October 26, 1985: Moontwist, Kleeer, Frankie Kelly, Quando Quango, Hugh Masekela


AGAINST ALL expectations it’s Cooltempo who are rushing out Doug E. Fresh here — however there may be a hiccup due to its use of the Inspector Gadget theme, and a snatch of the Beatles’ ‘Michelle’ . . . Evelyn ‘Champagne’ King ‘Your Personal Touch’ (RCA PT 49916) is due here now (why does it make me want to sing the lyrics in “Bahaia”?) . . . John Morales still has amongst other versions an unreleased nine minute vocal remix of Fatback ‘Is This The Future?’ featuring Evelyn Thomas, which he’s offering to Important Records . . . Cat Stevens’ original very similar ‘Was Dog A Doughnut?‘ is being whispered as a possible single release — meanwhile Dutch pressings have helped put Jellybean’s album version back in the chart . . . The Team’s follow-up could be flipped by a jinglebelled ‘Wicki Wacky Christmas Party’ if it’s out soon enough, and (CBS permitting) Roy Ayers could be adding vibes to ‘Rock Creek Park’, as well as to Frankie Kelly . . . The Three Degrees have belatedly been remixed, but Donald Banks is another from Island to guarantee “No further mixes will be available” . . . Al Jarreau joins Shakatak for the blandly pleasant jauntily chugging (0-)104¾bpm ‘Day By Day‘ (Boiling Point POSPX 770), due commercially in two weeks . . . Alan Coulthard’s previously mentioned 0-117½bpm ’85 Remix of Gloria Gaynor ‘I Will Survive’, instrumentally much revamped with new breaks and Chic-ish guitar, has been promoed to gauge reaction before possible release, flipped by his galloping medley of her early hits . . . Jeff Lorber’s single has actually been cancelled, along with his tour (could a US label change be in the air?) — and Eugene Wilde’s UK visit has been postponed until the new year, when he’ll headline a five artiste full Philly World package along with Cashmere and JoAnna Gardner . . . North West DJ Association hold their first major equipment exhibition on Sunday February 16, 1986, at Offerton’s Belgrade Hotel in Stockport, stand space being bookable from David Jon on 061-761 5811 . . . TV-am’s kids-aimed ‘Wide Awake Club’ last Saturday was possibly an inappropriate slot but certainly had all red blooded big boys wide awake when Eighth Wonder made their TV debut fronted (and that really is the word!) by the delightfully ingenuous sex kitten Patsy Kensit whose elbow raising, tummy flashing, knee cocking routine climaxed with her shoulder strap coming undone as all the group rolled on the floor (their shuffling tiny-voiced samba (0-)132/66bpm ‘Open Your Mind‘ was promoed to encouraging DJ reaction, as flip to the outright pop jerkily jumping breathy (0-)170bpm ‘Stay With Me‘ and 0-137bpm ‘Loser In Love‘ (CBS TX 6694) — if Britain has to have a homegrown Madonna, make it her! . . . Radio London’s Soul Night Out this Thursday (24) hits Croydon’s Cinatras: last week at Hammersmith Palais, despite plugging it on his show Tony Blackburn sure enough drew a blank with the dancers by playing Ready For The World . . . Friday (25) Essex Radio’s second monthly Soul Night Special is at Braintree’s Essex Barn on the A120 with Dave Gregory, Disco John Leech and star PAs live on air 11-12pm, sandwiched by Tony Monson in the studio 9pm-1am following Dave’s normal 6pm stint . . . Sunday (27) Luton’s Bluebird Records shop celebrates the start of its regular Sunday opening with Chiltern Radio’s soul show broadcasting live from it, Martin Collins introducing PAs on air behind the counter! . . . Happy Hippo Jerry Hipkiss, now summer’s over, has moved his Saturday Severn Sound 95FM soul show from 4-7pm to the current 7-10pm, and would welcome extra mailing list attention c/o Severn Sound, PO Box 388, Gloucester GL1 2DQ . . . Steve Walsh, unable any longer to divide his loyalties, sadly leaves Capital to start a Sunday evening 7-9pm soul show on Radio London 94.9FM from next week, Nov 3 . . . Peter Young’s Soul Cellar oldies show returns to Capital Radio 95.8FM on Sunday nights 11pm-1am! . . . London’s airwaves may have lost Solar and Horizon, but between busts there are still LWR 92.15FM, KISS-fm 93.95FM, JBC 104.95FM . . . Phil Easton of Liverpool’s Radio City and Sonny King this Friday start running a contest for female DJs, part of the prize being a voice test at City (details from Sonny on 051-263 5907) . . . John Jessop in the 1-5am snooze shift on Radio City 96.7FM isn’t specifically a soul jock but the majority of his non-needletime music is black . . . Paul Laurence ‘She’s Not A Sleaze’ has met black