November 30, 1985: The Concept, The Temptations, Stevie Wonder, Ester, Loose Ends


EMI AMERICA here are indeed now going to release Jellybean ‘Was Dog A Doughnut?‘ out in January with promos sooner . . . Doug E. Fresh and The Get Fresh Crew ‘The Show’ (the latest black hit to take Radio One by surprise!) has two new remixes, the more instrumental Doctor D v Necam 7 mix (101½bpm on acetate) and restructured UK Gadget Mix (100½bpm plus ‘La-Di-Da-Di’ has been cleaned up into a non-explicit version . . . CBS on December 9 rush release Full Force, whose B-side ‘Bang Zoom‘ dirty monologue version was inspired by the Jackie Gleason/Art Carney vintage US TV series ‘The Honeymooners’ — prior to producing UTFO last year, their 1979 debut ‘Turn You On‘ (US Dazz Records) was the only thing Full Force had done . . . New York TV’s Channel 5 WNEW shows the ‘Inspector Gadget’ cartoon series every weekday morning for half on hour at 7am, so there must be a lot of early rising hip hoppers there! . . . Caprice ‘100%’ is due here on new label Lovebeat International (via Lightning/Spartan), and Streetwave picked up B.T. Express plus Aleem ‘Get Loose’ . . . Supreme Records worked out something with Wally Badarou so that the Princess “Bad” mix could come out — mind you, most clubs I’ve visited only seem to play the first two minutes before the singing starts, as an alternative to poor Wally whose ‘Chief Inspector’ it of course now copies! . . . Masquerade’s PAs are indeed being fronted by Streetwave boss Morgan Khan, leading the dancers — but then you never could keep him still (can your pussy do the dog, indeed)! . . . DSM may stand for Devastating Street Music but it’s also the first name initials of vocalist/producer Danny ‘Daniels’ Poku, scratcher Shaun Williams, DJ Mambo, as suspected . . . Cherrelle’s album track import smash is confusing many shoppers, who ask for the Alexander O’Neal newie instead . . . Cameo’s luxuriously packaged 12in “twofer” looks like selling out fast . . . Aretha Franklin’s 12in certainly adds a dub mix this week, but there’s confusion over whether its publicised new Dance Mix will be any different from the available one already billed as that . . . Kashif ‘Condition Of The Heart’ LP (Arista 207 426) is now out here . . . Glenn Jones’ album tracks ‘Everlasting Love‘/’Meet Me Half Way There‘ make up his new US RCA 12in . . . Eurobeat seems to be catching on fast amongst gay DJs as an alternative and now more accurate description of the Hi-NRG music they play, so, although I’m not convinced it’s as snappy a name, that’s what the relevant RM chart is now called — incidentally, Fantasy ‘He’s Number One‘ is number one in more gay charts than anything else, although not in enough to be number one nationally, yet . . . Tricky Dicky Scanes left London’s Spats after nine years amidst a blaze of publicity . . . Dave Gregory, soulling Saturdays at the now Keith Giles-owned Canvey Island Goldmine, returns well rested to Essex Radio this week on Fridays 9pm-1am and Saturdays 6-9pm, plus he’ll still be running the station’s Soul Night Specials (the next at Southend Zero 6 Friday the 13th), the other reprieved soul shows being presented by Disco John Leech Mon-Fri 6-9pm and Tony Monson Sat 9pm-1am — Essex funkers can breathe again! . . . Segue Steve Goddard defends the appearance of TKO on Solar’s old wavelength by pointing out that even if the latter does get a community radio licence there won’t be room in its restricted legal form for all its old 37 DJs to broadcast, which is why some are now on air again taking the law in their own hands . . . US radio stations when they put records onto cartridge tape (most use carts rather than vinyl singles) unbelievably have to hire an American Federation of Musicians’ union member musician to put the stylus on the record before the tape can roll! . . . Aretha Franklin and now Sheila E topped US Club Play, Phyllis Nelson ‘I Like You‘ 12in Sales in Billboard, whose dance charts are always what amounts to nearly a fortnight out of date being compiled by Monday of the week before the one in which they appear — what’s more, US record companies can evidently control the impact of their albums’ entry in the LP