October 10, 1981: Lloyd Charmers, Four Tops, Rose Royce, Kool & The Gang, Conquest


TONY MONSON clarifies that although his Disc Empire shop is indeed currently winding down by selling stock cheap until it does actually close, his main business has transferred to his other Flyover Records shop which remains open at 15 Queen Caroline Street in Hammersmith W6, while his flourishing wholesale business is still servicing retailers as before . . . Rose Royce ‘RR Express’ is rumoured to be on Dutch Rams Horn 12in already . . . The Dukes as you’ve probably discovered are in fact Bugatti & Musker . . . Heatwave are in London to record their next album . . . Rod Temperton, Keith Wilder and Greg Phillinganes were at Mayfair Gullivers last Friday for Ronnie Laws PA, along with Radio West’s Ray Edwards, Phonogram’s expatriate Johnny Stainze, John Waller, Fred Dove, Les Spaine, Jane Evans . . . Les Spaine, once Liverpool’s Godfather DJ, has stayed at EMI as head of promotion for Capitol, Liberty UK and EMI America, rather than moving to RCA with Motown for whom he previously plugged . . . Shalamar’s Jeffrey Daniel and Stephanie Mills, only recently married, have sadly broken up . . . Phil Haslehurst at Whitehaven’s Whitehouse is looking for another knowledgeable DJ, with good voice and record collection, who won’t mind calling over very occasionally (he says!) – call Whitehaven 2215 or 3502 . . . Paul & Robin Wheeler’s eponymous Wheelers Nightclub in Henley on Thames (A423, Remenham Hill) has got off to a good start, attractions including Dave Collins & Nigel Owen jazz-funking Thursdays, John Phillips funking Fridays, Sean French & Andy Gill jazz-fusioning Saturdays, plus live jazz at Sunday lunchtime . . . Camberley Frenchies in the Cambridge Hotel, refurbished to include new bars and food service, reopens on Sunday 1st November, with Chris Brown & Johnnie Walker once again resident jocks . . . Wallabys opens (really!) on Tuesday 3rd November at North Harrow’s Headstone in the Imperial Hotel, to provide jazz and silliness only on the first Tuesday of every month with DJs Ken Gerou & Anthony Bernards (coaches from Dimlos are welcome) . . . Marshal King (Sunderland) is cut up ‘cos the Tyne & Wear Fire Department have cancelled roller disco sessions in the North-East as a fire hazard, even though at Marshal’s three venues he held evacuation drills each week and proved to the firemen he could get over 500 people out in a minute and a half, with skates removed . . . Sheffield DJ Jim Kershaw and musician chum Ben Wragg have invented an Audio Score Monitor which automatically transforms the sound signal from any record into a video screen readout as sheet music, but British backing has been unforthcoming and they’ve had to flog the idea to Japan – marvellous, innit? . . . Paul Rae & Ralph Randell are packing Manchester’s Legend every Thursday with futurist fans to such an extent it really has become something of a legend, and they’d welcome some PA visits by London-based bands to join the many Mancunian groups who regularly drop in . . . Soft Cell’s Marc Almond actually used to be Mike Wiand’s cloakroom attendant at Leeds Warehouse! . . . Duran Duran’s shutter-clicking camera intro sounds like it was nicked from Delores Hall ‘Snapshot’ (Capitol 12in) . . . Dave Evans has replaced Steve Allen as resident jock every Sunday at Peterborough’s Slickers in its new venue within the Cresset Centre . . . Ian Shaw jazz-funks Kingston-on-Thames Jesters every Wednesday, plus Saturdays when with the newly installed video gear he tends to film the dancers for screening the following week . . . John Mayoh is moving back to Bolton Rockerfellas from Rochdale Tiffanys . . . Steve Wiggins (Barry Freddie’s Bar), back from sunny Spain, says “hi” to Louie The Lip and Disco Danny at Palma’s Alexandra’s nitespot, and raves about the monstrous holiday hit Pino D’Angio ‘Ma Quelle Idea‘ (on RCA – Rowdy please note) . . . Alan Jewell’s reportedly being kept busy in one way or another at his Oslo Leopard residency, where the Scandinavian girls just love his mixing and give him a big clap . . . Owen Washington fills in for Alan Coulthard at Soho’s Le Beat Route now that university has started, but Alan still has enough energy to report Jermaine Jackson sings the word “girl” a total of 63 times during the course of his new LP – fascinating . . . Le Beat Route’s ’60s soul night on Tuesdays is worth visiting, Tony (ex-Cheapo Cheapo) spinning good sounds even if there are too many Northern speeders . . . Tony Cochrane, now back in Dundee organising another Scottish funk all-dayer on Sunday 25th October at Stonehaven’s Commodore Hotel, did the summer season at Douglas (Isle Of Man) Summerland, where the winners of a competition, Joanne Malton & Colin McGuiness, won a weekend in London – so, amongst other excitements, Tony brought ’em down to Mayfair Gullivers . . . Glenn J Simpson has evidently turned up plugging for Leamington Spa-based Magnum Associate Promotions, for whom Theo Loyla is now reportedly doing a little local radio promotion too . . . Martin Platts (Blackburn) joins a field of 7,000 in West Germany later this month to run in the Bliefeld marathon, provided he first hasn’t done himself an injury eight days earlier running to aid the blind in the Manchester marathon – phew! . . . Gary Andrews (Bawtry), re Massara’s ‘Margarita’, says Boney M do a faster and better version called ‘Felicidad (Margherita)‘ with a 10:20 version as part of the ‘Boney M For Dancing’ 12in twinpack on German Hansa (301.500.565) . . . Chris Britton (Watford Baileys) is offering his very good condition 1976 Audi 100GL automatic for £1,400 – call 0494-451797 . . . Alan Costa (Brighton Kings / Kings II reports from Venezuela that petrol there is 5p a litre – can he really mean it? . . . Martin Starr (Bristol Scamps) finds it cheaper to travel to London and shop at Groove than buy imports locally, where LPs cost £7.99 and 12in £4.99 – remember, we want to hear from you about your area’s recommended import stockists . . . psst, forget the fifth of November, remember ‘The Limp’! . . . Disco 90 and POD points combined would still have put Donald Byrd at number one . . . only a few months ago there were more soul hits than ever before in the national Top 75, so let’s turn this mother out, keep the faith one more time and MAKE IT FUNKY!

