September 28, 1985: Josie James, Wally Badarou, Rene & Angela, Frankie Kelly, The Team


PAUL HARDCASTLE’s ‘Just For Money‘, due next month and based on both the Great Train Robbery and St Valentine Day’s Massacre, features specially recorded cameos by not only Bob Hoskins but also no less than Lord Olivier! . . . Stevie Wonder’s unexpected 87¼-174½bpm 12in remix of ‘Part-Time Lover’ puts it more firmly in the Chill Fac-Torr bracket, with scat, fingersnap ‘n’ brass intro . . . London mailed DJs two copies (in a double fold sleeve) of Total Contrast’s Lutheran 114bpm ‘Hit And Run‘ so that they can create their own mixes as, it says here, no remix is planned — really? . . . Five Star has inevitably been remixed for a 119bpm The Limit Edition Mix (a play on its producers’ name and not a misprint) with Dub Take Over too, while Colonel Abrams and Mercy Mercy are also due as remixes to rekindle soul sales now they’re crossing over pop . . . Jeff Lorber’s excellent album track sung by Luther-ish James Robinson, ‘Every Woman Needs It‘ has a disappointingly disjointed 0-104½bpm remix due fully in a fortnight . . . Randy Muller right now is remixing The Team, to make it even more Brass Construction like, and Alan Coulthard is working on Gloria Gaynor ‘I Will Survive’ . . . Mersey’s mixer Greg Wilson is setting up his own dance label InfraStructure, with a mailing list at City Buildings, 21 Old Hall Street, Liverpool L3 9BS . . . Fourth & Broadway are rushing (the two years old!) Donald Banks, while Paul Laurence is due next week — however Howard Johnson’s superior US Remix full of impersonations is not coming out here . . . Skipworth & Turner’s 115¼bpm commercial 12in includes an added 105½bpm A Love Awakened remix of their old ‘Thinking About Your Love’ (yawn) . . . Friday’s ‘6.20 Soul Train’ has Jennifer Holliday, Three Degrees, Shannon, Teddy Pendergrass and Bobby Womack, both alone and with Patti LaBelle . . . Horizon have gone, Solar close down this Sunday, but LWR have been back on 92.1FM, JBC moved to 104.8FM, and “KISS-fm” will soon be hitting London weekdays on 94FM with K-JAZZ there still on Sundays . . . T Zee Mindich was for one week only, thank goodness, Steve Walsh returning on Capital Radio Sunday 1-5am while Steve Collins does Phil Allen’s show . . . Margate jock Tim Stewart (Franks Wed/Fri, Thorleys Tues/Thur/Sat/Sun) has started presenting a Monday 11pm-1am soul show on France’s RBL 91.6FM, beamed at the Eastbourne-Margate-Ashford stretch of our South Coast . . . DevonAir Radio’s Summer Soul playlist was so popular that there will be much more black music generally now on all daytime programmes . . . NE Wales/Cheshire/N Shropshire’s Marcher Sound could have a problem, as whenever I drive back from North Wales (rather often just recently) I can get Liverpool’s Radio City on FM clear down to Shrewsbury . . . Disco John Leech is currently doing weeknight 11pm-1am late shows on Essex Radio, as well as his Saturday 6-9pm soul show, and reports the station’s first Soul Night Special at Zero 6 was such a lock-out success that more are planned elsewhere in bigger venues very soon — now all DJ the DJ needs is full service from record companies! . . . Radio London’s Soul Night Out this Thursday (26) is at Ilford Palais, where hopefully there won’t be the pandemonium seen last week at Hammersmith when mounted police had to hold back the mob outside (leaving the pavement foul with horse droppings) while inside birthday celebrating Steve Walsh prompted the noisiest of many noisy crowd reactions especially on introducing Aswad for a bubblers session (after Tony Blackburn had left the building!) . . . Steve Walsh then took his birthday party to Soho’s Bananas and the bouncers only let half of them in! . . . Royalle Delite proved to be crowd pleasers, even though of the four girls only Magareita and raunchy tall white Melanie were brought over to Britain by cheapskates Streetwave — incidentally, just how is the Scene down on The Street? . . . Bluebird/10 boss Billy Russell had evidently paid £ 15,000 for the Harleqiun Four’s but there was then a delay in exchanging contracts, and Morgan Khan snuck out his Masquerade cover version! . . . Quila wonders why colour supplement king Morgan Khan and Radio Orwell soul jock Dave Brown suddenly left Ipswich Cindys just as they were being bought a drink — could it be the music wasn’t commercial enough? . . . Erskine Thompson denies it all, Frankie Kelly’s single having been sent to Tony Blackburn direct from the States by its distributor . . . Gallup have added the main reggae record shops to their chart panel, which looks like having an interesting effect . . . PRT could be reverting to their old name Pye should a takeover by Tony Calder come to fruition . . . Derek Harold and Tommy Edwards