December 10, 1983: Mary Wells, World Premiere, Whatnauts, Lew Kirton, Lenny Welch


LAST FRIDAY was premiere night at video-equipped clubs, all the little chickies screaming and squealing as Michael Jackson kept scaring them silly! . . . ‘Thriller‘, which evidently cost over double its original half-million dollar budget, was shown for a week in a Los Angeles cinema to make it eligible for an Oscar before having its US television debut also last Friday on MTV, who will be showing it four times daily until Christmas — the US-only hour long Vestron video previously mentioned will package ‘Thriller’ with candid coverage of its making, the live Motown 25 version of ‘Billie Jean’ plus excerpts from ‘Beat It’ and the Jacksons ‘Can You Feel It’ . . . MTV, the US 24 hour music video cable TV channel, admits to a rock orientated music policy but still gets criticized by the black record biz, which is why so many black acts (like EWF) now use rock rhythms in an effort to qualify — the channel is so influential in breaking new names that it’s getting exclusives ahead of radio, causing yet more bad feeling . . . Tyne Tees ‘The Tube’ earlier in the evening quoted extensively from our Boys Town/Hi-NRG Disco chart, without any mention of Record Mirror — thanks so much . . . Morgan Khan, unbeknownst to me while making its import lead review last week, has rush released Xena ‘On The Upside‘ on Streetwave 12in (catalogue number MKHAN 2 — such modesty!), the melodic chick sung 119bpm hip hopper being by the same team as Shannon and now sounding even stronger: he’s also picked up the Vintertainment label for Britain, so the B Boys can’t be far behind . . . Malcolm X ‘No Sell Out‘ has been withdrawn by Tommy Boy in the States pending a Sugarhill claim that it was cut in their studios using speeches from an album on Chess, which they control: Marshall Chess (son of the label’s founder and its current manager) did indeed get Sugarhill Gang drummer Keith LeBlanc to lay down the track before then signing it with Tommy Boy instead of Sugarhill, who say they’d assumed it would be theirs and had planned a new LP to include it . . . Evelyn ‘Champagne’ King’s new 12in sadly will be ‘Action‘ / ‘Let’s Get Crazy‘ from her LP, which contains better . . . Luther Vandross is producing Teddy Pendergrass for an all-new album due in February — on Elektra . . . Blackmarketing (262 Holloway Road, London, N7, 01-609 7017) are compiling a Hi-NRG mailing list for jocks who can prove their worth . . . Miquel Brown and her manager while driving through the New Jersey night ran into an unlit parked bus. Miquel suffering a broken collar bone, chipped skull, and dented chest . . . Ian Levine has remixed Norma (Lewis) ‘Life Is The Reason‘ for UK release . . . Norman Scott, getting pally with Wham!, reckons ‘Where Is My Man‘ has been the year’s biggest hit at Haringey Bolts and recently finished the night there with Eartha Kitt’s ‘I’m Just An Old Fashioned Girl‘ (RCA) to packed floors . . . Judy Garland recently returned to Toronto’s Club Mystique, complete with funeral procession, casket and hearse — how sick can you get? (and how long before someone here follows suit?) . . . Barbara Mason ‘Another Man‘ has exploded literally through word of mouth, everyone nudging each other and saying “listen to the words” when it comes on (the rap version gets ’em all in quickest) . . . London’s The Embassy in Old Bond Street has a Laura Pallas Christmas Ball this Thursday (8) and a Record Shack party featuring Laura again (and should have been Miquel Brown) on Tuesday (13) — the large lady is also skiing