September 10, 1988: Phase II, M.C. La Kim, Jesse Johnson, Steven Danté, Mica Paris


SO FAR, nothing but support has been flooding in from all sides for my comments two issues ago about “acid house” now being cynically created for an audience too drugged to care about the quality of the music — at the time of writing now, before this week’s Gallup chart was known, it was still very noticeable that not one actual acid track had cracked the Top 40, a hopeful sign that the majority of the population have kept their musical sense in the face of the subversive hype … Champion Records successfully threatened an injunction to prevent Gee St Records releasing the Jungle Brothers ‘I’ll House You’, because it is of course blatantly based on Champion’s now reissued and fast selling Royal House ‘Con You Party’ … PLASA’s annual equipment exhibition, this year called 88 Light + Sound Show, is at West London’s Olympia 2 this Sunday-Wednesday (11-14), 11am-6pm, £5 admission on the door if you failed to pre-register in time for a discount … rm is about to be sold with two more totally free seven inch vinyl EPs of hot dance music, even better than the last pair, the one available with the issue dated September 24 containing an original rap version of Bomb The Bass ‘Megablast’, DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince ‘New Kids On The Block’, plus the brand new S’Express ‘Coma‘ and Wee Papa Girl Rappers ‘You Got The Beat‘, while October 1’s has a special Coldcut remix of Sweet Toothed Sonny ‘Acid Drops’ plus the brand new Cold Crush Brothers ‘The Bronx‘ and Mixmaster Tee created ‘Fourth Floor All-Stars‘ mix of Four Play, Break Boys, Masters At Work, and O.N.I.T. (Oh No, It’s Them) – place an order with your newsagent now so as not to be disappointed! … Top Billin’s long since reviewed single is now finally released commercially, the hotter ‘Never’ B-side turning out to be the old Kleeer song … Electra’s ‘Jibaro (Spectrum Remix)’ sleeve says “This record is dedicated To The Memory of Steve Walsh” … Jolley Harris Jolley’s remix of Pieces Of A Dream ‘Rising To The Top’ should be due next week … Les Adams was guest mixing DJ with Nick Addams at David Grant’s wedding last Saturday — what, incidentally, does Les have in common with Carrie, the new Mrs Grant?! … Brass Construction’s main man Randy Muller has finally set up his own Plaza Records label, as yet unsigned here … Ian Levine is cockahoop at having Seventh Avenue picked up for a five year/five album US deal by Atlantic — who have also just snapped up from him a four years old Hi-NRG hit that he only ever mixed, but recently obtained from its defunct Bronze label, Vikki Benson ‘Easy Love‘, following its sudden much played Latin hip hop success on Miami radio! … Japan’s highest radio jock, Yuki Iwata hosts a four day televised Hi-NRG festival in Tokyo during November, including two separate nights devoted to Stock Aitken Waterman productions and the apparently locally popular Nightmare label, presented respectively by Pete Waterman and Ian Levine … TV makes people look fatter … Charly Records’ catalogue deal with New York’s long established Fania and Vaya Latin labels has resulted in a flood of salsa albums and interesting compilations on the new UK Caliente label, worth checking by jazzier jocks … Impulse Club Promotions’ new main men (on 01-459 8866) Glasgow hard case Kenny Macleod and Bromley (South London) soul boy Nick Gordon Brown “aim to straddle the much-mythologised North/South divide” — to my mind, the ones at top and bottom are fine, it’s those in between who sometimes seem to have chips on their shoulders (stir, stir!) … BAD boy Mike Shawe reckons that three pirate radio stations have shaken up Bristol’s appreciation of dance music, even the largest Mecca venue being more aware of acid while record shops are incorporating large dance music sections and stocking current imports, nearby Bath being very black music orientated too, says he … London Electric Ballroom DJ Glen Gunner boasts that he too has just bought an “F” reg car — from the last time around, 1968, a VW split-screen cam-per, for £150! … NANU NANU!


PHASE II ‘Reachin’ (Brotherhood Mix)’ (RePublic Records LICT 006, via Rough Trade)
Typically excellent Blaze-produced soulfully sung and piano plonked creamily thumping smooth 0-121-0bpm hustling New York “deep house” churner building powerful nagging tension, with lyrics full of timeless joy and hope, a real grower as The Club Chart has been proving (more sparsely percussive instrumental 121bpm Stand Firm Mix, piano backed acappella 0-120½-0bpm Redemption Mix, and 120½-0bpm Radio Edit). Don’t miss this, it’s so satisfying!

M.C. LA KIM ‘The Posse Is Large’ (US Tuff City TUF 128031)
Officially flip to the murkily dragging 92⅔bpm ‘We Got The Funk‘ (in two mixes), this DJ Mark The 45 King-produced 106’⅙bpm rap (acappella too) is set to the nagging oboe and drums break beat from his own ‘The 900 Number‘, a real underground hip hop groove for a few mixers in the know, so that consequently this is now massive at rap gigs!

