September 27, 1986: Steve ‘Silk’ Hurley, Lionel Richie, Freddie Jackson, 80’s Ladies, Kurtis Blow


LES ADAMS has done a quick remix of Cameo ‘Word Up’, due in shops now, and incidentally tips that a vari-speed synch out of Raze into Michael McDonald (SILAS mix) goes on and on and on on! … John Morales, giving up his London flat to do even his UK remixes back in New York, has done a harder Five Star ‘Can’t Wait Another Minute’ for the US black chart, while the M&M mix of Colonel Abrams’ ‘Over And Over’ never came out (now ‘Speculation’ has appeared in a Regisford & Jarvis remix on import) … Loose Ends’ commercial 12 inch twin-pack only features the Nick Martinelli remix and dub version of ‘Slow Down’, the group’s own ‘Slow-Jam’, plus Dancin’ Danny D & Godwin Logie’s old Westside mix of ‘Gonna Make You Mine’ — leaving the latter team’s widely considered superior ‘Slowdown’ remix only on the promo pressing, unless of course it’s due for creative marketing! … Carroll Thompson’s commercial 12 inch has had the lovers’ rock ‘Tonight’ altered into a new 93bpm Daybreak Mix, but still lacks the Townhouse Mix of ‘Strangest Love Affair’ … Mel & Kim (a delightful duo to meet!) have inevitably been remixed as a more dubwise 119¾bpm Mortgage Mix, Jak To Jak ‘Take It Easy’ has finally reappeared (on promo only so far) in a much tighter more subdued 114bpm Mastermix, and Rosaline Joyce’s remix will include a snatch of ‘Cloud Nine’ … Bluebird/10 picked up Davis/Pinckney Project … Ian Levine is starting his own Nightmare label through PRT next month, not specifically for hi-NRG, debuting with ‘Animal Magnetism‘ by Darryl Pandy (who’s also heavily featured on the Anti-Smack Project all-star single’s acappella flip) … Farley ‘Jackmaster’ Funk has tried to distance himself from house music’s origins by recording something along the lines of “I’m Not Gay I’m A Man”, which has got his fellow Chicagoans in an uproar … Jesse Saunders will be spinning Chicago house tracks next month around London’s record shops, at Tower and Virgin on Friday 17, Rayner’s Lane Saturday 18 (a bit of advance news there!) … Central London readers may be in time for Jay Strongman, Julian ‘Cool’ Palmer & Simon Witter’s P’funk party this Wednesday (24) at the Limelight … JOCKS magazine is already looking for letters and feedback from DJs about relevant disco topics, so send your scribblings to editor Philip Chapman (at the same address as rm) … Madonna’s original 115⅔bpm ‘Holiday’ has made a timely, if surely unnecessary, reappearance as flip to the Shep Pettibone remixed pleasantly Sixties-ish (0-)120¼bpm ‘True Blue’ (Sire W8550T), and while still in a pop frame of thought, the 118½bpm Tracy Spencer ‘Run To Me‘ (CBS TA 7007) and 130½bpm Stacey Q ‘Two Of Hearts‘ (Atlantic A9381T) seem to be expanding on their initial hi-NRG appeal … Ralph Tee has been dredging through Motown’s vaults as well, to compile some of their less obvious but soulful album tracks from the last 14 years into a various artists ‘Motown Trackin’‘ (WL 72518), plus he’s also compiled a double LP of Jean Carne ‘Legendary Tracks‘ (StreetSounds MUSID 7) … Hermione Ross, doing radio promotion at Jive, wants to hear from “weekend radio” DJs on 01-459 8899 … British Telecom’s “ring up and spend a fortune listening to records on the telephone” Livewire service has now gone fully national, the Dave Pearce hosted RM Dance Line being on 0898-121318 – the launch party was a bit spectacular, up in the revolving old restaurant on top of the Post Office Tower! … Mantronik is in London with T La Rock, laying down rhythm tracks, and they were surprise ‘live’ guests at Radio London’s Soul Night Out – which began its new irregular season with such other guests as Gwen Guthrie, Timex Social Club, Paul Hardcastle, Mel & Kim, TC Curtis … Chris Forbes sounds fine … ‘Ebony’ this Friday on BBC2 interviews Nellie ‘Mixmaster’ Rush about house music and features footage shot with Dave Pearce in New York (for some reason) last week … Graeme Park’s chart from Nottingham’s Garage (Tues/Fri/Sat) and Leicester Fan Club (Wed) is broadcast every Monday between 7-10pm on Radio Trent’s 12 inch show … New York’s new WQHT ‘Hot 103’ seems to be concentrating on hi-NRG, playing no rap, slowies or ballads … Jellybean Benitez is ‘musical director’ of New York’s latest club 4D, just opened at the old Visage site … Oran ‘Juice’ Jones as predicted topped US Black 45s, Anita Baker Black LPs and Janet Jackson ‘When I Think Of You’ Club Play in Billboard … Freddie Jackson, Melba Moore and James Brown were due to have appeared this Tuesday at a $300-a-head anti-“crack” fundraiser in New York’s swank Plaza Hotel … James Brown has co-written his autobiography ‘The Godfather Of Soul’ for US publication by Macmillan in November … Lillo Thomas is returning to the limelight, after a bad car crash in Brazil, co-produced and mixed by M&M … Dave Malone, still pulling 300+ soul fans on Fridays at the Gainsborough Club, has just lost his other long standing Sudbury night on Thursdays at the Queens Arms due to a change of landlords, and would welcome a replacement gig within 60 miles on 0787-72355 … Mark Clark (Wokingham Mark One Records) wonders whether Ivor Biggun will remake ‘Jack Off’! … JACK THE HOUSE!

