March 26, 1988: Rick Clarke, Will Downing, Eric B & Rakim, Doug E Fresh, 3-D


ARTHUR BAKER first concocted an un-released hip hop treatment of John Coltrane’s ‘A Love Supreme’ back in the early Eighties, in partnership with Jellybean, after whose then current Funhouse club residency the group would have been named… I actually once saw the late John Coltrane, playing at New York’s legendary though long defunct Birdland — fact, back then I saw and/or met most of the jazz greats (Miles Davis, Thelonious Monk, Charlie Mingus, you name ’em), because jazz clubs were just about all there was… Cash Money (who says, “I try to make my turntables talk — too many DJs just scratch”) is having a worldwide tour set up by the Disco Mix Club now that he’s World champ, following what he clams was the toughest contest he’s ever won… Lightning Rich and 14-year-old girl DJ Sporty Shorty are the hometown Philadelphia mixers Mr Money himself admires… Technics Mixing finalists in the future should seriously consider getting their own name recorded on acetate, so that they can scratch it into their mix… Radio London’s hip hop presenter Dave Pearce has a new day job as head of black A&R at Urban… Vendetta Records is A&M’s new US dance label, although to our ears it’ll be rather more pop-orientated than its Breakout UK equivalent… Gravesend DJ Eddie Gordon seems to be taking over from Paul Bunting as club plugger at MCA… Julian Jonah’s muttering and bubbling 119½bpm ‘Jealousy & Lies‘ is now on Cooltempo promo — it being the flip’s 123½bpm Alternative Dance Mix that you’ll find (at 123¼bpm) on this week’s free ‘Cool Cuts 2’ seven incher, along with the 87½bpm Derek B ‘Def Beat Boy‘ and 121¼bpm Jellybean ‘Jingo‘ remixes… ‘On The Edge‘, a sax squealed pleasant jiggly rolling 99⅔bpm reading of Kenny G’s instrumental, is the only tune so far to get dance-floor attention on Walter Beasley’s self-titled album (Urban URBLP 6)… Natalie Cole is about on creatively marketed limited white label in two Motorway Mixes by South London DJ Perry Daniels, the 123¼-123bpm ‘Jump Start/Pink Cadillac’ M1 scratch mix being done live in one take and the 122¾-122½-0bpm ‘Pink Cadillac’ M4 remix flip being created without benefit of master tapes… T-Cut-F’s new 124½-0bpm Union Jack Mix of ‘House Reaction’ is due on 10 Records just after Easter… Biz Markie ‘Biz Is Goin’ Off’ 12 inch, reviewed last week on import, is already out here (Cold Chillin’ W7930T)… CityBeat’s UK pressing of Rob Base & DJ E-Z Rock ‘It Takes Two’, promoed now but due April 4, is (typically for the label) slower at (0-)111⅙bpm, while Kechia Jenkins ‘I Need Somebody’, due next week (minus the Blaze mix) is similarly 114⅓bpm… Champion have promoed Richard Valentine ‘Come Back Lover’, only in its here 112¼bpm Hard Club Version, 112⅔bpm Percapella, 112½bpm Apache Beats, and 112bpm Club Version — although, to complicate matters (as the seven track import has three differently defined ‘Club’ Versions), this latter is actually the import’s Done Properly Dub!… Virgin have disguised the not entirely “street cred” Well Red’s newie on white label promo as being by DJ D-Zire, but as usual rm blows the whistle!… Teena Marie’s review last week was jumbled with Kashif’s… Mark Farren (Guildford) finds when mixing Kylie Minogue ‘I Should Be So Lucky (Bicentennial Mix)‘ with Rick Astley ‘Together Forever (Lover’s Leap Remix)‘ that their drum patterns are so identical they actually phase (yeah, and Dolly Parton played at 33⅓rpm sounds like Elvis Presley!)… Terry Billy visits Steve Jason’s moveable Rendezvous night this Thursday (24) at Peterborough’s Videotek, while Total Contrast join Mark Purdy this Friday (25) at Kings Lynn’s Manhattans… Saturday (26), Martin Collins, Steve ‘Jammin’ Jason, Jamie Trundle, Chris ‘Charlie’ Brown and Danny Smith all soul Gt Yarmouth’s Scruples beside the seaside… Dave Woodcock and Steve Aspey soul and funk a Sunday (27) extravaganza at Witney’s Palace… Terry Billy is with Jeff Thomas at Swansea’s heaving Martha’s Vineyard on Monday (28)… Rodney Saulsberry will be appearing around the country for 10 days over Easter… Jim Cotter (01-358 0809), an experienced mixing/talking jock and studio engineer, recently of L’Equipe Anglaise, is after ideally a pub-type residency within the M25… Mark Hughes (Worthing 691047), also a mixing talker, was at Bubbles and is after ideally an upfront gig… New York’s New Music Seminar this year is July 16-20, details here from Philip Rambow on 01-960 0154, should the 1988 International DJ Convention have made you a glutton for punishment!… I seemed to meet more Irish DJs than anyone else at the DJ convention’s opening Sunday party, a large and welcome contingent being over from both Northern Ireland and Eire, avid rm readers all, their most frequent comment being that this column is a lifeline for them… Chris Carey — one time pirate ship DJ Spangles Muldoon but now an Irish radio tycoon, currently of Nova Satellite Radio Network – contentiously joked at the radio seminar that “A speech impediment is an absolute must for DJs on ILR!”… GET OFF!