JESSE JOHNSON ‘Every Shade Of Love (Keith Cohen Remix)’ (Breakout USAT 637)
Keith Cohen and Steve Beltran-mixed sax squealed ultra jaunty go-go hip hop jiggled largely instrumental 0-97⅔-97½-97⅔-0bpm swaying soul jitterer, with a more vocal 97½bpm Original Version and the self-remixed old bashing purple tinged 114¼bpm ‘Love Struck (House Mix)‘, now out here hard on the heels of US imports.

STEVEN DANTÉ ‘(Just My) Imagination’ (Cooltempo DANTE 2)
Not the best track on his album, this Gardner Cole produced, Robert Clivilles & David Cole mixed, ‘Set It Off’-ish “pshta pshta” hi-hatted unhurriedly rolling 113⅓-0bpm jitterer adds a bracketed preamble to its title on 12 inch, plus on the faster instrumental flip a synth bleeped 117-0bpm Acid Mix and house-ish 120⅓-120-0bpm Dub.

MICA PARIS ‘So Good’ (Fourth & Broadway BRLP S25)
As with Steven Danté’s album, much care and talent has been lavished on this extremely polished and mature debut set, the pressure obviously being on to come up with a classy product first time out, and indeed it’s very listenable if just a little too careful for my own liking, with the gorgeous gospel-ish 47bpm title track, Paul Johnson duetted gently soulful 36½-73bpm ‘Words Into Action‘, coolly drifting 88⅚bpm ‘Breathe Life lnto Me‘, lovely moodily smoochy 58¾bpm ‘Sway (Dance The Blues Away)‘, Will Downing moaned attractively meandering 100/50-0bpm ‘Don’t Give Me Up‘, drily thudding jiggly 95bpm ‘I’d Hate To Love You‘, bluesily introed staccato chugging 0-107⅔bpm ‘Nothing Hits Your Heart Like Soul Music‘, jauntily churning 120bpm ‘Great Impersonation‘, previously issued sweetly undulating 109⅓bpm ‘My One Temptation’ and Steely Dan-ish 119½bpm ‘Like Dreamers Do‘.

RICK ASTLEY ‘She Wants To Dance With Me (Extended Mix)’ (RCA PT 42190)
Presumably as a prelude to a weightier Christmas offering, Gingerknob finally revives his UK career with an insubstantial but breezily rattling 118-117½bpm canterer that he wrote himself and co-produced with Phil Harding and Ian Curnow, to show he can cut it on his own without Stock Aitken Waterman’s direct involvement — however, the 12 inch will be helped immensely by the flip’s Pete Hammond-remixed delicately picked 110⅓bpm Matt’s Jazzy Guitar Mix of SAW’s jiggly swaying ‘It Would Take A Strong Strong Man’, always considered by many in its original form to be the next logical hit single on his album. To their credit, no other material was in fact pulled from the album, even though a long wait for a new single has resulted here (obviously to prevent imports clashing with his US releases).

CHAPTER 8 ‘Forever’ (US Capitol CL-46947)
On import seven inch for a while and still the standout of this disappointingly routine though eagerly anticipated soul album (by the group that originally spawned Anita Baker), the Valerie Pinkston soared and walled gorgeous lush surging 40/80-80⅕bpm ‘Give Me A Chance’ is so timelessly “right” that it sounds as instantly familiar as an old favourite (not perhaps surprisingly as it’s quite derivative!), Valerie also singing the jerkily cantering 119⅓bpm ‘The Last Time‘ and snappily jerking 119¼bpm ‘I Can’t Wait‘, while Gerald Lyles sings the juddery roiling 112bpm ‘Real Love‘, O’Neal-ish lurching modern soul 112bpm ‘Understanding‘, jolting dull 96⅙bpm ‘Stronger Love’ and slushy 65½/32¾bpm ‘Long Time To Love’, while both duet the pleasant if clichéd sweet 79½bpm title track and jazzily introed meandering 39/78¼bpm ‘So In Love’, the whole group unison chanting the datedly funky clipped 115bpm ‘One And Only’.

BIG DADDY KANE ‘Set It Off (Marley Marl Mix)’ (Cold Chillin’ SAM 489)
Already hot for ages on LP, this newly remixed excitingly churning drums thundered (0-)116¼bpm jittery rap with a naggingly repeated piercing tinny guitar noise has been eagerly snapped up by those few who could find at on very rare advance promo pressings, some of which should by now also have reached WEA’s mailing list jocks.

THE JETS ‘Sendin’ All My Love (Justin Strauss “Summer Splash” Mix)’ (US MCA Records MCA 23887)
Pleasant soulfully bounding 0-118bpm girl-led dated canterer with spacious disco percussion, the Polynesian family group getting much more initial attention from soul quarters than usual this time thanks to it being a really good record — which may of course ultimately mean it’s less of a crossover (Dubapella and Drumapella flip).

CHILLIN KREW ‘Too Much Fun (Krew Cut Mix)’ (I.R.S. KRUT 1)
Quite powerful juddery 105bpm hip hop scratch instrumental cutting in Public Enemy/JB’s-style screeches and much more, flipped by a more gimmicky young kids sung 0-105⅙bpm “school’s out” rap and 105⅙bpm ‘Krew Salute’ alternative instrumental mix.