PAUL OAKENFOLD has left Rush Release promotions to handle A&R and promotion for Champion Records, who have just picked up for UK release Raze and Sybil. This doesn’t mean he’s given up dee-jaying; he still funks Croydon Scarletts on Thursdays, Streatham Project at Zigi’s on Fridays and guests around on Saturdays. The little hip hopper!


STEVE ‘SILK’ HURLEY ‘Jack Your Body’ (London LONX 117)
Massive for months on import right across the country, this is well established as the other really big house hit, comprising four sparse “jack trax” which electronically repeat the title line (or the name Steve ‘Silk’ Hurley), to bounding lean beats on the 122bpm Club Your Body and Jack Your Body – Home Made, 121¾bpm Dub Your Body, 125¼bpm Steve ‘Silk’ Hurley mixes. Confused? This looks like the Harleqiun Four’s of 1986 and it’s out while it’s still hot!

LIONEL RICHIE ‘Love Will Conquer All’ (Motown LIOT 2)
Possibly having learnt that Lionel still needs black support to score a real hit, Motown rapidly follow his rock foray with the new album’s cream soul cut, a gorgeous mellow undulating (0-)98bpm swayer dripping with lazy appeal (old 0-64½bpm ‘The Only One’ flip).

FREDDIE JACKSON ‘Tasty Love’ (US Capitol V-15254)
‘Rock Me Tonight’ revisited in typically yearning tender 80bpm tasty stylee (edit too), with his last album’s swaying 105⅓bpm ‘I Wanna Say I Love You‘ as flip. Already, it’s due here next week (Capitol 12CL 428).

80’S LADIES ‘Turned On To You’ (Music Of Life MOLIF 6)
1980’s much revived Roy Ayers/Edwin Birdsong-prod/penned slinkily swaying 91½-91⅔-0bpm mesmeric soul mantra is finally out here in its original version, much bootlegged and covered (by Nova Casper) of late.

KURTIS BLOW ‘I’m Chillin’’ (US Mercury 888-004-1)
Making so much use of the “Transformers, robots in disguise” TV jingle that he could have problems on radio, Kurtis gets genuine (0-)106½-107-108⅓-107⅓-107½-109-108⅓-109-108⅓-108bpm go go backing from Trouble Funk (three versions and 68bpm ‘Don’t Cha Feel Like Making Love‘).

PHILLY CREAM ‘Love Can’t Turn Around’ (US Cotillion 0-96805)
Cotillion-owning Atlantic is so large it amounts to a major label, ironically now covering a minor label’s R’n’B hit just as their own early efforts in the Fifties were covered – yes, this is a girls-sung Tony Camillo-produced 123¼bpm cover of Farley ‘Jackmaster’ Funk’s UK smash (in three versions), a useful alternative here which in fact seems to be preferred in the States.

ESCALATOR ‘Let’s Make Some Noise’ (Elite DAZZ 60)
Andy Sojka’s uncluttered production style, as suspected, lends itself ideally to the sparse house style for a genuine Chicago sounding 123¼bpm skittery leaper, with some jazzy piano and Michelle Thomas repeating just the title line, “everybody in the house” and (title of the B-side variation) “ride the escalator” as its only lyric.

