March 23, 1985: Cashmere, Rose Royce, Toney Lee, Lifesighs, Grandmaster Melle Mel & The Furious Five


Lead singer with Krystol and former member of Alton McClain & Destiny, 32 year-old Delores Marie Warren was killed Feb 22 in an LA car crash — ‘After The Dance Is Through’, indeed … DeBarge’s 12in is as suspected not the M&M remix, which is yet to come … EMI America here too have promoed Jellybean ‘Sidewalk Talk‘ on 12in, in three 115bpm mixes, to plug its old parent mini LP-cum-EP ‘Wotupski!?!’: Madonna’s involvement as writer, vocal arranger and background singer (behind Catherine Buchanan) has prevented the cut’s commercial release on single due to contract conditions … Mary Jane Girls new recruit Yvette ‘Corvette’ Marine turns out to be the daughter of disco diva Patti Brooks … Shalamar ‘My Girl Loves Me‘ has been remixed on import, and while still not great it’s a lot better … Commodores topped US Black 45s, Gap Band Black LPs … Billboard’s current Hot Black singles chart actually contains the likes of Sheena Easton, George Michael, Philip Bailey & Phil Collins, Daryl Hall & John Oates, Madonna, Jermaine Jackson & Pia Zadora, Mick Jagger, REO Speedwagon, not to mention many other decidedly dodgy pop records by black people — though it’s yet to reach the level of whitewash which (obviously a data-collection fault) in fact caused the old R&B chart to hibernate for a rethink lasting more than a year around 1964 … Paul Parker ‘Don’t Play With Fire‘, at 17, is the highest placed import in Billboard’s first brand new US 12in sales chart compiled from specialist stores — TC Curtis (24) and Dead Or Alive (27) are amongst other UK imports selling Stateside ahead of US release — a good effort and sure now to create the sort of record company interest there with which we have long been familiar here (the Patti LaBelle/Harold Faltermeyer double-sider tops the 12in chart as it still does Dance/Disco) … Newcastle-Upon-Tyne’s John Myers, long at Legends Wine Bar but now also funking Julie’s, buys his hot vinyl from Hitsville USA in Old Eldon Square, “the only shop in the area that even tries” … Rayners Lane’s Record & Disco Centre, where by now you should realize I do my shopping, gets many big spenders including one ex-“soul boy” who spent £60 on something like 6 LPs and a 12in, just for home listening that week — which put me in mind of my biggest ever spending spree when on arrival in New York in April 1964 I walked into Colony Records and bought 70 LPs and 60 7in singles, for an extravagant yet to British eyes in those days bargain-like circa $310/£129 (LPs were cheaper there at about $3.60, 7in dearer at 95 cents, $2.40 to £1: the equivalent quantity bought here at import prices today would come to over £740, which may look horrifying but considering the current exchange rate and the rise in the cost of living in the last 21 years seems surprisingly not unreasonable, at 5.7 times the original total cost, everything being relative (it’s the same inflation rate as the cost of a daily newspaper) … Temptations, Sapphires, Sensations, Miracles, Mar-Keys, Mary Wells & Marvin Gaye, Eddie Holland, Irma Thomas, Dionne Warwick, all and more were amongst those 70 LPs … Tricky Dicky Scanes was also at that 1962 Woolwich Granada concert with Sam Cooke and Little Richard — in fact, in the second row, he caught and still has the latter’s tie, thrown into the audience! — while in his own name-dropping binge Dicky recalls at 1968’s San Remo Song Festival night clubbing with Wilson Pickett, smooching with Timi Yuro, taking tea with Shirley Bassey, helping Sarah Vaughan into the casino and saying hello to Louis Armstrong … meanwhile, back in 1985, Mastermind are holding the first ever cut, scratch & mixing competition, using only turntables and records (no drum machines etc), the finals at Hammersmith Palais over Easter but the heats before that at Lewisham’s Paradise Garage (details Max 01-450 5983 or Bert 968 6428) … Steve Walsh has the shirt-tail crews at Peckham Kisses doing the Happy Feet dance to Lisa Lisa … I wonder which Radio London soul presenter thinks Lonnie Liston Smith looks like Andy Peebles? … Gary Oldis, plus a partner, has taken over Scarborough’s 27 room Castle Hotel in Queen Street and converted half the ground floor into the smart over-26s Wed-Sat Mr. Bumbles, with himself as DJ … Edinburgh’s new Move label plans releasing a wide range of black product, soul/disco/Hi-NRG/reggae/gospel/jazz, with distribution via The Cartel, but specialist shops can check direct on 031-225 8518 … John Anderson, whose Big Band is resident at his own Belfast ballroom, is now looking to license his great ‘Glenn Miller Medley‘ to a label here following the buzz created by my review, evidently biggest in the Midlands —which is interesting, as that’s where the last Glenn Miller buzz began in ’75 following my review of the Joe Bob’s Nashville Sound Company ‘In The Mood’ … Spangles Muldoon, of North Sea piracy fame, has long used his real name of Chris Cary as head of the no less piratical but securely Dublin-based Radio Nova: housed in its own £2,000,000 entertainment/studio complex, it’s a US-style station with no restrictions — reaching right through Wales, North-West and Mid-England on 102.7FM/738MW … Shropshire’s less than legal but locally loved Sunshine Radio recently closed down without prior notice, leaving ILR experienced Top 40 mid-morning man Colin ‘James’ Day looking for another radio gig on 0905-353361 … Disco John Leech is currently sitting in on Capital’s early show … Paul Anthony has inaugurated a dynamic new deal in theme nights at Nottingham’s Easy Street this Thursday (21), the toga party including a “Biggus Dickus” competition … Keith Seal’s Friday at West Malling’s The Greenway this week (22) has a marathon PA by David Grant & Jaki Graham, next (29) The Cool Notes … Loose Ends PA Saturday (23) for Tim Guvnor at Harlow Whispers … Sunday (24) Leeds Tiffanys’ 3pm alldayer has Colin Curtis, Paul Dixon, Simon Smith and more with guest hip hoppery … Pete Haigh’s Thursdays are now spent funking The Fever at Blackpool’s Blakes next to the Odeon, with the last Thursday in every month joined by Bob Blackwood for ‘60s/‘70s Mecca/Wigan revival time … Phil Simmons packs High Wycombe Oceans Thursday ladies night with his “superior” mixing, and lofty Simon Harris fills Fridays at Epping Billy Jean’s mixing 100% soul & jazz with Chris Hill and Froggy monthly regulars … Dan Air & Jonathon More’s full Flim Flam Fridays at New Cross Harp Dance Club have added Room At The Top for overflow afro/jazz/reggae … Andy Mac, ex-Manchester Millionaire, funks Fridays at Peterborough Rinaloos … Franklin Sinclair (who from his handwriting ought to be a doctor rather than a solicitor!) still funks Saturdays at Bolton Dance Factory but has also returned under his own soulful terms on Thursdays at Radcliffe Benny’s near Bury … Jerry Green & Big Phil Etgart funk Wembley Stallones Sundays, while Shaun Williams & The Mambo’s hot funk Sundays at Edgbaston Faces International are now somewhat self-consciously called The Trendy Club … Andy Baker funks Buckley Trends near Chester Mon/Thur/Sat — and says “root” to Kim Rathbone (Rhyl Savoy Bistro) …  DEE OH DA DA!