ECSTASY ‘Ecstasy (Don’t Do It)’ (Ecstasy 12XTC I, via EMI)
Simple repetition of “ecstasy won’t set your mind free, so don’t, don’t do it” doesn’t present quite such a convincing anti-drugs argument as ‘White Lines’, but this synth sizzled and snarled slippery 0-127bpm acid speeder at least has his heart in the right place (alternative more stuttery machine washed 0-127-0bpm B-side mix), currently on mysterious white label from EMI — a possible scam?

BY ALL MEANS ‘Somebody Save Me’ (Fourth & Broadway 12BRW 114)
Although the included original 118⅔bpm Album Mix remains hardest hitting, this huskily masculine Colonel Abrams/Will Downing-type jolting soulful shuffler has also been subtly remixed in three new ways by Marshall Jefferson, with a more loosely rambling cymbal shushed 118⅔bpm Garage Mix, vocally pent-up percussively spurting 118⅓-118⅔bpm Emotion Mix and similar 118⅓bpm Bonus Beats, all thankfully remaining good soul music instead of becoming mindless acid for idiots.

BRANDON COOKE featuring ROXANNE SHANTÉ ‘Sharp As A Knife (Jon Williams Remix 88 Update)’ (Club JABX 73)
Totally restructuring what began a couple of years or so ago as a Boy George-ish pop track with some nagging rap counterpoint, Jon Williams has removed all of Brandon and instead strung together the young Roxanne’s typically scolding rap over the first half of a brand new “acieed!” interjected and synth twittered bouncily striding 123½bpm acid house track, only on single-sided promo so far.

VARIOUS ‘Acid LP‘ (US Hot Mix 5 Inc Records HMF-LP-01)
Created in Chicago with obviously a commercial eye on the British market, but with less cynical opportunism than the bandwagon jumping “acieed!” merchants, this sparsely produced genuine “acid house” set has a sweetly duetted alternative 122⅓bpm Mickey Oliver & Ralphi Rosario mix of PIERRE’S PFANTASY CLUB ‘Dream Girl’, the DJ Pierre-produced machine washed bounding 123¼-0bpm ‘Jiggerwatts‘ and starkly muttering 122¾bpm ‘Can You Feel The Bass?‘ by (surely here mis-spelt?) PHORTUNE, the title muttering synth sizzled bounding 126⅔bpm COOL McCOOL ‘World Turns Around‘, repetitively twittered pulsing 123¼bpm ARMANDO ‘151‘, twittering and sizzling monotonous 118⅓bpm ‘Ecstasy‘ (whoops!) and disjointedly pausing squeaky synth skittered 117¾bpm ‘The Juice‘ by FINGERS, and an “acid” muttering twittery 124⅓-124¼bpm ‘Mix — Pump Up The Acid‘ by MICKEY OLIVER & RALPHI ROSARIO.

BARBARA LYNN ‘You Make Me So Hot’ (lchiban Records 1CHT 704)
Better late than never, the label has finally got it together to send me this very drily recorded sparsely pattering and plunking 91-91¼-90⅔-91bpm sinuous jogger, eventually reaching a repetitively emphatic lurching staccato gritty soul vocal (edit, and lightly freewheeling 132½-142½bpm ‘Sugar Coated Love‘ blues flip), a potential low entry in The Club Chart last week had I been serviced with a copy earlier, as requested three times!

SOUL II SOUL featuring DO’REEN ‘Feel Free (Liberated Mix)’ (10 Records TEN X 239)
Jazzie B’s new juddery crawling 83⅞bpm purpose built modern “rare groove” features a replacement quavery female vocalist (instrumental too) and in truth is far less hauntingly compulsive than the also included Rose Windross wailed inconclusively rambling jiggy jogging (0-)101bpm ‘Fairplay‘, which as anticipated never had enough of a song to cross over outside London (where, thanks to pirate play, it remains huge).

MIKEY D & THE L.A. POSSE ‘Out Of Control’ (US Sleeping Bag Records SLX-40137)
The recent New Music Seminar’s winning rapper on a disappointingly derivative and slow 97⅓bpm jerky judderer using the old ‘Sunshine Of Your Love’ bassline and clichéd scratches by DJ Johnnie Quest, flipped with the Bobby Byrd-cutting stark sexist 88½bpm ‘Comin’ In The House‘ which thinly disguises girls’ various orifices as the rooms in a house, if you get the crude picture (dubs too).


