September 7, 1985: Cameo, Lukk featuring Felicia Collins, Conquest, Kleeer, Roberta Gilliam


SUPREME RECORDS sadly now get greedy with an 104bpm ‘HRH Mix No. 3‘ of Princess, which brings in the ‘Billie Jean’ bass virtually from the beginning but without the Alternative Version‘s shock impact (again it’s confusingly labelled) . . . Jeff Young’s 103½bpm Candlelight Mix of Peter Royer is indeed now out, incorporating Dexter Wansel’s piano . . . Brass Construction’s US 12in ‘Give And Take’ continues to climb as the choice of DJs who buy their records, now they’ve heard the disappointing LP and different UK 12in (although doubtless the mailing list effect will have begun to bite by next week’s chart) . . . Rene & Angela’s video on ‘6.20 Soul Train’ really helped their single’s sales on Saturday, as did Luther Vandross’s ditto a week earlier: this Friday’s acts are Jaki Graham, Odyssey, ‘D’ Train, Warren Mills, Tavares, Ike & Tina Turner . . . Al Jarreau’s Wembley-recorded ‘In London’ concert is new out in the States on Warner Home Video . . . Jean Carn is with Norman Connors’ band next Wednesday (11) at London’s Festival Hall — at least I suppose she is, all the posters spell her “Carne”! . . . Bobby Womack will be at Hammersmith Odeon for five solid nights, October 9-13 . . . Womack and Womack have left Elektra to start a label of their own, called Sar II in homage to Linda Womack’s father Sam Cooke’s own label Sar, on which the Womack brothers recorded as the Valentinos such as their 1964 classic ‘It’s All Over Now’ . . . Tramaine turns out to be Edwin Hawkins’ sister, and sang with his Singers . . . Select Records, UTFO and Full Force, amongst others, are fighting a rearguard action by attempting to sue all the makers of answer versions to ‘Roxanne Roxanne’, citing unfair business competition, copyright infringement and trademark misuse — additional complaints apply to the misleadingly packaged cover version album ‘The Complete Story Of Roxanne‘ on Compleat . . . Phil Canty (Kidderminster) is keen for DJs to co-ordinate a Disco-Aid scheme tied in with Live-Aid: the only way I see something like that having any more impact than the present essentially small scale type of charity disco gigs (from which of course even the smallest contribution counts) is if, say, the majority of clubs across the country could be persuaded on one particular night to synchronise for a special nationally publicised event from which absolutely all proceeds would go to Live-Aid — this just might re-tempt the public into digging deep again, but are club owners big hearted enough? . . . Mark Wimmers & Ben Evans have revived their ‘The Spice Of Life’ ancient and modern Black American music night every Friday, this time at Manchester’s Cloud Nine, starting this week . . . Colin Hudd revives 1982 at Dartford Flicks this Friday (6) . . . Saturday (7) finds Baz Fe Jazz & Andy McConnell with the Tommy Chase Quartet live at a late night Jazz/Salsa Fish Fry, in Bermondsey at 99 Rotherhithe Street (now that sounds like a warehouse party what is a warehouse party!) — Baz is also at Nottingham Rock City’s alldayer with Womack & Womack live on Sunday (8) . . . Chris Hill returns on Monday (9) to Walker’s Club Café in Newcastle Upon Tyne (where Phil Mitchell and Adrian Allen may have been wacky, but more to the point they’re weekly — chart contributors, that is!) . . . Dom McLeman, an ex-mobile jock now in banking, is currently sweltering in Vanuatu amidst (I think?) the Melanesian Islands, where it’s so hot that vinyl records warp and the only music available is Asian bootlegged tapes of old material: however, Tony Bromwich at Newcastle’s Hitsville USA sells him all the “hot” new stuff by remote control, storing the vinyl until Dom’s return and instead personally cassetting his purchases for airmail delivery! . . . South Eastern Disco Assn members meet at 8pm this Sunday (8) in Canterbury’s Coach & Horses . . . Radio Thamesmead’s breakfast show presenter Jamie Wisdom (interviewing Streetwave/StreetSounds boss Morgan Khan next Wednesday 7-9am on the pioneering closed circuit legal community station) lost his pub residency and is after another East London/Thames Estuary gig on 0322-72208 . . . Solar and Horizon may come and go, but West London’s JBC 96.95FM carries on regardless, and is very listenable anyway (if you’re within its very local range) . . . Steve Collins, come back soon! . . . Paul Major, his residency sold from under him, is after another good Midlands dance gig on 0455-291624 . . . Kidderminster’s syndicated local newspaper