October 3, 1981: “Chart Changes” (DORC becomes POD), The Strikers, Jerome, Candy Bowman, Slave, Northend ft Michelle Wallace


No Odds ‘N’ Bods section this week, but the below listed was squeezed in at the bottom of the page and appears to be an abbreviated, untitled Odds ‘N’ Bods:

SHOWSTOPPER PROMOTIONS latest offer is ten days in St Tropez at the end of May with jazz-funk nightly in the 1,000 capacity Stella Artois tent, accommodation in caravans and large communal sleeping tents, travelling by bus from Southgate Royalty. Catering provided on site, though not included. Everything otherwise all included for just £109! . . . Caister in three weeks time meanwhile is likely to see racing camels on the sands and a boxing kangaroo! . . . I sadly won’t be able to make Perran Sands this week or the Birmingham Faces convention on November 1st as I’ve got mobile gigs to do then — drat (but the money’s good) . . . Light Of The World, minus Beggar & Co, is alive and well and signed to EMI . . . John Luongo is responsible for two hot American disco hit remixes, Jacksons ‘Walk Right Now’ (US Epic 12in) with added sirens and an extra earlier break, and the Quick ‘Zulu’ (US Pavillion 12in) which is now much tighter . . . Disconet will soon have a UK outlet here . . . Ze’s previously promo-only boxed set of the ‘Mutant Disco’ LP tracks coupled as three 12in double-siders is now available commercially for just £3.99, early buyers getting a T-Shirt too . . .


THE STRIKERS: ‘Inch By Inch’ (Epic EPC A13-1628).
Luckily last week’s review didn’t get printed as back then I thought the teasingly whispered new intro of this UK-only 12in remix totally dissipated the impact of this sparsely chugging 121bpm percussive bumper. I’m still unsure of the intro, but the actual mix is dynamite as gubbins me discovered when using it in conjunction with the Prelude LP version. Everyone else obviously agrees too, to judge from its chart leap. The slow starting instrumental flip is a bit lacklustre, though. I’m not sure how either side compares with a currently imported Rams Horn 12in from Holland.

JEROME: ‘You’re Supposed To Be My Friend’ (DJM DJR 10976).
Ladies man Steve Jerome looks set to score good and proper this time with his superb Pete Wingfield-produced mellow wailing comes and goes 108bpm 12in jittery swayer, which combines a Benson / Wonder feel with strong lyrics and as is already apparent lotsa radio appeal. Try it out of Freddie Hubbard and beware the cold end.

CANDY BOWMAN: ‘I Wanna Feel Your Love’ (RCA RCAT 148).
Chunkily jittering little 115(intro)-118-119bpm 12in Teena / Stacy-style smacker with repetitively wailed title line, rushed out here surprisingly fast. 

THE CHI-LITES: ‘Me And You’ (20th Century-Fox TCD 132).
Eugene Record-sung 113/56-114-115-116bpm 12in burbling traditional soul vocal group jiggler with snappily smacking modern attack and synth twiddles.

THE JONESES: ‘Summer Groove (Moving-On)’ (Champagne FIZY 507).
To continue, this cheerful enough jiggly slick 124-126-127-126-127bpm clopper has bursts of soul vocal group harmony, fruity synth tones, slithering strings and an insistent rhythm jitter all spiced by the odd stereo sound effect, on 3-track 12in with an instrumental version (same BPM) and 125-128-127-128bpm edit, good mixed with Wish.

THE WHISPERS: ‘This Kind Of Lovin’ (Solar SOT 22, via RCA).
As it turns out, the best of a bunch of leftovers lumped together to make up a contractually obligated LP for RCA before fresh product appears via WEA, this thoroughly typical tapping and smacking 114bpm 12in chunderer practically creaks into life with a sense of going through the motions from memory.

REAL THING: ‘Foot Tappin’ (Calibre CABL 110).
Carefully assembled though not terribly inspired subduedly jittering jerkily sung slow 114bpm 12in smacker much influenced by Heatwave, promoed on advance white label by Rush Release.

