March 10, 1984: Cameo, J. Blackfoot, Chi-lites, Matsubara, Dezign


RECORD MIRROR’S recent reader survey reveals the fantastic fact that 16 per cent are DJs — people have always assumed that many of the paper’s sales ware due to DJs but the actual statistic is amazingly high (on current sales there are probably more jocks buying RM than anyone buying other specialist black papers), which maybe all those funny little record companies who don’t get their records to me would do well to note! . . . I’ve decided to drop the unnecessary qualification “12in” from reviews and general editorial mentions when no clarification is needed, instead emphasizing just 7in and LP configurations, as let’s face it for many years everything has been in 12in . . . Disco Mix Club’s DJ convention/birthday party at London’s Hippodrome this Sunday between 6 and 7.30pm features mixing demonstrations by Alan Coulthard, Peat Romer, Les Adams, Sweden’s Sanny Xenokottas, Ian Levine & Les Cokell live (Greg Wilson on tape?), but — good though doubtless these are — there are no Americans and not even the Mastermind Roadshow to lend street credibility . . . Alan Coulthard is back on form with all three current DMC megamixes (Thompson Twins medley/Hi-NRG/pop floorfillers), the relative simplicity of which must help at floor level . . . Kev Roberts is adding Hi-NRG jox to the Electricity label’s mailing list at High Energy Records, 62 Rowley Street, Stafford . . . Carrere are putting out the much-sought Front Page ‘Love Insurance‘ (Sharon Redd was uncredited singer), and Fantastique ‘Mama Told Me‘ . . . Lefturno is indeed now finally in a new 114bpm UK remix, on promo at least, restructured with chunks of instrumental making it different— but an improvement, or necessary? . . . Dennis Edwards ‘Don’t Look Any Further’ is due next week in extended new form on 12in here (already promoed) — it’s a perfect synch out of David Joseph ‘Joys Of Life’ as many have already discovered . . . Greyhound picked up Kerr, Island landed Malcolm X and the Warp 9 material, Malaco are releasing Main Line’s “Rockwell/Jackson” remake medley, while various PRT labels have Zena Dejonay, Inner Life (remix), Vicki Sue Robinson . . . Mimi’s Boys Town hit is being beefed up for a “totally intensified” version to replace exhausted current stock . . . Madonna’s US newie is the Jellybean remixed/revamped ‘Borderline’, but here we get a re-release of the less appealing 0-117bpm ‘Lucky Star’ (Sire W 9522T), about which there has been talk of speeding it up to make it brighter on subsequent pressings . . . Rockwell is America’s top Black single while Michael Jackson alone returns (replacing Lionel Richie at last) as top Black LP, and Tina Turner ‘Let’s Stay Together’ is top Dance/Disco hit . . . ‘Weird Al’ Yankovic — you may remember me raving about his Queen send-up ‘Another One Rides The Bus‘ — has shot into the US charts with a Michael Jackson poking ‘Eat it‘ . . . Disco Dave Singleton (Newton-Le-Willows 6018), whose third big screen video venture residency is on Thurs-Sat at Wigan’s Balcony Inn, has three video disco units for sale at £1,000 each (hang on, maybe he’s stopped gigging, then?!) . . . Alan James Jewell, labouring away under appalling conditions at the Hollywood Boulevard in Hong Kong’s Hotel Regal Meridien, has to make do with the club’s own video studio in which to segue his own mixed video compilations every week — yeah, life’s tough in the colonies! . . . London’s JFM radio is reputedly back on 102.8FM seven days/24 hours, Richard Searling’s no-electro/hard funk Soul Sauce show has moved to 3-5pm Sunday on Preston’s Red Rose 301 Radio, while Friday evening 8-10pm on Radio London has Malcolm Laycock joined near the end by Gary James for hilarious bitchy boys talk — quite an ear opener when I caught it last week! . . . Skyline Radio is of course on 103.6FM, Paula Moore ‘Valparaiso’ is c.117-118bpm, Jeffrey Daniel ‘AC/DC’ is in 7/8ths time . . . Howard Hewett has now been joined in the new Shalamar line-up by Prince-look-alike heavy metal guitarist Mickey Free, special talent contest winner Delisa Davis, and (on stage only) break dancer Flip . . . ‘DC Cab’, a ‘Car Wash’ follow-up by the same writer/director Joel Schumacher, is in cinemas here as ‘Street Fleet’ . . . Capital Radio’s John Sachs is compere at heat 2 of Mayfair Gullivers ‘Miss Gullivers’ Thursday (8) while colleague Phil Allen funks Dartford Flicks Friday (9), Skyline’s Chris Ryder funking Tottenham Elton’s every Fri (star PAs)/Sat . . . Saturday (10) Paul Schofield & Simon Walsh have their “second Saturday every month” jazz-funk oldies night at Bradford’s Time & Place, while Helen Shapiro is at Stratford E15’s Pigeons with the boys . . . Norman Scott is back approx once a month on Wednesdays at London Busby’s Wednesday pop oldies night (entrance and all drinks 50p) . . . Andy Bianchi Saturday afternoons 1-5pm at Poole’s Mariner’s Wharf is now “holding Under 18s” (lucky devil, can I watch?!) . . . Dave Thomas souls Shrewsbury’s Oak Hotel Sundays, only 50p and hot toons . . . Colin Curtis and harbourmaster John Grant reunite appropriately at Legends in Manchester on Monday (12) for a special one-off “Rafters revival” . . . Pete ‘Pedro’ Tong joins Nicky Holloway the same night at Bermondsey Dockhead’s no less legendary Swan & Sugarloaf, while weekly Mondays Dave Rawlings lets ladies in free before 11pm at Kensington’s The Park (that old ploy!) . . . Theo Loyla has returned on Tuesdays to his old stomping ground, the Bridge Country Club near Canterbury in Bridge (my own childhood area) . . . I did one of my mobile gigs Saturday night, a 21st, as usual ending after seven hours continuous music at 6.15am in broad daylight, with the guests that were left using the marquee roof above my head as a toboggan run! . . . Derek Lawrence (Soho Bananas Mon/Chertsey Galleon Sun/Burnham Beeches Anne Boleyn Fri/Staines Angel Sat) finally identified that mystery ‘IOU’ mastermix as on the Dutch ‘High Fashion Music 3’ LP . . . STAY FRESH!


