October 17, 1981: Arthur Adams, Kool & The Gang, The Frontline Orchestra, Bohannon, Jerry Carr


MORGAN KHAN, who single-handedly built Excaliber and now more significantly R&B (three hits with first three releases!) has had a difference of opinion with the labels backers Red Bus, but could soon be announcing an even more exciting new affiliation — meanwhile, Morgan and his staff are working from PRT, 132 Western Road, Mitcham, Surrey (01 648 7000) . . . Barry’s Disco Centre run their Discomart ’81 equipment exhibition this Sunday (18) in the Cambridge Suite at Gloucester Leisure Centre from noon to 5.30pm . . . Trevor Walters ‘Love Me Tonight’ is now on Magnet 12in (12MAG 198), the world class gorgeous 0-93/47-95bpm lovers rock smash having justified our initial faith in it by winning Capital Radio’s ‘People’s Choice’ vote this week . . . Arthur Adams ‘You Got The Floor’ has surfaced on import in some configurations with a dynamite instrumental “D-side”, so check which pressing you buy (unfortunately this is not the British RCA flip) . . . Spandau Ballet’s ‘Paint Me Down’, again with Beggar & Co backing, will reportedly be even more disco than their last one . . . The Quick’s US hit remix of ‘Zulu’ is due here imminently again . . . Dynasty ‘Love In The Fast Lane’ will indeed be their 12in . . . Linx’s new ‘Go Ahead’ album is due next week . . . Diana Ross debuts on US RCA 7in (Capitol here) with a revival of Frankie Lymon & The Teenagers’ Why Do Fools Fall In Love’ — not at all what one might have expected, huh? — the title track of her new album, due here in less than a fortnight, which also contains a revival of Brenda Lee’s ‘Sweet Nothin’s’ and a re-recording just by herself of ‘Endless Love’ . . . Roger ‘Grapevine’ (Warner Bros) and Lime ‘You’re My Magician (Remix)’ (Rams Horn) are now about on Dutch 12in . . . Malaco’s Motown/Stax oldies medley reviewed last week, Power ‘Play It Again Sam’, is due here imminently via Pinnacle and will doubtless show up in our chart as Rush Release will be servicing it to jocks . . . Stevie Wonder is readying a greatest hits album of ’70s/’80s material, including two as yet unheard new tunes — presumably for release as future singles . . . Rusty Egan climbs back into the news with the formation of his own Metropolis label for distribution via Island . . . Groove Weekly’s Debbie Gopie is now plugging disco product at DJM . . . Rose Royce have reportedly signed to CBS, but whether with or without Norman Whitfield as producer is not known . . . Alphonse Mouzon’s new set is being criticised by some jocks for having too much vocal . . . Rob Harknett (Harlow) reveals that his day job is with Schreiber Furniture, and a record of the firm’s radio TV jingle may be available to bona fide DJs who write to Mr Schreiber at Schreiber Furniture Centre, 9 Baker Street, London W1 . . . Paul Anthony (Walsall) kicks off our recommended import stockists listing by reporting that Ruby Red Records, Cleveland Street, Wolverhampton, have so far kept their prices down (LP £5.49, 12in £2.99 when he wrote) and Steve Fay (Darwen) recommends the renowned Spinn Inn, Cross Street, Manchester — keep ’em coming (unless imports really are dead outside London) . . . US import albums on WEA’s labels you may have noticed now feature a nasty little sticker covered with an encircled W logo stuck on the top right hand back side of the sleeve — this turns out to be an anti-counterfeit measure, the sticker revealing an additional white version of the logo when viewed by indirect torchlight (what next, watermarked vinyl?!) . . . Nick Davies (Watford New Penny / Reading Cavershams) reckons some jocks drop lots of good soul/funk singles as soon as they chart nationally because it’s unhip to play them — shame! — and yet if these jocks are going to support a particular record they should plug it all the way to the top . . . Davy King reports from Copenhagen that the disco scene there is flourishing, most clubs (he recommends Daddys) full to capacity every night . . . Gary Allan (Liverpool McMillan’s) has a couple of killer mixes: Jacksons ‘Walk Right Now’ (especially end drum breaks) into Evelyn Champagne King ‘Shame’ and Jimmy Ross ‘First True Love Affair’ into Change ‘Glow Of Love’ . . . John Dene (Dunstable Tiffany’s Mon/Wed/Sat) says MoR jocks could find a good evening kick-off segue is Detroit Spinners ‘Working My Way Back To You’, Bee Gees ‘You Should Be Dancing’ (to break), Detroit Spinners ‘Yesterday Once More’ (to break), Village People ‘YMCA’ (US remix version) . . . DJ and especially disco plugger reaction to our chart split has been very encouraging, but we still need more of the funk/soul/jazz/disco type of jock to send in regular Top 20/30 (40?) floor-filler listings, so support your music and send ’em to reach us by Wednesday as often as possible, addressed to James Hamilton, Disco Chart, Record Mirror, 40 Long Acre, London WC2E 9JT . . . MAKE IT FUNKY!