UK PLAYERS: ‘Girl’ (A&M AMSP 8169).
Fingersnappin’ moody trickily introed MFSB-style bass pushed 121bpm 12in smooth thudder with brassily accented Michael Jackson-ish vocal, which with the help of tape loop duplicity appears to hold one note for 32 seconds while the jazzy backing takes off out of this impressive gimmick to make a much stronger last part, the instrumental 0-119-0bpm ‘Jim’s Jam‘ flip being straight jazz.

MORRISSEY MULLEN: ‘Stay Awhile’ (Beggars Banquet BEG 63T).
Linda Taylor-sung relaxed lovely gentle jazzy 115bpm 12in swayer along the lines of (and good with) ‘Inherit the Wind’ and ‘Love X Love’, flipped by a live and largely unrecognisable 1-132-0bpm workout on Cannonball Adderley’s ‘Mercy Mercy Mercy’, here titled ‘Mercy Mercy ’81‘.

LINDA TAYLOR: ‘(You’re) In The Pocket’ (Groove Production GP 109T).
Spiralling synth notes and rumbling bass underpin a somewhat static 109-110-109bpm 12in funk bumper which doesn’t do lovely Linda’s voice full justice, though the Surface Noise-style 115bpm loping and tumbling ‘Let Me Into Your Heart‘ flip lets her stretch out more. Chris Palmer produced UK Players, Morrisey Mullen and this.

STYLE X: ‘No Secret Affair’ (Rygel EJSP 9704, via Pinnacle).
Recently mentioned as a white label, this very well played and arranged cheerfully bounding brassy fast 137-139bpm 12in jazz instrumental has an infectious drive and good sense of dynamics, the flip’s vocal version being rather raggedly sung though.

WAS (NOT WAS): ‘Wheel Me Out’ (ZE 12WIP 6716).
Extremely inventive and ultra effective strange 126bpm fusion of futurist, funk and jazz elements, something of a classic since last year, finally and belatedly on UK 12in. If you haven’t already, at least hear it.

HEAVEN 17: ‘Play To Win’ (BEF VS 433-12).
OK, it’s a chart hit, but in case you didn’t realise the 128bpm 12in instrumental ‘Play’ B-side has great sparsely galloping soulful guitar as well as dynamite synth and is truly a disco record in the traditional sense.

LEON CHARLES: ‘Disco Carnival’ (Rokel ROK 15).
Akie Deen-produced uncluttered simple 121-119bpm 12in jitterer with some subdued steel drums and afro feel, much punchier on the 121bpm instrumental flip which mixes nicely out of Kleeer’s ‘Get Tough’ break.

THELMA HOUSTON: ’96 Tears’ (RCA RCAT 120).
Well performed thudding 120bpm 12in treatment of ? & The Mysterians punk garage band classic, fine for nostalgic radio DJs but out of synch with 1981’s disco beat.

THE BB&Q BAND: ‘Starlette’ (Capitol 12CL 220).
‘On The Beat — Part Two’, except this empty 121bpm 12in jitterer isn’t as good, the 127bpm ‘I’ll Cut You Loose‘ alternative plugside being like a low energy ‘Searching’ (from the same producer).

RICK JAMES: ‘Super Freak’ (Motown TMG 1241).
Extremely thin sounding 7in-only 2-part 132bpm racer with futurist synth, a poor choice of UK follow-up despite its success in the States.

BROTHERS JOHNSON: ‘Dancin’ Free’ (A&M AMSX 8165).
Totally uninvolving slick 131bpm snicker on 3-track 12in with the jerkily skittering 123-124bpm ‘Do It For Love‘ and older convoluted 98bpm ‘I’ll Be Good To You’.

STAR SOUND: ‘Stars On 45 — The Album — Volume 2’ LP (CBS 85181).
So, this is where the Supremes medley turned up, Side A following the current ‘intros’ 12in with the non-Abba first part of their last 12in which then (all this at 123bpm) substitutes the Supremes for the Abba segment at the end (peaking from ‘Baby Love’ to ‘Symphony’ at 128bpm), Side B then mainly comprising an extended 124bpm version of the Abba medley on its own. The soundalikes are incredibly accurate, as you know.

TIGHT FIT: ‘Back To The Sixties (Part Two)’ (Jive T-005).
Minus Rosko but otherwise yet more of the 126bpm 12in same, to such an extent and with such originality of material that you’ll probably think you’ve already got it!

