January 18, 1986: L.L. Cool J, Val Young, Quest For Life, Doug E. Fresh, Aleem


There’s no need for speculation about the name of America’s Danté, who turns out to be Dennis Sanders, Phoenix-bred gospel singer who split for Oakland when 17, branching out into singing backup sessions before moving to Philadelphia and a solo debut on ‘Freak In Me‘ … Fantasia Records lack the distribution needed and are keen to licence their excellent Frankie Johnson Jnr ‘Whenever You Call Me‘ – you call Ian Anthony Stephens on 01-235 7726 for a deal … Tom Silverman has copied Def Jam’s move to a major, and signed a half share of his Tommy Boy hip hop label to Warner Bros in the States: meanwhile, Def Jam’s launch here through CBS will include an invitation-only proper party (free booze even!) later in the month … Change’s megamix on WEA promo turns out to be not by Les Adams, as informed, but by Alan Coulthard (who had a merry pub crawl with Cardiff homebody Damon Cheesedip over Christmas!) … Kurtis Blow slipped out here to some shops by mistake ahead of schedule, which gave him an unfortunately ill co-ordinated low chart entry … WEA are now reissuing the Jellybean-mixed lethargic (0-)119bpm Madonna ‘Borderline (US Remix)‘ (Sire W9260T) … Regina ‘Baby Love‘ is now due here on the new Funkin’ Marvellous Records (12MARV01, via PRT) … The Gap Band ‘Gap Band VII’ LP (Total Experience FL85714) is also due here … PRT picked up the Doug E. Fresh answering Symbolic Three ‘No Show‘, and Chrysalis got Betty Wright … Freddie Jackson’s ‘Rock Me Tonight‘ US soul smash of 1985 is being re-released here and could actually cross over this time, with four TV appearances booked already … Royalle Delite despite another UK visit (by all the girls this time) have had their slow ‘Spend A Little Time With Me‘ postponed for a few weeks, if not for a rethink! … Billboard’s US chart toppers since last mentioned in December have included atop Club Play: Phyllis Nelson ‘I Like You‘ (also top 12in Sales throughout), Total Contrast ‘Takes A Little Time‘, Alisha ‘Baby Talk’, Stevie Wonder ‘Go Home (Remix)’, and atop Black Singles: Eugene Wilde ‘Don’t Say No Tonight‘, Lionel Richie ‘Say You, Say Me’ … Jack To Jack are a Birmingham trio along DSM lines about whom a whisper is circulating … rm’s new printing schedules mean, although the Disco chart remains unaffected and bang up to date, the rest of my column has to be finished by an early Friday deadline — record companies and scandal mongers please note! … GET LOOSE!


L.L. COOL J ‘I Can’t Live Without My Radio’ (Def Jam recordings/CBS TX 6684)
This very stark basic juddering 89⅓bpm rap is strictly for headspinners (unlike ‘The Show’, say), flipped by the more interestingly gentle 0-95bpm ‘I Can Give You More‘ plus its instrumental, which feature isolated piano plonks amidst the beat box thuds. The kid is certainly a master at his art, rapping alone to minimal hip hop backing, and if you were concentrating before Christmas you’d have seen my BPM listing for his complete ‘Radio’ LP (US Def Jam/Columbia BFC 40239), the excitingly scratched 98½bpm ‘Rock The Bells‘ being currently hottest cut.

VAL YOUNG ‘If You Should Ever Be Lonely’ (US Gordy 4557GG)
Starting (after a quiet click track for mixers) with a startling acappella-style intro that’s immediately striking, the superior Street Mix becomes an offbeat throbbing and clonking 118bpm canterer with pealing vocal lines and a ringing ‘phone bell, while the instrumentally started less surprising Club Mix is however more of a song (with an edit too). M&M mixed of course, but it was Levi Ruffin Jr and Fred Jenkins who produced, rather than Rick James. Truly, hot to trot!

QUEST FOR LIFE ‘Baby Don’t Stop Me’ (US SeaBright PAL-7094)
This Leon Ware co-penned chaps supported overwrought chick-led deliberately tempoed dense 102⅚ jitterer builds and builds unresolved tension in somewhat Lamont Dozier ‘Roots’ style, and has been exciting much interest since Christmas strictly in soul circles. A real napper that gets under the skin, it’s too specialist to cross over, but for those in the know it has an even longer dub (edit and acappella too).