JOHN SACHS, Capital Radio’s nightcap jock, club-crawling man about town and son of dago Spanish waiter, obviously didn’t win a silver disc for ‘Going Back To My Roots’ but that wasn’t enough to stop him posing with Odyssey, who did. Amazingly, ‘Roots’ has failed to hit in the States, where it’s merely floundering around at the very bottom of the charts.


LLOYD CHARMERS: ‘If Leaving Me Is Easy’ (Radioactive RAD 3(12)).
Sensationally beautiful ultra soulful 0-67/33-68/34bpm 12in reggae treatment of the Phil Collins slowie ends up as a haunting emptily thudding dub with resonant noises washing between the beats, and deserves to be a smash.

FOUR TOPS: ‘When She Was My Girl’ (Casablanca CANS 1005).
Already hot on radio and heading for hitsville, this lovely lazily jogging 101-100bpm 12in swayer has Levi Stubbs right on old form, a twiddling melodica and some neat bass vocal “‘bum ba dum bums” all making it an aural delight.

ROSE ROYCE: ‘R.R. Express’ (LP ‘Jump Street’ Whitfield K 56958).
The UK 12in version will indeed be edited although here in its full 12 minute form this incredibly exciting 116bpm locomoting and shunting chugger is hardly too long, so get the album if you can afford it. A revamp of ‘Nytro Express‘, it is as you must by now know pure dynamite. 

T. LIFE: ‘Something That You Do To Me (Keeps Turning Me On)’ (Arista ARIST 12431).
Great jittery chugging 113(very start)-115bpm 12in smacker which is a lot beefier than the breathless guys ‘n’ gals vocals at first might suggest, it mixing well with gritty things like Mike “T” for example.

LOUIS CLARK conducting THE ROYAL PHILHARMONIC ORCHESTRA: ‘Hooked On A Can Can’ (RCA RCAT 151). Ooh la la, they’re back and flashing knicker elastic with a high kicking 157bpm 12in knees-up medley which really doesn’t need the perpetual disco beat. Likely to become a party classic (in more senses than one)!