always get lots of classy bookings for their smart Rinky Dink Disco by hiring a stand at Liverpool’s annual Bridal Exhibition in the Atlantic Tower Hotel, its this coming Wednesday (2) 3-10pm — they’ll give a discount to anyone booking them there . . . Kev Hill (Harlow Whispers) moved house only a few miles in Essex to find he no longer gets London’s ITV, let alone the radio pirates — however he’s just got married so there must be other things to do! — plus next week he becomes Mecca’s national promotions manager on 01-637 9401, organising all the disco chain’s PAs and events . . . Andrew Holmes (Manchester Satellite) acts as representative on 061 865 2844 for a couple of US tracks available to UK record companies, the unreleased infectious semi-instrumental go go Louie Oxley ‘Go Go Gadget‘ and older disjointed jazz-funk Nature’s Creation ‘Freak Unique‘ . . . Disco Gary Van Den Bussche recommends Kettering’s Out Of The Past Records in Havelock Street for 7in soul oldies from 65p, while Brian Mason tips off that around 1,500 unrequired 12in disco oldies have just been offloaded at Sounds Familiar in London E17’s Wood Street . . . Steve Stuart (Boston Elizabethan Club) is after a replacement ‘250 Disco Jingles’ LP from about 10 years ago, on 0205- 50993 . . . Pete Haigh, who’s now after Sweet G ‘Waiting For Your Love‘ and Chi-Lites ‘Try My Side Of Love‘ on 0253-824156 says there’s yet another version of ‘Set It Off’ by C-Sharp . . . Brian Davies 0562-3488 ext 27) needs more PAs for Tuesdays at Stourport-on-Severn’s Plato’s . . . George McCrae joins John Dean at Dover Images Thursday (26) . . . Friday (27) finds Robbie Vincent returning to Dartford Flicks, jazz man Chris Brown with Trevor Fung and Paul Oakenfold at Streatham Chaplins, while Nick Graham, Trevor Mac and Andy Ibbott funk Wellingborough’s Tithe Barn members club . . . Jon Kutner has not only free admission but also a free bottle of wine (each) for everyone in fancy dress at his Hammersmith Palais beachwear ‘n’ bikini disco party this Saturday (28) . . . Hazell Dean prays for rain at Bolts in Haringey Sat, Brighton Sun . . . LWR’s 3pm-2am soul and reggae alldayer on Sunday (29) at Forest Gate Upper Cut Stadium stars Derek Boland, Tim Westwood, Ron Tom, Eddy James and more with lots of PAs, Sundays being when Gordon Mac and black blonde Kags have cash prize competitions for amateur DJs, dancers and the like at Peckham Kisses . . . Chris Hill will be rushing back from the New Music Seminar to find his wife’s moved house while he was away, and to soul Newcastle-upon-Tyne’s Walker’s Club Café again on Monday (30) . . . Total Contrast guest with Gary Crowley at South Harrow Bogarts Tuesday (1) . . . Ian Dewhirst’s Tuesday Wicked Pulse funk night has moved in London to Leicester Square’s Comedy Store (next to the Odeon) . . . Damon Rochefort does St James’s L’Equipe Anglaise every Wednesday with Torso, the black dance troupe he’s now managing, plus this Tuesday he starts a “gay funk” night at Charing Cross Heaven . . . Philip Sallon has started the Saturday Fire Island above London’s Astoria Theatre with DJs Jay Strongman, Fat Tony (a.k.a. Diana Dogg), and Mark Moore in the Psychotronic Room . . . Paul Clark now joins Richard James and Bob Jones on Saturdays at Sheffield Green Hilly’s upstairs playing jazz, leaving Tim Jeffrey alone at Brighton’s Escape Club Sat/Wed (the latter funk oldies night) — Tim’s also looking on 0273-680231 for an upfront Friday venue in London (who isn’t?) . . . Sho-Pro’s Caister team could be in need of new recruits to supplement “good boys” Chris Hill, Froggy and Robbie Vincent . . . Andy Baker was expecting Danny D at Rhyl’s Downtown and luckily checked with pluggers Hot Licks on the evening he was due, only to find “he couldn’t get a hire car” — sorry, but it’s the ones who don’t turn up that everyone hears about: Hot Licks will in fact be making it up to the Edinburgh Soul Club, whose expected PAs had never actually been confirmed it seems . . . Danny D’s latest waxing is due on Elite white label, ‘Warrior Groove‘, now credited as by DSM . . . Rayners Lane Record & Disco Centre owner Andy Phippen followed up his Greek holiday club-going by buying the Disco Mix Club franchise for Greece — and right now is with me, host Tony Prince and DMC’s Ceri Berry (plus what seems like most of London!) in New York for the New Music Seminar . . . Ready For The World ‘Oh Sheila‘ topped US Black 45s, Prince ‘Pop Life‘ 12in Sales, Pointer Sisters ‘Dare Me‘ Club Play in Billboard . . . Andre Cymone’s UK pressing is 112½bpm, to be precise, Diana Ross on 12in is 128¾-0bpm, the O’Jays’ 12in is (0-)107½bpm, and in the Mirage ‘Into The Groove (Medley)’ the 124½bpm ‘Holiday’ should have been between ‘Lucky Star’ and ‘Like A Virgin’ . . . HAVE A NICE DAY!