radio resistance in the States, some programmers thinking the line “they called her loose Lucy” sounds like “they called her loose pussy”! . . . Stevie Wonder topped Black 45s, Tramaine Club Play in Billboard’s US charts — ‘Fall Down’ on promo here at least, has been clumsily re-edited (it loses the beat!) into a new hybrid 118½bpm Long Version . . . Sly & Robbie ‘Make ‘Em Move‘ featuring Doug E. Fresh has been slightly speeded up on promo 12in to 114bpm . . . Andy Heryet finds dancers at Worthing Carioca (Wed/Sat) far prefer ‘They Say It’s Gonna Rain’ by Kerry Delius to Hazell Dean (who’s now also in a percussion started 0-115bpm Zulu Mix) . . . Derek Boland has permanently joined the mixing team of Froggy and Simon Harris, who are planning their own label (whatever happened to Krack?) . . . The PDM Perry Daniels two Saturdays ago at Deptford Cheeks sent up Dirty Dave Shirt & Wild Magnum Geoff Watts’ efforts of the previous night by synching Stephanie Mills ‘Medicine Song’ right through Harleqiun Four’s, and Colonel Abrams through the instrumental of Conway Brothers ‘Turn It Up’, to wild reaction . . . Mix Doctor Les Adams actually won one of the recent RM contest’s CD players! . . . Greg Parrott (Telford Cascades) is after a 12in of Locksmith ‘Unlock The Funk‘/’Blackjack’ on 0743-240649 . . . Gwen McCrae ‘Funky Sensation‘ (and indeed Afrika Bambaataa ‘Jazzy Sensation‘) which never really went away for jocks with any sense, along with Archie Bell & The Drells ‘Don’t Let The Love Get You Down‘ from their ‘Where Are You Going When The Party’s Over?’ LP are the latest big buzz London revivals — all this energy wasted finding oldies when there are so many good newies being ignored . . . Dotty Green PAs in North Wales at Llandudno’s Speakeasy Bar and Towyn’s Mirrors Friday (25) . . . Bangor’s Dylans and Anglesey’s Min-Y-Don Hotel Saturday . . . Pete Tong joins Paul Oakenfold & Trevor Fung at Streatham Chaplins Friday (25), and closes Disco ’85 at Purfleet’s Circus Tavern Saturday (26) . . . Gary Stevens moves over from funky Friday to help Mike Whitaker for this Saturday’s fancy dress Halloween party at Woolwich’s Dover Castle pub (by the College), where Mike normally teams with Mark Galvin for soulful Sat/Sun . . . Sunday (27) Hastings Pier’s noon-midnight alldayer has Chris Hill, Jeff Young, Jan Allen, Paul Wernham, Chris Kaye, Donovan Dwyer, Si Grant . . . Princess PAs at Charing Cross Heaven for Damon Rochefort’s “gay funk” Tuesday (29) . . . Thursday (31) Blackburn Peppermint Place’s refurbished Pepps 2 reopens as Kaleidoscope, funked as ever by Gary Hickson . . . Paul Taylor is back at Burnley’s Angels, redecorated and renamed now as Clarets, doing wally Thurs/funky Sat 10pm-2am . . . John Mayoh is currently doin’ it at Leicester’s The Studio . . . Dave ‘Hutchy’ Hutchinson mixes soul Sundays at Bradford’s brand new Imps Nitescene with 10,000 watts sound system, three decks, digital delay, sampler, harmonizer, drum machine, spare stylii . . . Studio 222 plays fun music with mix spots by Mix Wizard & Double G Fridays at Birmingham Ward End’s Fox And Goose, and upfront newies with Dave, Dave, & The Crew Tues/Wed at Hagley Road’s Duck Inn (next to Libertys) . . . Neil Fincham now souls Styx in Edinburgh’s George Street Thur/Fri/Sat, newly decorated with more to come . . . Cramond Perry does Edinburgh’s brand new Tuttles in their over-25s VW disco club Fridays, with free champagne . . . Chris Britton, literally ‘Trapped’ at Tottenham’s Websters the other Sunday, points out he doesn’t funk so much as pop/Euro/electro/reggae/rock/funk Leicester Square’s Empire Ballroom! . . . Phil Howell, after nearly four years at Derby’s Blue Note, took a year off jocking to set up his own private nursing home business but now has returned, with BBC Radio Derby afternoon presenter Chris Baird, at Burton on Trent’s Clown’s . . . Dave Clark has added Tues/Wed at Rainham (Essex) Yesterdays, a non-dancing winebar/pub under the same ownership as his other gigs, Barking’s Chains (Sat/Thur) and Cowpers (Fri/Sun) . . . Nicky Leek (South Yardley), unhurt in a car crash, had £700 worth of records stolen which she’s been having to rebuy before insurers pay up . . . Island’s mailing list DJs chart returns eased off this week leaving us basically with our old faithful upfront chart contributors (making this week’s Disco 100 as current as possible, Theo Loyla please note, instead of a fortnight out of date), and — surprise, surprise — Island’s own product did a lot better! . . . SET IT OFF!


