April 11, 1981: Caister report, Dartford Flicks/Rusty Egan futurist night report, Carol Jiani, Harvey Mason, Thelma Houston


ALPHONSE MOUZON won Capital Radio’s ‘People’s Choice’ vote for this week . . . LOTW ‘Time’ on 7in, despite the chart and ads saying ‘Remix’, is not the remix at all but just the now boring old LP version .. . Not James Player ‘Friends Again’ is now available via Pinnacle in evidently yet another new mix . . . Banzai ‘Runaway’, a UK jazz-funk killer debuted at Caister by Martin ‘So Long Zapata’ Collins, will be on Groove Production 12in soon . . . Mantra ‘Doin’ It To The Bone’ is now on 12in US promo, as are remixes of ConFunkShun ‘Lady’s Wild’ and Bar-Kays ‘Body Fever’, from Phonogram . . . US album newies include a slew of ‘Best Of’ sets from Ramsey Lewis, Hubert Laws, Wilbert Longmire, Johnnie Taylor, Bobby Hutcherson and the Tappan Zee label . . . WEA’s Fred Dove, ticked off for not moving with the times, has been ordered to compile a mailing list for white-orientated dance product — surprise, surprise! . . . Fred incidentally, as may not be widely known, was taught to drive by Rusty Egan . . . Greg Lynn’s ‘Bitter Suite’ liner notes are amazingly inaccurate in places, which makes one wonder what he was actually doing all those years as a disco plugger . . . Pete Tong claims to have introduced Sugar Minott ‘Good Thing Going’ to RCA, whereas Hawkeye certainly think that Rusty Egan did and don’t know Tongy, while one thing is definitely indisputable — Graham Gold and I were the first white jocks to play it! . . . Linx’s David Grant stayed in style at a hotel near Caister but Sketch slummed it at the camp, spending much of Friday night cruzin’ for burgers (or something) and generally looking in vain for the Brixton Front Line . . . Sketch, Rush Release’s Robert Blenman (who looks just like David Grant when wearing tuxedo fancydress!), Excaliber’s Morgan Khan, DJ Alan Jewell and myself then ended up partying in a caravan with what seemed like all of Radio Invicta and some nice young ladies. . . Canvey Goldmine’s Stan Barrett played ‘Rise And Shine’ really loud on a cassette player outside his hotel door — the trouble was David didn’t have his glasses on and couldn’t find the off switch! . . . Sketch when last seen was lighting ladies’ cigarettes with special flashy Linx bookmatches . . . I meanwhile had a flood after turning on the hot tap, and discovered it’s no fun trying to bale out a rapidly sinking caravan with just a dustpan and brush! . . . Froggy revealed on Radio Caister that he got his nickname 11 years ago at Chadwell Heath Birdsnest (latterly the Regency Suite) where his hyperactivity and boney build prompted the staff to say he was as jumpy as a frog . . . Yarmouth’s Anglian Lodge was indeed visited by a bunch of us, heartiest eaters being Tom Holland, Fred Dove and yours truly . . . Carol ‘Clumsy’ Hill, now rapidly deflating, swears by her Terry DeHavilland shoes (Paula please note!) . . . Staines Fusion Few’s Caister fanzine proved to be a bumper pack featuring photos of the DJs’ heads superimposed on muscleman bodies, plus a great Snoopy cartoon about a certain ill-fated Lincolnshire all-dayer . . . DJs were abuzz about the crossover potential of the Clash and Quick singles, much played on Radio Caister . . . Inversions, Shakatak and Level 42 are amongst bands reputedly appearing live at a ‘BritFunk’ all-dayer on Easter Bank Holiday Monday at Leeds Queens Hall . . . Croydon Scamps has an Easter Monday ‘Junior All-dayer’ (presumably under-18s) with lotsa jox and something called the Colah Triplets live on stage . . . Steve Kaye’s captive audience may or may not like soul music but that’s what they get on Liverpool’s Sunshine Radio hospital network every Sunday 6 – 8pm . . . Gary Allan and some of the Liverpool Gnomes just squeezed into Caister thanks to late cancellations, and Blackpool’s lofty Pete Haigh was amongst a coach load from Standish Cassinellis . . . Pete reports that Blackpool has 18 major discos within one square mile (plus a dozen or more outside that area), all of which stay open seven nights a week even out of season in winter — which may explain why he and Chris Tittley aren’t as busy as they could be jazz-funking JR’s on Wednesdays . . . Al Taylor reckons St Asaph Stables is now a futurist venue . . . Mark Clark (Bracknell) says Gene Dunlap gets credited at the end of ‘The Coalminer’s Daughter’ as a member of the on-screen band — which seems surprising . . . Groove Records’ Jean was mugged outside her flat by some superannuated “mods” in a white van, who didn’t get much but it hurt in more ways than one . . . Brentwood’s Kev Hill apparently claims to be the notorious Phantom — and what’s this good thing he’s got going with Tony Hodges? . . . Bernie Lyons says Dublin’s Berni Inn could be the unlikely venue for a jazz-funk night — and with his name he ought to jock it! . . . Paul Stewart (Belfast) advises that Martians are more plentiful in Galway than funkateers, who are scarce enough in either Dublin or Belfast . . . Davy King (Ballymena Raglan) mixes Coast To Coast, Bucks Fizz, Racey ‘Some Girls’ at parties for the jivers . . . Flash Gordon (Bristol Sinatra’s) — whose mum knows him as Percy Veerance — says that even in the current situation your punters will become more receptive to new records if you mix them in regularly after the known hits, so that the dancers lost initially will soon be back on the floor once they’ve got used to them . . . Easter deadlines loom early next week, so chart contributors please post ’em by this Saturday if at all possible . . . KEEP IT GOOD!