JOSIE JAMES: ‘Call Me (When You Need My Love)’ (TPL 12TPL01, via PRT)
Nigel Martinez produced, and wrote with her, both sides of the often heard session singer’s solo debut, this pleasant shuffling wriggly 104bpm swayer revealing her Deniece/Minnie/Emotions/Jones Girls-ish voice which is much more satisfyingly cushioned on the Dexter Wansel-ish sultry slow 78bpm ‘Win Your Love‘ flip, for good value.


WALLY BADAROU: ‘Chief Inspector (Vine Street)’ (4th + B’way 12BRW 37)
Although strictly only a promo the initial 12in pressing is already in some shops and — not the generally available coupling — teams this bubbling extended version of the compulsive 101bpm jiggly jazz-funk instrumental monster with the percussion overlaid Hill Street remix that’ll be out in the States (but not evidently here), so hurry, hurry — which doubtless is what Island want you to do. How many ‘promos’ were pressed?


RENE & ANGELA: ‘I’ll Be Good (Club Mix)’ (Club JABXR 18)
Mark Berry’s radical remix typically restructures the rhythm into a more urgent 110¾-110½-110¾bpm ‘Sexomatic’ mould, lurching and juddering angrily rather than oozing sleazily, which could come as quite a shock (110¾bpm Dub Mix flip).


FRANKIE KELLY: ‘Ain’t That The Truth’ (US Trans World International TW/12110)
Suddenly at last available, and on 12in, but due here on 10 Records soon, this much sought sinuously weaving 107¼-108½-108-109bpm tugging swayer is an exact copy of Marvin Gaye’s Seventies style, true to every detail.

THE TEAM: ‘We Are The Team’ (EMI 12EMI 5533)
Just as Hi Tension chanted “Hi Tension”, the Team assertively growl out their own identity to a raggedly roaring 118bpm Brass Construction-ish groove, flipped by a loosely rambling 111-111¼-110-110¾bpm revival of the Blackbyrds’ ‘Rock Creek Park’ featuring Helena Springs.


PEE BEE SQUAD: ‘Rugged And Mean, Butch And On Screen’ (Project Records PRO 3)
Paul Burnett seems likely to have the big Rambo spin-off hit with this very clever and funny 113-0bpm comedy rap full of impersonations (and not a bad jittery sax backing track, used also for the well observed mobile disco ‘Talking DJ Blues‘ flip), his best since Laurie Lingo & The Dipsticks.


