August 6, 1983: Rumple-Stilts-Skin, Serge Ponsar, Kenny Lynch, Toots Hibbert, Feel


SHEP PETTIBONE has remixed Skyy ‘Show Me The Way’ for rush released US 12in imminently, as ‘Bad Boy‘ bombed even in the States . . . Teena Marie is hotly rumoured to have an album due now . . . Keni Burke ‘Risin’ To The Top’ is set for re-release (same bass as ‘All Night Long’!), while a future Crown Heights Affair 12in will team ‘Rock The World’, their current 115bpm ‘Heavy Lovin’ 7in flip and an as yet undecided oldie . . . Junior ‘Runnin’ has been remixed by Nick Martinelli for UK 12in in a fortnight . . . CBS have white labelled UK-produced lady Haywoode ‘A Time Like This‘, due commercially mid-Aug, a beefily trucking 114½bpm thudder to which at PAs the crowd pleasing foxy Miss skips through all of Michael Jackson’s slickest video steps in rapid rotation . . . Disco Mix Club now sends members not only their cassettes but also a monthly “power play” on 12in (it’s been Club House, now Kenny Lynch) — for subscription details, DJs/ club managers should contact Christine Prince at PO Box 89, Slough, Berks or on 06286 63227 . . . Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’ was deposed by The Police after 19 weeks as top US Pop LP, similarly after 25 weeks the Isley Brothers pipped it atop the Black LP list — but for only one week before it returned! . . . Mtume ‘Juicy Fruit’ lost the US Black Singles chart top after 8 weeks to Donna Summer, and Yaz(oo) ‘State Farm’ / ‘Nobody’s Diary’ is now number one US Dance/Disco . . . Second Image were the audience’s most-liked act on Freddie Starr’s Showcase last week on telly, and should they win the final (which you can see Aug 23) they would be in line for their own TV special — which could be interesting because, as hinted last week, they’ve left Polydor and are currently un-signed . . . Julie Roberts missed appearing with the Funk Masters on Top Of The Pops only because she was on a pre-booked holiday in America (silly girl) — oh, and at her big Bluebird Records party in Fulham Pools last week, Chris Hill was never out of the water (showing off his rippling physique!) . . . Big Brother ‘Adventures In Success’, still hot for me, rather interestingly has a totally different and less effective 94½bpm treatment on US Island 7in as by Will Powers, with composer credits including Robert Palmer and Sting — my thanks for this to Record Corner’s Terry Davis & Ian Clark, who will be presenting their soulful ‘Function At The Junction Pt 3’ this Saturday (6) at Lavender Hill’s The Cornet in Lavender Gardens, good regular crowd into deep rarities . . . Dave Rawlings has “Crazy Christmas” all this week at Basingstoke Martines (‘ere, where’s them pics?) . . . Bob Jones guests with Joe Field & Mike Allin this Thursday (4) at Hemel Hempstead’s Whip & Collar . . . Cleveland Anderson, standing to his full height and threatening my kneecap, proves he can get gigs in the south by funking Oxford Street Spats on Thursdays! . . . Loughborough University’s Eddie Gee & Ken funk a one-off ‘Touch Of Love Roadshow’ with competitions and a raffle this Thursday (4) downstairs at Mayfair Gullivers in Down Street — the same room that the all-mixing all-dancing Mastermind Roadshow has taken over on Fridays now, while upstairs at Gullys for the next two Fri/ Sats your own James Hamilton jocks all night while Graham Gold is away . . . Mike Sefton, guesting with Chris Brown at Camberley Frenchies this Sunday, the previous night (6) starts a monthly early-hours slot on London Weekend Radio 92.5FM playing mainly new soul-jazz-funk . . . I explored the sunny Suffolk coast last week, rather surprisingly listening to Robbie Vincent’s “naff” phone-in on radio London as far away as Snape . . . Peter Stringfellow was the interesting DJ guest on Susie Barne’s Friday night Radio London show last week . . . John Harris (Redruth): that record you couldn’t identify in Spain is that country’s current biggest hit, Ryan Paris ‘Dolce Vita‘ (Spanish CBS A 12.3557/Italian Disco Magic MIX 117) — so say “ta for the info” to Spud (Stevenage), Gary Allan (Liverpool), J A Knight (Bexleyheath)! . . . Heatwave’s massive injection of new blood would seem to have freshened up their stage act considerably . . . Newcleus’s “wicki wicki” vocal scratch effects are sensational repeatedly synched through Herbie Hancock’s real scratching bits, and those two plus Time Zone can be mixed back and forth until the cows come home! . . . Peaches & Herb ‘One On One Situation‘ so far seems hottest up north . . . Level 42 are hitting pop as a twin-pack twofer with ‘Love Games’ . . . I bet Bruce Foxton’s great dance-orientated ‘Freak‘ is the smash in the States that’s so far eluded Paul Weller . . . Isaac Hayes looked in at Mayfair Samantha’s (next to Rockafella’s late-nite eaterie off Regent Street) for Dave Smith’s “back to school” party recently . . . I wonder, does burbling Peter Powell ever think anyone’s made a bad record or done a dreadful Radio One Session? . . . Imagination, who missed their chance of getting out of the rut by not issuing ‘Heart ‘N’ Soul’ way back when they should, had better come up with something different and preferably energetic for their single . . . Greg Edwards stopped Capital’s listeners dead in their tracks last Saturday when he handled a birthday dedication saying, “I won’t tell how old you are — just as long as you’re old enough to funk, that’s alright” (at least we think that’s what he said!) . . . ‘War Games’, a great movie about this computer crazy kid who by chance connects through to the US defence centre and plays ‘Thermonuclear War’ for real (what, you know that plot?), also includes the lovely if oddly named Ally Sheedy — who ‘Hill Street Blues’ fans will know as that recent sexy “just three words” tease (oh boy oh boy!) . . . hey hey HEY, LET’S BE CAREFUL OUT THERE!

