September 13, 1980: Aurra, BBRA, Jean & Trevor, Kurtis Blow, Diana Ross


COFFEE ‘CASANOVA’ will be on UK 12in in a month, others on the way being Jermaine Jackson ‘You’re Supposed To Keep Your Love For Me’, Teena Marie ‘I Need Your Lovin’, Zapp ‘More Bounce To The Ounce (full LP version) and indeed Ernie Watts. ‘Just Holdin’ On’ (which varisynchs like dynamite for a long mix out of Roy Ayers ‘Running Away’!) . . . Geof Abbey still seems to be servicing jocks with certain EMI releases . . . BADEM’s well-run Dlscotek ‘80 exhibition over the week-end was much as usual but — surprise, surprise — fewer Djs than anticipated showed up on the public Saturday, while over the road in a pub room a much smaller breakaway Discoextra 80 show with only four or so exhibitors was an interesting addition . . . Soundout’s new mixer has all its control panel printing on the reverse of a translucent perspex plate so nothing will wear off, even the LED-type VU meters being flush beneath it in a somewhat disturbing way . . . Colin Snow of Rayleigh’s Record Man shop has a members-only jazz-funk Blue Note Club which this coming Wednesday (17) moves weekly to Rayleigh Croc’s, having been at Southend Scamps on Mondays (details O268-779722) . . . Funktion’s Friday debut at Mayfair’s Penthouse Club more then quadrupled the club’s normal attendance – but it still wasn’t as full as nearby Gullivers, where this last Monday Stevie Wonder had a private party which as anticipated would, with Wonderlove, take over the stage after a Bobby Thurston set (I write before the event) . . . Diana Ross would have come down Gullys on Saturday but the long queues put her off! . . . Camberley Frenchies is now under new management while the Wheeler twin’s new Jacksons in Staines is already no longer jazz orientated — although Chris Brown hopes to change that this Tuesday (16)! . . . Steve Jason says that Peterborough’s Kebab House in Bridge Street (next to the marital aids shop) is the local rival to Covent Garden’s Rock Garden for apres-gig DJ dining, regulars being himself, Dave Barry, Phil James, Steve Jones, Dave Peters, Vince King and assorted roadies, promoters, groupies . . . Eric Hearn, still at Liverpool Cagneys, has left the Timepiece “due to musical and financial considerations” . . . Stevie Allan says Liverpool Rotters’ funky main room pulls 1500 punters nightly, three nights a week . . . Tony Manson’s Disc Empire record shop in Chelsea Kings Road has imported a Japanese 7in edit of Sadao Watanabe’s ‘Nice Shot’ but it’s still £2 (plus 30p post), while Soho’s Groove sell Sadao’s new US Columbia ‘How’s Everything’ live double LP for only £6.99 . . . Groove Production’s next release is a slightly reggae-influenced densely textured c.86bpm soul remake of ‘Strawberry Letter 23′ by Bunny Brown, of Chosen Few/’Dancin’ On A Wire’ vocal / overpowering aftershave fame . . . Sean French marries Joanna soon — so that’s why he’s been losing weight! . . . Steve Walsh is down 1 ½ stone too, but he’s got a way to go yet.  CJ Carlos (Soho Hombre De Bahia), back from his hols and with a little moustache that he looks like old silent swashbuckler Douglas Fairbanks — and has anyone noticed how Princess Margaret’s son Viscount Linley looks amazingly like John Travolta?! . . . Steve Wiggins (Barry Freddie’s Bar) says the 36-24-36 blonde winner of his recent beauty contest only likes big fat cuddly men, so he’s stoking up on the cream buns and reckons Cuddles Canter could be right after all . . . Robbie Collins, recent recruit to Ilford Room At The Top, now also alternates with Jon Berry on Thurs/Fri/Saturdays at Hackney’s funky Flamingoes . . . Chris Britton will return from Honeymoon to a residency at Watford Bailey’s new disco within a disco, Juliets . . . Kev Hill (Brentwood) confirms that Chelmsford Our Price record shop has some great jazz oldies at 50p each . . . so THAT’S what Tony Hodges looks like! . . . Kwick ‘Can’t Help Myself’ is the new “rowing” record for Al Taylor at St Asaph Stables (Talardy Hotel) . . . Gary Oldis (Aycliffe Gretna Green) suggests Richard ’Lofty’ Lofthouse check with Phonogram’s Orin Cozler to confirm that last Nov/December his reaction reports were first from the North-East on ‘Oops’ . . . Jimmy Senyah, huge in London and moderate Midlands, seems inexplicably stuck in the chart despite having George Benson appeal – why? . . . Lakeside ‘From 9:00 Until’ has finally found its time, as it’s great with Locksmith and other funkers. Proton ‘Make Your Move’ chops nicely out of 80’s Ladies (instrumental), Rhyze ‘Do Your Dance’ is shaping up as a monster, and Starpoint slots in a lot better than my review may have suggested . . . Raydio’s Ray Parker plays on Michael Henderson ‘Wide Receiver’ and Michael played on Raydio’s ‘For Those Who Like To Groove’ . . . Nick Davies (Watford New Penny/Stevenage Bo Jangles) is the latest recruit to Lord Kitchener ‘Sugar Bum Bum’ (Ice 12in) for calypso fun . . . Jimmy ‘Bo’ Horne ‘Spank’ is still huge in Scotland for Jim Hunter (Coatbridge Taggarts) . . . Craig Dawson (Edinburgh), clever wee laddie, pairs Jam ‘Start’ and Beatles ‘Taxman’ . . . Showstopper Promotions want the world to know they had absolutely no connection with the Skegness National Funk Day . . . KEEP IT GOOD.


