March 15, 1986: Atmosfear, Tease, Dino Terrell, Junior C. Reaction, Cut Master D.C.


JERMAINE JACKSON follows in Whitney Houston’s footsteps as main live star attraction at this Sunday’s 3rd International DJ Convention at London’s Hippodrome — an essential meeting place for DJs even if you aren’t interested in a career on Radio One! — where Kurtis Blow, Davy DMX and AJ Scratch are also expected to look for a rap ‘n’ scratch demonstration, which is not to forget the International DJ Mixing Championships featuring from the USA DJ Cheeze and from the UK Chad Jackson, amongst other contestants … Thorn EMI’s purpose designed VJC instant cue three “deck” video mixing console will be the first prize and has attracted so much interest at the UK heats that clubs interested in buying or leasing it had better call Ted Edgerton on 021-502 5152 fairly sharpish to be sure … Les Adams has megamixed an excellent smooth 110-123bpm ‘Zoomin’ To The Freeway Mix‘ (using ‘Who’s Zoomin’ Who/Another Night/Integrity/Freeway Of Love’) to be Aretha Franklin’s new 12in A-side (Arista ARIST 32657), flipped by just the ‘Another Night’ 7in tracks … Timmy Regisford’s good (0-)117¼bpm US Remix and 117bpm Dub of Colonel Abrams’ ‘I’m Not Gonna Let’ (MCA MCAX 1031) is now out here too, with his 114¾bpm Extended Version of ‘Trapped’ added to the flip … Mildred Scott seems likely to be called Millie Scott on re-edited UK release, as evidently everyone falls about laughing when they hear the name Mildred! … I don’t … London are releasing Joyce Sims … Aleem featuring Leroy Burgess’s single is nice enough but reputedly pales into insignificance alongside their upcoming LP … PRT as a record label has been abruptly scaled right down to a holding operation that’ll repackage back catalogue, their distributed labels remaining unaffected although licensed labels (relying on other in-house services) have all had to find new homes – Record Shack for instance rapidly relocated to RCA … London’s latest fast-rising dance label signs itself off as Lovebeat International, New York — Paris — Harlesden! … Rayners Lane’s Record & Disco Centre could be the next record shop to start a label — owner Andy Phippen has certainly got some hot product in the can … Frankie Johnson Jnr — who of course was that muscular Disco Dancing winner a few years back — now has a more starkly rhythmic 110bpm remix of his soulfully sung ‘Whenever You Call Me’ (Debut DEBTXR 3003) … Paul McCartney has been asking around to establish who is the currently hottest remixer, so what’s he got planned? … Julie Roberts ‘More Than One Night‘ (Bluebird/10) might be worth reissuing, as A-side this time … Sonet have reissued their less than classic racing (0-)120⅔bpm James Brown ‘Bring It On … Bring It On‘ (SONL 2258) … Fat Larry’s Band ‘Zoom’ has belatedly been remixed on US Omni with different instrumentation, sounding kinda like ‘Theme From A Summer Place’ without the pizzicato strings, while the Winans ‘Very Real Way (Remix)’ on US Qwest is flipped by the M&M Remix of ‘Let My People Go’ … UK release of the LP ‘A House Full Of Love — Music From The Bill Cosby Show‘ (CBS 26824) makes Grover Washington Jr’s 126bpm ‘Poppin’‘ cheaper for jazz fans … Alexander O’Neal seems to have outpointed Cherrelle at their live concerts … Whistle, back in Britain next week, may be just buggin’ but they do like the ladeez – and seem to be trying to revive the ancient craze for Davy Crockett coonskin caps … DJ Cheeze amidst a busy schedule cuts ’em up at Harlow Whispers Saturday (15), and somehow is meant to Join Mix Wizzard Paul Dixon & Kenny B at Edgbaston Faces Sunday (16) … Mayfair Gullivers’ lease runs out in August, when it’ll have to close, and not earlier as was wrongly reported elsewhere to trade damaging effect — Graham Gold is now there only Mon/Wed/Thur, instead funking Peckham La Plaza (ex-Kisses) Fridays, and South Norwood Limelight with CJ Carlos Saturdays … CJ himself still funks like a good ‘un – meanwhile, onetime Horizon Radio mailman Chris Stewart is running his Porsche with help from the Mecca circuit (and why not?) … Tony Monson & Jez Nelson start cerebral soul-jazz-bop-latin-fusion Thursday (13) at Beckenham Harrietts in the Clockhouse Tavern … Jerry Green & Brother To Brother soul-funk-jazz-latin Watford Stix in St Albans Road Thursdays too … Friday (14) the Scottish Soul Society’s northern soul allniters return to Dundee Marryat Hall … ‘Harlem Shuffle’ as revived by the Rolling Stones (with Bobby Womack) is remarkably uninspired, Bob & Earl’s 1963 original remaining far more exciting … Full Force, Mantronix, Whistle, Kurtis Blow and the other “go go hip hop” hits are prompting even pop jocks to pull out their Little Benny-type go go oldies again – so maybe Island should think about scheduling their ‘Good To Go’ movie soon? … Seventh Avenue for the last several weeks have been top of the Eurobeat chart by a remarkable margin of two to one over the record below it … rm’s BPMs although still done the hard way, by hand, tally with those done independently by computer — unlike others we could mention! … GET LOOSE!