ROBERTA FLACK has returned the favour when Peabo Bryson duetted with her following Donny Hathaway’s death, and now shares (second-placed) split billing with Peabo again on ‘Born To Love’ (US Capitol ST-12284), a largely slow quality selection penned/produced by the likes of Bob Gaudio & Bob Crewe (the uptempo highlight is their 121bpm ‘Heaven Above Me‘), Burt Bacherach & Carol Bayer Sager, and Michael Masser — whose Gerry Goffin co-penned slow Richie/Ross-like 0-29½/59-0bpm ‘Tonight I Celebrate My Love‘ is now on 7in here (Capitol CL 302). Designed with lovers in mind!


RUMPLE-STILTS-SKIN: ‘I Think I Want To Dance With You’ (US Heat MS 609)
Starting straight out with great squalling sax in Band AKA style over an Al Hudson-ish rhythm, this extremely soulful gal/guy duetted jiggly 112½bpm 12in swayer (inst/edit flip) is one of those unheralded delights that jump out of nowhere to scorch up the chart! Expect this to be massive.

SERGE PONSAR: ‘Out In The Night’ (WEA U9852T)
Instantly accepted rerun of the Chic/’Another One Bites The Dust’ bass line driving the black Frenchman’s 113bpm 12in jiggler, his vocals veering between Phil Fearon and the Bee Gees (inst flip). Sadly, Serge’s import LP ‘Back To The Light’ (US WEA 1-23914) is a bit dull apart from the 116bpm ‘I Want Money‘.

KENNY LYNCH: ‘Half The Day’s Gone And We Haven’t Earned A Penny’ (Satril 12SAT 510)
Very disappointingly in this 113bpm ‘Bethnal Green Chin-mental Funk Mix’ 12in version Kenny and Greg Edwards have together taken out all the funky feel of the LP’s great long intro to leave just the “disco” chix in a horrid empty unsoulful mix, which would never have had a rave review: in fact, I’m not massacring it now only because the swaying song’s so catchy it’ll cross over regardless . . . but do please check the better album version too. Flip’s the more languidly loping (0-)109-113bpm ‘Another Groovy Saturday Night‘.

TOOTS HIBBERT: ‘Spiritual Healing’ (Island 12IS 129)
Excellent atmospheric 89bpm 12in reggae answer to ‘Sexual Healing’, similar right down to the tapping rhythm box beat (the ‘long version’ flip is possibly best).

FEEL: ‘Got To Have Your Lovin’ (US Posse POS 1209)
New label for the Players Associated ‘I’d Like To’ mob, this rash chick wailed exciting 118bpm 12in electro rhythm box jolted lurching smacker having a great breakdown break and bags of confidence (edit/inst flip).

