October 19, 1985: Freddie Jackson, 52nd Street, Fatback, Evelyn ‘Champagne’ King, Howard Johnson


WOODY CUNNINGHAM of Kleeer made a flying visit to England lasting one day just to PA at the Caister soul weekender, where the combined jocks came up with an unusual official chart: new hits were The Winans, Serious Intention, lsley Jasper lsley ‘Dancin’ Around The World‘, Frankie Kelly, Diane Schuur ‘It Don’t Mean A Thing If It Ain’t Got That Swing‘, established biggies were The System, Kleeer, Wally Badarou, Harleqiun Four’s, Doug E Fresh, while — the trick category! — not heard at all were Cheryl Lynn ‘Encore’, Ready For The World ‘Oh Sheila’, Princess, Cool Notes or Five Star . . . Steve Walsh & Tony Blackburn return to Hammersmith Palais Thursday (17) with Radio London’s Soul Night Out (now why did I follow the previous item with that?!) . . . Robbie Vincent, hinting that Radio One could be getting blacker, will at some stage soon devote his Sunday night soul show to a recording of Bobby Womack’s London concert — I caught Bobby on Friday when unfortunately he was being videoed for US consumption, which meant the show was super slick with lights on the stubbornly undemonstrative audience, such cornily staged tackiness as a flamenco-type flirt cavorting through ‘Gypsy Woman’ and a plainly terrified little girl walking on with a bunch of flowers (how would any kid react when confronted with a screaming sweaty middle aged black man?), warmth only beginning to spill across the live audience when Alltrinna Grayson did her spine-tingling screech on ‘Harry Hippy’, after which there were a lot of good bits but it was nowhere near so spontaneous or memorable as last year (and the sound made the star’s voice indecipherable for much of the time, especially when talking) . . . Princess ‘After The Love Is Gone‘ as before has been white labelled ahead of Oct 28 release, more of the same at 99½-99¾bpm from the Stock-Aitken-Waterman team . . . Paul Hardcastle’s eagerly awaited ‘Just For The Money‘ is a Lord Olivier introduced 0-113-0bpm cluttered bassy chugger possibly too overloaded with dialogue and effects to cut through clearly on dancefloors although it retains the ’19’ format, Bob Hoskins in his ‘Long Good Friday’ gangster voice going on about “this could be the crime of the century” in a scenario that embraces the Great Train Robbers and Al Capone’s Feb 14 shootup . . . Thames Valley DJ Association return to Sunbury on Thames’ Kempton Park racecourse for their expanded 2nd Disco Exhibition on Sunday afternoon, January 26 1986 (stand space bookable from Pauline Smith on 07842-58881), followed that evening by the Imagination-starring Shownite ’86 awards dinner at Windsor’s Blazers (£10 all in, £1 exhibition only, ticket applications payable to TVDJA at PO Box 14, Ashford, Middlesex being advisable now) . . . Kev Hill at Mecca Agency International Ltd, 14 Oxford Street, London W1N OHL, wants to hear from mobile and club jocks (send CV, demo tape, SAE) in case there’s work for them, and from clubs who’d welcome PAs and live appearances . . . “Dave” (01-734 6249) is auditioning alternative music DJs for a well known Mayfair discotheque next door to a late nite eaterie (which still seems to be undergoing alterations), and Debbie Gopie (01-588 0174) is in urgent need of good female DJs for an interesting project . . . Larry Foster, whose most requested oldie at Gants Hill Villa Fridays is Fred Wesley ‘House Party‘, with Segue Steve Goddard has started a rare record finding service on 04023-74864 — he and King Erni both lead the first seasonal wave of Christmas cards, many thanks! . . . Kerry Delius’s deleted 112¼bpm ‘They Say It’s Gonna Rain (Remix)‘ is finally available again as flip to the less disco 109¾bpm ‘Slipping Away‘ (Arrival 12PIK 17, via Priority) . . . Nicci ‘So In Love‘ oddly late in the day is now on Boiling Point (POSPX 774) . . . Disco Mix Club’s October mixes are Les Adams’ tough funk, Alan Coulthard’s recent pop, Sanny X’s slightly scrappy Bob Marley, Prince productions and Simple Minds medleys, none so strong as on last month’s major set . . . Paul Sanders (177 Ludlow Road, Itchen, Southampton SO2 7EL) wants to hear from anyone else who’s had trouble with something called the Grand Groove Mixing Club . . . Colin Hudd’s latest Wally Badarou mix at Dartford Flicks (where he revives 1984 this Friday) is with George Benson ‘Soulful Strut‘ . . . Chris Kaye (Tunbridge Wells) suggests mixing the old Rose Royce ‘RR Express’ with either Andre Cymone or more trickily Harleqiun Four’s — he also complains that Kent’s clubs don’t get a fair share of artist PAs despite being an easy drive from London (maybe that’s because they aren’t on the way to anywhere else?) . . . Steve Jason, who’s added funky-ish Fridays at Peterborough’s refurbished Millionaires (ex-La Scala), finds on his Tuesdays at the Gables that Simple Minds ‘Forget About Me’ doesn’t deter soul dancers possibly because it’s such a doddle to mix with ‘Sexomatic’ . . . Johnny Hero (Belfast The Boxes Fri/Greenan Lodge Mon) wonders why CBS let Alexander O’Neal ‘If You Were Here Tonight‘ slip away when it’s still his most requested smoocher and local wholesalers can’t get enough — something similar happened when it was huge in London, the sales force seemed to ignore it . . . Certain Records has been set up by “millionaire book publisher” John Spiers, chairman of the Harvester Publishing Group and a founding director of Brighton’s Southern Sound ILR station, who in pitching initial releases at the dance market obviously has noticed the immediate chart impact DJs’ purchases can make . . . Ashley Hooper (Bournemouth Shunters) reports local shop demand for Brian Jackson & Gil Scott Heron ‘In The Bottle’ has come around again to such a pitch that whoever owns the rights now would do well to re-release it . . . US Elektra, retaining it for DJ promos, has stopped issuing the 12in format commercially, saying now of all times it’s not viable! . . . Alan Schivek of New York’s Mega Records is giving Record Shack their own custom label identity in the States, with virtually simultaneous release there . . . Freddie Jackson returned atop the US Black LPs (as well as 45s), Ready For The World topped Club Play as well as the pop Hot 100 in Billboard . . . New York’s black radio news currently carries many South African apartheid stories . . . Inspector Gadget is a lyrically much mentioned Saturday morning US TV cartoon show which has inspired a hip hop dance step, so don’t be surprised if the timely ‘Chief Inspector’ gets another Gadget Mix! (UK commercial copies incidentally appear after all to have both Vine Street and Hill Street versions) . . . Luther Vandross is in the middle of producing the Temptations, one of whose old stomping grounds Harlem’s Apollo is due to reopen this month — I myself maybe surprisingly took an undeserved bow there when a judge of the Tip Top Bread Talent Contest in 1964 (contest entry had less to do with talent than the number of bread wrappers your family could muster)! — while just down the same block on 125th Street another of my old stomping grounds the Baby Grand club appears completely unchanged after 21 years, still with piano shaped window in art deco style . . . Haggis & Chris Howard reggae-funk Marsh Farm (Luton) The Cotters pub’s last ever disco night before a jukebox is installed, Steve Allen & Nick Graham electro-funk Peterborough’s Fletton Fleet Centre, and Brian Davies has a tramps and tarts party at Stourport Severn Manor, all on Friday (18) . . . Saturday (19) sees Chris Hill & Robbie Vincent start their new weekly Hill & Vincent’s Fundamental Music Corporation at Croydon’s Sgt Peppers, guaranteeing “no youth club music” . . . Tuesday (22) Tonbridge’s free admission Loggers fun pub (by the station) turns two years old with Chris Kaye running down the ten soul tracks most requested there in that time, while at the Epping Forest Country Club near Chigwell Cino & Gary Raymond feature PAs by Princess, Total Contrast, Haywoode, P.P. Arnold, Precious Wilson, Julie Roberts, Peter Royer and more as ‘The Best Of British Funk ’85’ (over-21s, advance £5.50 tickets only, on 01-660 8645 or 0992-469069) . . . Wednesday (23) Paul Needham has a Motown promotion night at Derby’s Knotted Snake . . . John Coomer jazz-R&B-soul Sundays at Yeovil’s Three Choughs Hotel 7.30-10.30pm, future guests including Bournemouth’s Graham T (27), Exeter’s Chris Dinnis (Nov 3) . . . Russ B & Ian Stewart plus guests funk Friday’s The Wak Wak Club at Options on the A127 near Basildon . . . Neil Matthew souls Ramsden Heath’s Nags Head pub (free) near Billericay every Tuesday . . . Facade ‘The Groove‘ could more concisely be called a cross between the early styles of Paul Hardcastle and The RAH Band . . . Island’s effort to get more DJs sending in charts has helped stagnate the Disco 100 to their disadvantage, as by far the week’s biggest seller was Wally Badarou who stays stuck at 4: other sellers that previously would have reckoned to be higher include The System, Total Contrast, Donald Banks, Grace Jones, The Winans, Sade, Evelyn King, whereas still rising although sales have long tailed off are Michael Lovesmith, Lukk, Roy Ayers, Skipworth & Turner — Kleeer and The Team have actually yet to register major sales despite high placings, and charting purely on mailout reaction without any sales at all are Vikki Love, Jeff Lorber, Bar-Kays and even Brass Construction ‘Zig Zag’, so as always suspected from past experience, huge numbers of DJ returns don’t necessarily help make an accurate up-to-the-minute, interesting chart . . . SET IT OFF!