ATLANTIC STARR are making their UK stage debut at rate payers’ expense when in a final flourish the Greater London Council brings them in for a single concert at the Hammersmith Odeon next Saturday (22). Doubtless they’ll do promotional gigs too, as their slushy sweet 40/80-79¾-0bpm duet ‘Secret Lovers‘ (A&M AMY 307) has taken off like a rocket, possibly thanks to its 12in flip (labelled wrongly in reverse order) having the insistently pushing fluid 108⅔bpm ‘One Love (Dance Mix)‘ and pleasant mellow swaying 106bpm ‘When Love Calls‘ for added value.


ATMOSFEAR ‘Personal Column’ (Elite DAZZ47)
With oddly familiar clever lyrics, quavering chicks create nagging tension over a jiggly jaunty half-stepping 95bpm beat and brass on one of Britain’s most original productions in a while, flipped for the first 5,000 copies by the original old ‘Dancing In Outer Space‘ and if you think I’m about to BPM its wildly wandering beats again, you’ve another think coming!

TEASE ‘Firestarter’ (US Epic 49-05339)
Very soulful, this husky vocal group’s haunting excellent piano accented steadily wriggling 95⅓bpm swayer is flipped by the snappily jiggling 117¼bpm ‘Baby Be Mine‘, which makes a change from “(inst/edit)” – even if it ain’t so essential.

DINO TERRELL ‘You Can Do It (It’s So Easy)’ (Lovebeat International LOVT 3)
Something of a grower, this Leroy Burgess-prod/penned soulfully moaned here 106¾ 0bpm rambling tugger is phrased like a sharper gospel accented Luther V (inst/acappella flip).

JUNIOR C. REACTION ‘Better Must Come’ (Cooltempo COOLX 120)
Errol ‘Junior C’ Cowell’s Derby-based reggae group run tantalisingly through influences and quotes ranging from ‘Feel Like Jumpin’’ to Ray Charles and ‘Working In The Coalmine’ on their oddball tense jaunty 0-81½bpm thunderer, which would be even better if the rhythm didn’t break up briefly two-thirds through.

CUT MASTER D.C. ‘Brooklyn’s In The House’ (US Zakia Records ZK 011)
Discovered by only a few since last December when it was obscured by the Alvin & The Chipmunks-scratching seasonal 105⅓bpm ‘The Night Before Christmas’ lead track, though now taking off thanks to Radio London’s Jeff Young, this excellent enthusiastic 102⅚bpm jittery go go hip hop rap sounds much more Washington DC than Brooklyn as there are background live audience noises and catchy answering chants throughout (inst flip). Worth hearing.

SERIOUS INTENTION ‘Serious’ (US Pow Wow WOW 410)
Whereas the original ‘You Don’t Know’ had to be reduced to a dubby third Special Remix before it took off, that’s how this hopefully not too similar (0-)115½bpm burbler starts out, except there’s a soulful sometimes Abrams-ish vocal stretched right through the loosely rambling rhythm (more instrumental dub flip).