disco columnist Brian Davies does Tues/Wed/Sat at Stourport’s brand new Plato’s, where this month’s Tuesday star PAs are Dante & Sonique (10), Miquel Brown (17), Kelly Marie (24) . . . Andy Caddy, writing a fortnightly Soul Press column in his local Barnet newspaper, sent me a cassette of his mixes that are amongst the best I’ve ever heard — now all he needs is a gig with two varispeed decks! . . . Nick Ratcliffe (Portsmouth Ritzy/Guildford Cinderellas Rockerfellas) reflects this Madonna mad era with a ‘Medonna Medley’ (sic) which neatly and smoothly blends all her most danceable hits, with doubled-up and edited effects instead of digital delay . . . John ‘Razorblade’ Rushford & Julian ‘Slipmat’ Guffogg (Ashford, Kent) recommend Dutch radio KRO 675KHz on Sundays 11am for an hour long ‘And The Beat Goes On‘ continuous mix of upfront material — their own home-produced mixing efforts are good if over busy when remixing/editing one record, less neat when seguing/blending between records, but as actual remixers they’ve already interested some record companies . . . Tricky Dicky Scanes starts selling Gary London’s rare boots and Disconets from next Thursday at Record Cellar in Newport Court (behind Leicester Square tube) . . . King Enri has a wicked nomination for Slimmer Of The Year — suffice to hint his initials are R.H. . . . Boys Town Gang creator Bill Motley died of AIDS two weeks ago . . . Norman Scott refused a fortune for copies every time he packs the floor with a cassette he made in 1983 at Harringey Bolts when macho George Michael rapped and sang over the dub side of Rockers Revenge ‘Walking On Sunshine’ . . . Plymouth Sound radio DJ Brian Day has opened the gay Friday Cruisers at Plymouth Studio 84, jocked by Glyn Warren . . . Adrian Parkin is now full time Mon-Sat at Huddersfield’s Hi-NRG Gemini Club . . . I promised not to reveal which well known record producer/DJ huffily said “Record company presidents don’t go around hitting their producers”! . . . Record Shack released it last Christmas but now, since it’s been a Continental summer smash, Epic have picked up the 112¾bpm Video Kids ‘Woodpeckers From Space‘ (TA 6504) . . . Atlantic for some reason (unsold stock?) have re-serviced the bright smacking 115¾bpm Stacy Lattisaw & Johnny Gill ‘Block Party‘ (B9719T) . . . Danish DJ Kenneth Baker, touring Europe for inspiration, reports radio in Austria plays lots of soul but also Madonna once or twice an hour, while the Jocelyn-ish Amii Stewart & Mike Francis ‘Together‘ is worth looking out for . . . Dave Clark (Barking Chains) feels fed up that in Lanzarote all the DJs even in bars use SL 1200 decks, and massive Dynacord mixers — at least he didn’t hear Opus! . . . Anthony Bernards’ letter last week winding up Damon Rochefort (now there’s two of a kind!) reveals that the notorious Chris Ellis is still alive and well, and living in Lancashire — how nostalgic . . . Loose Ends, along with Total Contrast and Peter Royer, failed to turn up at the Edinburgh Soul Club for a PA last month, without warning or apology from responsible pluggers Hot Licks (who got them as far as Newcastle I know — so did ET’s battery fail?) . . . Danny D & Collusion’s great but oddly ignored (except by radio) ‘Party People‘ appears fated to be another One That Got Away in 1985 — why? . . . Breakers queuing up below the Disco 85 (NB: not the next 20 places) include No Way Jose (Espanol), Charlie Singleton 12in, Luther Vandross, Weather Girls, Prince ‘Raspberry Beret’, Doug E. Fresh, Sylvia Bennett, Class Action, Billy Griffin ‘Systematic’, Pressure Point, Shirley Lites, Stevie Wonder, John Ingram, Rockie Robbins, Juicy, Nile Rodgers ‘Stay Out Of The Light’, Roberta Gilliam, PP Arnold, Red Hot Chilli Peppers ‘Hollywood (Africa)’, Rosie Gaines . . . Music Week didn’t receive my column in time for the current issue as it took three days by first class mail from North Wales: at least it arrived eventually, which is more than many of the records sent me do — as I’ve suggested before, to be sure please bike ’em (to my home address) . . . I was staying in a house party which included a crowd of kids, and it was the under-10s who kept spinning around on their backs to the music! . . . Darren Fogel keeps dropping cryptic hints that suggest he’s to be seen in ‘East Enders’ (not that I’ve ever watched it) . . . Rob Harknett (Harlow) only needed three records to satisfy the returned holidaymakers last week, Baltimora ‘Tarzan Boy’, Black Lace ‘Megamix’, Madonna ‘Into The Groove’, played in rotation — yup, IT’S GOTTA BE MADONNA!

