April 18, 1981: Jeff Lorber Fusion, Imagination, Banzai, Jay Hoggard, Bobby Thurston


SHOWSTOPPER PROMOTIONS National Soul Day has been cancelled until later in the year when bands with star power will hopefully be available, but meanwhile all the mafia jocks will be at Luton Caesars Palace for a May 4th all-dayer instead — and on the following May 25th Bank Holiday at Reading Top Rank, where the jazz-funk all-dayers originally began! . . . Hi-Tension, Shakatak & Index are now confirmed as the bands at Leeds Queens Hall all-dayer on Easter Monday, with all the Northern jazz jocks like John Grant, Colin Curtis, Pete Girtley, Chris Tittley, Pete Haigh, Eric Hearn, Alex Lowes . . . Chris Tittley and Pete Haigh obviously don’t pack out Blackpool JR’s on Wednesdays, considering they’re there on Tuesdays — and next Tuesday (21) the area’s top jazz-funk band Spiral-Axis play live . . . Jeff Lorber’s album is due here early May . . . Arista have picked up Shirley James and Danny Ray ‘Why Don’t You Spend The Night’ for pressing, distribution and promotion on its original Black Jack label, which hopefully will make it the next reggae crossover monster it’s been threatening to be . . . Hawkeye on their own behalf initially tried to interest RCA in ‘Good Thing Going’ amongst other records before Pete Tong did indeed bring Sugar Minott specifically to the attention of Rowdy Yeats (who was already hearing it at Gullivers), some time after which Rusty Egan then collared someone else at RCA, but nobody in control there actually decided to pick it up until publisher Jobete’s Ivan Chandler then expressed his keenness for RCA to go with it — and let that be an end to it! . . . MCA have promo-ed a mystery white label ‘Strange Changes’ 12in that’s a Fleetwood Mac-ish 124bpm cool ticker . . . Roland DeVille’s ‘Come Dancing’ had a good review months ago when Capital Radio were plugging it but only now, when belatedly it arrived for free on DJs’ door-mats, has it shown up in the breakers — but will it sell (like hell!) now it’s cold on radio? . . . I do resent the way records I can’t even give away keep showing up in DJs’ charts just because they got them for free — there are some really dumb clucks out there — yet really hot sales items take ages to show up . . . Phonogram’s recent promo mailing was hot though, Parliament ‘Crush It’ being 111bpm, ConFunkShun ‘Lady’s Wild’ 112-111-112bpm, Bar-Kays ‘Body Fever’ 115bpm (synch the 11 beats siren intro onto the 2nd beat in a bar) . . . The Clash is on Dutch 12in now and UK imminently . . . The Quick ‘Zulu‘ has exploded as anticipated with all audiences — It even pulled middle-aged punters at a mobile gig last weekend! . . . Ennio Morricone ‘Chi Mai‘ however was my four-plays monster, even when sent up rotten, and segues perfectly on into ‘The Blue Danube’ . . . Spandau Ballet ‘Muscle Bound’ synchs sensationally with the Rolling Stones ‘Hot Stuff’! . . . LOTW ‘Time’ 12in is great fun to restructure using two copies, chopping, phasing and extending . . . Ashley Woods must be mad but he’s selling an enormous collection of recent jazz / funk / disco / soul gems, so send a large 15½p SAE for the list to him at 12 Ancaster Drive, Sleaford, Lincs, NG34 7LY . . . David Emery, busy not only jocking around Newcastle-upon-Tyne, has a Rancho “Jungle Car” for sale to anyone with a smallish disco they’d fancy transporting in style . . . Kev James does Tuesdays (futurist) and Thursdays at Golders Green Great Expectations with live bands, and is indeed looking for more bands to work regularly — send demo tapes and info to him at Burnett House, Burgess Hill, London NW2 . . . Linx’s David Grant it was who was rudely awakened bright and early at Caister by Canvey Goldmine’s Stan Barrett playing ‘Rise And Shine‘ really loud on a cassette player outside his hotel door — the trouble was David didn’t have his glasses on and couldn’t at first find the player let alone the off switch! . . . Jeffrey Elkins marries Ann Maloney next month . . . Johnny Walker (Camberley Frenchies / Staines Jacksons) and Chris Dinnis (Exeter Boxes) both rave about Atmosfear’s up-coming ‘En Trance album . . . Craig Dawson (Edinburgh) and others, please note, it’s not that I don’t know nuffink, squire, but I really don’t know who’s distributing the recent less legal disco mixers . . . Alan Coulthard (Record Mirror!) says if Carol Jiani is “disconcertingly slow though fast seeming” then Vera ‘Take Me To The Bridge’ is definitely ”disconcertingly fast though slow seeming!” . . . Congress ‘That’s Jazz’ maddeningly familiar guitar is like Bobby Caldwell ‘Down For The Third Time’ — isn’t it? . . . ‘Bits & Pieces III’ is reviving as interest grows in the ‘Stars on 45’ cover version, with many jocks specifying they’re only using the pop oldies last half now . . . Colin Day, homesick for ‘Tiswas’ at Zurich Club Of Clubs (is he due for a shock when he holidays here next month!), says Kano ‘It’s A War‘ (US Emergency LP) at number one in his chart is the source of that solid backbeat on ‘Bits & Pieces III’ . . . I thought the trees in the obviously summer filmed ‘Long Good Friday’ were in implausibly verdant full leaf for Easter, but the way things are going this year they’ll probably be autumnal by the time we get to Good Friday! . . . Davy King (Ballymena Raglan Lounges) asks, “what’s green and eats nuts?” — er, the answer is disgusting, but if you don’t know, check your local VD clinic (or RM’s Susanne Garrett!) . . . KEEP IT GOOD, FRIDAY!

