August 29, 1970: Boffalongo, Faith Hope & Charity, Bobby (Boris) Pickett & The Crypt-Kickers, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Jim Reeves

BOFFALONGO: Dancing In The Moonlight (United Artists UP 35144).
Oh, I love it! I hope that those of you who, as regular readers, reckon that our tastes are similar will love it too. Bear in mind that my favourite disc of 1969 was Tommy James & the Shondells’ Crystal Blue Persuasion, and rush out to hear this similar in spirit, glorious, joyful little beater. PLEASE, Radio 1, plug this original version.

FAITH, HOPE & CHARITY: So Much Love; Let’s Try It Over (Crewe CRW 3).
An all-happening happy hollering female group Friends Of Distinction-like R&B beater that I personally have been waiting to hear for some time. No disappointment, as these chicks can sing, and I mean REALLY sing! Kinda energetic, it’s Pop enough to catch on here too, having been big both R&B and Pop Stateside. Fabulous powerful slow Soul flip, not to be missed. Van McCoy & Joe Cobb co-penned/produced.

BOBBY (BORIS) PICKETT AND THE CRYPT-KICKERS: Monster Mash; Monster’s Mash Party (London HLU 10320).
Well, speak of the …! I mentioned this classic 1962 U.S. smash first indirectly and then, just the other week, directly in my reviews of the music from “MASH” (saying latterly that it was a revived hit in America), and – here it is! Those too young or too thick to remember (it wasn’t actually ever very big here) will probably wonder what I’m on about when they hear it, but hopefully there are enough nostalgicats in the land who missed it first time round to make it a hit now. One of my very favourite records … a revealing insight, yeah?! (Early-60s freaks will note the subtle label alterations). Whatever happened to the Transylvania Twist?

CREEDENCE CLEARWATER REVIVAL: Long As I Can See The Light; Lookin’ Out My Back Door (Liberty LBF 15384).
Fogerty attempts to sing like Otis Redding on this soul type slowie, complete with a surprising good mid-50s sax break from the Soul point of view – but from the White Pop angle it would then probably have been too slick. Shades of the early Stones success story? The song itself is okay, and following Liberty’s ‘National Creedence Week’ campaign it will doubtless be well exposed and subsequently snapped up by the fans. Rocking flip.

JIM REEVES: Angels Don’t Lie; You Kept Me Awake Last Night (RCA 1997).
Those who dig, will dig; those who don’t, won’t. Obviously a hit.

GLEN CAMPBELL: Everything A Man Could Ever Need; Norwood (Me And My Guitar) (Capitol CL 15653).
A pleasant enough “Gentle On My Elusive Butterfly”-type song, which to my ears is taken much too fast to connect. What does one do TO this, other than listen? Oh well, I thought the same about Andy Williams’ Can’t Help Falling In Love, and we all know I goofed there, but bad! Both from Glen’s upcoming “Norwood” flick.

RAY STEVENS: Come Around (CBS S 5152).
Gently thumping sing-along inoffensive sorta message song. None too struck on it myself, but a pretty pic of Ray accompanies this review.

CAT MOTHER & THE ALL-NIGHT NEWSBOYS: I Must Be Dreaming (Polydor 2066 026).
Fiddle and honky-tonk piano-backed happy Country hoedown, on an old theme. Rather good, and as they’re due in for the Isle of Wight thing it will hopefully get some attention. (Incidentally, if you’re at the Festival, you may find me either playing or digging the sounds in the huge air-tent just outside the site. Stop by, say hi!

STEPPENWOLF: Screaming Night Hog (Stateside SS 8056).
Wow! They keep coming, these new ‘Wolf singles – almost one a month! Nice punchy, gritty, noisy noises here. Good and aggressive, and commended for its “no messin” approach.

DION: Your Own Backyard; Sit Down Old Friend (Warner Bros. WB 7401).
Not the Elvis song (by any stretch of the imagination!), both this droning heavily-thumping drug-referring significant slowie and the lighter flip were co -penned by Dion himself with Tony Fasce. Performed with plenty of conviction by Mrs Di Mucci’s son, the wandering teenager in love with runaround diane that used to be.

RICHIE HAVENS: Handsome Johnny; Sandy (Verve VS 1524).
Ho hum! Presumably Havens, guitar-strumming groaner supreme, will reprise this war song, his hit (?) of “Woodstock” fame/tedium, on Sunday at the Isle of Wight. Surprisingly, the flip is a quite nice smooth bossa-nova.

BLOOD SWEAT & TEARS: Hi-De-ho (That Old Sweet Roll); The Battle (CBS S 5137).
Anyone who dug the old Alan Price Set back in 1965 will find that the music here sounds much as they did then, except that this creaking slowie is duller and nowhere as good. Awful flip.

MAC DAVIS: I’ll Paint You A Song (CBS S 5140).
Mac wrote both sides of Glen Campbell’s newie, and his own slowie is also from the “Norwood” movie. Formula “easy listening”.

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