April 21, 1979: Poussez, Players Association, Dalida, Sly Dunbar, Herbie Hancock

The UK Disco Chart is currently being compiled by myself alone again, as in practice the RB Research computer system was far too complicated and actually took longer than doing it all by hand! Radio Luxembourg don’t seem to realise this yet, though. Anyway, contributors, please always include the label details when listing anything on import as many of you are missing out on the chance of a Hot Vinyl feature by not giving enough import info. Oh, and EMI LRD postcard users, please note that your cards do NOT get forwarded to EMI afterwards, contrary to whatever you may have been told.

Disco News

Rose Royce ‘Angel In The Sky’, due out this week, has been scrapped from the schedule . . . Heatwave’s new ‘Hot Property’ LP is set for May, while their ‘Razzle Dazzle’ single is out next week and Johnnie Wilder, recently in a car accident while visiting his parents, is OK and recuperating with them in Dayton, Ohio . . . Mass Production ‘Can’t You See I’m Fired Up’ 12in, reviewed last week, is now out here (Atlantic LV 27) . . . Voyage ‘Let’s Fly Away’ is finally on 12in (GTO GT 12-245) . . . CBS’s Tappan Zee funk-jazz 12in EP has been postponed until June 1st, but Hilary and Brainstorm are due on 12in in three weeks, with Michael Jackson on picture-disc 12in and Gary’s Gang ‘Let’s Lovedance Tonight’ / ‘Showtime’ on 7in in a fortnight . . . Thames Valley DJ Assn meet Satril’s Greg Gregory at lunchtime this Sunday (22) in Abingdon’s Charters Night Club, new members welcome . . . Cleethorpes’s Clouds Nitescene re-opens after alteration this Thursday (19), with resident DJ Ian Hay inviting South Humberside jocks interested in forming an association to contact him either there or at his home, 62 Winchester Avenue, Grimsby DN33 1HR . . . East Midlands DJ Assn secretary Carl Horsley (Derby 761530) wants to hear from manufacturers and promotion people interested in a planned EMDJA disco exhibition . . . Rus Phillips of Manor Park’s Ere For Music disco dept (open Saturdays) offers rather substantial discounts on imports to DJ Assn members spending at least £10 a week there . . . John “No Jeans” Lewis (Brighton Metro), controversial – argumentative? – as ever, now says “Younger’s beer is awful”; well, as a non-beer drinker, all I know is that it’s the only one that I ever do choose to drink, so stick that on a slipmat and mix it!

New Spins

POUSSEZ: ‘Come On And Do It’ (from LP ‘Poussez!’, Vanguard VSLD 79412) (BNDA debut 4/14/79)
Just made to mix out of Gino Soccio and huge on import, this simple 122bpm pounder trucks along for 7:38 with squealing and cooing chix repeating the “do it to me” title line and a great “where’d ya learn to funk like that, c’est bon” hook: however, Pye still seem to think the lightweight 130bpm ‘Never Gonna Say Goodbye’ should be the single. French for “push”, the group’s name is pronounced “Poo-say” . . . or “Pussy”?!

PLAYERS ASSOCIATION: ‘Ride The Groove’ / ‘Everybody Dance’ (Vanguard VSL 5012)
Their LP’s other two big dance tracks make a dynamite 12in coupling, the 122bpm insistently driving 6:55 topside chugger keeping up a weird fluttering electronic effect (which mixes with CHA ‘The Rock Is Hot’), while Chic’s 132bpm oldie on the 7:03 flip seems bland without the vocals until it hits a rattling long Latin rhythm break.

DALIDA: ‘Lambeth Walk’ (EMI 2937)
Cairo-born Italian songstress has been a superstar in France since the ‘50s and is currently wowing Continental discos with an irresistibly silly revival of this catchy old World War II dance craze hit! A must for MoR jocks – but instead of this English language version (which misses the whole point), try to get the livelier French-sung original (Orlando IS 49.447). Be warned, it’s so madly infectious you’ll be whistling in no time! 