WHEELERS NIGHTCLUB opened a few weeks ago amidst much elegantly dressed revelry in Henley-on-Thames, where resident and guest DJs including Andy Gill, Sean French, Nigel Owen, Johnnie Walker, Marc Carter, Chris Brown were in attendance. Situated on Remenham Hill, the club has a jazzy policy as befits any venture run by Frenchies and Jacksons-founding Paul and Robin Wheeler.


ARTHUR ADAMS: ‘You Got The Floor’ (RCA RCAT 146).
The biggest import smash in ages, this Bernie (Capt. Dobey) Hamilton-produced slickly pulsating 113(intro)-116-117bpm 12in beauty has great Luther-like mellow vocal before sensational sax drives it on home with a backbeat smacking kick. Similar to Alphonse Mouzon ‘By All Means’, it mixes on into Linx, Change ‘Glow Of Love’, and — well, you probably already know.

KOOL & THE GANG: ‘Steppin’ Out’ (De-Lite DEX 4).
Like an emotionally detached retread of ‘Celebration’ but without any similar catchiness, this squeakily sung bass bumbled bland 0-119bpm 12in jiggly chugger is as you’re by now probably used to reading — not a patch on their US 7in-issued ‘Take My Heart‘ album track … which won’t prevent this reaching a certain level of acceptance here for a while.

Excellent jazzily loping 123-124-125bpm 12in instrumental skipper with good understated solos ending up with Latin piano behind tapping percussion, officially the flip to the jittery smacking 118-117bpm ‘Don’t Turn Your Back On Me‘ which despite other reasonable ingredients is ruined by a squawking lead vocal that grates on my ears at least. 

CLARK DATCHLER: ‘You Fooled Him Once Again’ (Blue Inc INCD 14, via Pinnacle).
Howling wind introed jazzily lilting slinky cool 112-114bpm 12in jogger self-prod/penned/performed by a shy young white multi-instrumentalist, which is where his main talent lies as, although his vocal is painless, the instrumental flip sounds nicer. He’s on bass and lead guitar, keyboards, synth and flute, with backup brass.

VERA: ‘Take Me To The Bridge’ (Carrere CAR 194T).
Excellent haunting subduedly speeding 135-133bpm 12in ticker with an amazingly Stevie Nicks copying cool vocal, finally out here months after being big in gay and even some jazz-funk circles, and probably best known from its night-time non-needle-time plays on Capital Radio (which its UK release on a registered label has had to stop).

MEL BROOKS: ‘It’s Good To Be The King Rap’ (The Luggage Label 12-LUG 02, via Spartan).
Pete Wingfield-produced/co-penned 107bpm 12in rapper, so the rhythm track is right on but the rap is by the comedy film maker — whose work I normally admire. Here he doesn’t quite cut through with the right vocal timbre for the rap idiom, but it’s all very well done and is sure to be appreciated by many.

WEAPON OF PEACE: ‘Jah Love’ (Safari SAFE 39).
Lovely subtly catchy 0-69bpm 7in reggae pulsator in the UB40 mould with an ethereal quality and hopefully hit prospects.

Michael Jackson-ish pleasant smooth jiggly jogging 91bpm 12in swayer builds from a quieter slightly suspect pitched start.

CAPRICE: ‘Love Letters’ (Beggars Banquet BEG 64T).
Frankle Valli-ish breathy lightweight minimally backed hustling c.135bpm 12in strange treatment of Ketty Lester’s classic, flipped by the subdued brassily bounding 126bpm ‘I Got To Sing’. Northern soul jocks should maybe investigate.

