October 4, 1986: Gwen Guthrie, One Way, Wally Jump Junior, J.M. Silk, Q-Pid featuring Nikki Q


BRUCE FORSYTH was the most famous person spotted at Wembley digging Al Jarreau, whose musical director on keyboards was Neil Larsen: it wasn’t as exciting a show as two years ago (when of course, it was being videoed and recorded) … George Benson’s follow-up is ‘Shiver‘, so reason has prevailed … Omni Records have signed Rose Royce, produced by Nick Martinelli and Arthur Baker for their initial LP … Music Of Life are now reissuing Sylvia Striplin ‘Give Me Your Love‘, and have drastically remixed LaToya Jackson for commercial release … Was (Not Was) ‘Robot Girl’ is already about as a remix, the more basically percussive 111⅔-0bpm Paris Mix flipped by the violent 0-111⅓bpm East Grinstead mix cutting in “gimme a beat” … Ronnie Laws and Stanley Clarke have classy import albums mainly for home listening, likely “sleepers”, and George Duke’s is now out here (Elektra 960 480-1) … Bluebird Records this week have a big record sale prior to moving their Paddington Green shop around the corner into much larger Edgware Road premises — will they include a hairdressing salon there? … Ian Levine has now produced Darryl Pandy in a duet with Hazell Dean on the old Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell ‘Ain’t Nothing Like The Real Thing’ (the song is Coca Cola’s current US Jingle), at around 116bpm for EMI … Sylvester – the Darryl Pandy of the Seventies? – has signed to Warner Bros and evidently will be in funkier style than before … CBS snapped up Ricky Dillard ‘You Can’t Hide‘ produced by Chicago Warehouse mainman DJ Frankie Knuckles … Sunday (5) Essex Radio soul presenters Tony Monson and Disco John Leech cruise the Thames from Bermondsey’s Cherry Garden Pier aboard the good ship Mayflower Garden between 2-6pm, advance booking being advisable on 01-599 1471 … Danny Smith and guest DJs soul Great Yarmouth’s Scruples (ex-Aquarius) on Fridays 3 and 24 … Lynton Elcocks funks Pashas Thur/Fri, saying it’s open later than any other club around Swindon … Pete Haigh now souls Sundays at Blackpool’s Lips … Peter C. Helyer’s funk nights are Thurs at Bristol Studio and Mon at Newport (Gwent) Rockerfellas, which he pops Wed/Fri/Sat too … London’s KISS-fm airplay is forcing the reissue of Bunny Wailer’s ‘Back To School‘ from 1982 … Chris Nat (“Luge & Legal”) has temporarily left Radio TKO … Hereward Radio’s Thurs/Sat soul presenter Steve Allen, also hosting upfront Sunday evenings at Peterborough’s Manhattan Bar, confirms that Gil Silverbird’s title was originally printed, pre-Meli’sa Morgan. as ‘Fool’s Paradise’ … SEDA members meet this Sunday (5) in Wrotham’s Royal Oak at 7.30pm … DJ Pinney (South Ockendon) says that ‘Le Freak’ isn’t requested anything like as much as Chic’s ‘Good Times’ – which never was 12 inched here at the right tempo, being speeded up for the UK, so a reissue could even now be really useful … Kevin Kane (Exmouth Samanthas) reckons the way things are going ‘The March Of The Mods’ must be next for reissue! … JOCKS, if it’s to run the much requested charts like Alternative and Hip Hop, can’t do so unless we get enough returns from the relevant DJs, so send ’em in pronto … JACK THE HOUSE!

JAY STRONGMAN (above), renowned warehouse DJ and occasional rm contributor, is running Mute Records’ new “collectable funk” label subsidiary Flame Records, a replacement for the short lived Baad logo. The debut release from Memphis is the enthusiastic-sounding ROBERT & TOM SANDERS ‘Doing Bad’ (Flame Records MELT 1T), a squidgily chugging 117bpm funk rap flipped by the slightly go go-ish 114¼bpm ‘Jamming In The Big “M” Town’, both with more atmosphere than they’d have had if recorded in New York, although stylistically up to the minute.