FREDDIE JACKSON: ‘You Are My Lady’ (Capitol 12CL 379)
Freddie’s definitely the successor to Teddy Pendergrass’s crown as the new romantic black balladeer, to judge from his current huge US success with both his debut LP, very popular here, and this quietly starting sweet slow 0-92/46bpm smoochy ticker. Now can Capitol break him here where CBS didn’t even bother with the similar in appeal Alexander O’Neal? The flip’s 105½bpm “Special Theme Version” of the gently lolloping ‘I Wanna Say I Love You’ amounts to an instrumental.

52nd STREET: ‘Tell Me (How It Feels)’ (10 Records TEN 74-12)
The snappingly introed immediately familiar Nick Martinelli production will make you wonder which Loose Ends (or whoever) record it is until Diane Charlemagne and the four fellahs from Manchester start cooing the 105½bpm drifting but driving swayer (dub/edit flip), their classiest to date if overly tied to a formula.

FATBACK: ‘Is This The Future?’ (Important Records TANT 7)
Possibly the biggest recent black dance hit to remain unreleased on UK 12in until now, this terrific bass synth bumped rolling calm 108½-108¼bpm pusher from 1983 has a memorable chocolate voiced message rap, apparently here re-edited from several known mixes to end up with Evelyn Thomas wailing instead of the original LP version’s great sax, to make a hybrid new version of less contemporary appeal, the flip revives the accelerating 105-109bpm FATBACK BAND ‘Wicki Wacky‘ street funk partaay chant.

EVELYN ‘CHAMPAGNE’ KING: ‘Your Personal Touch’ (US RCA Victor PW-14202)
Instantly proving that instead of her misguided ugly techno-flash material all that was needed to make British soul fans love her again was a return to her solid old sound (which anyway had made her a bigger star nationally here than ever in the States), this George & McFarlane prod/penned easily rolling 111bpm chugger in two mixes has been the week’s hottest newie and finds her right back on form. Will she now re-drop that childish ‘Champagne’ tag?

Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis’s most inventive moment since ‘Encore’, this surging 0-109bpm sneaky wriggler has fake Cockney chat-up lines, a finally panting pull, yodelling pent-up power and possibly ‘Single Life’-like appeal, flipped craftily by the excellent impersonations filled 111¼bpm US remix of ‘Stand Up‘, plus the slightly Marvin-ish swaying 103½bpm ‘Why Sleep Alone Tonight?’.

THE BLACKBYRDS: ‘Walking In Rhythm’ (Streetwave SWAVE 3)
Although this gliding 113bpm early jazz funk classic UK pop hit from 1975 should be welcome enough for probably the first time on (unlengthened) 12in, the currently timely noisemaker (actually cut rather softer than the Fantasy pressing) is the flip’s ‘Rock Creek Park’, their infectiously burbling ultra jittery 110½bpm paean to the pleasures of doin’ it after dark in Washington DC’s outdoor trysting place. Why the label lists both as 116bpm is a puzzle!

