May 28, 1983: Oliver Cheatham, The Funk Masters, Mary Jane Girls, Terri Wells, Imagination


YES INDEEDY — Greg’s back . . . Streetwave’s next “JH piggyback” is a mixed medley of Ingram ‘DJs Delight/We Like To Do It/Smoothin’ Groovin’ AND Greg Henderson ‘Dreamin’, on 3-track 12in this weekend with the two normal tracks — however the first 10,000 will leave out to my mind the climax of the whole mix thanks to meddling Morgan Khan thinking he knew better while my back was turned — bah! . . . Ingram’s UK LP will include the old ‘Mi Sabrina Tequana‘ and ‘Music Has The Power‘ — and while still in West Acton ‘Street Sounds Edition 4‘ will include Mtume/Gladys Knight/’D’ Train/C.O.D. megamix/First Light ‘Daybreak’/Class Action/Lenny White/Luther Vandross ‘n more — phew! . . . First Light’s 7in doesn’t include ‘Daybreak‘, the hot track! . . . Motown invite all jocks to send in for a mailing list application form, from Disco Mailing List, c/o Motown Records, 1 Bedford Avenue, London WC1 . . . Tony Monson unearthed a South African jazz LP by and called ‘Sakhile’ (SA Moonshine LP), only a few about at the moment, the title track being a delicately pulsing relaxed sinuous slow 99-100-99bpm tapper with gentle sax and some languid title chanting, hot for them that have it . . . Victor Tavares ‘Show Me‘ (US Malaco 12in) is another hot rarity so far . . . Vince Montana is re-recording lots of his oldies especially for the UK . . . Indeep’s US LP is a real old-fashioned “follow-up to a hit” rip-off, the only main new ‘Buffalo Bill‘ disco cut being heavily influenced by Malcolm McLaren . . . Jonny Chingas’ follow-up US 12in is the unbelievably awful fast c.130bpm ‘Ghandi’ Anglo (Anglo-Indian?) galloper . . . Hazell Dean PAs at Haringey Bolts this Friday (27), while incidentally Brighton Bolts has been at Coasters every Sunday during Sherry’s renovation . . . I Level PA at Edgbaston Faces French on Saturday (28), when at Charing King Arthur’s Court residents Kev Ashman & Nicky Peck wear everything white including their hair for a silly “white (k)night”! . . . Jonathon, Steve Allen, Paul ‘Jazzbo’ Murphy ‘n more plus a video room funk Peterborough Cresset Centre Slickers alldayer (4pm) this Sunday (29), when Adrian Dunbar and chums try out a Boys Town one-niter at Birmingham Millionaires . . . Bank Holiday Monday events include Greg Wilson, Mike Shaft, Colin Curtis, Simon Walsh ‘n Chad at Wigan Pier alldayer (2pm), Nicky Peck, Chris Kaye, Kev Ashman, Tom Holland, John DeSade etc etc at West Malling Greenways 6th Kent Soul Fest (6pm), Chris Brown, Paul Clark & Thomas Felton Esquire at Leysdown Stage 3 (6pm), Capital’s Phil Allen, JFM’s Graham Gold, Gordon Mac & Lyndon T plus star PAs at Peckham Kisses (4pm), ‘Top Club DJ 1983’ Franklyn Hughes, Ian White & Lloyd Earl at Oxford Boodles (3pm), Phil Jorge & Two Counties Radio’s John Terrett (playing all sorts) at Bournemouth Moat House Hotel (1pm) . . . Capital’s “wide boy” Gary Crowley starts a regular ‘Tuesday Club’ with Chris Paul next week (31) at South Harrow Bogarts, lotsa real star PAs — trumpet tootlin’ Chris Paul is at Paddington Morgan’s on Fridays too . . . Martha Reeves plays Mayfair Gullivers on Wednesday (1), followed in 2 and 3 weeks by Mary Wells and Jimmy Ruffin . . . Steve Harvey (no, I don’t think THAT one, he’d have told me surely?) upfront funks Hatfield Woodside Place Country Club, Bell Bar, every Thursday . . . Soho Fooberts (off Carnaby Street) in conjunction with Wrangler Jeans and Rockafellas eaterie are adding £750 of prizes for winners of the Malibu dancing heats at the club, between June 2-July 14 . . . Chris Hills quote at the opening Maze night said it all, “If Frankie Beverly could write a song as well as a killer rhythm track he’d have a hit!” . . . LET’S BE CAREFUL OUT THERE!