ARTHUR BAKER, the New York based producer behind Wally Jump Jr and other studio creations, has now signed in his own right as a solo artiste with A&M, and is both recording and house hunting here in London. What’s more, he’ll be accompanied on some tracks by James Brown’s legendary sideman, Maceo Parker, whom he located in North Carolina. In case you’re used to Arthur with a goatee beard, it started to fall out so he shaved it off!


RICK CLARKE ‘I’ll Meet You Along The Way’ (WA Records WAT-1, via Jet Star)
No longer on RCA, Rick’s gorgeous newie (self-prod/penned with Peter Hinds) is a gently jogging relaxed 88⅔bpm swayer with some jazzy vibes and chimes behind his scatting and teasing superbly expressive soulful singing —the best to come out of Britain so far this year. Only on white label at the moment, the B-side appears to be a long version. How could a supposedly major label let something this good get away?

WILL DOWNING ‘A Love Supreme (Jazz In The House Remix)’ (Fourth & Broadway 12BRW 90)
In a “pshta pshta” hi-hat hissed more purposefully pulsing 0-119½bpm Arthur Baker remix, this glorious breathily Vandross-ish vocal version of the late John Coltrane’s inspirational jazz classic is still perhaps more satisfying in the flip’s Stanley Turrentine-saxed 0-120⅓bpm Album Mix (afro percussion flavoured 120-0bpm Dub In The House Remix, too).

ERIC B & RAKIM ‘I Know You Got Soul (The Derek On Eric Remix)’ (Cooltempo COOLXR 146)
Getting right away from other “Jackson 5” treatments, Derek B’s jiggly jumpy shuffling 103⅔bpm remix — as exclusively revealed last week — Includes ‘Superstition’-like clavinet notes without quoting the actual tune, flipped by the controversial current Norman C & DJ D Remix and the Original Version to make what must be the best value 12 inch.

DOUG E FRESH & THE GET FRESH CREW ‘Keep Risin’ To The Top’ (US Reality D-3101)
Slinkily jogging (0-)95½-95⅙-94bpm wordy rap based ultra strongly on Keni Burke’s ‘Risin’ To The Top’ and a bit of Heatwave’s ‘Ain’t No Half-Steppin’’ (instrumental too), flipped by the ‘Woody Woodpecker’ theme-introed funky drummered though oddly frantic 0-114½bpm ‘Guess? Who?‘ (in four mixes). Him? Hot?

3-D ‘From Da Giddy-Up’ (US Hilltop Hustlers HTH-004)
Steady B co-produced jiggly James Brown groove-based 109bpm fast talking Philly rap (108⅚bpm Instrumental), coupled just as strongly with the differently JB-based but similar 112⅙bpm ‘Once More You Hear The Dope Stuff‘, a denser variation on the 112⅓bpm ‘Chuck Chillout (Dope Mix)’ and its 111⅚bpm Instrumental, all with rebellious intensity to get you on the good foot. Is the credited DJ Tat Money really Cash?

THE SHE ROCKERS ‘Give It A Rest’ (Music Of Life NOTE 14)
Drily “bass” juddering 102⅓bpm young females’ rap jitterer produced by Professor Gnff of Public Enemy and scratched by Streets Ahead (in four mixes), so its street credentials couldn’t be better… even if the track could!

