November 28, 1981: Luther Vandross, Bob James, Trini Lopez, Dynasty, Perry Haines


CBS COMPILATIONS due in a fortnight are a killer Prelude-culled set called ‘Ace Of Clubs‘ featuring Sharon Redd ‘Can You Handle It (Remix)’, Conquest, Vicki Sue Robinson, Empress, Strikers ‘Inch By Inch (Remix)’ and more, and the follow-up to ‘Bitter Suite’ called ‘Second Suite‘, with Eddie Russ ‘Zaius’, Marlene Shaw ‘Go Away Little Boy’, Heath Bros ‘Dreamin’, Bobbi Humphrey ‘Home Made Jam’ and more . . . New York Skyy ‘Let’s Celebrate’ c/w ‘Call Me’ is due next week on Epic/Streetwave 12in and has already been serviced to DJs by Morgan Khan, who is currently working out of CBS’s offices while his own in West Acton are prepared . . . Record Shack would appear to have stepped in at Red Bus/Excaliber following Morgan’s departure . . . Alphonse Mouzon on 12in (finished pressings are 118bpm) has an excellent totally instrumental version as flip . . . Lowrell Simon ‘Love Massage’ actually bangs about a bit at the start, last week’s review being done while Graham Gold was playing it at Gullivers and he had mixed in after the intro . . . Boney M’s 12in version of the not particularly danceable 0-155-0-36/71-0bpm ‘We Kill The World’ features as B-side (not on 7in) a special mixer medley of ‘6 Years Of Boney M Hits’ (starting at 128bpm) which must have helped chart it nationally . . . Dave Rose has left EMI to join WEA in an A&R capacity, but he’s also running a new DJ mailing list supplementary to Fred Dove’s, concentrating on the “white funk” / futurist / heavy metal / Top 40 / video end of disco – but don’t apply as he’s already got his own short list . . . Jenni Nicholson has abruptly and unexpectedly resigned from her assistant disco plugging job at CBS, with talk about returning to Bath – where she’d welcome any PR work for Bristol area clubs / record companies (call 01-886 9393) . . . Showstoppers next Sunday (6) have a special alldayer at Reading Top Rank built around a live appearance by Heatwave, with Chris Hill, Sean French, Brother Louie, Pete Tong, Mike Allan . . . Alton Edwards at his Mayfair Gullivers PA last Friday had to sing along to a specially extended (by me!) combination of vocal, instrumental and back to vocal versions of his ‘I Just Wanna’ white label – the guy has stamina! . . . Tony Todd, the memorably different lead vocalist with TCOJ a few years back, now fronts the rejuvenated line-up of Chequers, who are well worth catching live . . . Dennis Brynner’s mixing partner on Thurs/Fridays at Southampton Barbarella’s, Steve Quinn now joins Dennis and Dave Van Seiger on their Sunday ‘Disco Report’ show over the local university’s Radio Glen to amaze the student listeners with his mixing skills . . . Alan Costa reports for the last month his most popular record at Brighton’s Kings Club and Kings II has been Alec R Costandinos ‘Americana‘ (French RCA) but none of his punters can buy it anywhere . . . Friday (27) at 6 in the morning those four World Go-Go Dancing Record challenging girls step into their shop window in Dudley’s Wolverhampton Street, where they hope to stay until Saturday afternoon next week, gyrating for charity . . . Martin Platt’s last charity marathon run raised an additional £200 from RM-reading DJs (this’ll buy a braille computer and tape recorder for a blind 7 year-old), and he’s now planning to attempt the Land’s End to John O’Groats 2½ weeks running record with nightly stops for an accompanying roadshow to raise money for the Spastics Society – this gives a whole new and accurate meaning to the word “roadshow”! – Martin is actually wanting to hear from any interested roadshow DJs, at 18 Coronation Avenue, Feniscowles, Blackburn, Lancs . . . Alan Taylor (Rhyl), who led the disgruntled North Wales delegation to the Edgbaston Faces DJ Convention, comments “It was another washout, although I agree organiser Steve Dennis held his ground and did his part. The meal service was diabolical, the drinks cost a fortune, and I didn’t learn a thing – same topics, same speakers as last year, same bloody arguments. We all left at 6pm determined not to waste another £40 next year” . . . I always say these sort of events are most useful as meeting places, and Faces was no exception – maybe the answer is for future forums to cut out the speakers and just be a glorified cocktail party? . . . Steve Glover says the Bournemouth disco scene is going through a high at the moment, weekends anyway, the renewed vigour coming from interest in UK “white funk” and “salsa” . . . Disco Lite is a budget priced miniaturised sound-to-light converter constructed as a simple plug-in mains socket adaptor with possible appeal to small mobiles – it only handles 450 watts worth of lighting (7x60w / 11x40w / 18x25w bulbs, or Christmas tree lights) on just the one channel – available direct from Winship & Smith Ltd, 12 Fieldside, East Hagbourne, Oxfordshire OX12 8BS, for £17.20 (p&p included), or from electrical shops at about £18.09 . . . Graham Bond (Teesvalley Roadshow) reports that the refitted Tony’s Records, 162 High Street, Redcar, are discounting current UK disco releases (Kool LP £4.40, Modern Romance 12in £1.60, Linx 12in £1.32) . . . Pete Alex, working in Southern Norway at Kristiansand’s Downtown disco, is another DJ who recommends the already previously mentioned Mikie Burke’s Record Shop, 4890 Grimstad, Norway, which imports disco newies at about the same time (and prices) as shops in Britain, and operates a CoD postal service . . . Bootsy, once a leading light of Southampton University’s soul society, now jocks virtually every night (not Thurs/Sunday) at Chesham-Gatsbys 1812 club . . . Alan Coulthard’s now confirmed as Sat/Mon/Tuesdays at Marble Arch Dial 9 . . . Alan Cody, known around Knotty Ash as Nutcracker of the Liverpool Gnomes, recently trekked to Swindon’s Brunel Rooms and raves about DJ Sandy Martin – whose increased head size should make his trumpet go toot, TOOT! . . . Noel Wright (Watford Baileys Juliets / Ware Beckets) says Bohannon mixes beautifully out of the final break in K.I.D. ‘Hupendi Muziki Wangu?!’ . . . Imagination may be sorry in the long run . . . Pete Tong has obviously heard my mobile goes out for high prices! . . . DO IT TO IT!