MOONTWIST: ‘Sight And Sound’ (Certain Records 12ACERT 4, via Priority/EMI)
Sade meets Cleo Laine (actually it’s Ruth Rogers-Wright, ex-Mrs Joe Jackson) for a lethargically mannered fashionable slow 76/38bpm meander, interesting and full of haunting atmosphere if not immediately danceable.

KLEEER: ‘Never Cry Again’ (Atlantic A9505T)
Bassily boosted here, the excellent solidly rolling 108bpm catchy soul chugger now for added value is flipped by the guys’ superb A-side worthy slinkily sensuous (0-)108¾bpm ‘Lay Ya Down Ez‘, and ancient lurchingly cantering 116½bpm ‘Winners‘.

FRANKIE KELLY: ‘Ain’t That The Truth’ (10 Records TEN 87-12)
Had this been easier to find when first on import, would so much attention have been focussed on it? Copying every inflection and detail from Marvin Gaye’s early ’70s style, it’s an immediately familiar sounding 107¼-108¼-108-109bpm weaving and tugging swayer, extremely well done even if it is only a copy. Still, the original’s no longer around. . .

QUANDO QUANGO: ‘Genius’ (Factory Records FACT 137)
Mark Kamins-produced terrific really infectiously bounding and choogling 122-0bpm jazz-funk instrumental with bursts of Latin influence and occasional mentions of the Manchester foursome’s group name instead of the tune’s title (chunkily jolting 90½bpm reggae-ish ‘This Feeling‘ flip).

HUGH MASEKELA: ‘African Breeze’ (Jive Afrika JIVE T 100)
The trumpet tootler’s joined by delicately picking flashy fingered guitarist Jonathon Butler for an exhilarating breezily bounding 121bpm jazz instrumental romp, on 4-track 12in with a Hot African Mix of his old US dance hit jiggly driving 121½bpm ‘Don’t Go Lose It Baby’, which also dominates a medleying Megamix.