GROOVE WEEKLY, the free fanzine put together by some Fleet Street jazz-funk    fans and now (not surprisingly) available at the Groove Records shop, goes from strength to strength with the possibility of being properly printed with financial backing soon. The current issue has an excellent account of Cliff Rennie of Showstopper’s Bank Holiday Brighton Beach Party, where (in Cliff’s estimation) the hot toons were Locksmith ‘Blackjack’, Coffee ‘Casanova’, Rick James, William  De Vaughn, Cameron ‘Let’s Get It Off’, Ned Doheny, Lynx, Teena Marie ‘I Need Your Lovin”, Black Slate, Ramsey Lewis ‘High Point’ / ‘Colors In Space’ and Rhyze ‘Do Your Dance’, big oldies being Donald Byrd ‘Dominoes’ (of course), Eddie Russ ‘Zulus’, Crown Heights ‘Far Out’, Willie Bobo ‘Always There’, Gil Scott -Heron / Brian Jackson ‘The Bottle’, GQ ‘Make My Dream A Reality’ and Slave ‘You & Me’.  Keep it up, lads!

S K E G N E S S 

STEVE WALSH was amongst the jocks booked for the Skegness ‘National Funk Day’ recently, who did not find exactly what they were expecting. To begin with the site had been moved at the last minute to Ingoldmells, where only one of the two advertised marquees was erected and the promised “full adequate catering facilities” amounted to mobile hamburger, hot dog and waffle stalls – and evidently lust three lavatory caravans for the expected 15,000 crowd.  However, only something like a twentieth of that number turned up. Knebworth veterans complained but many of the others had a good time not knowing what they were missing and unaware of the dramas backstage, where a cash-flow problem had developed with performers wanting folding money and the banks being closed. Mass Production played and were paid (in part evidently by their own agent), Bobby Thurston did a voice-over PA as his band didn’t show up, Shakatak and the Rick Clarke Orchestra (containing several from Light Of The World) played, and all the DJs did a token spot. This is only half the story though, as to make the tent hire economical three days of activity had been booked, with a mums-and-dads holiday show starring Liquid Gold, Mud and some Coronation Streeters that had to be cancelled on the Sunday and a double bill (intended for two tents of course) on Bank Holiday Monday which paired a Mod/Northern all-dayer and an Elvis Presley event – It’s lucky there wasn’t a blood-bath! The Mod show went on, but was hardly enough lo prevent a loss of mega-thousand pounds. Let this be a warning to all would-be promoters that just because you copy someone else’s good idea it won’t necessarily work as well for you. The difference between success and failure could be a matter of class – of both promotion and punters. Somehow in the South all the major Showstopper Promotions events (Caister, Brighton, Knebworth) attract a type of punter with a strong sense of identity and lifestyle, who together make up “the family”. They know what makes a gig good. Somehow Skegness just didn’t have that certain cachet, know what I mean?