HAZELL DEAN has taken advantage of the original’s unavailability by covering ‘They Say It’s Gonna Rain’ for her debut Parlophone release (12R 6107), not fully available for four weeks but promo-ed in a chugging 0-115bpm Europop flavoured Indian Summer Mix (the opening chants suggesting “Injun”, rather than the weather). It was in fact the lyrics’ topicality during this dreadful summer that prompted Hi-NRG club DJs belatedly to activate the by then already deleted Kerry Delius version. I’d have hoped the weather might be better by Hazell’s release date, so maybe she ought to rush it instead!


CAMEO: ‘Single Life’ (Club JABX 21)
My and seemingly everyone else’s fave of the moment, this superb subtly made very powerful sparse 110½bpm nagging pusher is filled with bits to hook you, especially the Ennio Morricone spaghetti western twiddles, “single guys clap your hands” and “eyes right” instructions, and the devilish way “life” is teasingly left until the next beat after you’ve already anticipated it. Brilliant!

LUKK Featuring FELICIA COLLINS: ‘On The One’ (Important Records TANT 6)
I can’t bear it (and you’ll see why) but initial calculations suggest this languidly rolling dead catchy lurching jiggler, like Five Star singing to a Jocelyn/Jenny-ish backing, has been slowed here by about one beat per minute — which without going right through it again means it now must be roughly (deep breath!) 103-103¾-105¾-103¼-106¼-103¾-102¼-103-104¾-105-104¼bpm (inst flip). You won’t be aware of this, and the thing is a hit!

CONQUEST: ‘Optimistic’ (US Epic 49-05255)
Amir Bayyan-produced excellent chaps chanted and muttered Johnny Guitar Watson-type buoyantly jittering infectious 97bpm jogger with a braying trumpet solo and bags of rhythm ‘n’ bluesy sass that’ll have you poppin’ and boppin’ by the time it’s through (dub flip). What a blast!

KLEEER: ‘Never Cry Again (Remix)’ (US Atlantic 0-86850)
Gradually rising to the top on their album and now superbly remixed, this smoothly clonking slick nagging 107¾bpm roller has a soulfully intense lead vocal weaving away behind the prominent dry percussion rather in the old style of Slave, but with a cleaner more modern sound (dub/edit flip). Another hot one.