CAMEO: ‘She’s Strange’ (LP ‘She’s Strange’ Dutch Casablanca 814984-1)
Selling on US 7in for several weeks but now in full length glory, this terrific subtle sinuous slow 109bpm soul swayer swaps lead vocal styles as the guys gently enthuse about one foxy chick over a delicately jittery rhythm containing simple little twiddles and chords — however hang on, as the set’s other goodie, the jogging 98¼bpm ‘Groove With You‘, will be joining it here on 12in in a fortnight (white labels are already about). Perhaps not coincidentally, Fatback’s ‘Is This The Future?’ synchs sensationally!

J. BLACKFOOT: ‘Taxi’ (Allegiance/Sound Town ALES 122)
Huge Stateside, where already there’s an answering Anne LeSear ‘Take Him Back (Taxi)‘ on HCRC, the Memphis-made 66bpm smooch smash sets the scene with ex-Soul Children leader John ‘Blackfoot’ Colbert hailing a taxi to take him to the other side of town, and us on a soul-drenched nostalgia ride along with him (old style swinging message 121bpm ‘Where Is Love‘/autobiographical bluesy 70bpm ‘Can You Hang‘ flip). Dynamite.

THE CHI-LITES: ‘Stop What You’re Doin’ (US Private I Records 4Z9 04962)
Another year, another label, another soul goodie from Eugene Record (written by various Bayyans/Harrises), an uptempo licketty spit 121bpm smacker with the guys usual sharp vocalese snappin’ back at ya, the breezy beat slotting it in with Luther Vandross currently (inst flip).

MATSUBARA: ‘S.O.S.’ (US D&D Records DD-104)
Probably Japanese in origin, a dead simple old style 117bpm jazz-funk instrumental which takes a while to get going but then fair flies along with prettily picking guitar over subduedly riffing brass and ever pattering percussion (edit flip).

DEZIGN: ‘How To Do It’ (EN-AY Records 12AM 264, via Pinnacle)
Enthusiastic young Londoners with obvious potential but here held back in Britfunk time warp on this unison-sung somewhat cluttered 0-120½bpm shuffler, which isn’t bad though could be fresher (inst flip).