THOMAS & TAYLOR ‘You Can’t Blame Love’ (US Thom/Tay Productions T/T 1027)
Lamar Thomas & Judy Taylor may not have the really wide appeal of a William Bell & Judy Clay but their lovely gently tripping 101⅔-102-101¾bpm Lamar-led duet with its War-like harmonica should slot nicely alongside Lonnie Hill, say (radio edit A-side). New York recorded, their soul sounds southern.

MARZ ‘It’s Hard To Fall Out Of Love’ (US Manhattan V-560I8)
Lots of semi-falsetto Bee Gees-ish pitched chaps keep swaying about with a soulful chick on this pent-up jittery 93⅓bpm SOS Band-style pusher (inst/edit flip), a bit of a nagger.

TULULAH MOON ‘If You Want Love’ (Total Control 12TOCO 7)
Jamaica born and bred until she was 15, busty Tululah’s Duke Bootee-produced 105¾bpm jolting disjointed wriggler not too surprisingly has a “London”-style sweet vocal even though she’s now Connecticut based (inst flip).

PERRI ‘Maybe Tomorrow’ (LP ‘Celebrate!’ US Zebra Records ZEB-5684)
The four Perry sisters’ gospel set (note their eccentric group name spelling) has been attracting admirers for this one track, a Chaka Khan-ish loosely lurching 91½-92bpm jogger with inspirational singing and a nice piano break amidst the busy backing.

THERESA DAVIS featuring JERRY BUTLER ‘I Can’t Stop (Lovin’ You Either)’ (US DJ Records DJ7-1)
Emerging as the hottest current “independent” soul single, on 7in, this untidily backed (by modern standards) bouncy 51-103¾-104⅔- 104⅓-105-104⅔bpm loper is dominated by the Ice Man even if he is only “featured” (inst flip).

J-A GROOVE ‘Release The Tension’ (US Studio Records STU-711)
More interesting for what it was than what it is, this was the song that brought Colonel Abrams to fame in New York clubs when played as a demo which he never then released, the 113bpm commercial version being by Circuit on US 4th -+ B’way in 1984. Now rather speedy and empty although with obviously Abrams-ish vocals, the new very different (0-)122⅓-122-122¼bpm treatment co-produced by Jeffer Seif has a tighter (0-)122¼-0bpm more percussively urgent ‘Dub The Tension’ flip which many prefer.

L.L. COOL J ‘Rock The Bells’ (US Def Jam Recordings 44-05349)
Now full of scratching and cutting, and far faster at 98½-98⅓bpm with a more pronounced go go hip hop rhythm, this Special Version remix of the 17 year old rapper’s hottest album track is also far shorter than the 92⅓bpm original LP version, which luckily is flip.

GRANDMASTER FLASH ‘Style (Peter Gunn Theme)’ (US Elektra 0-66857)
No rival for the imminent great pop-disco teaming of Duane Eddy & The Art Of Noise although good in its field, this def 102⅙bpm gangster rock rap revolves around Henry Mancini’s classic 1959 TV theme with teasing snippets of other things scratched in (inst/edit flip).

JOESKI LOVE ‘Pee-Wee’s Dance’ (US Vintertainment VTIS-007)
Starkly declamatory rap interspersed by bursts of the ‘Was Dog A Doughnut’ rhythm, irritatingly much slower at (0-)89⅓bpm, and less fully fleshed than other go go hip hoppers (inst/acappella flip).


BEATS PER MINUTE for those of last week’s Top 75 entries on 7in to reach me in the mail (all fade):

Prince 111½f squeaky lurcher tighter than the 12in, Pet Shop Boys 107⅔f lowkey drifter, Simply Red 108¼f wordily intensifying swayer, 52nd Street (0-)102⅓f pleasant soul swayer, Roger Daltrey 0-155⅔f dated wordy rock shouter, Boom Boom Room 137¾-136½-137f good pop canterer, Dee C Lee 73¼f dull meanderer.