DOUG E. FRESH ‘Just Having Fun’ (Streetwave MKHAN 64)
This def package contains from Doug’s second single, when billed as Dougé Fresh with DJs Chill Will & Barry Bee on Enjoy, its B-side 108bpm ‘Just Having Fun’ and acappella ‘Bonus Lesson #1 — No Music’, plus from his debut as Dougy Fresh on Vintertainment the 104½-104⅓bpm ‘The Original Human Beat Box‘ – all full of blustering blowing and burping with rap support — but best of all is Mastermind’s brand new brilliant 106-106⅓bpm B-side ‘Fresh Mix’ of the full ‘Just Having Fun (Do The Beat Box)’ and ‘The Original Human Beat Box’. Now — if you follow this so far — that side really is a rival to ‘The Show’, showing off his vocal gimmick most excitingly, and should be heard. Talk about Fresh!

ALEEM ‘Get Loose’ (Streetwave MKHAN 61)
Cult soul singer/producer Leroy Burgess moans and stabs through racing jittery 113½bpm electro beats to make a nagging soul-hip hop fusion that, often bracketed by DJs with ‘Set It Off’, has hung around in London’s hipper dives for nearly a year. Now at last it’s finally out here, flipped by not only its dub but also a brand new Mastermind mixed, scratched ‘n’ cut 0-113⅔-113¾-113⅔bpm medley with the earlier ‘Release Yourself’.

PRINCE CHARLES and THE CITY BEAT BAND ‘We Can Make It Happen’ (US Electric Ice Records El 104)
Neither rocky nor self-consciously freaky for once. the unpredictable Bostonian seductively croons his simple “everybody dance to the beat” message through an exotically jungly 116½bpm weaving loper (with three edited rhythm track variations). The whole effect is sinuously hypnotic but may not end up as big as its immediately post-Xmas initial chart position might have suggested.

ZAPP ‘It Doesn’t Really Matter’ (Warner Bros W8879T)
Roger Troutman’s distinctive vocoder reminisces about James Brown and Chuck Berry before getting to some more current black stars’ names on a slippery (0-)118½bpm snapper driving a funky groove, with its tighter (0-)118bpm LP Version and the fast (0-)138bpm jazzy guitar instrumental ‘Make Me Feel Good‘ as flip.

FIRE FOX ‘Fire’ (Atlantic A9494T)
The ‘Electric Boogaloo’ girls’ siren started and spiked simple wriggly 116½bpm bonker is blandly catchy enough in Evelyn King-like style to have some pop success, with its instrumental and the Hi-NRG 138¼bpm ‘Stand Up (For What You Believe In)‘ as flip.

BATA DRUM ‘Passion’ (Champion CHAMP 12-9)
Rather good haunting semi-slow 98⅔bpm duet with some atmospheric flute and piano, all very reminiscent of Leon Ware’s ‘Why I Came To California’ and none the worse for that! The flautist toots some more to start the restrainedly bounding 123½bpm flip, which untitled on white label is possibly called ‘Show You The Way‘, likewise featuring well controlled vocals.

MORRIS DAY ‘The Oak Tree’ (Warner Bros W8899T)
Following a tree felling intro, The Time’s charismatic now solo rebel creates a sassy (0-)118¾-118¼-118⅔-118-118¼-118¾-0bpm post-Prince R&B dance with mildly amusing lyrics like “shake your branches, you know what to do” – and evidently a good accompanying video – powered by piping organ and repetitive chants (inst/edit/acappella too). Do The Acorn!

CHERRELLE ‘High Priority’ LP (Tabu TBU 26699)
Finally out here with the full cocktail bar dialogue introed (0-)115⅔bpm ‘Saturday Love‘, the Jam & Lewis-produced set’s other hits are the swaying SOS Band-ish 100⅓bpm ‘Will You Satisfy’, chunkily lurching 108-0bpm title track, Change-ish tripping 115¾bpm ‘Artifical Heart‘ and jolting 120½-0bpm ‘You Look Good To Me‘, plus the great guys-wailed 54¼-0bpm spine tingling sorta doo wop deep soul ‘Where Do I Run To‘ duet.

CAPRICE ‘100% (Take It To The Max)’ (Lovebeat International LOV 1 TX, via Lightning/Spartan)
London’s James Brown (no, not that one) gets in on the Pete Waterman act, prefacing and interspersing this 111½bpm remix with the psha psha psha ‘Set It Off’ cymbal beat that he probably read about on these pages. Mixers will find it useful as it’s even the exact Harleqiun Four’s BPM, although weedier (original now also 111½bpm dub flip).