MIDNIGHT SUNRISE with Nellie ‘Mixmaster’ Rush featuring Jackie Rawe ‘On The House (Jack’n The House Remixes)’ (Crossover Records CROSS X3)
Radical enough to warrant a new review, this load of old cobblers has been remixed by Farley ‘Jackmaster’ Funk bringing out Jackie Rawe’s “diva” vocal in his 121½bpm ‘Megajack’n The House’ and very stark ‘Latin Houseappella’ mixes, but if anything this only emphasises the gay hi-NRG root of house music.

KEITH PATRICK ‘Night To Remember’ (US Omni Records 0-96803)
Sounding ridiculously like Howard Hewett, this Nick Martinelli-mixed attractive fluidly swaying (0-) 115¾bpm melodic wriggler has all his better vocal trademarks (inst/edit flip), and could be big.

SYBIL ‘Falling In Love’ (US Next Plateau Records Inc NP50049)
Bridging nicely between a Cool Notes-ish “London” sound and the early Eighties Sharon Brown-type style, this languidly ticks and shimmers along at 113¼bpm (112⅓bpm Alternative Club Mix, plus two more) with some gentle piano and cool rhythm, perfectly sweatless.

LOVINDEER ‘Man Shortage’ (TSOJ TST 1, via Jet Star)
In the long Jamaican tradition of such as ‘Shepherd Beng Beng‘, a young lady goes to the witchdoctor for help in finding a man — the ensuing dialogue is great fun (after a chanting first half), set to a jaunty 93⅔bpm riddim. Tony Blackburn’s listeners voted it the record of last week – but then – they would, it’s reggae. And a smash!

D.J. HOLLYWOOD ‘Um Tang, Um Tang (To Whoever It May Concern)’ (Crossover Records CROSS 3, via PRT)
Making it even more commercial, UK copies of this jolly 101bpm singalong rap have been re-edited (and retitled) to emphasise the catchy gibberish “um tang um tang/yummy yum yum” hookline (inst flip), corny good fun.

MILLIE JACKSON ‘Hot! Wild! Unrestricted! Crazy Love’ (Jive JIVE T 131)
Despite all the exclamation marks it’s a mournful sounding sleazily rolling 94⅚-0bpm lurcher (in four versions) produced in Jam & Lewis style by Change’s Timmy Allen.

NOISE BOYZ ‘Boys Go Scratch’ (CityBeat CBE 1207)
Remember ‘The Scratch‘ by Surface Noise? It’s re-surfaced on producer Chris Palmer’s brother Tim’s label in a brand new 102⅓-0bpm go go treatment, still with jazzy keyboards and brass but with some scratching, chanting and the jiggle beat – plus their mum Jean, of Soho’s Groove Records shop fame, supplying the outro rap! A scratchier 102bpm dub and nice 96bpm ‘Lean St‘ jazz go go instrumental are flip.

PIECES OF A DREAM ‘Joyride (Joy Mix)’ (US Manhattan V-56034)
After a radio-tuning dial sweep intro, this Herbie Hancock-ish heavy 103⅚bpm judderer hits a post-‘Rockit’ go go hip hop P’funk groove with scratching, jazz keyboards. chants ‘n’ stuff (in three mixes).

STEINSKI & THE MASS MEDIA ‘The Motorcade Sped On’ (US Tommy Boy TB 885)
At last on purported “promo” copies, this original production by Double Dee’s now solo partner brilliantly cuts up and overlays radio newsflashes about John F Kennedy’s assassination to an 0-109⅓bpm beat box rhythm. Mrs Kennedy jumped up, she called “Oh no”…

CHICO DeBARGE ‘Talk To Me’ (US Motown 4567MG)
“Gimme a beat!” Oops, sorry, wrong record, but everything else about this 114½bpm juddering wriggler smacks of Janet Jackson. Mixing jocks are loving it!

OCTAVIA ‘2 The Limit’ (Cooltempo COOLX 131)
Kenny Beck-prod/penned powerfully bashing 100¼bpm pent-up backbeat jiggler borrowing heavily from his recent work with Princess (inst flip), wailed by the young star of a stage musical based on Doris Troy’s life, ‘Mama, I Want To Sing’. She does, but the song gets slightly lost.