ANTONIO VALESQUEZ & WOLFGANG PRINZ ’15 Minutes’ (Casa, via 01-393 4944)
Credited to its producers although the actual act could be called Casa, this synth weazled simple nagging good lively Bam Bam-ish 124½bpm acid house instrumental has a girl periodically intoning “fifteen minutes” (and “your time is up”) on one side, not on the other!

CLICK (featuring DJ Gold and Tony T) ‘Freq. Jam/Straight To The Phreek’ (Pure Records PURE T12)
There’s no knowing the actual title on unhelpful white label although both these have been quoted for this rather good jaunty (0-)122bpm house bubbler overlaid by resonant organ chords, muttering, and some tinkling piano in two mixes, with a less danceable acid synth twittered 122⅓bpm flip (also two mixes).

MANTRONIX ‘In Full Effect’ (US Capitol CI-48336)
An initially disappointing album although its good points grow on one, this has the fast talking (to the tune of Chuck Berry’s ‘Maybelline’) jiggly 96⅔bpm ‘Gangster Boogie’, frenetically jittery juddering 95½bpm ‘In Full Effect‘, juddery scratching instrumental 0-99⅙bpm ‘Do You Like…Mantronik (?)‘, scratch technique crammed (0-)99-101⅔-97-99⅓-97⅓-100½-95bpm ‘Mega-Mix (’88)‘, crowd noises accompanied wriggly jogging 95-0bpm ‘Join Me Please (Home Boys-Make Some Noise)‘, bass boomed strolling 0-87bpm ‘Get Stupid (Part III)‘, romantically talking piano tinkled lurching slow 76bpm ‘Love Letter (Dear Tracy)’, guitar splurged jittery thudding 100bpm ‘Simple Simon (You Gotta Regard)’, and violently scratched urgently lurching (0-)98⅔-0bpm ‘Sing A Song (Break It Down)’ (sounding stronger now than it did in isolation on 12 inch).

CHIC ‘Good Times (Extended Version)’ (Atlantic A9107T)
Brand new chugging 113⅔bpm remix by the Jolley Harris Jolley production team, with over-dubbed fluttery rhythm and tinkling piano, flipped by both 1979’s original mix (irritatingly still the speeded up 117-117½bpm version that for some reason was put on UK 12 inch back then, far faster than the better US, and LP, tempo on which everything like ‘Rappers Delight’ became based), and by the gentle dreamy 64-68¼bpm ‘A Warm Summer Night’.

BB&Q BAND ‘On The Beat (87 Bronx Mix)’ (German Streetheat STH 529 MEGA)
Presumably out on the continent last year, this very Sister Sledge/Chic-ish jiggly smacking cleanly striding 119bpm remix is well worth finding now (less resonantly rounded 119bpm Original Mix, and datedly wriggling staccato 120bpm ‘Starlette’, too).


CEEJAY ‘A Little Love (What’s Going On)’ (US Next Plateau NP50074), very bright double Dutch (The Limit-created/Ben Liebrand-remixed) friskily tumbling Bananarama/Mel & Kim-like canterer;

BUNKER KRU ‘Set It Off (Bunker ’88 Mix — Pink Ink Mix)’ (Champion CHAMP R12-64), now retaining just the Harlequin Fours female vocal, this busily cluttered bass bombing (0-)110bpm remake turns out to be a vehicle for the PWL Studios crew of Phil Harding, Ian Curnow and the Extra Beat Boys (Yo Yo & Jamie), with a thudding instrumental 110¾-111bpm Grey Ink Mix flip;

The DTI ‘Keep This Frequency Clear’ (Premiere UK ERET-501, via PRT), piano jangled datedly clichéd 0-114⅓bpm UK “jack-jack” track lifting a line from ‘Beat Dis’;

CAPPELLA ‘Push The Beat’ (Fastglobe Records 12FGL 1, via PRT), another M|A|R|R|S-copying (0-)117¼-0bpm bounder (called ‘Bauhaus’ in its original European mix);

ELLERT ‘Love Lies’ (RCA PT 41788), Phil Harding-produced Johnny Hates Jazz-ish 0-117bpm muddled canterer, originally promoed in its far stronger totally different Mel & Kim-ish B-side’s House On The Hill mixes;

JERMAINE STEWART ‘Get Lucky (Extended Remix)’ (Siren SRNT 82), Phil Harding again adds his bouncy ‘Casanova’ beat to a cheerful 104⅔bpm chugger, actually co-penned (with Errol Brown) by Simon Climie – whose own ‘Rise To The Occasion’ of course was helped no end by the same beat!;