IMAGINATION: ‘Burnin’ Up’ (LP ‘Body Talk’ R&B RBLP 1001).
They’ve arrived at an immediately recognisable sound that’s all their own, spreading over not only their included hits but also this momentum building instrumental 115bpm jazzy smacker with their great patented piano to the fore, the slow starting squeaky steady 0-110bpm rolling ‘Flashback‘ smacker with phasing synth cutting through, the quietly starting melodic falsetto 119bpm ‘Tell Me Do You Want My Love‘ skipper with good piano and synth finish, and fairly typical though faster 104bpm clapping ‘So Good So Right‘ jogger.

TEDDY PENDERGRASS: ‘It’s Time For Love’ LP (Philadelphia International PIR 85220).
Superb solidly jogging 77/38bpm huskily emoted title track soul smoocher (great synched with Donald Byrd ‘I Feel Like Loving You Today’), ‘You’re My Latest Greatest Inspiration’ being a tranquil 0-33-34bpm dead slowie, ‘Keep On Lovin’ Me’, an untidy 122-124bpm jiggly smacker, while the sparsely bumping 104-102bpm ‘I Can’t Leave Your Love Alone’ is flip of the not particularly danceable smooth 56/113-116bpm ‘Nine Times Out Of Ten’ on 7in (PIR A1663).

VARIOUS: ‘Arista Funksters’ (Arista ARIST 12430).
Just as the three best known tracks have finally been buried on import here, they surface on 4-track 12in, made up of BOBBY BROOM ‘Saturday Night’, a great chunkily jittering fluid George Benson-ish 114-116-117-118bpm funk bumper; SPACES ‘Song For Jeremy‘, a good jazzy instrumental 119-121-123-126bpm sax skipper; DAVE VALENTIN ‘Pied Piper‘, a complex chick warbled 117(intro)-121-118-122bpm jazz flute tootler; MADAGASCAR ‘Baby Not Tonight‘ (the dark horse of the set, a bumping 108bpm falsetto jiggler.

HERBIE HANCOCK: ‘Tonight’s The Night’ (LP ‘Magic Windows’ CBS 85144).
Detailed last week, the monotonously throbbing 110bpm ‘The Twilight Clone‘ and previously US 12in-issued heavily funking 107bpm ‘Magic Number‘ and 90bpm ‘Everybody’s Broke‘ are all very well, but I’m now beginning to prefer this Vicki Randle cooed steady slow jogger and the identically tempoed 79/39bpm similar Gavin Christopher sung ‘Satisfied With Love‘, which with the snapping herky jerky 110bpm ‘Help Yourself‘ make up a more satisfying electronic funk set than initially thought.

PABLO: ‘Bo Mbanda’ (Island 12WIP 6734).
Kicking off an authentic Afro series, this excellent extremely ethnic accelerating 121-128bpm 12in leaper from Zaire is great followed by Bunny Mack ‘Supafrico’ and obviously great for black venues like Guilivers where it’s lapped up, the flip being the similarly accelerating pidgin French-sung 0-123-127bpm ‘Ma Coco‘.

VICTOR ROMERO EVANS: ‘I Need A Girl Tonight’ (Epic EPC A13 – 1647).
Lovely cool 85bpm 12in lovers rock with watery quavering “video game” background noises in amongst the steady beat.

PAPA FACE: ‘Sweet Reggae Music’ (Fashion FAD 006, via Dub Vendor 01-959 3375).
Unusually jaunty 65bpm 12in reggae bouncer, full of silly oinks, miaows and the like, with possible novelty crossover prospects like General Saint & Clint Eastwood.

TOM TOM CLUB: ‘Genius Of Love’ (Island 12WIP 6735).
Rapper rhythm style effectively monotonous 103bpm 12in groove with indeed some rap interplay, cooing chix and various stark solos, flipped by the emptily speeding 129bpm ‘Lorelei‘ instrumental.

BITS & PIECES: ‘Don’t Stop The Music’ (Island 12WIP 6717).
Electronically tricked out freakily starting new 0-94-95bpm 12in treatment chanted by guys of the Yarbrough & Peoples oldie, now hitting Stateside and reissued here, flipped by Sly & Robbie’s ska revivals of ‘Stampede‘ and ‘El Pussy Cat Ska‘.

RAY PARKER JR & RAYDIO: ‘All In The Way You Get Down (Remix)’ (Arista ARIST 12417).
Rod Temperton-ish buoyantly bounding 0-117bpm remixed slick lurcher, on 3-track 12in with the Cliff Richard-ish 111-0bpm ‘That Old Song‘ and – would you believe for the third time of trying (will they ever quit)? – the attractive 92bpm ‘A Woman Needs Love‘.