charts by getting Billboard not to include them until they’ve reached a more favourably high debut position! . . . Whitney Houston on account of her earlier credits partnering Teddy Pendergrass and Jermaine Jackson is ridiculously ineligible for the Grammy Award category that everyone expected her to win, Best New Artist — but can’t she aim for Best Female Vocal? . . . The Isley Brothers switched labels to Warner Bros and are in the process of suing Epic for allegedly enticing Isley Jasper Isley away from the family in what appears to be a very sad and unbrotherly squabble . . . Michael Praed of ‘Dynasty’ has covered Michael St. James’ ‘There Is Only One Love’ on US Columbia . . . Samantha Fox interviewed Steve Walsh on last Friday’s ‘The Six O’Clock Show’ on TV about how he turns down all the offers of free sex at his gigs! . . . Mayfair’s late nite eaterie Rockafella’s has finally reopened but under new management and as the flashy neon lit Rocky’s, serving unlimited “buffet” breakfasts after 4am . . . Reggie could well pinch the title from skinny Haywoode as best legs in the biz — she shakes ass, too! . . . Friday (29) David Grant visits Towyn Mirrors near Rhyl, and Eon Irving funks Kensington Roof Gardens . . . Saturday (30) LW5 PA — and Monday week (9) play live — at Harlow Whispers . . . Cameo headline Nottingham Rock City’s Sunday (1) 3pm alldayer . . . Belfast’s co-operative Belfast Soul Club meets next Thursday (5) at Skipper Street’s Crow’s Nest playing soul, funk, jazz, electro with freebies for all new members (£1 admission), details from Terry Corr on Belfast 661761 after 6pm . . . Baz Fe Jazz & Andy McConnell jazz, latin, Afro-Cuban, R&B and boogie woogie London Charlotte Street’s Sol Y Sombre Tuesdays . . . Paul Lambert plays really danceable soul at Brighton seafront Zap Club’s Wednesday The Hothouse . . . Chris Kaye welcomes well dressed upfront South Londoners at Wrotham Stocks Saturdays, and funks Tonbridge free admission fun pubs Harveys Mon, Loggers Tues . . . Colin Hudd at Dartford Flicks amongst other more usual James Brown stuff is reviving 1962’s ‘Night Train’, to get ’em all twistin’! . . . Steinski tipped me off in New York about the Music Factory shop in Times Square at 1476 Broadway (between 42nd and 43rd) as being good for “beats”, and sure enough that’s where I found for $5.99 some of the 6-track 12in ‘Break Beats’ series of essential cut ‘n scratch throwdown break rhythms (mentioned last week by Jay Strongman), Vol 3 including Herman Kelly ‘Dance To The Drummer’s Beat‘ (119¼-118-116¾-116½-117-118bpm), Incredible Bongo Band ‘Apache‘, Cheryl Lynn ‘Got To Be Real’ — not that the artists are mentioned, or indeed the titles printed properly, it being one of those dodgy sort of records (I’d previously picked up an ‘Apache’ boot at Downstairs Records in 1979!) . . . Go West’s current 12in includes an 114¼bpm Horizontal Mix of their US urban contemporary hit ‘Eye To Eye‘, except it’s nowhere near as mellow and soulful (in admittedly Hall & Oates-ish style) as the version I was hearing on New York radio — that one could cause a surprise if ever out here . . . Pete Townsend’s 204½bpm ‘Face The Face‘ although slightly slower should be good for pop jocks in the 219-220bpm Katrina And The Waves ‘Walking On Sunshine’/The Sweet ‘Ballroom Blitz’ mix — now all it needs is to be a hit! . . . Brian Chin, my counterpart in US trade paper Billboard, has as mentioned been visiting London and slipped me many of the bits in this week’s column, if you hadn’t guessed . . . Clarence Carter returns to the Disco Chart once again purely on mailing list DJs plays, so how long will they keep him there this time? . . . I reckon those record pluggers who regularly tour the country visiting clubs must be in the best position to judge how DJs rate against each other nationally, so within the next week or so could they please let me have a list, in complete confidence, of who they honestly think technically, musically, floor and vibe-wise, are the jocks worth not only a detour but the journey itself to see — if they’re fair about it, the results could be interesting indeed (and don’t forget the annual Hammy Awards loom closer!) . . . SET IT OFF!