HARVEY MASON has a 3-track 12in out next week, teaming his imminent new LP’s ‘How Does It Feel‘ and ‘On And On’ with the older ‘Till You Take My Love’ off his ‘Funk In A Mason Jar’ set. The super-sessioneering drummer, born 1947 in Atlantic City, studied music right through his schooldays and then with scholarships at Berkley and the New England Conservatory. After graduating early he toured Europe with Erroll Garner before becoming an LA studio regular in 1970, playing with such as Herbie Hancock’s Headhunters prior to signing solo to Arista in ’75.


JEFF LORBER FUSION: ‘Spur Of The Moment’ (Arista ARIST 12410).
Dynamite powerfully leaping strutting 121bpm jazz-funk instrumental stormer destined to be another MFSB (it mixes with ‘Mysteries Of The World’ and The Quick ‘Zulu’) but badly placed at the tail end of a 3-track 12in after the more specialist lurching 114bpm ‘Magic Lady‘ jolter, both being double ‘A’-ed with the blatantly funky 114-115-116-115bpm ‘Monster Man‘ heavy bass jittered chanter.

IMAGINATION: ‘Body Talk’ (R&B RBL 201).
Everyone’s describing this hauntingly atmospheric jazzy piano played and squeaky guys crooned deliberate slow 85bpm 12in jogger as Yarbrough & Peoples with Herb Alpert’s ‘Rise’ beat, and everyone’s right! It builds up plenty of power that’s all its own though, with an instrumental flip.

BANZAI: ‘Runaway’ (Groove Production GP 105T).
Beefily recorded as usual by Chris Palmer with a lively though simple socking beat, this naggingly catchy jazzy 120-119-120bpm 12in instrumental skipper is only on white label so far in this version.

REVELATION: ‘Feel It’ (Handshake HAN-DX 3).
Solidly lurching smooth soul vocal group thudder originally on UK 7in last year, then US 12in, and now finally out here in the latter full length 0-114-115-116-115-116-115-116bpm version with pleasant cool piano amongst the busily pattering, though strings smoothed, instrumental extension. 

CLAUDIA FONTAINE: ‘Natural High’ (JB Music JBS 033, via 01 274 1237).
Superb gorgeous beautifully sung straightforward 64bpm reggae revival of Bloodstone’s lovely classic, evidently due on 12in, initially tipped by Tom Holland and already much played by Capital Radio.

TATA VEGA: ‘Love Your Neighbor’ (Motown 12TMG 1230).
Awaited on 12in which presumably will be the same as the LP, this synth tone introed then bass snapped little 116-115(vocal)-116bpm staccato yet smoothly sung precise bubbly thudder was chosen for UK-only (so far) release by DJ reaction, the raucous 118bpm ‘There’s Love In The World‘ flip being a close copy of ‘Shake Your Body (Down To The Ground)’.

RAH BAND: ‘Downside Up’ (DJM DJS 10967).
Yet another slow starting then 121bpm thumping sax instrumental very like the others in sound but more disjointed and not as good, and so far only on 7in.