LOBO: ‘Caribbean Disco Show’ LP (Polydor POLS 1045).
Poor value as an album, the 0-124bpm title track is padded out to fill one side with a long instrumental continuation, which fact might be of minor interest to some.

Appallingly dull 116bpm 12in plodder, belatedly pulled from a rotten album which amazingly did quite well in America.

LARRY GRAHAM: ‘Just Be My Lady’ (Warner Bros K 17839).
Tempo-less dead slow 7in music for standing still to, on which — as with the whole of his new album — Larry totally OD’s on Brook Benton-style baritone croak.

CEDRIC MYTON & THE CONGOS: ‘Can’t Take It Away’ (Go-Feet FEET 1210).
Rather nice Marley-esque 82bpm 12in reggae jolter on a label not previously known for its roots appeal.

MERGER: ‘Prisoner Of Your Love’ (Emergency ERD 011).
Similarly nice relaxed 66/131bpm 12in reggae jolter with good staccato vocal “ba ba ba ba ba” emphasis points and an overall pleasant feel.

DON & OLI: ‘Superman’ (Cartridge CR-D-106, via Orbitone, 01-965 8292).
Fast rattling 117bpm 12in afro calypso, by no means the best of its type but possibly useful in certain situations.

BURT LYNCH & HAZEL: ‘Mama Don’t Like It’ (Sun Burst SB-D-02, via Orbitone).
Throbbing ethnic 107-110bpm 12in calypso could be useful.


SLAVE: ‘Wait For Me’ (LP ‘Showtime’ US Cotillion SD 5227).
Reminiscent at times of past successes but with a totally new sureness of touch and consistency especially in the rhythm and overall mix, the excellent set’s biggie should be this superb chunkily motorvatin’ 116bpm rolling chugger with lovely subtle jazzy touches and sinuous singing mixed well back into the unstoppable rhythm groove, ‘Party Lites‘ being a similarly chunky rolling 0-114-113-112-113bpm thudder, ‘Snap Shot‘ a pent-up tensely textured strange 113bpm lurcher, ‘Steal Your Heart‘ a huskily sung tripping 111-109bpm swayer, ‘Funken Town‘ a somewhat inconclusive 102-100bpm heavy funk fragment, ‘Smokin‘ a steady 111bpm clonker lull of funky background repartee and live atmosphere and ‘Spice Of Life‘ a Latin flavoured 122bpm mellow strutter.

NORTHEND featuring MICHELLE WALLACE: ‘Happy Days’ (US Emergency EMDS 6520).
Echoingly smacked bubbly 115bpm jiggler nicely wailed over the bassily busy backing, which breaks off into a cool vibes solo, the killer though being the terrific shorter and sparser ‘Tee’s Happy’ instrumental flip which concentrates first on these vibes, then the beefy bass synth, before the main part is taken up with some dynamite Benson-ish guitar (actually it’s the sort you’d hear backing singers on Prelude). I seemed to spend the weekend turning people on to this — try it varied down out of Donald Byrd, for instance.

ALPHONSE MOUZON: ‘I’m Glad That You’re Here’ (LP ‘Morning Sun’ US PAUSA 7107).
Although others of the mainly mellow and mostly vocal tracks will doubtless get some specialist attention, the outright dynamite dancer is this smoothly jittering cool, but intensifying 117bpm loper, occasionally croaked by Alphonse but largely cooed by the Waters Sisters who build to a nagging disco climax over tootling Michael Brecker, the Seawind Horns and Herbie Hancock (the ‘Guest Artists’ on other cuts include Freddie Hubbard, Hubert Laws, Lee Ritenour). Somehow it varies up nicely out of the Strikers.

KOOL & THE GANG: ‘Take My Heart’ (US De-Lite DE 815).
Nice conversational start to a really excellent Deodato-produced lovely lazily clonking 112bpm 7in roller with ‘Too Hot’-type feel and some great scatting, falsetto and growling vocal interplay, this and the soon-to-come album’s chunky 112bpm ‘Get Down On It‘ both being more memorable than the bland 120bpm ‘Steppin’ Out‘ which unfortunately will be our first single.