EMI RECORDS have revived their long dormant Stateside logo for a pair of oldies LPs. THE O’JAYS ‘Working On Your Case‘ (EG 2604821) is an excellent soulful set of mid-60’s Imperial & Minit sides, including one of my faves of ’64 ‘You’re On Top‘ and a “live” ‘Stand In For Love‘ that’s almost the same as I cassetted at Harlem’s Apollo in July ’67 (when the crowd screams at “I’m like a shadow in the dark” it’s because all the lights have gone out!). NELLIE LUTCHER ‘Real Gone Gal‘ (EG 2604791) is an interesting selection of subdued late-’40s boogie ‘n’ blues by a legendary if little heard star of her day, sparked by one terrific booting duet with Nat ‘King’ Cole on ‘For You My Love‘. PRT’s new Chess series (CXMB 7200) which includes BOBBY WOMACK & THE VALENTINOS (CXMB 7202), GENE CHANDLER (CXMB 7207), ‘Chess Sisters Of Soul’ (CXMP 2052 — Jackie Ross, Etta James, Mitty Collier etc), ‘Chess Master Sampler’ (CXSP 72501— Little Walter, Sonny Boy Williamson, all the R&B greats, good value), ‘The Best Of New Orleans R&B’ (CXMP 2055 — Eddie Bo, Hawketts, Rod Bernard etc). Less remorselessly “Northern” than might have been supposed, Inferno Soul Club/Skratch Music Productions’ recent set ‘Soul Galore‘ (SINLP 1, via PRT) has many ’60s gems from the Brunswick/Scepter/Wand/Musicor labels plus a bonus 7in EP of Chuck Jackson hits, and now a sequel is due, while from the same Neil Rushton-originated source SMP/inferno have just issued BILLY BUTLER ‘Right Track‘ (SKM 129) on 12in, the 133-135-136½bpm classic being followed by its previously unissued instrumental and flipped by good stompers from The Poppies, Vibrations & Triumphs. Is this in fact the first UK release for ‘Right Track’ on any sort of single? OKeh!