GWEN GUTHRIE ‘(They Long To Be) Close To You’ (Boiling Point POSPX 822)
Selling in upfront shops already, although not strictly out until next week, Larry Levan’s tougher 96⅔bpm remix of Bacharach & David’s all-time classic Carpenters song now kicks straight in with the mellow beat, and is obviously a crossover smash. Her ‘Good To Go Lover’ LP (Boiling Point POLD 5201) provides the slow 53-0bpm ‘You Touched My Life‘, joined as flip by the bonus of a previously unheard lovely sultry 96⅔/48⅓bpm ‘Save Your Love For Me‘ duet with an uncredited classily soulful chap. Who he?

ONE WAY ‘Don’t Think About It’ (US MCA Records MCA-23659)
Produced by Eumir Deodato in Jam & Lewis style, this coolly tapping 104⅙bpm swayer becomes totally mesmerising as soulful vocals weave through the tension building repetitive simple rhythm, creating hidden depths the longer you let it wash over you (on five versions).

WALLY JUMP JUNIOR & THE CRIMINAL ELEMENT ‘Ain’t Gonna Pay One Red Cent’ (US Criminal Records CRIM 00004)
Rapidly eclipsing their Dhar Braxton answer version, this, as previously warned, is the Arthur Baker-produced answer to ‘Ain’t Nothin’ Goin’ On But The Rent’! Craftily changing the words, the 110⅓-110⅕-110-109⅘-110-109⅔-109⅘bpm vocal stays close to Gwen Guthrie’s arrangement weaving in some ‘Dr Beat’ and ‘White Lines’, but it’s the scratching (0-)109⅔-0bpm Rap Version which complains most bitterly (inst/dub/edit too). The men bite back!

J.M. SILK ‘I Can’t Turn Around’ (US RCA Victor 5702-1-RD)
Moving to a major label, Steve ‘Silk’ Hurley & Keith Nunnally now correctly credit Isaac Hayes as its composer while they delve back to the original inspiration for ‘Love Can’t Turn Around’, keeping closely to Farley ‘Jackmaster’ Funk & Jesse Saunders’ rhythm arrangement for their vocally less incisive though typically “house” 125¾bpm treatment (in four mixes). Obviously of interest to DJs, it’s just a little bit late for the general market here!

Q-PID FEATURING NIKKI Q ‘My Latin Lover’ (Rhythm King LEFT 1T, via Mute)
An enduring “sleeper” some months back on import, this squeakily nagged electro-disco jitterer has been refreshed for belated UK release by Evil Eddie & Stun’s new more spacious 115⅔bpm Warehouse Mix, flipped though by three original 114⅔bpm Bruce Forest mixes. A likely hit.

JAMES (D-TRAIN) WILLIAMS ‘Miracles Of The Heart’ LP (US Columbia BFC 40465)
Much better than the included 117⅔bpm ‘You Are Everything‘ single, the album’s hits are the great almost go go hip hop-style funkily skipping 101bpm ‘Misunderstanding’, Jam & Lewis-ish lovely 90bpm ‘Oh How I Love You (Girl)‘, chunky 108½bpm ‘Stand Up And Fight‘, while quite respectable are the lurching 0-100⅚bpm ‘Let Me Love You‘, chugging 0-113⅘bpm ‘I Got Your Number‘, smoochy 66/33bpm ‘Ice Melts Into Rain’ and slow 69bpm ‘Miracle Of The Heart’. The set’s already due here (CBS 450066 1).

BILLY TAYLOR ‘I Wish I Knew’ (Capitol CL 369)
The original theme music to Barry Norman’s ‘Film ‘86’ apparently dates from 1964, before Ramsey Lewis’s similar style became famous, this (0-)114¼-118½-120-124-123-121-0bpm piano swinger (only on seven inch) sounding now very usefully like another ‘Wade In The Water’.

