February 21, 1987: Technics DJ Mixing Championships, Amii Stewart, DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince, Tullio De Piscopo, Boris Badenough, Juicy


Last week’s UK final of the Technics DJ Mixing Championships was plagued with equipment problems, to the extent that Bristol’s (much improved) Dirty Den and defending champion Chad Jackson had to compete twice, and Birmingham’s hotly tipped Scooby Swift was stymied by a headshell not fully rammed home – this however didn’t stop him from turning one of the pick-ups upside down to play the underside (backwards) of a record specially prepared and mounted on a spindle several inches above the turntable! … 21 judges hopefully left no room for dispute over the result, Chris ‘CJ’ McKintosh being a clear winner (his regular gig is Fridays at Escapism in New Cross’s Goldsmiths Tavern), Chad claiming second despite his bad luck, and Johnny Jay from Manchester’s Gallery coming third (using headphones most of the time, although as you see he pulled some other stunts!) … Des Mitchell, back again from Tenerife, was also much improved over his heat’s performance and only just missed a place … Glasgow’s George Little, as a photograph in my possession proves, wasn’t wearing much under it when he swirled his kilt! … Mantronik was due to spin a few in a PA but, working more with beat boxes than record decks these days, he apparently felt he’d be upstaged when the first thing he saw on arriving at the Hippodrome was Chad scratching with a chair, so he left! … Chad’s spot began blazingly with Elvis Presley ‘Trouble’, Eddie Cochran ‘C’mon Everybody’, synched over T. La Rock ‘Back To Burn (Dub)’, then LL Cool J ‘Rock The Bells’ scratched instead; at Adrian Sykes’ star-studded birthday party the following night in Mayfair’s Gullivers, Chad then did a blinding scratch set using the club’s records (in his retirement, he plans to start making records of his own this year, with fellow Mancunian mixer Rob Manley promising something different!) … EMI’s new dance label Syncopate will be launched with Lola ‘Wax The Van’ … MC Double Def Sef’s new project, the A&M Breakout dance label will kick off after the International DJ Convention next month with Herb Alpert, a coupling of Janet Jackson ‘Let’s Wait Awhile’/‘Nasty (Cool Summer Mix)’ and Vesta Williams ‘Don’t Blow A Good Thing (Remix)’ … ‘Scream’ will definitely be Mantronix’ follow-up here, and Loose Ends are reissuing ‘Gonna Make You Mine’ (in only one mix, Virgin promise!) … Jazzy Jeff’s LP on Champion is out here ahead of the US, where he’s now on Jive – who (not without argument) are claiming him for the UK too in future … Portsmouth’s Domino Records rather handily, considering its inclusion in ‘Touch Of Jazz’, are reissuing Donald Byrd ‘Change (Makes You Want To Hustle)’ … Chicago house label Trax Records’ pressings are sometimes of inferior quality apparently because the vinyl used is from recycled K-Tel LPs – what, label and all?! … StreetSounds’ albums are suddenly becoming collectors’ items, particularly the Philly boxed set (selling at £60 in some places) … Streetwave – separate from and not to be confused with StreetSounds – has a creditors’ meeting on Monday (23) at London’s New Berners Hotel to discuss the company’s probable liquidation … UKHAN? UKHANT! … Kev Hill and Simon Williams are after hip hop and heavy metal jocks for a mailing list: send work details to them at Pillar Promotions, Southbank House, Black Prince Road, London SE1 7SJ … Martin Collins, Bob Jones, Graham Gold, Chris Bangs, Bob Masters, Joe Field, Jonathon More, Paul Clark, Paul Morrisey, Bob Cosby, Tony Fernandez, Mervyn Anthony, Alex Lowes and Richard Searling are the DJ team for Caister Soul Weekend XIX on April 3-5 (details from Netphase on 01-886 8141) … Friday (20) Uxbridge Regals has a Record Industry Party with pluggers playing their own product, and Fat Larry’s Band join Dave Rawlings at South Harrow Bogarts … The KISS-fm club is open Saturdays 10pm-4am in Haringey’s Green Lanes on Salisbury Parade (not a stone’s throw from Bolts!) … Tim Westwood’s House Of Rap chills Monday’s Rap Trap just behind Charing Cross at the Sanctuary in Craven Street … Megastar earmuff-wearer John Saunderson sparkles every Thursday at Maidenhead’s Cinderella Rockerfellas … Carl Cox, Paul Clark and weekly guests go under the name of Brickhouse when souling Sundays in Brighton, usually at the Apollo (though check on 0273-698699 for other venues) … Melba Moore is soon to join the cast of ‘Falcon Crest’, playing a lawyer … ‘LA Law’ is the yuppy ‘Hill Street Blues’, full of well dressed, attractive, sexy people in otherwise familiar situations, for the time being a fresh change … Bruce Willis excelled himself on ‘Moonlighting’ last week, walking into the office singing the entire “hi everybody” intro of Archie Bell & The Drells’ ‘Tighten Up’ – incidentally, it’s the Pointer Sisters who recreate Mavis Staple’s vocal on his US hit revival of ‘Respect Yourself’ … ILLIN’ ‘N’ CHILLIN’!