CASHMERE: ‘We Need Love’ (Fourth & Broadway 12BRW 22)
Less overtly “commercial” maybe than ‘Can I’ but already an established sensation with soulful young ladies, this calmly swaying 105-104⅔bpm tripper is cunningly simple and impassionedly crooned in Michael Jackson-ish style, while the flip’s a remix of the perkily skittering 121⅔bpm ‘Keep Me Up‘.

ROSE ROYCE: ‘Love Me Right Now’ (Streetwave MKHAN 39)
Fluidly pumping brightly wriggling and burbling fast 120½bpm chugger infectiously treated as Ricci and the girls repeatedly warble and wail the title line all around the beat, very pleasant but it doesn’t have the lasting substance of a ‘Magic Touch’ — their LP’s old 103bpm “New Philadelphia Remix” of which just happens to be flip.

TONEY LEE: ‘Teaser (Uptown Mix)’ (US Critique CR 8510)
Drily punching steady little 116bpm bonker (not from his usual team) with Toney sounding more anxious as the sneaky tension builds and the backing fills out (synthier percussive Downtown Mix and instrumental flip), quite nagging.

LIFESIGHS: ‘All In One Night’ (SURE 1)
Interestingly atmospheric tapping cool 117-0bpm harmony swayer rather as if Phil Fearon, Lionel Richie, I Level and the Commodores had all combined, very professional —and a complete mystery on uninformative white label (dub flip). How do you order it?

Here’s a timely turn up: the rappers of the moment not only cover but are actually backed by go go kings Trouble Funk on a choppily rattling 106⅓-108-106⅓-108-106⅓-108-106⅓ revamp of the latter’s current B-side, flipped by its scratchier inst and — a really big bonus — last month’s Disco Mix Club medley by Sanny X, his excellent 102bpm ‘The MegaMelle Mix‘ which should be bigger on the floor than the A-side.

FRANKIE GOES TO HOLLYWOOD: ‘Welcome To The Pleasure Dome’ (ZTT 12ZTAS 7)
Here we go again, (0-)114⅘-114⅔-0bpm, but not as urgent as ‘Relax’.

BROTHER D WITH COLLECTIVE EFFORT: ‘How We Gonna Make The Black Nation Rise?’ (Fourth & Broadway 12BRO 1)
New more spaciously re-edited 114-115⅓-116⅓-115bpm version of the collectively rapped well reasoned political protest which flows easily over the backing of Cheryl Lynn’s ‘Got To Be Real’ (older original on flip).

GEORGE DUKE: ‘Thief In The Night’ (US Elektra 0-66912)
George’s grandiose production basically wriggles away in 0-113⅕bpm ‘Medicine Song/Plane Love’-ish style with snatches of whispy vocal through familiar clichéd buzzing rock guitar and many varied instrumental shifts, all held together by the tapping percussion track (dub flip) — not bad, not Steve Arrington either.