THE FUNKREW ‘Bad Bad Boy’ (Arista 609 756), strolling bass rolled ultra-bouncy 90⅚bpm emphatically chanted jiggler, produced by Steve Levine though more like Phil Harding’s Climie Fisher style, with a completely slowed down lovely old fashioned bluesy 0-85/42½bpm Sophisticated Version too, worth hearing;

JODY WATLEY ‘Some Kind Of Lover’ (MCA Records MCAT 1236), Madonna-pitched catchy chugging 118¾bpm jitterer;

DEBBIE GIBSON ‘Only In My Dreams’ (Atlantic A9322T), wriggly 125bpm leaper, now likely at last to be as big here as it has been everywhere else;

TAYLOR DAYNE ‘Prove Your Love (Extended Remix)’ (Arista 609830), electronically chording routine dated jittery 119¼bpm Miami disco judderer with rock guitar;

THE COVER GIRLS ‘Because Of You’ (Ton Son Ton SONL 2, via PRT), Cole & Clivilles co-created jittery shrill 0-119⅓-0bpm Miami-style squawker;

THE ART OF NOISE ‘Dragnet (Art Of Noise ’88 12” Mix)’ (China CHINAX 4), percussively thudding (0-1119½-0bpm jittery churning instrumental with ‘White Lines’ bass and stuttery soundtrack samples, flipped by a piano jangled looser (0-)120¾-0bpm Arthur Baker House Mix.


WEE PAPA GIRL RAPPERS ‘Faith’ (Jive JIVE R 164) is in a political speech and philosophy overlaid beefily bouncy 0-105⅙bpm Streets Ahead remix flipped by Cutmaster Swift’s also 0-105⅙bpm scratch mix (in a mad surfeit of creative marketing, a Simon Harris remix will also be a seven inch-only B-side and a Jon Williams remix in a limited edition of 500);

GLEN GOLDSMITH ‘Dreaming (Up All Night Mix)’ (RCA PT41712R), as forecast, is a far better more densely throbbing jittery 104⅙bpm dance mix with punchier bass, saxist Mike Stevens’ piano propelling the flip’s previously promo-only slinkily jiggling, by coincidence, also 104⅙bpm instrumental ‘I Won’t Cry (Back Yardie Mix)’;

TONGUE IN CHEEK ‘Nobody (Can Love Me) (Live In Little Venice)’ (Criminal Records BUSTR6) is a Total Contrast created crowd surrounded and James Brown-cutting 107½bpm still wriggly remix;

PEBBLES ‘Girlfriend (Dance Remix)’ (MCA Records MCAX 1233, as omitted last week, is a much less catchy – if “harder” – over gimmicky staccato jerky 118½bpm dubwise version;

SOHO ‘Piece Of You (Extended Arcade Remix)’ (Hedd Records HEDD1 13) is still (0-)128bpm with yowling guitar;

ROBE ‘Turn On The Moon (Moonmix)’ (2000 AD Records ROBETR1), if anyone cares, is more percussively chugging at (0-)113-0bpm.