RONNY: ‘If You Want Me To Stay’ (Polydor POSPX 247).
Sly Stone’s oldie given an androgynous lethargic Amanda Lear-type part French spoken/sung jittery low key basically slow 110-115-111-112-113bpm 12in treatment produced by, I hesitate to mention it, Rusty Egan.

LENE LOVICH: ‘New Toy’ (Stiff BUYIT 97).
Good instrumentally extended 142bpm 12in version of her jauntily tripping futurist hit.

KEN LOCKIE: ‘Dance House’ (Virgin VS 408-12).
Glitter Band-ish purposeful 110bpm 12in chanting pop thudder.

FAD GADGET: ‘Make Room’ (Mute 012).
Good bouncy little 130-131-132bpm 7in electronic skipper.

BAUHAUS: ‘Kick In The Eye’ (Beggars Banquet SEG 54T).
Jerkily bashing bass burbled 123-121-123bpm futurist chanter on promo if not commercial 12in.

German re-released plodding 0-114bpm 12in synth thudder with awful off-key chick.

MUSIC FOR PLEASURE: ‘Fuel To The Fire’ (Rage RAGE 2).
Galloping 144-0bpm 7in electronic pounder.

MODERN EON: ‘Euthenics’ (Dindisc din 30).
Drums-driven echoing 0-151-149bpm 7in futurist throbber.

NEW MUSIK: ‘While You Wait’ (GTO GT 13291).
Prettily tinkling then smacking 138bpm 12in electronic chanter with Asdic pinging away.

MODERN ROMANCE: ‘Tonight’ (WEA K 18467T).
Pop-aimed clean-cut 0-126bpm 12in electronic thudder with an interesting 134bpm ‘Fever‘ flip (Promoted via Rush Release).

DALEK I LOVE YOU: ‘Heartbeat’ (Back Door DOOR 1012).
Freakily starting 0-148bpm 12in bubbling thumper with repetitive overly mannered vocal.

B-MOVIE: ‘Remembrance Day’ (Deram EMX 437).
Extremely frantic droningly sung 164bpm 12in electronic rattler.

THE CURE: ‘Primary’ (Fiction FICSX 12).
Fast sizzling surfing-style 171-173-175bpm 12in throbber with occasional punk-ish vocal.

ERIC HINE: ‘Not Fade Away’ (Radioactive RAD 101).
Totally electronic strange 174bpm 7in treatment of Buddy Holly’s jerky Stones oldie.

BILL NELSON: ‘Banal’ (Mercury WILL 12).
Bowie-esque indistinct convoluted 123-0bpm 12in strutter from ’79.

BARRY MANILOW: ‘Bermuda Triangle’ (Arista ARIST 406).
Subduedly jaunty 79(intro)-81bpm 7in Latin bumper like a slower ‘Copa’.

THE JONES GIRLS: ‘At Peace With Woman’ (Phil Int PIR A1030).
Sweetly winsome jolting little 0-50/100bpm 7in jogger, flipped by the delicate Dionne Warwick-ish 48bpm ‘When I’m Gone.’

RANDY CRAWFORD: ‘Love Theme – The Competition’ (MCA 676).
Doodling disjointed 28bpm-ish 7in attractive slow movie song, with no Crusader connection.

JERMAINE JACKSON: ‘You Like Me Don’t You’ (Motown TMG 1222).
Gently percolating pretty 46/91bpm 7in swaying slow jogger with instrumental flip.


JAY HOGGARD: “Reverend Libra’ (LP ‘Rain Forest’ US Contemporary 14007).
Young jazz vibist switches labels and comes up with an absolutely dynamite compulsive “freezing” (but not overly so) ‘The Groove’-styled 0-122-123-122-0bpm instrumental strutter full of great solos and an infectious lick. Other cuts are extremely specialist, though this un’s a killer!

BOBBY THURSTON: ‘Is Something Wrong With You’ (LP ‘The Main Attraction’ US Prelude PRL 12183).
The fat boy’s back, backed and produced by much the usual team, blatantly ripping off ‘Ladies Night’ for this quite amazingly similar but obviously distinctive 113(intro)-116-117-118bpm chugger, ‘Main Attraction‘ being a conversation-introed nice slinky steady jolting 54(intro)-108bpm bumper, while ‘Keep It Going‘ is a less incisive but eventually quite tense 112-113bpm swayer. ‘I Know You Feel Like I Feel‘ a bumpily rolling 103-104bpm jogger and ‘Very Last Drop‘ a lush jiggly smooth 113-114-115-116 bpm soul swinger in McFadden & Whitehead-ish style.