CARGO: ‘Jazz Rap’ (Cargogold Productions CG 1024, via PRT)
Mike Carr was actually plugging the cartoon covered sleeve before even recording this now finally released jauntily jiggling 121½-122bpm brassily blowing (Ronnie Scott, Pete King), chix chanted, hoarsely rapped namecheck for all the old jazz greats you’ve ever heard of, with a much more satisfyingly jazzy instrumental flip.


This rather too frantic though good 179bpm revival of the Jon Hendricks/Mongo Santamaria classic immortalised here by Georgie Fame is so obvious as to be corny or inspired depending on your viewpoint (lively leaping Latin-ish 120bpm ‘Smooth‘ flip).


BARBARA PENNINGTON: ‘Vertigo’ (LP ‘Out Of The Darkest Night’ Record Shack SOHOLP 9)
Containing her last three singles, the set’s only Hi-NRG hit is this frantically pounding 127½bpm rattler, while soul jocks are getting off on the title track 95¾-0bpm winding Yarbrough & Peoples-ish purposeful slow roller and urgently loping Dr Buzzard-ish 113¾bpm ‘Raise The Curtain‘, all co-prod/penned as usual by Ian Levine with the soul material mixed by M&M.


PHIL FEARON & GALAXY: ‘If You’re Gonna Fall In Love’ (LP ‘This Kind Of Love’ Ensign ENCL 4)
By far the standout is this excellent lovely floppily swinging 113bpm rolling leaper lushly sung through some tasty instrumentation, the snappily bounding 120bpm ‘All I Give To You‘ being best of the patchy rest.


RALPH MacDONALD featuring YOGI LEE: ‘Laying In His Arms’ (US Polydor 883 322-1)
A grower rather than immediately exciting, this smoothly jiggling 117½bpm side to side shuffler has Miss Lee classily crooning through Ralph’s rhythm track and some yowling guitar towards the end, kinda jazz funky (dub/LP version flip).


ROY AYERS: ‘Slip n Slide’ (CBS TA 6604)
Electronically snapped 113¼bpm tripping thudder duetted with wailing BJ Nelson, rather basic, flipped (on 7in anyway) by the overly electro backed 101½bpm ‘Can I See You‘ semi hip hop duet with a wasted Jean Carn.


MORRIS DAY: ‘The Oak Tree’ (US Warner Bros 0-20379)
The Time’s charismatic now solo rebel goes it completely alone to prod/pen a tree-sawing effects and chatter started meaty ‘n’ beaty 119bpm basher with piping organ noises and more raunchy verve than most Prince records, even if it is more a chanting groove than song (inst/edit flip).


Hey fellahs! What? Get on the good foot and back it on up y’all, for a typical tight though lyrically rambling 100¼-98¾-98¼-99¼-99-100¼-100-99¾-100-99¾-100¾-101bpm go go jitter ‘n’ jump from the funkiest doggone guy of the lot (inst/edit flip).


TROUBLE FUNK: ‘Still Smokin’ (Hug-A-But)’ (4th + B’way/TTED 12GOGO 5)
More conventionally rapped (with some human beat box even) 107bpm go go-cum-hip hop jitter and thump from the ‘Good To Go’ go go movie (dub/edit flip). Yup, the softening up campaign has begun.


CLAUDIA: ‘Hold On’ (Bluebird/10 BRT 18)
Billy Russell-mixed pleasant jolting jiggly lazy 95½bpm swayer seductively breathed and worried by the newly mature Claudia at an instantly acceptable black London tempo (inst/edit flip).


ASWAD: ‘Bubbling’ (Simba 12SIM 101, via EMI/Jet Star)
Terrific simple skeletal 81¾bpm jittery infectious bubblers session with Marley-like appeal, the nation’s biggest reggae hit for a while and a likely chart entry, crossing over into soul clubs already (Dubbling flip).