LUTHER VANDROSS: ‘Never Too Much’ (Epic EPC A13 – 1857).
His languidly swaying distinctively phrased 110bpm US smash is now finally on welcome extended 3-track 12in, flipped by the jerkily lurching 109-110-111bpm ‘Sugar And Spice (I Found Me A Girl)‘, and soulful 45-46 bpm ‘Don’t You Know That?’

BOB JAMES: ‘The Steamin’ Feelin’ (Tappan Zee CBS A13 -1837).
Another Rod Tempterton-penned/arranged terrific bubblingly jaunty though downtempo 101bpm 12in tripper, very similar to if slightly less catchy than ‘Sign Of The Times’ (with which it’s a great mix).

TRINI LOPEZ: ‘Trini Trax’ (RCA RCAT 154).
Back in 1964 when as a mere broth of a lad I was jocking in America on Long Island, about the only white record I ever had to play was Trini’s ‘Live At PJ’s’ LP – and he’s now revived the exact same material (‘If I Had A Hammer’ etc) and singalong hootenanny format but in 144bpm 12in medley style, making it a must for MoR crowds and a likely smash. 

DYNASTY: ‘Love In The Fast Lane’ (Solar K 12577T).
Now slightly speeded up 111bpm 12in version of the superior Solar smacker, with catchy vocal interplay locked into the rolling momentum.

PERRY HAINES: ‘What’s Funk?’ (Fetish Funk Rox FE 14T).
Bluey-produced chunkily jolting jiggly 115-114-113-112bpm 12in declamatory funk chugger by the Steve Strange rivalling “fashionable” entrepreneur, surprisingly convincing and good.

HOT CUISINE: ‘Disco Calypso (Remix)’ (Kaleidoscope KRL A13 -1661).
Salsa introed then unhurriedly tugging 121-122(percussion)-121bpm 12in remix of a home-grown stab at disco-exoticism, with rhythm breaks enlivening the otherwise loopingly loping beat, now given A-side status.

ANGELA BOFILL: ‘I Do Love You’ (LP ‘Something About You’ Arista SPARTY 1179).
Narada Michael Walden-produced good set by the winsome warbler, her best bet being a toss-up between this gradually unfurling sax-backed lightly skipping 0-56/111-111-56/111bpm sensuous romp and the effects introed evocative gorgeous 0-43/87bpm ‘Tropical Love‘ smoocher with steel drums and come hither cooing, the title track being an over obvious jerky 113-114bpm judderer, ‘Only Love‘ a disjointed 46/92bpm swayer, and ‘Stop Look Listen’ a dead slow Stylistics revival.