JOHNNY JAY scratched with everything including the kitchen sink and came third in the Technics DJ Mixing Championships, CHAD JACKSON used a chair (plus his nose, a ball, and his foot) and came second this year, while “C.J.” McKINTOSH relied on just his expert flawless scratching, exciting technique, and sense of music to come out on top. Is there a moral in that?

COLIN HUDD, having left Flicks, is now playing his choice of the very best music no matter what its type on Thursdays at Welling’s The Station (guess what that’s near!), while his twin Dennis Hudd is getting ready to start a more pop-orientated night at Ealing’s Broadway Boulevard on Wednesdays soon.


AMII STEWART ‘Love Ain’t No Toy (Remix)’ (RCA PT 41106)
Written way back by Norman Whitfield in his typical ‘Cloud Nine’ style, this purposefully pushing 102⅓bpm gritty jitterer drives remorselessly through emulator “toy-toy-toy” chipmunks as it develops towards a more coolly grooving last half, packing quite a wallop in the beat department, with a remix of her old pleasantly swaying 94⅚bpm ‘Friends’ and the Giorgio Moroder-produced 125⅘bpm Eurobeat ‘Lover To Lover‘ as flip.

D.J. JAZZY JEFF & FRESH PRINCE ‘Rock The House’ LP (Champion CHAMP 1004)
Jeff was turned on to jazz-funk in London and went home to scratch together an explosive 104bpm instrumental ‘Touch Of Jazz’, using Marvin Gaye ‘T Plays It Cool’ (from ‘Trouble Man’), Bob James ‘Westchester Lady’, Donald Byrd ‘Change (Makes You Want To Hustle)’, Bobbi Humphrey ‘Harlem River Drive’, and Grover Washington Jr ‘Mr Magic’. The set’s standout, it’s sure to start a trend! As well as the scratch ‘n’ rap duo’s singles, other fresh cuts are the human beat boxed partying 0-102- 0bpm title track, jiggly 97bpm ‘Just Rockin’‘, 90bpm ‘Taking It To The Top‘ with brass from James Brown’s ‘Cold Sweat’, and the typical story-rap 92½bpm ‘Don’t Even Try It‘.

TULLIO DE PISCOPO ‘Stop Bajon . . . Primavera’ (Greyhound Label 12GRY 009)
In fact familiar to some holidaymakers, and DJs, for several years, it took Scotland’s gay clubs to break this infectious lightly leaping Italian jazz-funk throbber, detailed last week and here at 104⅔-103½-103⅔-103⅓-104-0bpm with a shorter 104⅙-103-103⅙-102⅚bpm instrumental flip, now destined to be a crossover smash!

BORIS BADENOUGH ‘Hey Rocky!’ (US Trax Records TX 130)
There can’t be many Rockys in Chicago who Farm Boy could be having a pop at with this breezily leaping 119⅔-118½bpm house skitterer, which cuts up lots of dialogue in ‘We’ll Be Right Back’ style and is very exciting (Frankie Knuckles-mixed 120½-120bpm inst flip).

JUICY ‘After Loving You’ (US CBS Associated Records ZS4 06614)
Out a while only on seven inch and now evidently not due on 12 inch until it’s released here, the Deodato-produced Barnes siblings have already sold bundles of this perkily tripping 106⅚bpm sister-sung sweet jiggler and brother-sung rolling 104bpm ‘Private Party‘ flip, both bright but satisfyingly soulful.