JENNIFER HOLLIDAY: ‘Hard Times For Lovers’ (Geffen Records TA 6408)
Co-produced by Arthur Baker with writers Richard Scher & Lotti Golden, the 12in is an irritatingly tricksy 95½bpm remix of basically a Tina Turner meets Jimmy Jam type song with yowling background guitar (better 95¾bpm 7in version and Dub flip). On her patchy LP ‘Say You Love Me’ (GEF 26564) the jittery storming 118-0bpm ‘No Frills Love‘ rapidly replaced the 135bpm ‘He’s A Pretender‘ in Hi-NRG clubs, while elsewhere some are using the chunkily lurching 109bpm ‘Just A Matter Of Time‘, slow 84½/42¼bpm ‘Dreams Never Die’ and dead slow title track, although it’s far from an essential dance set.


WARREN MILLS: ‘Sunshine’ (Jive JIVE T99)
Full Force penned perkily juvenile 110½bpm hip hop squeaker (dub/edit too), far from the best thing on his album but bright enough for the kids.


VIKKI LOVE: ‘Stop Playing On Me’ (US 4th + B’way 418)
No Nuance this time as Vikki handles a fairly routine lightweight (0-)115½bpm Lisa Lisa/Shannon-style thudding beat box skipper (dub/edit too), mailed to DJs on Import.


VERONICA UNDERWOOD: ‘Victim Of Desire’ (Philly World/Boiling Point POSPX 762)
Liggett & Barbosa-mixed juddery percussive 109¼bpm lurcher grittily wailed in a strong voice but all a bit bludgeoning in its unattractively aggressive attack (inst flip).


JEFF TYZIK featuring MAURICE STARR: ‘Sweet Surrender’ (US Polydor 883 360-1)
Trumpeter Tyzik toots a few telling notes through the Mtume-ish dragging sparse slinky 86½bpm rhythm as writer/producer/singer Starr (who’d you expect, David Gates?) soulfully weaves a Vandross-ish web with female support (dub flip, plus Jeff’s jazzier Alpert-ish 99½bpm ‘My Heart’s Desire‘).


MICHAEL WYCOFF: ‘I Wanna Be Loved By You’ (US Valley Vue VV1273)
This had me jigging around the record shop as soon as I heard it, a lovely lightly swinging 117bpm soulful skipper, flipped for value by the madly jaunty though fast 126½bpm bounding ‘Gonna Chase You (till you catch me)‘ which everyone ignored some months back.


RALPH CARTER: ‘Get It Right’ (US Mi Flower Records MIF-2001)
Rather nice soulful 80½bpm slowie with an optimistic hope in its message — and in fact half the profits go to Ethiopia (a pity the flip duplicates the A-side).


ROSANNE: ‘This Is The Night (Remix)’ (ACA ACA-00, via Jet Star)
Tony Blackburn’s secretary Rosanne Green finally makes it onto commercial 12in, her repetitive simple 101-102¼bpm little shuffler posing no threat to Aretha Franklin although its quavery winsome charm becomes annoyingly nagging after a few radio plays. Grab it while you can as the flip’s 106bpm ‘The Theme From Dallas‘ by DALLAS CREW could cause problems, using bits of dialogue dubbed from TV.

SOCKIT: ‘Swinging On A St*r’ (FM Records 12KIS 2, via Spartan)
Bing Crosby/Big Dee Irwin’s oldie oddly but successfully adapted to a deliberate 89bpm downtempo beefy modern soul treatment raunchily wailed by a big voiced sultry lady.

BOE BROWN & THE UPTOWN HORNS: ‘Sound Your Funky Horn’ (President PT 12-540)
Ex-Sunshine Bandsman/co-writer Rick Finch produced this electro-rap tinged dense jittery chugging 0-105½-105bpm revival of KCs funk oldie, with an equally interesting mellow rap/sung soulful 103bpm ‘Dancer Man’ flip.

