November 21, 1981: Brandi Wells, Norman Connors, Mike & Brenda Sutton, Tom Browne, Tracy Weber


KOOL’S HOT ‘Get Down On It’ is set for white label 12in circulation just before Christmas, going on sale at the start of January . . . Morgan Khan’s first rush-release on Streetwave will be Alton Edwards ‘I Just Wanna (Spend Some Time With You)‘, an ultra-exciting if – in 12in form – slightly rambling 121bpm smacker with a rhythm track that’s so sharp it draws blood (this is remixed and not the same version as originally put about by DJM) . . . Rick James has some great videos doing the rounds, ‘Give It To Me Baby’ revealing a temperature-raising lady and ‘Super Freak’ a squad of lovelies, while he and Teena Marie are both featured in concert . . . Kool’s ‘Steppin’ Out’ is also on video . . . Great Yarmouth Tiffany’s this Saturday (21) holds a DJ Jamboree (7.30pm – 1am) with six jocks on stage simultaneously accepting 20p requests for charity, Pepe spinning soul, Roger Dynamite futurist, Bobby H rock, Paul Major jazz-funk, Ian Soames rockabilly, Paul Venables pop – things could get noisy! . . . London’s pirate radio stations, operating mostly on Sundays and now rather overcrowding the FM wavelengths, held a big meeting last week convened by Radio Invicta at which all their various grievances were thrashed out – while channels of co-operative contact were opened not a lot else was resolved, although the first initial outcome is likely to be some wavelength changes, with a further meeting called before Christmas . . . Ricky MacKenzie has joined Karen Spreadbury in the Eyes And Ears PR firm and is compiling a DJ mailing list, so send full work details to her at 31 Osborne House, 414 Wimbledon Park Road, London SW19 (01 769 9673) . . . Barry McCloud Enterprises are updating their DJ mailing list to 1,000 for transfer to computer – apply to Linda Winning at Suite 29, Isabel House, 46-47 Victoria Road, Surbiton, Surrey (01 399 5324) . . . I dunno who’s sent ’em, but everyone except me seems to have had Reggae Allstars and Defunkt promos . . . Alistair Watt (Fraserburgh) says he’s at least one rock jock who reads this page – and Carrere confirm they had great response to their recent request for rock jocks . . . Thames Valley DJ Assn members (non-members welcome too) meet this Sunday (22) at noon in Cippenham Alexandras on Bath Road in Slough to hear about equipment technicalities, insurance, and legal CB rigs – TVDJA details from Frank Smith on Ashford (Middx) 42587 . . . Adrian Williams (who with Ian Turner spins hot wax Thurs/Fri/Saturdays at Rhyl Central Hotel’s Grass Roots wine bar) was thoroughly underwhelmed by the Birmingham Faces DJ Convention and together with others from North Wales left before the open forum . . . Graham Bond (Teesvalley Roadshow) however reckons that Faces “was the best weekend I’ve had for ages, everybody was very friendly and I’ll be going again next year” . . . Greg Wilson (Wigan Pier/Manchester Legend) points out that not all the Northern jocks at Faces had chips on their shoulders, he and Paul Randall (Legend) both took the stage to scold the complainers: speaking as well connected and well paid DJs in two of the UK’s top clubs, Greg says it’s up to the Northerners to narrow the advantage London area DJs have in being local to the record companies by keeping in close contact with the companies themselves and going to them rather than expecting things to be served up on a silver salver . . . I know for a fact that pluggers put PA’s in venues and service DJs with exclusive promos wherever in the country they may be as long as those venues/jocks create the right chemistry, which amounts to an enthusiastic environment made up of responsive crowds and civilised surroundings held together by someone who knows what they’re doing . . . Andy Collins reveals that the “Bobby Moore” chant began in the Fusion Few and Magnum Force coach on the way to Caister as rhyming slang for “Are you sure?” (“Are you Bobby Moore?”), and built from there to take over by Sunday’s finale as THE Caister call – Andy also complains that there wasn’t enough of Sean French at peak times (“he’s brilliantly stupid at big events”), adding Tom Holland and Chris Brown did good sets playing newies . . . Phil ‘Rod’ Andrews, whose ’60’s chart was printed last week, is now at Derby’s Horse and Groom on Mon/Tues/Wednesdays, plus the Woofters Roadshow does a promotional disco all day Saturdays in Derby’s HMV Shop to help boost sales . . . Joe Williams jazz-funk Mondays in Tottenham have moved from Elton’s to Valentino’s (the old Charlie Brown’s), Steve Walsh starring next week (23) . . . Soho’s Hombres in Wells Street (north of Oxford Street) is the latest London club to have 25p drinks all night, on Tuesdays . . . Samantha’s in New Burlington Street (west of Regent Street) is finally removing its celebrated E-Type Jaguar DJ booth after 17 years . . . Rockerfellas “tomorrow” is long time coming . . . Pete Tong is now, apart from odd Sunday gigs, only at London Baker Street’s Barracuda every Fri/Saturday, his old Hilltop venue having closed on Mondays while Nicky Peck has taken over Fridays at Charing’s King Arthur’s Court . . . Mondays at the Barracuda are now live music night under the name ‘Diverse’, £3.50 tickets (including automatic membership) in advance only, full details on 01-903 2962 . . . Alan Coulthard now funks Fri/Saturdays at Dial 9 off Marble Arch, between his University of London studies . . . Lee Taylor, ex-Tokyo Joe’s, heads for Holland and four months in Chevingham – but what club? . . . Incognito’s 7in sleeve has one of the Big Dipper’s Heavenly Bodies posing with Bluey . . . Imagination’s pianist Tony Swain very obviously plays on the theme from Barbara Woodhouse’s new TV series . . . Phonogram are picking up Ruddy Thomas ‘Just One Moment Away’ . . . Four Tops ‘Don’t Walk Away’ will be follow-up, and Bar-Kays ‘Nightcruising’ is set for UK 12in . . . Sunnie correctly draws for the fine distinction that the Pretenders ‘I Go To Sleep’ is actually more like Dusty Springfield than Dionne Warwick . . . Keith Henderson (Birkenhead 644 8178) says the funk scene in Merseyside is improving, and then in the next breath adds he’s looking for somewhere to funk . . . Central Line’s ‘Walking Into Sunshine’ is now Top 40 in the US soul chart and even a low entry in the Pop Hot 100 . . . Paul Major (Yarmouth), that’s a 15-17, and a 15-31 to you too, fella! . . . ALL THE GOOD NUMBERS!