IVAN LEAPARR ‘My Love Just Take Your Time’ (US Panic Records PANIC 003)
New York answers Chicago with some “house” of its own, the usual ingredients including a wild eccentric vocal being freshly tossed to a 0-120¾bpm ‘Set It Off’ cymbal beat with exciting results (percussive Club Mix flip).

THE REAL THING ‘Straight To The Heart’ (Jive JIVE T 129)
The Liverpool lads’ brand new label debut adopts the jittery 99⅔bpm go go hip hop beat to a chorally splurging song that, in their old style, isn’t hip hop at all but benefits from the resulting bouncy zest (inst/dub flip).

LENNY WILLIAMS ‘Ten Ways Of Loving You’ (Malaco Dance MALD 122)
Out here as a welcome 12 inch, the lightly soaring ‘Shoo Doo Fu Fu Ooh!’ soulster’s pleasantly dated Detroit Spinners-ish 112¼bpm fluid chugger isn’t actually any longer, just slightly faster than the US seven inch.

JEFF LORBER featuring Karyn White ‘Facts Of Love’ (US Warner Bros 0-20545)
Remixed by Larry Levan, this tightly tripping little 106¾bpm bolter sounds surprisingly like Five Star or the Cool Notes singing over ‘Chief Inspector’ or ‘Twilight’ (dub, and jazzily saxed doodling 73bpm ‘Sand Castles’ flip).

SINITTA ‘Feels Like The First Time’ (Fanfare 12FAN 8)
Les Adams remixed (or should that be megamixed, considering his crafty quotes from familiar riffs?), this jiggly 116½bpm chugger (dub flip) is still fairly simple but a lot less crass than ‘So Macho’ – which may or may not be a help, as since when did dance floor credibility make monster pop hits?

THE MOVE ‘Greedy Girls’ (US Sunnyview SUN 442)
To a jaunty scratching smooth 96⅓bpm ‘Just Buggin’’ beat, the poppin’ MCs rap amusingly and truthfully about the Gwen Guthrie attitude to pay for play, with avaricious females and chipmunk voices adding to the fun (in three mixes), all rather sneaky.

LADY PEACHENA ‘Save Me’ (US Cotillion 0-96801)
Self-prod/penned by the (new?) gritty soulstress, this girls-supported 110⅓-109½-111-111¼-112bpm shuffling chugger sounds like Jocelyn Brown wailing to ‘Twilight’ with added piano and a more rolling momentum (dub/acappella flip). Worth investigation?

ATLANTIC STARR ‘Armed And Dangerous’ (US Manhattan V-56029)
Produced and co-written by Earth Wind & Fire’s Maurice White but remixed by Arthur Baker with a ‘Rent’-tempoed new intro (not on the actually tighter seven inch, which has been about a while), this jerky 111bpm judderer is brightly zestful in dated Emotions style except its rhythm may be too jaggedly abrupt for comfort (dub/edit flip).

BILLY GRIFFIN ‘Believe It Or Not’ (US Atantic 0-86786)
Pulsing at a basically slow lush 60½bpm but with an ambiguous 121bpm double tempo which keeps threatening to take over, this obviously tense yet mellow sinuous sweet swayer is prettily souled in almost Sam Cooke style (inst/edit flip).

AL JARREAU ‘L Is For Lover’ LP (WEA 253 080-1)
A huge improvement over his last studio album for home listening, the mellow set’s biggest dancers are the lightly jogging typical 99bpm ‘Pleasure’ and 90bpm ‘Tell Me What I Gotta Do‘.

JAMIE TALBOT ‘Mornin’ (Move MS17, via Charly)
A bit fast but really nice, this young British alto saxist’s 125bpm instrumental reading of AI Jarreau’s classic races fluidly along for jazz dancers, with a Claire Hamill crooned ‘In Your Daydreams‘ 137¼bpm cool samba flip.