in the snow this Saturday (10) at the Euston Tavern and Oxford Street Spats . . . Chris Brown debuts at Hemel Hempstead Whip & Collar Thursday (8), when Ernie Priestman & Steve Naylor open revamped Old Hall in radioactive Egremont (just over the hill from Windscale) . . . Friday (9) finds Radio London soul broadcaster Tony Blackburn at Tottenham Eltons, Capital Radio Hi-NRG DJ Greg Edwards at Southend Zero 6, Pete ‘Pedro’ Tong and Jeff Young ‘& Strong’ at the Sheffield Arms (Sheffield Park, Sussex) with their R&B Review . . . Sunday’s Nottingham Rock City alldayer (3pm) stars Colin Curtis, Jonathan, Steve Dennis, Steve Allen, Paul Murphy etc . . . Phill Andrews at Derby’s Chamailles Nightclub jazz-funks Mondays, Fri/Sat being party nites and Thurs/Sun cheap cocktails . . . Dougie Welsh gets good ‘n’ funky Thurs-thru-Sun at Edinburgh High Street’s Claude’s . . . Steve ‘Walthamstow’ Day & Mark Eniver do Walthamstow’s Cats Wine Bar on Fridays now . . . Bob Heather (Romsey) has left Southampton’s Mecca Ice Rink after two and a half years to go back on the road — he must have cold feet (ouch) . . . John Vaughan, body popping DJ who helps at Mayfair Gullivers Mondays, is looking for warm-up gigs on 01-856 0388 . . . Gullivers really cooked last Saturday with Sid Haywoode flashing her legs — she, friend Mulligan from Fashion and CBS’s Steve Ripley were in for a nice long time but sadly missed an impromptu PA by Jimmy Cliff which got the joint jumping — what a night . . . Sid, whose dad is Don Haywoode (not Ron), had never heard his classic doo-wop with the Velours, 1957’s ‘Can I Come Over Tonight‘, until I played it for her on the headphones (Graham Gold chickened out of mixing it into Klique!) . . . ‘Dr Soul’s ’60s Stompers‘ on Disco Mix Club cassette is actually very similar to my old soul nights at Le Beat Route — any clubs want me to mix ’em like that live? (Bolton might even be within reach after Xmas!) . . . Shaun James (0296-20653) is after the instrumental version of T. Ski Valley ‘Catch The Beat’ (US Grand Groove 12in), Gary Allan (051-526 5407) wants the already deleted Amanda Lear ‘Love Your Body’ (German Ariola 12in), Graham Cambridge (0904-790686) needs the DJ Remix of ABC ‘Poison Arrow’ . . . VERY IMPORTANT! I need all your dates ‘n’ info NOW, this instant if not sooner, if you want any namechecks before Christmas — our deadlines are diabolical, so please help at this busy time of year and get charts to us if possible in time for the next two Mondays (12 & 19) and again for the first Wednesday of the New Year . . . Theo Loyla’s Super Jocks have the same top six as last week, “new” entries in their pop chart being Shannon, Major Harris, Curtis Hairston, Assembly, Cuba Gooding, New Order and Madness (I’m not taking the mickey, just stating the sad fact) . . . London’s LODJ association members are very perceptive, they reckon this column covers the club circuit . . . Phonogram’s acts are suffering the mailing list syndrome, jocks getting records in the mail which they chart before realising they’re rubbish, then drop fast . . . John ‘Thriller’ Landis’s new ‘Trading Places’ film is finally opening here, starring Eddie Murphy & Dan Akroyd with Bo Diddley as a pawnbroker and the eye-boggling Jamie Lee Curtis as a tart — fellahs, I implore you, don’t miss it! . . . ‘Street’ shock (the real Street, Hill that is): Michael Conrad, though well enough to start the new series in the States, has just died — he played the fancy talking desk sergeant whose catch phrase was the immortal “hey hey hey Hey! LET’S BE CAREFUL OUT THERE!” We’ll miss you.