LILLO: ‘(You’re A) Good Girl’ (Capitol 12CL 303)
At a usefully mixable summer tempo, the Paul Lawrence Jones III-prod/penned Kashif colleague sho’ ’nuff sings a sparse lurching 106bpm 12in retread of the ‘Love Come Down’ formula (inst flip), which of course makes it instantly familiar for dancers.

MANU DIBANGO: ‘Soul Makossa’ (London LONX 19)
Originally due when Nairobi’s electro version was hitting, the Cameroonian saxist’s 1973-recorded jolting 114-115bpm afro classic now of course has had its tongue twisting chant lifted by ‘Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin’ (not that the records are compatible), and is flipped on 12in here for the first time — although a repeat of the old Fiesta 12in from France — by 1976’s more energetic and even more popular 122-123bpm ‘Big Blow‘.

DENNIS BROWN: ‘Out Of The Funk’ (LP ‘The Prophet Rides Again’ US A&M SP-4964)
Less satisfying than his last outstanding A&M set yet sure to excite funk fans more as producer Joe Gibbs has gone crossover crazy on this simple jittery buoyant 113bpm driver, while ‘Wonders Of The World‘ is a soulful 97½bpm swayer, ‘Jammin’ My Way To Fame‘ a rock-inflected stark 96½bpm thudder, ‘Too Hot‘ a suggestive 107bpm jiggler, the more traditional reggae slowies being the 81bpm ‘Historical Places (Ethiopia)‘ (my own fave), 73bpm ‘Shashamane Living’, 89bpm ‘Save A Little Love For Me’ (soon on 12in here), 72bpm ‘This Love Of Mine’, 87bpm ‘Storms Are Raging’, 69bpm title track.

TAKE 3: ‘Tonite’s The Nite’ (Tempo DIG 1)
Produced by Peter Hinds of Beggar & Co, an economically pushing 118-117-118bpm 12in Beggar & Co bass riff with cooing chix doing the singing (inst flip), worth hearing a few times as it’s sneakily infectious.

SHALAMAR: ‘The Look’ LP (Solar 96-0239-1)
Well, they haven’t totally deserted disco yet, dividing this between soul and pop with a couple of slowies, the admittedly rather tired old Shalamar formula driving the summer tempo 110bpm ‘Right Here’, 106½bpm ‘You’re The One For Me‘ being best smoocher, while pop are the 159bpm ‘Disappearing Act‘ (follow up single), 149bpm ‘No Limits (The Now Club)‘, Stanley Clarke co-prod/penned 137bpm title track. As with their last LP, 12in remixes will doubtless give individual tracks a less cramped sound.

NEW EDITION: ‘Popcorn Love’ (London LONX 31)
More jittery 104¼bpm Jackson Five impersonations, but with a less restrictive backing this time, on 3-track 12in with its instrumental plus the hip hop rapping 113bpm ‘Pass The Beat‘.

PHILIP BAILEY: ‘I Know’ (US Columbia 44-04027)
Earth Wind & Fire’s squeaky singer goes solo on a George Duke-produced purposeful slow rolling 92¼bpm 12in slinker, not necessarily a hit but nice enough (and thankfully not at all EWF!), flipped by the more typical dated jerky 113bpm ‘The Good Guy’s Supposed To Get The Girls‘.

MICHAEL LOVESMITH: ‘Baby I Will’ (Motown TMGT 1311)
Subduedly tumbling 118½bpm 12in crib of Change’s ‘Searching’, flipped by the thus-far warmer and rather soulful shuffling 117bpm ‘What’s The Bottom Line’ (which could work with Galaxy’s rhythm).

THOMPSON TWINS: ‘Dancersaurus’ (Arista TWINS 121)
Excellent summer tempo 99bpm 12in instrumental version, minus any pop vocals, of the hit ‘Watching (You Watching Me)‘ A-side, worth checking by mixers especially.

TEE ROY MORRIS: ‘I Heard It Through The Grapevine’ (Polydor POSPX 633)
Pop-aimed presumably Forrest-inspired throbbing 120bpm 12in revival of Marvin’s classic (probably good with LaFleur), rather oddly the less vocal dub A-side of promo copies not being available commercially at all.

EARLENE BENTLEY: ‘The Boys Come To Town’ (Record Shack SOHOT 8)
Ian Levine co-prod/penned electronically rattling 128bpm 12in gay galloper exuberantly performed at full throttle by a huskily hollering theatrical lady (inst flip), exciting in an old fashioned Sylvester-ish way.