SANDY MARTIN of Swindon’s Brunel Rooms is currently being nicknamed ‘Toots’ thanks to his activities with a trumpet, especially in accompaniment to Blue Rondo A La Turk – for which he also gets whistles and maraccas going. He used to jock in Scotland. Could it be a case of – sorry ‘baht this – “Toots Mon”?!


GEORGE BENSON: ‘Turn Your Love Around‘ has turned up on 3-track 12in (Warner Bros) with ‘Unchained Melody’ and ‘Soulful Strut’, and PATTI AUSTIN’S 123bpm ‘The Genie (Remix)‘ is on 12in now too with the 103bpm ‘Every Home Should Have One’ (Qwest). Other hot numbers which lack of space and time mean you must wait until next week for full review include PERRY HAINES ‘What’s Funk?‘ (Fetish Funk Rox.12in – 115-114-113-112bpm), DYNASTY ‘Love In The Fast Lane‘ (Solar 12in – 111bpm), GQ ‘You’ve Got The Floor‘ 120-119-118-121-119bpm / ‘Face To Face’ 98bpm / ‘I Love (The Skin You’re In)’ 106-108bpm / ‘Shy Baby’ 114-116bpm (Arista LP), ANGELA BOFILL ‘I Do Love You‘ 0-56/111-56/111bpm / ‘Tropical Love’ 0-43/87bpm / ‘Something About You’ 113-114bpm.


BRANDI WELLS: ‘What Goes Around Comes Around’ (LP ‘Watch Out’ US WMOT FW 37568).
Watch out indeed – for the next Evelyn King! Mixing sensationally with her last two hits, the otherwise classy slow set’s two killer dance cuts are exceptionally strong, this powerfully lurching 113bpm snickety strutter progressing through some great sparse breaks to have a slight edge over the chunky bass rumbled 117bpm title track, which has a rap about her backing band and some superb scatting. Dynamite stuff!