YARBROUGH & PEOPLES: ‘Don’t Waste Your Time’ (US Total Experience TED1-2601)
Back to the familiar ‘Don’t Stop The Music’ territory they tread so well, a Nick Martinelli & David Todd remixed moodily pushing intense 103½bpm Gap Band/SOS Band-style down-tempo groover which works a treat (103½bpm instrumental ‘Special Dance Mix’ flip).

TONI SMITH: ‘Ooh, I Like The Way It Feels’ Malaco MAL 1213, via PRT)
The voice of ‘Funkin’ For Jamaica’ wails under her own name on an infectiously flowing 118¼-119bpm old style beefy funker borrowing from Al Hudson and Ray Parker Jr as much as from the inevitable Tom Browne, although the main influence is doubtless co-writer Terry Burrus (dub/rap flip). Hot to trot.

RODNEY FRANKLIN: ‘Stay On In The Groove’ (LP ‘Marathon’ CBS 25837)
Now out here, the set’s one killer cut is this excellent electro-backed 121bpm groove with a usefully mixable hip hop flurry near the start, cooing chix and a sizzling jazz piano melody over the mind nagging backbeat (Luther ‘I Want Your Love’ and Madonna ‘Holiday’ are just two perfect mixes!). A 12in now seems unlikely.

DAMARIS: ‘What About My Love?’ (CBS TA 4172)
Presumably on 12in here now, this superb 101bpm soul swayer should be a natural for daytime radio and really is the record that Luther Vandross didn’t make with Dionne Warwick.

TRANS-LUX: ‘Big Apple Noise’ (Malaco MAL 1218)
Although very cleverly created by Began Cekic, this remake “mixer” medley had only a short life on import and has yet to reappear in our chart despite being out here domestically for a while — maybe a re-edit could have made it easier for dancers, who trip over a giggling tempoless bit. Anyway, clever it is, incorporating many recent classics, oddly here a lot faster at 117¼bpm.

MILLIE JACKSON: ‘Slow Tongue’ (LP ‘E.S.P.’ Sire 250382-1)
Following Millie’s boffo box office there, Tony Blackburn has busted this lovely 71bpm sensuous slow groove (!) wide open in London through repeated airplay despite its obviously erotic subject matter (and squeals of ecstasy) — thank goodness Mike Read isn’t on Radio London! — while late appearance on 12in of the set’s single ‘I Feel Like Walking In The Rain‘ has helped that sell, the other LP track to check also being its flip, the 118½bpm ‘Sexercise‘ bedroom aerobics lesson which suggests positions Jane Fonda never got into!

LIONEL RICHIE: ‘Hello’ (Motown TMGT 1330)
Typically drippy dead slow 0-31-62-0bpm groper, sharing a side with the fairly unnecessary 120bpm ‘Running With The Night’ instrumental and finally flipped by the once vital 109bpm ‘All Night Long (All Night)’ instrumental (which matches the LP, not UK 12in, version).

T-CONNECTION: ‘Take It To The Limit’ (US Capitol V-8584)
Standard major label US funk so unlikely to mean much here, though better than the group’s other recent output, a jiggly light textured 120bpm chugger with nice things weaving through the mesmeric beat (old ‘Love Odyssey‘ flip).

JEFF LORBER: ‘In The Heat Of The Night’ LP (US Arista AL8-8025)
Disappointing set from the jazz-funk fave, giving nobody enough of anything, as far from being totally the new Tom Hancock/Herbie Browne direction announced only two tracks are produced by Maurice Starr, the pleasant if unexceptional vocally flowing 116bpm title track tripper being un-electro while the 115bpm ‘Blast Off‘ is a weak ‘Rockit’, inoffensive cocktail bar jazzers like the 106½bpm ‘Really Scarey‘ being interspersed by the swaying 114bpm ‘Don’t Say Yes‘ vocal and a horrendous fast rocker. Listen carefully before buying (I wish I had!).

BOBBY NUNN: ‘Hangin’ Out At The Mall’ (LP ‘Private Party’ Motown STML 12199)
An amusing vignette of contemporary teenage Spanish-American life, this stark Prince/Rick James-ish 113bpm lurcher (his current US single) is worth hearing, while despite delayed release here ‘Don’t Knock It‘ remains 110½bpm and the title track 112bpm is unremixed original state.