LIME: ‘Guilty’ (Polydor POSPX 628)
Consistent boys town fave keeping the syndrum sound alive on a straining chap-sung cantering 124-125bpm 12in electro pounder with familiar seeming cliched pop lyrics (inst flip).

PHYLLIS NELSON: ‘Stop Don’t Do This To Me’ (Carrere CART 286)
Boys town hit but surprisingly mellow 116-115bpm 12in choppy canterer with nice long instrumental build-up (good out of Club House?) before the typically overwrought emoting.

STARS ON 45: ‘Stars On 45 Presents The Star Sisters’ (CBS TA 3534)
Big already with partying boys, a World War II c.173-176-178bpm 12in medley of Andrews Sisters and Glen Miller favourites — and, in retaliation, MCA Records have also spliced together their own c.165-160-156-159bpm 12in medley by the real ANDREWS SISTERS (MCAT 829), but spoilt by a badly superimposed dull electronic pulse.

MICHAEL SEMBELLO: ‘Maniac’ (Casablanca CANX 1017)
‘Flashdance’-featured frantically flying 154bpm 12in pop speeder which even Ian Levine has to slow to his decks lowest vari-speed to make mixable (inst flip).

DISCO CONNECTION: ‘Born To Be Alive’ (Belgian Music Master MM 16/12)
Skippable phonetic introed galloping electronic 130bpm 12in vocoder remake of the Patrick Hernandez pop oldie, by the Forrest-inspiring ‘Rock Your Baby’ bunch (inst flip).

ROY ALTON: ‘Girl I Love You’ (Sunburn SB-D 35, via Orbitone 01-965 8292)
Ultra happy jump-up 123bpm 12in soca which usefully even echoes the ‘Hot-Hot-Hot’ chant (inst flip).

FELIX LEBARTY (LOVER BOY): ‘Take Me Home’ (Win WND 101, via Tabansi 01-802 8852)
Light voiced shuffling and jumping 123(intro)-127bpm 12in afro/soca with good wailing sax, and possibly even more usefully ethnic afro 123bpm ‘Lover Action’ flip.

I.C.Q.: ‘Soak It Up’ (ICQ 1202, via City Sounds 01-405 5454)
Ivan Chandler’s indeterminately numbered jazz combo return on white label with a gradually building 0-128bpm 12in brassy instrumental underpinned by War-like percussion, all classily done.

MORRISSEY MULLEN: ‘Mr Sax And Captain Axe’ (Beggars Banquet BEG 97T)
Romping frisky fast free-wheeling 132bpm 12in autobiographical instrumental (dig the title to work out that contradiction!), good natured and a good listen.

INGRAM: ‘We Like To Do It’ (Streetwave WAVEL 5)
Staccato spurting 109-110-111bpm jerky jiggler with catchy “do it” emphasis and gruff hollering, on 12in only (no 7in), flipped by the Peoples Choice-ish urgently churning 121-122bpm ‘Groovin’ On A Groove‘.

KASHIF: ‘Stone Love’ (Arista ARIST 12534)
DJs chart returns reflected that no single track stood out on his album although this had most mentions, a computer-built 115bpm “soul by numbers” swayer now on 3-track 12in with its instrumental and the odd stop-start 106½bpm ‘The Mood‘.

ADELE BERTEI: ‘Build Me A Bridge’ (US Geffen 0-20128)
Thomas Dolby-produced resonantly bumping 115bpm 12in synth ‘n’ piano swayer, the instrumental flip being better for mixers than the A-side’s unsoulful shrill vocal.

PROJECT FUTURE: ‘Ray-Gun-Omics’ (US Capitol 8555)
Stark sparse jerky quiet 115bpm 12in electrophonic funk smacker with totally vocodered protest lyrics, co prod/penned by Rahni Harris.

TWO SISTERS: ‘High Noon’ (US Sugarscoop SS-424)
Man Parrish-produced chix sung jittery 118bpm 12in hip hop be bopper, pretty unremarkable but for some “barking”-type scratching.

PRINCE CHARLES: ‘Beat The Bush’ (Virgin VS 61012)
Funk for posers who stand around thinking about it rather than dancing, a monotonous largely instrumental 0-120bpm 12in chugger with howling hound and wind effects plus some searing flute ‘n’ synth (inst flip), originally titled ‘Bush Beat’ on LP.

MADELEINE UZHO: ‘Satisfied’ (Chrysalis CHS 122718)
Slinky slow 89bpm 12in groin grinder, very much a female Imagination in structure if not total sound (edit/inst flip).