FATBACK: ‘Kool Whip’ (Spring POSPX 321).
Jauntily burbling 120-121-122-123bpm 12in jiggler with mainly gibberish scatting over the bubbly monotonous groove, good out of ‘Double Dutch Bus’, flipped by the older and better percussion tapping 120-122-121-122-123bpm ‘Concrete Jungle‘ from last year, which used to go well out of Linx ‘You’re Lying’.

FREEEZ: ‘Anti Freeez’ (Beggars Banquet BEG 60T).
Not content with backing Multivizion in Beggar & Co style they now go the whole hog with a jaggedly jerky 125-124bpm 12in futura-fusion jitterer of their own. Any fad that fits, huh?

KID CREOLE & THE COCONUTS: ‘Going Places’ (Ze 12WIP 6719).
Bass heavy murky remix of the sleazily swinging 103-104bpm plodder which had some hip attention a while back, now as bonus disco plugside on 3-track 12in with the 7in-only trickily swaying 74/148bpm ‘Latin Music‘ and salsa- style 0-104bpm ‘Musica Americana’.

ASWAD: ‘Ways Of The Lord’ (CBS A13-1653).
Drums-introed sinuously winding 76bpm 12in reggae swayer with nice soulful vocal harmonies and an emptily echoing ‘Lords Of The Dub‘ flip.

SUGAR MINOTT: ‘Never My Love’ (RCA RCAT 138).
Association’s oldie given 87bpm 12in reggaefication that tries too hard and can’t match the charm of his last one.

BEE GEES: ‘He’s A Liar’ (RSO RSOX 81).
Pop-aimed misleadingly fast 127½bpm 12in steady chitterer with an underlying Change ‘Searching’ feel though not sound.

HOT CUISINE: ‘Skunkin’ (Kaleidoscope KRLA 13-1661).
Boring ponderous jiggly 111-113bpm 12in smacker which not even some Chipmunk effects can lighten, the Linx-inspired loping and tapping 120bpm ‘Disco Calypso‘ being better but misguidingly titled flip.

KANDIDATE: ‘I Want To Be Yours’ (Polydor POSPX 337).
Pop-aimed chugging 116bpm thudder with a beat-lightening overlaid cantering rhythm, on 3-track 12in with a slowie plus sample snippets from their next LP (none of it of much interest to disco fans).

US TV soap opera derived awful girlie group 117bpm 12in rapper (rather like a less catchy Heavenly Bodies minus the Big Dipper) with instrumental flip, huge in the States … but then they get the TV show.

MOTOWN MIX: ‘A Tribute To Motown’ (RSO RSOX 83).
Horribly mixed and limply recorded 131bpm 12in medley, not a patch on the less self consciously “accurate” old ‘Uptown Festival’ or indeed Power ‘Play It Again Sam’.


BOHANNON: ‘Let’s Start II Dance Again’ (US Phase II 4W9-02449).
I knew he had a hot newie but covered the wrong one last week (nice though that was). This is it! Over the top of his original ‘Let’s Start The Dance’ Hamilton Bo has added a layer of rhythm and Dr Perrie Johnson’s rap so that it remains an ultra-jittery exciting 119-120-119-118bpm 12in driver as before but with a new re-arranged somewhat less bassily beefy emphasis, the flip in fact being the remixed original minus the new rap so that Carolyn Crawford’s vocals merely sound a bit more buried than we’re used to. If you dug it then you’ll redig it now.

JERRY CARR: ‘This Must Be Heaven’ (US Cherie CR-LP 2002).
Dynamite dead simple heavily compressed socking sparse offbeat 115-116-117-115bpm 12in smacker with descending and ascending scales before the husky fella starts singing and scatting for a while, the Evelyn King-type beat then taking over for a powerful long instrumental break.

LETTA MBULU: ‘Kilimanjaro’ (US MJS MJS-101).
Terrific jazzily bubbling and jiggling 124bpm 12in groove with less of Letta on the instrumental flip, which had the scene been the same as a couple of years ago could have been a jazz-funk monster as it has all the ingredients of greatness. Maybe Caister can crack it?

RHYZE: ‘Rhyze To The Top’ (US 20th Century-Fox TCD-134).
Tightly structured trucking 121-119-120bpm 12in solid smacker with everything revolving around the massive offbeat, the staccato vocals and brassy blasts all leaning into the lurching momentum which is so strong this is likely to be a biggie.

