August 13, 1983: Paradise, Style Council, Candido, Herbie Hancock, Hot Streak


WIKKI WIKKI! — Newcleus, which PRT picked up, is now getting bigger for many than Herbie Hancock and (at 110½bpm) is vital for mixers to use with ‘Rockit’ (111bpm) — as, in an ever evolving variety of mixes, are the 111bpm Time Zone, 107½bpm The Packman, 107bpm George Clinton ‘Atomic Dog’, 111bpm Dwayne Omarr ‘This Party’s Jam Packed‘ (US Survivor 12in earlier this year), 115bpm Man Parrish ‘Hip Hop’, 118bpm Tyrone Brunson ‘Smurf’, Herbie’s own 115bpm ‘Autodrive’, and even the military drumming intro of the 110bpm Diana Ross ‘Work That Body‘! . . . Take 3, reviewed last week, is still only on promo and will probably be out as a US remix . . . Galaxy is also available as a (slight) remix, which with Phil Fearon leaping on Top Of The Pops should creatively market it up the chart — but it’s not the easy ride that Ensign were expecting, is it? . . . Leeds Warehouse-owning Mike Wiand has picked up Otis Liggett ‘Every Breath You Take‘ for his recently started Warehouse label in a fortnight, the 119bpm Police remake mixing perfectly out of Club House to many enquiries — so it’s looking good Mike! . . . ‘All Night Long’ is still the dominant summer tempo, and worthy of Keni Burke-like re-release ‘cos great with it is Gwen McCrae ‘Funky Sensation‘ (97-99-98-100-99bpm) from the two years old ‘Gwen McCrae’ LP (on which the 97-95-97bpm ‘Feel So Good‘ could be good too), while Bob James ‘Sign Of The Times‘ (0-99-100bpm) is another that works well again . . . Orin Cozier the ladies man is compiling a new mailing list for his P’zazz Promotions at 70 Briar Road, London SW16 4LX — he needs “modern dance”-type Nightclub jocks only . . . Cath Harris (Preston) reckons the fast becoming notorious Ryan Paris ‘Dolce Vita‘ is the record that every British tourist is bringing home from Spain . . . Paul Lincoln, funking again at Lowestoft’s Corton Chalet & Caravan Camp, now at least can get a different version of Candido ‘Jingo’ — he’s had to play it up to five times a night seven nights a week, for the last two summers! . . . Danny Smith & ‘H’ at Yarmouth’s late-night 151 Club in King Street mix Mon-Thur, go MoR Fri/Sat . . . Basingstoke’s Martines only raised three contestants for the Miss Wet T-shirt contest (so therefore no pics to send us!) — unlike Bridgend’s Crossways Club where 40 would-be entrants had to be whittled down to just 16 actual contestants, not that compere Nino was complaining (and appropriately enough too, he’s from Bristol!) . . . PRT’s Robert Blenman warns jocks he’s back on the road visiting clubs . . . Alan Christo now does The Dunne Thing at Pontypridd (couldn’t resist that — it really is the club’s name!) . . . Danny Daniels, threatening to jog me during a mix, is currently also at Mayfair Gullivers funking downstairs Sat/upstairs Mon . . . Nicky Holloway & Sean French have had to meet demand for quality soul-jazz by adding Fridays now at Bermondsey Dockheads Swan & Sugarloaf . . . Chris Hill plays butler and Paul Clark footman for this Sunday’s 3.30pm garden party (formal dress preferred!) at The Sheffield Arms on the A275 in Sussex — if it’s fine, I’ll be there for the cucumber sarnies too . . . Record Shack have a little midnight promotion for Miquel Brown next Tuesday (16) at the Camden Palace . . . Carl Richardson boogies with the boys this Saturday (13) at Hull Bali Hai . . . Edinburgh Fire Island’s Bill Grainger now has a ‘High Energy Disco’ spot playing the boys’ biggies 2.45-4.00am Sunday mornings on Radio Clyde during Jim Symon’s regular all-night show . . . MCA’s Andrews Sisters medley, mentioned last week, turns out to be called ‘Boogie With The Andrews Sisters’ . . . Black Bob Maclauchlan (041-886 4899) and his Thunder-G-Disco partner ‘KP’ Graham (041 882 3460) play mainly high energy fast if not actual boys town Fri/Sat at Glasgow Paisley Road West’s Parkway Lounge Bar and are ever looking for further residencies . . . Chris King is another using lots of high energy stuff at Sunderland Mayfair (Sat/Sun/Mon/Tues) and Newcastle Tuxedo Junction (Thur/Sat late)/Tiffanys (Fri) . . . Alan Coulthard’s August Disco Mix Club floorfiller mix is his best yet, apart from the change from hard Unique to soft Galaxy (even more disastrously jolting on his fast oldies mix from ‘Que Sera Mi Vida’ into ‘Use It Up And Wear It Out’ — would more live gigs not help him?), this month’s megamix being of Earth Wind & Fire oldies . . . Mike Sefton is actually part of a three week rota with Ralph Tee & Lindsay Wesker playing soul newies 1-3.00am Sunday mornings on London Weekend Radio 92.5FM . . . Steve Prince, now plugging for Switch Records and arranging PAs on 01-727 0041 for someone called Tony Jackson, also broadcasts 6-8.00pm Saturday evening on London Music Radio 94.4FM and 2-4.00am Monday morning on Radio Horizon (same wavelength) . . . The Dells have joined the Chi-Lites now on America’s soulful Larc label — and if this trend for it to mop up ex-20th Century/Chi-Sound artistes continues, can Gene Chandler be far behind? . . . Dionne Warwick is the latest to be produced by Luther Vandross & Marcus Miller . . . Atlantic’s labels in the USA now all use the same new 12in sleeve design, confusingly not die-cut so you can’t even identify the label at a glance . . . Our Price record shops have shifted all their still unsold import stock to their Wembley branch, where there’s nothing over £3 now and literally everything must go, for however little it takes in the end . . . Rush Release, that should have been Lawton — not Hawton (and you probably know who he is!) . . . Capital’s cockney sparrow Gary Crowley is really championing The Rake ‘Street Justice‘ — good show, what? . . . Comateens ‘Get Off My Case‘, now indeed remixed for US 12in at any rate, is being tipped to tear ’em up Stateside even if everyone did ignore my rave about it here . . . Central Line seems to be being played by people who don’t normally feature real ‘soca’ . . . Sakhile’s album is my fave current most played in-car listening, so soothing! . . . Peter Lee reckons his anything-goes music at Bolton’s The Dance Factory is the most upfront in the area . . . Michael Jackson’s mega-selling number one pop album plus the unexpectedly huge TV ratings for the Motown 25th Anniversary special in the States must surely soon change the blinkered attitude of white-orientated US radio programmers, who appear to have forgotten the lack of colour bar in the ’60s when Motown really was ‘The Sound Of Young America’ . . . keep careful out there, but in the meantime — WIKKI WIKKI!