THE 5th DIMENSION: ‘Surrender’ (Buddah BDSL 502)
Disjointed long build-up to an interesting enough spaced out slow 46½-92-0-92bpm 12in treatment of Diana Ross’s Ashford & Simpson-penned dramatic oldie (inst flip).

BLACK UHURU: ‘Party Next Door’ (Island 12IS 133)
Sly & Robbie-prod purposefully pumping summer tempo 86bpm 12in reggae jogger, let down by over-repetitive lyrics (dub flip).

DISCO TOP 85 – AUGUST 6, 1983

01 02 Rockit – Herbie Hancock – CBS 12”
02 01 The Crown / Instrumental – Gary Byrd – Motown 12”
03 03 Put Our Heads Together – O’Jays – Philadelphia International 12”
04 09 Do It Again/Billie Jean (Medley) – Club House – Island 12”
05 07 Crazy – Manhattans – CBS 12”
06 04 Tell Me Love – Michael Wycoff – RCA 12”
07 14 Out In The Night – Serge Ponsar – WEA International 12”
08 06 Falling In Love – Surface – Salsoul 12”
09 13 Changing For You / Bottom’s Up – Chi-Lites – R&B 12”
10 05 All Night Long – Mary Jane Girls – Gordy 12”
11 11 I.O.U. / We Got The Jazz / I Dub You – Freeez – Beggars Banquet 12”
12 08 It’s Over – Funk Masters – Master-Funk 12”
13 12 Get Down Saturday Night – Oliver Cheatham – MCA 12”
14 16 Show Me The Way / Swing It – Skyy – US Salsoul LP
15 15 Feel Like Making Love / Inside Love (So Personal) (Instrumental) – George Benson – Warner Bros 12”
16 18 Get It Right – Aretha Franklin – Arista 12”
17 10 All Night Long (Instrumental) / (Vocal) – La Famille – Sanity 12”
18 25 Just Be Good To Me – The SOS Band – Tabu 12”
19 20 Boogie Nights – Lafleur – Proto 12”
20 35 What I Got Is What You Need – Unique – US Prelude 12”
21 31 Party Time – Kurtis Blow – Mercury 12”
22 19 U-2 (Medley) / Summer Dreams / Life (Is So Strange) – War – US RCA LP
23 44 Fool For You – Julie Roberts – Bluebird 12”
24 21 You Ain’t Really Down – Status IV – TMT 12”
25 22 Skip To My Lou – Finis Henderson – Motown 12”
26 28 (You’re A) Good Girl – Lillo – US Capitol 12”
27 24 Wait Until Tonight (My Love) – Galaxy – Ensign 12”
28 23 The Key (Instrumental) – Wuf Ticket – US Prelude 12”
29 27 Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin’ – Michael Jackson – Epic 12”
30 33 Messages From The Stars – Rah Band – TMT 12”
31 32 What Do We Do – Atmosfear – Elite 12”
32 63 Jam On Revenge (The Wikki-Wikki Song) – Newcleus – US Sunnyview 12”
33 26 We Can Work It Out – Brass Construction – Capitol 12”
34 29 Between The Sheets – Isley Brothers – Epic 12”
35 NE Half The Day’s Gone And We Haven’t Earned A Penny – Kenny Lynch – Satril LP/12” remix
36 17 Inside Love (So Personal) / In Your Eyes – George Benson – Warner Bros LP
37 55 One On One Situation – Peaches & Herb – US The Entertainment Company LP
38 49 Rock The World!!! – Crown Heights Affair – US De-Lite LP
39 48 Didn’t You Know It / Shine On Me – One Way – US MCA LP
40 43 Hopscotch (Remix) – Gwen Guthrie – Island 12”
41 34 Walkin’ The Line (Brassy Version) – Brass Construction – US Capitol 12”
42 79 One Mind — Two Hearts – Paradise – Priority 12”
43 41 Never Too Late – Lonnie Liston Smith – Doctor Jazz 12”
44 30 Zwei (Dub Version) – Electric Mind – Passion 12”
45 36 Love Town – Booker Newberry III – Polydor 12”
46 38 You Make It Heaven – Terri Wells – Philly World 12”
47 37 Turn The Music On – Orlando Johnson & Trance – Magnet 12”
48 52 Love Me Tonight – Attitude – US Atlantic RFC 12”
49 59 Feel The Need / Will You Be Mine / Angel – Anita Baker – US Beverly Glen Music LP
50 39 Stay With Me / SOS – Beau Williams – US Capitol LP
51 46 Wet My Whistle / Electricity / Night Rider / Feels So Good / Slow Jam / No Parking / Playmates – Midnight Star – Solar LP
52 56 Brazilia – Brazilia – Broad Star 7”
53 58 I’m Sick And Tired / I Never Forgot Your Eyes / Just Call My Name / Victory – Larry Graham – Warner Bros LP
54 42 Freak-A-Zoid – Midnight Star – US Solar 12”
55 40 Break Up – High Fashion – US Capitol 12”
56 74 Don’t You Get So Mad – Jeffrey Osborne – US A&M 7”/LP
57 85 The Wildstyle – Time Zone – US CellulOid 12”
58 NE A Time Like This – Haywoode – CBS 12”
59 80 Lovely Day – Central Line – Mercury 12”
60 NE Expansions – Lonnie Liston Smith – RCA 12”
61 45 Sakhile – Sakhile – Jive Afrika LP/12” white label
62 83 Cold Blooded – Rick James – US Motown 12”
63 NE You Won’t Miss Love / Right Here / Over And Over – Shalamar – Solar LP
64 54 Every Girl (Wants My Guy) – Aretha Franklin – Arista LP
65 62 Show Me – Victor Tavares – Malaco 12”
66 NE On The Dance Floor – New Guys On The Block – Sugarhill 12”
67 78 Keep Giving Me Love (Remix) – “D” Train – Prelude 12”
68 61 Risin’ To The Top – Keni Burke – RCA 12”
69 71 Megamix – Michael Jackson – Disco Mix Club cassette/CBS 12” promo
70 NE What’s The Bottom Line / Baby I Will – Michael Lovesmith – Motown 12”
71 NE She’s The Master (Of The Game) – Richard Jon Smith – Jive 12”
72 NE Locked Up In Your Love – Manhattans – US Columbia LP
73 73 Come To Bed – Denise LaSalle – Malaco 12”
74 NE I Can’t Stand The Pain / When Will I See You Again – O’Jays – US Epic LP
75 65 Trouble In Paradise – Al Jarreau – WEA 12”
76 NE Superstar (Billie Jean) – Lydia Murdock – US Team Entertainment 12”
77 70 Hot Hot Hot – Arrow – AIR 12”
78 NE Tell Me If You Still Care – The SOS Band – US Tabu LP
79 NE Historical Places (Ethiopia) / Out Of The Funk / Save A Little Love For Me – Dennis Brown – US A&M LP
80 NE Hello People / It’s Something – Brenda Russell – Warner Bros LP
81 NE Hopscotch (US Remix) – Gwen Guthrie – Island 12”
82 NE AM-FM – Natasha King – Ecstasy 12”
83 NE Try Your Lovin’ – Cashmere – US Philly World 12”
84 82 Space Cowboy – Jonzun Crew – 21 Records 12”
85 NE Silver Vibrations – Roy Ayers – Uno Melodic 12”


