February 18, 1984: Starpoint, Status IV, Captain Rapp, Jeffrey Osborne, Carl Anderson


PRELUDE RECORDS have left Epic here, and are currently chatting to RCA . . . Steve Harvey’s publishers succeeded in getting him a composer credit for Sharon Redd’s ‘Something Special’-like ‘Love How You Feel’ . . . Shannon ‘Give Me Tonight’ in the USA will be on Emergency 12in, but Mirage will do 12in promos too as they release her on 7in and LP there in a licensing arrangement that added the muscle needed to give her a Top 20 pop hit outside Emergency’s disco market . . . First Light’s instrumentalist Paul Hardcastle has medleyed his old ‘Daybreak’ and ‘AM’ with D Train’s ‘You’re The One For Me’ (and a bit of ‘Twinkle Twinkle Little Star’!) for a certain large London DJ’s new Total Control Records . . . West Phillips will be remixed on Trans-Q/S.O.U.N.D. next week . . . ‘Hump To The Bump’ sadly will be Steve Arrington’s single here too . . . Elektra have a promo 4-track 12in sampler split between Womack & Womack (‘Scared’ / ‘TKO’) and Pieces Of A Dream (‘Fo-Fi-Fo’ / ‘Foreverlasting Love’), which could cause a chart jump next week . . . Elektra also has a new label design, while Pinnacle’s Banana logo is so well designed I know one shop who swear it spells “Banand” . . . Vince Lee is starting a new club mailing list at RCA, 1 Bedford Avenue, London WC1B 3DT . . . North West DJ Assn’s tailor-made DJ tuition courses (studio and live work covered) have started in Heywood, details from Paul Baxendale (Bolton 53817 afternoons) or Tony Potts (061-223 2188 evenings) . . . Thames Valley’s 1984 Shownite will be on Monday April 2nd at Syon Park’s Camellia Restaurant complex, discounted £1 advance tickets (sae and cheque payable TVDJA) from PO Box 14, Ashford, Middlesex . . . Radio Invicta now fill in with soul from midnight-6am when Skyline Radio go off the air, so it’s music 24 hours a day on 103.6FM/212MW in SE London . . . John Dawson hosts Groove Records Electra Top 20 at 9pm Saturdays on London Weekend Radio 92.5FM, London Town Radio 91FM (Saturday midnight thru Sunday morning) take dedi’s and enquiries (send sae) at LTR, c/o 23 The High Street, Little Sandhurst, Camberley, Surrey — however, biggest noise on London’s airwaves is a very powerful Greek station beaming out of Finsbury Park around 103FM, which has all the kebab takeaways jumping! . . . Blackbeat fanzine’s latest editorial misses the point about black electro music — it doesn’t pretend to be “soul”, it’s funk, the modern evolution of an old tradition (rap of course being the new blues) . . . Pumpkin’s excellent import has sold here when still nobody’s bought the cheaper UK issued and just as vital Trevor Horn-produced Art Of Noise ‘Beat Box’ (ZTT), now a US disco smash . . . I now realise that the word “fresh” has been cropping up in hip hop lyrics since last summer at least — and on fact goes back to 1982’s Fresh Face ‘Huevo Dancing‘ if not earlier . . . Harry Belafonte is producing ‘Street Beat’ in the South Bronx, Sidney Poitier is making a “street” movie in Chicago and there’s a martial arts/break dance film coming called ‘The Last Dragon’ — so by the end of 1984 hip hop can only be bigger (and then gone?) . . . Capital Radio’s ‘Story Of The ’70s’ (which I compile) last Friday reached May 1978, when, in the immediate wake of ‘Saturday Night Fever’, no fewer than 11 of the 18 singles which peaked in the UK Top 20 that month were loosely describable as “disco”! . . . Adele Bertei isn’t seen but does most of the singing in Thomas Dolby’s clever video, Haywoode strolls through Fashion’s video, and the dialogue started Rick James ‘Ebony Eyes’ video (though a different song) has an Everly Brothers-echoing plane crash . . . Alton Edwards ‘Everybody’s Watching‘ (Ike Hayes-prod!) is due here in a fortnight but will be out in June in America so its gymnastic video can tie into the Olympics . . . Hi Tension are not necessarily signed to Streetwave just yet . . . Tony Clark starts playing a wide range of sweaty ’60s soul and jazz on alternate Thursdays starting today (16) at Bristol Temple Meads Rockpile Club . . . Miquel Brown plays Haringey Bolts Fri (17), Charing X Heaven Sat (18), Leicester Square Hippodrome Mon (20) — the latter having Break Machine Fri (17) . . . Mastermind mix it up at Peckham Kisses Friday (17), when Chris Dinnis plays solid jazz at Yeovil Olivers, Graham Hunter funks Dorchester Buzz Inn, Colin Hudd says “wear leather” (£100 prize) at Dartford Flicks . . . Jonny Haywood this Saturday (18) slips over from his weekly funk at East Croydon Shocks in the Leslie Arms to PA at Camden Electric Ballroom’s body popping heat . . . Colin Curtis, Roger Tovell, Ralph Randell etc funk Birmingham Powerhouse 3pm all-dayer Sunday (19) . . . James Hamilton mixes the funk Tuesday (21) at Carlton Colville’s Hedley House near Lowestoft . . . E.T. says “Watch out, the Lollipop People are about!” . . . Michael Baker (last week) should be c.122bpm . . . Slags in Bloomsbury, brilliant pastiche though it was, still didn’t match the perfect Gino (whaddaya mean, you don’t video the Comic Strip?) . . .