EARTH WIND & FIRE: ‘Let’s Groove’ (US ARC 18-02536).
Gruff vocoder winds into a typically strutting staccato 124-125bpm 7in trotter with bass synth buzzing behind the squeaky vocal interplay, the flip carrying on instrumentally.

GWEN McCRAE: ‘Funky Sensation’ (LP ‘Gwen McCrae’ US Atlantic SD 19308).
Starting quietly but always with a steady slow offbeat, this indeed sensational slinky little groin-grinding 98(start)-99bpm episodic jogger builds incredible tension through varying different soulful textures to end up at steam heat without actually increasing speed — slotting into the current Hi-Gloss, One Way, Bob James vibe perfectly — as do the rhythmically similar and equally strong 97-95-97bpm ‘Feel So Good‘ and wailing 103-104½-103-104½bpm ‘Poyson‘.

KAREN SILVER: ‘Nobody Else’ (Canadian Quality/RFC QRFC 004).
Gino Soccio-penned/produced starkly smacking strong lurching 112bpm 12in disco thudder in his best tradition of keeping everything pared down to a simple minimum to make it all the more effective out on the floor — which indeed this is (try Donald Byrd out of it).

MODERN ROMANCE: ‘Can You Move’ (US Atlantic DM 4819).
Remixed and restructured by Richie Rivera, this is ‘Salsa Rappsody’ stretched right out on 122-123bpm 12in with the rhythm and rap emphasised and all the previously prominent Salsa taken right out!

PLAYERS ASSOCIATION: ‘The Things You Get Me To Do’ (US Vanguard Disco SPV-49).
Quite good typical intro then becomes a staccato clipped vocal 126bpm 12in fast jolting churner, which should mix well with their last one. It’s a bit underwhelming.

HERBIE HANCOCK: ‘The Twilight Clone’ (LP ‘Magic Windows’ US Columbia FC 37387).
Apart from both sides of his current heavy funk 12in, the only other uptempo-ish track is a moodily chinking ‘Shaft’-type introed 110-111-110bpm thudding monotonous throbber with Brothers Johnson on rhythm and bass guitars backing Herbie on drum machine and assorted synth effects, a similar dull thud beat linking the various other slow tempo vocal offerings too.

TELE’FONO MUSIC: ‘Fear Medley’ (US Stack-O-Tracks PLP 12-003).
Now sort of commercially available, this in fact is the Disconet ‘Hits of 1980’ mixer which starts fast and zingy in the 130’s BPM with gallopers like ‘Underwater’ and ‘Que Sera Mi Veda’ before dropping gradually ever downwards until the last section from ‘Celebration’ to ‘Another One Bites The Dust’ is very useable here, the 12in flip being another inconsistent and initially rather bad slower mixer, ‘Heartbeat Rap’, which then gets to some good double beating and stereo phasing, mainly below 110bpm.

PANACHE: ‘Get Down (To The Sweet Music)’ (US Roche R 4002).
Guys ‘n’ gals chanted fast spiralling 12in burbler with good things going on instrumentally and the sort of inconsistent c.126bpm rhythm that would have been big for jazz-funk jocks a while back, the 135bpm ‘Jam On‘ flip speeding things up without any vocal, in a nice pictorial sleeve.