PARADISE: ‘One Mind Two Hearts’ (Priority PX 1)
Leaving other amateurish Brit-funkers standing as they scorch ever upwards on white label promo (surely due commercially by now?), the gospel trained guys are exceptionally accomplished on this ultra-soulful lightly pitched 107bpm 12in summer tempo jogger (‘Crazy’ goes great out of it).

THE STYLE COUNCIL: ‘Long Hot Summer’ (Polydor TSCX 3)
Sensational haunting truly soulful slow 87bpm 12in Imagination-type rolling grinder with scatting “shiddy diddy — diddy de bup” and mucho wailing, obviously a pop smash and so brilliant I actually bought it without waiting for a freebie to play amongst the real black stuff at Gullivers . . . I hope young Weller gets a kick out of that! This is one ex-Scene DJ who digs where he’s coming from.

CANDIDO: ‘Jingo’ (US Salsoul SG 406)
Just what you’ve been waiting for — the Shep Pettibone remix! Isolating and clarifying the enduring classic’s original percussive elements, this chanting Latin instrumental now chugs at 0-120-121-122½bpm (great with ‘Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin’) while the 12in flip’s a usefully very different much emptier 0-119-121-122-122½-122bpm ‘Jingo Breakdown‘. Watch this one go!

HERBIE HANCOCK: ‘Autodrive’ (LP ‘Future Shock’ CBS 25540)
White labelled now but not due until next week, the freaky electro set’s only real killer for mixing with ‘Rockit’ is this juddering 115bpm hip hopper which nevertheless has great jazz piano over part of it! The bland Soul Sonic Patrol-tempo 125bpm ‘TFS‘ and robotic slow 92bpm ‘Earth Beat‘ and 97bpm ‘Rough‘ may have specialist uses, while the chick-sung Curtis Mayfield-ish 113bpm title track could be a grower.