NORMAN CONNORS. ‘Mr C’ LP (US Arista AL 9575).
Satisfyingly strong consistent set (especially for listening), dominated by the punchily pushing 0-132bpm instrumental jazz title track which has to be the best of its bass and brass powered searing sort for months, up-tempo vocal cuts being the Temperton/Wonder-ish jauntily jerky smacking 0-116-118bpm ‘Keep Doin’ It‘, Latin flavoured urgent jittery 118-120bpm ‘Stay With Me‘, Jean Carn & Derrick Hughes-duetted tripping 0-109bpm ‘Love’s In Your Corner‘ mellow shuffling 119-120-121-120-121bpm ‘She’s Gone‘, and heavily funky 114bpm ‘Party Town‘.

MIKE & BRENDA SUTTON: ‘We’ll Make It’ (US SAM S-12342).
Superstars they may yet be despite their unalluring name, this terrific backbeat kicking 117bpm 12in swinger being not only just like Phyllis Hyman’s ‘You Know How To Love Me’ as if sung by Ashford & Simpson, but also a mind bogglingly similar mix out of Melba Moore’s ‘Take My Love’. It’s a hot one! 

TOM BROWNE, ‘Fungi Mama’ (LP ‘Yours Truly’ US GRP GRP-5507).
The strato-cruisin’ trumpeter’s latest LP is due on import this week and on UK release hopefully next week, his new ‘Funkin’ For Jamaica’ being a trip down Mexico way for a long bass burped 121-122-123bpm opus de funk which (believe it or not!) synchs crowing cockerels and clucking chickens into the beat along with jolly Latin brass and fiesta chanting: however the more orthodox jolting heavy funk 117-118bpm ‘Bygones‘ possibly holds together better, the instrumental 123bpm ‘My Latin Sky‘ being amongst the other largely slow or specialist jazz tracks.

TRACY WEBER: ‘Sure Shot’ (Canadian Quality/RFC QRFC 005).
Larry Levan-mixed good solidly chugging well controlled 0-116-117bpm 12in shuffling thudder rising to chorus swelled peaks of vocal frenzy between spells of ‘Shaft’-ish wah-wah backed slick rhythm work.

SHOCK: ‘Let Your Body Do The Talkin’ (LP ‘Shock’ US Fantasy F-9613).
Marlon McClain-produced commendably consistent heavy funk set by the US group (rather than our mime dancers), not quite in the Skool Boyz or Roger Troutman class although every track is good, this being a bass emphasised 122-121bpm jolter with scatting and up-front rhythm, the 12in issued ‘Let’s Get Crackin‘ a strong 0-107-109-110bpm bumper, ‘Shock‘ a P’funk 111-113-116bpm burbler, ‘Got To Have Your Love‘ a subtly sung 108bpm jiggler with jazzy Imagination-like piano, ‘Shock Talk’ a similar 102-103bpm instrumental, ‘I Think I Love You’ a gently delicate down-tempo 102(intro)-107bpm soul jitterer, ‘Stand Up’ a bland 112-110bpm swayer, and ‘Each And Every Day’ a nice 38/76bpm slowie.

KAT MANDU: ‘I Wanna Dance’ (US Brass BRDS 2520).
Spoilt slightly by his harshly hoarse vocal quality until the rhythm whips you up regardless, this exceptionally hard driving 118-117bpm 12in chugging basher just trucks and trucks without any respite and features some great noises woven into the irresistible smacking beat. Pop orientated jocks especially should check it.

BROOKLYN EXPRESS: ‘Sixty-Nine’ (US One Way OW-003).
Based largely on Jimmy Bo Horne’s ‘Spank’ and best for mixing jocks, this Tee Scott created semi “mixer” is one hell of a solid 0-118bpm 12in instrumental smacker with everything focussed onto the beat as it progresses through various phases – I actually prefer the shorter but beefier alternative ‘Change Position (88)‘ flip (geddit?), with a beat-keeping sensational electronically reverberating intro and overlay.