PET SHOP BOYS ‘Domino Dancing (Disco Mix)’ (Parlophone 12R 6190), rhythmically quite dull pitter pattering Latin hip hop (0-)109¾-0bpm Spanish tinged mournful Eurobeat swayer, enlivened by an abrupt stuttery transformer scratch-style break, but hauntingly tuneful and an obvious instant pop smash regardless (semi-acappella rhythm-less Alternative Mix, and totally different atmospherically cantering 122bpm ‘Don Juan (Disco Mix)‘ flip);

PAUL RUTHERFORD ‘Get Real (Happy House Mix)’ (Fourth & Broadway 12BRW 113), repeating “are you happy?” to equate with the smiley sun logo that has been adopted by the new ecstasy motivated drug culture, this bubbly synth sizzled moaning and muttering 125½bpm acid loper is the almost inevitable outcome when an inspiration lacking pop poseur like the Frankie Goes To Hollywood co-founder has to find a vehicle for his solo debut — unfortunately, his media profile will almost undoubtedly make it a hit, unless that is the media decide to shun it for being the potentially dangerous encouragement to take drugs that its success could help it become (with muted trumpet and atmospheric synth, the flip’s more jaggedly jittering 125¾bpm ‘Happy Face‘ again refers to the smiley sun);

ROSE ROYCE ‘I Wanna Get Next To You’ (MCA Records MCAT 1274), 1977’s big bitter sweet 65-65½bpm lush soul ballad from ‘Car Wash’ (it accompanied the goofy guy with the giant afro’s unrequited longing for the local diner’s attractive waitress), flipped by the less enduring dated jerky funk 111½-111-112bpm ‘Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is‘ (and, on promo anyway, ‘Car Wash’ yet again);

ERASURE ‘A Little Respect’ (Mute 12MUTE85), Mark Saunders mixed sombre buzzing synth throbbed (0-)114bpm Yazoo-ish chugger, flipped by the interestingly worded though trickily jerking 100bpm ‘Like Zsa Zsa Gabor (7″ Mix)‘;

M.C. BRONX ‘Top Cat Rap (Tin Roof Mix)’ (100 2 One Records CATRAP 121, via PRT), amateurishly produced juddery 0-98-0bpm pop rap woven around the music from TV’s classic cartoon series (here surely known as ‘Boss Cat’?), not a bad idea that could have been so much better done;

LOVE AND MONEY ‘Hallelujah Man’ (Fontana MONEY 512), rather pleasant if lyrically obscure atmospheric lazily swaying 0-91⅙bpm jiggly jogger by the Glaswegian blue eyed soulsters (I can’t help thinking Hall & Oates would have concocted a sharper song with the same feel);

THE ASSOCIATES ‘Heart Of Glass (Auchterhouse Mix)’ (WEA YZ310T), twittering and jittering FON Force remixed unconvincing 118⅓bpm pop attempt at an acid house treatment of Blondie’s classic;

CHICO CHICO ‘Bamboléo (Spanish Summer Mix)’ (German Jupiter Records 887 683-1), Germany recorded much more facile and weedy 116⅔-0bpm Eurodisco treatment of the Gipsy Kings’ terrific Continental smash, now with all the original “flamengo” ingredients removed;

BRENDA K. STARR ‘What You See Is What You Get’ (MCA Records MCAT 1279), young girl shrilled speedily bustling (0-)123½-0bpm churner flipped by the painfully piercing busily jiggling 114-0bpm ‘Giving You All My Love‘ (which they’d do well to supply with ear plugs!), both being different types of Latin hip hop jitterer;

PSEUDONYM ‘You Have The Right To Remain Silent’ (Saturday SDY 5, via PRT), Miami recorded clumsily constructed “loadsasamples” shouting 0-122-0bpm electro disco lurcher that does its best to obscure the fact it contains dozens of clips from US and UK TV series;

FIVE STAR ‘There’s A Brand New World’ (Tent PT 42236), disjointedly started then rock guitar droned limply jittering (0-)108¾-0bpm heavy metal-style jerker, unlikely to improve on their last two brief chart forays (still, they’ve got their flashy car collection to play with when the hits stop coming).


LOUISE THOMAS ‘I Can Fly’ (Nightmare MARE 62, via PRT), frantically flying indeed 135½-0bpm remake of Rainey’s old gay fave (an anthem at New York’s recently closed The Saint), primarily for export to the US, flipped by the funkier juddery tugging 107¾-0bpm ‘Double Vision’;

JIGSAW ‘Let’s Not Say Goodbye’ (Nightmare MARE 63), singer Des Dyer revives the ‘Sky High’ group’s name for a Levine & Wagner-created datedly tuneful soaring 135½bpm frantic disco racer (with a different deliberately dated strings sawed smacking Sky High Dub Mix);

HEAR NO EVIL ‘Taking Over (Balearic Mix)’ (Unique 12NIQ 05), shrill squeaky girls squawked 0-118½bpm lurching canterer, probably intended as pop-soul but closer to Hi-NRG if classification is necessary (it’s certainly not Balearic!);

CHECK IT OUT ‘Romeo And Juliet (Instant Love)’ (Stomp Records STOMP 12-1), Chris Lucas produced but group mixed dreadful empty amateurish 124¾bpm jittery thumper by a nice pair of nice looking boys.