ANN-MARGRET: ‘Everybody Needs Somebody Sometimes’ (US Ram RAM 1001).
Paul Sabu-prod/penned surprisingly good Chic-style steady purposeful 110bpm subdued pulsator on 3-track 12in in various versions, the longest vocal one starting with rumbling jungle drums and brassy blasts before the sexy siren breathes rather than sings the lyrics around a rattling break.

CHOCOLATE MILK: ‘Blue Jeans’ (US RCA PD-12336).
Bass thundered monotonously chanted powerful 113bpm 12in heavy funk thudder which doesn’t do a lot but what it does it does do very well for its particular market.

KAREN YOUNG: ‘Dynamite’ (US Sunshine SG 807-12).
Typically American untidily squawked all-happening 125(instrumental start)-129-132bpm 12in thrasher full of unrelated climaxes and ending with an explosion effect, the instrumental flip with added fiddle and trumpet breaks getting more favourable reaction here.

WEEKS & CO: ‘Rock Your World’ (US Chaz Ro CHDS 2519).
Blatantly pinching Beggar & Co’s “whoa-oh” chant to such an extent that I’ve even heard of people booing it, this 118-117-118-119-118bpm 12in chugger rattles and thuds along mainly in its own way but is bound to be unfavourably compared to ‘(Somebody) Help Me Out’ no matter what else it does.

OMNI featuring CONNEE DRAPER: ‘Out Of My Hands (Love’s Taken Over)’ (US Fountain FRD-81-1).
Noisy fast 134-133-134-133bpm 12in powerful smacker with syndrums and stereo synthetics before the bubbly beat beefs up for the stridently wailing lady, the speed giving it gay/pop appeal (it’s also 45 rpm — beware!).

