November 8, 1980: Cloud, Edit Point, Reality Band, Herbie Hancock, Charles Earland


CHRIS HILL’S Venue debut last Thursday packed the place with more fellow jocks and record company people than either of the past DJ forums held there, making it a party not to be missed and an extremely influential gathering . . . Linx ‘Rise And Shine’ white labels are imminent . . . Change ‘Glow Of Love’ 12ín will be an extended remix . . . UK 12in releases now due include Frankie Smith ‘Double Dutch’, Randy Crawford ‘Tender Falls The Rain’ / ‘I Stand Accused’ / ‘Endlessly’, Fatback ‘Let’s Do It Again’ / ‘ Chillin’ Out’ / ‘Hot Box’, Pointer Sisters ‘Save This Night For Love’, LaToya Jackson ‘If You Feel The Funk’, Peaches & Herb ‘Funtime’ . . . RCA have done a promo-only 12ín from the Solar “Live” set pairing Dynasty ‘I’ve Just Begun To Love You’ / Shalamar ‘I Owe You One’ . . . Caister’s highlight evidently was when someone threw an egg at Greg Edwards, who thought it was a ping-pong ball and headed it! . . . Funktion have switched from Bennett to the Embassy Club as their jazz-funk venue every Sunday, and start this Saturday (8) at the Barracuda in Baker Street . . . Ray Edwards started a weekly Saturday 6pm soul show on Reading’s Radio 210 last week – his catchphrase on Capital when known as Raymondo was “Sorry, ‘baht that!” . . . Froggy’s “Kenwood” ‘mix on Robbie Vincent’s show evidently caused last week’s chart rise for Gayle Adams ‘Stretch’in Out’ with other jocks attempting to emulate him all over London! . . . Robbie Vincent incidentally interviewed HRH Prince Charles at Buckingham Palace recently, and while walking through got handed several dedications – one from “the Funky Footman”! . . . Steve Wiggins has been guesting this and last Sunday on CBC’s ‘Souled Out And Roots Rockers’ show (7 – 9pm), and Nlki Peck guests on Dave Brown’s BBC Radio Medway soul show this Friday (7pm) . . . Dave McAleer’s Champagne label won Billy Frazier, but unfortunately the record seems to be one of those that DJs love and dancers don’t as it’s bombing badly for many . . . Donna Summer’s album too is reputedly bombin’ with disgruntled customers complaining they’d expected disco and not rock from her – yup, it’s only in America that disco is dead! . . . Tony Hodges’ record boxes full of white labels and rarities got nicked from his car boot in White City car park last Friday (obviously by someone in the know), contact him at Record Shack with info for a reward . . . Tony Monson at Disc Empire has been flogging a Japanese Victor LP by Zerosen, with all labels copy printed in Japanese hieroglyphs, over stickered as being by Kanu Sukalagwun – which it ain’t, so beware! . . . Heavy Jelly, anyone? . . . Andy Hunter of Brixton’s Solar Records shop is sick of folks phoning up to ask for Dick Griffey! . . . Ray Clark (Birmingham), Anthony Williams (London) & Paul Mulligan (Edinburgh) all want repeat info about the ‘Disco Hits Of 1979’ US Disco Mixer 12in, while Larry Foster (Ilford Room At The Top) & Gary Allan (Liverpool McMlllans) say there’s a new 1980 medley now called ‘Bits & Pieces Part 2′: the best US source for these is Downstairs Records, 55 West 42nd Street, New York City, NY 10036, USA (ask for price and postage details on 0101-212-354 4684 or 221 8989) – but since I last gave this address I rather think that Record Shack have been importing them, which could be easier for you . . . London’s LODJ Assn meets this Sunday (9) early afternoon at Oxford Street Spats (just down from Tottenham Court Road tube station) . . . Sutton Scamps was suddenly closed last week being ruled structurally unsafe so Marc Damon now does Mon/Thursdays at Croydon Scamps . . . Dave Rawlings has a Northern Soul session at Reading Rebecca’s every Wednesday spinning the fans’ own records between 8.30-10pm . . . Rob Harknett (Roydon 027979-2329) needs a jock to cover a club for him on New Year’s Eve . . . Neil Coad stoutly defends Weymouth, where some shops maybe don’t deal in them but Austins of Weymouth Esplanade do have a 12in stock and order all that they’re asked for . . . KEEP IT UP!