MARY WELLS: ‘My Guy’ (US Allegiance D-101)
Nearly twenty years later, Mary’s back with a lovely slowed down and stretched out languidly swaying 114-115bpm 12in remake of her all-time classic, produced now by Wayne Henderson (inst flip). Still a floor filler (try it out of Barbara Mason!), it sounds different enough in this treatment to happen all over again — with wide appeal.

WORLD PREMIERE: ‘Share The Night’ (US Easy Street EZS-7506)
A long effects intro leads into throbbing stereo drumbeats as the Jonathan Fearing-mixed sinuously weaving 0-108bpm 12in plodder picks up momentum behind excitingly arranged growling and wailing vocal interaction, the whole thing sounding bright and fresh enough to do very well indeed (inst breakdown/shorter inst flip).

WHATNAUTS: ‘Still I’ll Rise’ (US Pic Hit PH 1001)
A satisfying if low key return, the group-backed soulfully hoarse lead guy getting all het up over a burbling lurching 111bpm 12in shuffle ‘n bump undertow (bass led inst flip), sounding stronger the more you hear it.

LEW KIRTON: ‘Just Can’t Get Enough’ (Epic TA 4066)
Fantastic value 3-track 12in effectively fillets all the uptempo dancers from husky Lew’s import album, this cleanly bounding 117¾bpm soul smacker already having been huge while the more delicately unfurling but beefy 115bpm ‘Don’t Give Up Your Dream (Hang On In There)‘ and chunkily lurching 0-117½bpm ‘Here’s My Love (Come And Get It)‘, although less instant, are good (too).

LENNY WELCH: ‘You Picked A Fine Time (To Change Your Mind)’ (US Big Apple BAR-01)
Lenny never hit here but had a US smash with the lovely ‘Since I Fell For You‘ exactly twenty years ago, his new self co-prod/penned M&M-mixed lively jolting 117bpm 12in soul hustler (based surreptitiously on the ‘Good Times’ progression) having a busy slightly dated arrangement that makes it work well with Lew Kirton’s A-side (inst flip). Another Cuba Gooding/Major Harris?

KURTIS BLOW: ‘Christmas Rappin’ (Mercury BLOW 1312)
Timely revival (yet again) of his 1979 debut rapper — only out in Britain at that time as nationally the rap craze had broken here then ahead of the States — the 0-110-111-112-110-111-112bpm “all the ladies in the house say OWW!” marathon and its instrumental on 4-track 12in with his current US hit 108bpm ‘Nervous‘ hip hopper and its instrumental.

DAVE VALENTIN: ‘Crotona Park’ (LP ‘Flute Juice’ US GRP GRP-A-1004)
The jazz flautist’s patchy set ranges from this delightful frisky 123bpm latin percussion ‘party’ skipper (surprisingly good out of Hot Streak or similar stuff and dynamite followed by Irakere ‘Chekere Son‘!), the purposeful slow chix-sung jogging 0-100bpm title track, frantically frothy self explanatory 130-132bpm ‘Latin Jazz Dance‘, to the horrendous Hi-NRG 144bpm ‘Loquita (Crazy Lady)‘ (his current 12in and already in our Boys Town chart — no recommendation!).

WARP 9: ‘Beat Wave’ (US Prism PDS 485)
This Jellybean-mixed 101bpm 12in hip hopper (dub flip) has been out a while without previously impressing me, but its chart progress prompted a re-listen — thank goodness, as it’s the perfect beat to mix Malcolm X out of, and in fact kicked off the first of two electro sets last Friday in fine style!

RUN — D.M.C.: ‘Jam-Master Jay’ (US Profile PRO-7036)
The poppin’ MCs sing the praises of their scratching accompanyist on this slow 99bpm hip hopper, which follows the empty sparse jolting 119bpm ‘Hard Times‘ on 4-track 12in flipped by their starker inst versions.

LESETTE WILSON/PROJEKT-1: ‘Look Into Tomorrow’ (US Some-1 Records SOME-1)
Sneakily nagging but a bit murky for more than specialist interest, the singing keyboardist elongates her syllables into a “yoyoyoyoy” noise before breaking into the jazzy piano climax of this slow tugging 93-94- 96(piano)-95-96½bpm 12in jogger (inst flip), which works best out of Tania Maria’s ‘Come With Me’.