INDEX: ‘Starlight’ (Record Shack SHACK 128).
Clomping untidy 125-123-121-123bpm 12in thudder from West London with Mike Oldfield-like tinkling synth before brass takes over behind a guy who’s trying to sound like Luther Vandross. The instrumental flip is better.

CHAS JANKEL: ‘Questionnaire’ (A&M AMSP 8176).
Happily romping fast 126-125bpm 12in salsa-style rattler, serviced on advance white label by Rush Release.

GIL SCOTT-HERON: ‘Gun’ (LP ‘Reflections’ Arista SPART 1180).
War-like sleazily rolling 105bpm croaking tapper with a nice typical atmosphere. Marvin’s sparsely resonant 41/82bpm ‘Inner City Blues‘ ending with street poetry, while ‘Is That Jazz?‘ is a great old style 134-0bpm big band piano swinger, all tracks distinguished by some great bass playing.

MEZZOFORTE: ‘Danger High Voltage’ (LP ‘Mezzoforte’ Steinar LP01).
Specialist jazz set, the main attraction of which being that it comes from Iceland, everything like this convoluted jittery 122bpm guitar yowler being extremely complex, although the lushly flying 140bpm ‘Shooting Star‘ is quite straightforward with humming chicks and zingy synth.


KOOL & THE GANG: ‘Take My Heart’ (LP ‘Something Special’ US De-Lite DSR 8502).
Breaking with recent tradition by having themselves rather than pretty girls on the sleeve, their newie is well produced by Deodato but somewhat ordinary apart from this excellent conversational languidly rolling cool 111bpm ticker full of superb vocal variety, ‘Get Down On It‘ being a chunkily bumping and tumbling 111- 112bpm sleazy swayer, ‘Steppin’ Out‘ a slickly thudding 0-118½bpm falsetto jolter, ‘Good Time Tonight‘ a cliched 113bpm bumper boringly like a slowed-down ‘Celebration’, ‘Stand Up And Sing‘ a steady subduedly jittering 112bpm jogger, ‘Be My Lady‘ a dated lurching 125-124-123bpm trotter, while the 73/37bpm ‘Pass It On’ and 68/34bpm ‘No Show are formularised “black” slowies.

CONQUEST: ‘Give It To Me (If You Don’t Mind)’ (US Prelude PRL D 615).
Dynamite powerfully thudding instrumental 115bpm 12in chugging clonker builds from a chinking cowbell intro to catchy synth, beefy bass and jiggly guitar with a rock solid rhythm that’s a perfect mix with Evelyn King especially and so much more right now, the flip being far superior to the old-style Al Hudson-ish vocal A-side.

K.I.D.: ‘Hupendi’ Muziki Wangu?!’ (US SAM S-12340).
Weird emptily clonking long tricky percussion intro fleshes out by stages into a madly catchy 119bpm 12in bounding instrumental that’s terrific vari-synched out of the Strikers, flipped by the mundane disco chix chanted 116bpm ‘It’s Hot‘. The Palmers are chuffed to see their Groove logo on a US label even if this isn’t theirs here!

TYRONE DAVIS: ‘Just My Luck’ (LP ‘Every Thing In Place’ US Columbia FC 37368).
This the first cut was enough to sell me the whole album – it’s a glorious bouncily loping 105(intro)-107bpm sleazily tripping pure soul swayer extremely reminiscent of Joe Simon’s ‘Step By Step’, while of the other mainly slow tracks the 31bpm ‘Leave Well Enough Alone‘ deep smoocher and a nostalgic 119bpm revival in original style of his classic ‘Turn Back The Hands Of Time‘ stand out.

RODNEY FRANKLIN: ‘Hill Street Blues’ (LP ‘Endless Flight’ US Columbia FC 37154).
Far from the thrill of finding another ‘The Groove’ in an L.A. cut-out bin, this tinnily mixed all-new set is disappointingly MoR slush apart from a nice chunkily rolling 0-102-103bpm piano treatment of Mike Post’s TV theme, the spirited romping 115-114bpm ‘Dance Tonight‘ being the most obvious dance track and so consequently ruined by superfluous overly “disco” chix, while ‘Return To The Source‘ is an exciting 86/172bpm specialist salsa samba and the complex 0-127-128-130-131-130bpm title track similarly Brazilian flavoured.