AURRA: ‘When I Come Home’ (Salsoul SALT-5).
Larry Levan-remixed reflectious beefily, bumping bassy 118 (intro) – 119 – 118 – 120 – 118bpm 12in jiggly thumping chugger in the Ritz / Young & Co / Rhyze groove, mixes sensationally (if you’re lucky) on into Rod, and the next one!

BBRA: ‘Rockaboogiebabyboppa’ (Yaga-Yaga YC 002).
JALN Band’s renamed return is a jauntily jiggling 119 – 120 – 122 (break) – 121bpm 12in falsetto bassy bumper with backing quite blatantly pinched from Aurra, the 117 – 118 – 120 (break) – 119bpm ‘Do What Make You Feel Good‘ flip being a more smacking variation of the same basic track with different vocal sound.

JEAN & TREVOR: ‘Back Together Again’ (Student IMF 003), via Ital Music Force 01-249 5445).
Usefully good strong 89bpm 12in reggae version of Roberta & Donny’s influential hit, well worth finding, with dub flip. 

KURTIS BLOW: ‘The Breaks’ (Mercury BLOW 812).
Actually rather good rapper, huge in New York, is now 2bpm faster at 115bpm on UK 12in, making the heavy bass beat even less easy to mix out of Tom Browne / Queen (although Fatback’s closer now).

DIANA ROSS: ‘My Old Piano’ (Motown 12TMG 1202).
Bass-burbled organ-accented bland 119 – 120 – 121bpm lurcher on short 3:52 12in is just getting good with some guitar when it ends.

Hit movie’s 131bpm theme song, not bad as Donna Summer soundalikes go, now on full 12in with the exciting frantic 137 – 136 – 137 – 0bpm ‘Hot Lunch Jam‘ as flip.

LINDA CLIFFORD: ‘Red Light’ (RS0 RSOX 64).
Obvious but catchy clomping 120bpm disco thumper also from ‘Fame , and also oddly flipped on 12in by ‘Hot Lunch Jam’. See the film.

OSIBISA: Moving On’ (Calibre CABL 104).
Richly textured Afro-flavoured brassily bounding 124 (intro) -125 – 126 – 127bpm 12in instrumental with flute, chanting and rattling bits, the happy conga-ish 118 – 120bpm vocal ‘Celebration‘ on double A-side building from a weak start!

ALFONZO SURRETT: ‘Make It Feel Good’ (MCA MCAT 637).
Somewhat disjointed jittery burbling 109 (guitar) – 111 – 112 – 113 – 112bpm 12in “rock” smacker which did nothing on 7in-only import some months back.

BOBBI WALKER: ‘Something About You’ (Casablanca CANL 206).
Extremely familiar sounding Emotions-like jerkily jolting 110 – 111bpm 12in jogger.

MARIANNE CHASE: ‘Love Amnesia’ (Double D D-Dee X 4).
Chix-chanted pop-slanted strange atmospheric vibrantly echoing electronic 99bpm 12ín plodder with possibly most appeal for US discos.

LEO SAYER ‘Once In A While’ (Chrysalis CHS 2460).
Buoyantly chugging classy 116bpm 7in MoR / DOR / pop, as usual useful for mobiles.

BOB MARLEY & THE WAILERS:’Three Little Birds’ (Island WIP 6641).
Subdued 38/77bpm 7in reggae grinder sounds more like a radio than disco hit.

GIBSON BROTHERS: ‘Metropolis’ (Island 12WIP 6640).
Rauciously ugly and totally pop-orientated ponderous 106bpm thudder, due on 12in, may break their smash streak.

CAMEO: ‘We’re Goin’ Out Tonight’ (Casablanca CAN 204).
Mellow subduedly jaunty little 93bpm 7in soul tripper, the older 37 – 74bpm ‘Sparkle‘ smoocher on flip.