STARPOINT ‘Object Of My Desire’ (Elektra EKR26T)
A huge crossover hit in Pittsburgh amongst other, but by no means all, US cities yet a non-starter here on import, the Renee Diggs anguishedly worried nagging Evelyn King-ish 116¼bpm jerkily strutting backbeater is flipped by its instrumental and the smoochily duetted 59¼bpm ‘Am I Still The One’.

ROBERT WHITE ‘Hold Me Tight’ (Calibre CABL 203)
Last year’s lovely delicately wailed soaring slick wriggly 0-119⅔bpm shuffler has been reissued as it’s name-checked in The Concept’s ‘Mr DJ’ … which the same team just happens to be behind (inst/edit flip).

POSITIVE FORCE ‘We Got The Funk’ (Streetwave SWAVE 6)
Thankfully the original US version rather than Morgan Khan’s over enthusiastically re-edited contemporary UK release, the partying girls’ 111-112-111-111½-112⅔bpm loping simple chant with its infectiously scrubbing guitar has remained a surefire crowd pleaser in black clubs ever since autumn 1979, when it was first promoed on Turbo alongside sister label Sugarhill’s even bigger (at the time) SUGARHILL GANG ‘Rapper’s Delight’ — and that ‘Good Times’-set 109 (intro)-111-109-111⅓bpm controversial, now much maligned, pioneering rap is indeed flip.

SIDE EFFECT ‘Keep That Same Old Feeling’ (Streetwave SWAVE 4)
Fruity brass and ethereal effects wash and twittter through this exactly nine years old all-time classic (and personal fave) 101-102⅓-100⅓-101½-102-101⅔-102bpm lazily atmospheric “journey in sound”, surpassing the Crusaders’ original which seems dull in comparison. The flip is a less good chick-led jittering 113-113½-113-114⅔-113bpm version of Ronnie Laws’ ‘Always There‘.

SWEET THUNDER ‘Everybody’s Singing Love Songs’ (Streetwave SWAVE 5)
Booker Newberry III breaks away from the other unison chanting chaps to lead this great chunkily lurching 110¾-110½-110-110⅓-109bpm soul spurter, a floor filler since 1978 (best chop started at the main beat). However, surprisingly there seem to be more people pleased to see the churningly looping 127(intro)-129-128½-129-128-127½-129-128bpm SLICK ‘Space Bass’ as flip, but then that was a UK pop hit.

PRIME TIME ‘Confess It Baby’ LP (Total Experience FL85712)
Containing the less sparkling though soulful original 116-0bpm version of Y&P’s ‘Guilty’, the four guys’ soul set saw most import action for the delightful “shoop shoop doo wah” filled 110¾-0bpm ‘What’s That You Slipped Into My Wine’, urgently jittering 0-107¾bpm ‘I Bet Cha‘, 12-inched languidly rolling 1102/3bpm ‘Baby Don’t Break My Back‘, slightly Wonder-ful scat climaxed 0- 118bpm ‘Give Me A Chance‘, jauntily Prince-ish120½bpm ‘Remote Control‘, and whipping 120¼bpm title track. Well worth checking for the consistently high quality of their vocals.

DESI ‘I Want To Be With You’ (Certain Records I2ACERTS, via EMI/Priority)
Blue Lovett of the Manhattans produces his own eldest daughter on this carefully arranged rolling 106⅓bpm backbeat swayer with a good soul disco feel – however, its flip (with an edit too) was warmer on import being the gorgeous slower 94bpm breathy ‘I’m Much Too Shy‘, which can only add to the value.

TWO LIVE CREW ‘What I Like’ (US Fresh Beat Records FBR-002)
A not terribly innovatory rap burbles on over a simple hypnotic 0-109½bpm cut ‘n’ scratched beat box rhythm, followed by its instrumental, the trick being to identify the records briefly scratched in as percussive emphasis … and if that’s your kick you’ll flip for the longer B-side 111½bpm Scratch Version which keeps piling ’em on from a James Brown “it’s gotta be funky” start. New wave hip hoppers, check this side — there’s human beat box by MC Jammin’ “C”, ‘n’ all!