HOT STREAK: ‘Body Work’ (US Easy Street EZS-7503)
Starting with a US Army style “sound off” chant, of which the instrumental flip’s acappella version makes a dynamite un-synched crossfade mix out of ‘Autodrive’, this Jellybean-mixed vocodered jittery 121bpm 12in electro rattler has early “D” Train-type appeal and is already selling fast.

THE PACKMAN: ‘I’m The Packman (Eat Everything I Can)’ (US Enjoy EN-1163)
Herbie’s done wonders for electrophonic sales, this totally electro vocodered and scratched 107½bpm 12in jitterer now joining all the rest that work with ‘Rockit’ — and incidentally its prod/penned by veteran Harlem-based record shop/label owner Bobby Robinson, who originally launched Gladys Knight & The Pips amongst others and still knows what the kids want.

KENI BURKE: ‘Risin’ To The Top (Give It All You Got)’ (RCA RKAT 354)
Reasonably timely re-release for the current O’Jays hit’s producer/ex-Stairstep/Pete Tong soul hero whose bass line to this gorgeous (0-)93½-94bpm 12in summer tempo slinker is the (disputable) original of ‘All Night Long’.

JEFFREY OSBORNE: ‘Don’t You Get So Mad’ (A&M AMX 140)
George Duke-produced nice lurchingly tripping (0-)115-114bpm soul shuffler (good out of ‘Crazy’) like a butch Luther Vandross, still only 7in length but here on 3-track 12in with the busy fast 118-120bpm ‘So Much Love’ and older pent-up jogging 99-100bpm ‘New Love‘.

LADY M: ‘Please (Don’t Break My Heart)’ (US Blue Parrot BP 202)
Not the rapper her name might suggest but a soulfully wailed jauntily wriggling 114bpm 12in bounder with booming bass and zesty lick, good out of Kenny Lynch, now gaining attention after being out a while (inst flip).

ROY AYERS: ‘Chicago’ (LP ‘Silver Vibrations’ Uno Melodic UMLP 1, via Pinnacle)
Low key monotonous muttering Gil Scott-Heron-ish 114-115bpm specialist jazz-funk groove with supporters along the Thames estuary (!), the initially disappointing though actually quite pleasant set’s other dancers including the good attractive vibey swaying instrumental 112-113-112bpm ‘Lots Of Love‘, jaggedly jumping 126bpm ‘Good Good Music‘ and simple chanting 120-123-0bpm ‘Keep On Movin‘.

BOHANNON: ‘Let’s Start The Dance III’ (Compleat CLTL 1, via PRT)
Rivalled in the shops here by a re-service of ‘Let’s Start II Dance Again’ (on London), this equally potent but very different third stage 120(intro)-119-118-119-118bpm 12in remix by Francois Kevorkian is still the basic great hard driving original with overdubs and scratches.

EL CHICANO: ‘Do You Want Me’ (US Columbia 44-04056)
Welcome return for 1970’s Santana-ish ‘Viva Tirado!’ group on a drifting 86bpm 12in harmony chant and organ swayer — hinting at old San Franciscan flower power sounds in a way — the tougher 87bpm organ instrumental flip being more the side for us, and rather good in sorta ‘Phone Home’ style.

STONE CITY BAND. ‘Ladies Choice’ (LP ‘Meet The Stone City Band — Out From The Shadow’ US Gordy 6042GL)
Packaged to echo the American sleeve of ‘With The Beatles’, Rick James’s band not surprisingly sound exactly as you’d expect on this Rick James-prod/penned (0-)124bpm buoyantly trucking smacker (complete with Roy Ayers vibes) and the ‘Cold Blooded’-mixing 119½bpm ‘Love Hassles‘, both useful additions to any Rick James/Mary Jane Girls ‘Candy Man’-type medley.

MOTIVATION: ‘Color Blind’ (LP ‘Motivation’ US De-Lite DSR 8506)
Looking dangerously like a dated “disco” set (and sounding it on the sub ‘I Love Music’-ish 123-125bpm ‘Give The Gift Of Music‘), it’s actually a dated funk set owing nothing to modern developments, this jazz-tinged bumbling 57/114-115-116-117bpm instrumental currently getting more revivalist attention than the extremely similar 117-116bpm ‘Motivation (Are You Ready) (Instrumental)‘ (there’s a vocal version too) or the jolting 119-121bpm ‘Stop!!!‘, while the slow 0-90/45bpm ‘Crazy Daze’ and 0-32/64bpm ‘Please Don’t Say No‘ are commendably soulful.