SPRING CAME early with the gathering of the tribes at Caister this year, for although the breezes were far from balmy at this seashore site, the darling buds of May were further advanced than they had been even a month later in the season at the two weekenders held there last spring. Now back at the superior main Ladbrokes holiday camp and with a set limit on numbers attending, the Showstopper Promotions event managed against all the odds to get out of the predictable rut it had been in danger of following and proved to be one of the freshest weekenders in a long time. This was largely on account of the deliberate policy to play new, or at least unhackneyed, material as much as possible, certain key oldies (spot ’em among the Breakers!) being used sparingly with great effect by the DJ team of Chris Hill, Robbie Vincent, Froggy, Chris Brown, Sean French, Jeff Young, Brother Louie, Tom Holland, Mick Clark, Pete Tong, Chris D Smith and Martin Collins. As soon as the two dance halls closed down for the night, Froggy’s gear was back in use, this time linked to Radio Invicta providing a continuous jazz-funk programme for the campers until midday, the DJ whose on-air style impressed me the most being the extremely professional Martin Collins, who could walk into Capital’s Night Flight spot any time he chooses, in my book! Although attempted last autumn, this radio service was another innovation that made this Caister stand out. A measure of its effect was that, at some unearthly hour, the on-air jock experimented with the event’s new catchphrase chant “Hi De Hi” – and the “Hi De Ho!” that roared back from all the chalets and caravans must have woken half Norfolk! Sean French enthusiastically good-humoured as ever, tended to keep playing the Muppets and ‘ Mah Na Mah Na’, Chris Hill’s closing vibe-up was the JB’s ‘Honky Tonk’ with an improvised rhyming blues vocal added by himself. Chris Brown ended one night with some rock ‘n’ roll which made a few people think they’d hit Sho-Pro’s other rock ‘n’ roll Caister weekender, while Mick Clark and Pete Tong impressed many with their up-front jazz newies especially during a roller-disco session. The disappointment was that the eagerly anticipated talent contest, so good in October, sadly lacked comparable talent this time. Elaborately staged with two traditional pit musicians and the Sea Scouts Band performing a spectacular opening, the show dragged on with the only real highlights being a joke and song from the cleverly different Gareth Harris, a one man band version of ‘Parisienne Girl’ by Incogcrappo, a distastefully phallic bit of jiggery pokery from the Cambridge Dons, a wickedly funny impression of Douglas Bader playing golf by Martin Reid, a Village People send-up by the Brixton Front Line, and a winning performance by one of their number as an Italian opera singer, with all the right bombastic postures but no trousers! He incidentally won a Polaroid Land Camera in the ‘Take Your Pick’-styled awards ceremony – none of yer rubbish. The only sour note in an otherwise happy weekend was that during the very final finale – with the crowd refusing to budge until the reluctant jocks HAD to play all the well-worn traditional old closing numbers they’d been trying to avoid – someone systematically broke into a lot of chalets and ripped off all the radio/cassettes they could find. What a bummer. Otherwise, it really was a good Caister and one of my favourites. Next time hopefully the radio will relay the entire event all day too, making life a lot easier for those with other things to do! If you plan on going in October you’d better send an SAE pretty darned pronto for priority booking into Showstopper Events, Royalty Nitespot, Southgate, London, N14. Caister 6 is October 23/24/25, but before that there’s the National Soul Day on May 4th Bank Holiday Monday at Brighton Conference Centre with all the mafia jocks plus Greg Edwards and a ‘2001’ all-dayer on Easter Monday at Southampton Top Rank. Hi De Hi!