CLOUD: ‘All Night Long’ (Flashback FLASH 001).
Swindon-originated good 121 – 122 – 123 – 124 – 128 (break) – 125bpm bass-pumped white label 12in instrumental with scratching tighten-up guitar and screeching jazzy sax before a long rhythm break (which mixes into Incognito) and electric piano outro.

EDIT POINT: ‘Help Yourself’ (Earthshaker ETS 001).
UK-recorded pleasantly loping jazzy piano and synth clapping 116 – 117 (vocal on) – 116 (bass) – 115bpm 12ín instrumental, mixing neatly between ‘Love X Love’ and Mouzon’s ‘I Still Love You’, due for later full-scale release with vocal remix but already on the flip in another 115½ – 116½ (vocal on) 117 – 116bpm version with no bass break.

REALITY BAND: ‘Step Into My Life’ (Galactic GALD 004).
Pleasantly insidious meandering 121 – 122bpm 12in jazz-soul swayer with effete squeaky fellas taking over from mellow brass while bass burbles away, all of which is irrelevant as some people will mainly be attracted as it’s still on white label. Dummies. 

UK PLAYERS: ‘Everybody Get Up’ (GB 001).
Uninspired but competent 121bpm 12in jerky UK soul thudder with brassy blasts and basic chant spoilt by the lead singer, though the derivative patterning 123bpm jazz-funk instrumental ‘Rivers‘ flip is better.

LEVEL 42: ‘(Flying On The) Wings Of Love’ (Polydor POSPX 200).
Typical “white label” mushily sung jolting bass burbled meandering 114 (intro) – 111 – 112 – 115 – 114 – 112 – 117bpm 12in swayer in its ‘US Mix’ version, backed by a brighter cleaner but still none too compulsive 115 (intro) – 113 – 114 – 116 – 113 (including break) – 119bpm ‘UK Dance Floor Mix‘.

SANTIAGO: ‘Walking The Voodoo Nights’ (Hereford HERL 1).
Ultra-jittery though smooth 118bpm 12in skitterer with fluidly yowling acid guitar break, slight GQ feel and blue-eyed vocals by a guy naggingly reminiscent of ‘Brandy (You’re A Fine Girl)’-singing Looking Glass’s old lead singer.

GLADYS KNIGHT & THE PIPS: ‘Bourgie Bourgie’ (CBS 9081).
Gradually winding up 121 – 120bpm 7in swirling vocal version of Ashford & Simpson’s B-side romper, only due on 12in promo this time around.

SPARGO: ‘You And Me’ (Champagne FIZY 1001).
Really rather good jolly Euro-hit 121 – 126bpm 12in disco romper likely to be a Kelly Marie-type pop smash thanks to pipingly inadequate boy and girl vocals (can I take the tongue out of my cheek now please, Dave?)!

DIANA ROSS: ‘I’m Coming Out’ (Motown 12TMG 1210).
Dynamite pent-up freaky crash-bang-wallop stereo intro, most exciting played loud with strobes (flashing) eases into a jittery 111 (intro) – 110 – 113 (bass drum) – 112bpm 12in jolting Chic lurcher, long awaited on single.

G.Q.: ‘Disco Nights (Re-Mix)’ (Arista ARIST 12368).
Excitingly remixed tough emptier sounding 123bpm disco classic from early ’79 now starts with useful “rock freak-freak-freak-freak” intro (plus two extra “rock freaks” halfway before the usual five) and while strong enough to stand on its own again gets lumbered on 4-track ‘Arista Funksters’ 12in with the long-dead jazzy Jeff Lorber Fusion ‘Fusion Juice’, Gary Bartz ‘After Glow’ and Breakwater ‘Say You Love Me Girl’.