OLIVER CHEATHAM: ‘Get Down Saturday Night’ (LP ‘Saturday Night’ US MCA MCA-5410)
From the same production stable as Al Hudson (like everything else on MCA these days!) and full of songs not to be confused with any others of the same title, the gruff soulster’s set has immediately smashed into the chart thanks to this superb quietly stated jauntily tripping 116½bpm chunky finger snappin’ killer of a cut — which is not to overlook the Vandross-ish tugging 109bpm ‘Bless The Ladies‘ and 104bpm ‘Just To Be With You‘ (the 122bpm ‘Make Your Mind Up‘ is less good), while soulful slowies include the 66bpm ‘Never Gonna Give You Up’, 71½bpm ‘Do Me Right’, 70½bpm ‘Through It All’. Rec-o-mmended!

THE FUNK MASTERS: ‘It’s Over’ (Funk-Master MF 004)
Streaking out of left field, a particularly attractive lazily jogging 101bpm 12in swayer with catchy strong melodic hook, soulfully wailed and groaned by (I believe) a Julie Roberts (rather than, as initially rumoured, US jazzer Judy Roberts!), with Gonzalez on horns, the whole thing having a lovers rock flavour but the beat of sophisticated soul (dub flip). Superb.

MARY JANE GIRLS: ‘All Night Long’ (LP ‘Mary Jane Girls’ Gordy STML 12189)
Already a singalong anthem for the real soul crowd and an absolute monster, this sultry cool whispering and wailing 98bpm rolling jogger (similar to Keni Burke’s ‘Risin’ To The Top‘) should be another ‘Young Free And Single’ / ‘Hold Me Tighter In The Rain’ once on single here, and meanwhile dominates an excellent Rick James-produced set that’s otherwise split between fast ‘Candy Man’ clones or superb Shirelles-ish slowies.

TERRI WELLS: ‘You Make It Heaven’ (US Philly World PWR-2012)
Sneak attack of the week, a gorgeous gently jogging subtle (0-)107-108-107-108-109bpm 12in soul ballad soaringly sung with complete vocal and emotional control (instrumental/edit flip), destined for greatness — hell, it held the floor out of ‘Back Together Again’ and got everyone asking for more!

IMAGINATION: ‘Looking At Midnight’ (R&B RBL 214)
Still in familiar territory but rhythmically influenced during its confusingly minimal early stages by their recent dub encounter, this surging 110bpm 12in jitterer is almost a hip-hopper — and has an even more freakily started much starker largely instrumental ‘Club Mix‘ flip that’s a lot hotter for the floor. Get two and mix ’em!

BRASS CONSTRUCTION: ‘Walkin’ The Line’ (Capitol 12CL 292)
Now overshadowed by the LP’s ‘We Can Work It Out‘ though still extremely strong in its own right, a solidly trucking 114½-116bpm backbeat smacker full of life, on 3-track 12in with the also good groovin’ more drily thudding 118-119bpm ‘No Communication‘ (both have Prince-inspired vocal elements) as well as the older vocoder scatted and piano rolled soulful 107bpm ‘Forever Love‘.

MONTANA SEXTET: ‘Who Needs Enemies (With A Friend Like You)’ (US Philly Sound Works PSW 777)
Joining upstart Paul Simpson in battle, the originator retaliates with another of his own loosely trotting spaciously arranged vibes, guitar and chick (Nadiyah) sung jazz-funk tickers, on 4-track 12in — the A-side version at 115-117 (central solo vocal)-115 (Temptations-type vocal)bpm, ‘Friendly Vibes‘ at 116bpm, the acappella introed ‘Club Mix‘ and ‘Edit’ both at 115bpm — the more instrumental and starker ‘Club Mix’ ending with the best vibes on the whole record, great for mixing with Simpson.

JAY HOGGARD: ‘Don’t Quit’ (LP ‘Love Survives’ US Gramavision Inc GR 8204)
Timed to perfection, the vibist returns with a nice cool lightly loping (0-)116-117-116-117-116-117-118-0bpm jazz-funk groove that’s an excellent mix between all the other current vibe cuts and Oliver Cheatham, nothing else on his good set being quite such a strong dancer although such as the quietly introed fiddle accompanied 124-122bpm ‘Pacific Vibes‘ and the slow 38/76bpm ‘Sailing’ are sure to find takers.

SINNAMON: ‘I Need You Now’ (US Jive JD-1-9029)
Darryl Payne co-produced awkwardly starting but then rather interesting 112½(intro)-114-115-114½bpm 12in trotter gruffly souled by a chix supported guy whose vocal line bends and weaves at odds with the backing’s electronic trappings — however, the flip’s much harder 115bpm ‘Fierce Reprise’ restricts his vocals to mere dub effects over the full electrophonic works, and work it does on the floor!