WALTER JACKSON: ‘It’s Cool’ (US Chi-Sound CH-110)
The recently deceased crippled soul balladeer is getting more sympathy interest for this nice bumpily jogging 79/39½-80½bpm 7in smoocher than most of his equally good output ever had here while he was alive.

JIMMY CASTOR: ‘The Return Of Leroy (Pts 1 & 2)’ (LP ‘The Return Of Leroy’ US Dream DA 6001)
Revisiting his 1967 salsa classic ‘Hey Leroy Your Mama’s Callin’ You‘ (for my love of which at the time I actually tracked down Jimmy’s Bronx apartment — luckily for him he was out!), this Larry Levan-mixed great tricky Latin tempoed 0-99-101bpm sassy ass shaker could prove hard to programme but (with an admittedly receptive Afro/Carib/American audience) works well running its shouting and guffawing intro over a reggae smooch session dub break. Along with his recent 12in the set’s other dancer is the heavily thudding afro-ish 118-120bpm ‘(Tellin’ On) The Devil‘.

PATRICK GAMMON: ‘Do My Ditty’ (A&M AMX 132)
Germany based gruff voiced Yankee session man with a useful enough catchy chix chorused jittery 115bpm 12in rapper — party party, not social commentary — mellower than most (inst flip).

SHAKATAK: ‘If You Could See Me Now’ (Polydor POSPX 635)
Now including new recruit Norma Lewis, a sweetly sung pleasant summery 106bpm 12in jogger that’s for once a proper song, and could be good for real soul fans.

THIRD WORLD: ‘Love Is Out To Get You’ (US Columbia 44-04050)
Nice rap and noisy effects intro to a sort of electrophonic reggae 69bpm 12in thudder with spacey vocoder and electronic butch bass vocal interplay through the more usual good backing (dub flip).

DENNIS BROWN: ‘Save A Little Love For Me’ (A&M AMX 130)
By no means the best cut off his new album (reviewed as an import last week but now out here, AMLX 64964), a deliberately smacking slow 90bpm reggae-soul swayer on 3-track 12in with the better straight reggae 73bpm ‘Shashamane Living (Country Living)‘, and older even better infectiously pumping 103-104bpm ‘Get High On Your Love‘.

LARRY GRAHAM: ‘I’m Sick And Tired’ (Warner Bros W 9510T)
Varying the old ‘Network’ movie’s “I’m mad as hell” chant, Larry “can’t take no more” on a mellow Valentine Bros-ish 108bpm 12in swaying kicker (not so hot on LP despite its Fred Dove service), flipped by the powerful rock-tinged oddball instrumental “Emerson Lake & Palmer meet Elmer Bernstein on Hergest Ridge” 121bpm ‘Victory‘ — which overground radio could go for.

STEPHANIE MILLS: ‘Pilot Error (Club Mix)’ (US Casablanca 814 168-1)
Instrumentally extended from the flip’s LP version, this purposefully driving 117bpm 12in pusher has appropriate whoosh noises, a Club House-ish beat and a very long good stark break (Atmosfear fits nicely), but not a lot of song.

GONZALEZ: ‘Closer To You’ (PRT 12P 283)
Originally titled ‘I Want To Get Closer To You’ on Tooti Frooti (maybe still — it’s hard to tell from white label), this newly remixed chick ‘n chap sung competent chunky sparse 119½bpm 12in thudder is now flipped by Gonzalez offshoot Congress’s lovely cool summery 110-109bpm jazz piano instrumental ‘(You Gotta) Get It‘.

RONNIE DYSON: ‘All Over Your Face’ (US Cotillion 0-96989)
Ingram Family-prod/penned pulsing Moroder-ish synth burbled 119bpm 12in foot tapper, soulfully sung so better than that sounds, flipped by the more traditional 126bpm ‘Don’t Need You Now‘.

RAW SILK: ‘Just In Time’ (US West End WES 22159)
The sweet chix return on a faster Galaxy-ish tempo, guitar jiggled bass bumped slick 0-122-121bpm 12in rumbler which reaches nice piano (inst flip).

COLORS: ‘Am I Gonna Be The One’ (US First Take FTR 515)
Shep Pettibone-mixed tremulous chick wailed bass synth jolted (0-)119bpm 12in thudder climaxing in a “is it gonna be me or her?” rap, all a bit urgent, the flip’s several different dub/instrumental variations including a useful percussive Bobby “O”-ish 121bpm ‘Break For Dayze‘.

