November 19, 1983: Madonna, Azymuth, Hi Voltage, Howard Johnson, David Joseph


London’s airwaves are reeling as all the Home Office-harrassed pirates join Radio Jackie on the Medium Wave, only London Weekend Radio being left on FM (for the moment), although JFM is doing split FM/MW broadcasts on Sundays to publicise that they’re in the process of pumping out soul 7 days a week on 187m/1602kHz MW . . . Dayton ‘Sound Of Music‘, Lew Kirton ‘Just Can’t Get Enough‘, Third World ‘Lagos Jump‘, Billy Griffin ‘Serious‘; Bobby Nunn ‘Don’t Knock It‘/’Private Party‘ are all set for UK 12in . . . Marvin Gaye’s newly extended ‘Grapevine’ originated in the States as a 12in promo for clubs to plug Motown’s unexpectedly successful soul oldies soundtrack album from hit US movie ‘The Big Chill’ — the LP’s own high sales to young white Americans despite its lack of a current single has caused some rock radio programmers to rethink their segregated oldies policy, while the continued resurgence of Top 40 radio formats is further rattling complacent AOR rockers out of their ruts . . . Channel 4’s Malibu World Disco Dancing world final actually saw reality rule as Italy’s Jay Janani delighted the London crowd by fitting break, smurf, webbo and other current moves into the 135bpm beat, winning the title with great credibility — however, if someone other than a muscleman had been allowed to win the UK final, it might have been a different story . . . Miss USA, Regan Miller, can come dance in my front room any time she likes, but was hardly representative of the best that America has to offer, while India’s enchantingly demure Ila Rani Jhunjhunwala made a refreshing change from all the disco puppets . . . Ken Gold’s co-penned ‘I’m Out Of Your Life’ originally appeared on an old Delegation album, Arnie’s Love picking it up only after it was recently submitted to Radar as material by the publishers — while Brian Mason (St Albans) reckons Delegation’s own current ‘It’s Your Turn‘ cops a like from Fantasy ‘You’re Too Late‘! . . . Mark Sherwood-Edwards is revamping the club mailing list at Interdisc, 249-251 Kensal Road, London W10 5DB (01-969 9414/3801) . . . Lance Nuttall urgently needs a resident “personality” jock at Hickstead’s Dance Factory in Sussex (0273-833795) . . . Tony Prince’s home studio for the Disco Mix Club wants a pair of Technics 1500 decks — call 06286-63227 if you can help . . . Pete King (0675-63554) is after PAs at Nuneaton’s Raffles Night Club, and Thursday gigs for himself . . . Graham Hunter (Basingstoke) missed a date last month, Andover’s Country Bumpkin burnt down before he got there . . . Paul Major & Tony Allen are chuffed at Hinckley’s Bubbles, which won Mecca Leisure’s ‘Club Of The Year’ award . . . Bob Jones jazz-souls Royston’s Bull Thurs (17), Benson-on-Thames Rivers Fri (18) . . . Chris Hill joins Colin ‘Kenwood’ Hudd at Dartford Flicks this Friday (18), when Dave Rawlings has “vicars and tarts” fancy dress at Basingstoke Martines . . . Dave Smith is back at Mayfair’s Samanthas (off Regent Street next to Rockafellas late nite eaterie) Mon/Wed/Fri, the latter night all drinks at 50p . . . Feminine Touch (Jackie & Lorraine) spin soul and funk on Saturdays at Upton Park’s JR’s Wine Bar in East London . . . Liverpool’s Venue bodypops every Wednesday now to DJ Electra Bop Master 1090, videos, abstract animation, spraycan graffiti and the whole ‘Fort Apache, Toxteth’ vibe — sounds interesting! . . . Eddie Gee takes over Loughborough Toff’s (ex-Adam & Eve) on Wednesdays for 50p admission electro/jazz/funk/reggae, the “perfect beat” . . . Steve Walsh this Wednesday (23) starts fortnightly at Copthorne’s Smugglers near Crawley, and for the next two Sundays at his new Brixton Ace residency the first 500 through the door get tickets for an Old Grey Whistle Test filming of Level 42 — oh yes, and big Steve’s left Soho Gossips . . . Steve Ogley gets fairly funky four nights a week at Lowestoft’s Snaps, while up the coast at Gt Yarmouth’s One Five One on Thur/Fri/Sat young Danny Smith is pleased to find the punters are beginning to understand good mixing, at last . . . Steve ‘Stevie Q’ Gladders (Winchester Seasons) re-edited a respectable extended version of ‘All Night Long (All Night)’ on cassette, but’ll have to re-do it now the instrumental’s in (incidentally, not forgetting the import 12in is ½bpm slower than the LP, both run together so perfectly you can get phasing from the inst/vocal combined) . . . Peter Lee (Bolton Dance Factory) knows how to suck up to people — he’s got my ’60s Stompers megamix tape, in his Top 10! . . . Super Jocks indie plugger Theo Loyla has moved to 6 Tomay Cottages, Hawthorne Corner, Herne Bay, Kent CT6 6TL (022786-604) . . . Tony StMichael (62 Talbot House, Harvist Estate, London N7 7LU) is after some guest spots around the Oakham area in Rutland (or wherever it is now!) . . . Al Dupres, basking under the new lights at Cardiff’s Nero ‘s Thurs/Sat, presents the Saturday 6-9pm soul show and Sunday l0pm-midnight rock show on local ILR station CBC, 221 MW/96 FM . . . ‘DJ Of The Year’ Franklin Hughes presents Portsmouth’s Radio Victory soul show every Saturday 6-9pm, and has just started Mondays 8-10pm on Nottingham’s Radio Trent . . . Geoff Dorsett, ex-Hallam, has turned up playing dance hits ‘n more on Saturdays 9am-noon at ‘The Sound Of South Shropshire’, Sunshine Radio 299/1017kHz MW . . . Butch McCartney & The Blackface Kid have shot up the sales chart not surprisingly following the impact of their incredible video — like a whole movie in miniature, wouldn’t it make a great full-length feature film? . . . Eddy Grant’s current video runs subtitles of the line “I don’t know what to do” across the screen, and then mind-messingly the “what to do” stays painted on his jacket when he moves! . . . New York’s Playboy Club is being up-dated for a new year reopening as a two million dollar video club, featuring 75 screens of widths from 1 to 10 feet, and a dome-shaped screen suspended over the dancefloor showing up to eight different video projections at the same time, all controlled by two VJs and a DJ . . . WEA’s US parent company Warner Communications Inc seems in trouble deep, despite the music side making money their Atari consumer electronics (and, to a lesser extent, MTV-operating Warner Amex cable company) have helped WCI lose an unbelievable 425 million dollars so far this year . . . James Ingram ‘Party Animal’ is only 111¼bpm . . . Baiser, about since the summer, has belatedly been taken up by the Thames Estuary mafia! . . . Steve Harvey used to drum for Bogaz . . . Per Cussion and his All Stars are Swedish, his real name being Per Tjernberg! . . . Quando Quango ‘Love Tempo‘ (top 3 US Dance/Disco) varies-down nicely out of ‘Cavern’ . . . Africali ‘Ayiko Bia‘ is a disappointment, the beat just isn’t quite right . . . I want you (all tonight), tonight, ALL NIGHT LONG!