THE CLUB CHART – March 26, 1988

01 02 I KNOW YOU GOT SOUL (NORMAN C & DJ D REMIX) Eric B & Rakim, Cooltempo 12in
02 03 I WANT HER (EXTENDED VERSION) Keith Sweat, Vintertainment 12in
03 01 BEAT DIS (EXTENDED DIS) Bomb The Bass, Mister-Ron Records 12in
04 06 BASS (HOW LOW CAN YOU GO) (BOMB THE HOUSE MIX) Simon Harris, ffrr 12in
05 07 DO THIS MY WAY/NORMAN C & DJ D REMIX Kid ‘N’ Play, Cooltempo 12in
06 04 GOODGROOVE Derek B, Music Of Life 12in
07 05 DOCTORIN’ THE HOUSE/SPENG Coldcut featuring Yazz, Ahead Of Our Time 12in
09 08 DON’T LOCK ME OUT (SUPER BASS CLUB MIX/CLUB MIX) Terry Billy, Atlantic 12in
10 11 IT TAKES TWO Rob Base & DJ E-Z Rock, US Profile 12in/CityBeat promo
11 10 PRIVATE PARTY (LES ADAMS’ REMIXES) Wally Jump Jr & the Criminal Element,  Breakout 12in
13 28 THEME FROM S-EXPRESS S-Express, Rhythm King 12in white label
14 13 WAM BAM (12” REMIX) NT Gang, Cooltempo 12in
15 14 LOVE IS CONTAGIOUS (EXTENDED MIX) Taja Sevelle, Reprise Records 12in
16 18 FAITH (EXTENDED VERSION) Wee Papa Girl Rappers, Jive 12in
17 19 PINK CADILLAC (CLUB VOCAL)/I WANNA BE THAT WOMAN Natalie Cole, Manhattan 12in
18 41 DREAMING (EXTENDED DANCE MIX) Glen Goldsmith, RCA 12in
19 25 NOBODY CAN LOVE ME Tongue ‘N’ Cheek, Criminal 12in
20 12 YES IT’S YOU Sweet Charles/THINK (ABOUT IT)/ROCK ME AGAIN & AGAIN & AGAIN & AGAIN & AGAIN & AGAIN Lyn Collins, Urban 12in
21 — A LOVE SUPREME (JAZZ IN THE HOUSE REMIX) Will Downing, Fourth & Broadway 12in
22 50 I FEEL IT (CONSTRUCTION MEDLEY/MAKUMBA MIX) Suzie and the Cubans, Champion 12in
23 20 MOHAMED’S HOUSE Sheik Fawaz, Circa Records 12in
24 22 STRONG ISLAND J.V.C.F.O.R.C.E., US B Boy Records 12in
25 24 RAW Big Daddy Kane, Cold Chillin’ 12in
26 16 HOW LOW CAN YOU GO Project Club, Supreme Records 12in
27 26 GIVE IT TO ME (RADIO MIX/INSTRUMENTAL MIX) Bam Bam, Serious Records 12in
29 15 COME INTO MY LIFE (CLUB VERSION) Joyce Sims, London 12in
30 64 A LOVE SUPREME/IN MY DREAMS/SET ME FREE/DO YOU?/FREE Will Downing, Fourth & Broadway LP
31 17 THAT’S THE WAY IT IS Mel & Kim, Supreme Records 12in
32 32 BABY WANTS TO RIDE (STEVE ‘SILK’ HURLEY CLUB MIX) Jamie Principle, ffrr 12in
33 34 HEROIN (“JUST SAY NO” MIX) Black Britain, 10 Records 12in
34 33 LOVER’S LANE (NEW AFTER HOURS VOCAL MIX) Georgio, Motown 12in
35 38 SUBMIT (TO THE BEAT)/DANCING AND MUSIC (REMIXES) Groove, Submission 12in
36 46 BIG THING (EXTENDED) Blue Zone, Arista/Rockin’Horse Records 12in
37 39 LOVIN’ ON NEXT TO NOTHIN’ (EXTENDED) Gladys Knight & The Pips, MCA Records 12in
39 — BOUNCY HOUSE (UNDERGROUND MIX) Adrenalin MOD, MCA Records 12in
40 51 ANYONE… Smith & Mighty featuring Jackie Jackson, Three Stripe Records 12in
41 42 WALK IN THE NIGHT Paul Hardcastle, Chrysalis 12in
42 72 GIRLFRIEND (EXTENDED VERSION) Pebbles, MCA Records 12in
44 30 PIANO IN THE DARK Brenda Russell, Breakout 12in
45 35 CLAP YOUR HANDS/OHH GIRL Davy D, Def Jam 12in
46 29 I FOUND YOU Dee Dee Wilde, Fourth & Broadway 12in
47 23 NEVER KNEW LOVE LIKE THIS (EXTENDED) Alexander O’Neal featuring Cherrelle, Tabu 12in
48 77 ROOKIES REVENGE (QUANTUM JUMP MIX) Lou, Supreme Records 12in
50 52= DOCTORIN’ THE HOUSE (THE UPSET REMIX/ACID SHUT UP) Coldcut featuring Yazz, Ahead Of Our Time 12in
51 57 I WANT HER (DANCE ‘TIL YA SWEAT MIX) Keith Sweat, Elektra 12in
52 — DIVINE EMOTIONS (REMIX) Narada, US Reprise Records 12in
53 — KEEP RISIN’ TO THE TOP Doug E & The Get Fresh Crew, US Reality 12in
54 — SET IT OFF (BUNKER ’88 PINK INK MIX) Bunker Kru, Champion 12in