KOOL & THE GANG: ‘Love Festival’ (LP ‘Celebrate!’ De-Lite 6359029).
Deodato-produced ‘Ladles Night’-ish heavily thudding 113 – 114 – 115bpm chugger which amazingly but maybe not really so surprisingly synchs bass patterns perfectly with ‘Night Cruiser’ for a sensational long running mix (if you’re lucky!), others apart from the hit being the lovely 93bpm ‘Jones Vs. Jones‘ jogger, easy 120 – 121- 122bpm ‘Night People‘ disco swayer, smoothly rolling 117 (intro) – 118bpm ‘Take It To The Top‘ thumper and pleasant jazzy 117 – 116 – 117 – 118bpm ‘Morning Star‘ instrumental.

JIMMY ‘BO’ HORNE: ‘Is It In’ (TK TKR 13-7586).
Powerful steadily clapping 116 – 117bpm 12in chugger with a terrific break where the claps drop out and return, long overdue here as its impact can be short-lived but now finally coupled especially for Scottish jocks by their favourite much-sought remix version of the bubblier clapping and rattling jittery grooving 118bpm ‘Spank‘ (which should now go with Young & Co.).

DAVE BAKER: ‘Glow Of Love’ (Black Jack BJD 4507).
Thoroughly recommended surprisingly excellent useful alternative accelerating 118 – 120bpm version of Change’s past flip/future hit, with very slight reggae touches added to the originals basic classy sound on translucent yellow vinyl 12in.

JAMES BROWN: ‘It’s Too Funky In Here’ (LP ‘Hot On The One – Live’ Polydor 2683085).
Tokyo-recorded “live” double set of old material (he’s evidently got money problems and left Polydor now), this repetitive 114bpm groove and the storming 121 – 125bpm ‘Get Up Offa That Thing‘ being belatedly big for several jazz jocks.


HERBIE HANCOCK: ‘Just Around The Corner’ (LP ‘Mr. Hands’ US Columbia JC 36578).
Where his last LP copped out for the US disco audience, this totally specialist jazz set features just one dance track – but what a killer! An absolutely superb bass-snapped fidgety 114pbm instrumental jumper, it progresses through various keyboards with piano building the intensity to a sizzling synth finish, and vari-synchs up to mix excitingly out of Roy Ayers’ ‘Running Away’.

CHARLES EARLAND: ‘Coming To You Live’ LP (US Columbia JC 36449).
Jazz organist of ‘Let The Music Play’ fame two years ago returns with a steadily chugging chix-chorused jolting hypnotic 113 – 114 – 115 – 116 – 117 – 118bpm title track rattler with brassy blasts and acapella outro that’s a useful mixer and stronger on the floor than a “cold” listen might suggest, jazzier cuts being the cantering 123 – 125 – 124bpm ‘Good Question‘ organ bounder, jerky 108 – 110 – 112bpm ‘Cornbread‘ brassy bumper and lurching 115 – 116bpm ‘Spend The Night With Me’ leaper.

THE REDDINGS: ‘Funkin’ On The One’ (LP ‘The Awakening’ US Believe In A Dream JZ 36875).
Otis Redding’s sons Dexter and Otis III plus nephew Mark Lockett get a fabulous tight thudding bass and scratching guitar dominated sparse sound, this skeletal 117bpm pounder synching sensationally with Seawind ‘What Cha Doin’, ‘Behind The Groove’ etc, others in similar style on this particularly strong disco set being the Al Hudson-ish 118bpm ‘Remote Control‘ 121bpm ‘It’s Friday Night‘ and 122bpm ‘Doin’ It‘.

RODNEY FRANKLIN: ‘I Like The Music Make It Hot’ (LP ‘Rodney Franklin’ US Columbia JC 36747).
Nobody’s committing themselves totally as to whether the jazz pianist’s Freddie Hubbard-tootled 113 – 115 – 116bpm instrumental loper is the original, a remix or a remake (I haven’t time to find my own old copy), but the jittery clapping party atmosphere 110 – 112bpm ‘In The Center‘ is the 12ín version, ‘Windy City‘ a lovely tensely tripping powerful 98 – 103bpm mind-nagger and ‘Theme For Jackie’ a pleasant 41/83bpm slowie.