UK DISCO TOP 100 – March 15, 1986

01 01 (NOTHING SERIOUS) JUST BUGGIN’, Whistle, Champion 12in
02 08 DARE TO DREAM (LONDON REMIX), Viola Wills, Streetwave 12in
04 04 LADIES, Mantronix, 10 Records 12in
05 05 DO YOU LOVE ME (REMIX), Durell Coleman, Fourth & Broadway 12in
08 10 WE CAN MAKE IT HAPPEN, Prince Charles and the City Beat Band, PRT 12in
09 09 WHAT’S MISSING/IF YOU WERE HERE TONIGHT, Alexander O’Neal, Tabu 12in
10 18 DON’T WASTE MY TIME, Paul Hardcastle, Chrysalis 12in
11 07 MY MAGIC MAN, Rochelle, Warner Bros 12in
13 15 GOTTA FIND A WAY, Russ Brown, US Jump Street 12in
14 33 WHAT HAVE YOU DONE FOR ME LATELY (REMIX), Janet Jackson, A&M 12in
15 06 RHYTHM OF YOUR LOVE, Isabel Roberts, Hot Vinyl 12in
16 24 STRUNG OUT (DANCE MIX), Paul Laurence, Capitol 12in
18 12 LIVING IN AMERICA, James Brown, Scotti Brothers 12in
19 27 YOU TO ME ARE EVERYTHING (THE DECADE REMIX 76-86), The Real Thing, PRT 12in
20 22 HEADLINE NEWS, William Bell, US WRC LP
21 29 ROCK ME TONIGHT, Freddie Jackson, Capitol 12in
23 19 PARTY FREAK (LATIN RASCAL EDIT), Cashflow, US Mercury 12in
24 30 HEY! DON’T WASTE MY TIME, The Walkers, Club 12in
25 13 IF I RULED THE WORLD, Kurtis Blow, Club 12in
26 21 WILL YOU SATISFY?, Cherrelle, Tabu 12in
27 41 GALVESTON BAY (EXTENDED RE-EDIT), Lonnie Hill, 10 Records 12in white label
28 20 HOW WILL I KNOW (JELLYBEAN REMIX), Whitney Houston, Arista 12in
29 58 TRUTH OR DARE (LP VERSION)/(REMIX), Shirley Murdock, Elektra 12in
30 25 PAIN, Betty Wright, Cooltempo 12in
31 32 YOU CAN DO IT (IT’S SO EASY), Dino Terrell, Lovebeat International 12in
32 69 LOVE’S GONNA GET YOU, Jocelyn Brown, Warner Bros 12in
34 26 I CAN’T LET YOU GO (REMIX)/JAZZ VERSION, 52nd Street, 10 Records 12in
35 59 (YOU ARE MY) ALL AND ALL, Joyce Sims, US Sleeping Bag Records 12in
36 35 LOVE MONEY (REMIX 86)/FORT KNOX, Funk Masters, Tai Wan 12in
37 49 $UCCE$$ IS THE WORD, 12:41, US Fresh Records 12in
38 — SERIOUS, Serious Intention, US Pow Wow 12in/London promo
39 23 IT DOESN’T REALLY MATTER (REMIX), Zapp, Warner Bros 12in
40 40 FUNKY SENSATION, Ladies Choice, Sure Delight 12in
41 34 ALL I WANT IS MY BABY, Roberta Gillam, WEA 12in
42 39 UPFRONT, Matt Bianco, WEA 12in
43 43 PRISONER OF LOVE, Mildred Scott, US 4th + B’way 12in
44 31 DON’T WASTE MY TIME (ESSENTIAL WELL-HARD CRUCIAL MIX), Paul Hardcastle, Capitol 12in
45 53 YOU NEED MORE CALYPSO (CLUB VERSION), Ralph MacDonald featuring Dennis Collins, US Polydor 12in/promo
46 36 FOOL’S PARADISE, Meli’sa Morgan, US Capitol LP
47 66 LOVE’S ON FIRE, Aleem featuring Leroy Burgess, US Atlantic 12in
48 — SLOWLY, September, 10 Records 12in
49 60 SKIPS A BEAT (CLUB MIX), Warp 9, Motown 12in
50 77 LET MY PEOPLE GO (M&M REMIX), The Winans, Qwest 12in
51 44 THE RIVER (EXTENSIVE REMIX), Total Contrast, London 12in
52 42 ANOTHER NIGHT (DANCE MIX), Aretha Franklin, Arista 12in
53 56 HIGH HORSE (REMIX)/SHAME/TAKE A CHANCE, Evelyn ‘Champagne’ King, RCA 12in white label
54 48 TURN YOUR LOVE (RIGHT AROUND), Projection, Elite 12in
55 54 GAMES, 94 East, US Hot Pink LP
56 61 CAN YOU FEEL IT?, Original Concept, US Def Jam 12in
57 71 CAUGHT IN THE MIDDLE, James Cobbin & Prime Cut, US Tuckwood 12in
58 re CHAIN REACTION (DANCE MIX), Diana Ross, Capitol 12in
59 51 DON’T CHA GO NOWHERE, Donald Dee, US Sutra 12in
60 81 DOUBLE DEF FRESH, Hardrock Soul Movement, Elite 12in
61 55 YOU BLOW MY MIND, Stimulus featuring Milton Smith, US Roulette 12in
62 50 HOW TO WIN YOUR LOVE, Spencer Jones, Champion 12in
63 87 BASSLINE/NEEDLE TO THE GROOVE, Mantronix, US Sleeping Bag LP
64 85 I LOVE ONLY YOU, Ruth Dawes, US Profile 12in
66 79 THIS IS THE HOUSE (GHETTO CONDO MINIMUM MIX), Three Degrees, Supreme Records 12in
67 57 COLDER ARE MY NIGHTS, The Isley Brothers, Warner Bros 12in
68 86 YOU CAN’T BLAME LOVE, Thomas & Taylor, US Thom/Tay 12in
69 67 BEST FRIENDS . . . CRAZY MIXX, Eddie Towns (ET), US Total Experience 12in
70 80 IF YOU WANT LOVE, Tululah Moon, US Beauty and The Beat 12in
71 — I’M NOT GONNA LET YOU (TIMMY REGISFORD US REMIX), Colonel Abrams, MCA Records 12in
72 46 SIDEWALK TALK/WAS DOG A DOUGHNUT, Jellybean, EMI America 12in
73 — KISS, Prince And The Revolution, Warner Bros/Paisley Park 12in
74 28 BABY LOVE, Regina, Funkin’ Marvellous Records 12in
75 — A GOODBYE (47½/95)/IT’S SERIOUS (124 intro-122½-121½-121¾-120½-121)/I’VE GOT YOUR IMAGE (77⅚)/ON THE ONE (114½-114⅓bpm), Cameo, Club 12in twin-pack promo
76 re GET LOOSE, Aleem featuring Leroy Burgess, Streetwave 12in
77 64 A LOVE BIZARRE, PARTS I AND II, Sheila E, Warner Bros/Paisley Park 12in
78 94 OVERJOYED, Stevie Wonder, Motown 12in
79 re LOVE ITCH/DUB, Roshelle Fleming, US Prelude 12in
80 98 DON’T STOP THAT GO GO BEAT, Effectron, MDM Records 12in
81 63 TOUCHING AND CARING, Nina Simone, US VPI Records LP
82 70 IF YOU’RE READY (COME GO WITH ME), Ruby Turner, Jive 12in
84 — ALL PLAYED OUT, L.I.F.E., US Dance-Sing 12in
85 82 DUB THE TENSION/RELEASE THE TENSION, J-A Groove, US Studio Records 12in
86 — LOVE’S GONNA LAST, Steve Myers, Pressure 12in
88 78 CLOUD NINE, Mystery Assignment, Virgin 12in
89 88 LOVE IS SERIOUS/SPECIAL, The Stylistics, US Streetwise LP
90 — THAT LOOK (119⅓bpm), Alfie (Silas), US Motown LP
91 76 MY DOWNTOWN LADY, Reaction, US Strawberry Records Unltd. 12in
92 97 SHE’S THE ONE, Cabo Frio, US Zebra Records LP
94 68 PASSION, Bata Drum, Champion 12in
95 65 COLD SHOULDER, Evelyn Thomas, Record Shack 12in
97 — COMPUTER LOVE (EXTENDED VERSION) (86½)/REMIX (85bpm), Zapp, US Warner Bros 12in
98 91 MAYBE TOMORROW, Perri, US Zebra Records LP
99 92 I CAN’T STOP (LOVIN’ YOU EITHER), Theresa Davies featuring Jerry Butler, US DJ Records 7in
100 re FUNKY SENSATION, Gwen McCrae, Atlantic 12in