SLY DUNBAR: ‘Rasta Fiesta’ (Virgin Front Line FLS 12012)
Dynamite instrumental by the reggae percussionist with a great easy 118bpm fusion tempo on 4:02 12in that’s much more disco than reggae, the rhythm right up front and everything else way back in the mix. Check it out, it could be huge!

HERBIE HANCOCK: ‘Tell Everybody’ (CBS 7229) (BNDA debut 7/14/79)
A bleeding travesty, this terrific 121bpm leaping LP hit, much better than ‘You Bet Your Love’, is only on edited 3:55 7in. Bah! CBS do it again.

MELBA MOORE: ‘Pick Me Up, I’ll Dance’ (Epic EPC 12-7234) (BNDA debut 4/7/79)
Bright-sounding 127bpm galloper on 7:00 12in should pick up plenty of pop fans and get really big now that it’s out here.

BOMBERS: ‘(Everybody) Get Dancin” (Flamingo 12 FM 1) (BNDA debut 2/10/79)
Big on import for ages but now slipping, this UK issue on orangeade-coloured 9:20 12in through Mike Collier’s new disco label may push the smoothly churning 128bpm pounder onto pop jocks, though it must be stale for some of them too now. It always worked well with Gary’s Gang and is a similarly classy production.

SHALAMAR: ‘Uptown Festival’ (RCA DDC 003) (BNDA debut 1/29/77)
Highly prized when on promo 12in exactly two years ago, this 127bpm Motown medley is now on full uninterrupted 8:52 commercial 12in for the first time and should still be useful for many.

T-CONNECTION: ‘Saturday Night’ (TK TKR 12-7536)
Always catchier and (for hip jocks) initially bigger than ‘At Midnight’, this steadily thudding 113bpm jitterer has returned on import and is now out here on 8:49 12in with emphasised rhythm track and stretched-out repetitive central section.

TWO MAN SOUND: ‘Que Tal America’ (Miracle M1-12) (BNDA debut 9/22/79)
Remixed for America by Pete Waterman (who adds some incongruously English-accented singing and “say what”, ‘‘aah freak’’ retorts), the recently big Latin leaper is now on eye-cued 9:20 12in with a lot of changes including a slightly slower 128-129bpm tempo, clapping, and complete restructuring.

EVELYN “CHAMPAGNE” KING: ‘Shame’ (RCA DDC 001) (BNDA debut 10/1/77)
So recently huge that some jocks still play it as a newie (watcha Wally!), the classic 133-135bpm flier is again on 6:35 12in.

LAMONT DOZIER: ‘Boogie Business’ / ‘Going Back To My Roots’ (Warner Bros. LV 24) (BNDA debut 5/5/79)
Full-tilt 128bpm old-time soul charger with gestures to modernity like some synthesizer licks and a 5:08 12in format (with glossy LP-style sleeve), flipped for terrific value by the full 6:31 of his atmospherically building 108-112bpm classic from ‘77.

JONESES: ‘Sugar Pie Guy’ (Mercury 9198184)
Classic soul group loper from ‘74 with great “spudadoo” scatting seems surprisingly mellow and slow at 124bpm on this full 6:29 12in, double-A flipped by GABOR SZABO ‘Keep Smilin’’, the beautiful 7:24 guitar ‘n chanting 97bpm jazz-funk swayer from ’76.

LINDA CLIFFORD: ‘Bridge Over Troubled Water’ (RSO RSOX 30) (BNDA debut 3/31/79)
Mother Horne’s little boy Nicky doesn’t like it, but lots of other radio jocks do – so this 10:20 marathon 130-133bpm 12in “disco” reworking of the hallowed Simon & Garfunkel anthem should go pop. You can actually mix it into Light Of The World if you’re clever!