RENE & ANGELA: ‘Secret Rendezvous’ (Champion CHAMP 12-5)
Snatched from under Capitol’s noses, this staccato brittle 99½-99¾bpm jittery little jolter has been widely tipped to be another ‘Buttercup’-type revival hit but really isn’t anything like as widely appealing a tune, so specialist action is probably all it can expect (brassily lurching 116bpm ‘Bangin’ The Boogie‘ flip).

WHODINI: ‘Freaks Come Out At Night’ (Jive JIVET 107)
This mind numbingly nagging jiggly monotonous 100½bpm chant remains one of the most enduring, yet elsewhere relatively unknown, instant floor fillers in black clubs where it’s one of the rare hip hoppers to have funk appeal — and now maybe Lisa Lisa-like potential? — flipped by the US hit starker well worded 96bpm ‘Friends‘ rap.

MCFADDEN & WHITEHEAD: Ain’t No Stoppin’ Us Now’ (Streetwave SWAVE 2)
1979 was a very good year and in this 112½-113-113½-116(break start)-117(end)-115½-115bpm classic and the flip’s similarly mellow 108½-109½-110¼bpm BILLY PAUL: ‘Bring The Family Back’ we have two of its really vintage offerings, usefully back-to-back. For some people though they might just be a teensy bit over familiar!

SLAVE: ‘Jazzy Lady’ (Certain Records 12ACERT 2, via Priority/EMI)
Now of course Steve Arrington-less, the guys soldier on ploughing the same old groove with a woozily bounding 115½bpm lurch beat, ethereal chants, tinnily yowling acid guitar, and maybe less oomph than of yore (jerkier jittery 116½bpm ‘Don’t Waste My Tyme‘ flip).

ORTHEIA BARNES: ‘Green Eyed Monster’ (US Michigan Satellite Records MSR 505070)
Motown veteran Sylvia Moy produces J.J.’s soulful sister on an interesting atmospheric slow threatening 90bpm slinker with “chain gang” beats beginning and an electric fiddle solo (inst and deep dead slow testifying ‘Touched‘ flip).

READY FOR THE WORLD: ‘Oh Sheila’ (MCA Records MCAT 1005)
The youthful six guys searing slow pent-up ‘Tonight‘ US black smash remains one of my faves of the year, whereas this blatantly Prince copying 128¾bpm billiard ball racer has even topped the US pop chart and with its cod Anglo-accented mutterings (a bit like Kenny Everett!) may even break pop here — it’s too fast for soul dancers.

THE JETS: ‘Curiosity’ (US MCA Records MCA-23586)
Unusually eight teenaged brothers and sisters from Tonga in the South Seas, the Wolfgramm family nevertheless recorded in Minneapolis to got the purple Prince sound for another bright 125¾bpm speeder like ‘Oh Sheila’ (inst/edit flip).

EDDIE MURPHY: ‘Party All The Time’ (US Columbia 44-05280)
Finally following his classic funky sly ‘Boogie In Your Butt’, this typical frantic 135bpm Rick James prod/penned racer is a desperate disappointment for UK fans.