YOUNG & CO ‘Such A Feeling’ (US Atlantic 0-86781)
Remixed by Timmy Regisford, Larry Patterson & Boyd Jarvis, the gospel-ish bounder originally out on The Sound Of London now wriggles in a more “house” derived 0-119¼bpm style, with its previously noted strong bass line emphasised for the flip’s ‘Such A “Baseline” Feeling’, and dub.

TROUBLE FUNK ‘Still Smokin’ (Hug A But)’ (4th + B’way/TTED 12 GOGO 5)
Fairly routine, even tedious, old 107bpm go go chant out here now that the ‘Good To Go’ movie is finally due to open (dub flip and London-recorded “live” ‘It’s In The Mix (Don’t Touch That Stereo)‘).

ARTHUR RUSSELL ‘Let’s Go Swimming’ (US Logarhythm LR-1002-1)
Having had trouble finding this extremely eccentric rhythmically busy frantic skitterer on import after reading about it, I’m fed up to see it’s already due out here (Rough Trade RTT 184) – especially as, like his earlier Dinosaur L underground classic, it really will need time to mature and become as widely accepted as it deserves. Right now it’ll be classed as “house”, although it’s far deeper, in (0-)125½-125¾bpm Gulf Stream Dub, 125¼-125bpm Puppy Surf Dub and – most accessible of all –Walter Gibbons-mixed sparse rattling and bubbling 125-125¼bpm Coastal Dub versions.

THE KARTOON KREW ‘Batman’ (US Profile PRO-7113)
Including dialogue and effects which sound like the old TV series’ soundtrack, this slowed down deliberately jolting 99⅔bpm hip hop treatment of Neal Hefti’s classic theme cuts across strongly on radio but strangely seems not to be selling (dub flip). Good fun, regardless.

FAZE ONE ‘Layin’ Down A Beat’ (Streetwave UKHAN 1)
Remnants of Touchdown gone hip hop, Morgan Khan’s new black hopes are these London rappers who ape New York stars like Run-DMC for the 95⅔-0bpm A-side but are more London accented on the interesting episodic 110½-0bpm ‘Stronger Than Strong‘ flip, both in two versions, the uncensored ones being childishly foul-mouthed.

STACY LATTISAW ‘Nail It To The Wall’ (US Motown 4563MG)
Stacy gets whitened up to meet the current Teena Marie market on this Jellybean-produced 0-120bpm bounding smacker (inst/edit flip), due here next week (Motown ZT40886).

REBBIE JACKSON ‘Reaction’ (CBS TA 7323)
Big sister sounds like one of the family on a Prince-tempoed breezy (0-)123½-0bpm burbler (in three mixes).

ULTRA MAGNETIC MC’S ‘Ego Tripping’ (US Next Plateau NP40051)
Scratch-introed rambling 94⅓bpm rap, with a more interesting cut ’em up stark 103bpm ‘Funky Potion/Funky Extension’ flip.

GENERAL KANE ‘Crack Killed Applelack’ (US Gordy 4568GG)
The life and drugs-caused death of a young American documented on narrative rap style, not another ‘The Message’ as its jerking 113⅔bpm beat is much less danceable (in three mixes).