SNOOKER CHAMP and soul fan Steve Davis, who recently bought a complete disco unit for his home, won “a pair of slipmats to help his cueing” in my year-end Hammy Awards — immediately after which on New Year’s Eve he announced over London’s airwaves “I’ve just found what I need to help my mixing . . . slipmats!” Could there be a connection? The event marked the first birthday celebration of London Weekend Radio (92.5FM Sat 7am/Sun 5am) and in particular of The Jonny Haywood Saturday Funktion (3-5.30pm), for which Steve brought along Herbie Hancock ‘Palm Grease‘, George Duke ‘I Can Hear That‘ and Dee Dee Bridgewater ‘Just Family‘. One cool dude!


STARPOINT: ‘It’s All Yours’ (US Elektra 0-66973)
On a new label and never sounding so good before, wailing Renee Diggs struts her stuff in Patrice Rushen/Chaka Khan/Valerie Simpson style over an electronically bumped Kashif-ish 114½bpm 12in lurcher that’s lithe and lean and built for speed (edit/LP version flip). Watch it go!

STATUS IV: ‘Lovin’ You’ (Design Communications DEST 8)
Finally on UK release, this Eric Matthew-produced excellent creamily rolling very soulfully harmonised mellow 113bpm 12in handclappin’ and fingersnappin’ swayer with superb honking horns halfway (inst dub flip) has been one of the year’s hottest imports so far.

CAPTAIN RAPP : ‘Bad Times (I Can’t Stand It)’ (Becket BKSL 10)
The SOS Band-producing ex-Time members Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis perform this drastically overdue (though proven “sleeper”) burbling and lurching now 120½bpm 12in backbeat nagger, driving remorselessly behind stridently squawking Kimberley Ball and rapid-fire rappin’ Rich Cason (sparser dub/strong inst flip), best for serious dancers.

JEFFREY OSBORNE: ‘Plane Love’ (US A&M SP-12089)
Larry Levan remixed disjointedly tapping then gradually intensifying 112bpm 12in side-to-side kicker penned by ‘Ain’t Nobody’s Hawk Wolinski with similar structure and fast-then-slow phrasing, the flip’s almost hip hop instrumental dub having impact of its own (great between Larry Wu and Kerr).

CARL ANDERSON: ‘Magic’ (US Epic 49-04959)
Skip Anderson co-prod/penned nicely flowing classily rolling 115bpm 12in soul swayer doing all the right things with a good long break, though possibly in not sufficiently different style to have more than short term specialist appeal — which however for many will be immediate (inst flip).

MARY WELLS: ‘My Guy’ (Allegiance ALES 121, via PRT)
Mary’s classic Motown original hit the US chart on April 4th 1964 (coincidentally the week the Beatles hogged the whole Top 5), and now producer Wayne Henderson has reshaped it into a lazily elongated slower 114-115bpm 12in shuffling swayer (inst flip) that by daring to be different has upset some but still fills floors.