GLORIA GAYNOR: ‘I’ve Been Watching You’ (LP ‘I Am Gloria Gaynor’ Chrysalis CHR 1466)
Mutteringly introduced nice languid sparse snapping 109bpm jiggler joined later by butchly conversational Linwood Simon, no ‘Encore’ but funkier than expected (as is the nursery rhyme-ish 114½bpm ‘Eeny Meeny Macker Rack‘) on an otherwise Hi-NRG set — except even the boys seem un-enamoured of the frantically flying 0-145bpm ‘Bullseye‘, 132bpm ‘Strive‘, 138bpm ‘Chain Of Whispers‘.

JENNIFER HOLLIDAY: ‘I Am Love’ (Geffen TA 3704)
Maurice White-prod schmaltzy showbiz Streisand/Ross-type 0-32/64-66-0bpm ballad on 3-track 12in with the shrill Aretha-meets-EWF 116-118½bpm ‘Just Let Me Wait‘ and 115-120bpm ‘Heartstrings‘.

ALTON EDWARDS: ‘Everybody’s Watching’ (Streetwave MKHAN 5)
Isaac Hayes-prod/Eric Matthews-mixed disappointing (US-aimed?) limply trotting 0-126bpm jolter with neither a street beat nor the punch of Rockwell’s similarly worded hit (inst/edit/125bpm Contemporary Mix too).


LAMA: ‘Love On The Rocks (Remix)’ (Carrere CART 309)
Evidently the third and hopefully definitive version of an ‘Oxygene’-like blandly skittering 121bpm Euro synth instrumental (with occasional chix), flipped by the original (presumably Italy’s Numero Uno version) and an instrumental remix about which I can guess less.

LAURA PALLAS: ‘Emergency’ (Record Shack SOHOT 16)
Siren and morse code introed dramatically intense 129bpm throbber grittily wailed by the large lady through an impressively meaty production by writers Ian Levine & Fiachra Trench (lighter inst flip). The BPM may be formula but at least the sound is not.

DAVID CHRISTIE: ‘Stress’ (Carrere CART 303)
Forcefully bounding Continental-style 136bpm boom-smack boom-smack beater with strong pop crossover chances.

YVONNE GIDDEN: ‘In Orbit’ (Electricity ELECT 2)
Joy Lovejoy’s Northern Soul classic reduced to the currently standard 129bpm electronic beats syndrome by producer Kevin Antony Roberts and mixer Ian Geoffrey Levine (edit/inst flip).

SENSES: ‘If You Can Count’ (West End WEND 125)
Witless fast 131bpm electro jolter with a bevy of models chipping in, sounding more Hi-NRG than funk, the flip’s exciting 132bpm ‘Boy (Trick Mix)’ probably being the side to try.

TINA LEWIS: ‘Back Street’ (Inferno 12 BURN 3, via Pinnacle)
British Hi-NRG drawing so much on Northern Soul, this 146bpm remake of Edwin Starr’s oldie could be of interest.