MADONNA: ‘Holiday’ (Sire W 9405T)
Hurrah! This is the one that’ll give her a (Christmas holiday?) hit — originally big in Boys Town before breaking wide open on New York radio and now in better UK clubs, this incredibly frisky bright and breezy Jellybean Benitez produced 115bpm 12in smacking skipper has all the elements of a massive pop smash (good 118bpm ‘Think Of Me‘ flip, too). Get it, right now!

AZYMUTH: ‘Make Mine Guarana’ (LP ‘Rapid Transit’ US Milestone M-9118)
The boys from Brazil are back with a dynamite long ultra jittery simple 113- 114-113-116-114-116-115-116bpm instrumental jazz-funk-latino groove powered by cleanly clinking and clonking percussion and their usual vocodered organ sound over an infectious bass line, “groove” being the operative word (the rest of the set through is really specialist either soft or frantic latin jazz). How about a 12in?

HI VOLTAGE: ‘Love Is The Message’ (US One Way OW-007)
Began Cekic has recreated the old Vince Montana-arranged MFSB instrumental (a cult disco classic in New York), then with John Morales & Sergio Munzibai mixed it into a new (scratch-)116-120-121-116(rap on)bpm 12in form that’s still good mellow flowing jazz-funk like the original but with lots of scratching over it and an off-puttingly abrupt slower scratch ‘n “partay” rap break towards the end (the flip’s shorter different mix is minus rap). Combining the best of two worlds in ear-grabbing style, it could be huge.

HOWARD JOHNSON: ‘Let’s Take Time Out’ (US A&M SP-12082)
Produced now by The System with bumpily juddering synth backing, Howard’s 117bpm 12in newie still sticks melodically to the Kashif school of Evelyn King cliché — the import 12in (with dead slow strangely stark 33¼/66½bpm ‘You’re The One I’ve Needed‘ (flip) being an “extended version” while the simultaneous UK release (AMX 154) is more than a minute shorter, but on 3-track 12in with the densely jittery vocoder-spiked and chick-rapped rumbling 108bpm ‘Everywhere I Go‘, and last year’s jolting 113bpm ‘Take Me Through The Night‘. Yes folks, it’s make your mind up time!