SHALAMAR: ‘Dancing In The Sheets’ (US Columbia 44-04949)
First to reach us of two simultaneous movie soundtrack-culled singles on competing labels (this from ‘Footloose’, ‘Deadline USA‘ from ‘D.C. Cab’ being on MCA), it’s a Bill Wolfer-prod/Jellybean-mixed quite decent if unstartling 123bpm 12in jerkily chugging driver that slows their rock-disco style to a more manageable catchily rhythmic Prince approach (inst flip). Nothing to do with Martha & The Vandellas!

THE DEELE: ‘Body Talk’ (LP ‘Street Beat’ European Solar 96-0285-1)
Monstrous US Black smash ignored here as a 12in but now on better value LP — and in fact belatedly my personal fave of the week — the Dee Bristol-led sharp young studs hit a funkily smacking stark 124½bpm Prince/Rick James groove (great out of Rockwell) that sparks the whole set, the 125bpm ‘I Surrender‘ being particularly infectious too, while others are the slinky 109bpm ‘Video Villain‘, slow 79bpm ‘Just My Luck’, more mundane 114¾bpm title track, 113bpm ‘Working (9 To 5)’, 122bpm ‘Sexy Love’.

RACE: ‘What Is Race’ (LP ‘Race’ US Ocean Front OF 102)
A minor US Black hit on single for some time but yet to materialise as a 12in (I’m told), this starkly buoyant ‘n ultra-funky 114½-114bpm message jolter starts with a gurgling toddler and querying chix before chaps answer with questions of their own, all so good I couldn’t wait any longer even though the album (great sleeve pix apart) only has a Will Powers-ish 117bpm ‘Split Personality‘ of further interest.

KERR: ‘Back At Ya’ (US Tra San TS 1001)
I’m a sucker for anything with the ‘For Those Who Like To Groove’ bass line so, although lighter and more melodic, the 113½bpm instrumental side of this 3-track 12in gets me (and the whole floor) going — but the chix rapped-then-sung 113½bpm vocal/113¼bpm club mixes are less impressive despite George Kerr’s involvement (he produced the O’Jays most soulful sides in ’67)

SINE: ‘Rotation’ (US Prelude PRL D671)
Patrick Adams revives 1978’s ‘Just Let Me Do My Thing’ nom-de-synth for a rather low key scratch ‘n tap 110bpm 12in hip hop shuffler in much subdued ‘Rockit’ style, both sides instrumental despite the labelling, the dub lacking the lead synth line.

BLUE RONDO: ‘Slipping Into Daylight’ (Diable Noir VS 618-12)
Stripped down white boys trio combining early Spandau/Britfunk vocals, nice brass effects and a deadly “oo oo” hookline in a slickly pushing 118½-118-118½bpm 12in groove, flipped by a harder 118bpm Groucho Smykle-remixed “crucial cut” with dramatic dub effects towards the end.

TORCH SONG: ‘Prepare To Energize’ (I.R.S. PFSX 1027)
Freakily introed brightly burbling 126-125½ 12in Euro-type electronic instrumental full of video arcade-like noises with a few bursts of fragmented chix, good fun and now huge in US discos, the flip’s alternative harder 123-124bpm ‘Fong Test (8 track version)‘ being more electrophonic.


MIQUEL BROWN: ‘He’s A Saint He’s A Sinner’ (Record Shack SOHOT 15)
Seemingly destined to stay at number 2 in our chart for ever, despite now being on 12in, this traditional “diva”-style piano-backed slow ballad introed then tuneful 0-129bpm galloper is like a gospelly ‘Enough Is Enough’, and although still in the LP’s original zappy Ian Geoffrey Levine mix it’s got a new useful intro-less instrumental flip.

DIONNE WARWICK: ‘Got A Date’ (Arista ARIST 12-552)
It seems this is the material that made Dionne unhappy with producer Luther Vandross — and she has a point as it is rather clodhopping and insensitive. However, newly remixed, the acappella-introed jerkily juddering percussion backed 127bpm 12in galloper (which oddly did nothing on LP) has finally got all the boys jumping (inst/slow flip).