JAMES BROWN ‘Gravity’ (Scotti Bros 650059-6)
Disjointedly starting typically rambling 113¾-0bpm jittery funk basher (in three versions), prod/penned again by Dan Hartman – who in respectfully recreating Mr Brown’s traditional sound forgot to give him a song this time, so it’s just another guttural groove.

LIZ TORRES Featuring KENNY ‘JAMMIN’ JASON ‘What You Make Me Feel’ (US Underground UN 107)
Out a while, this Kenny Jason-produced smooth 120bpm “house” skipper with slightly pop vocals by Liz, or a tapping Jack Track and two more mixes, has been happening most around Manchester (maybe because it arrived at the right time?).

JESSE’S GANG with JESSE SAUNDERS ‘Real Love (Is It Real?)’ (US Jes Say Records JS 9994)
Jesse Saunders-produced chugging and wriggling 122bpm “house” eventually reaching catchy vocals and butch chants, with some scratching (dub/edit too), from last year but evidently picked up now by Geffen Records. Meanwhile, more current, JESSE’S GANG featuring RONNIE ‘Spies’ (US Jes Say Records JS 9988) is another 117¾bpm Chicago shuffler (in five mixes) with a female vocal which (as I noted long before events proved me right) veers dangerously close to hi-NRG.

SKYY ‘Non-Stop (Remix)’ (US Capitol V-15251)
The track they’d intentionally aimed at Britain in Brass Construction style, this scrubbing jiggly 0-116¾bpm funk bounder has some house touches now too (in three versions). In short supply on import, it’s out here next week (Capitol 12CL 434).

JEFFREY OSBORNE ‘Room With A View (Remix)’ (A&M AMY 352)
Pent up but somewhat pop accented jittery 114½-0bpm chugger violently remixed by Arthur Baker and edited by the Latin Rascals, in an attempt to give it dance floor credibility (dub flip and old 113¾bpm ‘The Power‘). I’m not sure if their result is the silk purse or the sow’s ear.

T-MATIC ‘Hothouse (Clubadub)’ (Elite DAZZ 58)
Actually picked up from the USA, a DSM-like sparse ticking 118⅔bpm episodic electronic rhythm track with different elements washing through it (in two versions), strictly for groovers.

JAMES (D TRAIN) WILLIAMS ‘You Are Everything’ (CBS 6500516)
D Train’s singer adds his own name but stays with partner Hubert Eaves III so the act, and the sound, remains the same for this messy 117½bpm lurching leaper (in three mixes), now overshadowed by their import LP ‘Miracles Of The Heart’ which is mainly mellow or more funkily downtempo. Check the chart for BPMs as I’ve had no time to review It fully – nor time for import 12 inchers by such as ARMENTA (nagging juddery remix), KLARK KENT, ELLIOTTE NESS & THE WORD PROCESSOR (UTFO-style hiphop), YOUNG & CO (remix), BILLY GRIFFIN (ambiguously tempoed slowie), ARTHUR RUSSELL (fast oddity by Dinosaur L’s man).

MAZE featuring Frankie Beverly ‘Live In Los Angeles’ LP (Capitol ESTSP 24)
Now out here, the double album’s new, less than essential, studio tracks are the lushly swaying 112⅔bpm ‘Dee’s Song’, brittle jittery 110⅔bpm ‘Freedom (South Africa)‘, smoochy 71½bpm ‘When You Love Someone‘, while the best “live” side by far segues through the Hammersmith-style 110-(then acappella)108-110½-111-0bpm ‘Joy And Pain‘, 121-117…115bpm ‘Before I Let Go‘, 118½-119…121-0bpm ‘Back In Stride‘.

T LA ROCK ‘Breaking Bells’ (10 Records TENT 154) Mantronik-produced murky dull 100⅚bpm rap with an even more boring 98bpm ‘Bass Machine‘ flip (both in two versions) – I mean, “throw your hands in the air/somebody say oh yeah” is still fine done live, but on vinyl, in 1986?

BARBARA ROY ‘Gotta See You Tonight’ (RCA PT 49804)
Ecstasy Passion & Pain diva’s dated ponderous 112⅔bpm disco rambler (in three versions), so aggressively promoted to DJs that I never quite trusted its supposed popularity … rather like something else at the moment!