JAMES (D-TRAIN) WILLIAMS ‘Misunderstanding (Remix)’ (CBS 650421-6)
Still terrific, this soulful go go-ish 102⅔bpm chunky jiggler is so late out here that it’s clashed with its US follow-up, ‘Oh How I Love You (Girl)‘ (US Columbia 44-06715), a crisply remixed now 91⅓bpm swaying Luther-ish soul jogger with Audrey Wheeler responding to his yearning vocal (inst flip), always his hot cut around Manchester.

KISSING THE PINK ‘Certain Things Are Likely’ (Magnet 12KTP 9)
Seriously, these popsters have gone “house” with a still pop-accented though rhythmically accurate shuffling bounder, in 117½bpm Garage, 117¼-0bpm Garage Dub, 0-117¼bpm Original Mix and 117½bpm Instrumental version, likely to be big.

BUBBA & THE JACK ATTACK ‘Pedal To The Floor’ (US Obscure Records OB-002)
Remember ‘In The Bush’? This time you “push, push, push that pedal”, to a chanting fast exciting 121bpm beat (in three versions). Yup, hi-NRG producer Bobby O has discovered house!

JUNIOR GEE & THE ‘A’ TEAM ‘The Terminator — Killer Rap’ (Fourth & Broadway 128BW 63)
Dalek-introed homegrown juddery 0-96½-0bpm rap combining uncensored dialogue from ‘The Terminator’ and choruses from ‘Mind Blowing Decisions’, these vocal elements really standing out on the Minder Instrumental while the Deadly Dub is a stark instrumental scratch. Despite Nellie Rush’s co-production credit, this thing is fierce!

KONK ‘Love Attack’ (US Dog Brothers DOG 1)
Leaping fluidly to a dated Manu Dibango-ish 117⅔bpm infectiously churning riff, this blends afro-funk, muttering men, chanting girls, blaring brass and rattling percussion in three adventurous mixes that could prove compulsive!

FULL FORCE ‘Love Scene’ (US Columbia 44-05998)
Remixed from their coolly received last album, this soulfully whinnied bubbly electro jiggled (0-)109⅓bpm tense wriggler is officially flip – with the odd Prince-meets-Rodgers & Hammerstein 0-70½-0bpm ‘Body Heavenly‘ – to the jauntily jumping purple 117⅔bpm ‘Old Flames Never Die‘ and its Bowlegged Lou, Curt and the guys-chattered comedy dialogue version.

SALT-n-PEPA ‘My Mike Sounds Nice’ (US Next Plateau NP50055)
The same as on their LP although due as a remix here, the giggly girls’ infectious fun-filled 0- 91 6/7 bpm go go-ish rap has a maddeningly familiar rolling jazz riff synched under it (inst too, and Jamaican-accented sparse 75¼bpm ‘It’s Alright‘), a real hip hop fave.

DOUBLE AGENT ROCK ‘Chillin Out’ (US Big City Records BCR-004)
Nothing like Curtis Hairston’s song, just buggin’, it’s a dynamite jumpy jiggly 99¼bpm go go rap with a catchy whistling hook that’s obviously lifted from some TV show or other (inst/dub flip).

AL JARREAU ‘Moonlighting’ (WEA U8407T)
Due next, hopefully this lightly swaying sophisticated jogger won’t prove too sophisticated in its 101½-0bpm radio version for the mass audience as it seems less punchy than the TV series version, although the jazzier 101½bpm extended version is stronger and keeps going with some typical scat.

THE SYSTEM ‘Don’t Disturb This Groove’ LP (US Atlantic 81691-1)
Murphy & Frank are now more Hall & Oates than the Jackson-esque techno-funkers of old, slickly handling the sinuously grooving (0-)90bpm ‘Nighttime Lover’, US-issued (0-)80¼bpm title track and its 80¼bpm ‘Groove‘ instrumental, the (soon) UK-issued catchy 109¾bpm ‘Come As You Are (Superstar)‘, trickily spurting 114⅔bpm ‘Save Me‘, getting most blatantly “pop” on the closing 118bpm ‘Didn’t I Blow Your Mind‘, 58½-117-0bpm ‘Soul Boy‘, 0-118¾bpm ‘Modern Girl‘. However, Doug E Fresh contributes human beat box to the jiggly nagging semi-rap 107bpm ‘House Of Rhythm‘, while tension rises in the drily jittering 103⅚bpm ‘Heart Beat Of The City‘.