WOMACK & WOMACK: ‘T.K.O.’ (LP ‘Love Wars’ German Elektra 96-0293-1)
The entire Womack clan lend vocal support (the brothers used to sing as the Valentino’s in the ’60s, originating the Stones’ ‘It’s All Over Now’ in the spring of 1964), Cecil and Curtis actually taking lead vocal on this beautiful tender 33½-67bpm revival of Teddy P’s ‘Love T.K.O.’ — which was as it happens penned by Cecil and Linda (Sam Cooke’s daughter, Mrs Bobby Womack) who duet together for the rest of a satisfyingly soulful set that’s more for radio than disco DJs, other tracks being the 52-106-110-0bpm ‘Baby I’m Scared Of You‘, 119/59½bpm ‘A.P.B.‘, 113-114bpm ‘Express Myself‘, 105bpm ‘Good Times‘, 40½-85bpm ‘Woman’, 126bpm ‘Catch And Don’t Look Back‘, 12in-issued 0-121bpm title track, and (repaying the dubious compliment?) the Stones 34-0bpm ‘Angie’ — the only track not co-penned by the singing in-laws.

KALABASH: ‘Betrayed’ (Bash BH 001, via Jet Star 01-961 4422)
New York based reggae outfit well known for backing solo stars now debut on vinyl themselves with a rhythmically unusual rather clever sinuously accelerating 0-85-86-87-88-87bpm 12in (‘De Dub’ flip), Dee Sharp ‘Rising To The Top’ following well. Bassist Dan Turba was previously with Monyaka for six years, if that’s further recommendation.

ESP: ‘Extrol’ (Red Rooster HEN 2T, via Pinnacle)
Angular jerkily smacking unhurried though fast 132bpm 12in electro instrumental, not quite hip hop in texture or tempo but of interest (edit flip).

TANYA JACKSON: ‘Pillow Talk’ (Canadian Matra 12MA-040)
Sylvia’s sucking hissing and cooing old seduction number given a lightweight gentle 0-124bpm 12in update that could get Eartha Kitt-type crossover radio interest — however, its rival more beefily backed 126bpm 12in version by LUSTT (Canadian Street Level SLR 1206) has a solid synth attack and quickly overtook Tanya in gay clubs, to more general approval as well.

ROCKERS REVENGE: ‘There Goes My Heart’ (US Streetwise SWRL 2215)
Too clever for their own good, the group themselves produced this dreadful confusingly unrhythmic though eventually 95bpm 12in dirge with many layers of drearily tugging texture dragging down Donnie Calvin’s groaning vocal (actually better less dense dub, and acappella, flip). How the mighty have fallen.

MASTER JAY & MICHAEL DEE: ‘Ready To Rock’ (US Jocks TS-1000)
In-demand reissue of one of the original rappers from four years ago, a percussion backed 113-115-116-117-118bpm 12in rapid-fire delivery in clever pure rap style.

GEORGE CLINTON: ‘Nubian Nut’ (Capitol 12CL 319)
Bassily juddering 111bpm 12in P’funk rapper that’s too convoluted for its own good, with a nice laid back gospelly swaying 113bpm ‘Free Alterations‘ flip.

T. SKI VALLEY: ‘The USA Is The Best’ (US Capo 765)
Dull rhythm box backed c.106bpm 12in rapper (in club/radio mixes) saying “the US is the best in the West” — oh yeah?

INNER LIFE: ‘No Way’ (US Personal P 49805)
The soulful chix wail a fairly mundane c.112bpm 12in jitterer briefly enlivened by a bitchy ‘Woman To Woman’ telephone chat with “Shirley” halfway (dub/edit flip).

SPECIAL-T: ‘It’s Your Love’ (US Next Plateau NP 50017)
Beefily thumping but fairly boring chix-sung c.115bpm 12in jolter (inst flip).

VIKKI BENSON: ‘Easy Love’ (Bronze BROX 170)
Pretty little blonde pitching an immature sibilant voice against synth backed 117bpm 12in beat box rhythms, the latter not bad for a UK production (by man of the moment Ken Gold) but sadly there’s no instrumental as instead her dad muscles in to produce his own horrendous ballad. Give the girl a break … or better yet, a dub!

LAID BACK: ‘Sunshine Reggae’ (Creole CR 12-60)
Danish duo hitting all over Europe with a quietly starting pleasant pop-aimed 83½-0bpm 12in MoR “reggae” swayer — about as authentic as Boney M and just as dangerously catchy (inst flip).