LUTHER VANDROSS: ‘‘Til My Baby Comes Home (Dance Version)’ (Epic TA 6074)
Luther’s LP was due on import last weekend just after I left for the States, so doubtless fans will now head straight for that: meanwhile, this Billy Preston-organed romping and roaring fast (0-)139bpm backbeat swinger is still proving tricky on the floor (more cramped LP version and inst flip), spiritually rousing though it may be.

RICK JAMES: ‘Can’t Stop’ (Motown TMGT 1378)
Jaunty 135bpm rock-disco chugging basher aimed in a ‘Belle Of St Mark’ direction, flipped by its inst and thankfully his last LP’s great soulful slow (0-)72½bpm ‘Oh What A Night (4 Luv)‘.

GREG PHILLINGANES: ‘Behind The Mask’ (Planet RPST 110)
Michael Jackson arranged and co-written lurchingly loping backbeat bashed 115⅘bpm pent-up vocal version of Ryuichi Sakamoto’s previously instrumental electro oldie, now a rocky ‘Ghostbusters’-ish chugger (inst too), coupled with the Bill Withers co-penned more soulful subduedly jerky densely jittering 115⅕bpm ‘Only You‘ (so far, hotter).

ELTON HARWOOD: ‘Just Like Money’ (Harwood HARD 01)
Andy Sojka-produced nice mellow mushy semi-slow 108⅓bpm shuffler with doodling sax and phrase chanting chix (those elements making the Club Mix flip) while husky Elton joins in the repetitive lazy chanting on his own vocal side. Warm and comfortable like a blanket.

HAYWOODE: ‘Roses’ (CBS TX 6069)
Nothing to do with lime juice or chocolates, The Quick-produced solid 115bpm smacker is better than her last one but still too aggressively “disco”, whereas I’m sure she’ll eventually do better if given a more sympathetically treated proper song.

AMII STEWART: ‘That Loving Feeling’ (RCA PT 40018)
Subdued delicate 0-91⅓bpm throbber with one of those drawn out tempoless vocal intros, very attractive if possibly too amorphous to be anything more (spikily chugging 121bpm ‘Fever Line‘ flip).

JENNY BURTON: ‘Nobody Can Tell Me (He Don’t Love Me)’ (LP ‘Jenny Burton’ Atlantic 781238-1)
Nothing’s as joyous as her 103½bpm ‘Bad Habits‘ but this Teena Marie-ish 111½bpm lurching swayer, the electro juddered 117½bpm ‘Dancing For My Love‘ and tranquil crawling 35½bpm ‘Love Runs Deeper Than Pride’ have some fans, and Jenny can really sing given the chance.

DR. FRESHH: ‘Roxanne’s Doctor —The Real Man’ (US Zakia IK 009)
Another chapter, as usual c100bpm, though very opportunistic and not very good.

MAGIC BOX: ‘I Heard It Through The Grapevine’ (Kameleon Records NEON 101T, via Pinnacle)
Roy Carter-produced bright pop-aimed 129bpm revival in Kane Gang style (brassy old fashioned 128bpm instrumental ‘Space Funk Part 1’ flip).

THE MIGHTY GRYNNER: ‘Stinging Bees’ (Bajan BEE 1)
Eddy Grant-produced 121⅓bpm Barbadian calypso, mildly political mentioning Maggie and other first names.


Beats Per Minute for most of last week’s Top 75 entries on 7in (f/c/r for fade/cold/resonant ends):

Alison Moyet 67-0r, Nik Kershaw 115⅔f, Billy Bragg 0r, Power Station 125½-0c, Eric Clapton 110½f, Change 100f, Grandmaster Melle Mel 0-106⅓-108-0c, Joan Armatrading 121f, Kurtis Blow 108⅔f, REO Speedwagon 0-78-78⅓-0r.