UK DISCO TOP 100 – October 4, 1986

01 02 LOVE CAN’T TURN AROUND/DUB CAN’T TURN AROUND, Farley ‘Jackmaster’ Funk featuring Darryl Pandy, London 12in
03 03 WORD UP/INSTRUMENTAL, Cameo, Club 12in
04 07 SLOWDOWN (DANCIN’ DANNY D & GODWIN LOGIE REMIX)/(NICK MARTINELLI REMIX), Loose Ends, Virgin 12in twin-pack promo
05 04 (I’M A) DREAMER (SHEP PETTIBONE REMIX), BB&Q, Cooltempo 12in
06 13 JACK YOUR BODY, Steve ‘Silk’ Hurley, London 12in
07 05 AIN’T NOTHIN’ GOIN’ ON BUT THE RENT (LARRY LEVAN MIXES), Gwen Guthrie, Boiling Point 12in
08 06 WHEN I THINK OF YOU (REMIX), Janet Jackson, A&M 12in
09 12 MIDAS TOUCH (REMIX), Midnight Star, Solar 12in
10 11 JACK THE GROOVE, Raze, US Grove St. 12in
11 08 SHOWING OUT, Mel & Kim, Supreme Records 12in
12 19 NO WAY/INSTRUMENTAL, Bobbi Humphrey, Club 12in
13 18 BACK TO THE SCENE OF THE CRIME/FREEZE’S THEME, The Incredible Mr. Freeze, London 12in
14 10 YOU CAN DANCE (IF YOU WANT TO), Davis/Pinckney Project featuring Lorenzo Queen, US Studio Records 12in
15 09 SHIVER/TEASER/TOO MANY TIMES, George Benson, Warner Bros LP
16 16 WALK THIS WAY/MY ADIDAS, Run-D.M.C., London 12in
17 15 SWEET FREEDOM, Michael McDonald, MCA Records 12in
18 20 THE HOUSE MUSIC ANTHEM, Marshall Jefferson, Affair 12in
20 14 AUTOMATIC, Millie Scott, Fourth & Broadway 12in
21 26 WHAT DOES IT TAKE (TO WIN YOUR LOVE), Kenny G, Arista 12in
22 36 MA FOOM BEY, Cultural Vibe, Crossover 12in
23 41 TURNED ON TO YOU, 80’s Ladies, Music Of Life 12in
24 45 I’M CHILLIN’, Kurtis Blow, US Mercury 12in
25 28 GIMME YOUR LOVE (EXTENDED VERSION), Active Force, A&M 12in
26 24 FOOL’S PARADISE (PARADISE MIX), Meli’sa Morgan, Capitol 12in
27 27 HOLIDAY RAP, M.C. Miker ‘G’ & DeeJay Sven, Debut 12in
28 35 WE DON’T HAVE TO TAKE OUR CLOTHES OFF, Jermaine Stewart, Arista 12in
29 22 10 I CAN PROVE IT, Phil Fearon, Ensign 12in
31 43 SLAVE OF LOVE, TC Curtis, Hot Melt 12in
32 81 DON’T THINK ABOUT IT, One Way, US MCA Records 12in
33 38 UM TANG, UM TANG (TO WHOEVER IT MAY CONCERN), DJ Hollywood, Crossover 12in
34 34 I FOUND LOVIN’ (STEVE WALSH ‘ANTHEM’ MIX)/(LONDON BOYS REMIX), Fatback, Important Records 12in
35 30 I WANNA BE WITH YOU, Maze featuring Frankie Beverly, Capitol 12in
36 — GIRLS AIN’T NOTHING BUT TROUBLE (REMIX)/GUYS AIN’T NOTHING BUT TROUBLE, DJ Jazzy Jeff & Fresh Prince/Ice Cream “Tee”, Champion 12in
38 69 RAIN OR SHINE (REMIX), Five Star, Tent 12in
39 23 JUMMP-BACK/CHANT-BACK (NAME THAT TUME JAZZ DUB EDITION), Wally Jump Junior & The Criminal Element, Club 12in
40 50 HOUSE OF BAMBOO, Earl Grant, Decca 12in EP
41 25 DON’T YOU TRY IT/DUB, Raww, Debut 12in
42 73 ROBOT GIRL (L.A. MIX), Was (Not Was), Mercury 12in
43 48 (THEY LONG TO BE) CLOSE TO YOU (LARRY LEVAN REMIX)/SAVE YOUR LOVE FOR ME, Gwen Guthrie, Boiling Point 12in promo
46 74 ON THE HOUSE (IAN LEVINE MIXES), Midnight Sunrise, Crossover 12in
47 53 YOU KNOW HOW TO LOVE ME, Phyllis Hyman, Arista 12in
48 78 AIN’T GONNA PAY ONE RED CENT/RAP VERSION, Wally Jump Junior & The Criminal Element, US Criminal Records 12in
49 17 BURNIN’ UP/PIANO DUB, Michael Jonzun, A&M 12in
50 33 EVERYONE A WINNER, Zuice, Club 12in
51 51 I’M FOR REAL, Howard Hewett, Elektra 12in
52 29 I CAN’T LET YOU GO (DETROIT MIX), Haywoode, CBS 12in