57 60 BANGO (TO THE BATMOBILE)/BACK TO THE BEAT The Todd Terry Project, US Fresh Records 12in
58 — THAT’S THE WAY IT IS (ACID HOUSE REMIX) Mel & Kim, Supreme Records 12in
59 79 PUSH IT (REMIX)/I AM DOWN (CLUB MIX) Salt-n-Pepa/HIT ‘EM WITH THIS Antoinette, ffrr 12in
61 66 OOO LA LA LA (EXTENDED VERSION) Teena Marie, Epic 12in
62 45 HOUSE TRAIN (NEW YORK MIX) Risse, Jack Trax 12in
63 68 I NEED SOMEBODY Kechia Jenkins, US Profile 12in/CityBeat promo
64 — ALL THIS LOVE THAT I’M GIVING/UK RE-EDIT Gwen McCrae, Rhythm King 12in promo
65 — GOOD TIMES (JOLLEY HARRIS JOLLEY REMIX) Chic, Atlantic 12in promo
66 — FAITH (JON WILLIAMS’ ‘GEORGE MICHAEL’ REMIX)/(SIMON HARRIS REMIX) Wee Papa Girl Rappers, Jive 12in white label
67 59 CAN’T LOVE YOU TONIGHT (REMIX) Gwen Guthrie, US Warner Bros/Jellybean 12in
68 97 NITE AND DAY/NUIT ET JOUR Al B Sure!, US Warner Bros/Uptown 12in
69 93 SPY IN THE HOUSE OF LOVE (DOCTOR X IN FULL EFFECT) Was (Not Was), Fontana 12in
70 44 FISHNET (BIG LEG MIX) Morris Day, Warner Bros 12in
71 — JEALOUSY & LIES/ALTERNATIVE DANCE MIX Julian Jonah, Cooltempo 12in white label
72 — YOU ARE THE ONE Taurus Boyz featuring Kevin Henry, Cooltempo 12in
73 83 100% Mini Curry, Timeless Records 12in
74 — GET LUCKY (EXTENDED REMIX) Jermaine Stewart, Siren 12in
75 84 COME BACK LOVER (REMIXES) Richard Valentine, US Sleeping Bag Records 12in
76 100 HOUSE THIS HOUSE Mr Lee/GET THE HOLE Townsell/SHOUT/TOM TOM Jack Frost and the Circle Jerks (‘Acid Tracks’), US Trax Records LP
78 — DREAMING (UP ALL NIGHT MIX) Glen Goldsmith, RCA 12in
79 — PIECE OF YOU (EXTENDED ARCADE REMIX) Soho, Hedd Records 12in
80 61 HOUSEDOCTORS (GOTTA GET DOWN) The Housedoctors, Big One 12in
82 — HOUSEDOCTORS (GOTTA GET DOWN) (CRAZY CUTS MIX)/(3.54 VERSION) The Housedoctors, Big One 12in
83 71 JACKIN’ JAMES (CLUB MIX) Jack Factory/BOUNCY HOUSE (BOUNCY MIX) Adrenalin MOD, Warrior Records 12in
85 — PUSH THE BEAT (BAUHAUS) Cappella, Fastglobe Records 12in white label
86 80 DON’T TURN AROUND (REMIX) Aswad, Mango 12in
87 85 GET OUT OF MY LIFE TC Curtis, Hot Melt 12in
88 — I’LL MEET YOU ALONG THE WAY Rick Clarke, WA Records 12in white label
89 — MIND BODY AND SOUL Afrika Bambaataa and Family/RECKLESS featuring UB40, EMI 12in
90 — HOT DAY IS BURNIN’ (RISIN’ TO THE TOP) Grandmaster Hot Day with the Imperial Wizard, US Tuff City 12in
91 — ON THE FLOOR/LOST IN SPACE Powerhouse, Champion 12in
92 — M.F.S.B./SYSTEM Well Red (DJ D Zire), Virgin 12in white label
93 91 SOMETHING JUST AIN’T RIGHT (EXTENDED) Keith Sweat, US Vintertainment 12in
94 — BUST THIS HOUSE DOWN (JOHN SHAFT’S MIX) Penthouse 4, Syncopate 12in mailing list promo
95 — PICK UP THE PIECES/WHERE B.E.W.A.R.E. featuring Tony Scott & DJ Fix, Dutch Rhythm Records 12in
96 — “BASS (GET INVOLVED)”/”REBEL SCRATCH” ‘Scam 2’, Scam 12in
97 — YES, I HAVE RETURNED/BASS TO THE BEAT Richie Rich, Gee St Records 12in
98 — LET’S PICK UP THE PIECES (AND MAKE SOME MUSIC) Twin-Beat, Big One 12in mailing list promo
99 — 15 MINUTES Ca Sa (Antonio Valesquez & Wolfgang Prinz), Diamond Duel 12in white label
100= — STUDY THE FUNK/HOMEWORK MIX Greedy Beat Syndicate, Greedy Beat 12in
100= — DON’T TOUCH THAT DIAL! (CHINA G REMIX) T.W.C. (“Mix One”), Noise Boyz Productions (UK) 12in white label
100= — BITE BEATS Drop, “DRP” 12in blue label
100= — WALK AWAY (12in CLUB MIX HIP HOP STYLE/HIP HOP DUB/HOUSE DUB)/(12in HOUSE MIX/PERCAPPELLA) Joyce Sims, London 12in twin-pack pre-release