GARFIELD FLEMING: ‘Don’t Send Me Away’ (US Becket BKD 505).
Rather nice huskily croaked soulful languildy thudding 103(very start)-105-106bpm 12in swayer almost in the ‘Back Together Again’ style, worth hearing all through as it’s a grower (and has been picked up by several mafiosi).

LOWRELL SIMON: ‘Love Massage’ (US Zoo York 4W9 02617).
Sexy whispering start to a rhythmically bouncing 102bpm semi-slow sleazy groin grinder with breathlessly excited Lowrell and a bit of female support but mainly the man alone in sexual heat, on 3-track 12in with two vocal lengths and an instrumental version – but it’s the short version that works best (great out of Johnny Bristol – ta, GG!) as rather irritatingly the long one is a mess. Evidently the instrumental is theme of a US TV show called ‘Odyssey’.

RHYZE: ‘Bizzaar’ (LP ‘Rhyze To The Top’ US 20th Century-Fox T-639).
Pleasant soul vocal group set worth getting if you haven’t the creamily whomping 121-119-120bpm title track on 12in yet, other bets being this maddeningly familiarly introed (‘Celebration’? – not quite) 111-113bpm subduedly jiggling soulful tripper, the solidly jolting down-tempo 107bpm ‘Give It Up (Give Me Your Love)‘ smoothly jittery rolling 118-116-118bpm ‘Having Fun (Everybody’s Having Fun)‘ and more openly strutting 119-120bpm ‘Tonight’s Gonna Be My Night‘.

BILL SUMMERS & SUMMERS HEAT: ‘We Call It The Box’ (LP ‘Jam The Box’ US MCA MCA-5285).
Forget he once had a jazz reputation, remember his last funk set did well Stateside, and accept this for what it is – another but much better heavy funk set. Great with Prince’s ‘Let’s Work’, this smacking bass-punched 120bpm jitterer is the best example of a formula that’s spread with slight variation over the 117bpm ‘Throw It Down‘, 118-120-118bpm title track and 120bpm ‘At The Concert‘, while the 115-116-115bpm ‘Drum Affair‘ adds a little jazz and some powerful percussion that’s just got going when it ends too soon.

LTD: ‘Burnin’ Hot’ (US A&M SP-12043).
Actually the B-side, this Cameo-style chunkily funky staccato 120bpm 12in brassy bass bumped chanter is a better bet here than the energetically zapping jerky 125bpm ‘Kicking Back‘, although that in its favour, it does synch well out of EWF ‘Let’s Groove’.

SIMON & McQUEEN: ‘I’m Down If You’re Down’ (US Landmark ML9 1001).
Ponderously bashing slow Yarbrough & Peoples-type (but nowhere near as classy) 98bpm 12in heavy thudder, more a funker than a jogger though at a useful tempo to mix and bridge between moods.

GERALDINE HUNT: ‘It Doesn’t Only Happen At Night’ (US Red Rock RRD-1005).
Purposefully clonking but not particularly inspired 105bpm 12in joltingly rolling lurcher with pattering percussion in the break, probably usable with Gayle Adams.

BROTHERS UNIQUE: ‘School Daze’ (US Sutra SUD 805).
Quite good jaunty typical 112bpm 12in rapper with the usual sort of lead vocal switching, which can be mixed to effect with ‘Twennynine (The Rap)’, the instrumental flip being faster at 116bpm.

EAZY: ‘Project Funk’ (US Vanguard Disco SPV 50).
Powerfully zonking brass brayed busily jittery 124-126bpm 12in thunderer gallops along with synth twiddles, the instrumental flip being much stronger than the ragged male group vocal.