ROY AYERS: ‘Virgo’ (LP ‘You Might Be Surprised’ CBS 26653)
Exploding on a very tight, digital set that, coinciding with his visit, has the sales advantage of being out here ahead of imports, is this jerkily lurching 115¼bpm jazz-funk instrumental with Branford Marsalis sax, others produced by Roy being the smoochy vocal 30/60bpm ‘For You’, Jean Carne-duetted pleasant 80bpm title track and drily electronic 101½bpm ‘Can I See You‘, while (mainly better) James Mtume produced the juicily fruity 83bpm ‘Programmed For Love‘ with one of Roy’s mellow mumbling raps, smacking 115bpm purple strutter ‘Hot‘, tautly jogging 115½/57¾bpm ‘Night Flyte‘, and current 113½bpm ‘Slip N’ Slide‘.

EUGENE WILDE: ‘Don’t Say No’ (Fourth & Broadway 12BRW 35)
Presumably our British copies of this romantically swaying lovely 86½bpm smoocher leave off the ‘Tonight’ from its US title to prevent too much confusion with his awfully similar ‘Gotta Get You Home Tonight’ — which has been replaced on our flip by the M&M Mix of his still SIMPLICIOUS credited churningly urgent (0-)124½bpm ‘Let Her Feel It‘ disco classic.

JULIE ROBERTS: ‘Ain’t You Had Enough Love?’ (Bluebird/10 BRT 19)
Sneakily nagging weaving slow 92bpm swayer instantly recognisable as being prod/penned by Loose Ends, and something of a grower, flipped by the Ingram-produced ballsier bouncy but still downtempo purposeful 0-79¾bpm ‘More Than One Night‘ for double-sided value.

RICK CLARKE: ‘Love With A Stranger’ (Local Records LR 11, via 01-808 5180)
A light voiced Tottenham crooner teams with writer/producer John Collins for a nice relaxed bass jogged tranquil subtle sneaky 99bpm slinker (dub flip), worth finding as it’s a likely grabber.

PRINCESS: ‘After The Love Is Gone’ (Supreme Records SUPET 103, via PRT)
Due in shops by Monday. this disappointingly empty 99½-99¾bpm rerun of the already standard Stock-Aitken-Waterman-prod/penned Princess formula — and this after only one record (and several remixes!) — is evidently the result of political pressures, and of course there are indeed some remixes coming.

PAUL HARDCASTLE: ‘Just For Money’ (Chrysalis CASHX1)
The vain glory of being immortalised on a pop hit doubtless persuaded Laurence Olivier to contribute the hammy intonations that have served him through the last 20 years, while Bob Hoskins repeats his ‘Long Good Friday’ gangster characterisation amongst other soundtrack dialogue and effects on an overly cluttered 0-115¼-0bpm jittery follow-up to ’19’, concerning the Great Train Robbery and St Valentine’s Day Massacre (old style slightly Christmassy (0-)122¼-0bpm ‘Back In Time‘ instrumental flip).

THE ART OF NOISE: ‘Legs’ (China Records WOK X 5, via Chrysalis)
Self produced away from Trevor Horn, starting with a snatch of 1940s big band music this then lurchs into another beat-heavy 115-0bpm moronic frisky chugger.

SUN: ‘Legs’ (AIR City Records 12AIR 3704, via PRT)
One of my faves from about 18 months ago finally on 12in here, this ‘Atomic Dog’-type hard ‘n heavily trucking simple 109¼bpm big beat chugging funk chant is a great mixer and should do even better if the commercial sleeve repeats their LP’s pic of a lusciously rounded pair of pins!

CLARENCE CARTER: ‘Messin’ With My Mind’ (Certain Records 12ACERT 1, via Priority/EMI)
The distinctive gravelly guffawing blind soul-blueser is still lookin’ for a fox after all these years on a timeless lively 123bpm leaner which may be too fast for some today but reeks with class (two more goodies as flip). As Clarence & Calvin (Scott) he covered the Womack brothers’ ‘It’s All Over Now’ before even the Rolling Stones.

OMARI: ‘After Loving You’/LISA RICHARDS ‘Hooked On Your Love’ (Recent Future Records 12 RFR 001, via PRT)
Both from a while back and totally different import labels, moaning Mr Omari keeps groaning on over a densely jiggling 105½bpm Lamont Dozier ‘Roots’-ish rhythm while young Lisa’s sometime “sleeper” is a simple little 107¾-107½bpm disco nagger, both in two mixes back-to-back on one 12in.