THE HI-LITES: ‘Stylistics Love’ (EMI 5253).
Tony Jackson keeps incredibly close to the Stylistics originals in this lovely lush 39bpm 7in medley of six of their classics.

RICHARD ‘DIMPLES’ FIELDS: ‘She’s Got Papers On Me’ (LP ‘Dimples’ Epic EPC 85345).
And about time! As an album track this sensational deeply soulful 20bpm smoocher was such a big radio hit in the States that most people there would swear it was on a single, but it’s too long and culminates in a dynamite abrasively nagging rap by Betty Wright making it impossible to edit. Here though, as B-side to his 100bpm ‘I Like Your Lovin‘, it could have made a smash 12in.

CHARMAINE BURNETTE: ‘(Am I The) Same Girl’ (PRO – D – 001, via Jet Star (01-961 4422/Lightning 01-969 5255).
Trumpet introed jiggly but smoochy 0-87bpm 12in reggae revival of Barbara Acklin’s vocal version of Young Holt’s ‘Soulful Strut’, one of my all time faves so it’s hard to be objective about this as I love the tune at least!

SHARON BENSON: ‘Get It Over With’ (Epic EPC A1572).
Brand new beefily bouncing joyous 122bpm 7in romper sounding as if it’s straight out of the Len Barry era of late ’65, and packaged accordingly.

REGGAE ALLSTARS: ‘Allstar Reggae’ (Spitfire SFS 1001 / 12).
Well conceived and authentic sounding 111-113bpm 12in medley of various vintages of reggae classics, going back to the ’60s – but why does every medley have to have that accursed added handclap overlaid on everything? It’s this beat that holds the material back, regardless of how rhythmic the original may have been in its own right.

STARTRAX: ‘Reggae’s Greatest Hits’ (Picksy KSYX 1005).
More homogenised but in a way more successful and equally authentic 12in reggae medley (it dips about from 120bpm start), as the handclaps only surface on bridging passages – letting the original rhythm drive things along.

G.Q.: ‘You’ve Got The Floor’ (LP ‘Face To Face’ Arista SPART 1163).
Good if not sensational set, this confusingly titled 120-119-118-121(break)-119bpm hard chugging thudder being a bit Jacksons-ish, the title track a sleazy Bob James-style 98bpm insidious slow groove, ‘I Love (The Skin You’re In)‘ a Bee-Gees-ish throbbing 106-108bpm jogger, ‘Shy Baby‘ a vocally subdued but otherwise snappy 114-116bpm tripper, ‘Boogie Shoogie Feelin‘ a frothy fast 130bpm racer, and ‘You Put Some Love In My Life’ an attempt at disjointed 90/45bpm reggae.

PRINCE: ‘Let’s Work’ (LP ‘Controversy’ Warner Bros K 56950).
Very varied set with lots of rock-orientated cuts, this powerfully jolting 121-120-119bpm bass pounded sparse smacker being in his ‘Head’ style and ‘Do Me Baby’ a quietly recorded disjointed slowie.

RODNEY FRANKLIN: ‘Hill Street Blues’ (LP ‘Endless Flight’ CBS 84945).
Nice chunkily rolling 0-102-103bpm piano treatment of Mike Post’s TV theme (also now on 7in CBS A1827), other cuts on this tinnily mixed and slightly slushy set being the spiritedly romping but chix-ruined 115-114bpm ‘Dance Tonight‘, specialist samba-ish 86/172bpm ‘Return To The Source‘ and Brazilian flavoured complex 0-127-128-130-131-130bpm title track.

MIKE POST featuring LARRY CARLTON: ‘Hill Street Blues’ (Elektra K 12576).
Pleasant smooch-orientated 0-49-0bpm 7in US hit version of the theme’s composer.

TAVARES: ‘Turn Out The Nitelight’ (Capitol CL 218).
Lovely slowly jolting 37/74bpm 7in smoocher with tootling sax, worth checking.

HAWK & CO featuring HELEN CHAPPELLE: ‘Nite-Life’ (Epic EPC A1735).
Atmospheric lushly arranged tapping 89bpm smoochy swayer with soulful chick, jazzy sax and Alan (Love Deluxe) Hawkshaw’s piano making a mellow mood on 7in or promo-only 12in.