STICKY FINGERS: ‘Wastin’ My Love’ (Epic EPC 12-7235) (BNDA debut 3/3/79)
Frantic fast 133bpm girlie group pounder on 7:30 12in mixes well with Arpeggio and has rasping brass, thumping break and Latin rattling towards the end. Equally as hot as their US LP’s ‘Night Time’, it’s however flipped here by the ponderously funky 10:18 Rose Royce type 99bpm ‘Party Song’.

LORRAINE JOHNSON: ‘Feed The Flame’ LP (Epic EPC 83591) (BNDA debut 11/25/78)
A perfectly useable alternative to the US 12in (and far better than the short single), this 8:09 version of the walling rhythm-filled title track hustler clocks in at 125bpm. Emptier and less compulsive is the break-filled 132bpm ‘I’m Learning To Dance All Over Again’ (surely once the original LP title?).

BOBBY WOMACK: ‘Honey Dripper Boogie’ (from LP ‘Roads Of Life’, Arista ARTY 165)
Slow-starting springy 120bpm leaper harks back to the old R&B ‘Honey Dripper’ brass bits but while the hottest cut so far, doesn’t really hang together that strongly. Others to check could be the soulfully swaying 85bpm ‘How Could You Break My Heart’, frantically racing 136bpm title-track, and slinkily relaxed 111bpm evening-closer, ‘Mr DJ Don’t Stop The Music’.

KEITH BARROW: ‘Physical Attraction’ LP (CBS 83575)
The lightly leaping squeakily soulful 129bpm 4:05 title-track was once a rival to ‘Turn Me Up’, but now the latter is on longer remixed 12in with the LP’s other hot cut as flip, ‘Joyful Music’. Not much point this late.

OLYMPIC RUNNERS: ‘Keep It Up’ / ‘Whatever It Takes’ (RCA DDC 004) (‘Keep It Up’ BNDA debut 11/12/77)
Well known spirited 126bpm leaper and a more interesting flip with a disjointed first half which takes off halfway at a 122bpm jazz-funk lick, coupled on 12in.

ISH: ‘Don’t Stop’ (TK TKR 740) (BNDA debut 7/14/79)
Strange little jiggly 116bpm strutting thudder with a jazz-funk feel and squeaky male singing by Foxy’s Ish Ledesma.

WITCH QUEEN: ‘Get It On’ (RCA FC 1489) (BNDA debut 3/10/79)
T. Rex’s tune is still known in the States as ‘Bang A Gong’ but this 135bpm US disco hit version on 9:56 12in reverts to its true title here. Co-produced by Gino Soccio, it’s got his trademark thump-thump stomping through everything, not much vocals, and good phasing effects.

DISCO/VERY: ‘Get It On’ (Pinnacle PIN 15-12)
Not the T. Rex song, this one’s a thumping 127bpm pop 12in from the Mike Collier/Pete Waterman stable, spoilt by crass vocals.

VICKI SUE ROBINSON: ‘Nighttime Fantasy’ (RCA PC 1441) (BNDA debut 3/24/79)
Bland and rather unexceptional 131bpm hustler builds predictably with panting rhythm breaks on 8:15 12in – from a spoof-horror flick called ‘Nocturna’, it’s out here in unwarranted haste.

MR PRESIDENT: ‘La La Akimbo’ (Satril SAT 143)
Happy chant-along 133bpm calypso could work in silly spots.


PRINCE PHILLIP MITCHELL: ‘Let’s Get Wet’ (US Atlantic DSKO 165)
Sexy slow “wake up baby” boy-and-girl dialogue explodes into a jaggedly jumping and thumping 126-128-130bpm rhythm rattler with syndrums and Sylvester-style singing on the 7:01 A-side, though the basically instrumental chix-backed 4:39 B-side could prove stronger. On promo 12in only, the parent LP being ‘Top Of The Line’ (US Atlantic 19231).