PETER JACQUES BAND: ‘Mighty Fine’ (LP ‘Welcome Back’ Canadian Goody Music WLP1011).
Chris Hill’s been on about this for ages and at last Groove have got it (the awful Wally sleeve probably put ’em off before), but indeed the dynamite steadily easing 102bpm chix and chaps breathed slinky jogger has been worth the wait and mixes now like a bitch out of ‘London Town’! Also an electronically bubbling 102bpm, the 12in-issued perky little ‘The Louder‘ is worth checking again, while the zappy 129bpm ‘Is It It‘ starts in ‘Searching’ style.

GROVER WASHINGTON JR: ‘Let It Flow (For “Dr. J”)’ (LP ‘Winelight’ US Elektra 6E-305).
Superb instrumental jazz listening set, this gently throbbing down-tempo mellow 109/55bpm jogger having an easier groove than the more strictly percolating slow 99bpm title track jiggler, although specialist jocks’ll love all of ‘em.

HIROSHIMA: ‘Cruisin’ J-Town’ (LP ‘Odori’ US Arista AL 9541).
Wayne Henderson-produced Japanese jazz-soulsters with a repetitive pattering 130bpm rhythm groove featuring slick sax and guitar between title line chants, ‘Warriors‘ being a doodling flute introed and moodily building chix-crooned fast snapping 134bpm rattler, others being pleasant slowies.

THE CHI-LITES: ‘Have You Seen Her’ (LP ‘Heavenly Body’ US 20th Century-Fox T-619).
Somewhat traditional soul vocal group set (featuring Gene Record minus the ‘Eu-‘), simply made by this 36bpm lovely 1980 remake of their 1972 classic smoocher, the similar full -length 38/77bpm title track (also on 7in) being equally nice. Try mixing with the Dells ‘I Touched A Dream’.

HEATWAVE: ‘Gangsters Of The Groove’ (US Epic 19-50945).
Disappointingly dull Rod Temperton-penned 0 – 113bpm 7in like a lacklustre ‘Give Me The (Boogie) Night(s)’ without any punch, the Johnnie Wilder-sung 58/116 – 0bpm ‘Find Someone Like You’ B-side swayer being pleasant at least.

YARBROUGH & PEOPLES: ‘Don’t Stop The Music’ (LP ‘The Two Of Us’ US Mercury SRM-1-3834).
Boy and girl-sung tension building steady slow purposeful 98bpm jogging smacker with Stevie Wonder-ish burbling synth, ‘Third Degree‘ being a jaunty 128bpm romper while ‘Want You Back Again‘ and ‘You’re My Song‘ are both pleasant 116bpm swayers.

L.A.X.: ‘Possessed’ (LP ‘All My Love’ US Prelude PRL 12182).
Most interesting alter the 12in-issued Luther Vandross-ish 118bpm title track soul thumper is this moodily rolling 0 – 107 – 106 (piano) – 107bpm lurcher which breaks into a terrific simply plonking jazzy piano break that I actually bought the album for!

KENIX FEATURING BOBBY YOUNGBLOOD: ‘There’s Never Been (No One Like You)’ (US West End WES-22130).
Long rattling clap intro to a bass-tripped chix-backed sparse 126bpm 12in wailer that’s peculiarly “New York”.

DOOBIE BROTHERS: ‘South Bay Strut’ (LP ‘One Step Closer’ US Warner Bros. HS 3452).
Gently starting 101bpm jazz instrumental with sax over bubbling backing and languidly burning beat.

THE DAZZ BAND ‘Shake It Up’ (LP ‘Invitation To Love’ US Motown M6-945M1).
Self-produced uninspired set like so many other also-rans from Motown these days, this desperately dull 110bpm jitterer evidently being planned for UK release soon.