53 46 TOO MUCH TOO SOON, Keni Stevens, Elite 12in
54 31 SAY YOU LOVE ME GIRL/WORK IT OUT, Breakwater, Arista 12in
55 32 EXCITE ME, Carlton, US Infuture 12in
56 64 OOPS OH NO (LP VERSION), LaToya Jackson, Music Of Life Records 12in promo
57 80 TASTY LOVE, Freddie Jackson, Capitol 12in
58 54 OUTSIDE IN THE RAIN/STOP HOLDING BACK, Gwen Guthrie, Boiling Point LP
59 39 SCREAMING AT THE MOON/AIN’T YOU HAD ENOUGH LOVE, Phyllis Hyman, Philadelphia International LP
60 52 BACK IN LOVE AGAIN (REMIX), Walter Beasley, US Elektra 12in
61 71 ERIC B. IS PRESIDENT, Eric B. featuring Rakim, Cooltempo 12in
62 42 JOY AND PAIN/DEE’S SONG, Maze, Capitol LP
63 93 ROACHES, Bobby Jimmy & The Critters, Spartan Records 12in
64 — I CAN’T TURN AROUND, J.M. Silk, US RCA Victor 12in
65 75 COME TO ME, Bennie Braxton, US Phanelson Records Inc 12in
66 49 I GOT 2 GO/I COMMIT TO LOVE/STAY, Howard Hewett, Elektra LP
67 — GRAVITY/THE BIG ‘G’ (DIG THIS MESS), James Brown, Scotti Bros 12in
68 40 GIRLS AIN’T NOTHING BUT TROUBLE, Jazz Jeff & Fresh Prince, US Word Records 12in
69 re HOT! WILD! UNRESTRICTED! CRAZY LOVE, Millie Jackson, Jive 12in
70 86 NIGHT TO REMEMBER, Keith Patrick, US Omni Records 12in
71 66 SHAKE YOU DOWN, Gregory Abbott, CBS 12in
72 67 LEAVE IT TO THE DRUMS/I’VE GOT IT GOOD, Tricky Tee, US Sleeping Bag Records 12in
73 — WORD UP (LES ADAMS CLUB MIX) (0-115⅘-0bpm), Cameo, Club 12in
74 re HUNGRY FOR YOUR LOVE, Hanson & Davis, US French Records 12in
75 65 FRIENDS NOT LOVERS, Rosaline Joyce, Elite 12in
76 72 NO WAY BACK/INSTRUMENTAL, Adonis, US Trax Records 12in
77 63 THE WORD/SARDINES, Junkyard Band, Def Jam 12in
78 re I FOUND LOVIN’, Fatback, Important Records 12in
79 60 DON’T LET IT BE CRACK, Clausell, US Easy Street 12in
80 62 2 THE LIMIT, Octavia, Cooltempo 12in
81 58 HOOKED ON YOU, Tourist, US Vista Sounds International 12in
82 70 THE WIZARD (PART 1), Paul Hardcastle, Chrysalis 12in
83 re RUMOR RAP, The Vicious Rumor Club, US Musicworks Records 12in
84 56 FEELIN’ JAMES, US T.D. Records 12in
85 87 PETER PIPER/MY ADIDAS, Run-DMC, London 12in
86 — FACTS OF LOVE, Jeff Lorber featuring Karyn White, US Warner Bros 12in
87 61 SUMMERTIME, SUMMERTIME, Nocera, US Sleeping Bag Records 12in
89 re HARDCORE JAZZ (J.B. TRAXX)/(PIANO TRAXX), Duane And Co., US Dance Mania Records 12in
90 91 TALK TO ME, Chico DeBarge, US Motown 12in
91 99 BOYS GO SCRATCH, Noise Boyz, CityBeat 12in
92 55 LOVE CAN’T TURN AROUND (VOCAL REMIX), Darryl Pandy/Farley ‘Jackmaster’ Funk & Jessie Saunders, US House Records 12in
93 89 MISUNDERSTANDING, James (D-Train) Williams, US Columbia LP
94 — MY LATIN LOVER (WAREHOUSE MIX), Q-Pid featuring Nikki Q, Rhythm King 12in
95 94 SPELL, Deon Estus, Geffen Records 12in
96 re SWEETHEART, Rainy Davis, US SuperTronics 12in
97 re MOVE, Farm Boy featuring Darryl Pandy/Etheridge Williams, US D.J. International 12in
98 98 WHAT YOU MAKE ME FEEL, Liz Torres featuring Kenny ‘Jammin’ Jason, US Underground 12in
99 96 R U HOT ENOUGH, Virgo, US Trax 12in
100= re COAST TO COAST, Word Of Mouth featuring DJ Cheese, Champion 12in
100= re GODFATHER OF HOUSE, House People, US Underground 12in
100= — I WANT YOU, Tamiko Jones, US Sutra 12in