OZONE: ‘Gigolette’ (Motown TMGT 1249).
Teena Marie-produced (and it sounds it!) jerkily lurching 119-120-119-120-121-120-121bpm 12in jitterer, evidently tying into a new US dance called the Gigolo.


No Import reviews this week.

UK Disco Top 90 – November 28, 1981

01 02 Earth Wind & Fire – Let’s Groove – CBS 12”
02 01 Arthur Adams – You Got The Floor – RCA 12”
03 04 Alphonze Mouzon – I’m Glad That You’re Here – London 12”/LP
04 03 Rose Royce – R.R. Express – Whitfield LP/12”
05 07 Kool & The Gang – Get Down On It / Take My Heart / Good Time Tonight / Pass It On / No Show – De-Lite LP
06 10 Kool & The Gang – Steppin’ Out – De-Lite 12”
07 16 George Benson – Turn Your Love Around – Warner Bros 12”
08 12 Imagination – Flashback / Burnin’ Up – R&B 12”
09 06 Second Image – Can’t Keep Holding On / Images – Polydor 12”
10 08 Slave – Snap Shot / Party Lites / Wait For Me / Steal Your Heart / Smokin’ – US Cotillion LP
11 14 Four Tops – When She Was My Girl – Casablanca 12”
12 21 The Quick – Zulu (Remix) – Epic 12”
13 05 Donald Byrd – Love Has Come Around – Elektra 12”
14 09 The Dukes – Mystery Girl – WEA 12”
15 31 Earl Klugh – Twinkle – Liberty 12”
16 15 Letta Mbulu – Kilimanjaro / Instrumental – US MJS 12”
17 11 Bohannon/Dr. Perri Johnson – Let’s Start II Dance Again / Let’s Start The Dance (Remix) – US Phase II 12”
18 38 George Benson – Never Give Up On A Good Thing / Nature Boy – Warner Bros LP
19 30 Modern Romance – Ay Ay Ay Ay Moosey / Moose On The Loose / Tear The Roof Off The Moose – WEA 12”
20 19 Prince – Controversy – Warner Bros 12”
21 20 Northend – Tee’s Happy / Happy Days – US Emergency 12”
22 24 Gayle Adams – Love Fever – US Prelude 12”
23 13 Mike ‘T’ / Joe Thomas – Do It Any Way You Wanna – Blue Inc 12”
24 22 Bob James – Sign Of The Times – Tappan Zee 12”
25 18 Roger – I Heard It Through The Grapevine / A Chunk Of Sugar – Warner Bros 12”
26 45 Level 42 – Starchild – Polydor 12”
27 47 GQ – Shake – Arista 12”
28 33 K.I.D. – Hupendi Muziki Wangu?! – US SAM 12”
29 36 Light Of The World – Ride The Love Train – EMI 12”
30 28 Melba Moore – Take My Love – EMI America 12”
31 32 Blue Rondo A La Turk – Me And Mr. Sanchez – Diable Noir 12”
32 34 Dynasty – Love In The Fast Lane – Solar 12”
33 50 Twennynine/Lenny White – Twennynine (The Rap) / Rhythm / Need You / Movin’ On – Elektra LP
34 49 Skyy – Let’s Celebrate – US Salsoul LP/Epic 12” promo
35 17 Trevor Walters – Love Me Tonight – Magnet 12”
36 68 Hot Cuisine – Disco Calypso (Remix) / Skunkin’ – Kaleidoscope 12”
37 23 Ronnie Laws – Heavy On Easy / Stay Awake – Liberty 12”
38 58 Incognito – North London Boy – Ensign 12”
39 26 Strikers – Inch By Inch – Epic 12”
40 44 Earth Wind & Fire – Wanna Be With You / I’ve Had Enough / Lady Sun / Evolution Orange / The Changing Times – CBS LP
41 25 Evelyn King – If You Want My Lovin’ – RCA 12”
42 76 Brandi Wells – What Goes Around Comes Around / Watch Out – US WMOT LP
43 63 Teena Marie – It Must Be Magic – Motown 12”
44 27 Funk Fusion Band – Can You Feel It – US WMOT 12”