THE CLARK SISTERS: ‘You Brought The Sunshine (Into My Life)’ (Elektra E 9810T)
Gospel group wailing about Jesus on a naturally Aretha-ish 118bpm 12in sparse thudding pumper, similar to the also gospel based current Crystal Clear ‘A Rock And A Hard Place‘, both being soulful but probably dodgy for most dancers (inst flip).

SHALAMAR: ‘Disappearing Act’ (Solar E 9807T)
As pop audiences buy the look put over on video rather than the noise on vinyl and then dance to the words rather than the beat, this frantic jerker being 159bpm won’t worry them. It’s on 3-track 12in with their old-format bumping 107bpm ‘Closer‘ and dead slow 18½-37/74-0bpm ‘You Can Count On Me’, while last week’s album review somehow messed up the summer tempo 100bpm ‘Right Here’, 106½bpm ‘Over And Over’, 105bpm ‘You Won’t Miss Love’, 79½bpm ‘You’re The One For Me’ (all in old style).

KEYWI: ‘Let’s Get It Right’ (Virgin VS 62312)
Froggy-mixed/Joe Williams-prod/penned plaintive chick-sung jerkily loping 0-118-119bpm 12in hustler with flurrying syndrums and some David Bendeth guitar, not exactly compulsive although the flipside dub is less cluttered and better.