DAVID JOSEPH: ‘Joys Of Life’ (LP ‘The Joys Of Life’ Island ILPS 9739)
Feeble old fashioned Britfunk for the most part, the 0-118bpm ‘Do You Feel My Love Now Baby‘ being best of those jittery thumpers, while head and shoulders above the rest is this superb sophisticated gently grooving 95bpm soul swayer with catchy semi-falsetto harmony chorus and languid sax — a real goodie!

FATBACK: ‘Please Stay’ (US Spring SPR-12-413)
As if on a much slower ‘Is This The Future?’, deep butch Gerry Bledsoe mutters spine tingling sweet nothings over Imagination-ish 70bpm 12in tranquil piano before the other guys wail a while and then soprano sax gently squeals a lyrical line (inst flip) — humma humma, we’re talkin’ heavy atmospherics here, and is it good!

JENNY BURTON: ‘Remember What You Like’ (US Atlantic 0-86977)
The girl who sang C-Bank’s ‘One More Shot‘ is again produced by John Robie on a quite melodic subtly textured tinkling 116¼bpm 12in hip hopper very similar to that earlier “shooting gallery” electro classic but now as if programmed by Freeez — except wasn’t Robie himself responsible for much of ‘I.O.U.’?! — excellent of its sort (alternative freakily rapped ‘Players’ flip).

CD III: ‘Get Tough’ (US Prelude PRL D672)
Siren, vocoder and chatter start a typical but strong “MC popping” rapped ‘n chanted jerky 108bpm 12in electro jiggler, simple and direct with tuneful synth splurges over subdued scratching (scratched inst flip), huge already at Birmingham’s Powerhouse.

SLEAZEEE: ‘The Girls Are Out’ (Calibre CABL 119)
Originally on white label, this Steve Jerome-penned unison chix chanted jiggly little 105(intro)-107-108- 109bpm 12in chugger is like a more urgent Street Angels, with nice piano and sax towards the end, its cheerful jauntiness dispelling early doubts about some of the overly mannered singing (good dub flip).

TWO SISTERS: ‘B-Boys Beware’ (US Sugarscoop SS-426)
Paul Rodriguez-produced familiar plinkety-plunk 113-114-113bpm 12in hip, hop, poppin’ emcee G.L.O.B.E. taking over from the staccato girls for rapping relief (panting 113⅔bpm ‘B-Boys B-Dubbed‘/edit flip), hardly innovative despite its “give the girls a break” message but certainly up to current electro standard.

ROLAND RAT SUPERSTAR: ‘Rat Rapping’ (Rodent Records 12RAT 1, via Magnet)
Obviously best for TV-am viewers, the Roland & Kevin-rapped 109bpm “7in version” (and inst) makes good fatuous fun out of scratching, but the 3-track 12in A-side is actually a harder 110bpm mainly instrumental “extended version” that’s perfectly playable alongside other proper scratchers. One for Christmas?

SANCTUARY: ‘I Am Going To Love Him’ (US Montage MS-616)
Big selling jittery percussion-backed burbling fast 0-121-122-123-122-121-122bpm 12in samba-ish jazz-funky racing smacker with rapid-fire singing by what sounds like a husky chap — so make of the title what you will (inst/edit flip).

STEVE NARAHARA: ‘Canadian Sunset’ (LP ‘Sierra’ US PAUSA PR 7153)
Jazz guitarist with a Tom Scott (sax), Dan Siegel (keyboards)-supported instrumental set of strong specialist appeal, this lovely c110bpm revival of the Eddie Heywood & Hugo Winterhalter standard and a jerkily jumping c126bpm ‘The Hunt’ being most obvious dancers.

ELBOW BONES & THE RACKETEERS: ‘A Night In New York’ (EMI America 12EA 165)
Kid Creole revives his old Dr Buzzard sound for this lush chick crooned brassily tripping exotic 109bpm 12in swinger, with a possibly tricky four-to-the-bar beat, initially biggest in Boys Town circles. Good music, better than Creole’s current stuff!

JENNIFER HOLLIDAY: ‘Just Let Me Wait’ (LP ‘Feel My Soul’ Geffen GEF 25591)
The ultra-soulful Dreamgirl’s Maurice White-produced set took a while to click here but now this Aretha/EWF-ish 117-118-119bpm strutter and the rather thin 0-121-123bpm ‘Shine A Light‘ (also on 7in, A 3867) are starting to happen, while the throbbing sultry 104bpm ‘My Sweet Delight‘ is most “disco” of all.