UK Disco Top 90 – November 21, 1981

01 01 Arthur Adams – You Got The Floor – RCA 12”
02 05 Earth Wind & Fire – Let’s Groove – CBS 12”
03 02 Rose Royce – R.R. Express – Whitfield LP/12”
04 13 Alphonze Mouzon – I’m Glad That You’re Here – London 12”/LP
05 04 Donald Byrd – Love Has Come Around – Elektra 12”
06 22 Second Image – Can’t Keep Holding On / Images – Polydor 12”
07 12 Kool & The Gang – Get Down On It / Take My Heart / Good Time Tonight / No Show – US De-Lite LP
08 06 Slave – Snap Shot / Wait For Me / Party Lites / Steal Your Heart / Smokin’ – US Cotillion LP
09 03 The Dukes – Mystery Girl – WEA 12”
10 20 Kool & The Gang – Steppin’ Out – De-Lite 12”
11 14 Bohannon featuring Dr. Perri Johnson – Let’s Start II Dance Again / Let’s Start The Dance (Remix) – US Phase II 12”
12 25 Imagination – Flashback / Burnin’ Up – R&B 12”
13 09 Mike ‘T’ / Joe Thomas – Do It Any Way You Wanna – Blue Inc 12”
14 07 Four Tops – When She Was My Girl – Casablanca 12”
15 34 Letta Mbulu – Kilimanjaro – US MJS 12”
16 42 George Benson – Turn Your Love Around – Warner Bros
17 23 Trevor Walters – Love Me Tonight – Magnet 12”
18 08 Roger – I Heard It Through The Grapevine / A Chunk Of Sugar – Warner Bros 12”
19 26 Prince – Controversy – Warner Bros 12”
20 17 Northend – Tee’s Happy / Happy Days – US Emergency 12”
21 28 The Quick – Zulu (Remix) – Epic 12”
22 10 Bob James – Sign Of The Times – Tappan Zee 12”
23 16 Ronnie Laws – Heavy On Easy / Stay Awake – Liberty 12”
24 51 Gayle Adams – Love Fever – US Prelude 12”
25 15 Evelyn King – If You Want My Lovin’ – RCA 12”
26 11 Strikers – Inch By Inch – Epic 12”
27 24 Funk Fusion Band – Can You Feel It – US WMOT 12”
28 31 Melba Moore – Take My Love – EMI America 12”
29 21 T Life – Somethin’ That You Do To Me – Arista 12”
30 50 Modern Romance – Ay Ay Ay Ay Moosey / Moose On The Loose / Tear The Roof Off The Moose – WEA 12”
31 53 Earl Klugh – Twinkle – Liberty 12”
32 59 Blue Rondo A La Turk – Me And Mr. Sanchez – Diable Noir 12”
33 52 K.I.D. – Hupendi Muziki Wangu?! – US SAM 12”
34 29 Dynasty – Love In The Fast Lane – Solar 12”
35 18 Central Line – Walking Into Sunshine – Mercury 12”
36 54 Light Of The World – Ride The Love Train – EMI 12”
37 71 Melba Moore – Let’s Stand Together – US EMI America LP
38 64 George Benson – Never Give Up On A Good Thing / Moody’s Mood For Love / Nature Boy / Cast Your Fate To The Wind – Warner Bros LP
39 40 Skool Boyz – Jam Beneath The Groove / Burning Up / Can We Do It Again – US Destiny LP
40 35 Stanley Turrentine – Hermanos / Havin’ Fun With Mr.T / After The Love Is Gone / Tamarac – Elektra LP
41 62 Rick James – Superfreak – Motown 12”/video
42 30 Conquest – Give It To Me (Instrumental) – US Prelude 12”
43 36 Richard ‘Dimples’ Fields – I Like Your Lovin’ – Epic
44 NE Earth Wind & Fire – I’ve Had Enough / Evolution Orange / Lady Sun / You Are A Winner / Wanna Be With You – CBS LP