DISCO TOP 85 – MARCH 10, 1984

01 01 BREAKIN’ DOWN (SUGAR SAMBA), Julia & Company, London 12in
02 02 LET THE MUSIC PLAY/REMIX/DUB, Shannon, Club 12in
03 06 STREET DANCE/INSTRUMENTAL, Break Machine, Record Shack 12in
04 04 SOMEBODY’S WATCHING ME, Rockwell, Motown 12in
05 10 ON THE FLOOR (ROCK-IT), Tony Cook & The Party People, Half Moon 12in
06 03 HOLIDAY, Madonna, Sire 12in
07 05 SHARE THE NIGHT, World Premiere, Epic 12in
09 09 LOVIN’ YOU, Status IV, Design Communications 12in
11 16 DON’T LOOK ANY FURTHER, Dennis Edwards, US Gordy LP/12in promo
12 57 WHAT DO I DO, Phil Fearon & Galaxy, Ensign 12in
13 14 SECRET LOVE, Evan Rogers, RCA 12in
14 07 SPICE OF LIFE, Manhattan Transfer, Atlantic 12in
15 28 RENEGADES OF FUNK/RENEGADES CHANT/INSTRUMENTAL, Afrika Bambaataa & Soul Sonic Force, Tommy Boy 12in
17 22 IT’S ALL YOURS, Starpoint, US Elektra 12in
18 19 TELL ME WHAT YOU WANT, Loose Ends, Virgin 12in
19 11 JOYS OF LIFE (REMIX)/BABY WON’T YOU TAKE MY LOVE, David Joseph, Island 12in
20 29 TAXI/WHERE IS LOVE, J. Blackfoot, Allegiance/Sound Town 12in
21 17 YAH MO B THERE, James Ingram/Michael McDonald, Qwest 12in
22 24 FRESH (SCRATCH MIX)/FRESH, Tyrone Brunson, US BID 12in
23 15 HEY! DJ/INSTRUMENTAL, World’s Famous Supreme Team, Charisma 12in
24 27 OUT OF SIGHT, Lefturno, MCA 12in
25 — SHE’S STRANGE/GROOVE WITH YOU, Cameo, Dutch Casablanca LP
26 26 AIN’T NOBODY, Rufus & Chaka Khan, Warner Bros 12in
27 23 BABY I’M SCARED OF YOU/LOVE WARS/T.K.O./EXPRESS MYSELF/A.P.B., Womack & Womack, European Elektra LP/12in promo
28 64 I FEEL LIKE WALKING IN THE RAIN, Millie Jackson, Sire 12in
29 13 LOLLIPOP LUV, Bryan Loren, Virgin 12in
30 32 STAY ON IN THE GROOVE, Rodney Franklin, CBS LP
31 35 JOANNA, Kool & The Gang, De-Lite 12in
32 61 BAD TIMES (I CAN’T STAND IT), Captain Rapp, Becket 12in
34 58 COME BE WITH ME/KEEP GIVING ME LOVE, The Ronnie McNeir Experience, US Capitol mini-LP
35 46 DANCE TO THE BEAT, T.C. Curtis, Hot Melt 12in white label
36 45 ENCORE, Cheryl Lynn, US Columbia 12in
37 25 (I’M JUST A) SUCKER FOR A PRETTY FACE, West Phillips, Trans Q/S.O.U.N.D. 12in
38 72 HAVE YOU GOT THE TIME (DISCO MIX), The Funk Masters, Master-Funk 12in
39 71 ANOTHER MAN IS TWICE AS NICE, Tout Sweet, US Buzz Records 12in
40 20 ANOTHER MAN, Barbara Mason, Streetwave 12in
41 31 LET ME SHOW YOU, Larry Wu, US Atlantic 12in
42 47 DEJA VU, AB’s, Japanese Moon LP
43 60 HUMP TO THE BUMP, Steve Arrington’s Hall Of Fame, Atlantic 12in
45 33 RELAX (US REMIX), Frankie Goes To Hollywood, ZTT 12in
46 21 MAGIC, Circle City Band, US Circle City Records 12in
48 56 YOU’RE A WINNER, Sharon Redd, Prelude 12in
50 — S.O.S., Matsubara, US D&D 12in
51 — STOP WHAT YOU’RE DOIN’, The Chi-Lites, US Private I 12in
52 38 AL-NAAFIYSH (THE SOUL), Hashim, Streetwave 12in
53 51 PLANE LOVE (REMIX)/DUB, Jeffrey Osborne, US A&M 12in
54 48 THE SOUND OF MUSIC (X-TENDED US REMIX), Dayton, Capitol 12in promo
55 39 THE SOUND OF MUSIC, Dayton, Capitol 12in
56 55 YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL/BELIEVER, Chic, European Atlantic LP
59 — DON’T WASTE YOUR TIME (REMIX), Yarbrough & Peoples, US Total Experience 12in
60 44 WHAT ABOUT MY LOVE?, Damaris, CBS 12in
61 69 SO DIFFERENT, Kinky Foxx, Sound Of New York 12in
62 41 FILL MY CUP, L.C.G.C., Island 12in
63 37 NEVER TOO LATE, Julius Brown, US West End 12in
64 43 OOH, I LIKE THE WAY IT FEELS, Toni Smith, Malaco 12in
65 80 IT’S ALRIGHT, NV, Sire 12in
66 34 DIN DAA DAA (TROMMELTANZ), George Kranz, Fourth & Broadway 12in
67 40 BABY DOLL (REMIX), Girls Can’t Help It, Virgin 12in
68 — TENDER TOUCH, Cargo, Korova 12in
69 — SLOW TONGUE, Millie Jackson, Sire LP
70 77 KEEP IT COMIN’/BETTER THINGS TO DO, Jones Girls, US Philadelphia International 7in
71 59 THRILLER (INSTRUMENTAL), Michael Jackson, US Epic 12in
72 67 SOMEHOW SOMEWAY (VOCAL), Visual, US Prelude 12in
73 70 MAGIC, Carl Anderson, US Epic 12in
74 — GIVE ME TONIGHT (DUB VERSION), Shannon, US Emergency 12in
75 74 WHITE HORSE (US MEGAMIX), Laid Back, Creole 12in
76 72 I’VE GOT TO FIND A WAY, Lena Dejonay, US TVI 12in
77 79 I LOVE THE PIANO, Kasso, Banana 12in
78 — SOMEBODY’S WATCHING ME, Main Line, US Master Mix 12in
79 83 I’M GONNA GETCHA/L.A. MIX, Family Brown, US Buzz Records 12in
80 78 KING OF THE BEAT, Pumpkin, US Profile 12in
81 — BOY WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN, Roz Ryan, Streetwave 12in
83 65 EBONY EYES, Rick James & Friend, Gordy 12in
84 68 WHITE LINES, Grandmaster & Melle Mel, Sugarhill 12in
85 — FO-FI-FO, Pieces Of A Dream, European Elektra LP/12in promo