45 72 Shakatak – Easier Said Than Done / Late Night Flight – Polydor 12”
46 37 Melba Moore – Let’s Stand Together / Piece Of The Rock – US EMI America LP
47 29 T Life – Somethin’ That You Do To Me – Arista 12”
48 59 Norman Connors – Mr. C / Keep Doin’ It – US Arista LP
49 65 Jumpp – The Bounce / Bouncy Bouncy – RCA 12”
50 62 Linx – Can’t Help Myself – Chrysalis 12”
51 40 Stanley Turrentine – Hermanos / Havin’ Fun With Mr.T / After The Love Is Gone – Elektra LP
52 56 Haircut One Hundred – Favourite Shirts – Arista 12”
53 43 Richard ‘Dimples’ Fields – I Like Your Lovin’ – Epic
54 41 Rick James – Superfreak – Motown 12”
55 42 Conquest – Give It To Me (Instrumental) – US Prelude 12”
56 39 Skool Boyz – Jam Beneath The Groove / Burning Up – US Destiny LP
57 46 Rhyze – Rhyze To The Top – US 20th Century-Fox 12”
58 60 Patti Austin – The Genie (Remix) / Every Home Should Have One – Qwest 12”
59 55 Jimmy Haynes (Senyah) – Funk On The Rocks – RCA 12”
60 NE Mike & Brenda Sutton – We’ll Make It – US SAM 12”
61 64 Sylvers – Take It To The Top / Come Back Lover Come Back / I’m Gettin’ Over / Just When I Thought It Was Over – US Solar LP
62 57 Randy Crawford – Street Life (Live) / Secret Combination – Warner Bros 12”
63 89 Freeez – Anti-Freeez (Set Me Free) – Beggars Banquet 12”
64 71 Spandau Ballet – Paint Me Down – Reformation 12”
65 81 Skyy – Call Me – US Salsoul 12”/Epic 12” promo
66 77 Frontline Orchestra – No Entry / Don’t Turn Your Back On Me – Ice 12”
67 53 Whispers – This Kind Of Lovin’ – Solar 12”
68 74 Jeanette ‘Lady’ Day – Come Let Me Love You – US Prelude 12”
69 67 Pieces Of A Dream – Warm Weather – Elektra LP
70 69 Imagination – So Good So Right / Tell Me Do You Want My Love / I’ll Always Love You – R&B LP
71 NE Shock – Let Your Body Do The Talkin’ / Let’s Get Crackin’ / I Think I Love You / Stand Up – US Fantasy LP
72 85 Gwen McCrae – Funky Sensation / Poyson – US Atlantic LP
73 84 Gene Dunlap – Take My Love / This One’s On Me / Party In Me – US Capitol LP
74 80 Isley Brothers – Inside You – Epic 12”
75 61 Junior Giscombe – Mama Used To Say – Mercury 12”
76 70 Rodney Franklin – Hill Street Blues / Dance Tonight / Endless Flight – CBS LP
77 48 Roger – Do It Roger / Maxx Axe / So Ruff So Tuff – Warner Bros LP
78 NE Phyllis Hyman – Tonight You And Me – Arista 12”
79 NE Angela Bofill – I Do Love You / Tropical Love / Only Love – Arista LP
80 75 Bunny Mack – Supafrico (Dub) – RCA 12”
81 79 Candy Bowman – I Wanna Feel Your Love – RCA 12”
82 NE Garfield Fleming – Don’t Send Me Away – US Becket 12”
83 NE Alton Edwards – I Just Wanna (Spend Some Time With You) – Streetwave 12” promo
84 NE Tracy Weber – Sure Shot – Canadian Quality RFC 12”
85 90 Mel Brooks – It’s Good To Be The King Rap – Luggage Label 12”
86 NE Perry Haines – What’s Funk? – Fetish Funk Rox 12”
87 NE Prince – Let’s Work / Do Me Baby – Warner Bros LP
88 87 Al Jarreau – Closer To Your Love – Warner Bros 12”
89 RE Luther Vandross – Never Too Much / Sugar And Spice – Epic 12”
90 RE Index – Starlight / Instrumental – Record Shack 12”