WAR: ‘Good, Good Feelin” (US MCA MCA-13913) (BNDA debut 4/14/79)
Typically War-like yet different too, this 7:43 12in overlays their usual jittery rhythm and chanting with a remorselessly driving 125-126-127bpm smacking and clapping beat that creates a lot of tension. It’s due here next week (12MCA 418), but minus the US coupling of their old 119bpm ‘Galaxy’ in its 7:28 remix form.

MASS PRODUCTION: ‘Strollin’’ (from LP ‘In The Purest Form’, US Cotillion SD 5211)
Although featuring a slightly shorter version of their current ‘Can’t You See I’m Fired Up’ 12in and a monotonous 128bpm ‘Firecracker’ funker, the set’s hottest cut so far is this pretty little throw-away, a delightfully catchy slow-starting 113-114bpm jazz funk 4:11 instrumental tripper with solos from vibes, electric piano, etc, between brief tempo pauses.

MICHAEL JACKSON: ‘You Can’t Win’ (US Epic 28-50658)
Surprise, surprise! What starts out for quite a while as an OK but ordinary 127bpm strutter imperceptibly gathers energy (though not speed) and adds in clapping, scatting and a whole lot of dynamic party atmosphere so that by the end of the 7:14 12in it’s roaring and raving! Then the 2:58 flip repeats all the high energy bits in edited form. From ‘The Wiz’, it’s a Quincy Jones production.

BRAINSTORM: ‘Hot For You’ / ‘Don’t Let Me Catch You With Your Groove Down’ (US Tabu 2Z8-5515) (BNDA debut 4/7/79)
On full 10:38 12in this complicated squawking girlie group thumper accelerates through 130-134-135-139-136bpm for a fast, furious and undeniably exciting finish, though I still think it’s a bit messy getting there (try mixing in at the 135bpm break halfway). The chugging mainly instrumental 126-128bpm flip at 4:45 is only seconds longer than the already reviewed 7in version.

EVIE SANDS: ‘Keep My Lovelight Burnin’’ (US RCA PD-11549)
Thumping though laid-back 134bpm pounder on 7:10 12in, by a revered white girl with an interesting track record but little real chart success since her soulful 1964 debut. This blandly booming hustler isn’t really different enough to rise above initial import interest, I fear.

MANDRE: ‘Swang’ (from LP ‘M3000’, US Motown M7-917R1)
Surprisingly traditional ‘Kansas City’-type 124bpm swinger with a backbeat clap, but tarted up with electronic beat and synthesizer to become oddly effective and modern. Also derivative (of Rick James’s ‘You And I’) is the 123bpm ‘Spirit Groove’, while ‘Freakin’s Fine’ is a steady 135bpm clapper and ‘Final Funk’ a ponderous slow 87bpm specialist funker.

Mix Master

Phil Salter, mobile from Whitefield (061-766 2477), recently did a Manchester charity marathon for 12 hours in which time he practised his mixing, coming up with an oldie but goodie in Herbie Hancock ‘Tell Everybody’ (CBS LP) chopped into FLB ‘Boogie Town’ (Fantasy 12in, minus intro), then carrying on with a chop into Crackin’ ‘Double Love’ (WB 12in), fading into percussion intro of T-Connection ‘At Midnight’ (TK 12in) which he kept going under the 7in version (clever lad!) before fading out the singing and mixing Players Assn ‘Turn The Music Up’ (Vanguard 12in) over the drums . . . all without vari-speed but with a bit of finger pressure on the platter! Meanwhile, Steve Wiggins (Barry Rugby Club) has been getting a good echo effect using two copies of Chic ‘Le Freak’, prompting a very un-Wally young lady to come up at the end of the evening and ask, “Is that what you meant in Record Mirror last week – American mixing, isn’t it called?” “No my dear,” replied Steve (here I suspect trying to prove his butch manliness!), “it’s simply an echo. Tell you what, though. I’ll give you a lift home and we can discuss it in more detail!” There, see what mixing can get ya!