BUBBLING UNDER the Disco 85 are:

T.Ski Valley: ‘Valley Style (Billie Jean)’ (US Capo 12in)
Newtrament: ‘London Bridge Is Falling Down’ (Jive 12in)
Ladies Choice: ‘Girl’s Night Out’ (US Streetwise 12in)
Sergio Mendes: ‘Never Gonna Let You Go’ (A&M 12in)
The Rake: ‘Street Justice’ (US Profile 12in)
Katie Kissoon: ‘You’re The One’ (Jive 12in)
Spice: ‘You’re So Nice (Latin Spice)’ (US Jive 12in)
Phil Upchurch: ‘When And If I Fall In Love’ (Physical 12in)
Ashford & Simpson: ‘High-Rise’ / Inst (US Capitol 12in)
Kool & The Gang: ‘Megamix’ (Disco Mix Club cassette)

While under the Boys Town 30 are:

Julius Brown: ‘Diana’ (US West End 12in)
Nancy Martinez: ‘So Excited’ (Canadian Matra 12in)
Oliver Cheatham: ‘Get Down Saturday Night’ (MCA 12in)
Digital Emotion: ‘Don’t Stop’ (Dutch Break 12in)
Tapps: ‘My Forbidden Lover’ (Canadian Power 12in)
Lipps Inc: ‘Addicted To The Night’ (US Casablanca 12in)
Laura Branigan: ‘Solitaire (Remix)’ (US Hot Tracks 12in)
Bee Gees: ‘The Woman In You’ / ‘Saturday Night Mix’ (RSO 12in)
Loverde: ‘Backstreet Romance’ (US Moby Dick 12in)
Malcolm McLaren: ‘Double Dutch’ (Charisma 12in)