FREDDIE HUBBARD: ‘Splash’ LP (US Fantasy F-9610).
Good cleanly produced set by the jazz trumpeter, the title track being a galloping classy 126-0bpm tootler with Jeanie Tracy’s walling and some surf effects, ‘I’m Yours‘ a less immediate lushly jiggling 0-116bpm flugelhorn instrumental glider, the slinky 93-94bpm ‘Jarri‘, and 100/50bpm ‘Touchdown‘ both slightly convoluted joggers while with the smoochy ‘Mystic Lady’ it all adds up to a nice setting for his 12in tracks if you don’t have ’em on single yet.

All about the dangers of letting off fire hydrants to gush cooling water into New York’s sizzling summer streets, this second cousin to Kid Creole is a great slightly salsa-style semi-rapped noisy 121bpm 12in rattling and thudding jiggler with lotsa dialogue and effects all wrapped up in a gimicky pictorial sleeve.

T LIFE: ‘Don’t Wanna Be Lonely’ (LP ‘Somethin’ That You Do To Me’ US Arista AL 9561).
Extraordinarily dull and uninspired album apart from this one lovely lazily drifting evocative swaying 0-46/93-48/96bpm smoocher, souled with a slight trace of the Five Stairsteps in Mr Life’s voice.

LOGG: ‘I Know You Will’ (LP ‘Logg’ US Salsoul SA 8544).
Although the rest of the set is rubbish, this Larry Levan-mixed bouncy 112bpm driving skipper almost as a Roy Ayers ‘Running Away’ feel with its chanting semi-jazzy vocals, and could be worth investigating.

MIKE MAINIERI: ‘Bullet Train’ (LP ‘Wanderlust’ US Warner Bros BSK 3586).
Jaggedly racing thoroughly specialist 131-133bpm instrumental jazz with Michael Brecker honking over Mainieri’s flying vibes and marimba.

POWER: ‘Play It Again, Sam’ (US Malaco MAL 1204).
Linked by a discotized ‘As Time Goes By’ (hence the Bogart-inspired title), this interesting and accurate 122bpm 12in soundalike medley mixer concentrates on a lot of Temptations-type oldies before trekking back through the Stax vaults and other similar ’60s/early ’70s soul sources.

VAUGHAN MASON: ‘Jammln’ Big Guitar’ (US Brunswick D 220).
Usual bumping bass style 116bpm 12in rapper-type funk thudder with whistles and things shifting emphasis while the beat goes on.

PAULETTE REAVES: ‘Do It Again’ (US Dash DD 6001).
Starkly smacking precise 119bpm 12in clonker quite blatantly like the old Emotions ‘Best Of My Love’, although vocally rather reminiscent of early Carla Thomas.

RJ’S LATEST ARRIVAL: ‘Body Snatcher’ (US Sutra SUD 004).
Great strongly clapping intro then dissipates into a less tightly backed chick-sung bubbling 124bpm 12in romper.

BOHANNON featuring CAROLINE: ‘Foot Stompin’ In The Summertime’ (US Phase II 4W8 02146).
His usual jittery pushing rhythm hits a consistent 118bpm 12in groove. Better than of late.

PATRICK COWLEY: ‘Menergy’ (US Fusion FPSF 003).
Suspenseful but totally tempoless synth introed San Franciscan 0-127bpm 12in dated gay galloper in the old ‘I Feel Love’ type of style, popular within its market.

BILLY NEWTON-DAVIS: ‘Romance’ (Canadian Rio R10-11).
Limp wristed 121-123-124bpm 12in trotter mainly distinguished by its nice bass line and a bit of sax before the percussion break.

SHOCK: ‘Let’s Get Crackin’ (US Fantasy D-201).
Marion McClain co-prod/penned thudding 111bpm 12in heavy funk bumper, none too special … and not by the British dance troupe of the same name.

CRASH CREW: ‘We Want To Rock’ (US Sugarhill SH-565).
Kurtis Blow-type unison rapped 113bpm 12in heavy thudder with interplaying enthusiasm.