DISCO TOP 85 – MARCH 16, 1985

01 01 HANGING ON A STRING/SILENT TALKING, Loose Ends, Virgin 12in
02 02 BAD HABITS, Jenny Burton, Atlantic 12in
03 04 BACK IN STRIDE, Maze featuring Frankie Beverly, Capitol 12in
04 10 GIRLS ON MY MIND, Fatback, US Cotillion 12in
05 03 YOU SHOULD HAVE KNOWN BETTER, T.C. Curtis, Virgin/Hot Melt 12in
06 08 LET’S GO TOGETHER, Change, Cooltempo 12in
07 23 SPEND THE NIGHT/I FORGOT (REMIX), The Cool Notes, Abstract Dance 12in
08 05 WHO COMES TO BOOGIE, Little Benny & The Masters, Bluebird/10 12in
09 06 THEME FROM ‘SHAFT’ (HOT PURSUIT MIX), Eddy And The Soulband, Club 12in
10 14 FEEL SO REAL, Steve Arrington, US Atlantic 12in
11 13 TOO MANY GAMES/CAN’T STOP THE LOVE/I WANT TO FEEL I’M WANTED, Maze featuring Frankie Beverly, Capitol LP
12 20 WE NEED LOVE, Cashmere, Fourth & Broadway LP 12in
13 17 PARTY TIME (THE GO-GO EDITION)/THE BREAKS, Kurtis Blow, Club 12in
14 07 I’M SO HAPPY, Julia & Co, London 12in
15 12 BUSTIN’ LOOSE, Chuck Brown & The Soul Searchers, Source 12in
16 09 SOLID, Ashford & Simpson, Capitol 12in/LP Mix promo
17 29 LOVER UNDERCOVER, Fatback, Cotillion LP
19 19 NIGHTSHIFT (REMIX), Commodores, Motown 12in
20 — COULD IT BE I’M FALLING IN LOVE, David Grant & Jaki Graham, Chrysalis 12in
21 24 SETTLE DOWN (EXTENDED REMIX), LiIlo Thomas, US Capitol 12in
22 16 OPERATOR, Midnight Star, Solar 12in
23 11 IN MY HOUSE, Mary Jane Girls, Motown 12in
24 15 STEP BY STEP (EXTENDED REMIX), Jeff Lorber featuring Audrey Wheeler, US Arista 12in
25 18 PERSONALITY (COMPLEX), Eugene Wilde, Fourth & Broadway 12in
26 43 I WANT YOUR LOVIN’ (JUST A LITTLE BIT), Curtis Hairston, US Pretty Pearl 12in
27 40 MYSTERIOUS (REMIX), Twilight 22, WEA 12in
28 32 LOVE TONIGHT, David Simmons, US Atlantic 12in
29 22 ANYTHING? (MARK KING/PAUL HARDCASTLE REMIXES), Direct Drive, Polydor 12in promo
30 28 MOVE CLOSER (NEW MIX), Phyllis Nelson, Carrere 12in
31 36 YOU SHOULD HAVE KNOWN BETTER (MELT DOWN MIX), T.C. Curtis, Virgin/Hot Melt 12in
32 33 MR TELEPHONE MAN, New Edition, MCA 12in
35 31 HEARTBEAT/LET IT ALL BLOW (REMIX), Dazz Band, Motown 12in
36 26 CURIOUS/SCIENTIFIC LOVE, Midnight Star, Solar LP
37 21 AFTER THE DANCE IS THROUGH, Krystol, US Epic 12in
39 38 RHYTHM OF THE NIGHT/QUEEN OF MY HEART, DeBarge, US Gordy 7in/Motown 12in promo
40 37 (I GUESS) IT MUST BE LOVE, Thelma Houston, MCA 12in
41 35 DO WHAT YOU DO (REMIX), Jermaine Jackson, Arista 12in
43 42 ANYTHING?, Direct Drive, Polydor 12in
44 25 NIGHTSHIFT, Commodores, Motown 12in
45 54 OHH BABY/YOU/CLASSY LADY, Spank, German Metrovynil LP
46 44 MISLED (DANCE MIX), Kool & The Gang, De-Lite 12in
47 49 POO POO LA LA/RUNNING AWAY, Roy Ayers, CBS 12in
48 48 ‘TIL MY BABY COMES HOME, Luther Vandross, Epic 12in
49 64 PAPAIA, Alex Malheiros, US Milestone LP
50 34 MOVIN’ AND GROOVIN’, Redds And The Boys, Fourth & Broadway 12in/US TTED 12in mix
51 72 THINGS ARE NOT THE SAME (WITHOUT YOU), First Love, 10 12in
53 39 CAN I, Cashmere, Fourth & Broadway 12in
54 — MY LOVE IS TRUE (TRULY FOR YOU)/TREAT HER LIKE A LADY (M&M REMIX), The Temptations, Motown 12in
55 62 GALVESTON BAY, Lonnie Hill, US Urban Sound LP
56 50 CHANGE YOUR WICKED WAYS (REMIX), Pennye Ford, US Total Experience 12in
57 52 IN THE SAND, I Level, Virgin 12in
58 68 HOLD ME TIGHT, Robert White, US Paris 12in
59 65 DROP THE BOMB/PUMP ME UP, Trouble Funk, Sugarhill 12in
60 82 I WONDER IF I TAKE YOU HOME, Lisa Lisa and Cult Jam with Full Force, CBS 12in
61 53 PARTY TIME, Kurtis Blow, Mercury 12in/US LP remix
62 51 WARM, Beverley Skeete, Elite 12in
63 70 TIE ME UP (REMIX), Mtume, US Epic 12in
64 80 WITH YOU, Morrisey Mullen, Coda 12in
65 55 I CAN FEEL YOUR LOVE SLIPPIN AWAY, Samson & Delilah, US Saturn 12in
66 77 GROOVIN’, War, US Coco Plum 12in
67 79 YOU’RE GONNA LOVE BEING LOVED BY ME/YOU SEND ME, The Manhattans, US Columbia 7in
69 69 OUT OF CONTROL (REMIX)/GIVE ME ONE REASON, Evelyn ‘Champagne’ King, RCA 12in
70 re BOYFRIEND/I DON’T PLAY THAT, Shirley Brown, US Soundtown LP
71 66 HOT WAX/SHAFT, Van Twist, Polydor 12in
72 59 BOOGIE DOWN (BRONX), Man Parrish, Polydor 12in
73 76 OUTTA THE WORLD (REMIX), Ashford & Simpson, Dutch Capitol 12in
75 71 I FOUND MY BABY/DISRESPECT, Gap Band, Total Experience LP/US 7in
77 — FOLLOW ME, Ohio Players, AIR City Records 12in
78 — TEASER (UPTOWN MIX), Toney Lee, US Critique 12in
80 — STOMP AND SHOUT, Process And The Doo Rags, US Columbia 12in
81 — ALL IN ONE NIGHT, Lifesighs, white label 12in
82 81 ROCK ME TONIGHT (FOR OLD TIME’S SAKE), Freddie Jackson, US Capitol 12in
83 — I’M STILL/I WANT TOO, Levert, US Tempre 12in
84 — PUMP ME UP/THE MEGAMELLE MIX, Grandmaster Melle Mel & The Furious Five, Sugarhill 12in
85 — LOVE ME RIGHT NOW, Rose Royce, Streetwave 12in white label