THE MAN WITH THE GOLDEN HORN: ‘Hooked On Tijuana’ (Lifestyle LIFE T4)
Quite useful Herb Alpert instrumental medley, well recreated and neatly arranged but held back by a clodhopping 103bpm 12in metronomic ‘Stars On’ beat — why can’t these things keep a consistent tempo but let the natural rhythm speak for itself?

THE JINGLE BELLES: ‘Christmas Spectre’ (Passion PASH 1214)
Nigel Wright medleys Phil Spector’s Xmas classix in fairly accurate style on Malibu-tempo 141bpm 12in — but aren’t the originals hard enough to avoid at this time of year without having to be remade?

BILLY JACKSON & THE CITIZEN’S BAND: ‘Have A Happy Christmas (‘Twas The Night Before Christmas)’ (London LONX 42)
Dreadful 108bpm Xmas rap, very basic and poorly done yet evidently from Streetwise on 12in in three versions.


GLORIA GAYNOR: ‘I Am What I Am’ (Chrysalis CHS 12-2765)
Joel Diamond’s chest-thumping 0-127bpm 12in disc production of Jerry Herman’s anthemic showstopper from the smash Broadway musical version of the ‘La Cage Aux Folles’ gay farce has been huge in Boys Town since September, and by combining ‘I Will Survive’, ‘My Way’ and ‘Enough Is Enough’ should now rapidly cross over to become one of those songs that ladies love taking to heart (inst flip).

KOFFIE: ‘And I’m Telling You I’m Not Going’ (Red Rooster HEN 1, via Pinnacle)
Also big since September in Boys Town, this accurate vocal recreation of Jennifer Holliday’s soul-searing ‘Dreamgirls’ showstopper now adds a galloping beat to become a zingy 132½bpm 12in disco dancer, cleverly without losing the original slowie’s atmosphere (edit/inst flip).

MIQUEL BROWN: ‘He’s A Saint, He’s A Sinner’ (LP ‘Manpower’ Record Shack SOHOLP 1)
About for ages on white label, the Ian Levine/Fiachra Trench-prod/penned high energy set backs Ms Brown with electronic rhythms on this attractive 0-129bpm galloper, the rambling 129bpm title track, angrily buzzing 128bpm ‘Beeline‘, rattling 0-129bpm remake of ‘So Many Men So Little Time’, big surprises being the soulful ’60s style 129bpm ‘Sunny Day‘ and 65bpm ‘Maybe He Forgot’. Obviously Ian’s beat box has a limited range of adjustment!

EASTBOUND EXPRESSWAY: ‘Primitive Desire’ (Record Shack SOHOT 9)
Levine/Trench-prod/penned episodic 127bpm 12in extended percussion workout with bursts of female vocal and ‘Blue Monday’ guitar over the beat box rhythm (“Original Mix” flip), rather late in reaching me.

CERRONE: ‘Where Are You Now’ (Record Shack M 10183)
Chick wailed frantically spurting 136bpm 12in Boys Town pumper (inst flip).

DAVID KEATON: ‘Gloria’ (Vogue VOGL 2, via PRT)
Atmospherically whispered 122bpm 12in disco treatment from France of Van Morrison’s Them oldie, with possible pop/Boys Town appeal.