45 67 Level 42 – Starchild – Polydor 12”
46 60 Rhyze – Rhyze To The Top – US 20th Century-Fox 12”
47 63 GQ – Shake – Arista 12”
48 39 Roger – Do It Roger / So Ruff So Tuff / Maxx Axe – US Warner Bros LP
49 79 Skyy – Let’s Celebrate – US Salsoul LP
50 61 Twennynine/Lenny White – Twennynine (The Rap) / Rhythm / Need You – Elektra LP
51 38 Freddie Hubbard – You’re Gonna Lose Me / Sister ‘Stine – Fantasy 12”
52 77 Freddie Hubbard – Splash / Touchdown – US Fantasy LP
53 47 Whispers – This Kind Of Lovin’ – Solar 12”
54 19 Savanna – I Can’t Turn Away – R&B 12”
55 55 Jimmy Haynes (Senyah) – Funk On The Rocks – RCA 12”
56 NE Haircut One Hundred – Favourite Shirts – Arista 12”
57 41 Randy Crawford – Street Life (Live) / Secret Combination / Rio De Janeiro Blue – Warner Bros 12”
58 NE Incognito – North London Boy – Ensign 12”
59 NE Norman Connors – Mr. C / Keep Doin’ It – US Arista LP
60 44 Patti Austin – The Genie / Every Home Should Have One – Qwest 12”
61 33 Junior Giscombe – Mama Used To Say – Mercury 12”
62 NE Linx – Can’t Help Myself – Chrysalis 12”
63 NE Teena Marie – It Must Be Magic – Motown 12”
64 48 Sylvers – Take It To The Top / I’m Gettin’ Over / Come Back Lover Come Back / Just When I Thought It Was Over – US Solar LP
65 NE Jumpp – The Bounce / Bouncy Bouncy – RCA 12”
66 32 Jerome – You’re Supposed To Be My Friend – DJM 12”
67 37 Pieces Of A Dream – Warm Weather – Elektra LP
68 74 Hot Cuisine – Disco Calypso / Skunkin’ – Kaleidoscope 12”
69 65 Imagination – So Good So Right / I’ll Always Love You – R&B LP
70 43 Rodney Franklin – Hill Street Blues / Dance Tonight / Vibrations / Return To The Source / Endless Flight – US Columbia LP
71 NE Spandau Ballet – Paint Me Down – Reformation 12”
72 NE Shakatak – Easier Said Than Done / Late Night Flight – Polydor 12”
73 80 Al Jarreau – Roof Garden / Teach Me Tonight – Warner Bros LP
74 88 Jeanette ‘Lady’ Day – Come Let Me Love You – US Prelude 12”
75 72 Bunny Mack – Supafrico (Dub) – RCA 12”
76 NE Brandi Wells – What Goes Around Comes Around / Watch Out – US WMOT LP
77 75 Frontline Orchestra – No Entry / Don’t Turn Your Back On Me – Ice 12”
78 56 Donald Byrd – Love For Sale / I’ll Always Love You / I Love Your Love – Elektra LP
79 49 Candy Bowman – I Wanna Feel Your Love – RCA 12”
80 NE Isley Brothers – Inside You – Epic 12”
81 NE Skyy – Call Me – US Salsoul 12”
82 84 Arthur Adams – You Got The Floor (Instrumental) – US Inculcation 12”
83 NE Commodores – Oh No – Motown
84 NE Gene Dunlap – Take My Love / Party In Me – US Capitol LP
85 68 Gwen McCrae – Funky Sensation – US Atlantic LP
86 57 Bang Gang – Street Music (Instrumental) – US Sugarscoop 12”
87 NE Al Jarreau – Closer To Your Love – Warner Bros 12”
88 66 Vera – Take Me To The Bridge – Carrere 12”
89 NE Freeez – Anti-Freeez (Set Me Free) – Beggars Banquet 12”
90 85 Mel Brooks – It’s Good To Be The King Rap – Luggage Label 12”