DISCO TOP 100 – October 19, 1985

01 01 SINGLE LIFE, Cameo, Club 12in
02 02 TRAPPED, Colonel Abrams, MCA Records 12in
03 03 ROMEO WHERE’S JULIET?, Collage, MCA Records 12in
04 05 CHIEF INSPECTOR (VINE STREET)/(HILL STREET), Wally Badarou, 4th + B’way 12in
05 04 I’LL BE GOOD, Rene & Angela, Club 12in
06 06 SET IT OFF, Harleqiun Four’s, US Jus Born Prod 12in
07 07 (I’LL BE A) FREAK FOR YOU, Royalle Delite, Streetwave 12in
08 19 HIT AND RUN, Total Contrast, London 12in
09 12 NEVER CRY AGAIN (REMIX), Kleeer, US Atlantic 12in
10 09 LOVE TAKE OVER, Five Star, Tent 12in
11 22 THIS IS FOR YOU (REMIX), The System, Boiling Point 12in
12 10 I’LL BE GOOD (MARK BERRY REMIX), Rene & Angela, Club 12in
13 08 ONE LOVE (REMIX), Atlantic Starr, A&M 12in
14 11 TAKES A LITTLE TIME, Total Contrast, London 12in
16 14 THE HEAVEN I NEED, The Three Degrees, Supreme Records 12in
17 18 AIN’T NOTHIN’ LIKE IT (M&M REMIX), Michael Lovesmith, Motown 12in
18 16 FALL DOWN (SPIRIT OF LOVE), Tramaine, A&M 12in
19 32 THE SHOW/LA-DI-DA-DI, Doug E Fresh and The Get Fresh Crew, US Reality Records 12in
20 23 ON THE ONE, Lukk featuring Felicia Collins, Important Records 12in
21 17 STATUS-QUO, Donald Banks, 4th + B’way 12in
22 34 SLAVE TO THE RHYTHM (BLOODED), Grace Jones, ZTT 12in
23 33 SLIP N SLIDE, Roy Ayers, CBS 12in
24 26 HOT PURSUIT, Skipworth & Turner 4th + B’way 12in
25 20 PART-TIME LOVER (REMIX), Stevie Wonder, Motown 12in
26 27 HAVE A GOOD FOREVER/NATURAL ENERGY, The Cool Notes, Abstract Dance 12in
27 41 YOU WEAR IT WELL (M&M REMIX), El DeBarge with DeBarge, Gordy 12in
28 25 EMOTIONS, Starpoint, Elektra 12in
29 13 WHAT ARE WE GONNA DO ABOUT IT?, Mercy Mercy, Ensign 12in
30 42 STOP PLAYING ON ME, Vikki Love, US 4th + B’way 12in promo
31 15 SAY I’M YOUR NO.1, Princess, Supreme Records 12in
33 30 I WISH HE DIDN’T TRUST ME SO MUCH, Bobby Womack, MCA Records 12in
34 43 GETTING CLOSER, Haywoode, CBS 12in
35 24 TWILIGHT/BACK IN STRIDE (REMIX), Maze featuring Frankie Beverly, Capitol 12in
36 58 YOU DON’T KNOW (SPECIAL REMIX)/LIVE EXTRAMENTAL MIX, Serious Intention, US Easy Street 12in
38 31 THE SWEETEST TABOO, Sade, Epic 12in
39 38 I’LL BE YOUR FRIEND, Precious Wilson, Jive 12in
40 39 ZIG ZAG/CONQUEST (REMIXES), Brass Construction, Capitol 12in
41 37 YOU BLEW IT, The World Famous Mad Lads, Champion 12in
42 45 SHE’S NOT A SLEAZE/THERE AIN’T NOTHIN’ (LIKE YOUR LOVIN’), Paul Laurence, Capitol 12in
43 54 AIN’T THAT THE TRUTH, Frankie Kelly, US TWI 12in
44 46 THE DANCE ELECTRIC, Andre Cymone, CBS 12in
45 — YOUR PERSONAL TOUCH, Evelyn ‘Champagne’ King, US RCA Victor 12in
46 44 WHO DO YOU LOVE, Bernard Wright, US Manhattan 12in
47 40 TRAPPED (REMIX), Colonel Abrams, MCA Records 12in
48 47 STAND UP/SO FINE, Howard Johnson, A&M 12in
50 — IS THIS THE FUTURE?, Fatback, Important Records 12in
51 35 A LITTLE PAIN, P.P. Arnold, 10 Records 12in
52 49 STILL SMOKIN’ (HUG-A-BUT), Trouble Funk, 4th + B’way/TTED 12in
53 50 SEXUAL THERAPY, Billy Paul, Total Experience 12in
55 48 I WONDER IF I TAKE YOU HOME, Lisa Lisa and Cult Jam with Full Force, CBS 12in
56 55 SHE’S A GO-GETTER, Fatack, Atlantic 12in
57 64 (KRUSH GROOVE) CAN’T STOP THE STREET, Chaka Khan, Warner Bros 12in
58 52 A LOVE BIZARRE, Sheila E, Warner Bros/Paisley Park LP
59 57 ALL I WANT IS MY BABY, Roberta Gilliam, US Sutra 12in
60 29 YOU’RE THE ONE FOR ME (PAUL HARDCASTLE REMIX), “D” Train, Prelude 12in
61 66 EXTRA SPECIAL, Jerome, Calibre 12in
62 56 YEH YEH/SMOOTH, Matt Bianco, WEA 12in
63 51 GET UP OFFA THAT THING (GODFATHER II), Screamin’ Tony Baxter, 4th + B’way 12in
64 96 SECRET RENDEZVOUS, Rene & Angela, Champion 12in
65 — KNEES/STAND UP (US REMIX), Howard Johnson, A&M 12in
66 — ROCK CREEK PARK, The Blackbyrds, Streetwave 12in
67 53 GIVE AND TAKE, Brass Construction, US Capitol 12in
68 60 HARD TIMES FOR LOVERS, Jennifer Holliday, Geffen Records 12in
69 62 GET LOOSE, Aleem (featuring Leroy Burgess), US NIA 12in
70 88 EVERY WOMAN NEEDS IT, Jeff Lorber, Club 12in promo remix/LP
71 72 SHO YUH RIGHT, Chuck Brown & The Soul Searchers, US TTED 12in
72 83 SO IN LOVE, Nicci, Boiling Point 12in
74 69 I WANNA BE LOVED BY YOU, MIchael Wycoff, US Valley Vue 12in
75 84 CHIQUITA LINDA, Gardenia, Belgian Magic 12in/London promo
76 68 JAZZ RAP INSTRUMENTAL, Cargo, Cargogold Productions 12in
77 63 SET IT OFF, Masquerade, Streetwave 12in
78 — MUSIC (PAUL HARDCASTLE REMIX), “D” Train, Prelude 12in
79 76 MAIN ATTRACTION (REMIX), Brooklyn Bronx & Queens, Cooltempo 12in
80 71 LOVE SO FINE, Sahara, Elite 12in
81 re JUST ANOTHER LONELY NIGHT, The O’Jays, Philadelphia International 12in
82 82 BASS AND TROUBLE/MAKE ‘EM MOVE, Sly & Robbie, Island LP
83 79 THE OAK TREE, Morris Day, US Warner Bros 12in
84 — YOUR PLACE OR MINE/SEXOMATIC, Bar-Kays, Club 12in promo
85 — 100%, Caprice, US NIA 12in
86 78 AFTER YOU/LOVE YOU SO/YO NARD, Bernard Wright, US Manhattan LP
87 70 AMERICA/ AJ MEETS DAVY DMX, Kurtis Blow, US Mercury 12in
88 75 L.O.S. (LOVE ON SIGHT), Colon, 4th + B’way 12in
89 99 FREAK IN ME, Dante, US Panoramic 12in
90 87 BUBBLING, Aswad, Simba 12in
91 85 DON’T SAY NO TONIGHT/GOTTA GET YOU HOME TONIGHT, Eugene Wilde, US Philly World Records 12in
92 — TELL ME (HOW IT FEELS), 52nd Street, 10 Records 12in
93 — JAZZY LADY, Slave, Certain Records 12in
94 74 KILL OR BE KILLED, LW5, Virgin 12in promo
95 100 SWEET SURRENDER, Jeff Tyzik featuring Maurice Starr, US Polydor 12in
96 92 HOLD ON, Claudia, Bluebird/10 12in
97 67 RAISE THE CURTAIN, Barbara Pennington, Record Shack LP
98 re NIGHT LIGHTS, Toney Lee, US Critique 12in
99 90 LOVE TAKE OVER (THE LIMIT EDITION MIX), Five Star, Tent 12in
100 98 SET IT OFF, Strafe, US Jus Born Prod 12in