DISCO TOP 85 – AUGUST 13, 1983

01 01 Rockit – Herbie Hancock – CBS 12”
02 03 Put Our Heads Together – O’Jays – Philadelphia International 12”
03 02 The Crown / Instrumental – Gary Byrd – Motown 12”
04 05 Crazy – Manhattans – CBS 12”
05 07 Out In The Night – Serge Ponsar – WEA International 12”
06 04 Do It Again/Billie Jean (Medley) – Club House – Island 12”
07 14 Show Me The Way / Swing It / Married Man – Skyy – US Salsoul LP
08 06 Tell Me Love – Michael Wycoff – RCA 12”
09 09 Changing For You / Bottom’s Up – Chi-Lites – R&B 12”
10 08 Falling In Love – Surface – Salsoul 12”
11 18 Just Be Good To Me – The SOS Band – Tabu 12”
12 12 It’s Over – Funk Masters – Master-Funk 12”
13 10 All Night Long – Mary Jane Girls – Gordy 12”
14 22 U-2 (Medley) – War – US RCA LP
15 11 I.O.U. / I Dub You / We Got The Jazz – Freeez – Beggars Banquet 12”
16 20 What I Got Is What You Need – Unique – US Prelude 12”
17 17 All Night Long (Instrumental) – La Famille – Sanity 12”
18 35 Half The Day’s Gone And We Haven’t Earned A Penny – Kenny Lynch – Satril LP/12” remix
19 13 Get Down Saturday Night – Oliver Cheatham – MCA 12”
20 15 Feel Like Making Love / Inside Love (So Personal) (Instrumental) – George Benson – Warner Bros 12”
21 16 Get It Right – Aretha Franklin – Arista 12”
22 42 One Mind — Two Hearts – Paradise – Priority 12”
23 19 Boogie Nights – Lafleur – Proto 12”
24 25 Skip To My Lou – Finis Henderson – Motown 12”
25 39 Didn’t You Know It / Shine On Me – One Way – US MCA LP
26 23 Fool For You – Julie Roberts – Bluebird 12”
27 21 Party Time – Kurtis Blow – Mercury 12”
28 40 Hopscotch (Remix) – Gwen Guthrie – Island 12”
29 31 What Do We Do – Atmosfear – Elite 12”
30 32 Jam On Revenge (The Wikki-Wikki Song) – Newcleus – US Sunnyview 12”
31 38 Rock The World!!! – Crown Heights Affair – US De-Lite LP
32 36 Inside Love (So Personal) / Never Too Far To Fall / Love Will Come Again / In Your Eyes – George Benson – Warner Bros LP
33 51 Electricity / Feels So Good / Wet My Whistle / Playmates / Night Rider / Slow Jam / No Parking – Midnight Star – Solar LP
34 27 Wait Until Tonight (My Love) Dub Mix – Galaxy – Ensign 12”
35 56 Don’t You Get So Mad – Jeffrey Osborne – A&M 12”
36 28 The Key (Instrumental) – Wuf Ticket – US Prelude 12”
37 24 You Ain’t Really Down – Status IV – TMT 12”
38 30 Messages From The Stars – Rah Band – TMT 12”
39 43 Never Too Late – Lonnie Liston Smith – Doctor Jazz 12”
40 61 Sakhile – Sakhile – Jive Afrika LP/12” white label
41 26 (You’re A) Good Girl – Lillo – Capitol 12”
42 33 We Can Work It Out – Brass Construction – Capitol 12”
43 29 Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin’ – Michael Jackson – Epic 12”
44 52 Brazilia – Brazilia – Broad Star 7”
45 34 Between The Sheets – Isley Brothers – Epic 12”
46 NE Body Work / Instrumental – Hot Streak – US Easy Street 12”
47 59 Lovely Day – Central Line – Mercury 12”
48 79 Out Of The Funk / Historical Places (Ethiopia) – Dennis Brown – US A&M LP
49 NE Autodrive – Herbie Hancock – CBS LP Promo
50 48 Love Me Tonight – Attitude – US Atlantic RFC 12”
51 37 One On One Situation – Peaches & Herb – US The Entertainment Company LP
52 76 Superstar (Billie Jean) – Lydia Murdock – US Team Entertainment 12”
53 68 Risin’ To The Top – Keni Burke – RCA 12”
54 62 Cold Blooded – Rick James – US Motown 12”
55 NE Jingo (Remix) / Jingo Break – Candido – US Salsoul 12”
56 57 The Wildstyle – Time Zone – US CellulOid 12”
57 41 Walkin’ The Line (Brassy Version) – Brass Construction – US Capitol 12”
58 54 Freak-A-Zoid – Midnight Star – US Solar 12”
59 58 A Time Like This – Haywoode – CBS 12” promo
60 47 Turn The Music On – Orlando Johnson & Trance – Magnet 12”
61 50 Stay With Me – Beau Williams – US Capitol LP
62 78 Tell Me If You Still Care – The SOS Band – US Tabu LP
63 55 Break Up – High Fashion – US Capitol 12”
64 NE Valley Style (Billie Jean) – T. Ski Valley – US Capo 12”
65 49 Feel The Need / Angel – Anita Baker – US Beverly Glen Music LP
66 64 Every Girl (Wants My Guy) – Aretha Franklin – Arista LP
67 70 Baby I Will / What’s The Bottom Line – Michael Lovesmith – Motown 12”
68 85 Silver Vibrations – Roy Ayers – Uno Melodic 12”
69 NE Color Blind – Motivation – US De-Lite LP
70 44 Zwei (Dub Version) – Electric Mind – Passion 12”
71 NE Let’s Start The Dance III – Bohannon – Compleat 12”
72 77 Hot Hot Hot – Arrow – AIR 12”
73 81 Hopscotch (US Remix) – Gwen Guthrie – Island 12”
74 72 Locked Up In Your Love – Manhattans – US Columbia LP
75 53 I’m Sick And Tired / I Never Forgot Your Eyes / Just Call My Name – Larry Graham – Warner Bros LP
76 RE Love Is For Everyone / Move In Time / Young Girls – Collage – Solar LP
77 NE Street Justice – The Rake – US Profile 12”
78 71 She’s The Master (Of The Game) – Richard Jon Smith – Jive 12”
79 NE Free / Making Love In The Fast Lane – Mellaa – US Larc 7”
80 NE Chicago / Good Good Music – Roy Ayers – Uno Melodic LP
81 NE London Bridge Is Falling Down – Newtrament – Jive 12”
82 NE You’re The One (You’re My Number One) – Katie Kissoon – Jive 12”
83 RE Watching You Watching Me – David Grant – Chrysalis 12”
84 NE I’m The Packman (Eat Everything I Can) – The Packman – US Enjoy 12”
85 73 Come To Bed – Denise LaSalle – Malaco 12”


BUBBLING UNDER the Disco 85 are:

Two Sisters: ‘High Noon’ (US Sugarscoop 12in)
Clark Sisters: ‘You Brought The Sunshine’ (Elektra 12in)
Ronnie Laws: ‘In The Groove’ / ‘Big Stars’ (US Capitol LP)
Toots Hibbert: ‘Spiritual Healing’ (Island 12in)
Walter Jackson: ‘It’s Cool’ (US Chi-Sound 7in)
El Chicano: ‘Do You Want Me (Inst)’ (US Columbia 12in)
Rumple-Stilts-Skin: ‘I Think I Want To Dance With You’ (US Heat 12in)
Stone City Band: ‘Ladies Choice’ / ‘Love Hassles’ (US Gordy LP)
Gladys Knight & The Pips: ‘Save The Overtime (Remix)’ (US Columbia 12in)
Lady M: ‘Please’ (US Blue Parrot 12in)
Take 3: ‘Tonite’s The Nite’ (Tempo 12in promo)
Animal Nightlife: ‘Native Boy’ (Innervision 12in)
Level 42: ‘The Sun Goes Down’ (Polydor 12in)
Mtume: ‘Green Light’ / ‘Hip Dip Skippedabeat’ (Epic 12in)
Bohannon: ‘Let’s Start To Dance Again’ (London 12in)

While under the Boys Town 30 are:

Various: ‘Bobby ‘O’ Medley / Suzy Q ‘Get On Up (Remix)’ (Dutch Dance LP ‘Studio 57 Dubble Album’)
Stars On 45: ‘The Star Sisters’ (CBS 12in)
Pink Project: ‘Jeopardy/Billie Jean (Medley)’ (Italian “O” 12in)
Malcolm McLaren: ‘Double Dutch’ (Charisma 12in)
Weather Girls: ‘I’m Gonna Wash That Man Right Outa My Hair’ (US Columbia 12in)
Wham!: ‘Club Tropicana’ (Innervision 12in)
KC & The Sunshine Band: ‘Give It Up’ (Epic 12in)
Gwen Guthrie: ‘Hopscotch’ (Island 12in)
Fun Fun: ‘Happy Station’ (Italian Energy 12in)
Men Without Hats: ‘The Safety Dance’ (Statik 12in)


Beats Per Minute for last week’s Top 75 entries not previously covered on 7in (endings denoted by f/c/r for fade/resonant/cold):

Kraftwerk 133f, Modern Romance 44½-89f, Carmel 33/66-68-69f, Stranglers 134f, Thin Lizzy 0-65/130-64/128f, The Jets 158f, Haircut One Hundred 61-122-0r, Kinks 148c, Manhattans 113f, Stray Cats 178-0r.


01 02 The Crown – Gary Byrd & The GB Experience – Motown 12”
02 03 Do It Again/Billie Jean (Medley) – Club House – Island 12”
03 01 I.O.U. – Freeez – Beggars Banquet 12”
04 05 Put Our Heads Together – O’Jays – Philadelphia International 12”
05 04 All Night Long – Mary Jane Girls – Gordy 12”
06 06 Sex / Wherever I Lay My Hat (That’s My Home) – Paul Young – CBS 12”
07 10 Feel Like Makin’ Love – George Benson – Warner Bros 12”
08 14 Crazy – Manhattans – CBS 12”
09 08 It’s Over – Funk Masters – Master-Funk 12”
10 16 Boogie Nights – Lafleur – Proto 12”
11 09 Get Down Saturday Night – Oliver Cheatham – MCA 12”
12 11 Double Dutch – Malcolm McLaren – Charisma 12”
13 07 Flashdance . . . What A Feeling – Irene Cara – Casablanca 12”
14 21 (Do You Really Love Me) Tell Me Love – Michael Wycoff – RCA 12”
15 20 Rockit / I Thought It Was You – Herbie Hancock – CBS 12”
16 12 Between The Sheets – Isley Brothers – Epic 12”
17 13 Dead Giveaway – Shalamar – Solar 12”
18 22 She Blinded Me With Science – Thomas Dolby – Venice In Peril 12”
19 15 Come Live With Me – Heaven 17 – BEF/Virgin 12”
20 17 China Girl – David Bowie – EMI America 12”
21 31 Changing For You – Chi-Lites – R&B 12”
22 18 Watching You Watching Me – David Grant – Chrysalis 12”
23 26 Falling In Love – Surface – RCA 12”
24 19 You Ain’t Really Down – Status IV – TMT 12”
25 36 Wait Until Tonight (My Love) – Galaxy/Phil Fearon – Ensign 12”
26 23 Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin’ – Michael Jackson – Epic 12”
27 29 Club Tropicana – Wham! – Innervision 12”
28 24 Bring It On … Bring It On – James Brown – Sonet 12”
29 25 Messages From The Stars – Rah Band – TMT 12”
30 33 Searchin’ (I Gotta Find A Man) – Hazell Dean – Proto 12”
31 35 Get It Right – Aretha Franklin – Arista 12”
32 — Out In The Night – Serge Ponsar – WEA 12”
33 30 Situation (Remix) / Nobody’s Diary – Yazoo – Mute 12”
34 34 Blue Monday / The Beach – New Order – Factory 12”
35 41 Billie Jean – Michael Jackson – Epic 12”
36 27 I Love You (Remix) – Yello – Stiff 12”
37 37 Trouble In Paradise – Al Jarreau – WEA 12”
38 28 When We Were Young – BF Band (Bucks Fizz) – RCA 12”
39 — Maniac – Michael Sembello – Casablanca 12”
40 — Just Be Good To Me – SOS Band – Tabu 12”
41 32 Save The Overtime (For Me) – Gladys Knight & The Pips – CBS 12”
42 — Summer Dub / Cruel Summer – Bananarama – London 12”
43 45 I Just Can’t Help Believing – Boys Town Gang – ERC 12”
44 — Guilty – Lime – Polydor 12”
45 44 Saturday Night Mix / The Woman In You – Bee Ges – RSO 12”
46 39 Juicy Fruit – Mtume – Epic 12”
47 47 Just Fascination – Cabaret Voltaire – Some Bizzare/Virgin 12”
48 — Give It Up – KC & The Sunshine Band – Epic 12”
49 46 Thriller / Baby Be Mine – Michael Jackson – Epic LP
50 — The Safety Dance – Men Without Hats – Statik 12”