TEENA MARIE: ‘Playboy’ (LP ‘Robbery’ Epic EPC 25655)
Her disappointingly schizoid self-prod/penned set’s only real soul dancer is this great teasingly sung pent-up brassily jittering 97bpm steamy swayer, although unfortunately on 12in here is ‘Fix It‘ (Epic TA 3820), a jerky fast 125bpm staccato rock jolter (inst flip) which has its points, though compulsive danceability isn’t one of them.

CASHMERE: ‘Let The Music Turn You On’ (Philly World PWSL 114)
Easily under-rated somewhat sneaky grow-on-you gently jittering 113bpm 12in Michael Jackson-ish jolter sparked by muted trumpet in the clever brass arrangement, and by Hammond organ on the lurching slow 104bpm ‘Inner Feeling‘ flip.

MELBA MOORE: ‘Keepin’ My Lover Satisfied’ (Capitol 12CL 317)
Melba adopts a Sue-Ellen pose for the sleeve of this Paul Lawrence Jones III-produced typically lurching stark 116bpm 12in smacker (inst flip), now possibly too datedly formularized for its own good.

GEE GEE AND THE GYM BAND: ‘Magic Kaboola’ (US TopFlight/ Watussi TOP-007)
Italian-originated good solid 118¼bpm 12in revival of my favourite dependable ‘For Those Who Like To Groove’/’Good Times’ bass riff, with smurf chorus and skimpy synth melody, the 117½bpm ‘Rap Dub’ being less effective (radio edit too).

HAYWOODE: ‘Single Handed’ (CBS TA 3816)
Oh dear, I hate to knock the owner of such exquisite legs, but Sid’s emptily thumping 119bpm 12in follow-up has the same slickly tuneful approach as ‘A Time Like This’ but none of its exciting oomph (jerky electro-ish 117bpm flip presumably called ‘Slow Burn’).

MONYAKA: ‘Reggae-Matic-Funk’ (Polydor POSPX 658)
The title tells it all, a desperately uninspired leaden 104/52(intro)-105-106-0-105bpm 12in follow-up with none of their hit’s infectious good humour (inst flip). What’s Swahili for “go to the bottom”?

HOT BOX: ‘Do You Wanna Lover?’ (Polydor POSPX 661)
Very poor sub-Freeez messy crass 115½bpm 12in attempt to copy the Arthur Baker style of electropop, disappointingly duff considering how good most of the stuff from Polydor/London is these days (dub/edit etc flip).

EARTH WIND & FIRE: ‘Magnetic’ (CBS TA 3887)
A bona fide disaster area, EWF are so frantic for a hit they’ve sold their soul to take the horrendous rock-disco “cop-out” route on this 139bpm 12in jerky galloper, which wouldn’t be out of place by Journey or Survivor (inst flip).

PARADISE: ‘Love Is The Answer’ (Priority PX 6)
Soulfully harmonised but fatally low energy, this comes-and-goes 114bpm spurter and the lightly shuffling 125bpm ‘Just Can’t Stop‘ are shown up on 3-track 12in by the inclusion of their sinuously perfect ‘One Mind Two Hearts‘ hit. What happened?

TAKE 3: ‘Tonight’s The Night’ (Fast Forward FOR-T 1, via Blackmarketing 01-607 7017)
Something rum’s been done in the extending of this Peter (Beggar & Co) Hinds-produced chix-cooed fluid lean 117bpm bass line loper, the girls on the beefier original white label back in July sounding fine but now some of their singing seems very tentative — however, the finally released 3-track UK 12in also has the US-issued ‘Tonight’s The Night (Allright)’ “New York dance mix” and a new electronically percussive 118-117- 116bpm ‘Breakers’ Night’ version. Me, I’m sticking with that original promo.

“D” TRAIN: ‘Something’s On Your Mind’ (US Prelude PRL D670)
Disappointingly sombre jerky slow stark 101bpm 12in summer tempo jolter (inst flip), very unexciting although it may yet reveal hidden depths.

ANGELA BOFILL: ‘Nothin’ But A Teaser’ (LP ‘Teaser’ US Arista AL8- 8198)
Beautiful as ever, Angela’s being steered by Narada Michael Walden into a female Michael Jackson slot (with Stacy Lattisaw overtones) — which is not necessarily a good thing, though may make money out of the youth market. Bearing the above in mind, this 114bpm lurching swayer is possibly easiest to take, other dancers being the 120½bpm ‘Penetration‘, 117bpm ‘Still A Thrill‘, 119bpm ‘Special Delivery‘, 111bpm ‘Crazy For Him‘, 125bpm ‘Call Of The Wild‘.