DISCO TOP 100 – September 28, 1985

01 01 SINGLE LIFE, Cameo, Club 12in
02 02 TRAPPED/DUB, Colonel Abrams, MCA 12in
03 03 I’LL BE GOOD, Rene & Angela, Club 12in
04 06 ONE LOVE (REMIX), Atlantic Starr, A&M 12in
05 04 TAKES A LITTLE TIME, Total Contrast, London 12in
06 14 (I’LL BE A) FREAK FOR YOU, Royalle Delite, Streetwave 12in
07 07 SET IT OFF, Harleqiun Four’s, US Jus Born Prod 12in
08 16 ROMEO WHERE’S JULIET?, Collage, MCA 12in
09 08 WHAT ARE WE GONNA DO ABOUT IT?, Mercy Mercy, Ensign 12in
10 05 SAY I’M YOUR NO.1, Princess, Supreme Records 12in
11 33 NEVER CRY AGAIN (REMIX), Kleeer, US Atlantic 12in
13 12 I WONDER IF I TAKE YOU HOME, Lisa Lisa and Cult Jam with Full Force, CBS 12in
14 45 AIN’T NOTHIN’ LIKE IT (M&M REMIX), Michael Lovesmith, Motown 12in
15 22 SEXUAL THERAPY/I ONLY HAVE EYES FOR YOU, Billy Paul, Total Experience 12in
16 11 TWILIGHT, Maze featuring Frankie Beverly, Capitol 12in
17 17 EMOTIONS, Starpoint, Elektra 12in
18 50 PART-TIME LOVER (REMIX), Stevie Wonder, Motown 12in
19 13 STAND UP/SO FINE, Howard Johnson, A&M 12in
20 28 STATUS-QUO, Donald Banks, US Kapitol Sity Records 12in
21 57 A LITTLE PAIN/INSTRUMENTAL, P. P. Arnold, 10 Records 12in
22 69 FALL DOWN (SPIRIT OF LOVE), Tramaine, A&M 12in
23 34 THIS IS FOR YOU (REMIX), The System, US Mirage 12in
24 24 ON THE ONE, Lukk featuring Felicia Collins. Important Records 12in
25 10 YOU’RE THE ONE FOR ME (PAUL HARDCASTLE REMIX), “D” Train, Prelude 12in
28 36 YOU BLEW IT, The World Famous Mad Lads, Champion 12in
29 46 CHIEF INSPECTOR, Wally Badarou, Island LP/4th + B’way 12in remixes promo
30 15 (JOY) I KNOW IT/LAUGHING AND SMILING, Odyssey, Mirror Records 12in
31 19 HEAVEN KNOWS (REMIX), Jaki Graham, EMI 12in
32 53 I WISH HE DIDN’T TRUST ME SO MUCH, Bobby Womack, MCA 12in
33 44 A LOVE BIZARRE, Sheila E, Warner Bros/Paisley Park LP
34 30 GIVE AND TAKE, Brass Construction, US Capitol 12in
35 52 ZIG ZAG/CONQUEST (REMIXES), Brass Construction, Capitol 12in
36 18 INTO THE GROOVE, Madonna, Sire 12in
37 62 HOT PURSUIT!, Skipworth & Turner, 4th + B’way 12in
38 42 BODY AND SOUL (REMIX), Mai Tai, Virgin/Hot Melt 12in
39 29 MAIN ATTRACTION (REMIX)/MINUTES AWAY, Brooklyn Bronx & Queens, Cooltempo 12in
40 59 CAN I TAKE YOU HOME TONIGHT, John Ingram, Mirror Records 12in
41 23 LET ME HOLD YOU, Sonique, Cooltempo 12in
42 25 CLOSE TO PERFECTION (REMIX), Miquel Brown, Record Shack 12in
43 26 ON A CROWDED STREET, Barbara Pennington, Record Shack 12in
44 31 BASS AND TROUBLE/MAKE ‘EM MOVE, Sly & Robbie, Island LP
45 38 THE HEAVEN I NEED, The Three Degrees, Supreme Records 12in
46 — I’LL BE GOOD (MARK BERRY REMIX), Rene & Angela, Club 12in
47 — STILL SMOKIN’, Trouble Funk, 4th + B’way/TTED 12in
48 41 GET LOOSE, Aleem (featuring Leroy Burgess), US NIA 12in
49 — I’LL BE YOUR FRIEND, Precious Wilson, Jive 12in
50 85 L.O.S. (LOVE ON SIGHT), Colors, 4th + B’way 12in