T.I.C. ‘Popcorn ’88 Remix‘ (Arista TICK 1TR), Edinburgh recorded smash bound guitar yowling electronically galloping Hot Butter revival in a more bassily resonant 126¼-126-0bpm remix by Hein Hoven, flipped by an edit of the original promo’s more hippy dialogue studded 125⅓bpm Woodstock Mix;

ELECTRA ‘Jibaro (Spectrum Remix)‘ (ffrr FFRRX 9), Ben Liebrand’s more spacious and less urgent 109-0bpm complete revamp has pattering bongos, fruity bass and primarily an instrumental bias before building to a yelling end, flipped by the more Spanish guitar orientated completely instrumental 109⅙bpm Ying Yang Mix, and Spanish guitared windswept muttering 0-114¼bpm ‘The Future: Edition 2‘;

GLEN GOLDSMITH ‘Save A Little Bit (The ‘Got A Drum Beat And We’re Gonna Use It’ Mix)’ (Reproduction PT 42148R), languidly jiggling 97⅔bpm more smoothly jogging mix mainly for marketing purposes, although much more soulful than the original;

ARCHIE BELL AND THE DRELLS ‘Look Back Over Your Shoulder (Club Remix)’ (US Achievement Records HAL 1274), ‘Tighten Up’-type 114-0bpm wriggly soul thudder remixed in Florida and much improved from last year’s Ian Levine mix (my pressing has atrocious surface noise though).