THE ISLEY BROTHERS: ‘Between The Sheets’ LP (US TNeck FZ 38674)
Sparked off by their huge 7in selling ‘Sexual Healing’-inspired sensuous slow 84/42bpm title track smash, the guys have delivered their best LP in ages, nearly all at a similar slow tempo and just made for smooching — try the 68/34bpm ‘Choosey Lover‘, 75bpm ‘I Need Your Body‘, 83bpm ‘Let’s Make Love Tonight‘, 48bpm ‘Touch Me’, 81-82bpm ‘Ballad For The Fallen Soldier’, 88-89bpm ‘Slow Down Children’, the semi-instrumental 118bpm ‘Rock You Good‘ being better than the 116bpm ‘Way Out Love’ and 137bpm ‘Gettin’ Over’ of the three final fast ones.

GEORGE BENSON: ‘Lady Love Me (One More Time)’ (Warner Bros W9614T)
His pleasantly swaying 102½bpm jogger is now on 3-track 12in with the slow 0-81-0bpm instrumental ‘In Search Of A Dream‘ and romping old 113½(intro)-111½-113½(scat)-111½-0bpm ‘Love Ballad‘, which could be useful.

GWEN GUTHRIE: ‘Peanut Butter’ (LP ‘Portrait’ US Island 90082-1)
Sly Dunbar & Robbie Shakespear-produced consistent sounding set in a sort of cuddlier Grace Jones mould, this steadily chugging little 111-112bpm jiggler (also on import 12in I believe) currently being warmer than the future UK 12in-intended similar but more purposeful 111-112-113-114bpm ‘Hopscotch‘, while (best single choice of all) ‘Family Affair‘ is an excellent 107-109bpm reworking of Sly Stone’s classic, ‘Seventh Heaven‘ a breathy mellow 108bpm ticker, ‘Padlock‘ a breezy 115bpm swayer, and the 101bpm ‘Younger Than Me‘ fastest of three smooth slowies.

PATRICK SIMMONS: ‘So Wrong’ (Elektra E9839)
The ex-Doobie Brother’s excellent powerfully jittering emphatic clanking 117bpm 12in smacker is a sensational mix with ‘Get Her Crazy’ and much else but still surprisingly hasn’t done much for other jocks, despite an instrumental flip for the tediously purist.

FREEEZ: ‘I.O.U.’ (Beggars Banquet BEG 96T)
Created by Arthur Baker and cronies in New York but not exactly sensational, the 118bpm electro jitterer is spoilt by unconvincing vocals although it picks up for a freaky finish, and the flip is instrumental — followed on 12in by a shorter totally different ‘We’ve Got The Jazz‘ electro-backed 114bpm piano instrumental, which is a blinder! Dynamite with Simpson/Montana/Hoggard, this is the track for me, and I imagine for a lot of you too.

FONDA RAE: ‘Heobah (Hey-O-Bah)’ (US Posse POS 1207)
Sorta mock afro, with acappella chant intro and a certain amount of title chanting behind soulful Miss Rae, this chugging 112¼bpm 12in jittery smacker has catchy elements and gets better the longer it’s on, working OK on the floor (instrumental/edit flip).

ORLANDO JOHNSON & TRANCE: ‘Turn The Music On’ (US Easy Street EZS-7501)
Jellybean-mixed slightly monotonous 111½bpm 12in bomp bomp bomper brought to life by a sinuous high pitched soulful vocal line and catchy chorus, which really deserve less of a steamroller backing — however, a bit of a grower, it’s fine on the floor especially with Fonda Rae (instrumental flip).

IMAGINATION: ‘Night Dubbing’ LP (R&B RBDUB 1)
Late in reaching me (along with much of my mail at the moment), this widely publicised budget priced collection of dub remixes has freaky fun with the 106bpm ‘Just An Illusion’, 114bpm ‘Burnin’ Up‘, 101bpm ‘Music And Lights‘, 0-82bpm ‘Body Talk‘, 0-109-110bpm ‘Flashback‘ (the speed spirals up at the end), 0-105bpm ‘So Good So Right‘, and 113bpm ‘Changes‘ (the instrumental flip only of Larry Levan’s US 12in mix).

NEW GUYS ON THE BLOCK: ‘On The Dance Floor’ (US Sugarhill SH-456)
Muttering, hissing and sucking build-up to a totally shameless 115bpm 12in impersonation of Michael Jackson, worthy of the Hee Bee Gee Bees, and likely to fool people so much it should work convincingly in its own right (inst flip).