Hot Vinyl

Terry Hooper (Ilford Room At The Top) was recently mentioned for his Tuesday oldies sessions, so for an interesting switch here’s his current “re-heated” vinyl listing of funk oldies that still sizzle:
DONALD BYRD: ‘Change (Makes You Wanna Hustle)’ (Blue Note LP)
BANBARRA: ‘Shack Up’ (UA 7”)
JUGGY JONES: ‘Inside America’ (Contempo 7”)
JONESES: ‘Sugar Pie Guy’ (Mercury 7”)
CHAMPS BOYS: ‘Tubular Bells’ (Philips 7”)
BARRABAS: ‘Checkmate’ (Atlantic 7”)
CROWN HEIGHTS AFFAIR: ‘Far Out’ (Polydor 7”)
JOHN HANDY: ‘Hard Work’ (Probe 7”)
JBS: ‘Monorail’ (Polydor 7”)
WILLIE HENDERSON: ‘Dance Master’ (Contempo 7”)
BARRY WAITE: ‘Sting’ (US Leo 7”)
JAMES BROWN: ‘Body Heat’ (Polydor 7”)
JAMES BROWN: ‘Hot Pants’ (Polydor 7”)
FATBACK BAND: ‘Street Dance’ (US Perception 7”)
FATBACK BAND: ‘Yum Yum (Gimme Some)’ (Polydor 7”)
FATBACK BAND: ‘Wicky Wacky’ (Polydor 7”)
FATBACK BAND: ‘Keep On Steppin’’ (Polydor 7”)
Yup, ’76 was a good year, wuzzn’t it?!