GRACE JONES ‘Grace Jones Musclemix’ (Island 12 ISX 240)
Starting brilliantly and then blending as neatly as the material will allow, this Les Adams megamix medleys ‘Pull Up To The Bumper/Slave To The Rhythm(0-109⅔)/Warm Leatherette(107)/Private Life/Walking In The Rain(132/66)/Use Me(137½)/Love Is The Drug(139-141bpm)’, and has rapidly replaced the initial 12in pressing’s ‘Nipple To The Bottle’ as coupling to Groucho Smykle’s disjointedly starting 108⅓(intro)-108¾-109-109⅔-109¼-110bpm remix of ‘Pull Up To The Bumper‘ (not a patch on the 1981 Disconet remix), and Edith Piaf’s swirling 88bpm ‘La Vie En Rose’. Truth to tell, it’s not really essential.


Beats Per Minute for those Top 75 entries on 7in since Christmas to have reached me by my early deadline, with f/c/r to denote fade/cold/resonant ends, and — a new extra service — thumbnail descriptions, recommendations and warnings:

A-Ha (0-)126½-0r video pop, Cherrelle 115½f hot soul, Feargal Sharkey 128f hot pop/rock/MoR stormer, Dire Straits 0-85½-171-172f ‘My Toot Toot’-ish country rock, King 140½f video pop, Fine Young Cannibals 127½-128⅓-63-132-129½c complex, Eurythmics 93⅓f Staples-ish swayer, Five Star 126f black pop, Nicole 79½f hot multi-format swayer, Sade 85-39½-82-40½/81-84½-40½/81-Or surging slowie, Nana Mouskouri 0-33-66-0r mush, 52nd Street 111½f black pop, Yarbrough & Peoples 116f hot black pop, Sarah Brightman & Steve Harley 60/120f show music, Masquerade (0-)120f funk chant, Snowy White 102-101⅔-0r soft rock swayer.

Obviously any descriptions or ratings will be affected by the record’s subsequent chart climb into the nation’s consciousness, but I base my opinions as if rating the records for my own mobile discotheque. I hope this’ll be useful.