PUSH: ‘Midnight’ (Excaliber EXCL 532)
Zappily breezy 118bpm 12in Britfunk swinger with busy group vocals and gimmicky use of ticking clocks and the GPO’s (sorry, Telecom’s) “twelve o’clock precisely” lady, all possibly a little too exuberantly bright for the hard soul mob but certainly in with Galaxy-like pop chances.

SUNFIRE: ‘Step In The Light’ (Warner Bros W9642T)
Although a hit for the soul revivalist LADS last Christmas this quality-steeped beautifully sung shuffling jittery 116½bpm 12in swinger sadly won’t have the universal appeal of ‘Young Free And Single’ — and, if the similar Luther Vandross can’t currently do better in the disco chart, may not even regain its former heights.

LLOYD PARKS: ‘Reservation For Two’ (Intense INT 008)
Glorious tender soulful 74bpm 12in reggae smoocher with a stunning swooping and gliding vocal performance before going into a dub last half.

RIKKY BARNETT: ‘You Make It Happen’ (Hawkeye HD 048)
Leroy Hutson’s last album gets plundered again for material to make a superior lovely lazy sax smoothed 78bpm 12in lovers rock smoocher.

DENISE LaSALLE: ‘Lay Me Down’ (LP ‘A Lady In The Street’ Malco MAL 7412, via Pinnacle)
Superb down tempo, down home, sleazy gut bucket soul by the early ’70s veteran, like a less blatant but just as earthy Millie Jackson, all the slowies being killers although most smoochable are this pause catching 77-76bpm beauty and the swaying 96bpm ‘Come To Bed‘ (also on 97bpm 12in MAL 12009), but for different degrees of bluesiness try also the 63-0bpm ‘Don’t Mess With My Man’, 85-84bpm ‘Down Home Blues’, 88bpm title track, 99bpm ‘I Was Not The Best Woman’ (12in flip).

ASTERISKS: ‘Darling Cool It’ (Sunburn SB-D 26)
We get the right crowd to make a big feature of “soca” at Gullivers, and this great happy fast 124-123bpm 12in Caribbean knees-up is one of the biggest at the moment (in fact top of the soca chart). Good party fun.

WARP 9: ‘Light Years Away’ (Arista ARIST 12531)
Out ‘n out electrophonic stuff (C.O.D. apart) seemed temporarily to ease off after its ‘Smurf’ splurge but, a bit of a late starter, this 0-116½bpm 12in hip hop be-bop guys/gal rapper (more minimal instrumental flip) is now leading the second wave — especially North of Watford.

RENE & ANGELA: ‘Banging The Boogie’ (Capitol 12CL 293)
Good as what it is, which is ‘Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin’ / ‘Shake Your Body (Down To The Ground)’ slowed slightly to 116bpm, on 3-track 12in with its instrumental and the older jerky slow 0-99bpm ‘Secret Rendezvous‘. By all accounts their brand new import album would seem a better buy.

COMATEENS: ‘Pictures On A String’ (Virgin VS 575-12)
Record Mirror’s ‘Master Tape’ turned me on to these guys — this isn’t the cut on the cassette, but it’s an excellent solidly smacking 122bpm 12in B-side jiggler with a Grace Jones flavour, compatible with electrophonic phunk.

ROBERT PALMER: ‘You Can Have It (Take My Heart)’ (Island 12IS 121)
Better known by its bracketed subtitle, this surprisingly is nothing less than Kool & The Gang’s lovely loper given a slightly faster 112bpm 12in looping and ticking treatment, less subtle than the soulful original but effective.

MICHAEL HENDERSON: ‘Fickle’ (Buddah BDSL 501)
A great mix with his other current production by Venna, it’s a stark lurching Prince inspired 0-119bpm 12in heavy funk bass basher with the back-up chix continuing through the thus not-so-instrumental flip. His import LP ain’t so hot, though.

JIMMY SPICER: ‘Money (Dollar Bill Y’all)’ (US Spring SP D 410)
Oddball of the week, a stark electro instrumental 99½bpm 12in remix of the monotonous rapper from I think circa late ’80, which was either prophetic or else really remixed as now with vari-speed it synchs sensationally out of Mtume, while the vocal flip probably inspired HRH’s ‘Cash (Cash Money)’.

ELECTRIC SMOKE: ‘Freak It Out’ (Nitelife Dance Records LIFT 3)
Odd choice for UK release, a routine rolling 110bpm 12in rumbler with mixed vocal harmonies and a Smurf rap break, briefly warm three months ago for its sharper instrumental flip with synth poking through the more spacious mix.