CAROL JIANI: ‘Hit ‘N’ Run Lover’ (Champagne F1ZY 506).
Synth driven rattling zingy 122bpm 12in squawker with good squealing sax and an overall feel reminiscent of ‘Delirium’ or ‘Shame’ (though actually slower in BPM if not in sound), initially huge for gay clubs but now a big pop disco crossover.

HARVEY MASON: ‘How Does It Feel’ (LP ‘M.V.P.’ Arista AB 4283).
Bright sounding rather shrill vocal set circulating on white label at the moment, this macho-introed then squeakily falsetto sung bass-bounded happy fast 0-131bpm EWF-ish romper being the one to get Caister plays, while ‘Going Through The Motions‘ is a wailing chick-quavered hard knocking little 118-119-120bpm trotter with some great rhythm playing, ‘We Can Start Tonight‘ a jittery jaunty staccato steadily chugging 119-120-121bpm harmony chanter. ‘On And On’ a syndrum-spiked jerky 62-124-122bpm slick skipper, ‘Universal Rhyme’ a changeable 114bpm swayer. ‘Don’t Doubt My Lovin’ a spurting squeaky stop/start 0-115bpm jolter, and ‘Spell’ a slow 0-76/38bpm jogger.

THE QUICK: ‘Zulu’ (Epic EPC A 12-1119).
MFSB-type bass-walked terrific cool 0-118bpm 12in blue-eyed vocal thudder promoed on white label could cross over between disco, futurist, pop and even jazz-funk as it was with the Clash one of Caister’s talking points and much played on the radio there. 

THE CLASH: ‘The Magnificent Dance’ (CBS A1133-12).
Doubt it if you like, but the ‘The Magnificent Seven‘ plugslde is their perfectly respectable attempt at a real rapper while this bass-bumped 117bpm instrumental version is a lovely dub-wise bumbling and burbling funkily flowing cool meanderer much played on Radio Caister. Promoed if not commercially on white label 12in.

DURAN DURAN: ‘Planet Earth (Night Version)’ (EMI 12EMI 5137).
Absolutely dynamite exciting 0-138-137-138bpm electronically skittering largely instrumental disco remake of their hit, on 3-track 12in with the 0-132bpm original and 131-64-131bpm ‘Late Bar’. Hard core Spandau fans say it’s a rip-off, but who else cares?!

SPACE: ‘Tender Force’ (PRI 12P 5018).
Rusty Egan remixed and re-drummed pounding spacey good 140bpm 12in gay disco instrumental in their old but now ever-so-futurist synth style, the 138bpm ‘Robbots‘ flip emphasising the electronics even more for added value.

WAY OF THE WEST: ‘Don’t Say That’s Just For White Boys’ (Mercury MERX 66). Galloping 141-(143-149 break)-144-0bpm 12in bass-driven futurist throbber goes into a good long ever-accelerating break, useful for mixers on its own.

RICK JAMES: ‘Give It To Me Baby’ (Motown TMG 1229).
Walking bass driven thin sounding infectious 123bpm brassy funk smacker with quirky vocal appeal, thus far only on 7in.

HOT CUISINE: ‘Who’s Been Kissing You’ (Kaleidoscope KRLA 12 – 1105).
Biddu-produced Hot Chocolate-ish but rather good purposefully easing useful little 111bpm 12in jiggly jogger with a simple ‘Good Times’ bass break.

TEDDY PENDERGRASS: ‘The Whole Town’s Laughing At Me’ (Phil Int PIR A1089).
Gorgeous lush old 32/65-33/67bpm soulful smoocher flipped on 7in by his recent US smash lovely 36bpm ‘Love T.K.O.’, plus on promo only 3-track 12in by the Stephanie Mills duetted romping 127bpm ‘Take Me In Your Arms Tonight’.

REALITY: ‘(Tell Me) What’s Going On In Your Mind’ – (MCA / Romantic MCAT 583).
Excellent attractive gentle 72/36bpm 12in reggae swayer with nice mellow sax twiddles and perfect vocal interplay, worth checking.

Spelt backwards the title is indeed ‘Amigo’ and this dub slate of the earlier album includes a false-started 61/122bpm instrumental revamp of their massive hit.

T-CONNECTION: ‘Everything Is Cool’ (Capitol 12CL 16187).
Jiggly slinky heavy thudding 102-103-104bpm funk jogger with yowling guitar tones now sounds stronger on 3-track 12in, flipped by the choppy 117bpm ‘We’ve Got A Good Thing‘ and slow 0-38bpm ‘Paradise’.

TONY COOK & PARTY PEOPLE: ‘Party People’ (Osceola OSC 3).
James Brown drummer’s chanted chugging jiggly lurching 102bpm 7in funky thudder works well with the black crowd at Gullivers.