01 01 LOVE’S GONE MAD (EUROBEAT MIX), Seventh Avenue, Record Shack 12in
02 07 DANGER IN LOVE, Deborah, German ZYX 12in
03 06 YOU’RE A BEAT, Eastbound Expressway, Passion 12in white label
04 03 ANOTHER NIGHT (DANCE MIX), Aretha Franklin, Arista 12in
05 04 FLY TO ME, Aleph, Italian Disco Magic 12in
06 05 PRISONER OF LOVE, Mildred Scott, US 4th + B’way 12in
07 10 STRANGER, Linda Imperial, US Pink Glove 12in
08 09 PEOPLE SAY IT’S IN THE AIR, The Herreys, Canadian Chateau 12in
09 11 MIDNIGHT LOVER, People Like Us, Passion 12in
10 08 ALL PLAYED OUT, L.I.F.E., US Dance-Sing 12in
11 13 CHAIN REACTION (DANCE REMIX), Diana Ross, Capitol 12in
12 12 LIFELINE DANCING, Pattie Brooks, US Easy Street 12in
13 22 I ENGINEER, Animotion, US Casablanca 12in
14 — DESTINY TIME, Roy, Italian MEM 12in
15 14 DIAL MY NUMBER, The Back Bag, German Transparent 12in
16 02 PISTOL IN MY POCKET, Lana Pellay, Sublime 12in
17 16 THIS IS MY LIFE, Eartha Kitt, Record Shack 12in
18 15 ONE BITE (JOHN MORALES REMIX), Street Angels, Calibre 12in
19 — ONE MORE SHOT, Oh Romeo, US MEMO 12in
20 18 IF YOU SHOULD EVER BE LONELY (CLUB MIX), Val Young, US Gordy 12in
21 27 COME ON, Alan Barry, Italian Time 12in
22 20 MOSKOW DISKO (1986 VERSION), Telex, German Rush 12in
23 24 BOLERO, Fancy, Swedish Mega 12in
24 21 MY DELIGHT, Solid Strangers, German ZYX 12in
25 28 ICE COLD LOVE, Madigan, Italian On The Road 12in
26 — MIDNIGHT RADIO, Taffy, German Ariola 12in
27 re THEME FROM ‘DYNASTY’/THE BREAK (’86 VERSION), Kat Mandu, Canadian Matra 12in
28 23 TONIGHT, Ken Laszlo, Italian MEM 12in
29 30= ROMANTIC VIDEO, New Romance, German Polydor 12in
30= 30= FIRE ME UP, Astaire, Passion 12in
30= 30= SECLUSION, Shaun Benson, US TSR 12in