SANDY TORANO ‘Should Have Been Love’ (US Atlantic 0-86742)
Gurgling drain noises give way to honking sax and strong soul singing on this guy’s self-prod/penned jittery pushing 0-101⅓-102-101⅙bpm jogger, overlaid with spuriously exciting effects (simpler 101⅙bpm Vocal Edit though, and shortened 0-101⅓-102-0bpm Power Mix).

PANDELLA ‘Tell Me (What You Gonna Do)’ (US Easy Street EZS-7529)
Girls wailed vigorously bounding frantic 119¾bpm house, in bassily expansive Winston Jones and tighter more jack track Paul Simpson mixes (two each).

KEVIN IRVING ‘Ride The Rhythm’ (US Trax Records TX105)
No longer mentioning On The House with Marshall Jefferson although the same track, this remixed now 119⅔bpm jittery cymbal schlurper has improved typical house vocals, and another possibly stronger and tighter jack track 120¾bpm Frankie Knuckles remix as flip.

DJ SCOTT LA ROCK/MC K.R.S. ONE/MR D-NICE ‘The Bridge Is Over’ (US B Boy Records 1-300)
Jamaican-accented New York rap set to odd plonking 90bpm piano beats (in three mixes), namechecking and slagging various hip hop personalities – Roxanne Shanté is only good for what?! – plus the borough of Queens over the bridge, all fascinating if specialist (0-96bpm ‘A Word From Our Sponsor‘ flip).

STETSASONIC ‘Go Stetsa 1 (Remix)’ (US Tommy Boy TB 893)
Rapping and scratching, chanting and switching, Tommy’s in-house hip hop troupe do it all on a beefy 100⅔bpm lurcher that rocks the joint (Radio Version, “Go Brooklyn” chant, and edited older 82bpm ‘On Fire‘ too).

CHUBB ROCK AND DOMINO featuring Hitman Howie Tee ‘Rock ‘N’ Roll Dude’ (US Select FMS62281)
Co-created by Howie, fat boy rap gets beefier with a guitar punctuated juddering, jittering and scratching 100bpm basher that namechecks various rock heroes, as well as being about themselves (dub, and good 97bpm ‘This Is So Hard‘).

MORGAN/McVEY ‘Looking Good Diving With The Wild Bunch’ (CBS MORG T1)
Skip the A-side’s whimpy male pop vocals and flip for this Stock-Aitken-Waterman produced chunky 0-101⅚bpm jitterer scratched and cut behind tough lady rapper Neneh Cherry (inst too), real hip hop soul.

JESSE JOHNSON ‘She (I Can’t Resist) (Remix)’ (A&M AMY 382)
Bruce Forest-remixed strong bounding 118⅔bpm purple funk flier (dub too) flipped here by his superior US Remix of the Sly Stone-featuring (0-)112¾-0bpm ‘Crazay‘, chanting funk like ‘A Love Bizarre’ meeting James Brown, BT Express and ‘I Want To Take You Higher’.

SHEILA E ‘Hold Me’ (Paisley Park W8580T)
Excellent quietly satisfying sombrely soulful 76bpm slow nagger, real class, flipped by the more typically jittery 120bpm ‘The World Is High‘.

SCHERRIE PAYNE & PHILLIP INGRAM ‘Incredible’ (US Superstar International Records SS-50-12)
Wayne Henderson-produced murkily wriggling 118bpm dated soul duet between the sometime Supreme and the Ingram family man, nice for old timers maybe (dub/edit flip).

KOOL & THE GANG ‘Stone Love’ (Club JABX 47)
Conversationally introed surging juddery 109⅓-0bpm lurcher, disjointedly stop and start despite an insistently repeated title line (inst flip), blacker than of late.