SNOWBOY AND THE G.L. BAND: ‘Bring On The Beat’ (ARC Records CRAX 001, via 0702-557813)
White rapper/percussionist Mark ‘Snowboy’ Cotgrove, previously better known as Essex DJ Mad Marx, raps ‘n’ taps an all-British 107bpm go go beat (lacking a bit in dynamics), flipped by the more routine MC-style 100bpm ‘When Snowboy’s Rocking The Mike’ and short multi-tracked 120½bpm Latin percussion workout ‘Guaguanco R.J.’ A brave effort.

LIFESIGHS: ‘Get Serious’ (Pressure Records 12HAVE 1)
Praiseworthy if unpolished attempt to duplicate the juddery rolling 109¼bpm Kashif-style sound, the tumbling beats being a bit too distractingly prominent (inst flip).

BAR-KAYS: ‘Your Place Or Mine’ (Club JABX 22)
Monotonous muttered and chanted jerky 126bpm Minneapolis basher (dub too) unlikely to repeat its US black success here, although there’s still shop demand for the flips old 0-112½bpm ‘Sexomatic’.

PRINCE AND THE REVOLUTION: ‘Pop Life (Extended Version)’ (Warner Bros/Paisley Park W8858T)
Lennon-esque interesting (0-)101½-97½-0bpm Walrussy odyssey, more pop than soul.


NO TIME to review an ever growing mound of imported vinyl — which hurts, as these are the ones I pay a fortune for! — but suffice to say the albums I’ve bought include RALPH MacDONALD, TYZIK, PRIME TIME, ROSIE GAINES (for ‘Good Times‘), NICOLE (for ‘New York Eyes‘), STROKE, HUMAN BODY, LOGG featuring Leroy Burgess, while on 12in are FULL FORCE ‘Alice I Want You Just For Me!‘, THE CONCEPT ‘Mr DJ‘, TAVARES ‘Whodunit (Remix)‘ (just like Wally Badarou!), SUBJECT ‘The Magic, The Moment‘ (like Colonel Abrams), NILE RODGERS ‘State Your Mind‘/’Stay Out Of The Light‘ (Remixes), EU ‘Sho Nuff Bump’n’‘, DOCTOR FUNNKENSTEIN & DJ CASH MONEY ‘Scratchin’ To The Funk‘, KASHIF ‘Condition Of The Heart‘, SWEET COOKIE ‘Heartbreaker‘, FIRE FOX ‘Fire‘, BILLY CRYSTAL ‘You Look Marvelous‘, HANSON & DAVIS ‘Tonight‘. One day, sometime, next week?