JoBOXERS: ‘Jealous Love’ (RCA BOXXT 4)
Terrific impressively soulful pent-up 90-0-88bpm 12in lurching swayer like the Four Tops’ Levi Stubbs singing Gary Glitter’s ‘I Love You Love Me Love’ while backed by the James Brown band circa 1963. Wow!

Z.Z. HILL: ‘Get A Little, Give A Little’ (LP ‘I’m A Blues Man’ US Malaco MAL 7415)
Good down home deep soul set by a gruff guy I started collecting 19 years ago (he’s pronounced “Zee Zee”), this great gut wrenching 58-57bpm slowie being truly soulful and much enquired about when played as a smoocher, the Little Milton/Bobby Bland-like 121bpm ‘Blind Side‘ being a nostalgic dancer.

TYRONE DAVIS: ‘Be Honest With Me’ (LP ‘Something Good’ US Oceanfront OF 101)
The veteran soulster’s spine tingling Isaac Hayes-ish 55⅓bpm smoocher starts as a dialogue first with the bartender and then the young lady sitting alone three stools from the end (he gets lucky!), the rest of this uncompromising Southern Soul set being excellent if that’s your bag (you old-timer you!), like his original style-reviving 113bpm ‘Turning Point‘, 67bpm ‘Something Good About A Woman’, 82bpm ‘Let Me Be Your Pacifier’, 85bpm ‘All Because Of Your Love’, 107bpm ‘Satisfy You Before You Satisfy Me’, 125bpm ‘I Found Myself When I Lost You’, 120bpm ‘You Stay On My Mind’.

KAZ: ‘You Take My Breath Away’ (Passion PASH 1210)
Bristol band discovered and produced by Nigel ‘Malibu’ Wright on a frantically flying 122bpm 12in jitterer with staccato Shakatak-ish chix helped male chants and jazzy solos including squealing horn, fine for wearing out the carpet in dark corners.

LOLEATTA HOLLOWAY: ‘Love Sensation’ (US Salsoul SG 415)
Overwrought soulfully wailed, growled and screeched 58-116bpm 12in Dan Hartman-penned oldie opened out a bit in a new Shep Pettibone remix, but without an ’83 beat (inst/aca flip).



CD III ‘Get Tough’ (US Prelude 12in)
Jessie Rogers ‘One Monkey Don’t Stop No Show’ (US Pyramid 12in)
Jimmy Cliff ‘Reggae Night’ (CBS 12in)
Ebony Brothers ‘Brighten Up Your Night’ (RCA 12in)
The SOS Band ‘Tell Me If You Still Care’ (Tabu 12in)
James Ingram ‘Party Animal’ (Qwest 12in)
Elbow Bones ‘A Night In New York’ (EMI America 12in)
Two Sisters ‘B-Boys Beware’ (US Sugarscoop 12in)
Beat Girls ‘Nasty Jungle Scratch’ (US 25 West 12in)
Teddy Pendergrass ‘I Want My Baby Back’ (US Phil Int LP)
Madonna ‘Lucky Star’ (Sire 12in)
Klique ‘Stop Doggin’ Me Around’ (MCA 12in)
Bernard Wright ‘Funky Beat’ (US Arista 12in)
The Tribe ‘Jungle Rock’ (US Prelude 12in)
Fatback ‘Please Stay’ (US Spring 12in)
Sleazeee ‘The Girls Are Out’ (white label 12in)
Prince ‘DMSR’ (Warner Bros 12in)
Paradise ‘Love Is The Answer’ (Priority 12in)
Richie Scotti The Break’ (US Radar Rap 12in)
Janice McClain ‘Giving My Love’ (US Mon-Tab 12in)
Garland Green ‘Don’t Tell Me Let Me Guess’/’Tryin’ To Hold On’ (US Oceanfront LP)
Tourist ‘Hooked On You’ (US Reelin & Rockin 12in)
Major Lance ‘Are You Leaving Me’ (US Kat Family 12in/LP)
The Dub Band ‘Reggae High’ (EMI 12in)
Four Tops ‘I Just Can’t Walk Away’ (Motown 12in)


Beats Per Minute for last week’s Top 75 entries on 7in (f/c/r for fade/cold/resonant endings):

Status Quo 132-133f, Rolling Stones 121-123r, The Assembly 0-44¾/89½f, Yes 0-124½f, Genesis 87(174)f, Tom Robinson 93f, The Smiths 0-207c, Care 127½r, Abba 0-99-101-0-101-0r, Kim Wilde 127½f, Kenny Rogers/Dolly Parton 103f, Caramba (0-)81/162f, JoBoxers 90-0-88f, Olivia Newton-John 164f, Hall & Oates 114f.