BUBBLING UNDER the Disco 85 are:

Michael Baker: ‘Don’t You Want My Lovin’ (US JDC)
Dazz Band: ‘Joystick’ (Motown)
Davy DMX: ‘One For The Treble’ (US Tuff City)
Jeff Lorber: ‘In The Heat Of The Night’ (US Arista LP)
Emotions: ‘You’re The One’ (US Red Label 7in)
Lionel Richie: ‘Hello’ (Motown)
Mary Wells: ‘My Guy’ (Allegiance)
David Sanborn: ‘I Told U So’ (US Warner Bros)
Sapphire: ‘Rock Me Slowly’ (Becket)
Sparque: ‘Take Some Time’ (US West End)

and under the Boys Town/Hi-NRG 30 are:

Irene Cara: ‘Breakdance (Remix)’ (Dutch Epic)
Evelyn Thomas: ‘High Energy’ (Record Shack promo)
Rockwell: ‘Somebody’s Watching Me’ (Motown)
Eric: ‘Who’s Your Boyfriend’ (US MEMO)
Christopher Street: ‘Happiness’ (ERC)
Barbara Mitchell: ‘I Won’t Give It Away’ (US Brown Bag)
Jimmy Ruffin & Jackson Moore: ‘I’m Gonna Love You Forever’ (ERC promo)
Kathy Wilson: ‘After The Fall’ (US BMO)
Vera: ‘Ready For Love’ (Dutch Polydor)
Rofo: ‘You Got To Move It On’ (Belgian Infinity)


Beats Per Minute for last week’s Top 75 entries on 7in (endings denoted by f/r/c for fade/resonant/cold):

Julia & Co 115-114½c, Tracey Ullman 0-50/25-113-116f (Madness ‘My Girl’ 0-118-120-0r), Weather Girls 136f, Bananarama 130f, Kajagoogoo 105½f, Was (Not Was) 99½-0c, Roger Daltrey 107f, Bourgie Bourgie 137f, Aswad 81-40½f.