UK Disco Top 90 – November 8, 1980

01 01 Linx – You’re Lying / Remix – Chrysalis 12″
02 02 Coffee – Casanova – De-Lite 12″
03 04 Stevie Wonder – Masterblaster (Jammin’) – Motown 12″
04 09 Wilton Felder – Inherit The Wind – MCA 12”
05 05 George Benson – Love X Love / Off Broadway / On Broadway – Warner Bros 12″
06 10 Geraldine Hunt – Can’t Fake The Feeling – Champagne 12”
07 12 Jacksons – Lovely One – Epic
08 06 Teena Marie – I Need Your Lovin’ / Behind The Groove (Remix) – Motown 12″
09 03 Black Slate – Amigo – Ensign 12″
10 19 Kool & The Gang – Celebration – De-Lite 12”
11 11 Ottawan – D.I.S.C.O. – Carrere 12”
12 13 Tom Browne – Thighs High – Arista GRP 12”
13 08 Light Of The World – London Town / Pete’s Crusade – Ensign 12”
14 14 Rah Band – Falcon – DJM 12”
15 07 Deodato – Night Cruiser / Love Magic – Warner Bros 12″
16 17 Gap Band – Party Lights – Warner Bros 12”
17 15 Change – Searching – WEA 12″
18 24 Young & Company – I Like (What You’re Doing To Me) – Excaliber 12”
19 22 Narada Michael Walden – I Want You / The Real Thang / Get Up! / Take It To The Bossman / Lucky Fella – Atlantic LP
20 16 Diana Ross – My Old Piano – Motown 12”
21 18 Shalamar – I Owe You One – Solar 12”
22 23 Willie ‘Beaver’ Hale – Groove On – US TK 12”/Cat LP
23 26 Hiroshi Fukumura – Hunt Up Wind – Champagne 12”
24 27 Frankie Smith – Double Dutch / Double Dutch Bus – US WMOT 12”
25 20 Gap Band – Oops Up Side Your Head – Mercury 12”
26 52 Wilton Felder – Insight / Until The Morning Comes / L.A. Light – MCA LP
27 21 Rick James – Big Time – Motown 12”
28 39 Azymuth – Dear Limmertz / Papasong – US Milestone LP
29 33 Glen Adams Affair – Just A Groove – US Sam 12”
30 44 Fred Wesley – House Party – RSO 12”
31 42 Incognito – Parisienne Girl / Summer’s Ended – Ensign 12”
32 41 Earth, Wind & Fire – Let Me Talk – CBS 12”
33 25 Queen – Another One Bites The Dust – EMI/US Electra 12” Promo
34 51 Zapp – More Bounce To The Ounce – Warner Bros 12”
35 28 Larry Graham – One In A Million You – Warner Bros 12”
36 30 Gayle Adams – Your Love Is A Life Saver / Stretch’In Out (Remix) – US Prelude 12”
37 37 Kurtis Blow – The Breaks – Mercury 12”
38 43 Slave – Feel My Love / Watching You / Dreamin’ / Stone Jam / Let’s Spend Some Time / Starting Over – US Cotillion LP
39 55 Twennynine/Lenny White – Fancy Dancer / Kid Stuff / It’s Music It’s Magic / Just Right For Me / Slip Away – US Elektra LP
40 NE James Brown – Rapp Payback – US TK 12”
41 36 Mirage – Summer Grooves – Flamingo 12”
42 35 Kool & The Gang – Love Festival / Take It To The Top / Jones Vs Jones / Night People / Morning Star – De-Lite LP
43 48 Odyssey – If You’re Looking For A Way Out – RCA 12”
44 40 Jacksons – Can You Feel It / Heartbreak Hotel / Walk Right Now / Your Ways / Give It Up – Epic LP
45 62 Roy Ayers – (Sometimes) Believe In Yourself – Polydor 12”
46 31 Ernie Watts – Just Holdin’ On – US Elektra LP
47 45 Jimmy ‘Bo’ Horne – Is It In / Spank – TK 12”
48 69 Stephanie Mills – Never Knew Love Like This Before – 20th Century-Fox 12”
49 32 Fatback – Backstrokin’ – Spring 12”
50 38 Jimmy Senyah – Weakness For Your Sweetness – Rokel 12”