Midlands Electro jocks have revived the Funkacise Gang ‘Funkacise‘ (US GRP 12in, 114½bpm), inspiring me to dig it out again too and kick off what became a marathon electro set which crammed 24 records into as many minutes egged on by great floor reaction. Obviously some tracks were mixed in very briefly indeed as bridging sections. Coming out of a Gullivers soca standard Lord Kitchener ‘Sugar Bum Bum’ (Ice) with Positive Force ‘We Got The Funk’, the synched sequence (unless chop specified) went Funkacise Gang/Ray Parker Jr ‘N2U2’/ Gee Gee & The Gym Band ‘Magic Kaboola’/Grandmaster & Melle Mel ‘White Lines’/Liquid Liquid ‘Cavern’/Per Cussion All Stars ‘Don’t Stop’/(chop) GLOBE & Whiz Kid ‘Mr DJ’/Two Sisters ‘B-Boys Beware’/’B Beat Girls ‘Nasty Jungle Scratch’/Shannon ‘Let The Music Play (Dub)’/Tyrone Brunson ‘Smurf’/”D” Train ‘You’re The One For Me (Inst)’/Hot Streak ‘Body Work’/ Twilight 22 ‘Electric Kingdom’/X-Ray Connection ‘Replay (Space Mix)’/Soul Sonic Force ‘Planet Rock’/Formula V ‘Killer Groove II’/Reggie Griffin ‘Mirda Rock’/Planet Patrol ‘Play At Your Own Risk’/Jonzun Crew ‘Space Is The Place’/EBN/OZN ‘AEIOU’/(chop) Man Parrish ‘Hip Hop (Disconet)’/Fresh Face ‘Nuevo Dancing’/(chop) Newcleus ‘Wikki Wikki (7in remix)’. Wikki Wikki indeed!