DISCO TOP 100 – October 26, 1985

01 04 CHIEF INSPECTOR (VINE STREET)/(HILL STREET), Wally Badarou, 4th + B’way 12in
02 01 SINGLE LIFE, Cameo, Club 12in
03 02 TRAPPED/DUB, Colonel Abrams, MCA Records 12in
04 03 ROMEO WHERE’S JULIET?, Collage, MCA Records 12in
05 06 SET IT OFF, Harleqiun Four’s, US Jus Born Prod 12in
06 08 HIT AND RUN, Total Contrast, London 12in
07 05 I’LL BE GOOD, Rene & Angela, Club 12in
08 11 THIS IS FOR YOU (REMIX), The System, Boiling Point 12in
09 09 NEVER CRY AGAIN (REMIX), Kleeer, Atlantic 12in
10 07 (I’LL BE A) FREAK FOR YOU, Royalle Delite, Streetwave 12in
11 22 SLAVE TO THE RHYTHM (BLOODED), Grace Jones, ZTT 12in
12 19 THE SHOW/LA-DI-DA-DI, Doug E Fresh and The Get Fresh Crew, US Reality Records 12in
13 21 STATUS-QUO, Donald Banks, 4th + B’way 12in
15 16 THE HEAVEN I NEED, The Three Degrees, Supreme Records 12in
16 23 SLIP N SLIDE, Roy Ayers, CBS 12in
17 12 I’LL BE GOOD (MARK BERRY REMIX), Rene & Angela, Club 12in
18 38 THE SWEETEST TABOO, Sade, Epic 12in
19 18 FALL DOWN (SPIRIT OF LOVE), Tramaine, A&M 12in
20 42 SHE’S NOT A SLEAZE/THERE AIN’T NOTHIN’ (LIKE YOUR LOVIN’), Paul Laurence, Capitol 12in
21 36 YOU DON’T KNOW (SPECIAL REMIX)/LIVE EXTRAMENTAL MIX, Serious Intention, US Easy Street 12in
22 50 IS THIS THE FUTURE?, Fatback, Important Records 12in
23 17 AIN’T NOTHIN’ LIKE IT (M&M REMIX), Michael Lovesmith, Motown 12in
24 10 LOVE TAKE OVER, Five Star, Tent 12in
25 64 SECRET RENDEZVOUS, Rene & Angela, Champion 12in
26 43 AIN’T THAT THE TRUTH, Frankie Kelly, US TWI 12in
28 24 HOT PURSUIT!, Skipworth & Turner, 4th & B’way 12in
29 26 NATURAL ENERGY/HAVE A GOOD FOREVER, The Cool Notes, Abstract Dance 12in
30 45 YOUR PERSONAL TOUCH, Evelyn ‘Champagne’ King, US RCA Victor 12in
31 29 WHAT ARE WE GONNA DO ABOUT IT?, Mercy Mercy, Ensign 12in
32 — “VIRGO”, Roy Ayers, CBS LP
33 77 SET IT OFF, Masquerade, Streetwave 12in
34 14 TAKES A LITTLE TIME, Total Contrast, London 12in
36 91 DON’T SAY NO TONIGHT, Eugene Wilde, 4th + B’way 12in
37 28 EMOTIONS, Starpoint 12in
38 13 ONE LOVE (REMIX), Atlantic Starr, A&M 12in
39 39 I’LL BE YOUR FRIEND, Precious Wilson, Jive 12in
40 31 SAY I’M YOUR NO.1, Princess, Supreme Records 12in
41 62 YEH YEH/SMOOTH, Matt Bianco, WEA 12in
42 59 ALL I WANT IS MY BABY, Roberta Gilliam, US Sutra 12in
43 34 GETTING CLOSER, Haywoode, CBS 12in
44 66 ROCK CREEK PARK/WALKING IN RHYTHM, The Blackbyrds, Streetwave 12in
46 46 WHO DO YOU LOVE, Bernard Wright, US Manhattan 12in
47 44 THE DANCE ELECTRIC, Andre Cymone, CBS 12in
48 20 ON THE ONE, Lukk featuring Felicia Collins, Important Records 12in
49 25 PART-TIME LOVER (REMIX), Stevie Wonder, Motown 12in
50 75 CHIQUITA LINDA/INSTRUMENTAL, Gardenia, London 12in
51 18 MUSIC (PAUL HARDCASTLE REMIX), “D” Train, Prelude 12in
52 65 KNEES/STAND UP (US REMIX), Howard Johnson, A&M 12in
53 69 GET LOOSE, Aleem (featuring Leroy Burgess), US NIA 12in
54 11 SHO YUH RIGHT, Chuck Brown & The Soul Searchers, US TTED 12in
55 re FREAKS COME OUT AT NIGHT, Whodini, Jive 12in
56 56 SHE’S A GO-GETTER, Fatback, Atlantic 12in
57 30 STOP PLAYING ON ME, Vikki Love US 4th + B’way 12in promo
58 57 (KRUSH GROOVE) CAN’T STOP THE STREET, Chaka Khan, Warner Bros 12in
59 83 THE OAK TREE/INSTRUMENTAL, Morris Day, US Warner Bros 12in
60 90 BUBBLING, Aswad, Simba 12in
61 — GENIUS, Quando Quango, Factory 12in
62 33 I WISH HE DIDN’T TRUST ME SO MUCH, Bobby Womack, MCA Records 12in
63 41 YOU BLEW IT, The World Famous Mad Lads, Champion 12in
64 92 TELL ME (HOW IT FEELS), 52nd Street, 10 Records 12in
65 51 A LITTLE PAIN, P.P. Arnold, 10 Records 12in
66 40 ZIG ZAG/CONQUEST (REMIXES), Brass Construction Capitol 12in
67 — AIN’T YOU HAD ENOUGH LOVE?/MORE THAN ONE NIGHT, Julie Roberts, Bluebird/10 12in
68 61 EXTRA SPECIAL, Jerome, Calibre 12in
70 95 SWEET SURRENDER, Jeff Tyzik featuring Maurice Starr, US Polydor 12in
71 re WAS DOG A DOUGHNUT?, Jellybean, Dutch EMI America LP
72 70 EVERY WOMAN NEEDS IT (REMIX), Jeff Lorber, Club 12in promo
74 93 JAZZY LADY/DON’T WASTE MY TYME, Slave, Certain Records 12in 75 58 A LOVE BIZARRE, Sheila E, Warner Bros/Paisley Park LP
76 94 KILL OR BE KILLED, LW5, Virigin 12in
77 52 STILL SMOKIN’ (HUG-A-BUT), Trouble Funk, 4th + B’way/TTED 12in
78 85 100%, Caprice, US NIA 12in
79 — YOU ARE MY LADY, Freddie Jackson, Capitol 12in
80 — I CAUGHT YOU OUT/DUB MIX, Dotty Green, Hot Melt 12in promo
81 81 JUST ANOTHER LONELY NIGHT, The O’Jays, Philladelphia International 12in
83 27 YOU WEAR IT WELL (M&M REMIX), El DeBarge with DeBarge, Gordy 12in
84 — MESSIN’ WITH MY MIND, Clarence Carter, Certain Records 12in
85 — OH SHEILA, Ready For The World, MCA Records 12in
86 — AFRICAN BREEZE, Hugh Masekela with Jonathan Butler, Jive Afrika 12in
87 89 FREAK IN ME, Dante, US Panoramic 12in
88 — NO LOOKING BACK, Canute, EMI 12in
89 80 LOVE SO FINE, Sahara, Elite 12in
90 — AIN’T NO STOPPIN’ US NOW, McFadden & Whitehead/BRING THE FAMILY BACK, Billy Paul, Streetwave 12in
92 68 HARD TIMES FOR LOVERS, Jennifer Holliday, Geffen Records 12in
93 97 RAISE THE CURTAIN/OUT OF THE DARKEST NIGHT, Barbara Pennington, Record Shack LP
94 67 GIVE AND TAKE, Brass Construction, US Capitol 12in
95 99 LOVE TAKE OVER (THE LIMIT EDITION MIX), Five Star, Tent 12in
96 74 I WANNA BE LOVED BY YOU, Michael Wycoff, US Valley Vue 12in
97 — AFTER THE LOVE IS GONE, Princess, Supreme Records 12in promo
99 — SMILE, Jeff Tyzik, US Polydor LP
100 84 YOUR PLACE OR MINE/SEXOMATIC, Bar-Kays, Club 12in