BARBARA CARROLL: ‘From The Beginning’ LP (UA UAG 30168).
Fast mellow rolling acoustic piano-played title track 0-126-128-130-128bpm specialist jazz instrumental skipper with simple percussion backing punctuated at times by what sounds like a typewriter bell pinging, recently unearthed off this 1977-released UK album by quite a few jazz jocks.

SOFT MACHINE: ‘Hot-Biscuit Slim’ (LP ‘Land Of Cockayne’ EMI EMC 3348).
Dick Morrissey on sax lends weight to this instrumental jazz set, the warm cut being a specialist fast 132-136-133bpm skitterer, while I prefer the Pink Floyd – old sombre steady slow 78-80-82-84bpm ‘Over ‘N’ Above‘.

ARETHA FRANKLIN: ‘ I Can’t Turn You Loose’ (Arista ARIST 12395).
Frantically zapping almost futurist ultra-fast staccato 142bpm 12in revival of Otis Redding’s classic, with the crawling slow soulfully soaring 27bpm ‘United Together’ as lovely flip.

MIDAS TOUCH: ‘Too Much Love Too Soon’ (Maaw MAAW 1).
Jittery thudding stark bass-popped intro fleshes out into a UK-produced jerky 121-122-123bpm 12in girlie group bumper.

JEROME: ‘It’s Mine And You Don’t Own It’ (DJM DJS 10966)
Disappointing brassy thundering lurching 0-125-126-127bpm charger, probably on commercial 12in, keeps trying to sound like the Village People.

KILLING JOKE: ‘Change’ (EG EGMDX 1.00).
Jerkily kicking 125bpm 12in beefy bass leaper with futurist flavour despite a build-up of guitar feed-back.


THELMA HOUSTON: ‘If You Feel It’ (US RCA PD-12216).
When I tell you that this little 12in disco mother sounds like Kleeer played by Fantasy and that it’s 113(intro)-120bpm, the mixers among you will be jumping for joy! A really solid simple hard driving jiggly jumper. It’s just gotta be huge. By the way, look out for a surprisingly strong version of Lamont Dozier’s ‘Going Back To My Roots’ by none other than Odyssey on RCA soon.

JEFF LORBER FUSION: ‘Monster Man’ (LP ‘Galaxian’ US Arista AL 9545).
Specialist jocks may decry such sell-outs as this bass-pattered beefy blatant 113-114-115-114bpm jitterer with funky chanting (the only vocal reviewed) or the powerful strutting 120bpm ‘Spur Of The Moment’ jazz-funk stormer, but there’s still some pure jazz for them like the bass resonance “lift-off” introed then jaggedly convoluted 131-128-125-0bpm title track and jazzily lurching 113bpm ‘Magic Lady‘ jolter, plus some slowies.

ESTHER WILLIAMS: ‘I’ll Be Your Pleasure’ (US RCA PD-12209).
Larry Levan-remixed soulfully wailed Sharon Redd-ish ramblingly tuneful 110-109-110bpm 12in jittery clapping swayer with an abrupt break leading into great jazzy guitar becomes hauntingly compulsive the longer it’s on and was much plugged on Radio Caister by Martin Collins.

HEAVEN & EARTH: ‘Kick It Out’ (LP ‘That’s Love’ US WMOT JW 37074).
Rawly screaming Wilson Pickett-ish bass-pushed exciting 118-119-118-119-120-119bpm funk stormer with Dexter Wansel synth is possibly best of a good dated soul set, ‘Give Love One More Chance‘ being a beautiful suddenly slowing 35/71-0-34-36/72bpm swayer and ‘You’re A Blessing‘ is a straightforward slick 120bpm soul vocal group bounder, while Michael Jackson-ish are the similarly titled smooth steadily pulsing 109-111bpm spurting ‘I Really Love You’ smacker and complex offbeat introed anguished jittery 115-116-117-116-115bpm ‘He Don’t Really Love You’ snickety pounder.

AURRA: ‘Nasty Disposition’ (LP ‘Send Your Love’ US Salsoul SA 8538).
Young & Co-style unpretentious chick ‘n’ chaps chanted powerful simple little jolting jittery 115bpm chugger. ‘Keep Doin’ It‘ being a less frenetic 113bpm variation and ‘Party Time‘ a bass bumped Al Hudson-ish 113bpm “rock” jiggler.

ROBERT WINTERS & FALL: ‘Magic Man’ (US Buddah BDA-624).
Sexy chick-introed superbly soulful soaring tender 15-32-33bpm 7in smoocher (also title track of his mainly slow new LP), by a great voice full of toe-curling inflexions.

AFRICAN MAGIC COMBO: ‘La Chica’ (Canadian Sirano SNO-120).
Blatantly copying Ottawan in early stages this ultra-happy French-sung 125-124bpm 12in frolic (with instrumental flip) develops a flavour of its own and will wow Wally parties — I’m certainly going to use it!