01 01 I’M LIVING MY OWN LIFE, Earlene Bentley, Record Shack 12in
02 02 HE’S A SAINT HE’S A SINNER, Miquel Brown, Record Shack 12in
03 04 COUNTDOWN (HERE I COME), Kofi & The Lovetones, Electricity 12in
04 03 EVERGREEN/JEALOUS LOVE, Hazell Dean, Proto 12in
05 05 ROCKET TO YOUR HEART (REMIX), Lisa, Dutch BMC 12in
06 07 THE MAN’S SO REAL, Mimi, Challenge 12in
07 09 LOVE TRAP (REMIX), Astaire, Passion 12in
08 06 LIFE IS THE REASON, Norma, ERC 12in
09 15 IN ORBIT, Yvonne Gidden, Electricity 12in
10 08 DANGER, Flirts, Canadian Unidisc 12in
11 11 YOU’RE A WINNER, Sharon Redd, Prelude 12in
12 23 LOVE ON THE ROCKS (REMIX)/ORIGINAL, Lama, Carrere 12in
13 19 JUMP, Pointer Sisters, US Planet LP
14 14 RELAX (US REMIX), Frankie Goes To Hollywood, ZTT 12in
15 16 COMING OUT OF HIDING, Pamela Stanley, US TSR 12in
16 10 DIDN’T SAY A WORD (MEGAMIX), Shirley Lewis, Electricity 12in
17 12 SOUND OF MY HEART, Sleeping Lions, CBS 12in
18 30 DESIRE, Paul Parker, Passion 12in promo
19 18 I AM WHAT I AM, Gloria Gaynor, Chrysalis 12in
20 17 WHERE IS MY MAN, Earths Kitt, Record Shack 12in
21 21 LET THE MUSIC PLAY/REMIX/DUB, Shannon, Club 12in
22 13 IT’S TOO LATE, Simone, KRP 12in
23 — FOR ALL WE KNOW, Norma Lewis, ERC 12in white label
24 22 GOT A DATE (REMIX), Dionne Warwick, Arista 12in
25 24 MANPOWER, Miquel Brown, Record Shack LP
26 30 TOUCH AND GO LOVER/LOVE NOW PLAY LATER, Carol Jiani, Streetwave 12in
27 25 I’VE GOT THE MUSIC IN ME, Yvonne K, Italian X-Energy 12in
28 26 EVERLASTING LOVE, Vicki Sue Robinson, US Profile 12in
29 29 RE-LIME-D (MEDLEY), Lime, Dutch Polydor 12in
30=28 I’VE GOT TO FIND A WAY, Zena Dejonay, US TVI 12in
30=20 BRING ON THE MEN, Wow, US MEMO 12in
30=— EMERGENCY, Laura Pallas, Record Shack 12in white label
30=30 STRESS, David Christie, Carrere 12in


POP JOX are playing: 1 (1) Frankie GTH, 2 (2) Madonna, 3 (5) Shannon, 4 (3) Rockwell, 5 (4) Matthew Wilder, 6 (7) Cyndi Lauper, 7 (6) Break Machine, 8 (18) Thompson Twins, 9 (8) Gloria Gaynor, 10 (9) Man Tran, 11 (13) Michael Jackson, 12 (21) Miquel Brown, 13 (10) Kool ‘Joanna’, 14 (25) Julia & Co, 15 (19) Hazell Dean, 16 (15) Elbow Bones, 17 (39) Nena, 18 (14) Eartha Kitt, 19 (22) David Joseph, 20 (—) World’s Famous Supreme Team, 21 (11) World Premiere, 22 (12) Kool ‘SA’, 23 (—) Style Council, 24 (16) Queen, 25 (32) Tony Cook, 26 (27) JB’s All Stars, 27 (31) George Kranz, 28 (37) Millie Jackson 12in, 29 (35) Wang Chung, 30 (20) Bobby Nunn, 31 (—) Billy Joel ‘Innocent Man’, 32 (—) Nik Kershaw, 33 (17) Lionel Richie ‘RWTN’, 34 (36) Was (Not Was), 35 (—) Sade, 36 (—) John Rocca, 37 (—) Madness, 38 (34) Bryan Loren, 39 (26) Swans Way, 40 (28) Jimmy Cliff.

However, if you want a really up-to-date chart from my own gig last Saturday (drawing only on the Top 20), try this: 1. Van Halen, 2. Nena, 3. Slade, 4. Frankie GTH, 5. Nik Kershaw, 6. Thompson Twins, 7. Kool, 8. Matthew Wilder, 9. Madness, 10. Madonna, 11. Billy Joel, 12. Shannon, They didn’t seem too sure about Carmel, Matt Bianco, or surprisingly Queen — and out of seven hours of music, current pops were only a small part of the night.

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