UK Disco Top 90 – April 21, 1979

01 01 Players Association – Turn The Music Up – Vanguard 12″
02 03 Sister Sledge – He’s The Greatest Dancer / We Are Family – Atlantic 12″/LP/US Cotillion 12″
03 02 GQ – Disco Nights (Rock Freak) / Boogie Oogie Oogie – Arista 12″
04 04 Gary’s Gang – Keep On Dancin’ / Do It At The Disco – CBS 12″
05 08 Chic – I Want Your Love / Chic Cheer – Atlantic 12″
06 06 Village People – In The Navy – Mercury 7″/12″
07 09 Gibson Brothers – Cuba – Island 12″
08 13 The Jacksons – Shake Your Body Down To The Ground – Epic 12″
09 07 Gloria Gaynor – I Will Survive – Polydor 7″/12″
10 10 Kleeer – Keep Your Body Workin’ – Atlantic 12″
11 05 Real Thing – Can You Feel The Force – Pye 12″/US Epic 12″
12 16 Gonzalez – Haven’t Stopped Dancin’ Yet – Sidewalk 12″
13 15 Crown Heights Affair – Dance Lady Dance – Mercury 12″
14 12 Narada Michael Walden – I Don’t Want Nobody Else – Atlantic 12″
15 19 Light Of The World – Swingin’ – Ensign 7″/12″
16 11 FLB – Boogie Town – Fantasy 12″
17 18 Bell & James – Livin’ It Up (Friday Night) – A&M 12″
18 17 George Benson – Love Ballad – Warner Bros. 7″/12″
19 14 Edwin Starr – Contact – 20th Century 12″
20 25 Gino Soccio – Dancer / Dance To Dance – Warner Bros. 12″
21 27 Bunny Sigler – By The Way You Dance / I’m Funking You Tonite – Salsoul 12″
22 29 Three Degrees – The Runner – Ariola 12″
23 20 Sylvester – I (Who Have Nothing) – Fantasy 12″
24 22 Arpeggio – Love And Desire – Polydor 12″
25 40 Philly Cream – Jammin’ At The Disco – Fantasy 12″
26 36 Wardell Piper – Captain Boogie – Midsong 12″
27 30 Beach Boys – Here Comes The Night – Caribou 12″
28 26 Gene Chandler – Get Down – 20th Century 12″
29 21 Inner Circle – Everything Is Great – Island 12″
30 78 McFadden & Whitehead – Ain’t No Stoppin’ Us Now – US Philadelphia Int’l 12″
31 24 Bill Summers – Straight To The Bank – Prestige 12″
32 28 Dennis Brown – Money In My Pocket – Lightning 12″
33 35 Keith Barrow – Turn Me Up – CBS 12″
34 32 Hilary – Do It – US Columbia 12″/LP
35 39 Tata Vega – Get It Up For Love / Come On Try My Love / I Just Keep Thinking About You Baby – Motown LP
36 23 Herbie Hancock – You Bet Your Love – CBS 12″
37 71 Force – Rock Your Baby – US Philadelphia Int’l 12″
38 48 Lemon – A-Freak-A / Chance To Dance – US Prelude 12″/LP
39 34 George Duke – Party Down – Epic 12″
40 37 Lorraine Johnson – Feed The Flame – US Prelude 12″/LP
41 52 Melba Moore – Pick Me Up, I’ll Dance – Epic 12″
42 68 GQ – This Happy Feeling / Make My Dream A Reality / I Do Love You – US Arista LP
43 46 B. Baker Chocolate Co. – Snow Blower / Higher ‘N Higher / Spirit Level – US LRC LP
44 31 Machine – There But For The Grace Of God Go I – RCA 12″
45 75 Amii Stewart – Knock On Wood – Atlantic 12″
46 53 Herbie Hancock – Tell Everybody / Ready Or Not / Trust Me – CBS LP/US 12″
47 85 Joe Thomas – Make Your Move / Sugar Smack – US LRC LP
48 72 T-Connection – Saturday Night – TK 12″
49 49 Eugene Record – Magnetism – Warner Bros. 12″
50 42 George Benson – Soulful Strut / Unchained Melody / Before You Go / Hey Girl / Nassau Day – Warner Bros. LP
51 56 Gap Band – Baby Baba Boogie / Shake – US Mercury LP
52 45 Rick James – High On Your Love – Motown 12″
53 63 Jackie McLean – Dr. Jackyll And Mr. Funk – US RCA LP
54 51 Sarah Dash – Sinner Man – Kirshner 12″
55 74 Side Effect – Disco Junction – Fantasy 12″
56 33 Fantastic Four – BYOF / Sexy Lady – Atlantic 12″/US 12″ remix
57 44 Crown Heights Affair – The Rock Is Hot / Come Fly With Me / Empty Soul Of Mine / You Don’t Have To Say You Love Me – Mercury LP
58 47 Bombers – (Everybody) Get Dancin’ – Flamingo 12″
59 89 Poussez – Come On And Do It – Vanguard LP
60 55 Crackin’ – Double Love – Warner Bros. 12″
61 NE Skyy – First Time Around / Let’s Get Up / This Groove Is Bad – US Salsoul LP
62 NE Nytro – Nytro Express – US Whitfield 12″
63 50 Grey & Hanks – Dancin’ – RCA 12″
64 64 Peggy Scott – You’ve Got It All – Pinnacle 12″
65 59 Air Power – Be Yourself – US AVI 12″
66 62 Richard T. Bear – Sunshine Hotel – RCA 12″
67 43 Instant Funk – I Got My Mind Made Up – Salsoul 12″/LP/US 12″ remix
68 54 Players Association – Ride The Groove / Everybody Dance / The Closer I Get To You – Vanguard LP
69 69 Richard Evans – Burning Spear / Do-Re-Me-For-Soul – US Horizon LP
70 41 T-Connection – At Midnight – TK 12″
71 67 Lamont Dozier – Boogie Business / Love Me To The Max / Bittersweet – US Warner Bros. LP
72 RE Montana – I Love Music / You Know How Good It Is – US Atlantic 12″/LP
73 83 Hemlock – Disco Break – US Warner Bros. 12″
74 57 Doobie Brothers – What A Fool Believes – Warner Bros. 7″/12″ remix
75 61 Carrie Lucas – Dance With You – US Solar 12″
76 65 Gary’s Gang – Showtime / Let’s Lovedance Tonight – CBS LP
77 70 Brainstorm – Hot For You / Don’t Let Me Catch You With Your Groove Down – US Tabu 12″
78 NE Raydio – Rock On / Hot Stuff / You Can’t Change That – US Arista LP
79 82 Alton McClain & Destiny – It Must Be Love / Crazy Love – Polydor 7″/US 12″
80 77 Motown Sounds – Bad Mouthin’ / Groove Time / Space Dance – Motown LP
81 60 Giorgio Moroder – Chase – Casablanca 12″
82 80 Voyage – Let’s Fly Away – GTO 7″
83 66 Foxy – Hot Numbers – TK 12″
84 81 Arthur Adams – I Like It Funky – US A&M LP
85 NE M – Pop Muzik – MCA 12″
86 NE Mass Production – Can’t You See I’m Fired Up / Strollin’ / Firecracker – US Cotillion 12″/LP
87 NE Pointer Sisters – Fire – Planet 7″
88 NE Eddy Grant – Living On The Frontline / Frontline Symphony – Ensign 12″/Ice LP
89 73 Sticky Fingers – Sticky Fingers (all cuts) – US Prelude LP
90 NE War – Good Good Feelin’ – US MCA 12″
NE = new entry; RE = re-entry