51 46 Bob Marley – Three Little Birds – Island
52 73 Rollercoaster – I Wish – Pye/Ronnie Scott’s LP
53 50 Kelly Marie – Feels Like I’m In Love – Calibre Plus 12”
54 58 Seawind – What Cha Doin’ / Pra Vose – A&M LP
55 64 Daybreak – Everybody Get Off – US Prelude 12”
56 76 Billy Frazier & Friends – Billy Who? – US Bijuma 12”
57 54 Love Don’t Make It Right – Ashford & Simpson – Warner Bros 12”
58 57 Jazz Sluts – Fuchi (Free Spirit) – Epic 12”
59 70 Eddy Grant – Do You Feel My Love / Symphony For Michael (Opus 2) – Ensign 12”
60 NE Herbie Hancock – Just Around The Corner – US Columbia LP
61 53 Hubert Laws – Family – US Columbia LP
62 87 Rodney Franklin – In The Center / I Like The Music Make It Hot / Windy City – US Columbia LP
63 67 Diana Ross – I’m Coming Out – Motown 12”
64 86 Prince – Head – US Warner Bros LP
65 NE Nino Tempo & 5th Avenue Sax – (Hooked On) Young Stuff – A&M 12”
66 49 The Dells – All About The Paper / I Touched A Dream – 20th Century-Fox 12”
67 NE Stevie Wonder – Did I Hear You Say You Love Me / All I Do / I Ain’t Gonna Stand For It / Do Like You / As If You Read My Mind – Motown LP
68 NE Cameo – Throw It Down / Keep It Hot / Is This The Way – US Chocolate City LP
69 NE Gladys Knight & The Pips – Bourgie Bourgie – CBS 12”
70 71 Light Of The World – Time / I Shot The Sheriff / Painted Lady / Something For Nothing / Visualise Yourself / More Of Myself / I Walk The Street Alone – Ensign LP promo
71 60 Michael Henderson – Wide Receiver – Buddah 12”
72 NE Cloud – All Night Long – Flashback 12”
73 NE Dee Dee Bridgewater – Lonely Disco Dancer / One In A Million (Guy) / When You’re In Love / That’s The Way Love Should Feel – US Elektra LP
74 NE Earth Wind & Fire – And Love Goes On / Back On The Road / Sparkle / Song In My Heart / Win Or Lose / Faces / You Went Away – CBS LP
75 74 Patti Austin – People In Love (Do The Strangest Things) / I Can’t Stop – CTI 12”
76 NE Charles Earland – Coming To You Live / Good Question / Zee Funkin’ Space / Cornbread – US Columbia LP
77 56 McFadden & Whitehead – I Heard It In A Love Song – TSOP 12”
78 RE GQ – Disco Nights (Remix) – Arista 12”
79 68 David Matthews – Cosmic City – Japanese Electric Bird LP
80 65 Maynard Ferguson – It’s My Time / Star – US Columbia LP
81 NE Gibson Brothers – Latin America / Good Girl Bad Boy – Island LP
82 NE Mouzon’s Electric Band – I Still Love You / Everybody Get Down – US Vanguard Disco 12”
83 59 Ned Doheney – To Prove My Love – Japanese CBS Sony LP
84 83 Banda Black Rio – Miss Cheryl / Melissa – Brazilian RCA LP
85 NE Village People – Can’t Stop The Music / Magic Night – Mercury 12”
86 NE The Reddings – Funkin’ On The One / Remote Control / Doin’ It / It’s Friday Night – US Believe In A Dream LP
87 63 Sadao Watanabe – No Problem / Nice Shot (Live) / Up Country – US Columbia LP
88 NE Ovaltineys – We Are The Ovaltineys / Happy Days Are Here Again / Wish Me Luck (As You Wave Me Goodbye) – OVA
89 NE Fatback – Concrete Jungle / Chillin’ Out / Let’s Do It Again – US Spring LP
90 85 James Brown – It’s Too Funky In Here / Get Up Offa That Thing – Polydor LP