ROBERTA GILLIAM: ‘All I Want Is My Baby’ (US Sutra SUD 036)
A real sneaky tugger, this low key bassily burbling and ticking 101½bpm Jam-ish swayer weaves away while Roberta squalls, wails and worries in het up soulful style behind the beat (inst flip), great searing stuff.

SHEILA E.: ‘A Love Bizarre’ (LP ‘Sheila E. In Romance 1600’ Warner Bros/Paisley Park 925 317-1)
Forget the rest, this track’s the best! The only one from an otherwise self-produced patchy fast set on which she actually collaborates with Prince as co-producer/writer/arranger/singer, it’s a marathon 12 minute 113¾-0bpm mesmeric groove in which the glamorous percussionist chants lightly ever choogling sax and typical purple mutterings to create an exquisite filigree of funk. Hot!

JOHN INGRAM: ‘Can I Take You Home Tonight’ (Mirror Records 12BUTCH 2)
Brother Butch-produced striding 116½bpm swinger soulfully sung in typical Ingram (the group) style, with a busy backing that may at first obscure the power as it’s a grower — and nothing to do with Lisa Lisa.

JANICE CHRISTIE: ‘One Love’ (US SuperTronics RY-009)
Copping more than a lick from Colonel Abrams, this friskily leaping and jiggling 117½bpm bounder should slot nicely between ‘Trapped’ and ‘Music Is The Answer’ (two dubs on flip) — which ought to make it interesting, right?

WALLY BADAROU: ‘Chief Inspector’ (LP ‘Echoes’ Island ILPS 9822)
Spotted and now promoted as another ‘Twilight’, the multi-instrumentalist’s jauntily trucking little 100½bpm electronic keyboards tripper could well be just that. Doubtless a longer 12in will follow?

NICCI: ‘So In Love’ (Debut DEBT 127)
Jill Saward co-prod/penned bass burbled subduedly cooing wriggly 0-112½bpm “New London” bubbler, very pleasant and effective and as deep as a flower pot (dub flip).

BOBBY WOMACK: ‘I Wish He Didn’t Trust Me So Much’ (LP ‘So Many Rivers’ US MCA MCA-5617)
On ideally a terrific satisfying listening set, probably most danceable in the privacy of your own home rather than at an echoing club, it’s noticeable that so far still the hottest track is this realistically worded 7in-issued 89bpm smoocher, equally good being the 48bpm ‘Let Me Kiss It Where It Hurts‘, other slowies being the 54bpm ‘Got To Be With You Tonight‘, sombre rollcall started 0-80bpm ‘Only Survivor‘ and especially his 62½bpm revival of Sam Cooke’s ‘That’s Where It’s At‘, other revivals being of the Impressions’ 113½bpm ‘Gypsy Woman‘ and his own 124¼bpm ‘Check It Out‘, which with the 120bpm ‘So Baby Don’t Leave Home Without It‘, 124¼bpm ‘Whatever Happened To The Times?‘ and 130bpm title track comprise the uptempo material, none of which sound like an actual “disco” hit — which could be all to the good.

THE O’JAYS: ‘Just Another Lonely Night’ (US Philadelphia International B-50013)
This 7in from their now EMI distributed album remains its most played track, a typically comfortable (0-)107bpm semi-slow Philly Sound soul swayer with just its steady beat nodding at modernity.

CLIFF RICHARD: ‘She’s So Beautiful’ (EMI EMI-5531)
Although in fact written by someone else, this (0-)137bpm MoR skipper produced, played, arranged and phrased by Stevie Wonder sounds as if it’s all his own work (on 7in with dub-ish flip), from Dave Clark’s ‘Time’ musical.

WARREN G. BURRIS: ‘Why Not Love Me’ (US Becket Records BKA-45-21)
A ringing telephone is answered by a sultry lady saying “David doesn’t live here anymore” — which doesn’t worry Warren ‘cos he’s calling to express his lurve for her, in a nice gently swaying soulful 72½bpm love smoocher on 7in which importers here have yet to sniff out.