UK Disco Top 90 – October 17, 1981

01 01 Donald Byrd – Love Has Come Around – Elektra 12”
02 02 Central Line – Walking Into Sunshine – Mercury 12”
03 04 Arthur Adams – You Got The Floor – US Inculcation 12”
04 03 Linx – So This Is Romance / The Rio Mix – Chrysalis 12”
05 11 Evelyn King – If You Want My Lovin’ – RCA 12”
06 14 Rose Royce – R.R. Express – Whitfield LP
07 10 Strikers – Inch By Inch – Epic 12”
08 13 The Dukes – Mystery Girl – WEA 12”
09 09 Mike ‘T’ / Joe Thomas – Do It Any Way You Wanna – Blue Inc 12”
10 07 Savanna – I Can’t Turn Away – R&B 12”
11 05 Hi-Gloss – You’ll Never Know – Epic 12”
12 16 Bob James – Sign Of The Times – Tappan Zee 12”
13 12 Modern Romance – Everybody Salsa/Salsa Rappsody – WEA 12”
14 15 Roger – I Heard It Through The Grapevine / A Chunk Of Sugar / So Ruff So Tuff / Do It Roger / Maxx Axe – US Warner Bros LP
15 08 Imagination – In And Out Of Love – R&B 12”
16 06 Funkapolitan – As The Time Goes By – London 12”
17 21 Stanley Turrentine – Havin’ Fun With Mr.T / Hermanos / Tamarac / After The Love Is Gone / Cherubim – US Elektra LP
18 28 T Life – Somethin’ That You Do To Me – US Arista 12”
19 20 Al Jarreau – Easy / We’re In This Love Together – Warner Bros 12”
20 19 Richard ‘Dimples’ Fields – I Like Your Lovin’ – Epic
21 24 Dynasty – Love In The Fast Lane – US Solar LP
22 17 Beggar & Co – Mule (Chant No.2) – RCA 12”
23 23 Pieces Of A Dream – Warm Weather / Body Magic / Steady Glide / Easy Road Home – US Elektra LP
24 18 Keni Burke – You’re The Best – RCA 12”
25 30 Patti Austin – The Genie / Love Me To Death / Baby Come To Me – Qwest LP
26 25 Ronnie Laws – Heavy On Easy / Stay Awake – Liberty 12”
27 47 Freddie Hubbard – You’re Gonna Lose Me / Sister ‘Stine – Fantasy 12”
28 31 Junior Giscombe – Mama Used To Say – Mercury 12”
29 22 The Joneses – Summer Groove (Moving-On) – Champagne 12”
30 40 Candy Bowman – I Wanna Feel Your Love – US RCA 12”
31 34 Real Thing – Foot Tappin’ – Calibre 12”
32 62 Slave – Wait For Me / Party Lites / Snap Shot / Funken Town / Smokin’ / Steal Your Heart – US Cotillion LP
33 35 Trevor Walters – Love Me Tonight – Ital 12”
34 45 Geraldine Hunt – Heart To Heart – US Prism 12”
35 51 Chi-Lites – Me And You – 20th Century-Fox 12”
36 27 Sylvester – Give it Up (Don’t Make Me Wait) / Here Is My Love – Fantasy 12”
37 26 Boys Town Gang – Remember Me Suite / Cruisin’ The Streets – Moby Dick LP
38 43 Donald Byrd – Love For Sale / I Feel Like Loving You Today / Butterfly / I’ll Always Love You / I Love Your Love – Elektra LP
39 32 Human League – Love Action/Hard Times – Virgin 12”
40 56 Ottawan – Hands Up (Give Me Your Heart) – Carrere 12”
41 61 Jumbo – Take It Light – US Atlantic 12”
42 68 Funk Fusion Band – Can You Feel It – US WMOT 12”
43 90 Jerome – You’re Supposed To Be My Friend – DJM 12”
44 53 Quincy Jones – Betcha Wouldn’t Hurt Me – A&M 12”
45 49 Patti Austin – Do You Love Me? – Qwest 12”
46 29 Phyllis Hyman – You Sure Look Good To Me / Tonight You And Me – Arista 12”
47 38 Teena Marie – Square Biz – Motown 12”
48 42 Spandau Ballet – Chant No.1 – Reformation 12”
49 54 One Way – Hold It / Get Up – US MCA LP
50 39 K.I.D. – No.1 – Record Shack 12”
51 64 Kool & The Gang – Take My Heart / Get Down On It – US De-Lite LP
52 36 Diana Ross & Lionel Richie – Endless Love – Motown
53 46 Big Dipper – Victim Of The Planets / Dippers Delight – Epic 12”
54 41 Love Unlimited Orchestra – Lift Your Voice And Say – Unlimited Gold 12”
55 59 Shadow – Born To Hustle / Best Lady / Shadows In The Street – Elektra LP
56 72 Billy Ocean – Nights (Feel Like Getting Down) – GTO 12”
57 60 Al Jarreau – Roof Garden / Closer To Your Love / Teach Me Tonight – Warner Bros LP
58 37 Soft Cell – Tainted Love – Some Bizzare 12”
59 74 Northend – Tee’s Happy – US Emergency 12”
60 69 Bang Gang – Street Music (Instrumental) – US Sugarscoop 12”
61 RE Hi-Tension – We Got The Funk / Objects – EMI 12”
62 55 Rick James – Superfreak – Motown 12”
63 48 Maze/Frankie Beverly – Joy And Pain – Capitol 12”
64 80 Conquest – Give It To Me (Instrumental) – US Prelude 12”
65 NE Melba Moore – Take My Love – US EMI America/12” promo
66 78 Whispers – This Kind Of Lovin’ – Solar 12”
67 57 Level 42 – ’43’ / Heathrow – Polydor LP
68 75 Tight Fit – Back To The ’60s (Part 2) – Jive 12”
69 65 Gwen McCrae – Funky Sensation / Feel So Good / Poyson All My Love – US Atlantic LP
70 50 Aretha Franklin – Love All The Hurt Away / Hold On I’m Comin’ – Arista 12”
71 58 Wish – Nice And Soft – US Perspective 12”/Excaliber 12”
72 67 Brick – Sweat (‘Til You Get Wet) – US Bang 12”
73 77 Material – Bustin’ Out – Ze 12”
74 86 Mike Mainieri – Bullet Train – US Warner Bros LP
75 NE Bohannon – Let’s Start II Dance Again / Let’s Start The Dance – US Phase II 12”
76 82 Jimmy Ross – First True Love Affair – Megafunk 12”
77 81 Alphonze Mouzon – I’m Glad That You’re Here – US PAUSA LP
78 63 Dr. York – Shake-N-Skate – Groove Production 12”
79 83 Harlow – Take Off – Champagne 12”
80 89 Michael Henderson – (We Are Here To) Geek You Up – US Buddah LP
81 NE Shirley James & Danny Ray – Right Time Of The Night / Got To Be True – Black Jack 12”
82 NE Lloyd Charmers – If Leaving Me Is Easy – Radioactive 12”
83 70 M.S.O. – Colombia (In The Jungle) – Mainstreet 12”
84 RE Vicki Sue Robinson – Hot Summer Night / Hot Version – US Prelude 12”
85 79 Captain Sky – Station Brake / (Innermission) – US WMOT 12”
86 NE Rodney Franklin – Hill Street Blues / Dance Tonight – US Columbia LP
87 NE UK Players – Girl / Jim’s Jam – A&M 12”
88 NE Herbie Hancock – Magic Number / Everybody’s Broke – US Columbia 12”
89 NE Bits & Pieces – Don’t Stop The Music – Island 12in
90 75 Heaven 17 – Play To Win / Play – BEF 12”