SHARON DEE CLARKE ‘Dance Your Way Out Of The Door’ (US Achievement Records ART 10003)
The sometime ‘EastEnders’ actress showbizzily gurgles Ian Levine’s pleasant ‘When I Think Of You’-inspired 114⅕bpm hustler (dub/edit flip), out first in America where its dated style has camp followers – although I expect a certain buck-eyed London radio DJ may enjoy it too!

BOBBY’S BOYS ‘Bobby Can’t Dance’ (King For A Day OVAL T34)
Confusingly disjointed and a bit lightweight in its girls chanted jolting 0-111-0bpm rhythm structure, this overlays in Steinski style dialogue excerpts from Robert De Niro’s films ‘King Of Comedy’, ‘Mean Streets’, ‘Taxi Driver’, ‘New York New York’ and ‘Raging Bull’.

DELAY LINE ‘Keep That Smile (Remix)’ (ISR KEV1, via RCA)
Lurching jittery 115¾bpm Britfunk, a bit ragged but brightly chorused, remixed since first out last year (inst/edit and 117bpm ‘Six Kisses‘ flip).

FULL FORCE ‘Temporary Love Thing’ (CBS TA 7267)
Hauntingly soulful strange 96⅔bpm loose weaver (in three versions, one quite comedic) which deserved to do more on import, here boosted (?) by the inclusion of ‘Alice’ yet again.

TONY COOK and TAVELL ‘The Weekend Life’ (Osceola Records OSG 612, via Charly)
James Brown’s funky drummer used to lead Party People during off-duty moments here, and now with Vernon Cheely he powers a bumpy, jiggly, afro-ish 105⅙bpm half-stepper strictly for sweatier clubs (inst flip).

EASTBOUND EXPRESSWAY ‘Knock Me Senseless’ (Passion PASH 1261)
Ian Levine’s brazenly blatant 122bpm crib of the old jolly Gibson Brothers sound, girls sung this time (dub flip), is his ‘(I Want To Go To) Cuba’! Good party fun.

ARROGANCE ‘Crazy’ (US D.J. International Records DJ-898)
Rattling and racing railway tempoed 121¼bpm wriggly house bubbler (in four mixes) proving too fast for most soul fans.