01 01 REFLECTIONS, Evelyn Thomas, Record Shack 12in
02 06 I LIKE YOU, Phyllis Nelson, Carrere 12in
03 05 FUTURE BRAIN, Den Harrow, Italian Baby 12in
04 07 NO FRILLS LOVE, Jennifer Holliday, Geffen Records LP
05 08 ANOTHER BOY IN TOWN, Two Girls, US Popular 12in
06 14 THE FIGHTER, Arpeggio, US Nissim Records 12in
07 04 VERTIGO, Barbara Pennington, Record Shack LP
08 12 LOVIN’ IS REALLY MY GAME (REMIX), Sylvester, US Megatone 12in
09 13 I HEAR TALK (REMIX), Bucks Fizz, US Disconet LP
10 03 THEY SAY IT’S GONNA RAIN (INDIAN SUMMER MIX), Hazell Dean, Parlophone 12in
11 02 VANITY, Carol Jiani, Record Shack 12in
12 17 TIMEBOMB, Angie Gold, Passion 12in white label
13 23 ACTION!, Pearly Gates, Boystown UK 12in
14 — CONGA (REMIX), Miami Sound Machine, US Hot Tracks LP
15 20 SAVING MYSELF, Oh Romeo, US “O” Records 12in
16 10 EATEN ALIVE (REMIX), Diana Ross, Capitol 12in
17 19 NIGHTFLIGHT, Jack’s Project, German Ariola 12in
18 — MY OBSESSION, Meri D Marshall, US Atlantic 12”
19 22 CLOSE TO PERFECTION (REMIX), Miquel Brown, Record Shack 12in
20 26 I CAN LOSE MY HEART TONIGHT, C.C. Catch, German Hansa 12in
21 15 STREETFIGHTER, Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons, US Curb 12in
22 09 THE MEN IN MY LIFE, Miriam Lee, Passion 12in
23 — VOULEZ VOUS (REMIX), The Flirts, German Ariola 12in
24 16 DON’T LEAVE ME THIS WAY (SYLVESTER MIX), Jeanie Tracy, US Megatone 12in
25 18 WHISPER TO A SCREAM, Bobby O/Claudja Barry, US MemoVision 12in
26 — TAKE ME NOW, Persuasion, Canadian Power 12in
27 — LOVE SYSTEM, The Twins, German Hansa 12in
29 29 FANTASY (REMIX), Lian Ross, German ZYX 12in
30 21 BODY ROCK (MEGAMIX), Maria Vidal, Dutch Chart 12in bootleg