DAVID HUDSON: ‘Honey, Honey’ (TK TKR 7583).
Fred Dove look-alike’s romantic 33/67bpm 7in soul smoocher, out instead of the LP’s ‘Ease Up‘.

STYLISTICS: ‘Hurry Up This Way Again’ (TSOP PIR 8907).
Jaggedly jolting 37 – 75bpm smoocher.

DIONNE WARWICK: ‘Reaching For The Sky’ (Arista ARIST 356).
Pleasant 87bpm 7in B-side jogger by Peabo Bryson.

TINA CHARLES ‘Turn Back The Hands Of Time’ (Polydor POSP 162).
Kelly Marie soundalike, back with a zingy Biddu-penned dated Motown-type 134bpm 7in romper.

TERI De SARIO & K.C.: ‘Dancin’ In The Streets’ (Casablanca CAN 203).
Straightforward 132bpm 7in remake of Martha & The Vandellas’ 1964 classic.

L.T.D.: ‘Shine On’ (A&M AMS 7555).
Commodores-inspired boring 17 – 35bpm dead slowie and older ponderous 93 – 94bpm ‘Stand Up LTD‘ flipside funker, evidently due on unnecessary 12in.

RAH BAND: ‘Falcon’ (DJM DJS 10954).
Pseudo-jazzy comes-and-goes 120 – 119bpm 7in instrumental thumper would make a good TV theme.


Nothing new of any great note seems to have been about, although pleasant enough are:

CARL CARLTON ‘This Feel’s Rated X-tra’ (US 20th Century-Fox TCD-114)
A 36/72bpm 12in soul smoocher quite staggeringly similar to Tyrone Davis’s old ‘In The Mood’

EVELYN ‘CHAMPAGNE’ KING ‘Let’s Get Funky Tonight’ (US RCA PB-12075).
A busily bubbling little 121 – 122bpm 7in galloper.

TONY HORN came up with well over a hundred titles containing the word “groove” to win Groove Records ‘Check Out The Groove’ competition prize of ten LPs, ten 12-inchers and a special trophy. A lapsed Northern Soul freak originally from Northants, 22-year-old Tony is now a Putney Council caretaker and well into jazz -funk, although as he and lovely wife Sharon have a baby they’ve not been out much lately. Here he’s seen at the Soho record shop in Greek Street with Groove’s Surface Noise star, the suntanned and somewhat flushed Chris Palmer (it was his birthdayl) and your roving reporter. Oh, Tony read about the competition in Record Mirror – (but of course).


JEANNEANE CESVETTE, alias Miss Bluenote, is often warm-up jockette and good friend to Tom Holland, and is well into the sort of reggae that has crossover appeal for white funk fans. Her hot reggae tips will be a regular feature from now on.

1. LOVE IS HERE TO STAY – Johnny Osbourne – Studio1
2. READY TO LEARN – Tamlins – Jermaine
3. LET’S DUB IT UP – Dee Sharp – Fashion
4. WHEN I THINK OF YOU – Ruddy Thomas – Hawkeye
5. I’M COMING HOME TONIGHT – Dennis Brown – Yvonne Special
6. LOVE PARTY – George Nooks – Rub-A-Dub
7. ROUGH OLD LIFE – Sugar Minott – Black Roots
8. ARMAGEDDION ROCK – I and I – Soundoff
9. JOGGIN’ – Freddie McGregor – Direction Discs
10. DON’T FEEL NO WAY – Janet Kay – Arawak

Others to watch for include 16 & 17 ‘Promise To Love You’ (CB), Black Uhuru ‘Sinsemilla’ (Island), Archie & Lynne ‘Rat In The Centre’ (High Note). Junior Keating ‘Long Long Time’ (Solid Gold) and Gregory Isaacs ‘Wailing Rudy’ (African Museum) sez Jeanneane – who could give Janet Street-Porter a run for her money! Some of the above may be hard to find as Jamaican pressing plants closed down during the recent hurricane and initial imports sold out fast.


Beats Per Minute for last week’s pop chart entries on 7in are: XTC 141 – 142 – 143f, Rick James 115 (intro) – 118 – 120f, Splodgenessabounds 0 – 220 – 0c, Change 128f, Buzzcocks 141f, Dooleys 123f, Robert Palmer 152f, Darts 166f, VIP’s 75-17f, Joan Armatrading 34 ½ – 67/33 ½ – 35/70f, Paul Simon 119f.