UK Disco Top 90 – October 10, 1981

01 01 Donald Byrd – Love Has Come Around – Elektra 12”
02 02 Central Line – Walking Into Sunshine – Mercury 12”
03 03 Linx – So This Is Romance / The Rio Mix – Chrysalis 12”
04 04 Arthur Adams – You Got The Floor – US Inculcation 12”
05 10 Hi-Gloss – You’ll Never Know / I’m Totally Yours – Epic 12”
06 05 Funkapolitan – As The Time Goes By – London 12”
07 09 Savanna – I Can’t Turn Away – R&B 12”
08 11 Imagination – In And Out Of Love – R&B 12”
09 07 Mike ‘T’ / Joe Thomas – Do It Any Way You Wanna – Blue Inc 12”
10 12 Strikers – Inch By Inch – Epic 12”
11 15 Evelyn King – If You Want My Lovin’ – RCA 12”
12 08 Modern Romance – Everybody Salsa/Salsa Rappsody – WEA 12”
13 21 The Dukes – Mystery Girl – WEA 12”
14 16 Rose Royce – R.R. Express – Whitfield LP
15 19 Roger – I Heard It Through The Grapevine / A Chunk Of Sugar / So Ruff So Tuff / Do It Roger – US Warner Bros LP
16 13 Bob James – Sign Of The Times – Tappan Zee 12”
17 17 Beggar & Co – Mule (Chant No.2) – RCA 12”
18 14 Keni Burke – You’re The Best – RCA 12”
19 18 Richard ‘Dimples’ Fields – I Like Your Lovin’ – Epic
20 06 Al Jarreau – Easy / We’re In This Love Together – Warner Bros 12”
21 23 Stanley Turrentine – Havin’ Fun With Mr.T / Hermanos / Tamarac / After The Love Is Gone / Cherubim – US Elektra LP
22 24 The Joneses – Summer Groove (Moving-On) – Champagne 12”
23 27 Pieces Of A Dream – Warm Weather / Body Magic / Steady Glide / Easy Road Home – US Elektra LP
24 33 Dynasty – Love In The Fast Lane – US Solar LP
25 26 Ronnie Laws – Heavy On Easy / Stay Awake – Liberty 12”
26 52 Boys Town Gang – Remember Me/Ain’t No Mountain High Enough Suite / Cruisin’ The Streets – Moby Dick LP
27 30 Sylvester – Give it Up (Don’t Make Me Wait) / Here Is My Love – Fantasy 12”
28 28 T Life – Somethin’ That You Do To Me – US Arista 12”
29 34 Phyllis Hyman – You Sure Look Good To Me / Tonight You And Me / Don’t Tell Me Tell Her – Arista 12”
30 55 Patti Austin – The Genie / Love Me To Death – Qwest LP
31 58 Junior Giscombe – Mama Used To Say – Mercury 12”
32 31 Human League – Love Action/Hard Times – Virgin 12”
33 22 Level 42 – Turn It On – Polydor 12”
34 42 Real Thing – Foot Tappin’ – Calibre 12”
35 37 Trevor Walters – Love Me Tonight – Ital 12”
36 53 Diana Ross & Lionel Richie – Endless Love – Motown
37 41 Soft Cell – Tainted Love/Where Did Our Love Go – Some Bizzare 12”
38 39 Teena Marie – Square Biz – Motown 12”
39 32 K.I.D. – No.1 – Record Shack 12”
40 50 Candy Bowman – I Wanna Feel Your Love – US RCA 12”
41 35 Love Unlimited Orchestra – Lift Your Voice And Say – Unlimited Gold 12”
42 49 Spandau Ballet – Chant No.1 – Reformation 12”
43 20 Donald Byrd – Love For Sale / I Feel Like Loving You Today / I’ll Always Love You – Elektra LP
44 29 Rafael Cameron – Funtown USA / All That’s Good To Me – Salsoul 12”