KELLY MARIE: ‘New York At Night’ (US Coast To Coast 4Z8 02023).
Roadshow’s Fred Frank debuts his new label with a really not bad Donna Summer-style 130-131-130bpm 12in chugger spiced by some amusing dialogue and a freaky effects break — and it could well satisfy Donna’s now deserted disco fans.

‘WEIRD AL’ YANKOVIC: ‘Another One Rides The Bus’ (US TK 1043).
Totally off the wall and possibly more futurist (if anything!), this hilarious Queen send-up by a demented Pole was recorded acapella on Los Angeles radio KMET’s legendary Dr. Demento Show with just a thudding 134bpm beat, accordion honks and the odd doo-wop deep bass “yeah”, on 7in.

UK Disco Top 90 – April 11, 1981

01 01 It’s A Love Thing – Whispers – Solar 12”
02 02 Freeez – Southern Freeez / Version – Beggars Banquet 12”
03 04 Sharon Redd – Can You Handle It – Epic 12”
04 03 Kleeer – Get Tough / De Kleeer Ting / Sippin’ & Kissin’ – US Atlantic LP
05 05 Beggar & Co – (Somebody) Help Me Out – Ensign 12”
06 07 Linx – Intuition / Together We Can Shine – Chrysalis 12”
07 06 Jacksons – Can You Feel It – Epic 12”
08 11 Light Of The World – Time (Remix) – Mercury 12”
09 08 Sister Sledge – All American Girls – Atlantic 12”
10 12 Heatwave – Jitterbuggin’ / Wack That Axe / Goin’ Crazy – GTO 12”
11 10 Alphonze Mouzon – By All Means / Do I Have To? – Excaliber 12”
12 09 Firefly – Love (Is Gonna Be On Your Side) – Excaliber 12”
13 14 Shalamar – Make That Move – Solar 12”
14 15 Harry Thumann – Underwater – Decca 12”
15 13 Ray Carless – Tarantula Walk – Ensign 12”
16 16 Kool & The Gang – Jones Vs Jones – De-Lite 12”
17 20 Leprechaun – Loc-It-Up – US Citation 12”
18 18 K.I.D. – Don’t Stop / Do It Again – Groove/EMI 12”
19 17 Bernard Wright – Bread Sandwiches / Just Chillin’ Out / Master Rocker / Firebolt Hustle – US Arista GRP LP
20 22 Lakeside – Fantastic Voyage – Solar 12”
21 19 Shakatak – Living In The UK – Polydor 12”
22 33 Level 42 – Love Games – Polydor 12”
23 47 Freeez – Flying High / Remix – Beggars Banquet 12”
24 28 Dynasty – Groove Control – Solar 12”
25 31 Strikers – Body Music – US Prelude 12”
26 27 Yarbrough & Peoples – Don’t Stop The Music – Mercury 12”
27 25 Second Image – Dance Dance Dance / The Jazzy Dancer – Polydor 12”
28 38 Carol Jiani – Nit ‘N’ Run Lover – Champagne 12”
29 39 Webster Lewis – Let Me Be The One / Kemo-Kimo / El Bobo / You Are My Life / Flying High / ‘Bout The Love – US Epic LP
30 21 Rah Band – Slide – DJM 12”
31 23 Mystic Touch – Get Yourself Together – Champagne 12”
32 24 Gap Band – Burn Rubber On Me – Mercury 12”
33 26 T.S. Monk – Bon Bon Vie – Mirage 12”
34 29 Stevie Wonder – Lately – Motown
35 30 Scratsch Band – Your Place Or Mine? (Instrumental) – Groove/EMI 12”
36 40 Jerry Knight – Perfect Fit – A&M/US LP
37 41 Earth Wind & Fire – And Love Goes On / Faces – CBS 12”
38 37 Landscape – Einstein A Go-Go – RCA 12”
39 51 Sugar Minott – Good Thing Going – RCA 12”
40 34 Free Expression – Chill-Out! – Vanguard 12”
41 50 Gap Band – Humpin’ – Mercury 12”
42 32 Marvin Gaye – Praise / Funk Me – Motown 12”
43 65 Quincy Jones – Razzamatazz / The Dude / Betcha Wouldn’t Hurt Me – US A&M LP