01 01 REFLECTIONS, Evelyn Thomas, Record Shack 12in
02 02 VANITY, Carol Jiani, Record Shack 12in
03 09 THEY SAY IT’S GONNA RAIN, Hazell Dean, Parlophone 12in
04 03 VERTIGO, Barbara Pennington, Record Shack LP
05 18 FUTURE BRAIN, Den Harrow, Italian Baby 12in
06 04 I LIKE YOU, Phyllis Nelson, US Carrere 12in
07 11 NO FRILLS LOVE, Jennifer Holliday, Geffen Records LP
08 05 ANOTHER BOY IN TOWN, Two Girls, US Popular 12in
09 07 THE MEN IN MY LIFE, Miriam Lee, Passion 12in
10 10 EATEN ALIVE (REMIX), Diana Ross, Capitol 12in
11 24 BLACK KISSES, Curtie & The Boom Box, RCA 12in
12 12 LOVIN’ IS REALLY MY GAME (REMIX), Sylvester, US Megatone 12in
13 13 I HEAR TALK (REMIX), Bucks Fizz, US Disconet LP
14 15 THE FIGHTER, Arpeggio, US Nissim Records 12in
15 16 STREETFIGHTER, Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons, US Curb 12in
16 25 DON’T LEAVE ME THIS WAY (SYLVESTER MIX), Jeanie Tracy, US Megatone 12in
17 21 TIMEBOMB, Angie Gold, Passion 12in white label
18 06 WHISPER TO A SCREAM, Bobby O/Claudja Barry, US MemoVision 12in
19 19 NIGHTFLIGHT, Jack’s Project, German Ariola 12in
20 — SAVING MYSELF, Oh Romeo, US “O” Records 12in
21 29 BODY ROCK (MEGAMIX), Maria Vidal, Dutch Chart 12in bootleg
22 17 CLOSE TO PERFECTION (REMIX), Miquel Brown, Record Shack 12in
23 23 ACTION!, Pearly Gates, Boystown UK 12in
24 20 STAR STRUCK LOVER, Boiling Point, Canadian Power 12in
25 28 WIND BENEATH MY WINGS, Menage, US Profile 12in
26 08 I CAN LOSE MY HEART TONIGHT, C.C. Catch, German Hansa 12in
27 14 STANDING, Nick Eastside & Loleatta Holloway, US Rocky 12in
28 26 HOLD ME, Laura Branigan, US Atlantic 12in
29 22 FANTASY (REMIX)/SATURDAY NIGHT, Lian Ross, German ZYX 12in
30 re SO MANY MEN — MEDLEY, Miquel Brown, Record Shack 12in