FANTASY: ‘(Hey Who’s Gotta) Funky Song’ (LP ‘Fantasy’ US Pavilion JZ 37151).
Excellent at times GQ-styled simple disco set amusingly packaged with ’30s-type publicity poses, this steadily smacking jaunty 115-114-115bpm lurching thudder with good electronic effects being a sensational mix out of Aurra ‘Nasty Disposition’, while ‘Too Much Too Soon‘ is a lightweight galloping 126-127-128-127-128-127bpm romper with more good effects. ‘You Can’t Lose What You Never Had‘ a jerky 120-121-122bpm chugger, ‘Now I Have Everything‘ an annoyingly familiar (‘Love Is Strange’?) lovely tuneful romantic 124-127-129bpm swaying throbber, and ‘Read Between The Lines‘ a jiggly slow 114-116-114-117bpm lurcher.

KELLIS ETHRIDGE: ‘Quickie Nirvana’ (LP ‘Tomorrow Sky’ US Inner City IC 1109).
Invigorating jauntily throbbing fast specialist Latin jazz 116(intro)-127-129-127-124-126(guitar)-127(piano)-128-124-127bpm instrumental flute tootler with various breaks.

LOVE UNLIMITED ORCHESTRA: ‘Jamaican Girl’ (LP ‘Let ‘Em Dance’ US Unlimited Gold JZ 36131).
Barry White-prod/penned typically pattering monotonous 110bpm orchestral instrumental swayer with background chix, big for the Grant / Curtis Manchester axis. The other real hotsie this week is Rick James ‘Street Songs’ set, which I’ve got, but haven’t time to do.