44 55 Champaign – How ‘Bout Us – CBS
45 48 T.S. Monk – Candidate For Love – Mirage LP
46 36 Gene Dunlap – Love Dancin’ / It’s Just The Way I Feel – Capitol 12”
47 35 Manu Dibango – Goro City / Happy Feeling – Island 12”
48 61 Incognito – Shine On / Sunburn / Interference / Chase The Clouds Away – Ensign LP
49 46 Spectrum – Taking It To The Top – Smokey 12”
50 43 Young & Company – Strut Your Stuff (Sexy Lady) – Excaliber 12”
51 45 Sylvia Striplin – Give Me Your Love / You Can’t Turn Me Away – Champagne 12”
52 54 Adrian Baker – High Time – Polo 12”
53 68 Dave Pike – Swan Lake / Spirit’s Samba – US Muse LP
54 64 Quincy Jones – Ai No Corrida – A&M 12”
55 66 Spandau Ballet – Glow – Reformation 12”
56 57 Mel Sheppard – Can I Take You Home – US TSOB 12”
57 75 Blackbyrds – Don’t Know What To Say / Rock Creek Park – Fantasy 12”
58 52 Isley Brothers – Tonight Is The Night – Epic
59 60 Unlimited Touch – Searching To Find The One / Happy Ever After – US Prelude LP
60 44 Whispers – Imagination / I Can Make It Better / Up On Soul Train / Continental Shuffle – Solar LP
61 49 Shock / R.E.R.B. – Angel Face – RCA 12”
62 42 Arni Egilsson – Howduz Disco? – US Inner City LP
63 70 Not James Player – Friends Again / Can We Still Be Friends – Ultimate 12”
64 RE Revelation – Feel It – US Handshake 12”
65 82 Sister Sledge – If You Really Want Me / I Don’t Want To Say Goodbye / Make A Move / Ooh You Caught My Heart / Music Makes Me Feel Good – Atlantic LP
66 63 Frankie Valli – Soul – MCA 12”
67 78 Sun – Jammin’ In Brazil / Reaction Satisfaction / This Is What You Wanted – US Capitol LP
68 58 Breakfast Band – L.A.14 – Disc Empire 12”
69 59 Johnny Bristol – Love No Longer Has A Hold On Me (Remix) – Ariola Hansa
70 81 Marvin Gaye – Heavy Love Affair – Motown LP
71 74 Isley Brothers – Young Girls / Party Night / I Once Had Your Love – US T-Neck LP
72 69 Cold Fire – Daydreamin’ / Whispering – US Capitol LP
73 53 Fuse One – Grand Prix / Double Steal – CTI 12”
74 72 General Caine II – L.R.J. Pop / Jungle Music / Shake – US Groove Time LP
75 73 Rudy Grant – Lately – Ensign 12”
76 77 Various – Bits & Pieces III – Canadian Special Disco Mixer 12”
77 67 Atlantic Starr – When Love Calls / Pressure – US A&M/LP
78 NE One Way – I Didn’t Mean To Break Your Heart / Push – US MCA LP
79 79 Freeez – Mariposa (Butterfly) / Sunset / Caribbean Winter – Beggars Banquet LP
80 NE Barbara Carroll – From The Beginning – US UA LP
81 86 Frank Hooker & Positive People – Ooh Suga Wooga / This Feelin’ (Remix) – US Panorama LP/12”
82 90 Bliss – Fun – US Rap City 12”
83 NE Rufus – Tonight We Love – MCA 12”
84 76 Tantra – Hills Of Katmandu – US Import/12” LP
85 NE Harris Simon Group – Wind Chant – Japanese Overseas LP
86 89 Champaign – Can You Find The Time / Whiplash – US Columbia LP
87 NE Jerome – It’s Mine And You Don’t Own It – DJM 12” promo
88 NE Nobuo Yagi – Mi Mi Africa – Japanese Invitation LP
89 RE Funk Masters / Powerline – Love Money / Double Journey (Remixes) – Champagne LP
90 NE Eastside Connection – You’re So Right For Me – US Rampart 12”