THE GAP BAND ‘How Music Came About (Bop B Da B Da Da)’ (Total Experience FT 49756)
Charlie Wilson not only sounds like Stevie Wonder, he sings about him — and Ella, Elton, Isleys, Aretha, Duke, Count, Kiss (?) and Elvis — on a brightly rhythmic deceptively 86½-88⅓-89½bpm rolling brassy swayer inspired by ‘Sir Duke’, with a now remixed remake of Prime Time’s more soulful 103⅓bpm ‘I Owe It To Myself‘ (dub too) as floor-aimed flip.

CHAKA KHAN ‘Earth To Mickey’ (US Warner Bros 0-20623)
Returning right to ‘I Feel For You’ territory, a pop-aimed trite jerky 0-120bpm slightly purple jolting snapper full of gimmicks galore like before but more so, with no substance to support them (in three mixes).

J.M. SILK ‘Let The Music Take Control’ (RCA PT 49768)
Disappointing despite its name appeal, a hollering and stuttering nervily jittering 119½bpm house canterer (in four mixes) which never really ignites.

SADIE NINE ‘Let’s Work It Out’ (Record Shack SOHOT 74)
‘Love Can’t Turn Around’-styled 118½bpm homegrown house (in three mixes) with “I-I-I-let’s work” digital stutters and other over-obvious ingredients. All together now, to the bass, “der rump dump dum dum dump dum”!

CHERYL LYNN ‘New Dress’ (US Manhattan V-56040)
Jellybean remixed ponderous dense 103⅙bpm bumper at the right ‘Encore’ tempo but possibly too “diva”-ish vocally for the soul crowd, who’d normally by now have lapped her up.

BOBBY JONZ ‘I Got The Touch If You Got The Time’ (US Fantasy D-276)
General Crook-created, this chunkily chugging gruff bluesy (0-)107bpm traditional soul loper is almost another Bobby Rush, if you remember him, but maybe doesn’t develop enough (inst flip).

BREAKFAST CLUB ‘Right On Track’ (US MCA Records MCA-23687)
Hopefully not signifying degeneration back into the bad old ways of the “disco” boom now that the US biz has seen dance music dominating again, this chap-sung pop-angled jiggly throbbing churner hardly warrants it but is in seven mixes — two each by Jellybean, Chris Lord Alge, and Timmy Regisford, plus a possibly preferable original LP version, all 117bpm or (14th Street and Uptown) ¼ to ⅓bpm faster.