UK DISCO TOP 100 – January 18, 1986

01 02 ALICE I WANT YOU JUST FOR ME!, Full Force, CBS 12in
02 01 SATURDAY LOVE, Cherrelle with Alexander O’Neal, Tabu 12in
03 09 IF I RULED THE WORLD, Kurtis Blow, Club 12in
04 03 SHE’S STRANGE/LES ADAMS MEGAMIX, Cameo, Club 12in twin-pack
05 07 MY MAGIC MAN, Rochelle, US Warner Bros 12in
06 04 MR DJ, The Concept, 4th + B’way 12in
07 14 NEW YORK EYES, Nicole (with Timmy Thomas), Portrait 12in
08 05 WHO’S ZOOMIN’ WHO, Aretha Franklin, Arista 12in
09 20 LIVING IN AMERICA, James Brown, US/Dutch Scotti Brothers 12in
10 08 AFTER THE LOVE HAS GONE (‘BAD’ MIX), Princess, Supreme Records 12in
11 06 SAVING ALL MY LOVE FOR YOU, Whitney Houston, Arista 12in
12 13 ONE NATION (STREET MIX)/(EXTENDED GROOVE), Masquerade, Streetwave 12in
13 17 UPTOWN EXPRESS, BT Express, Streetwave 12in
14 23 LADIES/BASSLINE, Mantronix, US Sleeping Bag Records LP
15 65 GET LOOSE, Aleem (featuring Leroy Burgess), Streetwave 12in
16 83 ONE NATION (DEF MIX)/(P.A. EDIT), Masquerade, Streetwave 12in
17 12 YOUR PERSONAL TOUCH, Evelyn ‘Champagne’ King, RCA 12in
18 96 SATURDAY LOVE (EXTENDED REMIX), Cherrelle with Alexander O’Neal, US Tabu 12in
19 16 MUSIC IS THE ANSWER/DUB MIX, Colonel Abrams, PRT 12in
20 52 WHENEVER YOU NEED SOMEBODY (PULL IT OFF MIX), O’chi Brown, Magnet 12in
21 31 GUILTY, Yarbrough And Peoples, Total Experience 12in
22 28 I’M NOT GONNA LET/SPECULATION, Colonel Abrams, MCA Records LP
23 21 DO YOU REALLY LOVE YOUR BABY/DUB MIX, The Temptations, Motown 12in
24 43 LOVE’S GONNA GET YOU, Jocelyn Brown, US Warner Bros/Jellybean 12in
25 29 DO ME BABY, Meli’sa Morgan, Capitol 12in
26 15 LET MY PEOPLE GO/RAW INSTRUMENTAL, The Winans, Qwest 12in
27 88 BABY LOVE, Regina, US West 78th Street Records Inc 12in
28 22 GIRLIE GIRLIE, Sophia George, Winner 12in
29 10 WARRIOR GROOVE, DSM, 10 Records 12in
30 55 BABY TALK, Alisha, Total Control 12in promo
31 36 FUNKY SENSATION, Ladies Choice, LGR Records 12in
32 27 WHO DO YOU LOVE, Bernard Wright, US Manhattan 12in
33 11 THE SHOW, Doug E Fresh And The Get Fresh Crew, Cooltempo 12in
34 25 SUGAR FREE/FOREVER AND EVER, Juicy, US Private l Records LP
35 51 WE CAN MAKE IT HAPPEN, Prince Charles, US Electric Ice 12in
36 30 THE THINGS THAT MEN DO, Krystol, US Epic 12in
38 24 YOU DON’T KNOW (SPECIAL REMIX), Serious Intention, Important Records 12in
39 71 IT DOESN’T MATTER, Zapp, Warner Bros 12in
40 26 100%, Caprice, Lovebeat International 12in
41 80 WE GOT THE FUNK, Positive Force/RAPPER’S DELIGHT, Sugarhill Gang, Streetwave 12in
42 — COLD SHOULDER, Evelyn Thomas, Record Shack 12in white label
43 48 HIGH HORSE/CHEMISTRY OF LOVE, Evelyn ‘Champagne’ King, RCA LP
44 50 MY MIND IS MADE UP, Keith Sweat, US Stadium 12in
45 49 TOO TOUGH (REMIX), Lonnie Reaves, US Qwest 12in
46 41 MATED, David Grant And Jaki Graham, EMI 12in
47 72 DON’T WASTE MY TIME/STROLLIN’/MOONHOPPER, Paul Hardcastle, Chrysalis 12in
48 39 DARE TO DREAM, Viola Wills, US Wide Angle 12in
49 44 YOU ARE MY LADY, Freddie Jackson, Capitol 12in
50 37 RAISE THE ROOF, The Conway Brothers, 10 Records 12in
51 33 TELL ME (HOW IT FEELS), 52nd Street, 10 Records 12in
52 53 FREAK IN ME, Danté, US Panoramic 12in
53 32 HOW CAN I GET NEXT TO YOU, Chapter 8, US Beverly Glen Music LP
54 — EVERYBODY’S SINGING LOVE SONGS, Sweet Thunder/SPACE BASS, Slick, Streetwave 12in
55 38 GO HOME(REMIX), Stevie Wonder, Motown 12in
56 61 WORLD MACHINE/LEAVE ME NOW, Level 42, Polydor 12in promo
58 84 IF YOU WANT LOVE, Tululah Moon, US Beauty and The Beat 12in
59 — PULL UP TO THE BUMPER (REMIX), Grace Jones, Island 12in
60 34 I’M AVAILABLE/YOU’RE MY LAST CHANCE, 52nd Street, 10 Records 12in
61 40 COLDER ARE MY NIGHTS/COME TO ME, The Isley Brothers, Warner Bros LP
62 81 CONFUSION, Aleem, US Atlantic 12in
63 — IF YOU’RE READY (COME GO WITH ME), Ruby Turner, Jive 12in
64 62 LOVE SO FINE, Sahara, Elite 12in
65 — YOU’RE MY LAST CHANCE (US REMIX), 52nd Street, 10 Records twin-pack
66 56 KEEP THAT SAME OLD FEELING/ALWAYS THERE, Side Effect, Streetwave 12in
68 35 CARAVAN OF LOVE, Isley Jasper Isley, Epic 12in
69 73 SET IT OFF, Harleqiun Four’s, US Jus Born Prod 12in
71 re HOLD ME TIGHT, Robert White, Calibre 12in
72 100 HOW TO WIN YOUR LOVE, Spencer Jones, Dutch Injection 12in/Champion white label
73 59 GIVE AND TAKE, Brass Construction, Capitol 12in
74 66 NEPENTHE/LET ME DOWN EASY, Skipworth And Turner, 4th + B’way 12in
75 69 MY DOWNTOWN LADY, Reaction, US Strawberry Records Unltd. 12in
76 — OBJECT OF MY DESIRE, Starpoint, Elektra 12in
77 85 PARTY LIGHTS, The Circle City Band, US Circle City Records 12in
78 54 MAKE ‘EM MOVE (REMIX), Sly And Robbie, Island 12in
79 — BABY DON’T STOP ME, Quest For Life, US SeaBright 12in
80 77 KEEP ON, Bobby Mardis, US Profile 12in
81 — SPEND A LITTLE TIME WITH ME, Royalle Delite, Streetwave 12in promo
82 74 THERE AIN’T NOTHIN’ (LIKE YOUR LOVIN’)/SHE’S NOT A SLEAZE, Paul Laurence, Capitol 12in
83 79 PAIN, Betty Wright, US First String Records 12in
84 re I WOULDN’T LIE, Yarbrough & Peoples, US Total Experience LP
85 re I’VE GOT MY EYE ON YOU, Black Ivory, US Panoramic 12in
87 58 ROCK THE BELLS, LL Cool J, US Def Jam LP
88 46 MAUREEN, Sade, Epic LP
89 64 AFTER LOVING YOU, Omari, Recent Future Records 12in
90 — SKIPS A BEAT, Warp 9, US Motown 12in
92 — EASY PROMISE TO BREAK, Midnight, Polo 12in white label
93 — SHE’S SO GOOD TO ME, Luther Vandross (‘The Goonies’), Epic LP
94 87 THE TRUTH, Colonel Abrams, MCA Records 12in
95 68 INSPECTOR GADGET, The Kartoon Krew, Champion 12in
96 42 WHO’S ZOOMIN’ WHO (US REMIXES), Aretha Franklin, Arista 12in
97 86 GOT TO GO, Ester, US Studio Records 12in
98 re THE OAK TREE, Morris Day, Warner Bros 12in
99 — OFF THE WALL (RADIO VERSION)/(ACE MIX), Paul Scott, US Ace Beat 12in
100 — PASSION, Bata Drum, Champion 12in white label