01 01 All Night Long (All Night) – Lionel Richie – Motown 12in/LP Remix
02 04 All My Life – Major Harris – London 12in
03 02 Love How You Feel/Dub – Sharon Redd – Prelude 12in
04 06 Happiness Is Just Around The Bend – Cuba Gooding – London 12in
05 14 I’m Out Of Your Life – Arnie’s Love – Streetwave 12in
06 08 Let The Music Play (Dub Version)/(Vocal) – Shannon – Club 12in
07 07 White Lines – Grandmaster & Melle Mel – Sugarhill 12in
08 03 I Want You (All Tonight) – Curtis Hairston – RCA 12in
09 05 Tonight – Steve Harvey – London 12in
10 23 Love Will Find A Way/Can’t Slow Down/Penny Lover – Lionel Richie – Motown LP
11 15 I Wanna Be With You – Armenta – Savoir Faire 12in
12 18 Get It On – Spence – Arista 12in
13 09 Thriller – Michael Jackson – Epic 12in
14 21 Dressing Up! – Street Angels – Street Beat 12in
15 13 Spice Of Life – Manhattan Transfer – German Atlantic LP
16 12 Ain’t Nobody – Rufus & Chaka Khan – Warner Bros 12in
17 22 The Sound Of Music/It Must Be Love/Out Tonight – Dayton – US Capitol LP
18 11 Just Can’t Get Enough/Don’t Give Up Your Dream – Lew Kirton – US Believe In a Dream LP
19 24 Rescue Me – Sybil Thomas – West End 12in
20 10 (Just Because) You’ll Be Mine – Instant Funk – US Salsoul 12in
21 29 It’s Your Turn – Delegation – CBS 12in
22 19 Brighter Tomorrow/Crusin’/Turn It Up (Come On Y’all)/ Tom Browne – Arista LP
23 32 Fantasy Real – Phil Fearon & Galaxy – Ensign 12in
24 17 Body Work – Hot Streak – Polydor 12in
25 20 Steppin’ Out – Slave – Atlantic 12in
26 16 (Hey You) The Rock Steady Crew – Rock Steady Crew – Charisma 12in
27 47 Holiday – Madonna – Sire 12in
28 52 Lagos Jump – Third World – CBS LP/Dutch CBS 12in/US Columbia 12in
29 34 Ladies Choice – Stone City Band – Gordy 12in
30 — All Night Long (All Night) (Instrumental)/(LP remix) – Lionel Richie – US Motown 12in
31 25 Rockin’ Radio – Tom Browne – Arista 12in
32 30 Love Will Find A Way – David Grant – Chrysalis 12in
33 44 Micro-Kid (Remix) – Level 42 – Polydor 12in
34 37 Scratch Break (Glove Style) – Motor City Crew – Motown 12in
35 27 All Over Your Face – Ronnie Dyson – Atlantic 12in
36 38 Over And Over – Shalamar – Solar 12in
37 63 New Dimension (Electro Mix) – Imagination – R&B 12in
38 45 Play That Beat Mr. DJ – G.L.O.B.E. & Whiz Kid – US Tommy Boy 12in
39 36 Superstar – Lydia Murdock – Korova 12in
40 33 Move Your Body/Get Your Lover Back – Bernard Wright – US Arista LP
41 61 Serious/Respect/So Many Ways – Billy Griffin – US Columbia LP
42 51 I Want Your Love/Yours Forever – Atlantic Starr – US A&M LP
43 43 Break Dancin’ – Electric Boogie – West Street Mob – Sugarhill 12in
44 49 Good Love – Rome Jefferies – US Rain Records 12in
45 60 After Loving You – Omari – US Bound Sound 12in
46 55 Cavern – Liquid Liquid – US 99 12in EP
47 40 Wildstyle/Instrumental (Remixes) – Time Zone – CellulOid 12in
48 48 Autodrive – Herbie Hancock – CBS 12in
49 56 I’m Ready (If You’re Ready) (Remix) – Gap Band – Total Experience 12in
50 42 Talk To Me – Lew Kirton – Epic 12in
51 53 Pop Goes My Love – Freeez – Beggars Banquet 12in
52 39 All Night Long (Waterbed) – Kevie Kev – US Sugarhill 12in
53 80 Get Into The Mix/Scratcher’s Delight – DJ Divine – US West End 12in
54 — Just Let Me Wait/Shine A Light – Jennifer Holliday – Geffen LP
55 46 Electric Kingdom – Twilight 22 – US Vanguard 12in
56 28 Turn You Out (In & Out)/Show Down – Slave – German Cotillion LP
57 65 Say Say Say – Paul McCartney/Michael Jackson – Parlophone 12in
58 — Just Can’t Let You Go – Ronnie McNeir & Instant Groove – US Crossroad Entertainment Corp 12in
59 78 Love Town (Froggy Mix)/Teddy Bear – Booker Newberry III – Montage 12in
60 50 Don’t Let It Go To Your Head – Fat Larry’s Band – WMOT 12in
61 — Gonna Get You (Megamix)/Love’s Gonna Get You – Freeez – Beggars Banquet 12in
62 57 Spacey Lady – Maurice Starr – US Arista 12in
63 66 So Different – Kinky Foxx – US Sound Of New York 12in
64 — Love Is The Message – Hi Voltage – US One Way 12in
65 64 Don’t Knock It (Until You Try It)/Private Party – Bobby Nunn – US Motown LP
66 72 You’re My Number 1 – Radiance – US Are ‘N Be 12in
67 — Make Mine Guarana – Azymuth – US Milestone LP
68 77 Knockin’/Baby I’m Yours/2 Win U Back – Jones Girls – RCA LP
69 — Canadian Sunset/The Hunt – Steve Narahara – US Pausa LP
70 83 I’ve Got Love – Bogaz – AGR 12in
71 74 Wet My Whistle – Midnight Star – Solar 12in
72 79 Bless The Ladies – Oliver Cheatham – MCA 12in
73 — Summer Breeze – Baiser – Canadian Celsius 12in
74 — Say What? – Trouble Funk – US DETT 12in
75 —Be A Star/Megastar (Slowed Down) – David Joseph – Island 12in
76 75 Bad Times (I Can’t Stand It) – Captain Rapp – US Saturn 12in
77 58 Playboy – Teena Marie – Epic LP
78 68 Makin’ Music – Gary’s Gang – CBS 12in
79 — I Am Going To Love Him – Sanctuary – US Montage 12in
80 — Do You Wanna Lover?/Dub – Hot Box – Polydor 12n
81 73 Love Game – Pure Energy – US Prism 12in
82 76 Yah Mo B There/One More Rhythm/There’s No Easy Way/Try Your Love Again – James Ingram – German Qwest LP
83 — Supergood – Clubhouse – Island 12in promo
84 59 I Love It/Trust Me – Lillo Thomas – Capitol 12in
85 — Before You Go – Skool Boyz – US Crossroad Entertainment Corp 12in