45 46 Geraldine Hunt – Heart To Heart – US Prism 12”
46 48 Big Dipper / Heavenly Bodies – Victim Of The Planets – Epic 12”
47 62 Freddie Hubbard – You’re Gonna Lose Me / Sister ‘Stine – Fantasy 12”
48 36 Maze – Joy And Pain – Capitol 12”
49 47 Patti Austin – Do You Love Me? – Qwest 12”
50 44 Aretha Franklin – Love All The Hurt Away / Hold On I’m Comin’ – Arista 12”
51 NE Chi-Lites – Me And You – 20th Century-Fox/Chi-Sound 12”
52 45 Cheryl Lynn – Shake It Up Tonight – CBS 12”
53 38 Quincy Jones – Betcha Wouldn’t Hurt Me – A&M 12”
54 60 One Way – Hold It / Pull Fancy Dancer Pull – US MCA LP
55 54 Rick James – Superfreak – Motown 12”
56 57 Ottawan – Hands Up (Give Me Your Heart) – Carrere 12”
57 40 Level 42 – ’43’ / Heathrow / Starchild / Almost There – Polydor LP
58 65 Wish – Nice And Soft – US Perspective 12”/Excaliber 12”
59 66 Shadow – Born To Hustle / Best Lady / Sinister Way – Elektra LP
60 25 Al Jarreau – Roof Garden / Closer To Your Love / Teach Me Tonight – Warner Bros LP
61 78 Jumbo – Take It Light – US Atlantic 12”
62 83 Slave – Wait For Me / Party Lites / Funken Town / Snap Shot – US Cotillion LP
63 59 Dr. York – Shake-N-Skate – Groove Production 12”
64 NE Kool & The Gang – Take My Heart / Get Down On It / Steppin’ Out – US De-Lite LP
65 NE Gwen McCrae – Funky Sensation / Poyson / Feel So Good – US Atlantic LP
66 84 One Way – Push – MCA 12”
67 72 Brick – Sweat (‘Til You Get Wet) – US Bang 12”
68 NE Funk Fusion Band – Can You Feel It – US WMOT 12”
69 77 Bang Gang – Street Music (Instrumental) – US Sugarscoop 12”
70 61 M.S.O. – Colombia (In The Jungle) / The Music Man – Mainstreet 12”
71 68 Cameo – Freaky Dancin’ / Don’t Be So Cool / The Sound Table – Casablanca 12” pack
72 RE Billy Ocean – Nights (Feel Like Getting Down) / Are You Ready – GTO 12”
73 81 Boys Town Gang – Ain’t No Mountain High Enough/Remember Me (Edit) – Moby Dick 12”
74 NE Northend – Tee’s Happy – US Emergency 12”
75 64 Tight Fit – Back To The ’60s (Part 2) – Jive 12”
76 63 Heaven 17 – Play To Win / Play – BEF 12”
77 NE Material – Bustin’ Out – Ze 12”
78 NE Whispers – This Kind Of Lovin’ – Solar 12”
79 85 Captain Sky – Station Brake / (Innermission) – US WMOT 12”
80 NE Conquest – Give It To Me (Instrumental) – US Prelude 12”
81 82 Alphonze Mouzon – I’m Glad That You’re Here – US PAUSA LP
82 80 Jimmy Ross – First True Love Affair – Megafunk 12”
83 87 Harlow – Take Off – Champagne 12”
84 RE Chris Rainbow – Body Music – EMI 12”
85 75 Richard ‘Dimples’ Fields – She’s Got Papers On Me – US Boardwalk LP
86 NE Mike Mainieri – Bullet Train – US Warner Bros LP
87 56 Crusaders – Standing Tall / I’m So Glad I’m Standing Here Today – MCA 12”
88 43 Bob James – The Steamin’ Feelin’ – US Tappan Zee LP
89 71 Michael Henderson – (We Are Here To) Geek You Up – US Buddah LP
90 NE Jerome – You’re Supposed To Be My Friend – DJM 12”