DISCO TOP 85 – DECEMBER 10, 1983

01 05 Thriller – Michael Jackson – Epic 12”/video
02 03 Let The Music Play (Dub Version) / (Vocal) – Shannon – Club 12”
03 02 All Night Long (All Night) – Lionel Richie – Motown LP remix
04 09 Holiday – Madonna – Sire 12”
05 01 I’m Out Of Your Life – Arnie’s Love – Streetwave 12”
06 08 White Lines – Grandmaster & Melle Mel – Sugarhill 12”
07 06 Ain’t Nobody – Rufus & Chaka Khan – Warner Bros 12”
08 04 Happiness Is Just Around The Bend – Cuba Gooding – London 12”
09 12 Love How You Feel / Dub – Sharon Redd – Prelude 12”
10 15 The Sound Of Music – Dayton – Capitol 12”
11 10 All My Life – Major Harris – London 12”
12 07 Get It On – Spence – Arista 12”
13 11 I Wanna Be With You – Armenta – Savoir Faire 12”
14 52 Al-Naafiysh (The Soul) – Hashim – US Cutting Records 12”
15 16 Dressing Up – Street Angels – Street Beat 12”
16 23 Scratch Break (Glove Style) – Motor City Crew – Motown 12”
17 31 Single Handed – Haywoode – CBS 12”
18 37 On The Upside – Xena – US Emergency 12”
19 13 Tonight – Steve Harvey – London 12”
20 17 It’s Your Turn – Delegation – CBS 12”
21 24 Love Is The Message – Hi Voltage – KRP 12”
22 — Another Man / Rap – Barbara Mason – US West End 12”
23 25 All Night Long (All Night) (Instrumental) – Lionel Richie – US Motown 12”
24 19 I Want You (All Tonight) – Curtis Hairston – RCA 12”
25 56 Cuttin’ Herbie / Rock The House – The B Boys – US Vintertainment 12”
26 21 (Just Because) You’ll Be Mine – Instant Funk – US Salsoul 12”
27 57 Crazy Cuts – Grandmixer D.ST. – Island 12”
28 45 Don’t You (The Big Version) – Second Image – MCA 12”
29 14 Spice Of Life – Manhattan Transfer – German Atlantic LP
30 36 B-Boys Beware / B-Boys B-Dubbed – Two Sisters – US Sugarscoop 12”
31 28 Cavern / Scraper – Liquid Liquid – US 99 12” EP
32 48 Inside Love (So Personal) (Vocal) – George Benson – Warner Bros 12”
33 26 Just Can’t Let You Go – Ronnie McNeir & Instant Groove – US Crossroad Entertainment Corp 12”
34 41 Joys Of Life / Baby Won’t You Take My Love / Dreaming – David Joseph – Island LP
35 79 Where Is My Man – Eartha Kitt – Record Shack 12”
36 22 Rescue Me – Sybil Thomas – West End 12”
37 — Straight Ahead – Kool & The Gang – De-Lite 12”
38 20 Steppin’ Out – Slave – Atlantic 12”
39 18 Love Will Find A Way / Penny Lover / Can’t Slow Down – Lionel Richie – Motown LP
40 35 Give Me Your Love (Extended Remix) – Active Force – US A&M 12”
41 61 Somebody Save The Night / You’re A Winner – Sharon Redd – Dutch Rams Horn LP
42 46 Baby Doll (Remix) – Girls Can’t Help It – US Sire 12”
43 49 Remember What You Like – Jenny Burton – US Atlantic 12”
44 42 Get Tough / Instrumental – CD III – US Prelude 12”
45 30 Lagos Jump – Third World – CBS LP/US Columbia 12”/Dutch CBS 12”
46 27 (Hey You) Rock Steady Crew – Rock Steady Crew – Charisma 12”
47 84 Got To Have Your Love – Melba Moore – US Capitol LP
48 71 Crotona Park / Flute Juice – Dave Valentin – US GRP LP
49 47 (Whatever Happened To) The Party Groove – The Walkers – London 12”
50 68 Reggae Night – Jimmy Cliff – CBS 12”
51 54 Say Say Say – Paul McCartney & Michael Jackson – Parlophone 12”
52 59 Let’s Stay Together – Tina Turner – Capitol 12”
53 62 Just Can’t Get Enough – Lew Kirton – US Believe In a Dream LP
54 — Running With The Night (Remix) – Lionel Richie – Motown 12”
55 — King Of Soul Medley – Soul Kings – US Pandisc 12”
56 58 Get Into The Mix / Scratcher’s Delight – DJ Divine – US West End 12”
57 34 Tell Me If You Still Care – SOS Band – Tabu 12”
58 63 Deeper – Gerry Trew – Bluebird 12”
59 51 Fo-Fi-Fo / It’s Time For Love / For The Fun Of It / It’s Getting Hot In Here – Pieces Of A Dream – German Elektra LP
60 38 Crusin’ / Brighter Tomorrow / Turn It Up (Come On Y’All) – Tom Browne – Arista LP
61 64 Serious – Billy Griffin – CBS 12”
62 — Share The Night – World Premiere – US Easy Street 12”
63 60 All Night Long (Waterbed) – Kevie Kev – US Sugarhill 12”
64 32 Time For Some Fun – Central Line – Mercury 12”
65 29 Make Mine Guarana – Azymuth – US Milestone LP
66 — Bad Times / Instrumental – Captain Rapp – US Saturn 12”
67 80 Yah Mo B There / There’s No Easy Way / It’s Your Night – James Ingram – German Qwest LP
68 55 What’s Going On – Marvin Gaye – Motown 12”
69 — Wet My Whistle – Midnight Star – Solar 12”
70 44 Play That Beat Mr. DJ – G.L.O.B.E & Whiz Kid – US Tommy Boy 12″
71 65 Rat Rapping / Extended Version – Roland Rat Superstar – Rodent Records 12”
72 — Still I’ll Rise – Whatnauts – US Pic Hit 12”
73 40 Canadian Sunset – Steve Narahara – US PAUSA LP
74 43 Superstition/Good Times (Medley) – Club House – Island 12”
75 69 Summer Breeze – Baiser – Canadian Celsius 12”
76 39 Let’s Take Time Out – Howard Johnson – A&M 12”/US remix
77 33 New Dimension (Electro Mix) – Imagination – R&B 12”
78 — Funky Beat – Bernard Wright – US Arista 12”
79 66 Spacey Lady – Maurice Starr – US Arista 12”
80 — Rock The Midnight – David Grant – Chrysalis 12”
81 — My Guy – Mary Wells – US Allegiance 12”
82 — All Of My Lovin’ – Jimmy Williams – US Salsoul 12”
83 73 D.M.S.R. / Little Red Corvette – Prince – Warner Bros 12”
84 — Beat Wave – Warp 9 – US Prism 12”
85 — Nasty Jungle Scratch – B Beat Girls – US 25 West Records 12”