THE CLUB CHART – September 10, 1988

01 02 BIG FUN/(JUAN’S MAGIC REMIX) Inner-City featuring Kevin Saunderson, 10 Records 12in
02 02 IN THE NAME OF LOVE (CLUB MIX)/THE DREAM (1018 MIX/54 DUB MIX) Swan Lake, Champion 12in
03 04 GITTIN’ FUNKY (UK REMIX) Kid ‘N’ Play, Cooltempo 12in
06 10 IT BEGAN IN AFRICA The Urban All Stars, Urban 12in
07 26 STOP THIS CRAZY THING Coldcut featuring Junior Reid, Ahead Of Our Time 12in
08 30 TEARDROPS (EXTENDED REMIX) Womack & Womack, Fourth & Broadway 12in
09 09 DON’T BE CRUEL (EXTENDED VERSION) Bobby Brown, MCA Records 12in
11 06 PUMP UP LONDON (CLUB MIX) Mr Lee, Breakout 12in
12 07 JIBARO (ENGLISH/SPANISH VERSIONS) Electra, ffrr 12in
13 13 WE CALL IT ACIEED D Mob featuring Gary Haisman, ffrr 12in promo
14 24 MEGABLAST (HIP HOP ON PRECINCT 13)/DON’T MAKE ME WAIT Bomb The Bass featuring Merlin & Antonia/Lorraine, Rhythm King 12in
15 20 OOCHY KOOCHY (F.U. BABY YEAH YEAH) Baby Ford, Rhythm King 12in
16 14 STALEMATE Mac Band featuring the McCampbell Brothers, MCA Records 12in
17 08 DO THAT AGAIN (CLUB VERSION) Blue Moderne, US Atlantic 12in
18 12 STATIC (F.F. REMIX/ALBUM VERSION) James Brown, Scotti Bros 12in
19 17 ACID MAN (ORIGINAL/HAPPY MIXES) Jolly Roger, 10 Records 12in
20 16 I’LL HOUSE YOU Jungle Brothers, US Idlers 12in
21 15 STRICTLY BUSINESS (12” VOCAL) EPMD, Cooltempo/Ensign 12in
22 33 SLEEPLESS WEEKEND (REMIX) Howard Huntsberry, US MCA Records 12in
23 23 LOVE/GET BUSY Rick Clarke, WA Records 12in
24 27 THE ONLY WAY IS UP/(SPENG) Yazz and the Plastic Population, Big Life 12in
25 29 SUPERFLY GUY S’Express, Rhythm King 12in
26 45 REBELS (GET RIGHTEOUS) Jamie Principle, ffrr 12in
27 43 RIDING ON A TRAIN (EXTENDED VERSION) The Pasadenas, CBS 12in white label
28 28 REACHIN’ (BROTHERHOOD MIX) Phase II, US Movin’ Records 12in
29 19 WATCHING YOU (TIMMY REGISFORD US 12” REMIX) Loose Ends, Virgin 12in
30 39 CAN YOU PARTY (CLUB MIX) Royal House, Champion 12in
31 32 WHY (YOU COULD HAVE HAD IT ALL) Tongue ‘N’ Cheek, Criminal Records 12in
32 22 DON’T BE CRUEL (THE RAPACIOUS MIX) Bobby Brown, MCA Records 12in
33 50 YÉ KÉ YÉ KÉ (THE AFRO ACID REMIX) Mory Kante, London 12in
34 54 ANY LOVE Massive Attack featuring Daddy Gee & Carlton, Massive Attack Records 12in
35 53 BAILANDO (BALEARIC MATEY MIX) Alaska, Syncopate 12in
36 41 EIGHTIES LADY/GENERATE LOVE (WISE MOVE MIX) Gwen McCrae, The Dance Yard Recording Corporation 12in
37 58 OFF ON YOUR OWN (GIRL) (STREET MIX/REMIX) Al B. Sure!, US Warner Bros/Uptown 12in
38 83 HERE COMES THAT SOUND/ONLY A DEMO Simon Harris, ffrr 12in
40 25 (I’VE GOT A) FEELING/MY MAMA AND PAPA ALWAYS TOLD ME (CLUB REMIX)/PASSIONATELY Deluxe, The Dance Yard Recording Corporation 12in
41 48 LET THE MUSIC (USE YOU) (CLUB MIX) The Night Writers, Jack Trax 12in
42 42 GET OUT OF MY HOUSE! (SPECTRUM EDIT/MUTANT VERSION) Sound Assassins, Cooltempo 12in
43 66 BURN IT UP/ACID BURN Beatmasters, Rhythm King 12in mailing list promo
44 38 KING OF THE BEATS Mantronix, US Capitol 12in
46 37 THIS IS SOMETHING FOR THE RADIO (RAP REMIX) Biz Markie, US Cold Chillin’ 12in
47 35 YOU TAKE MY BREATH AWAY (12” VERSION) David Cole, US Epic 12in
48 — OOCHY KOOCHY (F.U. BABY YEAH YEAH) (REMIX) Baby Ford, Rhythm King 12in
49 — FAIRPLAY/FEEL FREE (LIBERATED MIX) Soul II Soul featuring Rose Windross/Do’reen, 10 Records 12in
50 56 NO STATIC (THE 8 MINUTE FULL FORCE DEF MIX) James Brown, Scotti Bros 12in
51 73 HERE WE GO AGAIN (DIAZ MIX) Diaz Brothers, US Bassment Records 12in
52 — YOU MAKE ME SO HOT Barbara Lynn, Ichiban Records 12in
53 — WE GOT TO COME TOGETHER/(TRACK ATTACK ROUGH MIX) The Brooklyn Funk Essentials, US Minimal Records 12in
56 — ANOTHER PART OF ME (EXTENDED DANCE MIX) Michael Jackson, Epic 12in
57 89 BEST 2 B A GIRL (REMIX) Syn-Dee, Virgin 12in
58 57 THE PARTY (CLUB MIX) Kraze, US Big Beat 12in
59 — THE RACE (THE PITS MIX) Yello, Mercury 12in
60 63 DIN DAA DAA (TROMMELTANZ) George Kranz, Fourth & Broadway 12in
61 re HOUSEPLAN Terrajacks, WEA 12in
62 51 SUPERFLY GUY (FLUFFY BAGEL MIX) S’Express, Rhythm King 12in
63 — EVERY SHADE OF LOVE (KEITH COHEN REMIX) Jesse Johnson, Breakout 12in promo
64 64 THE RIGHT STUFF (EXTENDED VERSION) Vanessa Williams, Wing Records 12in
65 re COMING BACK FOR MORE (PART 1) Jellybean featuring Richard Darbyshire, Chrysalis 12in
66 — (JUST MY) IMAGINATION (ACID MIX/DUB) Steven Danté, Cooltempo 12in promo
67 88 NEVER/NATURALLY Top Billin’, Rapsonic 12in
68 52 PARENTS (JUST DON’T UNDERSTAND) (DANNY D REMIX) DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince, Jive 12in
69 75 SHARE MY JOY Jo Ann Jones, Champion 12in
70 55 DANCE WITH THE DEVIL (BALEARIC MIX)/AMNESIA (UP ALL NIGHT MIX) The Project Club, Supreme Records 12in
71 62 I’M THE ONE/THE FLIGHT Perri, US Zebra Records LP
74 68 RELEASE YOUR BODY (MAYDAY MIX/RELEASE THE ACID MIX) Bang The Party, Warriors Dance 12in
77 40 DO YOU WANNA DANCE?/DELTA HOUSE Housemaster Baldwin, Kool Kat 12in
78 — THE POSSE IS LARGE MC La Kim, US Tuff City 12in
79 — DON’T SCANDALIZE MINE Sugar Bear, US Coslit Records 12in
80 — I’M YOUR PUSHER/GIRLS L.G.B.N.A.F. Ice-T, US Sire 12in
81 44 RIDE THE RHYTHM/(ACID NOT PLACID) This Ain’t Chicago, Club 12in black label
82 re SLAM!/WE ARE PHUTURE Phuture, US Trax Records 12in
83 re THE RACE Yello, Mercury 12in
84 — LET’S DO IT AGAIN (LP VERSION) George Benson, Warner Bros 12in
85 86 JUMP START (DANCE MIX)/I WANNA BE THAT WOMAN Natalie Cole, EMI-Manhattan 12in
87 90 TIC-TOC/YOUR LOVING DRIVES ME CRAZY (REMIX) Deluxe, Unyque Artists/The Dance Yard Recording Corporation 12in
88 74 THIS IS ACID Maurice/I’LL NEVER LET YOU GO (INSTRUMENTAL) William S (‘House Hallucinates’), Breakout LP
89 re WHAT’S THE GAME/INTERFERENCE Model 500, US MetrOplex 12in
90 — I AIN’T GONNA WAIT/GOOD VIBRATION “J.D.”, US Requestline Records 12in
91 — GIVE ME A CHANCE Chapter 8, US Capitol LP
92 re THE ART OF ACID Victor Romeo and The Move featuring Reggie Hall, US Dance Mania Records 12in
93 82 WE CALL IT ACIEED D.Mob/MIX IT UP Acid Fingers (‘The House Sound Of London Vol. 4 – The Jackin’ Zone’), ffrr LP
94 95 ACID THUNDER Fast Eddie, US DJ International Records 12in
95 — TAKE YOUR TIME (EXTENDED MIX) Pebbles, US MCA Records 12in/UK promo
97 79 SET IT OFF (MARLEY MARL MIX) Big Daddy Kane, Cold Chillin’ 12in promo
98 — COCKNEY RHYTHM Rebel MC, B/Ware! Records 12in
99= — BUSTIN’ LOOSE/SYNDICATION Everlast, US Warner Bros 12in
99= — IF IT ISN’T LOVE (CLUB MIX) New Edition, MCA Records 12in
99= — IF IT’S GAMES YOU’RE PLAYING The Gyrlz, US Uptown/Capitol 12in