UK DISCO TOP 100 – September 27, 1986

02 01 LOVE CAN’T TURN AROUND/DUB CAN’T TURN AROUND, Farley ‘Jackmaster’ Funk featuring Darryl Pandy, London 12in
03 03 WORD UP/INSTRUMENTAL, Cameo, Club 12in
04 06 (I’M A) DREAMER (SHEP PETTIBONE REMIX), BB&Q, Cooltempo 12in
05 05 AIN’T NOTHIN’ GOIN’ ON BUT THE RENT (LARRY LEVAN MIXES), Gwen Guthrie, Boiling Point 12in
06 04 WHEN I THINK OF YOU (REMIX), Janet Jackson, A&M 12in
07 08 SLOWDOWN (DANCIN’ DANNY D & GODWIN LOGIE REMIX)/(NICK MARTINELLI REMIX), Loose Ends, Virgin 12in twin-pack promo
08 09 SHOWING OUT/SYSTEM, Mel & Kim, Supreme Records 12in
10 27 YOU CAN DANCE (IF YOU WANT TO), Davis/Pinckney Project featuring Lorenzo Queen, US Studio Records 12in
11 24 JACK THE GROOVE, Raze, US Grove St. 12in
12 22 MIDAS TOUCH (REMIX), Midnight Star, US Solar 12in
13 17 JACK YOUR BODY/CLUB YOUR BODY/DUB YOUR BODY, Steve ‘Silk’ Hurley, US Underground 12in/London promo
14 14 AUTOMATIC, Millie Scott, Fourth & Broadway 12in
15 15 SWEET FREEDOM, Michael McDonald, MCA Records 12in
16 07 WALK THIS WAY/MY ADIDAS, Run-D.M.C., London 12in
17 21 BURNIN’ UP/PIANO DUB, Michael Jonzun, A&M 12in
18 23 BACK TO THE SCENE OF THE CRIME/FREEZE’S THEME, The Incredible Mr. Freeze, London 12in
19 12 NO WAY/INSTRUMENTAL, Bobbi Humphrey, Club 12in
20 41 THE HOUSE MUSIC ANTHEM, Marshall Jefferson, Affair 12in
22 10 I CAN PROVE IT, Phil Fearon, Ensign 12in
23 25 JUMMP-BACK/CHANT-BACK (NAME THAT TUME JAZZ DUB EDITION), Wally Jump Junior & The Criminal Element, Club 12in
24 19 FOOL’S PARADISE (PARADISE MIX), Meli’sa Morgan, Capitol 12in
25 34 DON’T YOU TRY IT/DUB, Raww, Debut 12in
26 11 WHAT DOES IT TAKE (TO WIN YOUR LOVE), Kenny G, Arista 12in
27 13 HOLIDAY RAP, M.C. Miker ‘G’ & DeeJay Sven, Debut 12in
28 33 GIMME YOUR LOVE (EXTENDED VERSION), Active Force, A&M 12in
29 40 I CAN’T LET YOU GO (DETROIT MIX), Haywoode, CBS 12in
30 16 I WANNA BE WITH YOU, Maze featuring Frankie Beverly, Capitol 12in
31 38 SAY YOU LOVE ME GIRL/WORK IT OUT, Breakwater, Arista 12in
32 53 EXCITE ME, Carlton, US Infuture 12in
33 28 EVERYONE A WINNER, Zuice, Club 12in
34 29 I FOUND LOVIN’ (STEVE WALSH ‘ANTHEM’ MIX)/(LONDON BOYS REMIX), Fatback, Important Records 12in
35 47 WE DON’T HAVE TO TAKE OUR CLOTHES OFF, Jermaine Stewart, Arista 12in
36 49 MA FOOM BEY, Cultural Vibe, Crossover 12in
37 35 SLOW DOWN (NICK MARTINELLI REMIX)/DUB VERSION, Loose Ends, Virgin 12in twin-pack
38 50 UM TANG, UM TANG (TO WHOEVER IT MAY CONCERN), DJ Hollywood, Crossover 12in
40 75 GIRLS AIN’T NOTHING BUT TROUBLE, Jazz Jeff & Fresh Prince, US Word Records 12in
41 — TURNED ON TO YOU, 80’s Ladies, Music Of Life 12in
42 46 DEE’S SONG/JOY AND PAIN, Maze, Capitol LP
43 89 SLAVE OF LOVE, TC Curtis, Hot Melt 12in
45 51 I’M CHILLIN’, Kurtis Blow, US Mercury 12in
46 64 TOO MUCH TOO SOON, Keni Stevens, Elite 12in promo
47 71 ALL BECAUSE OF YOU/NO MORE TEARS, Beau Williams, US Capitol LP
48 42 (THEY LONG TO BE) CLOSE TO YOU, Gwen Guthrie, Boiling Point 12in
49 43 STAY/I GOT 2 GO/I COMMIT TO LOVE, Howard Hewett, Elektra LP
50 82 HOUSE OF BAMBOO, Earl Grant, Decca 12in EP
51 26 I’M FOR REAL, Howard Hewett, Elektra 12in
52 74 BACK IN LOVE AGAIN (REMIX), Walter Beasley, US Elektra 12in
53 45 YOU KNOW HOW TO LOVE ME, Phyllis Hyman, Arista 12in
55 30 LOVE CAN’T TURN AROUND (VOCAL REMIX), Darryl Pandy/Farley ‘Jackmaster’ Funk & Jessie Saunders, US House Records 12in
56 44 FEELIN’ JAMES, US T.D. Records 12in
57 37 DO YOU GET ENOUGH LOVE, Shirley Jones, Philadelphia International 12in
58 70 HOOKED ON YOU, Tourist, US Vista Sounds International 12in
59 39 BREAKING AWAY, Jaki Graham, EMI 12in
60 78 DON’T LET IT BE CRACK, Clausell, US Easy Street 12in
61 61 SUMMERTIME, SUMMERTIME, Nocera, US Sleeping Bag Records 12in
62 — 2 THE LIMIT, Octavia, Cooltempo 12in promo
63 re THE WORD, Junkyard Band, Def Jam 12in
64 58 OOPS OH NO (LP VERSION), LaToya Jackson, Music Of Life Records 12in promo
65 79 FRIENDS NOT LOVERS, Rosaline Joyce, Elite 12in
66 77 SHAKE YOU DOWN, Gregory Abbott, CBS 12in
67 88 LEAVE IT TO THE DRUMS/I’VE GOT IT GOOD, Tricky Tee, US Sleeping Bag Records 12in
68 36 HUMAN, Human League, Virgin 12in
69 66 RAIN OR SHINE (REMIX), Five Star, Tent 12in
70 68 THE WIZARD (PART 1), Paul Hardcastle, Chrysalis 12in
71 52 ERIC B. IS PRESIDENT/MY MELODY, Eric B. featuring Rakim, Cooltempo 12in
72 69 NO WAY BACK/INSTRUMENTAL, Adonis, US Trax Records 12in
73 56 ROBOT GIRL (LA MIX), Was (Not Was), Mercury 12in
74 59 ON THE HOUSE (IAN LEVINE MIXES), Midnight Sunrise, Crossover 12in
75 90 COME TO ME, Bennie Braxton, US Phanelson Records Inc 12in
76 93 JOYRIDE (JOY MIX), Pieces Of A Dream, US Manhattan 12in
78 — AIN’T GONNA PAY ONE RED CENT (110⅓-110⅕-110-109⅘-110-109⅔-109⅘)/RAP VERSION (0-109⅔-0bpm), Wally Jump Junior & The Criminal Element, US Criminal Records 12in
79 67 WE CAN’T GO ON WITHOUT LOVE, Gil Silverbird, US TC Records 12in
80 96 TASTY LOVE, Freddie Jackson, US Capitol 12in
81 — DON’T THINK ABOUT IT (104⅙bpm), One Way, US MCA Records 12in
82 re STRANGEST LOVE AFFAIR (TOWNHOUSE MIX)/(MANOR MIX), Carroll Thompson, Virgin 12in promo
83 80 YOU WERE MEANT TO BE MY LADY (NOT MY GIRL) (REMIXES), Alexander O’Neal, Tabu 12in
84 re YOU’RE MY OCCUPATION, Chaz Jankel featuring Brenda Jones, A&M 12in
86 — NIGHT TO REMEMBER, Keith Patrick, US Omni Records 12in
87 57 MY ADIDAS/PETER PIPER, Run-DMC, London 12in
88 87 SPLIT PERSONALITY (THE REMIX), UTFO, Cooltempo 12in white label
89 — MISUNDERSTANDING (103)/OH HOW I LOVE YOU (GIRL) (90)/STAND UP AND FIGHT (108½bpm), James (D-Train) Williams, US Columbia LP
90 92 WE’RE ROCKING DOWN THE HOUSE, Adonis, US Trax Records 12in
91 — TALK TO ME, Chico DeBarge, US Motown 12in
92 — ARMED AND DANGEROUS (CLUB MIX) (111bpm), Atlantic Starr, US Manhattan 12in
93 84 ROACHES, Bobby Jimmy & The Critters, Spartan Records 12in
94 65 SPELL, Deon Estus, Geffen Records 12in
95 — PLEASURE (99)/TELL ME WHAT I GOTTA DO (90bpm), Al Jarreau, WEA LP
96 76 R U HOT ENOUGH, Virgo, US Trax 12in
97 — NEVER LET YOU DOWN, Jerry McAllister, US DJ International Records 12in
98 — WHAT YOU MAKE ME FEEL, Liz Torres featuring Kenny ‘Jammin’ Jason, US Underground 12in
99 — BOYS GO SCRATCH, Noise Boyz, CityBeat 12in
100= — BELIEVE IT OR NOT (60½/ 121bpm), Billy Griffin, US Atlantic 12in
100= re HEAVEN IN YOUR ARMS, RJ’s Latest Arrival, US Manhattan 12in
100= 81 HI-LIFE (REMIXES), Wally Badarou, Fourth & Broadway 12in