SUGARFOOT: ‘Kiss’ (LP ‘Sugar Kiss’ Warner Bros 925 168-1)
After several weeks on import it looks as if this Roger Troutman-prod/co-penned set’s hits are this very softly started and probably impossible to mix (0-)55¼-110½bpm squeakily whispered intensifying ultimately jaunty light weaving jitterer (with no bass or balls at all in the pressing), and the beefier tranquil gentle 74-0bpm ‘I’m Your Sugar‘.

JAMAICA BOYS: ‘Let Me Hold You Closer’ (Cooltempo COOLX 113)
Bernard Wright, Lenny White, Marcus Miller and Chaka Khan’s brother Mark Stevens get together to make some 103½bpm slinky soul-reggae, all very cool (dub flip).

ROSIE GAINES: ‘Skool-ology (Ain’t No Strain)’ (US Epic 49-05267)
Rosie-raps, scats and sings grittily to a jerkily snapping 121¾bpm electronic rhythm that owes something to Chaka Khan, although the rest of the song doesn’t (inst flip) — and the vocal’s the best bit.

DISCO TOP 85 – September 7, 1985

01 03 TRAPPED/DUB, Colonel Abrams, MCA 12in
02 05 SINGLE LIFE, Cameo, Club LP
03 04 TWILIGHT/TOO MANY GAMES/BACK IN STRIDE (REMIX), Maze featuring Frankie Beverly, Capitol 12in
04 02 SAY I’M YOUR NO. 1, Princess, Supreme Records 12in
05 01 TAKES A LITTLE TIME, Total Contrast, London 12in
06 07 I’LL BE GOOD, Rene & Angela, Club 12in
07 06 INTO THE GROOVE, Madonna, Sire 12in
08 40 ONE LOVE (REMIX), Atlantic Starr, A&M 12in
09 18 WHAT ARE WE GONNA DO ABOUT IT?, Mercy Mercy, Ensign 12in
10 08 YOU’RE THE ONE FOR ME (PAUL HARDCASTLE REMIX), “D” Train, Prelude 12in
11 14 ON A CROWDED STREET, Barbara Pennington, Record Shack 12in
12 10 STAND UP/SO FINE, Howard Johnson, A&M 12in
13 16 SET IT OFF, Harleqiun Four’s, US JUS Born Prod 12in
14 24 TEQUILA (KNOCKOUT MIX)/INSTRUMENTAL, No Way Jose, 4th & Broadway 12in
15 17 (JOY) I KNOW IT/LAUGHING AND SMILING, Odyssey, Mirror Records 12in
16 09 TAKES A LITTLE TIME (US REMIX), Total Contrast, London 12in
17 19 BARELY BREAKING EVEN (’85 CLUB MIX), Universal Robot Band, Streetwave 12in
19 21 I WONDER IF I TAKE YOU HOME, Lisa Lisa and Cult Jam with Full Force, CBS 12in
20 20 I WONDER IF I TAKE YOU HOME (FULL FORCE/SHEP PETTIBONE REMIXES), Lisa Lisa and Cult Jam with Full Force, CBS 12in
22 23 CLOSE TO PERFECTION (REMIX), Miquel Brown, Record Shack 12in
23 62 (I’LL BE A) FREAK FOR YOU, Royalle Delite, Streetwave 12in
24 11 SAY I’M YOUR NO. 1 (ALTERNATIVE VERSION), Princess, Supreme Records 12in
25 13 STRONGER TOGETHER, Shannon, Club 12in
26 29 SUPERFINE (FROM BEHIND), Skool Boyz, US Columbia 12in/LP
27 53 HEAVEN KNOWS (REMIX), Jaki Graham, EMI 12in
28 27 BASS AND TROUBLE/MAKE ‘EM MOVE, Sly & Robbie, Island LP
30 37 LET ME BE THE ONE, Five Star, Tent 12in
31 48 IF YOU WERE HERE TONIGHT, Alexander O’Neal, Tabu 12in
32 15 ROUND AND AROUND, Jaki Graham, EMI 12in
33 32 SEXUAL THERAPY/I ONLY HAVE EYES FOR YOU, Billy Paul, Total Experience 12in
34 28 HOLIDAY, Madonna, Sire 12in