BUBBLING UNDER the Disco 85 are:

Evelyn ‘Champagne’ King: ‘Givin’ You My Love’ / ‘Shake Down’ (US RCA LP)
Lesette Wilson: ‘Look Into Tomorrow’ (US Some-1 12in)
Klique: ‘Stop Doggin’ Me Around’ (MCA 12in)
Jeffrey Osborne: ‘Stay With Me Tonight’ (A&M 12in)
Arrow: ‘Hot Hot Hot’ (AIR 12in)
Daryl Hall & John Oates: ‘Say It Isn’t So’ (RCA 12in)
Al Jarreau: ‘Love Is Waiting’ (WEA 12in)
Roy Ayers: ‘And Then We Were One’ / ‘Black Family’ (Uno Melodic LP)
Lefturno: ‘Out Of Sight’ (US Ascot 12in)
Inner Life: ‘No Way’ (US Personal 12in)
Womack & Womack: ‘TKO’ (German Elektra LP)
Malcolm X: ‘No Sell Out’ (US Tommy Boy 12in)
Hot Box: ‘Do You Wanna Lover?’ (Polydor 12in)
Elbow Bones: ‘A Night In New York’ (EMI America 12in)
Herb Alpert: ‘Red Hot’ (A&M 12in/LP)
Gregory Isaacs: ‘Love Me With Feeling’ (Island 12in)
Commodores: ‘Turn Off The Lights’ (Motown 12in)
Edgar Winter: ‘Frankenstein 1984’ (US Body Rock 12in)
Teena Marie: ‘Playboy’ (Epic LP)
Per Cussion All Stars: ‘Don’t Stop’ (Dutch Megadisc 12in)
and below the Boys Town 30 are:
Master Genius: ‘Let’s Break’ (Dutch Break 12in)
Oh Romeo: ‘These Memories (Re-remix)’ (Canadian Unidisc 12in)
Madonna: ‘Holiday’ (Sire 12in)
Tina Turner: ‘Let’s Stay Together’ (Capitol 12in)
Tanya Jackson: ‘Pillow Talk’ (Canadian Matra 12in)
Frankie Goes To Hollywood: ‘Relax’ (ZTT 12in)
Barbara Mason: ‘Another Man’ (US West End 12in)
Lustt: ‘Pillow Talk’ (Canadian Street Level 12in)
Bear Essence: ‘The Big Hurt’ (US Moby Dick 12in)
X-Ray Connection: ‘Get Ready’ (Dutch Break 12in)