• Latest product from the hot Waterman-Stock-Aitken team is O’CHI BROWN: ‘Whenever You Need Somebody’ (Magnet MAGI 288), a friskily wriggling 113½bpm bounder with many of their usual trademarks plus the fashionable “psha” cymbal beat. Although yet to hit the Hi-NRG/Eurobeat chart, it actually broke first in gay clubs, which may give some idea of its infectious jollity.


THE CONCEPT: ‘Mr D.J.’ (4th + B’way 12BRW 40)
Los Angeles radio jock Eric ‘Rico’ Reed of KJLH makes out instead he’s on WONE (“where you’re on the one”) as he fields dumb phone-in requests and gives out the weather (“purple rain forecast out of Minnesota — we’re talking forty days and forty nights here gang”!), all just slightly satirical — or is it? — and set to an innocuous 122bpm backing (inst flip). We’re talking a pick to click here gang, like monstrous!

THE TEMPTATIONS: ‘Touch Me’ LP (US Gordy 6164 GL)
Selling equally for its slowies (reviewed in full next week), this lovely set’s best dancers are the Sam Cooke-ish gently 0-102½bpm ‘I’m Fascinated’, weaving 105½bpm ‘Oh Lover‘, nagging 0-104¾bpm ‘Givehersomeattention‘ (sic), while that really is Luther V making his usual noises on ‘Do You Really Love Your Baby‘! Just to keep you posted about other current import LPs, the throatily jolting EWF-ish 103¾bpm ‘Very Real Way‘ is best dancer on the soulful gospel listening THE WINANS: ‘Let My People Go’ (US Qwest 1-25344), the slinky 0-93½bpm ‘All Fired Up‘ is creating some interest on the disappointing BRANDI WELLS: ’21st Century Fox’ (US Omni Records 90489-1), while the terrific soulful 90bpm ‘How Can I Get Next To You‘ is shaping up as a real classic on the previously mentioned CHAPTER 8: ‘This Love’s For Real’ (Beverly Glen Music BG 10007). The latter’s essential!

STEVIE WONDER: ‘Go Home (Remix)’ (Motown ZT 40502)
Stevie delivered, better late than never: replacing previous pressings, he’s remixed, toughened and extended this now much modified 119¼bpm light loper with new instrumental emphasis and bursts of electronic effects (new inst flip too) although whether it’s destined to be a future classic seems still in doubt.

ESTER: ‘Got To Go’ (US Studio Records STU-412)
Not a spelling error, Ester apologetically talks and wails while sax breathes and beats wriggle on a sultry 103¼bpm slinker sounding sometimes as if Grace Jones had been produced by Jam & Lewis (edit A-side), so worth investigating.

LOOSE ENDS: ‘Tell Me What You Want (Extended Remix)’ (US MCA Records MCA-23596)
Newly remixed just for Stateside consumption, presumably by Nick Martinelli, this oldie now lopes along cleanly with yowling guitar and infectious fresh 116¾bpm impetus (dub flip), no UK release being envisaged.

BOBBY MARDIS: ‘Keep On’ (US Profile PRO-7085)
Kashif co-penned, and it shows in typical tightly clipped vocal pattern, this chunkily lurching 117bpm burbler has a beefier and more open sound than he himself gets and seems rather catchy if nothing very different (inst flip). Mixers should do it during the break to avoid the abrupt vocal fade.

MELI’SA MORGAN: ‘Do Me Baby’ (US Capitol V-15211)
The strangely punctuated session singer’s slinky solo debut is a 62½bpm Prince-penned smoocher produced by Paul Laurence as if still at the Freddie Jackson ‘Rock Me Tonight’ session (inst flip), which can’t be bad!

NILE ROGERS: ‘State Your Mind (Big Beat Mix)’ (US Warner Bros 0-20375)
Terrific starkly lurching powerful 108½bpm choppy chunky thudder in his typical post-Chic style, double A-sided with the even more excitingly inventive if trickier jiggly 0-117-0bpm ‘Stay Out Of The Light (Lights Out Mix)’, yet despite continuous radio play for months in original album and now Larry Levan remixed form neither side seems to be doing much — a shame.

WARREN MILLS: ‘Don’t Tell Me ‘Bout Your Boyfriend’ (US Jive JD1-9418)
Guaranteed to make little chickies’ toes curl, this Wayne Brathwaite-prod/penned mild jittery (0-)108½bpm swaying wriggler (in three mixes) is so adolescent in its ungimmickly sincere appeal it’ll give acne even to Five Star, yet oddly it’s still unscheduled as a single here. It’s the one that’ll break him.