UK Disco Top 90 – April 18, 1981

01 01 It’s A Love Thing – Whispers – Solar 12”
02 06 Linx – Intuition – Chrysalis 12”
03 03 Sharon Redd – Can You Handle It – Epic 12”
04 02 Freeez – Southern Freeez / Version – Beggars Banquet 12”
05 04 Kleeer – Get Tough / De Kleeer Ting – US Atlantic LP
06 07 Jacksons – Can You Feel It – Epic 12”
07 08 Light Of The World – Time (Remix) / I’m So Happy – Mercury 12”
08 05 Beggar & Co – (Somebody) Help Me Out – Ensign 12”
09 10 Heatwave – Jitterbuggin’ – GTO 12”
10 23 Freeez – Flying High / Remix – Beggars Banquet 12”
11 13 Shalamar – Make That Move – Solar 12”
12 11 Alphonze Mouzon – By All Means / Do I Have To? – Excaliber 12”
13 12 Firefly – Love (Is Gonna Be On Your Side) – Excaliber 12”
14 09 Sister Sledge – All American Girls – Atlantic 12”
15 22 Level 42 – Love Games – Polydor 12”
16 16 Kool & The Gang – Jones Vs Jones – De-Lite 12”
17 29 Webster Lewis – Let Me Be The One / Kemo-Kimo / El Bobo / ‘Bout The Love / You Are My Life / Flying High / Dancer / Love Won’t Harm No One – US Epic LP
18 17 Leprechaun – Loc-It-Up – Excaliber 12”
19 41 Gap Band – Humpin’ – Mercury 12”
20 19 Bernard Wright – Just Chillin’ Out / Bread Sandwiches / Master Rocker / Firebolt Hustle – US Arista GRP LP
21 43 Quincy Jones – Razzamatazz / The Dude / Betcha Wouldn’t Hurt Me / Turn On The Action / Somethin’ Special – US A&M LP
22 18 K.I.D. – Don’t Stop – Groove/EMI 12”
23 14 Harry Thumann – Underwater – Decca 12”
24 28 Carol Jiani – Nit ‘N’ Run Lover – Champagne 12”
25 39 Sugar Minott – Good Thing Going – RCA 12”
26 25 Strikers – Body Music – US Prelude 12”
27 34 Stevie Wonder – Lately – Motown
28 21 Shakatak – Living In The UK – Polydor 12”
29 54 Quincy Jones – Ai No Corrida / Stuff Like That – A&M 12”
30 38 Landscape – Einstein A Go-Go / Japan – RCA 12”
31 15 Ray Carless – Tarantula Walk – Ensign 12”
32 24 Dynasty – Groove Control – Solar 12”
33 31 Mystic Touch – Get Yourself Together – Champagne 12”
34 20 Lakeside – Fantastic Voyage – Solar 12”
35 35 Scratsch Band – Your Place Or Mine? (Instrumental) – Groove/EMI 12”
36 55 Spandau Ballet – Glow / Muscle Bound – Reformation 12”
37 36 Jerry Knight – Perfect Fit – A&M/US LP
38 40 Free Expression – Chill-Out! – Vanguard 12”
39 48 Incognito – Shine On / Sunburn / Interference / Chase The Clouds Away / Wake Up In The City / Walking On Wheels / Incognito – Ensign LP
40 89 Powerline / Funk Masters / Inversions – Double Journey / Love Money / Mr Mack (Remixes) – Champagne LP
41 53 Dave Pike – Swan Lake / Spirit’s Samba – US Muse LP
42 59 Unlimited Touch – Searching To Find The One / Happy Ever After – US Prelude LP
43 56 Mel Sheppard – Can I Take You Home / I Love Making Love To You – US TSOB 12”
44 58 Isley Brothers – Tonight Is The Night / Who Said? – Epic/LP
45 42 Marvin Gaye – Praise / Funk Me – Motown 12”
46 73 Fuse One – Grand Prix / Double Steal – CTI 12”
47 44 Champaign – How ‘Bout Us – CBS
48 NE Jeff Lorber Fusion – Spur Of The Moment / Magic Lady / Monster Man / Galaxian / Bright Sky – US Arista LP
49 NE Starsound – Stars On 45 – CBS 12”
50 52 Adrian Baker – High Time – Polo 12”
51 27 Second Image – Dance Dance Dance / The Jazzy Dancer – Polydor 12”
52 33 T.S. Monk – Bon Bon Vie – Mirage 12”
53 60 Whispers – Imagination / I Can Make It Better / Up On Soul Train – Solar LP
54 64 Revelation – Feel It – Handshake 12”
55 47 Manu Dibango – Goro City – Island 12”
56 76 Various – Bits & Pieces III – Canadian Special Disco Mixer 12”
57 NE Eddy Grant – Can’t Get Enough Of You – Ensign 12”
58 37 Earth Wind & Fire – And Love Goes On – CBS 12”
59 67 Sun – Jammin’ In Brazil / Reaction Satisfaction / Guiding Light / On My Radio – US Capitol LP
60 49 Spectrum – Taking It To The Top – Smokey 12”
61 50 Young & Company – Strut Your Stuff (Sexy Lady) – Excaliber 12”
62 NE Benny Golson / Johnny Harris / Stanley Clarke / Herbie Hancock (‘Bitter Suite’) – The New Killer Joe (Rap) / Odyssey / Together Again / Just Around The Corner – CBS LP
63 87 Jerome – It’s Mine And You Don’t Own It – DJM 12”
64 NE Raydio – Still In The Groove / A Woman Needs Love / It’s Your Night / You Can’t Fight What You Feel – Arista LP
65 46 Gene Dunlap – It’s Just The Way I Feel / Love Dancin’ – Capitol 12”
66 NE Rick James – Give It To Me Baby – Motown/US Gordy LP
67 51 Sylvia Striplin – Give Me Your Love – Champagne 12”
68 RE Stevie Wonder – Happy Birthday – Motown LP/12” promo
69 62 Arni Egilsson – Howduz Disco? – US Inner City LP
70 74 General Caine II – L.R.J. Pop / Jungle Music / Shake / Get Down Attack – US Groove Time LP
71 77 Atlantic Starr – When Love Calls – US A&M/LP
72 NE Chi-Lites – Have You Seen Her? – 20th Century-Fox 12”
73 78 One Way – I Didn’t Mean To Break Your Heart / Push – US MCA LP
74 66 Frankie Valli – Soul – MCA 12”
75 NE Jason Black – I’m Walking Alone – Beggars Banquet
76 65 Sister Sledge – If You Really Want Me / I Don’t Want To Say Goodbye / Ooh You Caught My Heart – Atlantic LP
77 57 Blackbyrds – Don’t Know What To Say / Rock Creek Park – Fantasy 12”
78 NE Bill Summers – Call It What You Want – MCA 12”
79 83 Rufus – Tonight We Love / Party ‘Til You’re Broke – MCA 12”
80 61 Shock / R.E.R.B. – Angel Face – RCA 12”
81 NE Passage – Power / I See The Light – US A&M LP
82 NE Various (Enigma) – Ain’t No Stopping – Disco Mix 1981 – Skratch 12”
83 NE Teddy Pendergrass – The Whole Town’s Laughing At Me / Love T.K.O. – Phil Int 12” promo
84 85 Harris Simon Group – Wind Chant – Japanese Overseas LP
85 NE The Quick – Zulu – Epic 12” promo
86 NE Imagination – Body Talk / Instrumental – R&B 12”
87 80 Barbara Carroll – From The Beginning – US UA LP
88 70 Marvin Gaye – Heavy Love Affair – Motown LP
89 63 Not James Player – Friends Again – Ultimate 12”
90 68 Breakfast Band – L.A.14 – Disc Empire 12”