51 60 (KRUSH GROOVE) CAN’T STOP THE STREET, Chaka Khan, US Warner Bros 12in
52 20 TAKES A LITTLE TIME (US REMIX), Total Contrast, London 12in
53 65 ALL I WANT IS MY BABY, Roberta Gilliam, US Sutra 12in
54 27 SO IN LOVE, Nicci, Debut 12in
55 — GETTING CLOSER, Haywoode, CBS 12in
56 49 THE DANCE ELECTRIC, Andre Cymone, CBS 12in
57 76 GET UP OFFA THAT THING (GODFATHER II), Screamin’ Tony Baxter 4th + B’way 12in
58 — AIN’T THAT THE TRUTH, Frankie Kelly, US TWI 12in
59 — SET IT OFF, Masquerade, Streetwave 12in
60 32 BARELY BREAKING EVEN (’85 CLUB MIX), Universal Robot Band, Streetwave 12in
61 — HARD TIMES FOR LOVERS, Jennifer Holliday, Geffen Records 12in
62 56 SO SMOOTH, Krystal Davis, US Urban Rock Records 12in
63 85 THE SHOW/LA-DI-DA-DI, Doug E. Fresh and The Get Fresh Crew, US Reality Records 12in
64 43 I SPECIALIZE IN LOVE, Sharon Brown, Virgin 12in
65 66 LOVE SO FINE, Sahara, Elite 12in
66 82 SHE’S NOT A SLEAZE/THERE AIN’T NOTHIN’ (LIKE YOUR LOVIN’), Paul Laurence, US Capitol 12in
67 re LOVE IS IN SEASON/INSTRUMENTAL DUB, Peter Royer, Club 12in
68 35 SAY I’M YOUR NO.1 (ALTERNATIVE VERSION)/REMIX NO.2, Princess, Supreme Records 12in
69 — YOU WEAR IT WELL (M&M REMIX), El DeBarge with DeBarge, Gordy 12in
70 — JAZZ RAP/INSTRUMENTAL, Cargo, Cargogold Productions 12in
71 84 NIGHT LIGHTS, Toney Lee, US Critique 12in
72 47 LET ME HOLD YOU CLOSER, Jamaica Boys, Cooltempo 12in
73 — OPTIMISTIC, Conquest, US Epic 12in
74 83 WHO DO YOU LOVE, Bernard Wright, US Manhattan 12in
75 — AMERICA/AJ MEETS DAVY DMX, Kurtis Blow, US Mercury 12in
76 — STOP PLAYING ON ME, Vikki Love, US 4th + B’way 12in promo
77 37 WINNERS AND LOSERS, Collage, US Constellation LP
78 58 SUPERFINE (FROM BEHIND), Skool Boyz, US Columbia 12in
79 68 THE OAK TREE, Morris Day, US Warner Bros 12in
80 — SECRET RENDEZVOUS, Rene & Angela, US Capitol LP
81 63 OFF THE WALL, Paul Scott, US Ace Beat 12in
83 — LAYING IN HIS ARMS, Ralph MacDonald featuring Yogi Lee, US Polydor 12in
84 80 BODY ROCK (JELLYBEAN MIX), Maria Vidal, EMI America 12in
86 — ONE LOVE, Janice Christie, US Super Tronics 12in
87 70 IF YOU WERE HERE TONIGHT, Alexander O’Neal, Tabu 12in
88 72 KISS/I’M YOUR SUGAR, Sugarfoot, Warner Bros LP
89 78 GET TO THIS GET TO THAT, Sly & Robbie Band, Island 12in
90 — CONFUSION, Aleem, US NIA 12in
91 85 DANCING ON THE JAGGED EDGE, Sister Sledge, Atlantic 12in
92 re WAS THAT ALL IT WAS (US REMIX), Jean Carn, Streetwave 12in
93 — SHE’S A GO-GETTER, Fatback, Atlantic 12in
94 71 STARTIN’ ALL OVER AGAIN, Brass Construction, Capitol LP
95 — JUST ANOTHER LONELY NIGHT, The O’Jays, Philadelphia International 12in
96 — HOLD ON, Claudia, Bluebird/10 12in
97 61 LOVE IS IN SEASON (CANDLELIGHT MIX), Peter Royer, Club 12in
98 64 SAY YOU LOVE ME/DREAMS NEVER DIE/JUST A MATTER OF TIME, Jennifer Holliday, Geffen Records LP
99 re MAKE YOUR MOVE ON ME BABY, Charlie Singleton, US Arista 12in
100 77 SUNSHINE, Warren Mills, Jive 12in