01 01 KNOCK ME SENSELESS, Eastbound Expressway, Passion 12in
02 06 APPLAUSE, Angie Gold, Passion 12in
03 04 NO MAN’S LAND, Seventh Avenue, Record Shack 12in
04 05 YOU’RE GONNA SUFFER, Bertice Reading, Sublime 12in
05 02 LOVE CAN’T TURN AROUND/DUB CAN’T TURN AROUND, Farley ‘Jackmaster’ Funk featuring Darryl Pandy, London 12in
06 03 QU’EST QUE C’EST?, Splash, Rocket 12in
07 11 TWO OF HEARTS (EUROPEAN DANCE MIX), Stacey Q, Atlantic 12in
08 08 ON THE HOUSE (FARLEY ‘JACKMASTER’ FUNK REMIXES), Midnight Sunrise, Crossover 12in promo
09 07 WALK IN MY SHOES, Hazell Dean, Dutch EMI 12in
10 09 DON’T YOU TRY IT, Raww, Debut 12in
11 20 DELIVERANCE, People Like Us (featuring Cindy Dickinson), Passion 12in
12 — HERE TO STAY, Sister Sledge, EMI 12in promo
13 16 DON’T LEAVE ME THIS WAY, The Communards, London 12in
14 19 DANCE YOUR WAY OUT OF THE DOOR, Sharon Dee Clarke, US Achievement Records 12in
15 18 LOVE IN THE SHADOWS (REMIX), E.G. Daily, US A&M 12in
16 10 LANDSLIDE, Croisette, Passion 12in
17 17 THE HOUSE MUSIC ANTHEM, Marshall Jefferson, Affair 12in
18 14 SO GLAD, Pepper Watkins, US TSR 12in
19 — NUMBER ONE LOVER, Sadie Nine, Record Shack 12in
20 — EYE CONTACT, Linda Lusardi, Polo 12in white label
21 12 LOVE CAN’T TURN AROUND, Philly Cream, US Cotillion 12in
22 24 THANK YA, Sweet D, US Trax Records 12in
23 13 HURT BY YOU, Justine, Dutch Casablanca 12in
24 25 AMERICAN LOVE, Rose Laurens, German WEA 12in
25 re MALE STRIPPER/UK REMIX, Man 2 Man meet Man Parrish, Bolts Records 12in
26 re SEX SYMBOL, Man 2 Man, US Recca 12in
27 — VISION IN THE NIGHT, Sarina, German ZYX 12in
28 — BRAND NEW LOVER, Dead Or Alive, Epic 12in
29 26 RUN TO ME, Tracy Spencer, CBS 12in
30 22 YOUR LOVE IS ALL I NEED, Carol Hahn, US Wide Angle 12in

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