UK Disco Top 90 – September 13, 1980

01 01 George Benson – Give Me The Night – Warner Bros. 12″
02 05 Locksmith – Unlock The Funk / Blackjack / Far Beyond – Arista 12″
03 06 Fatback – Backstrokin’ / Gotta Get My Hands On Some (Money) – Spring 12″
04 02 Tom Browne – Funkin’ For Jamaica (N.Y.) – Arista GRP 12″
05 03 Gap Band – Oops Up Side Your Head – Mercury 12″
06 04 Diana Ross – Upside Down – Motown 12″
07 22 Rick James – Big Time – Motown 12”
08 21 Change – Searching – WEA 12″
09 16 Gladys Knight & The Pips – Taste Of Bitter Love – CBS 12″
10 07 Odyssey – Use It Up And Wear It Out – RCA 12″
11 27 Deodato – Night Cruiser / Love Magic / Uncle Funk / Groovitation / – Warner Bros. LP
12 15 Hiroshi Fukumura – Hunt Up Wind / Captain Caribe – US Inner City LP
13 20 Stacy Lattisaw – Dynamite! – Atlantic 12″
14 12 George Benson – Love X Love / Off Broadway / Moody’s Mood / Turn Out The Lamplight / Dinorah Dinorah / Star Of A Story (X) – Warner Bros. LP
15 23 Rose Royce – Pop Your Fingers – Whitfield 12″
16 14 Baby’O – In The Forest – Calibre 12″
17 13 George Duke – Brazilian Love Affair – Epic 12″
18 11 Jermaine Jackson – Burnin’ Hot – Motown 12″
19 10 S.O.S. Band – Take Your Time (Do It Right) – Tabu 12″
20 49 Linx – You’re Lying – Aves 12”/Chrysalis
21 08 Stacy Lattisaw – Jump To The Beat – Atlantic 12″
22 24 Cameron – Let’s Get It Off – Salsoul 12″
23 33 Ashford & Simpson – Love Don’t Make It Right – Warner Bros. 12”
24 29 Young & Company – I Like (What You’re Doing To Me) – US Brunswick 12″
25 28 William DeVaughn – Be Thankful For What You’ve Got – EMI 12”
26 35 Black Slate – Amigo – Ensign 12″
27 19 Kelly Marie – Feels Like I’m In Love – Calibre Plus 12″
28 17 Change – A Lover’s Holiday / The Glow Of Love – WEA 12″
29 18 Gibson Brothers – Mariana – Island
30 40 Coffee – Casanova / I Wanna Be With You / Slip And Dip – US De-Lite LP
31 30 Level 42 – Love Meeting Love / Instrumental Love – Polydor 12″
32 31 Dynasty – I’ve Just Begun To Love You – Solar 12″
33 25 Shakatak – Steppin’ / Killing Time – Polydor 12″
34 09 Bob Marley & The Wailers – Could You Be Loved – Island 12″
35 26 Crown Heights Affair – You’ve Been Gone / Far Out – De-Lite 12″
36 36 Ramsey Lewis – Colors In Space / High Point / Whisper Zone / Hell On Wheels / Caribbean Blue / Come Back Jack – CBS LP
37 47 Surface Noise – Dancin’ On A Wire / Love Groove – Groove Production 12″
38 71 Teena Marie – I Need Your Lovin’ / Chains / First Class Love – US Gordy LP
39 45 Dells – All About The Paper / I Touched A Dream – 20th Century-Fox 12″
40 39 Shalamar – I Owe You One – Solar 12″
41 43 Jimmy Senyah – Weakness For Your Sweetness – Rokel 12″
42 41 Rhyze – Do Your Dance – Epic LP
43 32 Al Di Meola – Roller Jubilee – CBS 12″
44 63 Geraldine Hunt – Can’t Fake The Feeling – US Prism 12”
45 62 Ned Doheny – To Prove My Love – Japanese CBS Sony LP
46 37 Frank Hooker & Positive People – This Feelin’ – DJM 12″
47 58 Ritz – I Wanna Get With You – US Posse 12″
48 57 McFadden & Whitehead – I Heard It In A Love Song – US TSOP/12” Promo
49 38 Jean Carn – Was That All It Was – Philadelphia Int’l 12″
50 46 Narada Michael Walden – I Don’t Want Nobody Else (To Dance With You) / You’re Soo Good – Atlantic 12″
51 67 Michael Henderson – Wide Receiver – US Buddah LP/12” Promo
52 34 B.T. Express – Give Up The Funk / Does It Feel Good – Calibre 12″
53 56 Roberta Flack – Don’t Make Me Wait Too Long / God Don’t Like Ugly – Atlantic 12″
54 55 Maze – Joy And Pain / Changing Times / Southern Girl / The Look In Your Eyes – US Capitol LP
55 48 Starship Orchestra – You’re A Star – CBS 12″
56 68 Queen – Another One Bites The Dust – EMI/US Elektra 12” Promo
57 82 80’s Ladies – Ladies Of The Eighties – US Uno Melodic 12”
58 54 Flakes – Sugar Frosted Lover – Calibre 12″
59 42 Grace Jones – Private Life – Island 12″
60 66 Village People – Can’t Stop The Music – Mercury/LP/12” Promo
61 53 A Taste Of Honey – Rescue Me – Capitol 12″
62 79 Chocolate Milk – I’m Your Radio – RCA 12”
63 86 Randy Crawford – One Day I’ll Fly Away / Blue Flame – Warner Bros. 12”
64 61 Nick Straker Band – A Walk In The Park – Pinnacle 12”/CBS
65 51 Teddy Pendergrass – Love T.K.O. / Take Me In Your Arms / Can’t We Try – Phil Int LP
66 70 Diana Ross – I’m Coming Out / My Old Piano / Tenderness / Give Up – Motown LP
67 88 Fred Wesley – House Party – US RSO
68 77 Starpoint – I Just Wanna Dance With You – Casablanca 12”
69 73 Aurra – When I Come Home (Remix) – US Dream 12″
70 85 Brass Construction – How Do You Do / We Are Brass / Do Ya / Working Harder Every Day – US UA LP
71 60 Crusaders – Soul Shadows / Put It Where You Want It – MCA 12″
72 72 Stanley Clarke – We Supply / Together Again – Epic 12″
73 64 Sadao Watanabe – Samba Do Marcos – Japanese Flying Disk LP
74 74 Sadao Watanabe – Nice Shot – Japanese Flying Disk LP
75 75 Ashford & Simpson – Get Out Your Handkerchief / I Ain’t Asking For Your Love – Warner Bros. LP
76 69 Sun – Space Ranger / Hot Spot / Quest – Capitol 12″
77 NE Norman Connors – Take It To The Limit / Black Cow – Arista 12”
78 90 Mtume – Give It On Up – US Epic 12”
79 NE Detroit Spinners – Split Decision / Now That You’re Mine Again – Atlantic 12”
80 81 Cameron – Funkdown – Salsoul LP
81 NE Carrie Lucas – Keep Smilin’ – Solar 12”/US 12” Remix
82 76 Rhyze – Just How Sweet Is Your Love – Epic 12″
83 NE Kwick – Can’t Help Myself – US EMI America 12” Promo
84 NE Larsen-Feiten Band – Further Notice / Aztec Legend – Warner Bros/US LP
85 NE Terumasa Hino – Send Me Your Feelings / Samba De La Cruz – Japanese Flying Disk LP
86 NE D.I.S.C.O. / You’re OK – Ottawan – Carrere 12”
87 NE William DeVaughn – Figures Can’t Calculate – US TEC/LP
88 80 John Handy – Hard Work – MCA 12″
89 NE Ingram – Mi Sebrina Tequana (My Sister’s Daughter) – US H&L LP
90 NE Rod – Shake It Up (Do The Boogaloo) – US Prelude 12”