BUBBLING UNDER the UK Disco 90 with increased support are:

Keith Diamond Band: ‘The Dip’ (US Millennium 12in)
Melba Moore: ‘Take My Love’ (US EMI America 12in promo)
Herbie Hancock: ‘Magic Number’ / ‘Everybody’s Broke’ (US Columbia 12in)
Pointer Sisters: ‘Slow Hand’ (Planet)
UK Players: ‘Girl’ (A&M 12in)
Thelma Houston: ’96 Tears’ (RCA 12in)
Rodney Franklin: ‘Hill Street Blues’ / ‘Dance Tonight’ (US Columbia LP)
Gil Scott–Heron: ‘Gun’ / ‘Is That Jazz?’ (US Arista LP)
Shirley James & Danny Ray: ‘Right Time Of The Night’ (Black Jack 12in)
Bill Summers: ‘Summer Fun’ (MCA 12in)
Bunny Mack: ‘Supafrico’ (RCA 12in white label)
Japan: ‘Quiet Life’ (Hansa 12in)
Mezzoforte: ‘Danger High Voltage’ / ‘Midnight Express’ / ‘Northern Winds’ (Steinar LP)
Motown Mix: ‘A Tribute To Motown’ (RSO 12in)
JR Funk & The Love Machine: ‘Good Livin’ (US Brass 12in)
Ranking Dread: ‘Fattie Bum Bum’ (Greensleeves 12in)
Brother To Brother: ‘Monster Jam’ (US Sugarhill 12in)
Teddy Pendergrass: ‘It’s Time For Love’ (Phil Int LP)
Jean Knight & Premium: ‘You Got The Papers’ (US Cotillion)
Index: ‘Starlight’ (Record Shack 12in)
Morrissey Mullen: ‘Stay Awhile’ (Beggars Banquet 12in)
Patrick Cowley: ‘Menergy; (US Fusion 12in)
The Quick: ‘Zulu (Remix) (US Pavillion 12in)
K.I.D.: ‘Hupendi Muziki Wangu?!’ (US SAM 12in)
Freddie Hubbard: ‘Splash’ / ‘I’m Yours’ (US Fantasy LP)
Luther Vandross: ‘Never Too Much’ / ‘She’s A Super Lady’ / ‘Sugar And Spice’ (US Epic LP)
Karen Silver: ‘Nobody Else’ (Canadian Quality RFC 12in)
Barbara Mason: ‘She Got The Papers’ (US WMOT 12in)
Bits & Pieces: ‘Don’t Stop The Music’ (Island 12in)
Herbie Hancock: ‘Tonight’s The Night’ / ‘The Twilight Clone’ (CBS LP)
Betty Wright: ‘Goodbye You Hello Him’ / ‘Make Me Love The Rain’ (US Epic 12in)
Kelly Marie: ‘New York At Night’ (US Roadshow 12in)
EXP Express: ‘Express Yourself’ (US Precision 12in)
Stickki Stuff: ‘The Wiggle’ / ‘School’ (Carrere 12in)
Teddy Pendergrass: ‘Nine Times Out Of Ten’ (Phil Int)

POD (Pop Orientated Dance):

1(1) Soft Cell, 2(2) Human League (Red), 3(3) Modern Romance, 4(4) Ottawan, 5(7) Funkapolitan, 6(23) Linx, 7(9) Hi-Gloss, 8(13) Heaven 17, 9(8) Spandau Ballet, 10(10) Tweets, 11(12) Tight Fit Pt.1, 12(18) Tight Fit Pt.2, 13(15) Stevie Wonder, 14(16) Duran Duran, 15(34) Carl Carlton, 16(5) Aneka, 17(31) Imagination, 18(14) Ultravox, 19(29) Central Line, 20(11) ELO, 21(19) Beggar & Co, 22(33) UB40, 23(38) Ross/Richie, 24(22) Pointer Sisters, 25(6) Rolling Stones, 26(30) Jacksons ‘Walk’, 27(-) Evelyn King ‘I’m In Love’, 28(50) Depeche Mode, 29(21) Gidea Park ‘Seasons’, 30(27) Phyllis Hyman, 31(24) Havana Let’s Go, 32(48) Lobo, 33(26) Cliff Richard, 34(37) Star Sound Vol.3, 35(20) Enigma, 36(-) Japan, 37(-) K.I.D., 38(39) Stewart/Gaskln, 39(36) Third World ‘Floor’, 40(28) Alvin Stardust, 41(-) Peter Shelley, 42(35) Level 42, 43(-) Motown Mix, 44(44) A Flock Of Seagulls, 45(41) Harlow, 46(-) Richard ‘Dimples’ Fields, 47(49) Nolans, 48 (25) Gidea Park ‘BBG’, 49(-) Was (Not Was), 50(-) Sylvester.


Beats Per Minute for the last two weeks’ pop chart entries on 7in (endings denoted by “f” for fade, “c” for cold, “r” for resonant) are:
Police 0-60/120f, Madness 0-151f, Bad Manners 142/71-144-0r, Toyah 154f, Creatures 129(intro)-137c, Barry Manilow 0-136f, Tight Fit 126f, Iron Maiden ‘Running Free’ 207r, Donald Byrd 56(intro)-112f, Altered Images 0-156-155f, Evelyn King 116f, Al Jarreau 40-80/40f, Crusaders 0-35-0r, Meatloaf 0-36-148/74f, Thomas Dolby 100/200f, Hazel O’Connor 65/130-138-0c. Budgie 133-134f, Billy Squier 92c.

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