01 01 THE ONLY WAY IS UP Yazz And The Plastic Population, Big Life 12in
02 03 THE HARDER I TRY (EXTENDED MIX) Brother Beyond, Parlophone 12in
03 05 HUSTLE (TO THE MUSIC) The Funky Worm, FON/WEA 12in
04 04 THE LOCO-MOTION Kylie Minogue, PWL 12in
05 09 MEGABLAST/DON’T MAKE ME WAIT Bomb The Bass, Rhythm King 12in
06 08 RUSH HOUR Jane Wiedlin, Manhattan 12in
07 02 I NEED YOU B.V.S.M.P., Debut 12in
08 07 SUPERFLY GUY S’Express, Rhythm King 12in
09 18 THE RACE Yello, Mercury 12in
10 10 YOU CAME Kim Wilde, MCA 12in
11 06 SHAKE YOUR THANG Salt-n-Pepa, ffrr 12in
12 19 YÉ KÉ YÉ KÉ Mory Kante, ffrr 12in
13 12 I DON’T BELIEVE IN MIRACLES Sinitta, Fanfare 12in
14 — BIG FUN Inner-City/Kevin Saunderson, 10 Records 12in
15 15 ROSES ARE RED Mac Band featuring the McCampbell Brothers, MCA 12in
16 20 TEARDROPS Womack & Womack, Fourth & Broadway 12in
17 re JIBARO Electra, ffrr/Champion 12in
18 13 PUSH IT (REMIX) Salt-n-Pepa, ffrr/Champion 12in
19 11 PUMP UP LONDON Mr. Lee, Breakout 12in
20 — IN THE NAME OF LOVE Swan Lake, Champion 12in


01 01 THE ONLY WAY IS UP Yazz And The Plastic Population, Big Life 12in
02 02 THE LOCO-MOTION Kylie Minogue, PWL 12in
03 03 THE HARDER I TRY (EXTENDED MIX) Brother Beyond, Parlophone 12in
04 06 POPCORN T.I.C., Arista 12in
05 05 SUPERFLY GUY S’Express, Rhythm King 12in
06 04 I NEED YOU B.V.S.M.P., Debut 12in
07 — HUSTLE! (TO THE MUSIC…) The Funky Worm, FON/WEA 12in
08 — THE RACE Yello, Mercury 12in
09 — RUSH HOUR Jane Wiedlin, Manhattan 12in
10 07 YOU CAME Kim Wilde, MCA 12in


01 04 OVER AND OVER AND OVER Michelle Goulet, US Island 12in
02 01 THE ONLY WAY IS UP Yazz And The Plastic Population, Big Life 12in
03 06 YÉ KÉ YÉ KÉ (AFRO ACID MIX) Mory Kante, ffrr 12in
04 02 DOCTOR’S ORDERS Lisa Carter, Parlophone 12in
05 03 REACH OUT Romi & Jazz, Arishma 12in
06 05 THE HARDER I TRY (THE HARDEST MIX) Brother Beyond, EMI 12in
07 10 THE LOVE I LOST Seventh Avenue, Nightmare 12in
08 12 IF YOU LOVE SOMEBODY (SATURDAY NIGHT REMIX) Barbara Doust, Saturday 12in
09 07 THE RACE Yello, Fontana 12in promo
10 09 SUPERFLY GUY S’Express, Rhythm King 12in
11 18 I NEED YOUR PASSION Sweet Connection, German Blow Up 12in
12 08 MAYBE (WE SHOULD CALL IT A DAY) Hazell Dean, EMI 12in
13 15 I DON’T BELIEVE IN MIRACLES Sinitta, Fanfare 12in
15 24 DAYDREAM BELIEVER (EXTENDED REMIX) Local Hero, Ariola 12in
16 17 ROCK ME BABY Lysa Lynn, US Emergency 12in
17 21 YOUR LOVE CAME TOO LATE Eria Fachin, US Critique 12in
18 13 YOU CAME Kim Wilde, MCA 12in
19 20 JACKIE Blue Zone UK, US MCA 12in
21 11 THE LOCO-MOTION (THE KOHAKU MIX) Kylie Minogue, PWL 12in
23 19 REQUIEM London Boys, German Teldec 12in
24 16 FLAMES OF LOVE Fancy, German Metronome 12in
25 32 EVERY GIRL & BOY Spagna, CBS 12in
26 38 HIT ‘N’ RUN LOVER (REMAKE) Carol Jiani, Passion 12in
27 29 I CRY FOR YOU Shy Rose, US JDC 12in
28 28 EMOTION Jakie Quartz, Dutch CBS 12in
29 34 HOT FOR YOU Lorraine Scott, Canadian Slak 12in
30 33 CHICA CUBANA Tatjana, Dutch High Fashion 12in
31 37 BOYS AND GIRLS Mandy, PWL Records 12in
32 — OOCHY KOOCHY (F.U. BABY YEAH YEAH) Baby Ford, Rhythm King 12in
33 — JIVE INTO THE NIGHT Green Olives, Italian X-Energy 12in
34 — WHEN YOU NEED LOVE (LOVE IS NOT AROUND) Without Warning, US Heatwave 12in
35 36 SOUL SURVIVOR (SURVIVOR MIX) C.C. Catch, Hansa/RCA 12in
37 23 SAFE IN THE ARMS OF LOVE (EXTRA BEAT BOYS REMIX) Shooting Party, Lisson 12in
39 25 LOVE IS THE GUN (STREET LATIN WOLFF 3) Blue Mercedes, MCA 12in
39 re SAFE IN THE ARMS OF LOVE Shooting Party, Lisson 12in
40 — PASSION Linda Jo, German ZYX 12in