BUBBLING UNDER the UK Disco 90 with increased support are:

Tracy Weber: ‘Sure Shot’ (Canadian Quality RFC 12in)
Garfield Fleming: ‘Don’t Send Me Away’ (US Becket 12in)
Ruddy Thomas: ‘Just One Moment Away’ (Hawkeye 12in)
Diana Ross: ‘Mirror Mirror’ / ‘It’s Never Too Late’ / ‘Work That Body’ (Capitol LP)
G.Q.: ‘You’ve Got The Floor’ / ‘Face To Face’ (Arista LP)
Mike & Brenda Sutton: ‘We’ll Make It’ (US SAM 12in)
Tom Browne: ‘Fungi Mama’ / ‘Bygones’ (US GRP LP)
Human League Blue: ‘The Things That Dreams Are Made Of’ (Virgin LP)
Pig Bag: ‘Sunny Day’ (Y 12in)
Live: ‘Strut Your Stuff’ (US TSOB 12in)
Phyllis Hyman: ‘Tonight You And Me’ (Arista 12in)
Angela Bofill: ‘I Do Love You’ / ‘Tropical Love’ (Arista LP)
Heaven 17: ‘Penthouse & Pavement’ (BEF 12in)
Syreeta: ‘Out The Box’ / ‘Can’t Shake Your Love’ (US Tamla LP)
Crusaders: ‘This Old World’s Too Funky For Me’ / ‘Luckenbach Texas’ (MCA 12in)
Rhyze: ‘Bizzaar’ / ‘Having Fun’ (US 20th Century-Fox LP)
Dennis Brown: ‘Have You Ever’ (Power House 12in)
Weeks And Co.: ‘Rock Your World’ (US Chaz Ro 12in)
Perry Haines: ‘What’s Funk?’ (Fetish Funk Rox 12in)
Alton Edwards: ‘I Just Wanna’ (Streetwave 12in acetate)
Linda Taylor: ‘(You’re) In The Pocket (Remix’)’ (Groove Production 12in promo)
Simon & McQueen: ‘I’m Down If You’re Down’ (US Landmark 12in)
Jerry Carr: ‘This Must Be Heaven’ (US Cherie 12in)
Shock: ‘Let Your Body Do The Talkin’ / ‘I Think I Love You’ (US Fantasy LP)
Starpoint: ‘Wanting You’ / ‘Do What You Wanna Do’ (US Chocolate City LP)

POD (Pop Orientated Dance):

1(2) Human League Blue, 2(3) Altered Images, 3(1) Depeche Mode, 4(15) Four Tops, 5(5) Stewart/Gaskin, 6(16) EWF, 7(4) Ottawan, 8(17) Arthur Adams, 9(7) Tweets, 10(10) Donald Byrd, 11(19) Haircut One Hundred, 12(34) Kool ‘Steppin’, 13(-) Modern Romance ‘Ay Ay’, 14(31) ABC, 15(20) Heaven 17 ‘Penthouse’, 16(6) Soft Cell ‘Tainted’, 17(22) Spandau Ballet, 18(13) OMITD ‘Joan’, 19(21) Police ‘Magic’, 20(18) Modern Romance ‘Salsa’, 21(45) Rose Royce, 22(12) Linx ‘Romance’, 23(-) Blue Rondo, 24(8) Hi-Gloss, 25(36) Second Image, 26(-) Robertson/Bell, 27(9) Central Line, 28(33) Elvis Costello, 29(11) Human League Red, 30(43) Ultravox, 31(44) Dukes, 32(26) Shock ‘Dynamo Beat’ (RCA), 33(40) Enigma ‘Summer Groovin’ (Creole), 34(32) Barry Manilow, 35(14) Japan ‘Quiet Life’, 36(-) Squeeze, 37(30) Evelyn King, 38(-) Eddy Grant ‘California Style’ (Ice), 39(24) Tight Fit Pt.2, 40(-) Soft Cell ‘Bedsitter’, 41(-) The Jam, 42(-) Reggae Allstars ‘Allstar Reggae’ (Spitfire), 43(-) Olivia Newton-John, 44(42) Jerome, 45(-) Mel Brooks, 46(28) Tom Tom Club, 47(-) Rod Stewart, 48(38) Laurie Anderson, 49(48) This Year’s Blonde, 50(-) Human League Blue ‘Do Or Die’ (Virgin LP)


Beats Per Minute for last week’s pop chart entries on 7in (endings denoted by f for fade, c for cold, r for resonant) are:
Queen/Bowie 114-115f, Soft Cell 147c, Pretenders 51r, Stranglers 132c, Kim Wilde 0-111-0r, Spandau Ballet 0-118f, Imagination 0-111f, George Benson 103f, Blue Rondo A La Turk 127f, Dollar 137f, Level 42 0-114-116f, Heaven 17 129f, 999 0-126-128c-0f, Tenpole Tudor 0-226/113-118/59-236/118c.

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