STEVE ARRINGTON: ‘She Just Don’t Know’ (Atlantic A9500T)
The attractive Smokey Robinson-ish delicate 112¼bpm swaying floater always was his album’s third hottest track but as events have proved was never really gutsy enough to be its third hit, lovely though it remains.

THE KARTOON KREW: ‘Inspector Gadget’ (Champion CHAMP 126)
The US TV cartoon character’s theme tune used by ‘The Show’ and many more current hip hop and go go records gets its own 99¾-0bpm treatment including bits of dialogue (in two lengths), although Doug E Fresh it ain’t.

INSTANT FUNK: ‘Tailspin’ (US Pop Art PA-8500)
Tenuously connected to the group as a whole, this exaggeratedly enunciated weaving 117¼bpm tripper is quite good fun with in-flight effects and yowling guitar, but what little stir it’s caused is due to the flap’s harder funky instrumental Def Mix, sorta subdued Bar-Kays/Dazz Band/Conway Bros.

REGGIE: ‘On The Park’ (Sounds Of The Future RM 12, via Spartan)
The girl from Indeep revives the Jacksons’ ‘Shake Your Body (Down To The Ground)’ with new words at 108½bpm (dub too) and after a few plays it’s maddeningly catchy as ever, while her flip-side 115bpm cover of Madonna’s ‘Into The Groove‘ comes complete with breaks.

MADONNA: ‘Dress You Up (The Formal Mix)’ (Sire W8848T)
‘Holiday’ meets ‘Material Girl’ at painfully piercing pitch for a Jellybean remixed 136bpm skitter in Formal and Casual Instrumental Mixes — but disco feedback suggests the mania is fading.

PATRIS: ‘Love Oasis’ (MDM Records MDM 212, via Siren Records)
Pleasantly old fashioned slightly Madonna-ish bland 117¾bpm disco burbler subduedly sung with subtle passion by 19 year old actress Patris Pitman (dub flip).

JENNIFER HOLLIDAY: ‘No Frills Love (Extended Dance Remix)’ (Geffen Records TA 6736)
Throbbing and roaring 118bpm pounder with surging chorus excitement, remixed with stuttery effects and rattling rhythm so unsurprisingly it’s huge in Hi-NRG clubs (dub too).

GRACE JONES: ‘Slave To The Rhythm’ LP (ZTT GRACE 1)
Inessential except for completists, the only danceable ones of its many variations on her single are the instrumental 97bpm ‘The Fashion Show’ and different (0-)98-0-98-0bpm title track, plus the full-length snorting Hi NRG (0-)136¼-0bpm ‘Jones The Rhythm’.

ARTISTS UNITED AGAINST APARTHEID: ‘Sun City (Last Remix)’ (Manhattan 12MT 7)
Producers Little Steven and Arthur Baker assembled a massive star cast to make them sound like the Temptations circa 1970 set to a bashing angry ugly (0-)115bpm hip hop beat — a noble cause maybe but is this the way to get the message across?