Beats Per Minute for last week’s Top 75 entries not previously covered on 7in (endings denoted by f/c/r for fade/resonant/cold):

Wham! 0-117f-0c, Bruce Foxton 141r, Kim Wilde 130f, Elton John 176f, Galaxy 121f, Sarah Brightman 20-41/82-0r, Level 42 101f, Saxon 100-102f, Herbie Hancock 111r, LaFleur 121f, Jon & Vangelis 61f, O’Jays 120f, Motorhead 208r, Farmers Boys 131-130c.


01 02 I.O.U. – Freeez – Beggars Banquet 12”
02 10 The Crown – Gary Byrd & The GB Experience – Motown 12”
03 08 Do It Again/Billie Jean (Medley) – Club House – Island 12”
04 01 All Night Long – Mary Jane Girls – Gordy 12”
05 06 Put Our Heads Together – O’Jays – Philadelphia International 12”
06 04 Sex / Wherever I Lay My Hat (That’s My Home) – Paul Young – CBS 12”
07 03 Flashdance . . . What A Feeling – Irene Cara – Casablanca 12”
08 09 It’s Over – Funk Masters – Master-Funk 12”
09 05 Get Down Saturday Night – Oliver Cheatham – MCA 12”
10 15 Feel Like Makin’ Love – George Benson – Warner Bros 12”
11 11 Double Dutch – Malcolm McLaren – Charisma 12”
12 13 Between The Sheets – Isley Brothers – Epic 12”
13 07 Dead Giveaway – Shalamar – Solar 12”
14 19 Crazy – Manhattans – CBS 12”
15 12 Come Live With Me – Heaven 17 – BEF/Virgin 12”
16 26 Boogie Nights – Lafleur – Proto 12”
17 14 China Girl – David Bowie – EMI America 12”
18 20 Watching You Watching Me – David Grant – Chrysalis 12”
19 18 You Ain’t Really Down – Status IV – TMT 12”
20 27 Rockit / I Thought It Was You – Herbie Hancock – CBS 12”
21 34 (Do You Really Love Me) Tell Me Love – Michael Wycoff – RCA 12”
22 28 She Blinded Me With Science – Thomas Dolby – Venice In Peril 12”
23 16 Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin’ – Michael Jackson – Epic 12”
24 23 Bring It On … Bring It On – James Brown – Sonet 12”
25 29 Messages From The Stars – Rah Band – TMT 12”
26 40 Falling In Love – Surface – RCA 12”
27 17 I Love You (Remix) – Yello – Stiff 12”
28 21 When We Were Young – BF Band (Bucks Fizz) – RCA 12”
29 — Club Tropicana – Wham! – Innervision 12”
30 25 Situation (Remix) / Nobody’s Diary – Yazoo – Mute 12”
31 — Changing For You – Chi-Lites – R&B 12”
32 30 Save The Overtime (For Me) – Gladys Knight & The Pips – CBS 12”
33 33 Searchin’ (I Gotta Find A Man) – Hazell Dean – Proto 12”
34 38 Blue Monday / The Beach – New Order – Factory 12”
35 42 Get It Right – Aretha Franklin – Arista 12”
36 — Wait Until Tonight (My Love) – Galaxy/Phil Fearon – Ensign 12”
37 44 Trouble In Paradise – Al Jarreau – WEA 12”
38 32 You Make It Heaven – Terri Wells – Philly World 12”
39 36 Juicy Fruit – Mtume – Epic 12”
40 39 Tantalise (Wo Wo Ee Yeh Yeh) – Jimmy The Hoover – Innervision 12”
41 — Billie Jean – Michael Jackson – Epic 12”
42 41 All Night Long – La Famille – Sanity 12”
43 45 Keep Giving Me Love – “D” Train – Prelude 12”
44 48 Saturday Night Mix / The Woman In You – Bee Ges – RSO 12”
45 — I Just Can’t Help Believing – Boys Town Gang – ERC 12”
46 50 Thriller / Baby Be Mine – Michael Jackson – Epic LP
47 49 Just Fascination – Cabaret Voltaire – Some Bizzare/Virgin 12”
48 — Skip To My Lou – Finis Henderson – Motown 12”
49 — Who’s That Girl – Eurythmics – RCA 12”
50 22 Love Town – Booker Newberry III – Polydor 12”

Radio Luxembourg (208m, 1440Khz) will be playing the pick of the Nightclub hits on Friday (9-11pm) and Monday (11pm-1am).