UK DISCO TOP 100 – February 21, 1987

01 01 JACK YOUR BODY/DUB YOUR BODY/CLUB YOUR BODY Steve ‘Silk’ Hurley, London 12in
02 03 I FOUND LOVE (REMIX) Darlene Davis, Serious Records 12in
03 05 THE BRUTAL HOUSE/LET’S GET BRUTAL Nitro Deluxe, US Cutting Records 12in
04 02 JACK THE GROOVE Raze, Champion 12in
05 13 EV’RY LITTLE BIT Millie Scott, 4th + B’way 12in
06 08 TURN ME LOOSE Wally Jump Jr. & The Criminal Element, London 12in
07 04 BIG FUN (MEGA MIX)/(BANDOLERO MIX) The Gap Band, Total Experience 12in
08 06 TEASER (REMIX) George Benson, Warner Bros 12in
09 07 WORKIN’ UP A SWEAT Full Circle, US EMI America 12in
10 15 THIS BRUTAL HOUSE/UK EDIT Nitro Deluxe, Cooltempo 12in
11 09 ONCE BITTEN TWICE SHY (REMIX) Vesta Williams, A&M 12in
12 10 CAUGHT UP IN THE RAPTURE (REMIX)/MYSTERY Anita Baker, Elektra 12in
15 18 OUTSIDE IN THE RAIN (LARRY LEVAN REMIX) Gwen Guthrie, Boiling Point 12in
16 26 IT’S MY BEAT Sweet Tee And Jazzy Joyce, Champion 12in
18 35 SEXY GIRL (SEXY MIX) Lillo Thomas, US Capitol 12in
19 19 WAX THE VAN Lola, US Jump Street 12in
21 20 READ MY MIND/CHASIN’ A DREAM Tashan, Def Jam 12in
22 12 WE’LL BE RIGHT BACK Steinski & Mass Media, 4th + B’way 12in
23 17 ROCK THE HOUSE (MEDLEY) Mr K Mix by Special K, US T.D. Records Inc 12in
24 22 LET THE MUSIC MOVE U/GET DOWN Raze, Champion 12in white label
25 28 JUMP INTO MY LIFE (JELLYBEAN REMIX) Stacy Lattisaw, Motown 12in
26 71 HAPPY (EXTENDED VERSION) Surface, CBS 12in promo
27 14 I.O.U. (ULTIMATE SHAKEDOWN/CLUB REMIXES) Freeez featuring John Rocca, CityBeat 12in
28 44 COME AS YOU ARE (SUPERSTAR) (REMIX) The System, Atlantic 12in promo
29 33 DO YOU WANT IT BAD ENUFF Jenny Burton, Atlantic 12in
30 41 STAY (SHEP PETTIBONE REMIXES) Howard Hewett, Elektra 12in
31 34 HOUSE NATION The House Master Boyz and The Rude Boy Of House, US Dance Mania Records 12in
32 27 JACKIN (EMU STYLE) Home Wreckers, Champion 12in
33 — TOUCH OF JAZZ Jazzy Jeff & Fresh Prince, Champion LP
34 61 STAND BY ME/MUSIC TRANCE Ben E. King, Atlantic 12in
35 56 WHEN LOVE COMES CALLING Paul Johnson, CBS 12in
36 29 C’EST LA VIE (ARTHUR BAKER REMIX) Robbie Nevil, Manhattan 12in
37 24 MR BIG STUFF Heavy D & The Boyz, MCA Records 12in
38 74 LOOKING FOR A LOVER Taurus Boyz, Cooltempo 12in white label
41 46 LOVESTRUCK Projection, Elite 12in
42 30 THE CHAMP The Mohawks, Pama 12in
43 40 AFTER LOVING YOU/PRIVATE PARTY Juicy, US CBS Associated Records 7in
44 68 I’VE GOTTA BE TOUGH M.C. Shy-D, Champion 12in
45 32 SHE DON’T KNOW I’M ALIVE/DUB Willie Colon, A&M 12in
46 90 KEEP YOUR EYE ON ME Herb Alpert, US A&M 12in
47 39 WHATCHA GONNA DO Blaze, Champion 12in white label
48 21 YOU CAN DANCE (IF YOU WANT TO) Go Go Lorenzo & The Davis/Pinckney Project, Boiling Point 12in
49 67 THE MAGNIFICENT JAZZY JEFF Jazzy Jeff & Fresh Prince, Champion 12in
50 50 SLAVE OF LOVE (FINAL COUNTDOWN MIX) T.C. Curtis, Hot Melt 12in twin-pack
51 54 EGO MANIAC, Jocelyn Brown US Warner Bros/Jellybean 12in
52 49 IT DOESN’T HAVE TO BE THIS WAY The Blow Monkeys, RCA 12in
53 31 SURRENDER (STUFF GUN MIX) Swing Out Sister, Mercury 12in
54 57 I KNEW YOU WERE WAITING (FOR ME) Aretha Franklin & George Michael, Epic 7in/12in
56 73 U KNOW WHAT TIME IT IS (EXTENDED SCRATCH) Grandmaster Flash, US Elektra 12in
57 55 IT’S TOO LATE (FOR LOVE)/CITY COUNTRY MIX Stardom Groove featuring Tonya Wynne, US New York Groove 12in
58 75 SHE (I CAN’T RESIST) (REMIX) Jesse Jackson, A&M 12in
59 78 MY MIKE SOUNDS NICE Salt-n-Pepa, US Next Plateau 12in
60 53 SHE’S SO GOOD TO ME/GIVE ME THE REASON/SEE ME Luther Vandross, Epic 12in
61 84 IT’S A DEMO D.J. Polo & Kool G Rap, US Cold Chillin’ 12in
62 45 I CAN’T TAKE IT/DUB Dyce, The Production House 12in
63 60 HOUSE BEAT BOX (INSTRUMENTAL) Sampson ‘Butch’ Moore, US Trax Records 12in
64 42 EVERYBODY SAY Masquerade, Streetwave 12in mailing list promo
65 — COULD THIS BE LOVE (SURE WHY NOT MIX) Ceejay, Noir Records 12in
66 — WHEN A MAN LOVES A WOMAN Percy Sledge, Atlantic 12in
67 re THE FINER THINGS IN LIFE/DAY BY DAY Chuck Stanley, US Def Jam 12in
68 76 SEXY The Masters Of Ceremony featuring Don Barron, US Strong City 12in
69 92 RESPECTABLE/EXTRA BEAT VERSION Mel & Kim, Supreme Records 12in pre-release
70 80 WHO IS IT? (US FREESTYLE CLUB MIX) Mantronix, 10 Records 12in
71 77 CROSS THE TRACK (WE BETTER GO BACK) Maceo And The Macks, US People 7in/bootleg
72 59 YOU BE ILLIN’ (REMIX) Run-DMC, London 12in
73 43 CAN YOU FEEL IT Mr Fingers, US Trax Records 12in
74 94 COME SHARE MY LOVE/I SURRENDER Miki Howard, Atlantic 12in
75 100= CAN U DANCE Kenny ‘Jammin’ Jason with ‘Fast’ Eddie Smith, US D.J. International Records 12in
76 — I FOUND A FRIEND C.T. Satin, US Underworld 12in
77 69 JACKIN’ ME AROUND Farm Boy featuring Erin Woods, US Trax Records 12in
78 83 ALMAZ/DESIRE (EXTENDED REMIX) Randy Crawford, Warner Bros 12in
79 52 FUNKY RASTA (’87 MIX) The Naturals, Cooltempo 12in
80 70 ENGINE No. 9 (WHISTLE TOP MIX)/LES ADAMS MEGAMIX Midnight Star, MCA Records 12in
81 38 TIME (TIME TO PARTY) Gary L, Champion 12in
83 re BLOWIN’ MY MIND (WITH YOUR BODY) Charlie Roberts, Affair Record Company 12in
86 88 IT FEELS SO GOOD (TO BE BACK HOME) Bobby McClure, US Edge Records 12in
87 79 2 THE LIMIT (DANCIN’ DANNY D ‘PARTY TIME’ REMIX) Octavia, Cooltempo 12in
88 — THE BRIDGE IS OVER DJ Scott La Rock/MC K.R.S. One/Mr D-Nice, US B Boy Records 12in
89 — THE MORNING AFTER (REMIX) Curtis Hairston, Atlantic 12in promo
90 85 YOU CAN’T HIDE Frankie Knuckles, US D.J. International Records 12in
91 — CRUSH ON YOU The Jets, MCA Records 12in
92 99 INCREDIBLE Scherrie Payne & Philip Ingram, US Superstar International Records 12in
94 re HOLD ME Sheila E, US Paisley Park 12in
96 re LET THE MUSIC TAKE CONTROL J.M. Silk, RCA 12in promo
97 — RELEASE ME Kelley Charles, US Let’s Go Records 12in
98 97 SHAK RENDEZVOUS/INSTRUMENTAL Bunch Of 5’s, The Production House 12in
99 —  LOVE SCENE (REMIX) Full Force, US Columbia 12in
100= 89 BITS & PIECES 87 US Dynamite Mix 12in bootleg mixer
100= 93 IMNXTC Denise Motto/FREAK Rare Form/I’M HOUSE The Elect/IT’S OK The Force, Rhythm King LP