Radio Luxembourg (208m, 1440Khz) will be playing the pick of the Nightclub hits on Friday (9-11pm) and Monday (11pm-1am).


01 02 Guilty – Lime – Polydor 12”/US Prism remix
02 01 Searchin’ (I Gotta Find A Man) (Remix) – Hazell Dean – Proto 12”
03 04 Do It Again/Billie Jean (Medley) – Club House – Island 12”
04 03 On The Grid / Angel Eyes – Lime – US Prism remix/German Polydor LP
05 07 The Boys Come To Town – Earlene Bentley – Record Shack 12”
06 05 So Many Men So Little Time – Miquel Brown – Record Shack 12”
07 16 Band Of Gold – Sylvester – US Megatone 12”
08 06 She Works Hard For The Money – Donna Summer – Mercury 12”
09 18 When Will I See You Again – Magda Layna – US Megatone 12”
10 14 I Don’t Want To Talk About It – Pamela Stanley – US Kommander 12”
11 15 To Sir With Love – Vicki Sue Robinson – US Profile 12”
12 13 Boogie Nights – Lafleur – Proto 12”
13 09 El Watusi/La Bamba (Land Of A Thousand Dances Medley) – Rags & Riches – US Casablanca 12”/LP
14 11 Take It Slowly – Nancy Martinez – Canadian Matra LP
15 08 Flashdance . . . What A Feeling – Irene Cara – Casablanca 12”/US Hot Tracks remix
16 19 Pieces Of Ice – Diana Ross – Capitol 12”
17 17 I.O.U. – Freeez – Beggars Banquet 12”
18 12 I Just Can’t Help Believing – Boys Town Gang – ERC 12”
19 21 Lover To Lover – Joe Yellow – Italian Hole 12”
20 27 Got To Get To You – Charade featuring Jessica – Passion 12” promo
21 10 Memory – Menage – Carrere 12”/US Hot Tracks remix
22 23 Stop Don’t Do This To Me – Phyllis Nelson – Carrere 12”
23 26 Love Your Body – Amanda Lear – German Ariola 12”
24 25 Living On Video – Trans-X – Canadian Illusion 12”
25 22 The Crown / Instrumental – Gary Byrd – Motown 12”
26 — Foreign Land – The Technos – Twins 12”
27 — Diana – Julius Brown – US West End 12”
28 30 Love Taker – Stefano Pulga – Italian System Music 12”
29 24 Crazy Family – Jock Hattle – Italian Market 12”
30=— My Forbidden Lover – Tapps – Canadian Power 12”
30=28 Not The Loving Kind / The Loving Dub – The Twins – German Hansa 12”

One thought on “August 13, 1983: Paradise, Style Council, Candido, Herbie Hancock, Hot Streak”

  1. A first mention this week for the term “High Energy” in relation to gay dance music. Eventually, the genre’s crossover into non-gay clubs will render the term “Boys Town” redundant, and the chart will change its name – but not just yet.


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