2 thoughts on “September 10, 1988: Phase II, M.C. La Kim, Jesse Johnson, Steven Danté, Mica Paris”

  1. James’s growing disquiet with the acid boom – as expressed at the top of the column, and again (and to my mind, unfairly) in his Paul Rutherford review – will be expanded upon at great length next week, in a passionate diatribe.

    The “second summer of love” may still have been in full swing in London and Manchester, but in Nottingham it rather passed us by. Sure, you’d hear some acid house in clubs, but “house music all night long” wasn’t yet a thing, and hip hop in particular was still very much part of the mix. Ecstasy hadn’t come to town either, and the atmosphere in clubs hadn’t really changed much at all. I particularly remember a one-off midweek “acid” night in a normally commercial club. It was packed out with all the city’s designer-clad cool crowd, whose one concession to the music was to dance with their arms in the air, as they assumed they were supposed to do, while still retaining their customary sulky, aloof demeanour. I remember finding this mildly comical.

    Aside from a rogue mention in the May 28th column (in reference to a forthcoming remix of Terry Baldwin’s ‘Delta House’ which seems never to have materialised), “deep house” makes its first unequivocal appearance as a genre term, and happily it’s attached to a truly great record, Phase II’s ‘Reachin’. It’s interesting that this should happen a week after “peak acid”, and it suggests a way forward, once the acid bubble has burst, that would naturally appeal to those whose tastes leaned more towards the soulful.

    The Scottish Dance chart makes its final appearance this week. I can’t imagine many mourning its passing.

    I totally missed Big Daddy Kane’s ‘Set It Off’ at the time, and I wish I hadn’t – what a fantastic record that is.

    Seventh Avenue’s “five year, five album deal” never came to fruition, and indeed they would only release one more single before splitting, after which two of their members defected to the SAW camp and joined the markedly more successful boy band Big Fun.

    Normally sure-fire crowd pleasers at my mixed LBGT nights, both the Pet Shop Boys and Erasure floundered with their latest releases. ‘Domino Dancing’ literally cleared my floor – a rare occurrence, I might add! – and I never played it again. Meanwhile, ‘A Little Respect’ was hobbled by the Mark Saunders 12-inch mix, which ripped the heart of out of the song; I should have stuck with the seven-inch version, which of course remains their best known track to this day. Oh well!

    James makes an accurate call with Five Star: peaking at 61, ‘There’s A Brand New World’ ended their run of 11 consecutive Top 30 hits, and they never made the Top 40 again.


  2. Yeah JH’s really got it in for acid house these days. I also agree that he was pretty unfair about Paul Rutherford’s tune which along with a couple of forthcoming Bros acid mixes and of course the two great mixes of Samantha Fox’s ‘Love House’ were 3 or 4 of the only pure pop acts acid mixes that were regularly played in the London acid clubs at the time – I suppose you could include Cry Sisco but that was a purposely created dance act.

    And that anti ‘ecstasy’ record sounds like the kind of thing that along with the media that actually led to ecstasy harming people. Aside from people misinterpreting the drink water advice and flooding their brains, adulterated. crap poisoning takers. Ecstasy being blamed when other drugs also being taken and those few unlucky users of any substance who are allergic to it ecstasy must be one of the most harmless illicit drugs.

    It’s been said that the extreme rarity of deaths in 1988/89 from ecstasy is because unlike later on (and especially in the 1990-95 period when hardcore and especially happy hardcore and to a lesser extent the super clubs brought in loads more teenagers) most of the initial acid house crowd were an older bunch of 18-30s and had already experience in dabbling in street drugs at least to a minor extent and weree mature enough to be using them in a less irresponsible way. After all why do we ban under 18s (and under 21 year olds in America) from drinking alcohol.


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