BUBBLING UNDER the UK Disco 90 with increased support are:

Kat Mandu: ‘The Break (Remix)’ (Canadian Unidisc 12in)
Jeff Lorber Fusion: ‘Galaxian’ / ‘Magic Lady’ / ‘Monster Man’ (US Arista LP)
Bill Summers: ‘Call It What You Want’ (MCA 12in)
Soft Cell: ‘Memorabilia’ (Some Bizzare 12in)
One On One: ‘Body Music’ (RCA 12in)
Tata Vega: ‘Love Your Neighbour’ / ‘Givin’ All My Love’ (Motown LP)
Benny Golson: ‘The New Killer Joe’ / Johnny Harris ‘Odyssey’ (CBS LP)
Victor Feldman: ‘Skippin’ / ‘In My Pocket’ (US Cohearent Sound LP)
Jack McDuff: ‘Nasty’ / ‘Say Sumpin’ Nice’ / ‘Primavera’ (US Sugarhill LP)
Cecil Parker: ‘What It Is’ (EMI 12in)
Star Sound: ‘Stars On 45’ (‘Bits & Pieces III’) (CBS 12in)
Nostalcia: ‘Break Down’ (US Alto 12in)
Starpoint: ‘Keep On It’ / ‘I Just Want To Be Your Lover’ (US Chocolate City LP)
Harvey Mason: ‘How Does It Feel’ / ‘Stars Tonight’ (US Arista LP promo)
Joe Thomas: ‘Make Your Move’ (TK 12in)
Love Symphony Orchestra: ‘Let Me Be Your Fantasy’ (Miracle LP)
Burundi Black: ‘Burundi Black’ (Barclay 12in)
Teddy Pendergrass: ‘Love TKO’ / ‘The Whole Town’s Laughing At Me’ (Phil Int 12in promo)
Mantra: ‘Doin’ It To The Bone’ (US Casablanca LP/12in promo)
Gene Dunlap: ‘Rock Radio’ (Capitol 12in)
Raydio: ‘Still In The Groove’ / ‘It’s Your Night’ (Arista LP)
Coati Mundi: ‘Que Pasa/Me No Pop I’ (US Antilles 12in)
Shirley James / Danny Ray: ‘Why Don’t You Spend The Night’ (Black Jack 12in)
Duran Duran: ‘Planet Earth (Night Version)’ (EMI 12in)
Jackie McClain: ‘Dr Jackyll & Mr Funk’ (RCA LP)
Brass Constructlon: ‘Shakit’ (UA 12in)
Lamont Dozier: ‘Going Back To My Roots’ (Warner Bros 12in)
Hot Cuisine: ‘Who’s Been Kissing You’ (Kaleidoscope 12in)
Aurra: ‘Are You Single’ (US Salsoul 12in)
Denise LaSalle: ‘I’m Trippin’ On You’ / ‘Sharing Your Love’, (US MCA LP)
Diana Ross: ‘One More Chance’ (Motown)
Ingram: ‘Mi Sebrina Tequana’ (US H&L LP)
Soft Machine: ‘Hot – Biscuit Slim’ (EMI LP)
Giorgio Moroder: ‘Chase’ (Casablanca 12in)
Two Man Sound: ‘Que Tal America’ (Miracle 12in)
Pleasure: ‘Glide’ (US Fantasy 12in promo)
T-Connection: ‘Everything Is Cool’ (Capitol 12in)
The Clash: ‘The Magnificent Dance’ (CBS 12in)
The Quick: ‘Zulu’ (Epic 12in promo)
Passage: ‘Power’ / ‘I See The Light’ (US A&M LP)
Bert Ligon: ‘The Unicorn’ / ‘Saturday’ (US Inner City LP)
Eddy Grant: ‘Can’t Get Enough Of You’ (Ensign 12in)
Various (Enigma): ‘Ain’t No Stopping — Disco Mix 1981’ (Skratch 12in)
Aurra: ‘Nasty Disposition’ / ‘Party Time’ (US Salsoul LP)
Esther Williams: ‘I’ll Be Your Pleasure’ (US RCA 12in)
Rhythm Heritage: ‘Skippin’ (US ABC LP)
Aretha Franklin: ‘I Can’t Turn You Loose’ (Arista 12in)
Reality: ‘(Tell Me) What’s Going On In Your Mind’ (MCA 12in)
Various: ‘Manhattan No.1’ (US Disco Sample 12in)
Master Dub Band: ‘For The Love Of Money 81’ (white label 12in).

DORC (Disco Featured Pop Hits)

1(2) Roxy Music, 2(1) Shakin’ Stevens, 3(3) Adam ‘Kings’, 4(5) Talking Heads, 5(4) Visage ‘Toy’, 6(6) Coast To Coast, 7(8) Kim Wilde, 8(10) Adam ‘Antmusic’, 9(9) Kelly Marie, 10(7) Kiki Dee, 11(11) Phil Collins, 12(12) Ultravox ‘Vienna’, 13(14) Duran Duran, 14(-) Liquid Gold, 15(17) Who, 16(13) Visage ‘Grey’, 17(19) Teardrop Explodes, 18(-) Polecats, 19(-) Heaven 17, 20(27) Status Quo, 21(21) Nolans, 22(15) Yoko Ono, 23(20) Joe Dolce, 24(-) Ultravox ‘Quiet Men’ / ‘Slow Motion’, 25(29) Toyah, 26(-) Depeche Mode, 27(23) Rainbow, 28(-) Philip Lynott, 29(16) Madness, 30(22) Eddie Rabbitt.