Appeared in Billboard:
#1 (BNDA debut 4/7/79) / #2 (BNDA debut 2/10/79) / #3 (BNDA debut 2/24/79)
#4 (BNDA debut 1/6/79) / #5 (BNDA debut 12/16/78) / #6 (BNDA debut 4/7/79)
#7 (BNDA debut 4/7/79) / #8 (BNDA debut 1/6/79) / #9 (BNDA debut 11/11/78)
#10 (BNDA debut 4/7/79) / #12 (BNDA debut 12/23/78) / #14 (BNDA debut 4/14/79)
#19 (BNDA debut 11/18/78) / #20 (BNDA debut 2/24/79) / #21 (BNDA debut 3/10/79)
#22 (BNDA debut 5/26/79) / #23 (BNDA debut 3/24/79) / #24 (BNDA debut 12/16/78)
#25 (BNDA debut 4/14/79) / #26 (BNDA debut 4/14/79) / #27 (BNDA debut 4/7/79)
#28 (BNDA debut 11/18/78) / #30 (BNDA debut 4/7/79) / #31 (BNDA debut 2/10/79)
#35 (BNDA debut 4/14/79) / #38 (BNDA debut 1/6/79) / #40 (BNDA debut 11/25/78)
#41 (BNDA debut 4/7/79) / #44 (BNDA debut 1/27/79) / #45 (BNDA debut 2/3/79)
#46 (BNDA debut 7/14/79) / #51 (BNDA debut 5/12/79) / #54 (BNDA debut 11/11/78)
#58 (BNDA debut 2/10/79) / #59 (BNDA debut 4/14/79) / #63 (BNDA debut 1/20/79)
#66 (BNDA debut 4/7/79) / #67 (BNDA debut 1/27/79) / #70 (BNDA debut 1/6/79)
#71 (BNDA debut 5/5/79) / #74 (BNDA debut 4/7/79) / #75 (BNDA debut 3/10/79)
#77 (BNDA debut 4/7/79) / #79 (BNDA debut 3/24/79) / #81 (BNDA debut 1/20/79)
#82 (BNDA debut 12/2/78) / #83 (BNDA debut 4/7/79) / #85 (BNDA debut 9/8/79)
#89 (BNDA debut 3/3/79) / #90 (BNDA debut 4/14/79)

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