Beats Per Minute for last week’s Top 75 entries on 7in (endings denoted by f/r/c for fade/resonant/cold):

Simple Minds 103/51½-103-0-103f, Madonna 148¼-148f, The Smiths 119f, Jan Hammer 116r, Grace Jones (0-)96¾-96½-0r, The Clash 81-0f, Tears For Fears 0-38-0f, Shakin’ Stevens 157½-0c, Sade 91½f, The Alarm 0-152f, The Jesus And Mary Chain 60/62-0r, Rush 144½f, The Communards 111f, The Damned (0-)130½-0r, Tina Turner 110f, Talking Heads (0-)110¼-0c, “D” Train (0-)121f, Hazell Dean 115f, Feargal Sharkey 104½f, Modern Talking 109½f.

4 thoughts on “October 19, 1985: Freddie Jackson, 52nd Street, Fatback, Evelyn ‘Champagne’ King, Howard Johnson”

  1. That Caister was the last real one – with Showstoppers moving to Bognor by next Spring – The Kleeer man obviously making contacts as I remember seeing Kleeer at that next weekender.

    I see a record company still flogging the dead horse that was go go in this country this week – surely the last attempt.

    Paul Hardcastle’s Just For Money is easily the worst thing I’ve ever heard by him – I thought it was a terrible follow up to a massive hit. And JH is raving about the E Evelyn Champagne King new one which to me summed up just how unimaginative 1985 so often was.
    Thank goodness for DSM, Harlequin 4s, Maze’s Twilight, Sahara, Fatback and Kleeer.


    1. I remember a somewhat renewed interest in go go at around this time – Trouble Funk’s “Still Smokin'” and “Good To Go” did OK, for instance, and there are currently a couple of minor new entries on the Disco chart – and it continued to simmer away on a low flame for most of 1986, but then my memories may be coloured by Graeme Park’s continued support for it at The Garage in Nottingham. Anyhow, some of the older tracks continued to hang around, Trouble Funk filled the Town & Country Club in 1986 and played on The Tube, and I think in general it stayed in vogue with the style-mag set, rather than with the proper soul crowd.


  2. Yes Trouble Funk did sort of transcend things a bit. I noticed the minor entries I thought they may be the “owing their chart places to being serviced by record companies” records that JH sometimes mentioned.

    I read an article once that those Face type go go fans thought go go was “authentic” and part of some mythical black music continuum whereas electronic stuff wasn’t or some such music critic nonsense.

    At least Chris Hill had the possible excuse he was knocking on a bit when they arrived for his antipathy to the newer electronic and rap sounds the west end stylist types didn’t even have that excuse!


  3. There’s still a few Go Go gems coming soon but in general it passed quick. Oh well, at least that makes it easy to complete a Go Go vinyl collection! 🙂


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