DISCO TOP 100 – November 30, 1985

01 01 THE SHOW, Doug E Fresh and The Get Fresh Crew, Cooltempo 12in
02 03 YOUR PERSONAL TOUCH, Evelyn ‘Champagne’ King, RCA 12in
04 02 CHIEF INSPECTOR (VINE STREET)/(HILL STREET), Wally Badarou, 4th + B’way 12in
05 08 WARRIOR GROOVE, DSM, Elite/10 12in
06 11 LET MY PEOPLE GO/RAW INSTRUMENTAL, The Winans, Qwest 12in
07 04 YOU DON’T KNOW (SPECIAL REMIX), Serious Intention, Important Records 12in
08 22 SAVING ALL MY LOVE FOR YOU, Whitney Houston, Arista 12in
09 12 GIVE AND TAKE/VINTAGE BRASS MEDLEY, Brass Construction, Capitol 12in
10 06 SECRET RENDEZVOUS, Rene & Angela, Champion 12in
11 07 AIN’T THAT THE TRUTH, Frankie Kelly, 10 Records 12in
12 17 WHO’S ZOOMIN’ WHO, Aretha Franklin, Arista 12in
13 15 MR D.J., The Concept, US Tuckwood Records 12in/4th + B’way promo
14 09 HIT AND RUN, Total Contrast, London 12in
15 04 ALICE I WANT YOU JUST FOR ME!, Full Force, US Colon-0.) 12in
16 — AFTER THE LOVE HAS GONE (‘BAD’ MIX), Princess, Supreme Records 12in
17 18 CARAVAN OF LOVE, Isley Jasper Isley, Epic 12in
18 51 DO YOU REALLY LOVE YOUR BABY, The Temptations, Motown 12in
19 59 ONE NATION, Masquerade, Streetwave 12in white Label
20 05 TELL ME (HOW IT FEELS), 52nd Street, 10 Records 12in
22 68 SHE’S STRANGE (MIXES)/LES ADAMS MEGAMIX, Cameo, Club 12in twin-pack
23 21 TRAPPED, Colonel Abrams, MCA Records 12in
24 25 AFTER LOVING YOU, Omari, Recent Future Records 12in
25 34 MATED, Jaki Graham & David Grant, EMI 12in
27 55 THE SCREAMS OF PASSION/YES, The Family, Warner Bros/Paisley Park 12in
28 29 SHE’S NOT A SLEAZE/THERE AIN’T NOTHIN’ (LIKE YOUR LOVIN’), Paul Laurence, Capitol 12in
29 16 STATUS-QUO/JUST ONE MORE CHANCE, Donald Banks, 4th + B’way 12in
30 20 THIS IS FOR YOU (REMIX), The System, Boiling Point 12in
31 45 IF I RULED THE WORLD, Kurtis Blow, US Mercury 12in
32 33 NEW YORK EYES, Nicole with Timmy Thomas, US Portrait LP
33 37 UPTOWN EXPRESS, B.T. Express, US King Davis Records 12in
34 49 TOO TOUGH (REMIX), Lonnie Reaves, US Qwest 12in
35 13 SLAVE TO THE RHYTHM (BLOODED), Grace Jones, ZTT 12in
36 26 SET IT OFF, Harleqiun Four’s, US Jus Born Prod 12in
37 19 IS THIS THE FUTURE?, Fatback, Important Records 12in
38 28 NEVER CRY AGAIN (REMIX)/LAY YA DOWN EZ, Kleeer, Atlantic 12in
39 62 PARTY LIGHTS, The Circle City Band, US Circle City Records 12in
40 53 WHODUNIT/HEAVEN MUST BE MISSING AN ANGEL, Tavares, Dutch Capitol 12in
41 52 MUSIC IS THE ANSWER (DUB MIX), Colonel Abrams, PRT 12in
42 82 YOU ARE MY LADY, Freddie Jackson, Capitol 12in
44 30 DAY BY DAY, Shakatak with Al Jarreau, Boiling Point 12in
45 35 THE MAGIC, THE MOMENT/MOMENTAL MIX, Subject, US Pow Wow 12in
46 89 MY MAGIC MAN, Rochelle, US Warner Bros 12in
47 78 HOW CAN I GE T NEXT TO YOU, Chapter 8, US Beverly Glen Music LP/12in
49 44 100%, Caprice, US NIA 12in
50 75 NEPENTHE/LET ME DOWN EASY, Skipworth & Turner, 4th + B’way LP
52 — GO HOME (REMIX), Stevie Wonder, Motown 12in
53 36 HIGH HORSE/I’M SCARED/CHEMISTRY OF LOVE/SLOW DOWN, Evelyn ‘Champagne’ King, US RCA Victor 12in
55 41 R.S.V.P. (MARTINELLI/MORALES MIXES), Five Star, Tent 12in
56 58 GENIUS, Quando Quango, Factory 12in
57 47 TELL ME (HOW IT FEELS) (M&M STYLEE), 52nd Street, 10 Records 12in
58 38 MAKE ‘EM MOVE (REMIX), Sly & Robbie, Island 12in
59 31 STRUNG OUT, Paul Laurence, US Capitol LP
61 74 KEEP ON, Bobby Mardis, US Profile 12in
62 54 IS THIS THE FUTURE? (M&M REMIX), Fatback, Important Records 12in
63 56 DON’T SAY NO TONIGHT, Eugene Wilde/LET HER FEEL IT, Simplicious, 4th + B’way 12in
64 71 ALL I WANT IS MY BABY, Roberta Gilliam, US Sutra 12in
65 81 THE HEAT IN ME, Linda Clifford, US Red Label 12in
66 46 LOVE’S GONNA GET YOU, Jocelyn Brown, US Warner Bros/Jellybean 12in
67 63 WAS DOG A DOUGHNUT?, Jellybean, Dutch EMI America LP
68 64 GET LOOSE, Aleem (featuring Leroy Burgess), US NIA 12in
71 re MESSIN’ WITH MY MIND, Clarence Carter, Certain Records 12in
72 — DON’T WASTE MY TIME/CENTRAL PARK, Paul Hardcastle, Chrysalis LP
73 98 FREAK IN ME, Dante, US Panoramic 12in
74 69 TELL ME WHAT YOU WANT (US REMIX), Loose Ends, US MCA Records 12in
75 27 AFTER THE LOVE HAS GONE, Princess, Supreme Records 12in
76 93 FREAKS COME OUT AT NIGHT, Whodini, Jive 12in
77 100 DO ME BABY, Meli’sa Morgan, US Capitol 12in
78 — SAY YOU, SAY ME, Lionel Richie, Motown 12in
79 73 SOMETHING ABOUT YOU, Level 42, Polydor 12in
80 80 WHO DO YOU LOVE, Bernard Wright, US Manhattan 12in
81 — DO IT ANYWAY YOU WANNA (JAM, JAM, JAM), Hardrock Soul Movement, Elite 12in
82 95 GUILTY, Yarbrough & Peoples, US Total Experience 12in
83 50 CHIQUITA LINDA, Gardenia, London 12in
85 — GOT TO GO, Ester, US Studio Records 12in
86 65 I WISH THAT I WERE OLDER, Leisa Dove, Streetwave 12in
87 76 SEDUCTION, Val Young, Gordy 12in
88 re SHE JUST DON’T KNOW, Steve Arrington, Atlantic 12in
89 97 HEARTBREAKER, Sweet Cookie, US Checkpoint Records 12in
90 — TURNING POINT/PLAY ME TRADE ME, Oliver Cheatham, Move Records 12in
91 91 GOOD TIMES, Rosie Gaines, US Epic LP
92 61 GO HOME, Stevie Wonder, Motown 12in
94 re THE FASHION SHOW, Grace Jones, ZTT LP
95 re INSPECTOR GADGET, The Kartoon Krew, Champion 12in
96 84 BIG NOISE, Base, US Prism 12in
97 — OH LOUISE, Junior, London 12in
98 — WHENEVER YOU NEED SOMEBODY, O’chi Brown, Magnet 12in
99 — STAY IF YOU WANNA, Tony Ranson, US Expansion Records 12in
100 — ON THE RADIO, Miquel Brown, Record Shack 12in