01 01 GET OUTTA MY DREAMS, GET INTO MY CAR Billy Ocean, Jive 12in
02 02 BEAT DIS (EXTENDED DIS) Bomb The Bass, Mister-Ron/Rhythm King 12in
03 03 TOGETHER FOREVER Rick Astley, RCA 12in
04 04 I SHOULD BE SO LUCKY Kylie Minogue, PWL Records 12in
05 06 I WANT HER Keith Sweat, Vintertainment/Elektra 12in
06 07 TELL IT TO MY HEART Taylor Dayne, Arista 12in
07 08 DOCTORIN’ THE HOUSE Coldcut featuring Yazz and the Plastic Population, Ahead Of Our Time 12in
08 — DON’T TURN AROUND Aswad, Mango 12in
09 19 DO THIS MY WAY Kid ‘N Play, Cooltempo 12in
10 — GOODGROOVE Derek B, Music Of Life 12in
11 16 DON’T LOCK ME OUT Terry Billy, Atlantic 12in
12 05 THAT’S THE WAY IT IS Mel & Kim, Supreme Records 12in
13 17 I GET WEAK Belinda Carlisle, Virgin 12in
14 09 GIMME HOPE JO’ANNA Eddy Grant, Ice 12in
15 15 LET’S GET BRUTAL Nitro Deluxe, Cooltempo 12in
16 13 SPY IN THE HOUSE OF LOVE Was (Not Was), Fontana 12in
17 10 MAN IN THE MIRROR Michael Jackson, Epic 12in
18 — LOVE IS CONTAGIOUS Taja Sevelle, Paisley Park 12in
19 — BASS (HOW LOW CAN YOU GO) Simon Harris, ffrr 12in
20 — ONLY IN MY DREAMS Debbie Gibson, Atlantic 12in