MIMI: ‘The Man’s So Real’ (Challenge TAL 8, via PRT)
Another undernourished cheapo cheapo-cum-minimalist production from the Holloway honchos, co-mixed by Christopher Charles Lucas, an electronically ticked languidly pulsing 126bpm 12in backbeater with energy boosting title line spurts (inst ‘Cruise Mix’ flip).

KOFI & THE LOVE TONES: ‘Countdown (Here I Come)’ (Electricity ELECT 3)
Smokey Robinson-voiced Chris Jackson of Ritz (remember their discotized ‘Locomotion’?) renames himself for a slickly churning and obviously much “10-9-8” countdowned 0-129bpm 12in revival of the Tempos northern soul oldie (on US Canterbury), produced by Kevin Antony Roberts and mixed by Ian Geoffrey Levine, both showing their musical roots (edit/inst flip).

GEORGE McCRAE: ‘One Step Closer (To Love)’ (President PT 12/522)
More for actual Northern nights, this accurately conceived 161bpm 12in hark back to flying ’60s soul (somewhat Chicago Sound complete with half-tempo intro) is beautifully made and a must for 6T’s freaks.

DISCO TOP 85 – FEBRUARY 18, 1984

01 02 HOLIDAY, Madonna, Sire 12in
03 05 SPICE OF LIFE, Manhattan Transfer, Atlantic 12sn
04 01 SHARE THE NIGHT, World Premiere, Epic 12in
05 04 STREET DANCE (INST) / (VOCAL), Break Machine, Record Shack 12 in
07 07 ANOTHER MAN / RAP, Barbara Mason, Streetwave 12in
08 22 JOYS OF LIFE (REMIX), David Joseph, Island 12in
09 20 SOMEBODY’S WATCHING ME, Rockwell, Motown 12in
11 12 LOVIN’ YOU, Status IV, Design Communications 12in
12 06 MAGIC, Circle City Band, US Circle City Records 12in
13 23 BREAKIN’ DOWN (SUGAR SAMBA), Julia And Company, US District Of Columbia DYSC 12in
14 15 FRESH (SCRATCH MIX) / FRESH, Tyrone Brunson, US BID 12in
15 11 AIN’T NOBODY, Rufus & Chaka Khan, Warner Bros 12in
16 14 LOLLIPOP LUV, Bryan Loren, Virgin 12in
17 08 SERIOUS, Billy Griffin, CBS 12in
18 09 AL-NAAFIYSH (THE SOUL), Hashim, Streetwave 12in
20 18 LET THE MUSIC PLAY / DUB, Shannon, Club 12in
21 46 DON’T LOOK ANY FURTHER, Dennis Edwards, US Gordy LP/7in
22 — TELL ME WHAT YOU WANT, Loose Ends, Virgin 12in
23 56 YAH MO B THERE, James Ingram/Michael McDonald, Qwest 12in
25 28 SO DIFFERENT, Kinky Foxx, Sound Of New York 12in
26 58 LET ME SHOW YOU, Larry Wu, US Atlantic 12in
27 54 STAY ON IN THE GROOVE, Rodney Franklin, US Columbia LP
28 75 LET THE MUSIC PLAY (REMIX), Shannon, Club 12in promo
29 65 ON THE FLOOR (ROCK-IT), Tony Cook & The Party People, Half Moon 12in
30 10 THE SOUND OF MUSIC, Dayton, Capitol 12in
31 35 A NIGHT IN NEW YORK, Elbow Bones & The Racketeers, EMI America 12in
32 32 BABY I’M SCARED OF YOU / LOVE WARS / T.K.O., Womack & Womack, German Elektra LP
33 36 SECRET LOVE, Evan Rogers, US RCA Victor 12in
34 17 (I’M JUST A) SUCKER FOR A PRETTY FACE, West Phillips, Canadian Quality 12in