UK Disco Top 90 – October 3, 1981

01 04 Donald Byrd – Love Has Come Around – Elektra 12”
02 05 Central Line – Walking Into Sunshine – Mercury 12”
03 07 Linx – So This Is Romance – Chrysalis 12”
04 11 Arthur Adams – You Got The Floor – US Inculcation 12”
05 02 Funkapolitan – As The Time Goes By / Rap – London 12”
06 10 Al Jarreau – Easy / We’re In This Love Together – Warner Bros 12”
07 12 Mike ‘T’ / Joe Thomas – Do It Any Way You Wanna – Blue Inc 12”
08 03 Modern Romance – Everybody Salsa/Salsa Rappsody – WEA 12”
09 20 Savanna – I Can’t Turn Away – R&B 12”
10 08 Hi-Gloss – You’ll Never Know – Epic 12”
11 09 Imagination – In And Out Of Love – R&B 12”
12 45 Strikers – Inch By Inch – Epic 12” remix / US Prelude LP
13 25 Bob James – Sign Of The Times – Tappan Zee 12”
14 23 Keni Burke – You’re The Best – RCA 12”
15 34 Evelyn King – If You Want My Lovin’ – RCA 12”
16 32 Rose Royce – R.R. Express – US Whitfield LP
17 37 Beggar & Co – Mule (Chant No.2) – RCA 12”
18 19 Richard ‘Dimples’ Fields – I Like Your Lovin’ – Epic
19 47 Roger – I Heard It Through The Grapevine / A Chunk Of Sugar / So Ruff So Tuff / Do It Roger – US Warner Bros LP
20 50 Donald Byrd – Love For Sale / I Feel Like Loving You Today / I’ll Always Love You / I Love Your Love / Butterfly – Elektra LP
21 36 The Dukes – Mystery Girl – WEA 12”
22 13 Level 42 – Turn It On – Polydor 12”
23 65 Stanley Turrentine – Havin’ Fun With Mr.T / Tamarac / After The Love Is Gone / Hermanos – US Elektra LP
24 39 The Joneses – Summer Groove (Moving-On) – Champagne 12”
25 24 Al Jarreau – Roof Garden / Closer To Your Love / Teach Me Tonight – Warner Bros LP
26 83 Ronnie Laws – Heavy On Easy / Stay Awake – Liberty 12”
27 58 Pieces Of A Dream – Warm Weather / Body Magic / Steady Glide – US Elektra LP
28 61 T Life – Somethin’ That You Do To Me – US Arista 12”
29 14 Rafael Cameron – Funtown USA / All That’s Good To Me – Salsoul 12”
30 28 Sylvester – Give it Up (Don’t Make Me Wait) / Here Is My Love – Fantasy 12”
31 05 Human League – Love Action/Hard Times – Virgin 12”
32 41 K.I.D. – No.1 – Record Shack 12”
33 57 Dynasty – Love In The Fast Lane – US Solar LP
34 26 Phyllis Hyman – You Sure Look Good To Me / Tonight You And Me – Arista 12”
35 16 Love Unlimited Orchestra – Lift Your Voice And Say – Unlimited Gold 12”
36 69 Maze/Frankie Beverly – Joy And Pain – Capitol 12”
37 44 Trevor Walters – Love Me Tonight – Ital 12”
38 29 Quincy Jones – Betcha Wouldn’t Hurt Me – A&M 12”
39 49 Teena Marie – Square Biz – Motown 12”
40 54 Level 42 – ’43’ / Heathrow / Starchild / Almost There – Polydor LP
41 NE Soft Cell – Tainted Love/Where Did Our Love Go – Some Bizzare 12”
42 77 Real Thing – Foot Tappin’ – Calibre 12” white label
43 52 Bob James – The Steamin’ Feelin’ / Love Power – US Tappan Zee LP
44 55 Aretha Franklin – Hold On I’m Comin’ / Love All The Hurt Away – Arista 12”
45 22 Cheryl Lynn – Shake It Up Tonight – CBS 12”
46 90 Geraldine Hunt – Heart To Heart – US Prism 12”
47 79 Patti Austin – Do You Love Me? – Qwest 12”
48 66 Big Dipper / Heavenly Bodies – Victim Of The Planets – Epic 12”
49 06 Spandau Ballet – Chant No.1 – Reformation 12”
50 85 Candy Bowman – I Wanna Feel Your Love – US RCA 12”
51 64 The Time – The Stick / Get It Up / Cool – US Warner Bros LP
52 27 Boys Town Gang – Remember Me/Ain’t No Mountain High Enough Suite / Cruisin’ The Streets – Moby Dick LP
53 63 Diana Ross & Lionel Richie – Endless Love – Motown
54 RE Rick James – Superfreak – Motown 12”
55 RE Patti Austin – The Genie / Love Me To Death – Qwest LP
56 NE Crusaders – Standing Tall / I’m So Glad I’m Standing Here Today – MCA 12”
57 21 Ottawan – Hands Up (Give Me Your Heart) – Carrere 12”
58 NE Junior Giscombe – Mama Used To Say – Mercury 12”
59 78 Dr. York – Shake-N-Skate – Groove Production 12”
60 NE One Way – Hold It / Pull Fancy Dancer Pull / Burn It – US MCA LP
61 59 M.S.O. – Colombia (In The Jungle) / The Music Man – Mainstreet 12”
62 NE Freddie Hubbard – You’re Gonna Lose Me / Sister ‘Stine – Fantasy 12”
63 42 Heaven 17 – Play To Win / Play – BEF 12”
64 NE Tight Fit – Back To The ’60s (Part 2) – Jive 12”
65 33 Wish – Nice And Soft – US Perspective 12”/Excaliber 12”
66 NE Shadow – Born To Hustle / Best Lady / Shadows In The Street / Sinister Way – US Elektra LP
67 RE Fania All Stars – Going Back To My Roots – US Fania LP
68 51 Cameo – Freaky Dancin’ / Don’t Be So Cool / The Sound Table – Casablanca 12” pack
69 84 BB&Q Band – Starlette / I’ll Cut You Loose – Capitol 12”
70 NE Was (Not Was) – Wheel Me Out / Where Did Your Heart Go? -Ze 12”
71 71 Michael Henderson – (We Are Here To) Geek You Up – US Buddah LP
72 62 Brick – Sweat (‘Til You Get Wet) – US Bang 12”
73 88 Multivizion – Work To Live Don’t Live To Work – Situation 2 12”
74 NE Jose De Jesus & 157th Street Band – Get Tough – US Park Place 12”
75 75 Richard ‘Dimples’ Fields – She’s Got Papers On Me – US Boardwalk LP
76 82 Vicki Sue Robinson – Hot Summer Night / Hot Version – US Prelude 12”
77 NE Bang Gang – Street Music (Instrumental) – US Sugarscoop 12”
78 NE Jumbo – Take It Light – US Atlantic 12”
79 80 Hi-Tension – We Got The Funk – EMI 12”
80 NE Jimmy Ross – First True Love Affair – Megafunk 12”
81 68 Boys Town Gang – Ain’t No Mountain High Enough/Remember Me (Edit) – Moby Dick 12”
82 NE Alphonze Mouzon – I’m Glad That You’re Here – US PAUSA LP
83 NE Slave – Wait For Me / Party Lites – US Cotillion LP
84 NE One Way – Push – MCA 12”
85 NE Captain Sky – Station Brake / (Innermission) – US WMOT 12”
86 72 Rick James – Give It To Me Baby / Instrumental – US Motown 12”
87 NE Harlow / Massara – Take Off / Margarita – Champagne 12”
88 NE Depeche Mode – Just Can’t Get Enough – Mute 12”
89 67 Pig Bag – Papa’s Got A Brand New Pig Bag – Y
90 RE Love Unlimited Orchestra – Welcome Abroad – US Unlimited Gold