01 01 KNOCK ME SENSELESS, Eastbound Expressway, Passion 12in
02 02 LOVE CAN’T TURN AROUND/DUB CAN’T TURN AROUND, Farley ‘Jackmaster’ Funk featuring Darryl Pandy, London 12in
03 06 QU’EST QUE C’EST?, Splash, Rocket 12in
04 04 NO MAN’S LAND, Seventh Avenue, Record Shack 12in
05 03 YOU’RE GONNA SUFFER, Bertice Reading, Sublime 12in
06 10 APPLAUSE, Angie Gold, Passion 12in white label
07 05 WALK IN MY SHOES, Hazell Dean, Dutch EMI 12in
08 07 ON THE HOUSE (FARLEY ‘JACKMASTER’ FUNK REMIXES), Midnight Sunrise, Crossover 12in promo
09 09 DON’T YOU TRY IT, Raww, Debut 12in
10 08 LANDSLIDE, Croisette, Passion 12in
11 13 TWO OF HEARTS (EUROPEAN DANCE MIX), Stacey Q, Atlantic 12in
12 — LOVE CAN’T TURN AROUND, Philly Cream, US Cotillion 12in
13 12 HURT BY YOU, Justine, Dutch Casablanca 12in
14 — SO GLAD, Pepper Watkins, US TSR 12in
15 — LOVER BOY (IAN LEVINE REMIX), Chairman Of The Board featuring General Johnson, EMI 12in
16 18 DON’T LEAVE ME THIS WAY, The Communards, London 12in
17 11 THE HOUSE MUSIC ANTHEM, Marshall Jefferson, Affair 12in
18 16 LOVE IN THE SHADOWS (REMIX), E.G. Daily, US A&M 12in
19 17 DANCE YOUR WAY OUT OF THE DOOR, Sharon Dee Clarke, US Achievement 12in
20 — DELIVERANCE, People Like Us, Passion 12in white label
21 14 MORE THAN PHYSICAL (REMIX), Bananarama, London 12in
22 19 YOUR LOVE IS ALL I NEED, Carol Hahn, US Wide Angle 12in
23 15 SPIES, Jesse’s Gang featuring Ronnie, US Jes Say Records 12in
24 — THANK YA, Sweet D, US Trax Records 12in
25 23 AMERICAN LOVE, Rose Laurens, German WEA 12in
26 30 RUN TO ME, Tracy Spencer, CBS 12in
27 26 JUNGLE BEAT, Digital Emotion, Dutch Break 12in
28 21 (I WANT TO GO TO) CHICAGO, R.T. & The Rockmen Unlimited, US Criminal Records 12in
29 29 DOWN AND COUNTING, Claudja Barry, US Epic 12in
30 28 PLAY IT COOL, Model 500, US Metroplex 12in