35 30 DANCIN’ IN THE KEY OF LIFE (REMIX), Steve Arrington, Atlantic 12in
36 33 ON THE ONE, Lukk featuring Felicia Collins, US Easy Street 12in
37 36 IN YOUR CAR, The Cool Notes, Abstract Dance 12in
38 65 BODY AND SOUL (REMIX), Mai Tai, Virgin/Hot Melt 12in
39 25 KNEES/OLDER GIRL, Howard Johnson, A&M LP
40 41 NIGHT MOVES/INSTRUMENTAL, Kent Stevens, Elite 12in
41 57 DARE ME, Pointer Sisters, RCA 12in
42 38 MAMA SAID, Oliver Cheatham, Move Records 12in
43 42 GLOW, Rick James, Gordy 12in
44 84 GET UP OFFA THAT THING (GODFATHER II), Screamin’ Tony Baxter, 4th + B’way 12in
45 74 GIVE AND TAKE, Brass Construction, US Capitol 12in
46 56 LET ME HOLD YOU, Sonique, Cooltempo 12in
47 — NEVER CRY AGAIN (REMIX), Kleeer, US Atlantic 12in
49 39 ATTACK ME WITH YOUR LOVE, Cameo, Club 12in
50 44 YOU MAKE ME HAPPY (SHOP GIRL REMIX), Hi Tension, Streetwave 12in
51 55 SO SMOOTH, Krystal Davis, US Urban Rock Records 12in
52 78 MINUTES AWAY/MAIN ATTRACTION (REMIX), Brooklyn Bronx & Queens, Cooltempo 12in
53 31 BREAK THE ICE, Michael Lovesmith, Motown 12in
54 — A LOVE BIZARRE, Sheila E, Warner Bros/Paisley Park LP
56 — THE HEAVEN I NEED, The Three Degrees, Supreme Records 12in
57 71 STATUS-QUO/JUST ONE MORE CHANCE, Donald Banks, US Kapitol Sity Records 12in
59 51 BABY DON’T HOLD YOUR LOVE BACK, Bridge, Atlantic 12in
60 re THIS KIND OF LOVE, Phil Fearon & Galaxy, Ensign 12in
61 77 GOLDEN YEARS/TURN THE LIGHTS DOWN, Loose Ends, Virgin 12in
62 46 THE PLEASURE SEEKERS, The System, Boiling Point 12in
63 70 LOVE SO FINE, Sahara, Elite 12in
64 45 THROUGH THE FIRE/I’M EVERY WOMAN, Chaka Khan, Warner Bros 12in
65 re THIS IS FOR YOU, The System, Boiling Point LP
66 61 HAPPY FEELING, Aurra, 10 Records 12in
67 54 MYSTERY LADY/CLUB MIX, Billy Ocean, Jive 12in
68 82 THE DANCE ELECTRIC, Andre Cymone, US Columbia 12in
69 43 WHEN YOU LOVE ME LIKE THIS (REMIX), Melba Moore, Capitol 12in
70 52 I SPECIALIZE IN LOVE, Sharon Brown, Virgin 12in
71 — KISS/I’M YOUR SUGAR, Sugarfoot, US Warner Bros LP
72 68 HOT SPOT, Dazz Band, Motown 12in
73 76 FALL DOWN(SPIRIT OF LOVE), Tramaine, US A&M 12in
74 75 IN YOUR CAR (LONDON MIX), The Cool Notes, Abstract Dance 12in
75 58 LOVE IS IN SEASON/INSTRUMENTAL DUB, Peter Royer, Club 12in
76 50 WAS THAT ALL IT WAS (US REMIX)/LET’S CLEAN UP THE GHETTO, Jean Carn/Philadelphia International All Stars, Streetwave 12in
77 — SO IN LOVE, Nicci, Debut 12in
78 47 ON A CROWDED STREET (AMERICAN STREET MIX), Barbara Pennington, Record Shack 12in
79 re YOU BLEW IT, The World Famous Mad Lads, Champion 12in
80 85 DANCING ON THE JAGGED EDGE, Sister Sledge, Atlantic 12in
81 re L.O.S. (LOVE ON SIGHT), Colors, 4th + B’way 12in
82 — ROCK IT, Merchant, Hot Vinyl 12in
83 — HOT PURSUIT!, Skipworth & Turner, 4th + B’way 12in white label
84 re AIN’T NOTHIN’ LIKE IT, Michael Lovesmith, Motown LP
85=59 GET TO THIS GET TO THAT, Sly & Robbie Band, Island 12in
85=re BOYFRIEND, Shirley Brown, Fourth & Broadway 12in