BUBBLING UNDER the UK Disco 90 with increased support are:

Billy Ocean: ‘Nights (Feel Like Getting Down)’ / ‘Are You Ready’ (GTO 12in)
Star Sound: ‘Stars On 45 Volume 3’ (CBS 12in)
France Joli: ‘Gonna Get Over You’ (US Prelude 12in)
Herbie Hancock: ‘Magic Number’ / ‘Everybody’s Broke’ (US Columbia 12in)
Ritz: ‘Workin’ Out’ (US Posse 12in)
Thelma Houston: ’96 Tears’ (RCA 12in)
Jerome: ‘You’re Supposed To Be My Friend’ (DJM 12in)
Mike Mainieri: ‘Bullet Train’ (US Warner Bros LP)
Vaughn Mason: ‘Rockin’ Big Guitar’ (US Brunswick 12in)
Gil Scott–Heron: ‘Gun’ (US Arista LP)
Northend: ‘Tee’s Happy’ / ‘Happy Days’ (US Emergency 12in)
Sadao Watanabe: ‘Orange Express’ / ‘Straight To The Top’ (US Columbia LP)
Pointer Sisters: ‘Slow Hand’ (Planet)
UK Players: ‘Girl’s’ / ‘Jim’s Jam’ (A&M 12in)
Mezzoforte: ‘Danger High Voltage’ / ‘Midnight Express’ (Steinar LP)
Gwen McCrae: ‘Funky Sensation’ (US Atlantic LP)
Funk Fusion Band: ‘Can You Feel It’ (US WMOT 12in)
Brother To Brother: ‘Monster Jam’ (US Sugarhill 12in)
Cedric Myton & The Congos: ‘Can’t Take It Away’ (Go-Feet 12in)
Brothers Johnson: ‘Dancin’ Free’ (A&M 12in)
JR Funk: ‘Good Lovin’ (US Brass 12in)
Lime: ‘You’re My Magician’ (US Prism 12in)
Japan: ‘Quiet Life’ (Hansa 12in)
Jermaine Jackson: ‘I Gotta Have Ya’ / ‘I Can’t Take No More’ (US Motown LP)
Jean Knight & Premium: ‘You Got The Papers’ (US Cotillion)
Conquest: ‘Give It To Me’ (US Prelude 12in)
Ranking Dread: ‘Fatty Bum Bum’ (Greensleeves 12in)
Betty Wright: ‘Goodbye You Hello Him’ (US Epic 12in)
Gidea Park: ‘Seasons Of Gold’ (Polo 12in)
Jump Street Band: ‘The Groove’ (US MCA LP)