35 27 TAXI, J. Blackfoot, US Sound Town 7in/LP
36 44 DIN DAA DAA (TROMMELTANZ), George Kranz, Fourth & Broadway 12in
37 21 THRILLER, Michael Jackson, Epic 12in
38 — IT’S ALL YOURS, Starpoint, US Elektra 12in
39 47 YOU’RE A WINNER / ACTIVATE, Sharon Redd, Prelude 12in
40 38 OUT TO GET YOU, Fascination, Banana 12in
41 31 WHAT ABOUT MY LOVE?, Damaris, US Columbia 12in
42 59 BABY DOLL (REMIX), Girls Can’t Help It, Virgin 12in
43 66 FILL MY CUP / DUB, L.C.G.C., Island 12in
45 34 EBONY EYES, Rick James & Friend, Gordy 12in
46 42 DOGGIE BOOGIE BABY, Charles Earland, US Strut 12in
47 29 KING OF THE BEAT, Pumpkin, US Profile 12in
48 50 LAGOS JUMP, Third World, CBS 12in
49 37 STRAIGHT FROM THE HEART (REMIX), Fat Larry’s Band, Virgin 12in
50 41 WISH YOU WERE HERE, First Light, London/Oval 12in
51 52 RELAX (US REMIX) / (SEX MIX), Frankie Goes To Hollywood, ZTT 12in
52 33 OUT OF SIGHT, Lefturno, US Ascot 12in
53 48 JOANNA, Kool & The Gang, De-Lite 12in
54 30 RENEGADES CHANT / RENEGADES OF FUNK, Afrika Bambaataa & Soul Sonic Force, US Tommy Boy 12in
55 39 RUNNING WITH THE NIGHT (REMIX), Lionel Richie, Motown 12in
56 61 ELECTRIC BOOGIE (REMIX), Marcia Griffiths, Island 12in
57 53 NEVER TOO LATE, Julius Brown, US West End 12in
58 — HEY! DJ (INST) / (VOCAL), World’s Famous Supreme Team, Charisma 12in
59 45 ENCORE, Cheryl Lynn, US Columbia 12in
60 — PLAY THAT BEAT MR. DJ (MASTER MIX), Double Dee & Steinski, Aircheck cassette
61 57 BE WITH YOU TONIGHT, Total Contrast, Total Contrast Records 12in
62 67 SOMEHOW SOMEWAY (VOCAL) / (DUB), Visual, US Prelude 12in
63 — MAGIC, Carl Anderson, US Epic 12in
64 79 JOYSTICK, Dazz Band, Motown 12in
65 19 JOYS OF LIFE, David Joseph, Island LP
66 69 STRAIGHT AHEAD, Kool & The Gang, De-Lite 12in
67 — GIVE ME TONIGHT, Shannon, US Mirage LP
68 26 ON THE UPSIDE, Xena, Streetwave 12in
69 — WHITE LINES, Grandmaster & Melle Mel, Sugarhill 12in
70 64 NO MAN IS AN ISLAND, Warp 9, US Prism 12in
71 49 CUTTIN’ HERBIE, The B Boys, Streetwave 12in
72 70 I WANNA DANCE, The Cool Notes, Sour Grape 12in
73 82 S&M (SEXY MUSIC) RATED X, De De, US Clockwork 12in
74 78 DON’T KEEP ME WAITING, Tia Monae, US First Take 12in
75 40 RUNNING WITH THE RIVER / MOVE IT, Dave Roach, Coda 12in
76 — BOY WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN, Roz Ryan, US Mirage 12in
77 83 AC/DC, Paz, Paladin LP
78 — I’VE BEEN ROBBED, Three Million, Atlantic 12in
79 — PLANE LOVE (REMIX) / (DUB), Jeffrey Osborne, US A&M 12in
80 63 IT’S ALRIGHT, NV, Sire 12in
81 — NO WAY, Inner Life, US Personal 12in
82 60 IN THE NIGHT, Richard Jon Smith, Jive 12in
83 — HOT FOR ROCKING / INSTRUMENTAL, West End, Sound Out 12in
84 — MIDNIGHT SUN, Mezzoforte, Steinar 12in
85 — ALL OF MY LOVIN’, Jimmy Williams, US Salsoul 12in


BUBBLING UNDER the Disco 85 are:

Cargo: ‘Tender Touch’ (Korova 12in)
The Deele: ‘Body Talk’ / ‘Working (9 To 5)’ / ‘Street Beat’ (Euro Solar LP)
Civil Attack: ‘On The Phone’ (US Salsoul LP)
Fatback: ‘He’s A Freak Undercover’ (US Spring LP)
Quando Quango: ‘Love Tempo (Remix)’ (Factory 12in)
King Short Shirt: ‘Push’ (Sunburn LP)
Double Vision: ‘Clock On The Wall’ (US Profile 12in)
Millie Jackson: ‘Feel Like Walking In The Rain’ (Sire 7in)
Was (Not Was): ‘Out Come The Freaks (PFV)’ (Geffen 12in)
Ivan Boogaloo Joe Jones: ‘Black Whip’ (Prestige/Carrere LP)


Beats Per Minute for last week’s Top 75 entries on 7in (endings denoted by f/r/c for fade/resonant/cold):

Madness 0-126½-127-128f, Marillion 0-99r, Ultravox (0-)141f, Henry Mancini 59½f, Genesis (0-)144f, Matt Bianco 203f, Marilyn 0-42-0r, Kool 105f, Private Lives 91f, JB’s All Stars 124-126f, Carmel 195-194f, Robin Gibb 0-102½f, Rolling Stones 0-150-152f.


01 01 I’M LIVING MY OWN LIFE, Earlene Bentley, Record Shack 12in
02 02 HE’S A SAINT HE’S A SINNER, Miquel Brown, Record Shack 12in
03 09 ROCKET TO YOUR HEART (REMIX), Lisa, Dutch BMC 12in
04 03 EVERGREEN / JEALOUS LOVE, Hazell Dean, Proto 12in
05 05 IT’S TOO LATE, Simone, KRP 12in
06 11 COUNTDOWN (HERE I COME), Kofi & The Love Tones, Electricity 12in
07 04 YOU’RE A WINNER, Sharon Redd, Prelude 12in
08 08 LIFE IS THE REASON, Norma, ERC 12in
09 15 WHERE IS MY MAN, Eartha Kitt, Record Shack 12in
10 14 DANGER, Flirts, Canadian Unidisc 12in
11 10 MANPOWER / BEELINE, Miquel Brown, Record Shack LP
12 06 I AM WHAT I AM, Gloria Gaynor, Chrysalis 12in
13 16 LOVE ON THE ROCKS, Lama, US Disconet LP
14 17 THE MAN’S SO REAL, Mimi, Challenge 12in
15 12 DIDN’T SAY A WORD (MEGAMIX), Shirley Lewis, Electricity 12in
16 07 RELAX (US REMIX), Frankie Goes To Hollywood, ZTT 12in
17 19 IN ORBIT, Yvonne Gidden, Electricity 12in
18 13 EVERLASTING LOVE, Vicki Sue Robinson, US Profile 12in
19 21 SOUND OF MY HEART, Sleeping Lions, CBS 12in
20 18 SWEET TEMPTATION, Gem, US Street King 12in
21 27 LET THE MUSIC PLAY, Shannon, Club 12in
22 23 EVERGREEN / INSTRUMENTAL, Fantasia, Passion 12in
23 — LOVE TRAP (REMIX), Astaire, Passion 12in white label
24 — BRING ON THE MEN, Wow, US MEM 12in
25 22 HOLIDAY, Madonna, Sire 12in
26 — I’VE GOT TO FIND A WAY, Zena Dejonay, US TVI 12in
27 26 SKIING IN THE SNOW, Laura Pallas, Record Shack 12in
28 29 I’M THE ONE / QUEEN OF FOOLS / SAVE YOURSELF FOR ME, Charade / Jessica Williams / Dee Dee Martin, Passion LP/12in twin pack
29 — NO REGRETS, Amanda Lear, German Ariola 12in
30=— GOT A DATE (REMIX), Dionne Warwick, Arista 12in
30=— JUMP, Pointer Sisters, US Planet LP
30=— STRANGERS IN THE NIGHT, Baumann, Arista 12in