Beats Per Minute for last week’s Top 75 entries on 7in (endings denoted by f/r/c for fade/resonant/cold):

Elton John 86½-86¼f, King 124-0r, Total Contrast 114f, Wally Badarou 101c, Sting 30-120f, Bobby G 0-65½-131-0r, Cool Notes 64½-0r, A Flock Of Seagulls 144r.

5 thoughts on “October 26, 1985: Moontwist, Kleeer, Frankie Kelly, Quando Quango, Hugh Masekela”

  1. Those of you scanning for early house/proto-house tracks should enjoy Hanson & Davis “Tonight” – (I’ve linked to the vocal version above, but in fact it’s the dub version that’s now best remembered) and Subject “The Magic, The Moment”. Timmy Regisford had a hand in the former, Paul Simpson in the latter.

    Sadly, the 9:07 extended version of Prince’s “Pop Life” isn’t available anywhere online – I’d like to hear that.


  2. JH mentioning not too enthusiastically the latest London revival tunes – Archie Bell’s ‘Don’t Let Love Get You Down’ became massive – I think there was a big remix with a famous breakdown (or was it just a full length version I don’t remember) which was all over the pirates and the clubs in the London area. With all the revived James Brown connected stuff lately – Fred Wesley’s ‘House Party’ was the latest mentioned last week and all the reissued 12 inch versions making the disco charts it’s easier to see how rare groove took off – as I remember it rare groove was just a continuation of what had been happening for a few years just with the added ingredient of some added west end hipsters in silly clothes getting in on the act and starting nights where late 60s and 70s funk was all they played. I seem to remember some hostility to it from the already established club scene when it first happened – Street Noise in Blues & Soul would ridicule it.

    i see that Angels in Burnley was having a brief change of name to Clarets – it became Angels again in the rave era and was one of the bigger clubs at that time in the north west finally closing in the mid 1990s superclub era. When I first moved to the north west in the late 90s my missus of the time and her friends used to go to Paul Taylor (who’s also mentioned this week)’s legendary disco revival/house nights at various venues in East Lancs. He was a real cult figure in the noughties – she told me they used to chant his name when he came on to do his slot.


    1. There’s an interesting comment in the following week’s Odds ‘N’ Bods, where James says: “Lifesighs agreed with my review before even seeing it last week, and have already remixed ‘Get Serious‘ to soften the beats”. I’m not sure which version has ended up on YouTube, though!


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