01 01 REFLECTIONS, Evelyn Thomas, Record Shack 12in
02 02 ANOTHER BOY IN TOWN, Two Girls, US Popular 12in
03 10 NO FRILLS LOVE (REMIX), Jennifer Holliday, Geffen Records 12in
04 07 HE’S NUMBER ONE, Fantasy, US Spring 12in
05 03 THE FIGHTER, Arpeggio, US Nissim Records 12in
06 06 PREACHER PREACHER, Animal Nightlife, Island 12in
07 09 I HEAR TALK (REMIX), Bucks Fizz, US Disconet LP
08 13 SHANGHAI, Lee Marrow, German Chic 12in
09 04 VERTIGO, Barbara Pennington, Record Shack LP
10 — DANCE, Joy St James, US Pink Glove 12in
11 15 HOLD ME, Laura Branigan, US Atlantic 12in
12 — MAGIC, Brian Soares, US Night Wave 12in
13 23 HIT THAT PERFECT BEAT, Bronski Beat, London 12in
14 17 DON’T TAKE AWAY THE MUSIC (REMIX), Tavares, Dutch Capitol 12in
15 — CUBA LIBRE (REMIX), Modern Rocketry, US Megatone 12in
16 — SATISFY, Soif De La Vie, German Uff Zick 12in
17 — ORIENTAL EYES, Rewind, German Bellaphon 12in
18 19 TEMPT ME, Lisa, Fantasia 12in
19 21 TIME TO SAY GOODBYE, Arabesque, German ZYX 12in
20 18 ACTION!, Pearly Gates, Boystown UK 12in
21 05 CUPID, Aida, Carrere 12in
22 08 FUTURE BRAIN, Den Harrow, Italian Baby 12in
23 16 THEY SAY IT’S GONNA RAIN (ZULU MIX), Hazell Dean, Parlophone 12in
24 20 JONES THE RHYTHM, Grace Jones, ZTT LP
25 22 LOVIN’ IS REALLY MY GAME (REMIX), Sylvester, US Megatone 12in
26 12 I LIKE YOU, Phyllis Nelson, Carrere 12in
27 28 CONGA (REMIX), Miami Sound Machine, US Hot Tracks LP
28 — TONIGHT, Ken Laszlo, Italian MEM 12in
29 14 MUSIC IS MY THING, Samantha Gilles, Belgian Infinity 12in
30= re SAVING MYSELF, Oh Romeo, US “O” Records 12in
30= 11 HIGH ABOVE THE CLOUDS, Narada Michael Walden, US Warner Bros 12in