Beats Per Minute for last week’s Top 75 entries on 7in (endings denoted by f/c/r for fade/resonant/cold):

Tracey Ullman 109-110f (Doris Day 104f), Wham! 130-131-140f, Tears For Fears 0-132/66c, Quiet Riot 0-120-118-122-0c / ‘Cum On’ 143-147f (Slade 134-140f), Nick Heyward 143-141f, Lionel Richie 120f, Eartha Kitt 117f, Rose Marie 77-0r, Club House 113f, Elvis Presley 120-123-92-0r, Chas & Dave 147-0r (excellent MoR!).


01 01 Where Is My Man – Eartha Kitt – Record Shack 12”
02 04 I Am What I Am – Gloria Gaynor – Chrysalis 12”
03 24 Skiing In The Snow – Laura Pallas & The Reputations – Record Shack 12”
04 02 He’s A Saint He’s A Sinner / Manpower / So Many Men So Little Time (Remake) / Beeline – Miquel Brown – Record Shack LP
05 03 Earthquake – Flirtations – Siam/Proto 12”
06 12 La Cage Aux Folles / Instrumental – Le Jete – US Megatone 12”
07 13 Don’t Leave Me This Way (Mega-Mix) / Twelve Inches Of Pleasure (Medley) – Slip / Various – Proto 12”/LP twin-pack
08 27 Giving Up / I Cry For You / Reputation / German Girl – Bobby “O” – Canadian Unidisc 12”/Dutch BMC LP
09 05 And I’m Telling You I’m Not Going – Koffie – Red Rooster 12”
10 16 You’re A Winner – Sharon Redd – Dutch Rams Horn LP
11 10 Love How You Feel – Sharon Redd – Prelude 12”
12 22 Where Are You Now – Cerrone – Record Shack 12”
13 11 Take A Chance On Me – Waterfront Home – US Bobcat 12”
14 06 Catch Me (I’m Falling In Love) – Marsha Raven – Passion 12”
15 15 Try It – Oh Romeo – Canadian Unidisc 12”
16 29 Trouble In Paradise / Call Me – Sylvester – US Megatone LP
17 14 Sing-Sing-Sing – The Broads – Proto 12”
18 17 A Night In New York – Elbow Bones & The Racketeers – EMI America 12”
19 08 Primitive Desire – Eastbound Expressway – Record Shack 12”
20 09 All Night Long (All Night) – Lionel Richie – Motown 12”
21 18 Rocket To Your Heart – Lisa – US Moby Dick LP
22 23 It’s Too Late – Simone – KRP 12”
23 19 Burn It Up (Mr. DJ) – Risque – US Importe/12 remix/Dutch Polydor 12”
24 — You Can Dance – Motion – Canadian DBA 12”
25 — Lucky Tonight – Sarah Dash – US Megatone 12”
26 20 Love On The Rocks / Loquita – Lama / Dave Valentin – US Disconet LP
27 — Why Me – Irene Cara – Epic 12”
28 21 I’m The One / Save Yourself For Me – Charade / Dee Dee Martin – Passion LP
29 — Thriller – Michael Jackson – Epic 12”
30=— Bobby “O” Medley – Various – Canadian Unidisc 12”
30=— Menergy (Remix) – Sylvester/Patrick Cowley – US Megatone LP

One thought on “December 10, 1983: Mary Wells, World Premiere, Whatnauts, Lew Kirton, Lenny Welch”

  1. I remember the weekend of the premiere of ‘Thriller” in the clubs well – I saw it on the Saturday at the Safari Club, Windsor – I should imagine Sean French (who seemed to be the resident around this time) or another Mafia DJ was playing that night. Everyone stopped what they were doing and watched it on the big screen above the dancefloor a pretty unique night in British clubbing history.
    36 years ago now – unbelievable!


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