BUBBLING UNDER the UK Disco 90 with increased support are:

Spargo: ‘You And Me’ (Champagne 12in)
Grace Jones: ‘The Hunter Gets Captured By The Game’ (Island 12in)
Edit Point: ‘Help Yourself’ (Earthshaker 12in)
Roy Ayers: ‘Rock Your Roll’ / ‘Baby Bubba’ / ‘Love Fantasy’ (Polydor LP)
Carrie Lucas: ‘Keep Smilin’’ / ‘It’s Not What You Got’ (Solar 12in)
Jerome: ‘If You Walk Out That Door’ (DJM 12in)
LAX: ‘All My Love’ (US Prelude 12in)
UK Players: ‘Everybody Get Up’ / ‘Rivers’ (GB 12in)
Jones Girls: ‘Dance Turned Into A Romance’ / ‘When I’m Gone’ (US Phil Int LP)
Leo’s Sunshipp: ‘Give Me The Sunshine’ (Grapevine 12in)
First Love: ‘Don’t Say Goodnight’ (US Dakar 12in)
Grover Washington Jr: ‘Sausalito’ (Kudu 12in)
Lenny Williams: ‘Suspicions’ / ‘Don’t Stop Me Now’ / ‘Messing With My Mind’ (US MCA LP)
Vernon Burch: ‘Fun City’ / ‘Hot And Sexy’ (US Chocolate City LP)
Peter Jacques Band: ‘Mighty Fine’ (US Maxi LP)
Kanu Sukalagwun: ‘Stand Up Please’ / ‘Shaft’ / ‘In The Sheath’ (Japanese Flying Dick LP)
Zero Fighters: ‘The Sheath’ / ‘More Shaft’ (Japanese Victor LP)
Grover Washington Jr: ‘Let It Flow’ / ‘Winelight’ (US Elektra LP)
Glory: ‘Can You Guess What Groove This is?’ (US Posse 12ín)
King Tim III: ‘Charley Says!’ (US Spring 12in)
Joe Bataan: ‘Sadie (She Smokes)’ (Salsoul 12in)
Shakatak: ‘Feels Like The Right Time’ (Polydor 12in)
Hiroshima: ‘Cruisin’ J-Town’ / ‘Warriors’ (US Arista LP)
Sylvester: ‘Sell My Soul’ (Fantasy 12in)
Ahmad Jamal: ‘Touch Me In The Morning’ / ‘Bad Times’ / ‘Deja Vu’ (US Motown LP)
Windy City: ‘I Still Love You’ (US Kelli-Arts)
Randy Crawford: ‘Tender Falls The Rain’ (Warner Bros)
Heatwave: ‘Gangsters Of The Groove’ (US Epic)
BT Express: ‘Stretch’ (Excaliber 12ín promo)
Spyro Gyra: ‘Carnaval’ (MCA LP)

DORC (Dance Orientated Rock Chart)

1(1) Police, 2(8) Barbra Streisand, 3(3) Madness, 4(6) Donna Summer, 5(15) Kelly Marie, 6(4) Sheena Easton ‘MG’, 7(13) Orch Manoeuvres, 8(2) Split Enz, 9(10) Bad Manners, 10(16) David Bowie, 11(17) Status Ouo, 12(18) Nolans, 13(5) Police ‘De Do Do Do’, 14(12) Billy Joel, 15(-) ONJ/Cliff, 16(7) Robert Palmer, 17(-) Liquid Gold, 18(-) Air Supply, 19(11) Rolling Stones, 20(14) Piranhas.


Beats Per Minute for last week’s pop chart entries on 7in are:
Bowie 110f, UB40 0 – 59 – 60 – 61f, Motorhead 141/282r, Young & Co 119f, Liquid Gold 131f, Wilton Felder 115 – 116f, Deep Purple 56 – 113 – 120 – 0c, Rah Band 119f, Kool 120 – 122f.

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