BUBBLING UNDER the UK Disco 90 with increased support are:
Judy Roberts – ‘The Other World’ (US Inner City LP)
David Hudson – ‘Ease Up’ / ‘Scratch My Back’ / ‘Pump It’ (US Alston LP)
Ernie Watts – ‘Just Holdin’ On’ (US Elektra LP)
Windy City – ‘I Still Love You’ (US Kelli-Arts)
Stevie Wonder – ‘Masterblaster (Jammin’)’ (Motown 12ín)
John Klemmer – ‘Adventures In Paradise’ / ‘Deja Vu’ / ‘Magnificent Madness’ (US Elektra LP)
Mass Production – ‘Cosmic Lust’ / ‘Gonna Make You Love Me’ (Atlantic 12in)
France Joli – ‘Feel Like Dancing’ (Ariolá Dreyfus 12in)
Leon Hull – ‘The Money’s Tight’ / ‘Tight Money’ (US Phil Int)
Yellow Magic Orchestra’ – ‘Behind The Mask’ (A&M 12in)
Proton – ‘Make Your Move!’ (Ballistic 12in)
Lakeside ‘From 9:00 Until’ (Solar 12ín)
Osibisa – ‘Moving On’ (Calibre 12in)
Gil Scott-Heron / Brian Jackson – ‘The Bottle’ (Inferno 12in)
Dimples – ‘Confidential’ (Orbitone 12in)
Zen – ‘Just A Matter Of Time’ / ‘Music Is Life’ (Laser 12in)
Michal Urbaniak – ‘Joy’ (US Motown LP)
JR Funk & The Love Machine – ‘Feel Good Party Time’ (US Brass 12in)
Zapp – ‘More Bounce To The Ounce’ (US Warner Bros LP)
Mirage – ‘Summer Grooves’ (Flamingo 12in)
Kanu Sukalagwun – ‘Stand Up Please’ (Japanese Flying Dick LP)
Stephanie Mills – ‘D-a-n-c-i-n’ (20th Century Fox 12in)
Gap Band – ‘Party Lights’ (US Mercury 12in promo)
Rick James – ‘Mary-Go-Round’ (US Gordy LP)
RJ’s Latest Arrival – ‘Ultimate Masterpiece (US VR 12in)
Invisible Man’s Band ‘Love Can’t Come’ / ‘Love Has Come’ (Island 12in)
Toshiyuki Honda – ‘Samba Street’ / ‘Sunny-Side Up’ (Japanese Electric Bird LP)
Various – ‘Medley Of The Hits Of 1979’ (US Special Disco Mixer 12in)
Soul Shack – ‘Galactic Funk’ (Galactic 12in)
Shadow – ‘Village Destiny’ / ‘Hot City’ (US Elektra LP)