01 01 All Night Long (All Night) – Lionel Richie – Motown 12in
02 02 I Want You (All Tonight) – Curtis Hairston – RCA 12in
03 05 Love How You Feel – Sharon Redd – Prelude 12in
04 04 The Safety Dance – Men Without Hats – Statik 12in
05 06 Say Say Say (Instrumental)/(Vocal) – Paul McCartney/Michael Jackson – Parlophone 12in
06 03 (Hey You) The Rocksteady Crew – Rocksteady Crew – Charisma 12in
07 15 Tonight – Steve Harvey – London 12in
08 07 Blue Monday/The Beach – New Order – Factory 12in
09 09 Superstar – Lydia Murdock – Korova 12in
10 22 All My Life – Major Harris – London 12in
11 08 Go Deh Yaka (Go To The Top) – Monyaka – Polydor 12in
12 26 It’s Your Turn – Delegation – CBS 12in
13 11 Love Will Find A Way – David Grant – Chrysalis 12in
14 12 I’ll Tumble 4 Ya/Karma Chameleon – Culture Club – Virgin 12in
15 18 Over And Over – Shalamar – Solar 12in
16 10 Body Work – Hot Streak – Polydor 12in
17 17 Talk To Me – Lew Kirton – Epic 12in
18 20 New Song – Howard Jones – WEA 12in
19 28 Uptown Girl – Billy Joel – CBS 12in
20 14 Love Reaction – Divine – Design Communications 12in
21 — Thriller – Michael Jackson – Epic 12in
22 13 What I Got Is What You Need – Unique – Prelude 12in
23 19 Superman – Black Lace – Flair 12in
24 — Let The Music Play – Shannon – Club/Warehouse 12in
25 25 In Your Eyes – George Benson – Warner Bros 12in
26 — Happiness Is Just Around The Bend – Cuba Gooding – London 12in
27 — Get It On – Spence – Arista 12in
28 — White Lines (Don’t Don’t Do It) – Grandmaster & Melle Mel – Sugarhill 12in
29 — Fantasy Real – Phil Fearon/Galaxy – Ensign 12in
30 — I’m Out Of Your Life – Arnie’s Love – Streetwave 12in


01 01= Earthquake – Flirtations – Siam/Proto 12in
02 01= Catch Me (I’m Falling In Love) – Marsha Raven – Passion 12in
03 12 He’s A Saint He’s A Sinner/Manpower/So Many Men So Little Time (Remake)/Beeline – Miquel Brown – Record Shack LP promo
04 03 Love How You Feel – Sharon Redd – Prelude 12in
05 04 And I’m Telling You I’m Not Going – Koffie – US Pandisc 12in
06 05 I Am What I Am – Gloria Gaynor – US Silver Blue 12in
07 06 Take A Chance On Me – Waterfront Home – US Bobcat 12in
08 17 Where Is My Man – Eartha Kitt – Record Shack 12in
09 13 La Cage Aux Folles/Instrumental – Le Jeté – US Megatone 12in
10 15 Don’t Leave Me This Way (Mega-Mix)/Twelve Inches Of Pleasure (Medley) – Slip/Various – Proto LP/12in twin-pack
11 10 Burn It Up (Mr. DJ) – Risque – US Importe/12 Remix/Dutch Polydor 12in
12 11 Primitive Desire – Eastbound Expressway – Record Shack 12in
13 08 (They Call Me The) Queen Of Fools – Jessica Williams – Passion 12in
14 09 I Don’t Want To Talk About It – Pamela Stanley – US Komander 12in/ Disconet remix
15 18 Love On The Rocks/Destiny/Loquita/Take My Heart Away (Remix) – Lama/Two Sisters/Dave Valentin/Gillian Lane – US Disconet LP
16 07 Love Reaction – Divine – Design Communications 12in
17 22 Rocket To Your Heart/Mandatory Love/Sex Dance – Lisa – US Moby Dick LP
18 20 All Night Long (All Night) – Lionel Richie – Motown 12in
19 14 The Boys Come To Town – Earlene Bentley – Record Shack 12in
20 16 Makin’ Music/Dub Mix – Gary’s Gang – CBS 12in
21 — Giving Up/I Cry For You – Bobby “O” – Canadian Unidisc 12in
22 26 Walking On The Neon – Peter Richard – German Ariola 12in
23 21 DJ Girl – Miss Kimberly – US Bobcat 12in
24 — Lucky Tonight – Sarah Dash – US Megatone 12in
25 30 Got To Get To You (Remix) – Charade featuring Jessica – Passion 12in
26 — A Night In New York – Elbow Bones & The Racketeers – EMI America 12in
27 24 Sing-Sing-Sing – The Broads – Proto 12in
28 — Get Up (Do You Want To Funk) – Digital Emotion – Dutch Break 12in
29 — Rise Up – Parachute Club – US RCA 12in
30= — Where Are You Now – Cerrone – Record Shack 12in
30= — Trouble In Paradise – Sylvester – US Megatone LP
30= — A Taste Of Dub/A Taste Of Love – Den Harrow – Italian Hole 12in
30= — Skiing In The Snow – Laura Pallas & The Reputations – Record Shack 12in

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