatra’s favourite British singer.


  2. Some more synchronicity- the mention of Matt Monro in 85 – a new CD collection was released just a few weeks ago featuring a treasure trove of material proving just how great a singer he was. The man was smooth! Amii Stewart’s Friends was such a great classy laid back track, so different from the brassy high camp disco hits of 79. An interesting observation about the “whiteness” of BBC Radio and the fact many of the US soul R&B hits denied airplay would in time go on to achieve iconic status and remain in public consciousness long after the crappy records that originally froze them out. I must admit I do find it quite humorous when watching TV shows set in the 50s & 60s that feature a cool soul/R&B soundtrack that in reality was never heard outside a very select clique back in the day- talk about rewriting history!


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