RIGHT, OK, I’ve gone and done it. With chart compiler Alan Jones away on holiday the whole compilation job was left to me this week, and in the process I’ve made a simple and long overdue adjustment. From the DJ returns we receive it is obvious how some jocks are in a situation where they play a high proportion of straight pop music, while others specialize more in what we’ve come to think of as disco music. The division is so easy to see that I have compiled two different charts, each incorporating everything listed by the two respective types of jock in their returns — which means that there are crossover records now showing up at their correct level in each type of chart, unlike before when the pop-type records were separated out regardless of who had listed them and formed into an unrealistic DORC. Comparison between the two new charts should not only be very interesting but also hopefully of real value, as now the two respective markets have their own relevant yardsticks to show the popularity of the material being played in each. Neither is superior, for as long as the DJ is entertaining the audience it doesn’t matter what type of music is being played, but because of the traditional area of interest in disco music the main UK Disco 90 printed at the back of the paper will concentrate on the more soulful end of the spectrum (as determined by the charts we receive), while here in abbreviated form is the very first POD — Pop Orientated Dance chart. Like I say, there are plenty of crossovers and some interesting discrepancies (Depeche Mode for example has more ‘disco’ than ‘pop’ jocks, while Frankie Smith just missed the POD despite being dead ‘disco’-wise now). One thing you will notice and probably approve of is the way in which the hot disco newies now can rise much more quickly than before when they were held back by the established hits which had then crossed over to the less experimental pop end of the spectrum. However, pop jocks, please don’t take any of this as a criticism as it’s far from it — merely long overdue recognition that two different types of market do indeed exist, each with their own standards and needs. Everyone, keep your charts coming, as they’ll never have been put to such good use as now. I think you’ll all agree. These then are the hits in pop-orientated dance venues:

1.Soft Cell, 2.Human League, 3.Modern Romance, 4.Ottawan, 5.Aneka, 6.Rolling Stones, 7.Funkapolitan, 8.Spandau Ballet, 9.Hi-Gloss, 10.Tweets, 11.ELO, 12.Tight Fit (Pt.1), 13.Heaven 17, 14.Ultravox, 15.Stevie Wonder, 16.Duran Duran, 17.Adam & The Ants, 18.Tight Fit (Pt.2), 19.Beggar & Co, 20.Enigma, 21.Gidea Park ‘Seasons’, 22.Pointer Sisters, 23.Linx, 24.Havana Let’s Go, 25.Gidea Park ‘BBG’, 26.Cliff Richard, 27.Phyllis Hyman, 28.Alvin Stardust, 29.Central Line, 30.Jacksons ‘Walk’, 31.Imagination, 32.John Foxx, 33.UB40, 34.Carl Carlton, 35.Level 42, 36.Third World ‘Floor’, 37.Star Sound (Vol.3), 38.Ross/Richie, 39.Stewart/Gaskin, 40.Boys Town Gang, 41.Harlow, 42.The Quick, 43.Ska-Dows, 44.Flock Of Seagulls, 45.Exile, 46.Randy Crawford, 47.Orchestral Manoeuvres, 48.Lobo, 49.Nolans, 50.Depeche Mode ‘Enough’.

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