BUBBLING UNDER the UK Disco 90 with increased support are:

Jack McDuff: ‘Nasty’ / ‘Kisses’ / ‘Say Sumpin’ Nice’ / ‘Primavera’ (US Sugarhill LP)
Con-FunkShun: ‘Lady’s Wild’ (US Mercury 12in promo)
Burundi Black: ‘Burundi Black’ (Barclay 12in)
Kat Mandu: ‘The Break (Remix)’ (Canadian Unidisc 12in)
Harvey Mason: ‘How Does It Feel’ / ‘On And On’ / ‘Going Through The Motions’ / ‘We Can Start Tonight’ (Arista LP)
Jay Hoggard: ‘Reverend Libra’ (US Contemporary LP)
Mantra: ‘Doin’ It To The Bone’ (US Casablanca LP/12in promo)
Eastside Connection: ‘You’re So Right For Me’ (US Rampart 12in)
Congress: ‘That’s Jazz’ (Congress Prods 12in)
Aurra: ‘Nasty Disposition’ / ‘Party Time’ / ‘Keep Doin’ It’ (US Salsoul LP)
Duran Duran: ‘Planet Earth (Night Version)’ (EMI 12in)
Diana Ross: ‘One More Chance’ (Motown)
Parliament: ‘Crush It’ (US Casablanca 12in promo)
Gene Dunlap: ‘Rock Radio’ (Capitol 12in)
Reality: ‘(Tell Me) What’s Going On In Your Mind’ (MCA 12in)
Nostalcia: ‘Break Down’ (US Alto 12in)
Tata Vega: ‘Love Your Neighbor’ / ‘(I’ve Got My) Second Wind’ (Motown LP)
Soft Cell: ‘Memorabilia’ (Some Bizzare 12in)
Junior Tucker: ‘The Kick (Rock On)’ (Island 12in)
Starpoint: ‘I Just Want To Be Your Lover’ / ‘Keep On It’ (US Chocolate City LP)
Coati Mundi: ‘Que Pasa/Me No Pop I’ (US Antilles 12in)
Michael McGloiry: ‘Won’t You Let Me Be The One (Version Two)’ (US Airwave 12in)
Kellis Ethridge: ‘Quickie Nirvana’ (US Inner City LP)
Thelma Houston: ‘If You Feel It’ (US RCA 12in)
Bobby Thurston: ‘Is Something Wrong With You’ (US Prelude LP)
Roland DeVille Orchestra: ‘Come Dancing’ (Dummy)
Victor Romero Evans: ‘At The Club’ / ‘Detonators Lift Off’ (Special Request 12in)
Claudia Fontaine: ‘Natural High’ (JB 12in)
Hot Cuisine: ‘Who’s Been Kissing You’ (Kaleidoscope 12in)
(New York) Skyy: ‘Superlove’ (Excaliber 12in)
Aurra: ‘Are You Single’ (US Salsoul 12in)
The Clash: ‘The Magnificent Dance’ / ‘Seven’ (CBS/12in promo)
Shirley James / Danny Ray: ‘Why Don’t You Spend The Night’ (Black Jack 12in)
Midas Touch: ‘Too Much Too Soon’ (Maaw 12in)
Bar-Kays: ‘Body Fever’ (US Mercury 12in promo)
Giorgio Moroder: ‘Chase’ (Casablanca 12in)
Ronnie Jones: ‘Video Games’ (US Polydor 12in)
Bert Ligon: ‘Saturday’ / ‘The Unicorn’ (US Inner City LP)
Dee Dee Sharp Gamble: ‘Breaking And Entering’ (US Phil Int LP)
Prince Charles: ‘In The Streets’ / ‘Tight Jeans’ (US Solid Platinum LP).