CAROL DOUGLAS: ‘Got Ya Where I Want Ya’ (US Next Plateau NP 50014)
Warp 9’s production team provide an accurate 118bpm 12in copy of the Kashif sound, so much so you’ll wonder where you heard it before (inst flip).

THE FEARLESS FOUR: ‘Rockin’ It’ (Y Records YT 105)
Sucking and whispering intro to a “they’re here” roll call started infectious jerky electro backed 95½bpm 12in unison rapper, unjustly ignored on import last autumn.

SHAKATAK: ‘Dark Is The Night’ (Polydor POSPX 595)
Painlessly pleasant metronomic 0-122bpm 12in rippling tripper, extremely insubstantial and forgettable but flawlessly done as ever.

IRENE CARA: ‘Flashdance . . . What A Feeling’ (Casablanca CAN 1016)
Giorgio Moroder-prod/penned slow starting Summer-style 0-123bpm 12in pop/gay canterer, a bit restrained and dare I say cliched, but doubtless housewives will dig (inst. flip).

DISCO TOP 85 – MAY 28, 1983

01 01 Love Town – Booker Newberry III – US Boardwalk 12”
02 02 Dancing Tight – Galaxy featuring Phil Fearon – Ensign 12”
03 04 Juicy Fruit – Mtume – US Epic 12”
04 03 We Can Work It Out / I Do Love You / Physical Attractions – Brass Construction – US Capitol LP
05 05 Music / Instrumental – “D” Train – Prelude 12”
06 15 All Night Long / Boys – Mary Jane Girls – US Gordy LP
07 24 Something Special – Steve Harvey – Pressure 12”
08 08 Minefield – I Level – Virgin 12”
09 09 Walkin’ The Line / Forever Love – Brass Construction – Capitol 12”
10 06 Save The Overtime (For Me) – Gladys Knight & The Pips – CBS 12”
11 10 In The Bottle / Megamix With The Smurf – C.O.D. – Streetwave 12”
12 19 Candy Girl – New Edition – London 12”
13 25 Let’s Live It Up (Nite People) – David Joseph – Island 12”
14 07 Smoothin’ Groovin’ / DJ’s Delight – Ingram – US Mirage 12”
15 12 Didn’t Know About Love (Till I Found You) – Lenny White – US Elektra 12”
16 11 Stop And Go – David Grant – Chrysalis 12”
17 16 Is This The Future – Fatback – US Spring LP
18 29 I’m Out To Catch – Leon Haywood – US Casablanca 12”
19 27 Daybreak / Explain The Reason – First Light – London 12”
20 21 Mornin’ – Al Jarreau – Warner Bros 12”
21 13 Times Are Tight (Instrumental) – Jimmy Young – Nitelife 12”
22 34 Candy Man / Instrumental – Mary Jane Girls – Gordy 12”
23 18 Twist (Round ‘N’ Round) – Chill Fac-Torr – Philly World 12”
24 20 Right On Time / We Are One / I Wanna Thank You – Maze featuring Frankie Beverly – Capitol LP
25 33 Changing For You / Bottom’s Up – Chi-Lites – US Larc LP
26 49 Can’t Get Enough Of You – Wickett – US Mr T 12”
27 NE It’s Over – Funk Masters – Master-Funk 12”
28 NE Get Down Saturday Night / Bless The Ladies – Oliver Cheatham – US MCA LP
29 14 Summer Nights In Rio / Driftin’ On A Dream – Wilton Felder – MCA LP/12” promo
30 17 Never Too Late – Lonnie Liston Smith – US Doctor Jazz LP
31 31 Beat It – Michael Jackson – Epic 12”
32 23 Mr D.J. / Megamix With Ladies Night – Wish – Streetwave 12”
33 35 Love’s Gonna Get You – UK Players – RCA 12”
34 38 Weekend – Class Action featuring Chris Wiltshire – Jive 12”
35 73 Party On The Corner – Vaughan Mason & Butch Dayo – US Salsoul 12”
36 39 Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin’ / Thriller – Michael Jackson – Epic LP
37 26 Groovin’ On A Groove – Ingram – US Mirage LP
38 22 Take Me To The Top – Advance – US Polydor 12”