EUROBEAT is the new name by which gay club DJs are calling the now outmoded and not strictly accurate Hi-NRG, although the criteria behind this chart remain the same.


Beats Per Minute for last the last two week’s Top 75 entries on 7in (endings denoted by f/r/c for fade/resonant/cold):

Wham! 132f, Queen 0-120½-121-0-123-121½-125½-0f, Lionel Richie 32-64-98-0-64-0r, Whitney Houston 33-66f, Phil Collins & Marilyn Martin 0-49½-24¾-0r, Midge Ure 127¾f, David Grant & Jaki Graham 104¼f, Go West 130f, Starship (0-)144¼f, Five Star 120f, Gary Numan 89½-0r, Amazulu 132f, Simply Red 87f, Shakatak with Al Jarreau (0-)104¾f, Artists United Against Apartheid 115½f, Pet Shop Boys 113/56½f, Huey Lewis & The News 122f, Isley Jasper Isley 87½f, New Order 125-0r, Freddie Jackson 0/92/46f, Stevie Wonder 119¼f, Aretha Franklin 109½f, Serious Intention 0-116½-117¼-115½f.


GRAEME WILLIAMS and Dave Wild have hit upon a successful seeming formula by concentrating on contemporary American music of the Billboard Hot 100 variety when doing discos around the Wirral with their mobile AMD — which even stands for American Music Discos (051-648 6466, US promos welcome!). Their best gig to date (of many) was when they were booked to do a party for some teenaged American exchange students, who couldn’t believe their luck. AMD’s current hot tracks are these:

1. AND WE DANCED, The Hooters, CBS 7in
2. ST ELMO’S FIRE, John Parr, London 7in
3. TONIGHT SHE COMES, The Cars, US Elektra 12in
4. TAKE NO PRISONERS (IN THE GAME OF LOVE), Peabo Bryson, US Elektra 7in
5. POWER OF LOVE/BACK IN TIME, Huey Lewis & The News, Chrysalis LP
6. OH SHEILA, Ready For The World, MCA Records 12in
7. I’M GOIN’ DOWN, Bruce Springsteen, US Columbia 7in
8. DRESS YOU UP, Madonna, Sire 12in
9. C.I.T.Y., John Cafferty/Beaver Brown Band, US Scotti Bros LP
10. VOX HUMANA, Kenny Loggins, CBS LP

One thought on “November 30, 1985: The Concept, The Temptations, Stevie Wonder, Ester, Loose Ends”

  1. We live and learn! I wasn’t expecting the Ultimate Breaks & Beats series to show up until 1986, but here it is in an earlier, unlicensed and unofficial incarnation, thus giving the break beat concept its first proper mention in this column.

    Although O’chi Brown’s “Whenever You Need Somebody” now sounds like a routine SAW track, I’d peg it as the first example of what became their chart-dominating signature sound of 1987-89, which saw them softening their clattering Hi-NRG roots with a smoother pop sensibility. (The song was, of course, later re-recorded by Rick Astley in 1987.)

    And then there was the bizarre re-naming of Hi-NRG as “Eurobeat”, as absolutely nobody called it at the time, which is made all the odder by the comparative lack of actual European music in the chart itself: just eight releases out of thirty this week, with the remaining releases split equally between the UK and US. (This does, however, illustrate the relative decline of homegrown product – in the same chart twelve months earlier, there were 21 UK releases in the Hi-NRG Top 30.) The re-branding would have made more sense if Eurobeat actually sounded like a different genre to Hi-NRG, but it doesn’t sound to me as if the genre has evolved into anything discernibly different.


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