01 01 I SHOULD BE SO LUCKY Kylie Minogue, PWL Records 12in
02 02 TELL IT TO MY HEART Taylor Dayne, Arista 12in
03 04 BOYS (SUMMERTIME LOVE) Sabrina, Ibiza 12in
04 03 THAT’S THE WAY IT IS Mel & Kim, Supreme 12in
05 05 BEAT DIS (EXTENDED DIS) Bomb The Bass, Mister-Ron 12in
06 07 TOGETHER FOREVER Rick Astley, RCA 12in
07 06 SHAKE YOUR LOVE Debbie Gibson, Atlantic 12in
08 — JUST A MIRAGE Jellybean featuring Adele Bertei, Chrysalis 12in
09 09 WHO’S LEAVING WHO Hazell Dean, Parlophone 12in
10 10 OH YEAH Yello, Mercury 12in


01 01 TAKE AWAY THE RAIN Sidewalk, Reflection 12in
02 04 TELL IT TO MY HEART Taylor Dayne, Arista 12in
03 05 I SHOULD BE SO LUCKY Kylie Minogue, PWL Records 12in
04 03 NO REGRETS Quartzlock, Reflection 12in
05 08 WHO’S LEAVING WHO Hazell Dean, EMI 12in
06 07 PINK CADILLAC (CLUB VOCAL) Natalie Cole, Manhattan 12in
07 09 I CRY FOR YOU Shy Rose, US JDC 12in
08 02 SUSPICIOUS MINDS Bobby O, US O Records 12in
09 06 SAVIN’ MYSELF (HOT LINE REMIX)/(BLASTER MIX) Eria Fachin, Saturday 12in
10 11 POPCORN M&H Band, French Family 12in
11 13 STOP ME NOW Midnight Shift, Technique 12in
12 12 BACK TO YOU Crystal In The Pink, Canadian Power 12in
13 22 JUST A MIRAGE Jellybean featuring Adele Bertei, Chrysalis 12in
14 10 THE WINNER TAKES IT ALL Sandra Edwards, Bolts 12in
15 16 S.T.O.P Samantha Gilles, Belgian Hi Tension/Italian Time 12in
16 14 SURPRISE ME TONIGHT Norma Lewis, Nightmare 12in
17 17 SATISFY MY DESIRE Havana, Nightmare 12in
18 15 THAT’S THE WAY IT IS/I’M THE ONE WHO REALLY LOVES YOU (US REMIX) Mel & Kim, Supreme Records 12in
19 21 LIES Amanda Scott, Quazar 12in
20 29 I’M NOT SCARED (DISCO MIX) Eighth Wonder, CBS 12in
21 20 IF YOU LOVE SOMEBODY (REMIX) Barbara Doust, Canadian Power 12in
22 18 O L’AMOUR Dollar, London 12in
23 19 MIDNIGHT LOVER Bianca, Belgian Hi Tension 12in
24 25 THE RIGHT COMBINATION Seventh Avenue, Nightmare 12in
25 26 BIG BROTHER Aleph, Italian Time 12in
26 27 DO YOU WANNA FUNK Zone Brothers, US Recca 12in
27 33 STOP FOR A MINUTE Sandra, German Virgin 12in
28 34 THIS GIRL’S BACK IN TOWN Raquel Welch, US Columbia 12in
29 24 CONTACT (MEDLEY) Disc Drive, US Sizzle 12in
30 31 SKY HIGH (LES ADAMS REMIX) Jigsaw, Splash 12in
31 23 THE HEART IS A LONELY HUNTER Bonnie Bianco, German Metronome 12in
32 36 SCIENCE FICTION Scott Stryker, Nightmare 12in
33 35 YOU ONLY YOU Tasha, Belgian ARS 12in
34 37 THESE ARE BRIGHTER DAYS Barbara Pennington, Nightmare 12in
35 42 BOYS (SUMMERTIME LOVE) Sabrina, Ibiza 12in
36 30 HYPNOTIZE Taste-T-Lips, US Mercury 12in
37 28 A LA VIE L’AMOUR Jakie Quartz, Dutch CBS 12in
38 38 LOVE Gypsy & Queen, Italian Time 12in
39 39 PERFECT LOVE (REMIX) Linda Jo Rizzo, Quartzlock 12in
40 43 (I DON’T KNOW IF YOU’RE) DEAD OR ALIVE Claudja Barry, US Disconet 12in
41 41 SLAVE (FOR YOUR DESIRE) Tracy Ackerman, Passion 12in
43 47 BEAT DIS (EXTENDED DIS) Bomb The Bass, Mister-Ron Records 12in
44 44 MY HEART’S ON FIRE Patrick L Myles, Canadian Power 12in
45 40 TELL IT TO MY HEART (HOUSE OF HEARTS MIX) Taylor Dayne, Arista 12in
47 46 CROSS MY BROKEN HEART Sinitta, Fanfare 12in
48 48 I THINK WE’RE ALONE NOW Tiffany, MCA 12in
49 — IN YOUR EYES Roxana, Italian Italo Magic 12in

2 thoughts on “March 26, 1988: Rick Clarke, Will Downing, Eric B & Rakim, Doug E Fresh, 3-D”

  1. The house track by the DTI is actually an alias of Paul Hardcastle who last week JH was running out of ideas by doing the cover version of ‘Walk In The Night’ although PH may have had rare groove sales in mind with WITN as before rare groove was ever thought of that tune had been one of the older oldies that was still played quite a bit on the pirates/at clubs/weekenders. The DTI tune as JH says was pretty unremarkable in every way and not one of PH’s better moments – he also soon did an acid tune IIRC which I forget the name of. The DTI name obviously being a reference to the scourge of pirate radio back then as they busted stations and nicked the set-ups. It’s only just over a year till Kiss went legal by this point.

    And Cappella in their review getting an early mention for them and the whole Italo-house sound which was to be so big over the next 10 years in this world and in some cases as crossovers into the pop charts.


    1. The Cappella track completely passed me by at the time – but 12 months later, ‘Helyom Halib’ would become an absolutely massive track at my nights.


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