01 02 RELAX, Frankie Goes To Hollywood, ZTT
02 05 HOLIDAY, Madonna, Sire
03 03 STRAIGHT AHEAD, Kool & TheGang, De-Lite
04 01 RUNNING WITH THE NIGHT, Lionel Richie, Motown
05 08 BREAK MY STRIDE, Matthew Wilder, Epic
06 09 GIRLS JUST WANT TO HAVE FUN, Cyndi Louper, Portrait
07 04 THRILLER, Michael Jackson, Epic
08 11 LET THE MUSIC PLAY, Shannon, Club
09 06 I AM WHAT I AM, Gloria Gaynor, Chrysalis
10 12 SPICE OF LIFE, Manhattan Transfer, Atlantic
11 10 SHARE THE NIGHT, World Premiere, Epic
12 24 A NIGHT IN NEW YORK, Elbow Bones, EMI America
13 07 WHERE IS MY MAN, Eartha Kitt, Record Shack
14 30 RADIO GA GA, Queen, EMI
15 26 WE ALL ARE ONE, Jimmy Cliff, CBS
16 13 YOU’RE A WINNER, Sharon Redd, Prelude
17 — SOMEBODY’S WATCHING ME, Rockwell, Motown
18 — BLUE MONDAY / THE BEACH, New Order, Factory
20 17 SERIOUS, Billy Griffin, CBS
21 20 DIN DAA DAA, George Kranz, Fourth & Broadway
22 — STREET DANCE, Break Machine, Record Shack
23 19 WISH YOU WERE HERE, First Light, London/Oval
24 — ANOTHER MAN, Barbara Mason, Streetwave
25 29 WHAT IS LOVE, Howard Jones, WEA
26 16 EBONY EYES, Rick James And Friend, Gordy
27 — HYPERACTIVE, Thomas Dolby, Parlophone Odeon
28 22 DON’T KNOCK IT, Bobby Nunn, Motown
29 — JOANNA, Kool & The Gang, De-Lite
30 27 WHITE LINES, Grandmaster & Melle Mel Sugarhill

Is there really anything in here which someone equipped with an ear and an eye on the pop chart couldn’t work out for themselves, sooner?


TWO SATURDAYS ago at Mayfair’s Gullivers my set flowed so smoothly, without the usual soca/reggae interruptions as Graham Gold thankfully had just done them, that it seems worth listing — even floor-clearing Marilyn Scott sounds good on playback (she and David Joseph are the only chop mixes, all others are vari-speed synchs):

Hashim/Freestyle Express ‘Freestyle’ (inst)/Rodney Franklin/Luther Vandross ‘I Wanted Your Love’/Visual (vocal)/Sharon Redd ‘Love How You Feel’ (vocal/dub)/ Double Vision/Soul Sonic Force ‘Chant’/Tyrone Brunson (scratch)/Dr John ‘Jet Set’/Larry Wu/Kenny G ‘Hi’/Billy Griffin/David Joseph (LP)/Dennis Edwards/Tania Maria ‘Cove’/Marilyn Scott ’10×10’/Gap Band ‘Outstanding’/Ronnie McNeir/Marcia Griffiths (remix/Dub 3)/Bunny Wailer ‘Electro Rap’ (Marcia’s Dub 3 out of it again)/De De/Steve Arrington ‘What’/World Premiere/Warp 9.

Don’t forget I’m with Graham Gold at Gullivers every Friday and Saturday, and this coming Tuesday (21) I’ll also be nipping up to Lowestoft to join Chris Edwards & Cas at Carlton Colville’s Hedley House. See you there?

One thought on “February 18, 1984: Starpoint, Status IV, Captain Rapp, Jeffrey Osborne, Carl Anderson”

  1. The big new discovery for me in this column is Kerr’s “Back At Ya” – specifically the instrumental version that James rightly tips – and it’s instantly recognisable as the source for the main riff on Michael Gray’s “The Weekend”.

    I also hadn’t realised just how many Northern Soul classics were being remade as Hi-NRG tracks by UK producers (not surprisingly, given Ian Levine’s residency at Blackpool Mecca a decade earlier). The songs are well-chosen, even if the quality of the covers is, err, variable: Nothing But A Heartache, Didn’t Say A Word, In Orbit, Skiing In The Snow, Countdown, You Turned My Bitter Into Sweet, Nothing’s Worse Than Being Alone… I’ve played almost all of these at my own monthly Northern residency (still waiting for an affordable new repress of Countdown, though…)

    Liked by 1 person

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