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  1. Here, I think, might be the most likely reason why Darryl Pandy’s cover of “Love Injection” never saw the light of day, as he teamed up instead with Ian Levine for the launch of the Nightmare label. Nightmare releases, which came out at an astonishing rate over the next few years, swiftly came to dominate the Eurobeat/Hi-NRG charts for the remainder of their lifespan.

    I’ve searched in vain for Farley ‘Jackmaster’ Funk’s “I’m not gay” track – it doesn’t look as if it was ever released.

    Graeme Park’s weekly dancefloor chart was indeed broadcast every Monday night on Nottingham’s Radio Trent, and I used to listen as often as I could, pause button primed; it was my most useful conduit to new releases for many months.

    Paul Oakenfold must have done a sterling job at Champion, as they went on to have a very successful period, and it’s interesting to remember that he was most closely connected to hip hop at that stage; I remember coming across a mix cassette, with a handwritten track listing, that he made for James around this time, and it was hip hop all the way.

    The UK release of “Jack Your Body” ended up being delayed until the start of 1987, by which time the demand for it was so great that it entered the pop chart at #18 and reached #1 two weeks later.

    Sharon D. Clarke, as she is now known, won the Olivier Award for best actress just a couple of weeks ago, for Death Of A Salesman. She’s come a long way!

    Timex Social Club reach #1 on the Disco Chart this week, and I remain at a loss as to understand why; nudge-nudge lyrics aside, it strikes me as a very ordinary track indeed.


  2. Yes Paul Oakenfold used to write a hiphop column in the dance press at the time – I also had a tape where as seemingly part of his promotion work he came in with Dancin Danny D who was promoting DSM Warrior Groove on a weekender radio station.

    I didn’t know the pretty legendary britfunk label Elite were very early into house – this Escalator tune must be the first British house tune that wasn’t Mel and Kim or a Ian Levine blatant cash in.

    And the Delay Line single seems to be W real old school Brit funk jazz funker that I didnt know they were still putting out this late in the day.

    Kenny Jammin Jason soon famous for the very big and long lasting club hit in Britain Can U Dance making his first appearance and Adonis has 2 hits now including Rockin Down The House which some hardcore producer did a big cover version of in the early 90s – can’t think who it was if the top of my head although I can sing it!


  3. Just a few days ago I was reading up on the history of rap, where according to Wikipedia, the person credited with originating the style as we know it now was……….DJ Hollywood.

    It said that most of his work was live, so few recordings exist, but coincidentally I found his Um Tang Um Tang performances – and now here it is.

    James’ comment on the T La Rock track about the “Throw your hands up in the air” couplet is also connected, as apparently that was originated with DJ Hollywood.


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