01 03 REFLECTIONS/RUNNING WILD IN THE NIGHT, Evelyn Thomas, Record Shack 12in white label
02 01 VANITY, Carol Jiani, Record Shack 12in
03 02 THE MEN IN MY LIFE, Miriam Lee, Passion 12in
04 04 CLOSE TO PERFECTION (REMIX), Miquel Brown, Record Shack 12in
05 07 BLACK KISSES, Curtie & The Boom Box, RCA 12in
06 05 THEY SAY IT’S GONNA RAIN, Hazell Dean, Parlophone 12in
07 08 VERTIGO, Barbara Pennington, Record Shack LP
08 11 WIND BENEATH MY WINGS, Menage, US Profile 12in
09 re KNOCK ON WOOD (REMIX), Amii Stewart, Sedition 12in
10 06 STREETFIGHTER, Frankle Valli & The Four Seasons, US Curb 12in
11 18 BODY ROCK (MEGAMIX), Maria Vidal, Dutch Chart 12in bootleg
12 09 WHISPER TO A SCREAM, Bobby O/Claudja Barry, US MemoVision 12in
13 10 NO FRILLS LOVE, Jennifer Holliday, Geffen Records LP
14 16 FUTURE BRAIN, Den Harrow, Italian Baby 12in
15 15 STANDING, Nick Eastside & Loleatta Holloway, US Rocky 12in
16 — I LIKE YOU, Phyllis Nelson, Carrere 12in
17 14 EATEN ALIVE (REMIX), Diana Ross, Capitol 12in
18 12 HEAVEN MUST BE MISSING AN ANGEL(1985 BEN LIEBRAND REMIX), Tavares, Dutch Capitol 12in
20 30 HOMOSEXUALITY, Modern Rocketry, US Megatone LP
21 23 SO MANY MEN — MEDLEY, Miquel Brown, Record Shack 12in
22 22 I HEAR TALK (REMIX), Bucks Fizz, US Disconet LP
23 13 BIT BY BIT, Stephanie Mills, MCA Records 12in
24 25 DON’T LEAVE ME THIS WAY (SYLVESTER MIX), Jeanie Tracy, US Megatone 12in
25 re SO MACHO, Sinitta, Fanfare 12in
26 24 CRYING MY HEART OUT, Madleen Kane, US TSR LP
27 30 IF LOOKS COULD KILL (REMIX), Pamala Stanley, US Mirage 12in
28 — ANOTHER BOY IN TOWN, The Girls, US Popular 12in
29 — LOVE BITES BACK, Jane Spring, MKO 12in
30=20 STARSTRUCK LOVER, Boiling Point, Canadian Power 12in
30=— I CAN LOSE MY HEART TONIGHT, C.C. Catch, German Hansa 12in


Beats Per Minute for last week’s Top 75 entries on 7in (endings denoted by f/r/c for fade/resonant/cold):

Madonna 133f, Dead Or Alive (0-)125 3/4f, The Cure (0-)184¾r, Gary Numan (0-)118½r, Level 42 105f, Freddie Mercury 133-0r, Mercy Mercy 105½f, Hall & Oates 0-137-136-109-0-183-0f, Strawberry Switchblade 125r, DeBarge 124f, Simply Red 0-116f, Kaja 116f, Collage 106½f.

One thought on “September 28, 1985: Josie James, Wally Badarou, Rene & Angela, Frankie Kelly, The Team”

  1. I’d forgotten how high Paul Hardcastle’s stock had risen in the wake of “19” – he now had the clout to recruit Lord Olivier for a guest vocal, and he’d be providing the new theme tune for Top Of The Pops in a few months’ time.

    A first mention for Fat Tony, and also for the London version of KISS FM, whose saga begins here.


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