01 05 LOVE’S GONE MAD, Seventh Avenue, Record Shack 12in white label
02 01 HE’S NUMBER ONE, Fantasy, US Spring 12in
03 12 BOTH SIDES NOW, Viola Wills, US Wide Angle 12in
04 02 HIT THAT PERFECT BEAT (REMIX), Bronski Beat, London 12in
05 03 MAGIC, Brian Soares, US Night Wave 12in
06 11 SHOCKWAVE, David Knopfler, makingwaves 12in
07 04 CUBA LIBRE (REMIX), Modern Rocketry, US Megatone 12in
08 07 PISTOL IN MY POCKET, Lana Pellay, Sublime 12in white label
09 09 DANCE, Joy St James, US Pink Glove 12in
10 08 CHARLESTON, Den Harrow, Italian Baby 12in
11 06 FAIRY TALE, Rose, Italian Disco Magic 12in
12 — I’M THE ONE YOU WANT, Les Lee, US Mega Bolt 12in
13 17 WITH YOU I COULD HAVE IT ALL, Cissy Houston, Glitter 12in
14 20 STRANGER IN A STRANGE LAND, Pamala Stanley & Paul Parker, US TSR 12in
15 13 BORN TO BE ALIVE/ARE YOU READY FOR LOVE, Kelly Marie, Passion 12in
16 14 WHENEVER YOU NEED SOMEBODY (PULL IT OFF MIX), O’chi Brown, Magnet 12in
17 16 = SATISFY, Soif De La Vie, German Uff Zick 12in
18 18 CASANOVA ACTION, Latin Lover, Dutch Sound Shop 12in
19 19 SHANGHAI, Lee Marrow, German Chic 12in
20 10 NO FRILLS LOVE (REMIX), Jennifer Holliday, Geffen Records 12in
21 — WOMAN, Techno Lust, US Pantera 12in
22 26 IN BLUE, Data, Proto 12in white label
23 21 I KNOW, I KNOW, Sylvie Sanders, German Chic 12in
24 25 ONE MAN’S MEAT, The Hudsons, Wheelchair 12in
25 — LET US DANCE JUST A LITTLE BIT MORE, Secret Service, German Sonet 12in
26 28 ON FIRE (REMIX), Madleen Kane, US TSR 12in
27 27 ORIENTAL EYES/INSTRUMENTAL, Rewind, German Bellaphon 12in
28 re LIGHT UP MY HEART (REMIX), Angie St.Phillips, US TSR 12in
29 23 ANOTHER BOY IN TOWN, Two Girls, US Popular 12in
30 22 MUSIC IS MY THING, Samantha Gilles, Belgian Infinity 12in

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