39 51 When Boys Talk – Indeep – Sound of New York 12”
40 81 You Don’t Know What You Got / Party Mix – Karen Young – Firebird Pinnacle/US Boardwalk 12”
41 50 The Girl Is Fine (So Fine) – Fatback – Spring 12”
42 48 You’re The Sweetest One – Luther Vandross – Epic 12”
43 85 If You’re Looking For Fun – Weeks & Co – US Salsoul 12”
44 45 Use Me Lose Me (Lose Me Use Me) / Instrumental / Reprise Me – The Paul Simpson Connection – US Streetwise 12”
45 30 Heat You Up (Melt You Down) – Shirley Lites – West End 12”
46 56 Between The Sheets / Choosey Lover – Isley Brothers – US TNeck LP
47 71 Light Years Away / Dub Version – Warp 9 – Arista 12”
48 NE You Make It Heaven – Terri Wells – US Philly World 12”
49 46 Ha-Chica – Tony McKenzie – US SAM/Dutch Cash 12”
50 59 Special Lady / Better Take Time – Second Image – Polydor 12”
51 62 Love Is The Key – Maze – Capitol 12”
52 82 Feel The Need In Me – Forrest – CBS 12”
53 69 Tell Tale Heart – Neil Lockwood – Red Bus 12”
54 37 Hot Number – Anthony Franklin – US Mirage 12”
55 53 Get Her Crazy / Yum-Yum – Nile Rodgers – Atlantic 12”
56 36 Shoot Your Best Shot – Burgess Gardner – US MCA LP
57 65 Does That Ring A Bell – Dynasty – Solar 12”
58 74 When You’re Far Away – Gladys Knight & The Pips – US Columbia LP
59 NE Lady Love Me (One More Time) – George Benson – Warner Bros 12”
60 47 Burnin’ Up / Heart ‘N’ Soul (Dub Remixes) – Imagination – R&B 12” promo/LP
61 58 Let It Out – Blue Feather – Mercury 12”
62 67 Keep Giving Me Love / The Shadow Of Your Smile – “D” Train – Prelude LP
63 42 Step By Step / Love Is Waiting / Black And Blues / I Will Be Here For You – Al Jarreau – Warner Bros LP
64 32 Do You Wanna Dance – Lavias – US Golden Pyramid 12”
65 41 Reach Out – George Duke – Epic 12”
66 54 You Ain’t Really Down – Status IV – US Radar 12”
67 66 You Meet My Approval / Nobody Can Be You – Steve Arrington’s Hall Of Fame – Atlantic LP/12” promo
68 NE Live And Learn – Warner – White Label 12” promo
69 44 Don’t Hold Back Your Love – Loose Ends – Virgin 12”
70 75 Reach Out (I’ll Be There) – Narada Michael Walden – Atlantic 12”
71 76 Too Busy Thinking About My Baby – Bill Fredericks – Unigram 12”
72 NE Just An Illusion / Music And Lights / Changes / Flashback (Dub Remixes) – Imagination – R&B LP
73 28 Cash (Cash Money) / Jungle Stomp – Prince Charles – Virgin 12”
74 NE Bet Cha Say That To All The Girls / Smile / Once In Your Life / Lifetime Lover – Sister Sledge – US Cotillion LP
75 NE Don’t Quit – Jay Hoggard – US Gramavision Inc LP
76 NE Who Needs Enemies / (Instrumental Bits) – Montana Sextet – US Philly Sound Works 12”
77 63 Green Light / Hip Dip Skippedabeat – Mtume – US Epic LP
78 70 Sun Dancer / Victory ’83 / Style / Chasing Rainbows / Don’t Stop Believin’ – Mass Production – US Cotillion LP
79 72 Knock Knock / Going Out Of My Head – Weeks & Co – US Salsoul LP
80 61 Be Thankful For What You Got / Instrumental – Craig Peyton – US Profile 12”
81 64 Money’s Too Tight (To Mention) – Valentine Brothers – Energy 12”
82 NE So Nobody Else Can Hear / Pistachio – Jimmy Cobb – US Contempo Vibrato Recordings LP
83 NE Dream Hunter – Sergio Mendes – US A&M LP
84 NE Heobah (Hey-O-Bah) – Fonda Rae – US Posse 12”
85 NE In The Streets – Prince Charles – Greyhound Record Productions LP


BUBBLING UNDER the Disco 85 are:

Robert Palmer: ‘You Can Have It’ (Island 12in)
Venna: ‘Watching You’ (Buddah 12in)
Midnite: ‘Never Gonna Stop’ (Tivoli 12in)
Bob Marley: ‘Buffalo Soldier’ (Tuff Gong 12in)
Slim: ‘It’s In The Mix’ (US DETT 12in)
Phil Upchurch: ‘When I Fall In Love’ (US Jam LP)
The Band AKA: ‘If You Want To Know’ / ‘Men Of The Music’ (Epic 12in)
Cameo: ‘You’re A Winner’ / ‘Style’ (US Atlanta Artists LP)
Fonzi Thornton: ‘(Uh-Oh) There Goes My Heart’ / ‘Sayin’ Goodbye (To Lonely Nites)’ (US RCA LP)
Sinnamon: ‘I Need You Now’ / (Fierce Reprise) (US Jive 12in)
Jonzun Crew: ‘Space Cowboy’ / ‘Pack Jam (Remix)’ (21 Records LP)
Orlando Johnson & Trance: ‘Turn The Music On’ (US Easy Street 12in)
Second Image: ‘Life Is What You Make It’ / ‘Is It Me’ / ‘Can’t Keep Holding On 83’ / ‘Love Turns Me Upside Down’ / ‘Special Lady’ (Polydor LP)
Lenny White: ‘My Turn To Love You’ / ‘You Bring Out The Best In Me’ / ‘Just Say The Word’ (US Elektra LP)
The Hudsons: ‘Don’t Try To Fight It’ (Epic 12in)
Disco Connection: ‘Rock Your Baby (Re-edit)’ (PRT 12in)
Gwen Guthrie: ‘Peanut Butter’ (US Island LP)
Ozone: ‘(Our Hearts) Will Always Shine’ (US Motown LP)
DeVille: ‘(I’d Like To) Squeeze You Hold You’ (Philly World 12in)
Grandmaster Flash: ‘New York New York’ (US Sugarhill 12in)


No Hit Numbers this week.


01 02 Dancing Tight – Galaxy featuring Phil Fearon – Ensign 12”
02 01 Beat It – Michael Jackson – Epic 12”
03 17 Love Town – Booker Newberry III – Polydor 12”
04 03 Let’s Dance – David Bowie – EMI America 12”
05 04 True – Spandau Ballet – Reformation 12”
06 05 Temptation – Heaven 17 – B.E.F. 12”
07 07 Candy Girl – New Edition – London 12”
08 11 Music – “D” Train – Prelude 12”
09 09 (Keep Feeling) Fascination – Human League – Virgin 12”
10 10 Minefield / Give Me (Remix) – I Level – Virgin 12”
11 06 Twist (Round ‘N’ Round) – Chill Fac-Torr – Philly World 12”
12 16 Blue Monday / The Beach – New Order – Factory 12”
13 15 Thriller / Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin’ – Michael Jackson – Epic LP
14 26 Stop And Go – David Grant – Chrysalis 12”
15 30 Times Are Tight (Instrumental) – Jimmy Young – Nitelife Dance 12”
16 27 Feel The Need In Me – Forrest – CBS 12”
17 20 Save The Overtime (For Me) – Gladys Knight & The Pips – CBS 12”
18 14 Love Is A Stranger – Eurythmics – RCA 12”
19 13 Rock The Boat – Forrest – CBS 12”
20 19 You Can’t Hide (Your Love From Me) – David Joseph – Island 12”
21 46 Juicy Fruit – Mtume – Epic 12”
22 23 Sex (I’m A . . .) (Instrumental) / (Vocal) – Berlin – Mercury 12”
23 — Family Man – Daryl Hall & John Oates – RCA 12”
24 38 In The Bottle – C.O.D. – Streetwave 12”
25 — Blind Vision – Blancmange – London 12”
26 08 Billie Jean (Remix) – Michael Jackson – Epic 12”
27 12 Weekend – Class Action – Jive 12”
28 — Bad Boys – Wham – Inner Vision 12”
29 33 Mr D.J. – Wish – Streetwave 12”
30 28 Love’s Gonna Get You – UK Players – RCA 12”
31 18 Cash (Cash Money) – Prince Charles & The City Beat Band – Virgin 12”
32 29 Church Of The Poison Mind – Culture Club – Virgin 12”
33 21 Hip Hop Be Bop (Don’t Stop) – Man Parrish – Polydor 12”
34 49 Walkin’ The Line – Brass Construction – Capitol 12”
35 22 Young, Free And Single – Sunfire – Warner Bros 12”
36 43 Pale Shelter – Tears For Fears – Mercury 12”
37 — Too Busy Thinking About My Baby – Bill Fredericks – Unigram 12”
38 — Candy Man – Mary Jane Girls – Gordy 12”
39 — Reach Out – George Duke – Epic 12”
40 25 We’re Celebrating (Boys And Girls Come Out To Play) – Language – Stiff 12”
41 35 Rock Your Baby (Re-Edit) – Disco Connection – PRT 12”
42 — Let’s Live It Up (Nite People) – David Joseph – Island 12”
43 — Singing In The Rain / Putting On The Ritz – Taco – RCA 12”
44 — Daybreak / Explain The Reason – First Light – London/Oval 12”
45 — The Girl Is Fine (So Fine) – Fatback – Spring 12”
46 47 Smoothin’ Groovin’ – Ingram – US Montage 12”
47 — We Are Detective – Thompson Twins – Arista 12”
48 — Get Her Crazy / Yum-Yum – Nile Rodgers – Atlantic 12”
49 — Our Lips Are Sealed – Fun Boy Three – Chrysalis 12”
50 — Sweet Memory – Belle Stars – Stiff 12”

Selections from this chart are played on Radio Luxembourg 208m, 1440Khz between 9 and 11pm on Fridays and 11pm and 1am on Mondays.