01 01 R.S.V.P., James & Susan Wells, Fanfare 12in
02 02 SINDERELLA, Betty Wright, US Jamaica 12in
03 = 07 CRASHIN’ DOWN (REMIX), Legear, Proto 12in
03= 03 SEX OVER THE PHONE (REMAKE), Village People, Record Shack 12in
05 06 I’M NO ANGEL/ECSTASY, Madleen Kane, US TSR 12in
06 04 NEW YORK CITY, Village People, French Scorpio LP
07 08 YOU’RE MY HEART YOU’RE MY SOUL Modern Talking, German Hansa 12in
08 05 KNOCKIN’ ON MY DOOR, Barbara Fowler, US Profile 12in
10 10 DATE WITH THE RAIN, Arnie’s Love, US Profile 12in
11 18 NO FOOL (FOR LOVE), Hazell Dean, Proto 12in
12 09 CRUISING, Sinitta, Fanfare 12in
13 13 VICTIM OF LOVE, Charade, US Personal 12in
14 24 DON’T PLAY WITH FIRE, Paul Parker, Fantasia 12in
15 23 TOUCH ME IN THE MORNING, Lydia Steinman, Long Island Sound 12in promo/remix
16 22 AMERICANO, Vivien Vee, Dutch Break 12in
17 17 WALK THE NIGHT, Bent Boys, Canadian Black Sun 12in
18 14 LET ME FEEL IT (DISCONET REMIX), Samantha Gilles, Record Shack 12in
19 28 NO REGRETS, Martinique, German Teldec 12in
20 15 CHINESE EYES/COME INSIDE (REMIX), Fancy, US Personal 12in
21 11 STARGAZING, Earlene Bentley featuring Sylvester, Record Shack 12in
22 25 NIGHT OF THE FULL MOON, Gaby Lang, Dutch Casablanca 12in
23 26 IN THE NAME OF LOVE/SHOUT IT OUT, Astaire, Passion 12in
24 19 TOTAL ECLIPSE OF THE HEART, Koffie, US Pandisc 12in
25 16 CHINATOWN, Cruisin’ Gang, Italian Cruisin’ 12in
26 — MY LOVE IS MUSIC, Gloria Gaynor, Carrere 12in
27 — CHEATED BY A PAINTED LOVER/THE ELECTRICITY MEDLEY, Dee Dee/The Electricity All-Stars, Passion 12in promo
28 20 NEW ATTITUDE, Patti LaBelle, US MCA 12in
29 — GIVE ME YOUR LOVE (REMIX), Fun Fun, Dutch High Fashion 12in
30= — BAD MONEY (REMIX), Rikki, Klub 12in promo
30= — VICIOUS GAMES, Yello, Elektra 12in