BUBBLING UNDER the UK Disco 90 with increased support are:

Donald Byrd: ‘I’ll Always Love You’ (Elektra)
Pig Bag: ‘Sunny Day’ (Y 12in)
Celena Duncan: ‘Shine On’ (RCA 12in)
Human League Blue: ‘The Things That Dreams Are Made Of’ / ‘Darkness’ (Virgin LP)
GQ: ‘You’ve Got The Floor’ / ‘Face To Face’ / ‘Boogie Shoogie Feelin’ (Arista LP)
Tom Browne: ‘Fungi Mama’ / ‘Bygones’ (Arista LP promo)
ABC: ‘Tears Are Not Enough’ (Neutron 12in)
Rhyze: ‘Give It Up’ / ‘Bizzaar’ / ‘Having Fun’ (US 20th Century-Fox LP)
Hawk & Co: ‘Nitelife’ / Instrumental (Epic 12in promo)
Johnny Bristol: ‘Take Me Down’ (Hansa 12in)
Hi-Lites: ‘Stylistic Love’ (EMI)
Weeks & Co: ‘Rock Your World’ (US Chaz Ro 12in)
Mike Post / Larry Carlton: ‘Hill Street Blues’ (Elektra)
Bob James: ‘The Steamin’ Feelin’ (Tappan Zee 12in)
Fine Quality Featuring Cuz: ‘Ahh Dance’ (US Sugarhill 12in)
Lessette Wilson: ‘Caveman Boogie’ / ‘Travelling Song’ / ‘Corrida’ / ‘Saturday Nite Groovin’ (US Headfirst LP)
Jones Girls: ‘I Found That Man Of Mine’ / ‘Nights Over Egypt’ (US TSOP LP)
Lime: ‘You’re My Magician’ (US Prism 12in)
Heaven 17: ‘Penthouse & Pavement’ (BEF 12in)
LTD: ‘Kickin’ Back’ / ‘Burnin’ Hot’ (US A&M 12in)
Syreeta: ‘Out The Box’ (US Tamla LP)
Five Special: ‘You Can Do It’ / ‘Just A Feeling’ (US Elektra LP)
Defunkt: ‘The Razor’s Edge’ (Hannibal 12in)
Kirk ‘Sweet Legs’ Thorne: ‘Mr Magic’ (Champagne LP)
Main Ingredient: ‘Evening Of Love’ (US RCA LP)
Sharon Benson: ‘Get It Over With’ (Epic)
Brooklyn Express: ‘Sixty-Nine’ / ‘Change Position (88)’ (US One Way 12in)
‘D’ Train: ‘You’re The One For Me’ (US Prelude 12in)
Vicky ‘D’: ‘This Beat Is Mine’ (US SAM 12in)
Kwick: ‘You’re The Kind Of Girl I Like’ (US EMI America LP)
Tyzik: ‘In The Mood’ (US Capitol LP)
Simon & McQueen: ‘I’m Down If You’re Down’ (US Landmark 12in)
Temptations: ‘Aiming At Your Heart’ (Motown 12in)
Bar–Kays: ‘Nightcruising’ (US Mercury LP)
Starpoint: ‘Do What You Wanna Do’ (US Chocolate City LP)

POD (Pop Orientated Dance – compiled from DJs playing a wide range of material):

1(4) Four Tops, 2(6) EWF, 3(2) Altered Images, 4(12) Kool 12-in, 5(13) Modern Romance ‘Moosey’, 6(1) Human League Blue ‘Heart’, 7(8) Arthur Adams, 8(17) Spandau Ballet, 9(3) Depeche Mode, 10(40) Soft Cell ‘Bedsitter’, 11(19) Police, 12(18) OMITD ‘Joan’, 13(5) Stewart/Gaskin, 14(11) Haircut One Hundred, 15(14) ABC, 16(10) Donald Byrd, 17(23) Blue Rondo, 18(7) Ottawan, 19(15) Heaven 17 ‘Penthouse’, 20(21) Rose Royce, 21(43) Olivia Newton-John, 22(25) Second Image, 23(33) Enigma ‘Summer Groovin’, 24(30) Ultravox, 25(9) Tweets, 26(22) Linx ‘Romance’, 27(16) Soft Cell ‘Tainted’, 28(24) Hi-Gloss, 29(-) Japan ‘China’, 30(-) Queen/Bowie, 31(47) Rod Stewart, 32(28) Elvis Costello, 33(42) Reggae Allstars ‘Allstar Reggae’ (Spitfire), 34(31) Dukes, 35(29) Human League Red ‘Action’, 36(-) Julio Iglesias, 37(-) Simple Minds, 38(-) Fun Boy Three, 39(27) Central Line, 40(-) Incognito, 41(38) Eddy Grant, ‘California Style’ (Ice), 42(45) Mel Brooks, 43(35) Japan ‘Life’, 44(20) Modern Romance ‘Salsa’, 45(-) Jumpp, 46(-) Tenpole Tudor, 47(-) Prince ‘Controversy’, 48(36) Squeeze, 49(-) Pretenders, 50(-) John Foxx ‘Dancing Like A Gun’ (Metal Beat).

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