01 01 Maybe This Time – Norma Lewis – ERC 12”
02 03 So Many Men So Little Time – Miquel Brown – Record Shack 12”
03 07 Memory – Menage – US Profile 12”
04 02 Party – Julius Brown – US West End 12”
05 05 Love Is A Stranger (Remix) / Heart To Heart (Remix) / The Best Of Hot Tracks ’82 – Eurythmics / Twins / Various – US Hot Tracks 12”
06 06 Searchin’ (I Gotta Find A Man) – Hazell Dean – Proto 12” promo
07 10 The Night – Azul Y Negro – Spanish Mercury 12”
08 12 Can We Try Again – Technique – US Arial 12”
09 08 Shot In The Night – Paul Parker – US Megatone 12”
10 22 Angel Man (G.A.) – Rhetta Hughes – US Aria 12”
11 27 Lady Marmalade – La Mama – German Hansa 12”
12 04 Too Busy Thinking About My Baby – Bill Fredericks – Unigram 12”
13 17 I’m Free – Celi Bee – US Paris International 12”
14 11 I’m Alive – American Fade – Proto 12”
15 14 Blue Monday / The Beach – New Order – Factory 12”
16 26 Sex (I’m A Slut) – Berlin – Mercury 12”
17 25 These Memories – Oh Romeo – US Bob Cat 12”
18 — Feel The Need In Me – Forrest – CBS 12”
19 09 I Love You So – Manny’s – Canadian DJ 12”
20 — Under My Thumb – Fast Radio – Excaliber 12”
21 18 Got You Where I Want You Babe – Stereo Fun Inc. – Creole 12”
22 — Stop – Valery Allington – Metropolis Carrere 12”
23 21 Shake It Up (Remix) – Divine – Dutch Break 12”
24 13 Heat You Up (Melt You Down) – Shirley Lites – West End 12”
25 16 Don’t Stop – Sylvester – London 12”
26 28 Megamedley – Patrick Cowley – US Megatone 12”
27 — Candy Man – Mary Jane Girls – Gordy 12”
28 23 El Watusi/La Bamba (Medley) – Rags & Riches – US Casablanca 12”
29 — Men Hungry – Maxine Dee – German Disco 12”
30 — Magical Body – Los Angeles T.F. – Italian Il Disc 12”

4 thoughts on “May 28, 1983: Oliver Cheatham, The Funk Masters, Mary Jane Girls, Terri Wells, Imagination”

  1. Wow! What a week for classics to be released. Superb songs from Oliver Cheatham and George Benson. Super slowie from The Isleys, class from the Mary Jane Girls, the fabulous Paradise Garage sound from Larry Levan and Gwen Guthrie and best of all the Montana Sextet with the fabulous xylophone solo and, as Les Adams (RIP) used to remark, a real dirty guitar sound at the end of the track. Still today when I go out with headphones on I start with Peanut Butter, Hopscotch and Who Need Enemies (along with a bit of Aurra). Great times!


    1. I don’t think Larry Levan mixed that album, did he? Wasn’t it when he got his hands on Gwen’s material for 1985’s Padlock mini-album that he made those great tracks even greater? As I recall, Island booked him studio time to do those remixes, but he kept blowing all the money they paid him on getting high, and so they ended up having to issue whatever he’d completed, because they couldn’t afford to keep funding his, er, habits …

      I’m not knocking Larry, BTW – everyone has their Achilles’ heel and whatever he partook in clearly fuelled his creativity … and that Padlock album is superb in just about every way. If only there’d been more of it …!


      1. I think you’re right, Angus. I actually now own James’s copy of the Padlock remixes album, and a very fine piece of work it is, too.


  2. I agree – that is a phenomenal set of releases and you can see why 1983 was looked on as the last decent year of the jazz- funk era and the last good year in the underground dance world until acid house in 1988.

    No wonder Streetsounds did back then so well it had an amazingly rich vein of tackle to choose from..

    And that’s the first I’d heard about the very sad news concerning Les Adams – those first few mix singles that crossed over the pop charts too back in the late 80s were top quality versions of that kind of record. RIP.


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