DORC (Disco Featured Pop Hits)

1(2)Shakin’ Stevens, 2(1) Roxy Music, 3(3) Adam ‘Kings’, 4(7) Kim Wilde, 5(8) Adam ‘Ant’, 6(5) Visage, 7(6) Coast to Coast, 8(-) Hucklebucks Fizz, 9(4) Talking Heads, 10(10) Kiki Dee, 11(14) Liquid Gold, 12(9) Kelly Marie, 13(12) Ultravox ‘Vienna’, 14(21) Nolans, 15(13) Duran Duran, 16(-) Ennio Morricone, 17(11) Phil Collins, 18(17) Teardrop Explodes, 19(25) Toyah, 20(27) Rainbow, 21(20) Status Quo, 22(28) Philip Lynott, 23(-) Dave Stewart, 24(22) Yoko Ono, 25(15) Who, 26(19) Heaven 17, 27(18) Polecats, 28(24) Ultravox ‘Quiet’ / ‘Slow’, 29(26) Depeche Mode, 30(-) Dire Straits.


Beats Per Minute for last week’s pop chart entries on 7in are:

Ennio Morricone 16-32-0c, Whitesnake 131-133f, Barry Manilow 79(intro)-81c, Girlschool 140-139-138f, REO Speedwagon 21-44/88-0r, Quincy Jones 123f, Gap Band 107-108-109f, April Wine 42/84-0r.


STEVE X has been doing the Thursday futurist nights at Liverpool’s Cagneys for some time and in fact the night celebrates its anniversary at the end of this month with a possible charity party featuring several star guests, so it could be worth keeping an eye on. The sort of sounds played by young Proctor (that was his surname at school) include:

1 Planet Earth (Night Version) – Duran Duran – EMI 12in
2 Einstein A Go-Go – Landscape – RCA 12in
3 Mind Of A Toy – Visage – Polydor 12in
4 Guilty – Classix Nouveaux – Liberty 12in
5 Glow – Spandau Ballet – Reformation 12in
6 Once In A Lifetime – Talking Heads – Sire 12in
7 I Travel – Simple Minds – Arista 12in
8 Angel Face – Shock – RCA 12in
9 (We Don’t Need This) Fascist Groove Thang – Heaven 17 – BEF 12in
10 Life In Tokyo – Japan – Ariola 12in
11 Crow And A Baby – Human League – Virgin LP
12 Clones – Alice Cooper – Warner Bros
13 Das Model – Kraftwerk – German Kling Klang 12in
14 It’s A War – Kano – US Emergency LP
15 Memorabilia – Soft Cell – Some Bizzare 12in
16 Quiet Life – Japan – Ariola
17 Thrash – Cowboys International – Virgin
18 Quiet Men – Ultravox – Island 12in
19 Light Pours Out Of Me – Magazine – Virgin
20 The End – Change – WEA LP

Most definitely planned is a futurist all-dayer, on Monday 25th May at Oldham Romeo & Juliets in the Juliets room, where, after playing jazz to slowly dwindling audiences for eighteen months, Derek Kaye now packs the place with futurist every Friday/Saturday. Coaches are being organised from many North-Western towns and in fact any DJs who reckon they can pull a coach party are welcome to work (there’ll also be a jazz-funk room), call Derek for details on 051 638 0555 or 061 652 8421. Meanwhile this month Berlin Blondes appear live every Wednesday at Klub Metz in the Cafe Des Artistes, corner Redcliffe Gardens / Fulham Road, Chelsea, with DJs Jon & Phil. Saturdays at Eric’s Place in the Vine, Hanley, Stoke-on-Trent, is a futurist addition to his Wed/Fridays at North Staffs Poly for Phil Blizzard, while from Edgbaston Faces young Alan Gibson says “Watch out for the BIG Glam-Rock revival!” From those modern glamour boys, Visage’s ‘Fade To Grey’ has been properly remixed for 12in following demand for foreign markets – they’d wanted to do a remix here but there wasn’t time, but this new version could yet surface as part of their next release. Finally, Garry Blackburn has switched his plugging job from Carlin Music to Phonogram where he’s working on Way Of The West and invites futurist jocks to contact him — Phonogram, 49 New Bond Street, London W1Y 9HA. STOP PRESS: Rusty Egan is having an all-dayer at Dartford Flicks on Easter Bank Holiday Monday, lotsa surprises, so be there!

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