POP JOX are playing: 1 (5) Dead Or Alive, 2 (2) Eddy And The Soulband, 3 (6) Little Benny And The Masters, 4 (16) Philip Bailey And Phil Collins, 5 (1) Ashford And Simpson, 6 (3) Eugene Wilde, 7 (22) Stephen ‘Tintin’ Duffy, 8 (9) Kool ‘M’, 9 (4) Commodores, 10 (7) James Ingram/Michael McDonald, 11 (11) Amii Stewart, 12 (8) King, 13 (13) Madonna ‘LAV’, 14 (10) Prince ‘1999/LRC’, 15 (27) Prince ‘EC/TMWU/LGC’, 16 (28) Maze, 17 (12) Junior, 18 (14) Art Of Noise, 19 (20) Jenny Burton, 20 (21) Madonna ‘MG’, 21 (29) Phyllis Nelson, 22 (Re) Bruce Springsteen ‘CM’, 23 (23) Direct Drive, 24 (15) Cashmere, 25 (17) Billy Ocean, 26 (18) Van Twist, 27 (34) Mary Jane Girls, 28 (47) Sheila E, 29 (30) Bruce Springsteen ‘DITD’, 30 (19) T.C. Curtis, 31 (32) Third World, 32 (49) New Edition, 33 (35) Killing Joke, 34 (40) Vicious Pink, 35 (—) Loose Ends ‘HOAS (C)’, 36 (—) Change ‘LGT’, 37 (31) Howard Jones, 38 (38) Bowie/ Metheny, 39 (—) Cool Notes ‘STN’, 40 (24) Limit.

9 thoughts on “March 23, 1985: Cashmere, Rose Royce, Toney Lee, Lifesighs, Grandmaster Melle Mel & The Furious Five”

  1. For all its reputation as The Worst Year For Music Ever, 1985 actually got off to a very strong start – but this is a pretty wretched week for new releases.

    As for the John Anderson Big Band’s Glenn Miller Medley, which James is repeatedly raving about, a very similar version – using the same four tracks, and credited to Anderson’s band – does eventually appear towards the end of 1989…. on the debut album from Jive Bunny!