01 01 Searchin’ (I Gotta Find A Man) (Remix) – Hazell Dean – Proto 12”
02 02 Guilty – Lime – Polydor 12”/US Prism 12” remix
03 07 On The Grid / Angel Eyes – Lime – US Prism remix/German Polydor LP
04 03 Do It Again/Billie Jean (Medley) – Club House – Island 12”
05 04 So Many Men So Little Time – Miquel Brown – Record Shack 12”
06 06 She Works Hard For The Money – Donna Summer – Mercury 12”
07 19 The Boys Come To Town – Earlene Bentley – Record Shack 12”
08 08 Flashdance . . . What A Feeling – Irene Cara – Casablanca 12”/US Hot Tracks remix
09 12 El Watusi/La Bamba (Land Of A Thousand Dances Medley) – Rags & Riches – US Casablanca 12”/LP
10 11 Memory – Menage – Carrere 12”/US Hot Tracks remix
11 15 Take It Slowly – Nancy Martinez – Canadian Matra LP
12 13 I Just Can’t Help Believing – Boys Town Gang – ERC 12”
13 05 Boogie Nights – Lafleur – Proto 12”
14 10 I Don’t Want To Talk About It – Pamela Stanley – US Kommander 12”
15 17 To Sir With Love – Vicki Sue Robinson – US Profile 12”
16 14 Band Of Gold – Sylvester – US Megatone 12”
17 09 I.O.U. / I Dub U – Freeez – Beggars Banquet 12”
18 23 When Will I See You Again – Magda Layna – US Megatone 12”
19 20 Pieces Of Ice – Diana Ross – Capitol 12”
20 — Maniac – Michael Sembello – Casablanca 12”
21 21 Lover To Lover – Joe Yellow – Italian Hole 12”
22 — The Crown / Instrumental – Gary Byrd – Motown 12”
23 — Stop Don’t Do This To Me – Phyllis Nelson – Carrere 12”
24 18 Crazy Family – Jock Hattle – Italian Market 12”
25 24 Living On Video – Trans-X – Canadian Illusion 12”
26 22 Love Your Body – Amanda Lear – German Ariola 12”
27 28 Got To Get To You – Jessica Williams – Charade 12” white label
28 25 Not The Loving Kind / The Loving Dub – The Twins – German Hansa 12”
29 30 Back To Funky Town – Chase – US Central Park 12”
30= Love Taker – Stefano Pulga – Italian System Music 12”
30= Stars On 45 Presents The Star Sisters – Stars On 45 – CBS 12”


JOHN GARTLAND jocks seven nights a week aboard the St Patric II plying between Rosslare in Southern Ireland and Le Havre or Cherbourg in France, and despite his obviously mixed international audience always gets lots of interest whenever he slips into a soul/funk groove. However, what we have here are his party records, featured towards the end of what can be a long night…

1. THEME FROM ‘NEW YORK, NEW YORK’ – Frank Sinatra – Reprise
2. BASIN STREET BLUES – Louis Prima – Capitol
3. BUFFALO GALS (SQUARE DANCE) – Malcolm McLaren – Charisma
4. BIG SPENDER – Shirley Bassey – United Artists
5. OH! MARIE – Louis Prima – Capitol
6. HOKEY COKEY – Snowmen – Slack
7. JIVE MY BABY JIVE – Malcolm McLaren – Charisma LP
8. THE SAINTS ROCK & ROLL – Bill Haley – MCA
9. BEACH BOYS MEDLEY – Beach Boys – Capitol
10. CACHARPAYA – Incantation – Beggars Banquet

One thought on “August 6, 1983: Rumple-Stilts-Skin, Serge Ponsar, Kenny Lynch, Toots Hibbert, Feel”

  1. A minor landmark here: in his review of New Edition’s “Popcorn Love”, James uses the standalone term “hip hop” for the first time. Before now, it’s only been used before in the context of Man Parrish’s “Hip Hop Be Bop (Don’t Stop)”. The New Edition tune is hardly a contender for hip hop landmark status, though!


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