01 01 EVERY WAKING HOUR Linda Taylor, Nightmare 12in
02 02 STOP BAJON. . .PRIMAVERA Tullio De Piscopo, Greyhound Label 12in
03 02 MAN SIZE LOVE (MAN SIZE MISS PIGGY MIX) Klymaxx, MCA Records 12in
04 07 FASTER THAN THE EYE CAN SEE Selina Duncan, Nightmare 12in
05 06 IN AT THE DEEP END Midnight Sunrise, Nightmare 12in
06 05 LOVE AND DEVOTION (REMIX) Michael Bow, US RJM 12in
07 04 WHO KNOWS WHAT EVIL? Man Two Man, Nightmare 12in
08 09 NOTHING BUT BLACKMAIL Croisette, Passion 12in
09 08 SOMETHING IN MY HOUSE Dead Or Alive, Epic 12in
10 12 ENERGY IS EUROBEAT Man 2 Man, US Recca 12in
11 13 HEARTFLASH (TONIGHT) Linda Jo Rizzo, German ZYX 12in
12 16 DELIVERANCE (REMIX) People Like Us (featuring Cindy Dickinson), Passion 12in
13 11 YOU CAN’T HIDE Frankie Knuckles, US D.J. International Records 12in
14 14 CRAZY OVER YOU Desire featuring Rae Flores, US Sheik 12in
15 — LAY IT ON THE LINE Elaine Charles, US Sizzle 12in
16 19 LET’S WORK IT OUT Sadie Nine, Record Shack 12in
17 18 DON’T LET GO Tasha, Belgian ARS 12in
18 15 LOVE’S THE CURE FOR ME James & Susan Wells, Nightmare 12in
19 10 BOOM BOOM (LET’S GO BACK TO MY ROOM) Paul Lekakis, German ZYX 12in
20 30 LAY ALL YOUR LOVE ON ME Poison No. 9, Boy 12in
21 — TAKE IT OR LEAVE IT Grace Kennedy, Nightmare 12in
22 22 FOOTPRINTS IN THE SAND Miquel Brown, Nightmare 12in
23 29 MALE STRIPPER (RE-REMIX) Man 2 Man meet Man Parrish, Bolts 12in
24 24 CAN U DANCE Kenny ‘Jammin’ Jason with ‘Fast’ Eddie Smith, US D.J. International Records 12in
25 — SUCH A JOY HONEY Carol Jiani, MCA Records 12in
26 — LET NO MAN PUT ASUNDER (HOUSE REMIX) First Choice, Dutch Rams Horn Records 12in
27 — LOVE TAKE ME HIGH Frank Loverde, US Megatone 12in
28 20 NO LIES (REMIX) The SOS Band, US Tabu 12in
29 17 LOVE SPY (REMIX) Mike Mareen, US ZYX 12in
30 28 HEARTACHE Pepsi & Shirlie, Polydor 12in