4 thoughts on “March 15, 1986: Atmosfear, Tease, Dino Terrell, Junior C. Reaction, Cut Master D.C.”

  1. Aha, so it was hip hop that gave go go its second wind – I’d forgotten about that connection. Some class tunes this week: Cut Master D.C. ‘Brooklyn’s In The House’ sounds fantastic, as does Serious Intention ‘Serious’, while the single mix of LL Cool J ‘Rock The Bells’ was the track that really put Def Jam on the map in the UK, as I recall. Good to see a mention for the underrated Perri – I always greatly enjoyed their gospelly ensemble vocal work, which does it for me a lot more than the more widely feted Clark Sisters (‘You Brought The Sunshine’) and, dare I admit it, Joubert Singers/Celestial Choir (‘Stand On The Word’). It may only be a demo, but listening to Colonel Abrams ‘Release The Tension’ for the first time feels a bit like stumbling across the Rosetta Stone of house … and finally, it’s full-on Proustian Rush time as Taffy’s soon-to-be inescapable ‘Midnight Radio’ makes its debut; it would stay huge for the rest of the year.


    1. Well there ya go – I didn’t even know that version of Rock The Bells was a remix! It’s the only version I’ve ever heard, and I remember it got used a lot by DMC contestants.


  2. Good point about Rock The Bells being the one that made LL Cool J in this country – I remember that being played along with Brooklyn’s In The House (which I’ve always loved) a lot at the forthcoming Bognor Dance Weekend – Nicky Holloway loved them both if I remember the tapes I had of his show on weekender radio I recorded there – incidentally JH said Georgie Fame was going to play there the other week which didn’t happen (at that weekender anyway) although we’d had Matt Bianco at Caister a year or two back – who of course had a hit with his Yeh Yeh. And who went down really well.

    I’d forgot about gogo being used briefly I hiphop but gogo per se really was over good and proper in this country by now.


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