  2. Am I going mad/blind etc?
    How is it that Loose Ends number 1 in the main dance chart are not even in the Top 50 nightclub chart? Has an error by JH missed them out by mistake?


    1. Good spot! I had accidentally duplicated the previous week’s Nightclub chart – now corrected. Turns out that Loose Ends are a new entry at 35. This is still low, considering that the track rose to 20 on the pop chart in the same week, and would rise to its peak position of 13 in the following week. I think it’s further evidence that the Nightclub chart was actually running behind the pop chart.


      1. I see. At first I thought maybe ‘Hanging on a String’ was too black/London orientated to mean much in the rest of the country and sold all its copies in London and the SE, Manchester and Birmingham but I’m also pretty sure it crossed over massively everywhere and maybe like you say the nightclub chart is very behind even the pop chart at this time And is verging on a wedding disco/mobile DJ chart! Tbh as well as the funkier clubs I also for my sins used to end up in quite a few dodgy “music just a background to people getting pissed looking for a shag” type clubs back then and a lot the music was to a large extent the same old party type tunes every week, month year so their charts would conceivably have ‘Come on Eileen’, ‘Don’t you want me’, ‘three times a lady’ ‘tonight I celebrate my love’ , ‘ymca’, ‘D.I.S.C.O’ and a few more in their charts forever!


      2. I’ve just done a comparison between this week’s Nightclub Top 20 and the equivalent Top 100 pop chart. This confirms that the Nightclub chart is way, way behind actual record sales.

        For example:
        – Dead Or Alive reaches #1 Nightclub in the same week that it drops from #1 Pop.
        – Little Benny & The Masters climbs to #3 Nightclub in the same week that it drops out of the Top 100 Pop.
        – A further 7 records – Eugene Wilde, Kool & The Gang, Yah Mo B There, Amii Stewart, Like A Virgin, Back In Stride and Junior – are all still Top 20 Nightclub, even though they’re former Pop hits which have already dropped out of the Top 100.
        – There are only 5 records in both Top 20s.

        1 (5) / 6 (1) Dead Or Alive
        2 (2) / 27 (23) Eddy And The Soulband
        3 (6) / – (48) Little Benny And The Masters
        4 (16) / 1 (2) Philip Bailey And Phil Collins
        5 (1) / 21 (12) Ashford And Simpson
        6 (3) / – (-) Eugene Wilde
        7 (22) / 5 (4) Stephen ‘Tintin’ Duffy
        8 (9) / – (-) Kool ‘M’
        9 (4) / 11 (5) Commodores
        10 (7) / – (-) James Ingram/Michael McDonald
        11 (11) / – (-) Amii Stewart
        12 (8) / 24 (17) King
        13 (13) / – (68) Madonna ‘LAV’
        14 (10) / 60 (39) Prince ‘1999/LRC’
        15 (27) / 16 (10) Prince ‘EC/TMWU/LGC’
        16 (28) / – (82) Maze
        17 (12) / – (-) Junior
        18 (14) / 54 (34) Art Of Noise
        19 (20) / 83 (78) Jenny Burton
        20 (21) / 3 (3) Madonna ‘MG’


      3. Interesting and I should imagine very different from 1981-1983 when synth pop/the New Romantics were in their pomp in the charts and pop was dominated by a very dance based sound which was cutting edge in its own way. .


  3. This is where the music changes moving away markedly from soul R&B to a more synthetic sound. It morphed into a generic soulless porridge that is almost unbearable to listen to in 2020. A week of 3rd rate dross. The classic soul/disco days were now over. Of course there were still great records being made and sensational new acts would emerge but it would never be the same.


  4. I agree but 85 was great for Hiphop, and a bunch of hot 12″s dropped, and some albums, in that genre. Go-Go also kept the Funk exciting, and soon it’s House. Around this time I switched to the City Slickers, and Westwood’s Zulu Beats charts in Blues & Soul to find records to buy so it’s cool to be able to read the RM Hammy columns I missed.


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