BUBBLING UNDER the UK Disco 90 with increased support are:

Teddy Pendergrass: ‘It’s Time For Love’ / ‘You’re My Greatest Inspiration’ (Phil Int LP)
Four Tops: ‘When She Was My Girl’ (Casablanca 12in)
Kool & The Gang: ‘Steppin’ Out’ (De-Lite 12in)
K.I.D.: ‘Hupendi Muziki Wangu?!’ (US SAM 12in)
Patrick Cowley: ‘Menergy’ (US Fusion 12in)
Rockie Robbins: ‘Time To Think’ (US A&M LP)
Morrissey Mullen: ‘Stay Awhile’ / ‘Mercy Mercy 81’ (Beggars Banquet 12in)
The Quick: ‘Zulu (Remix)’ (US Pavillion 12in)
Index: ‘Starlight’ (Record Shack 12in)
Jacksons: ‘Walk Right Now (Remlx)’ (US Epic 12in)
Freddie Hubbard: ‘Splash’ (US Fantasy LP)
Ranking Dread: ‘Fattie Bum Bum’ (Greensleeves 12in)
Teddy Pendergrass: ‘Nine Times Out Of Ten’ / ‘I Can’t Leave Your Love Alone’ (Phil Int)
Karen Silver: ‘Nobody Else’ (Canadian Quality RFC 12in)
Cedric Myton & The Congos: ‘Can’t Take It Away’ (Go-Feet 12in)

POD (Pop Orientated Dance):

1(1) Soft Cell, 2(4) Ottawan, 3(2) Human League ‘Red’, 4(8) Linx, 5(10) Tweets, 6(3) Modern Romance, 7(7) Hi-Gloss, 8(17) Imagination, 9(28) Depeche Mode, 10(5) Funkapolitan, 11(-) Human League ‘Blue’, 12(19) Central Line, 13(21) Beggar & Co, 14(34) Star Sound Vol.3, 15(12) Tight Fit Pt.2, 16(8) Heaven 17, 17(24) Pointer Sisters, 18(23) Ross/Richie, 19(29) Gidea Park, 20(-) Tom Tom Club, 21(9) Spandau Ballet, 22(-) Adam/Ants, 23(38) Stewart/Gaskin, 24(11) Tight Fit Pt.1, 25(30) Phyllis Hyman, 26(15) Carl Carlton, 27(27) Evelyn King ‘I’m In Love’, 28(14) Duran Duran, 29(-) Madness, 30(-) OMITD, 31(13) Stevie Wonder, 32(38) Japan, 33(-) Electronicas, 34(22) UB40, 35(44), A Flock Of Seagulls, 36(-) New Music, 37(39) Third World ‘Floor’, 38(35) Enigma, 39(20) ELO, 40(-) Police, 41(40) Alvin Stardust, 42(43) Motown Mix, 43(-) Keni Burke, 44(-) Big Dipper, 45(37) K.I.D. ‘No.1’, 46(-) Aretha Franklin, 47(33) Cliff Richard, 48(45) Harlow, 49(-) Flash, 50(26) Jacksons ‘Walk’.


Beats Per Minute for last week’s pop chart entries on 7in (endings denoted by “f” for fade, “c” for cold) are:
Human League Blue 133f, Elvis Costello 49/98-0f, New Order ‘Green’ 128f, Shakin’ Stevens 0-74f, Fureys 55/27f, Gillen 133-134f, Gary Glitter 67-134-133-132-131f, This Year’s Blonde 153f, Olivia Newton-John 125-124f, Dire Straits 0-138-140f, Dooleys 0-111f, Headbangers 0-142f, Young & Moody Band 131-130f, Savanna 116-118f, Foreigner 89-182-91c, Squeeze 95/47f, Tom Tom Club 103f.

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