Beats Per Minute for the last two weeks pop chart entries on 7in are:

Bucks Fizz 174c, Children Of Tansley School 68-0c (waltz), Bad Manners 136-139f, Sugar Minott 0-78f, David Bowie 187-92-90-95/190f, Ultravox ‘Slow Motion’ 0-124-127-0r / ‘Quiet Men’ 136f, Rush 0-144/72f, Shalamar 117-116-117-116f, Liquid Gold 132f, Light Of The World ‘Happy’ 35f / ‘Time’ 124-122-123f, Stiff Little Fingers 0-176-0r, Diana Ross 39-43/87f, Public Image Ltd 171-0c, Spandau Ballet ‘Muscle Bound’ 101f / ‘Glow’ 0-135f, John Lennon 83/41-0r, Dire Straits 58/116-59/117f, Dave Edmunds 128f, Cure 171-173-175r, Keith Marshall 103/51f, Bow Wow Wow 136c, Matchbox 194f, Altered Images 0-125(intro)-133-0f, Slade 0(fx)-68-136-142-0(fx)f, Eddy Grant 130f, Department S 148r, Depeche Mode 135f.


KEVIN WILSON runs various Fashion club events every few weeks at the Circle Community Centre, 623 Kingstanding Road, Kingstanding, Birmingham — next Saturday 18th being a Fashion disco (7.30 — 10.45pm. 50p) — for the fashion conscious and the dance crazy and for those who like an alternative to city centre Blitz clubs. His chart for the club is based not on his personal choice but on dance floor reaction and requests coupled with what Fashion members are buying each week. “The Fashionites are a happy bunch,” says Kevin, “hence no New Order, Joy Division, Gary Numan etc, and the move into funk is a result. No messages please, just let’s dance!” Currently fashionable in Kingstanding are:

1. Planet Earth (Night Version) – Duran Duran – EMI 12in.
2. Mind Of A Toy / Frequency 7 – Visage – Polydor 12in.
3. (We Don’t Need This) Fascist Groove Thang- Heaven 17 – BEF 12in.
4. Glow / Muscle Bound – Spandau Ballet – Reformation 12in.
5. Memorabilia – Soft Cell – Some Bizzare 12in.
6. Intuition – Linx – Chrysalis 12in.
7. Angel Face / R.E.R.B. – Shock – RCA 12in.
8. Up The Hill Backwards / Crystal Japan – David Bowie – RCA.
9. Framework – Berlin Blondes – EMI 12in.
10. America In My Head – Metro – Metronome 12in.
11. Fuel To The Fire – Music For Pleasure – Rage.
12. Reformation – Spandau Ballet – Reformation LP.
13. Japan / Einstein A Go-Go – Landscape – RCA 12in.
14. Blown Away / Flight – A Certain Ratio – Factory 12in.
15. Celebrate / I Travel – Simple Minds – Arista 12in.
16. The Freeze – Spandau Ballet – Reformation 12in.
17. Dreaming Of Me – Depeche Mode – Mute.
18. Don’t Stop – K.I.D. – Groove/EMI 12in.
19. Midnight Dance In Tokyo – Fashion – (private tape).
20. John I’m Only Dancing – David Bowie – RCA 12in.

Meanwhile, Birmingham Faces Alan Gibson was amongst those who travelled to Dartford Flicks a couple of Mondays ago to witness Rusty Egan’s re-birth as a DJ. The original Blitz kids didn’t take kindly to the local yokels (who after all the night was designed to entice), and although there was a quite strict door control someone still managed to slip through wearing a Visage T-shirt (“Thank goodness Steve didn’t see that,” muttered horror-struck Rusty). A huge expanse of paper sellotaped together turned out to be a mobile dressing room screen behind which the sultry Ronny — all poise and calf muscles — did a quick mid-song change, while Depeche Mode revived many memories by performing the Everly Brothers’ The Price Of Love’ as if by the Tornadoes, their lead singer being an endearingly (and studiedly) weedy looking youth. These performers and two video projection screens were but sideshows in comparison with the main event — disco. Once Rusty, with some mid-70’s soul classics spun by Tom Holland, finally got going the atmosphere really took off, and the volume went from deafening to painful. Soft Cell ‘Memorabilia’ proved as I’ve been saying all along to be a ruddy fantastic disco smash, and all in all an invigorating mixture of old, new, corny and blue (James Brown ‘It’s A Man’s Man’s Man’s World’ for instance) was mixed up in a flowing series of chops to create a great party atmosphere. Just as Chris Hill is rooted in the technique of mobile jocking, so too is Rusty. This is the secret. If you can make a gig into a party you’ve got it made. How these nights will progress though must depend on how readily the locals take to what Rusty’s doing, as his Central London hard core may not want to mix with newcomers to their once exclusive scene. Rusty, who had never before used a mike while jocking, even said a few words which came as a shock to the oldtimers. I personally had a lovely time (there were lots of soul jocks there and other mafiosi too)… if only it wasn’t so bloody loud!

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