5 thoughts on “February 21, 1987: Technics DJ Mixing Championships, Amii Stewart, DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince, Tullio De Piscopo, Boris Badenough, Juicy”

  1. As some of you will already know, Morgan McVey’s “Looking Good Diving With The Wild Bunch” is an early version of Neneh Cherry’s “Buffalo Stance”.

    Eight jitterers and seven jigglers this week – but no jittery jigglers or jiggly jitterers, so the terms must be mutually exclusive!


    1. And a first mention for Carl Cox playing soul in Portsmouth – I presume that’s him. nearly all the main acid house dj’s seem to have assembled by now.


      1. We’re still waiting for Danny Rampling – it’s surprising that he hasn’t featured yet, considering what a key figure he would soon become.


  2. Of course – I think he may have been playing at the Special Branch by now with Paul Oakenfold and Nicky Holloway – or they were there some nights IIRC time and memory deficits are depriving me of things I knew once upon a time. And I always thought Colin Hudd had come straight from his famous residency at Flicks to his famous one with Oakenfold at Spectrum in 1988 – I never knew until now that he’d had a disagreement with the management there and left for that other night mentioned in Welling – I though he basically was Flicks after all that was who we and other cars and coach parties had travelled half way round the M25 (or what was built of it at the time!) a couple of years earlier to hear.


  3. And now I’ve really given it some thought I’ll add Fabio and Grooverider and I know he’s not as cool as most of the rest but Judge Jules was a name you saw at the big orbital parties in 1989 and he did that house night in Maidenhead in 1988 (?) – I think he was involved in rare groove with Norman Jay around this time though by the look of it not DJing at this point – I think he used to help them bullshit their way into getting into warehouses for parties by saying he was studying law (hence ‘judge’).

    And in the even more underground scene from 1988 you had people like Slipmatt and Mark Ryder in the east London and Essex side of London but I knew nothing of that scene until years later. I think it had connotations of geezers and football firms, was much more restricted to those from around there and was basically working class., your Essex/east London jazzfunkers gone acid without any of the more hipster, west end, middle class or even celebrity punters who existed at the more famous parties.


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