01 01 VANITY, Carol Jiani, Record Shack 12in white label
02 02 CLOSE TO PERFECTION (REMIX), Miquel Brown, Record Shack 12in
03 06 BLACK KISSES, Curtie & The Boom Box, RCA 12in
04 05 CRYING MY HEART OUT, Madleen Kane, US TSR 12in
05 04 BIT BY BIT, Stephanie Mills, MCA Records 12in
06 03 ENDLESS ROAD, Time Bandits, CBS 12in
07 09 STREETFIGHTER, Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons, US Curb 12in
08 11 HEAVEN MUST BE MISSING AN ANGEL (1985 BEN LIEBRAND REMIX), Tavares, Dutch Capitol 12in
09 07 HOMOSEXUALITY/THANK GOD FOR MEN, Modern Rocketry, US Megatone LP
10 — NO FRILLS LOVE, Jennifer Holliday, US Geffen LP
11 08 DON’T LEAVE ME THIS WAY (SYLVESTER MIX), Jeanie Tracy, US Megatone 12in
12 — VERTIGO, Barbara Pennington, Record Shack LP white label
14 — WIND BENEATH MY WINGS, Menage, US Profile 12in
15 — THE MEN IN MY LIFE, Miriam Lee, Passion 12in white Label
16 21 BODY ROCK (MEGAMIX), Maria Vidal, Dutch Chart 12in bootleg
17 10 I BELIEVE IN DREAMS, Jackie Rawe, Fanfare 12in
18 14 THE EASY WAY OUT/ONE HUNDRED PERCENT, Miquel Brown, Record Shack LP
19 — THEY SAY IT’S GONNA RAIN, Hazell Dean, Parlophone 12in promo
20 17 REINCARNATION, People Like Us, Passion 12in
21 26 FUTURE BRAIN, Den Harrow, Italian Baby 12in
22 19 UNEXPECTED LOVERS, Lime, Boiling Point 12in
23 23 NO CREDIT CARD, Amanda Lear, German ZYX 12in
24 — WHISPER TO A SCREAM, Bobby O/Claudja Barry, US MemoVision 12in
25 18 ENDING UP ON A HIGH, Seventh Avenue, Record Shack 12in
26 15 IF LOOKS COULD KILL (REMIX), Pamala Stanley, US Mirage 12in
27 — FINGERS, Lea, US Oh My! 12in
28 27 STARSTRUCK LOVER, Boiling Point, Canadian Power 12in
29 12 THEY SAY IT’S GONNA RAIN (REMIX), Kerry Delius, Arrival 12in
30=20 TAKE ME TO FOREVER, Lydia Steinman, Long Island Sound 12in
30=30 FOTONOVELLA (INSTRUMENTAL), Ivan, Spanish CBS 12in

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