DORC (Dance Orientated Rock Chart)

1 (1) Sheena Easton ‘9 to 5’, 2 (7) Sheena Easton ‘Modern Girl’, 3 (6) Piranhas, 4 (8) David Bowie, 5 (14) Cliff Richard, 6 (10) Jam, 7 (2) Roxy Music, 8 (3) Abba, 9 (4) Hot Chocolate, 10 (9) ONJ/ELO ‘Xanadu’, 11 (13) ELO ‘All Over The World’, 12 (-) Billy Joel, 13 (11) Ultravox, 14 (5) Rolling Stones, 15 (15) Dexy’s, 16 (17) ONJ ‘Magic’, 17 (-) Ian Dury, 18 (16) Frank Sinatra, 19 (12) Bad Manners, 20 (-) Shakin’ Stevens.

‘9 to 5’ would have been equivalent to number 51 in the Disco 90.

2 thoughts on “September 13, 1980: Aurra, BBRA, Jean & Trevor, Kurtis Blow, Diana Ross”

  1. ADMIN: After an extended break, we now have the remaining columns for 1980 transcribed. These will be posted every couple of days. Hopefully we should also be able to move quite quickly into 1981.


  2. Great to see you posting again after your “break”. It’s appreciated! The UK soul/jazz/funk/disco scene really was healthy in 1980- the quality of “hit” tracks- musicianship and of course “star quality” of performers. It truly was a golden era. The featured chart is choc full of stone cold classics that have stood the test of time! Interesting to note that Irene Cara’s “Fame” was almost totally ignored and flopped on original release as listed in this week’s column. She had to wait another couple of years for the TV show to spark interest and see her eventually burn up the pop charts.


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