March 3, 1984: Phil Fearon & Galaxy, Ronnie McNeir Experience, Funkmasters, Tout Sweet, West Phillips


CBS RECORDS’ club promotion department has been suspended, Steve Ripley moving up to join Loraine Trent in the marketing, so (for a while anyway) don’t expect anything in the mail . . . I wonder whether CBS will suddenly find March releases (by Michael Jackson, Luther Vandross, Shalamar, Patti LaBelle, The Jacksons) selling better than usual as all the DJs buy them? — this has been Morgan Khan’s experience since stopping his Streetwave mailing list . . . Total Experience (home of the Gap Band) is another label moving here to RCA . . . MCA picked up Charles Earland (too late?), while surprisingly Malcolm X is up for grabs here . . . Lionel Richie follows with ‘Hello’ flipped on 12in by the instrumentals of ‘All Night Long’ and ‘Running With The Night’ . . . Jive, desperate to sell anything by Whodini, now have a ‘5-Track EP‘ 12in (JIVE T61) of predictable stuff . . . The Academy is on RCA, not Virgin (as misinformed by Rush Release) . . . George Kranz has been ruined by yet another UK-only remix, but Cyndi Lauper in a marathon scratch version remixed by Arthur Baker could be interesting on imminent import 12in . . . Gary Crowley is running his own GLOBE & Whiz Kid-inspired megamix competition on his Saturday evening Magic Box show — send cassettes (sae for return) to him at Capital Radio, PO Box 194, London NW1 3DR . . . Mastermind have their own far superior remix of Shannon ‘Let The Music Play’ with barking cut in on the beat (off Man Parrish?), and on Radio Invicta last Wednesday night Herbie kicked off the hip hop mixes early, just after midnight, while later Max (hi to you too!) played an incredible long tape of the whole roadshow in impressive scratching live gig action, plus some solo mixes of his own — the best Dave could manage were some off-air KISS-fm remix medleys, but all are worth Londoners staying awake midnight-6am Thursdays (Friday morning Trevor Jay OD’s on slow deep soul), in clear mono 103.5FM (though you may need to switch your AFC to “off”) . . . Skyline’s Friday breakfast jock is Oscar J. Jennings, who presumably forgot his real name en route from St Martin’s Lane? . . . Peter Anthony (London Stringfellows), a regular breakfast companion at Mayfair’s Rockafellas, joined me in commiserating with Jeffrey Daniel over his somewhat inappropriate solo debut the 50½bpm ‘AC/DC‘ from his starring role (on roller skates) in the Andrew Lloyd Webber/Richard Stilgoe musical ‘Starlight Express’ — neither disco nor particularly pop, it’s in 7ths time but may be a brave new move . . . Miquel Brown on the Tube’s Hi-NRG special may not have sparkled, but she’d just had a pacemaker fitted to her heart following her car crash, and was straight our of hospital . . . British Airways cabin crew strike stopped Ian Levine reaching Newcastle for the broadcast — his flawlessly exciting mixes on ‘Street Sounds Hi-Energy‘, and those of Mastermind on ‘Street Sounds Crucial Electro‘, put other better ballyhooed efforts in the shade — and point up the stupidity of trying to mix incompatible material purely as a marketing ploy . . . Greg Wilson evidently under-ran his given timing on ‘Dance Mix — Dance Hits III‘, so someone else just tacked on the last track each side . . . ‘Street Sounds Edition 8‘ has Kenny G ‘Hi’ and Luther Vandross ‘I Wanted Your Love’, amongst others, already! . . . Thursday (1) Break Machine & Second Image join John ‘Nick’ Osborne at Rayleigh’s Pink Toothbrush (seriously?), Edwin Starr stars at Haringey Bolts Motown night Cleveland Anderson funks Kensington Cromwell Road’s Le Club Cabana weekly (where there’s lotsa girls but few guys — presumably they’re all in Haringey!) and Steel City G funks from James Brown thru Paz to Afrika Bambaataa weekly at Sheffield Mona Lisa’s The Hothouse . . . Gary Crowley & Steve ‘200 MPH’ Lewis do Southgate Pink Elephant on Fridays now with star PAs — this week Animal Nightlife & The Questions (get there early) . . . Chris Hill is this Friday’s guest at Dartford Flicks, where young Dave Williams is the Tuesday Teen Scene’s new host . . . New Blackbeat’s Steve Guarnori & Tony Stevens start a weekly 60s/70s soul afficionados night at Peterborough city centre’s Grapevine pub this Saturday (3), when Chris Sharpe & Clive Anthony anticipate mucho breaking at Drayton (Derby) Tudor Court’s 1984 ‘Richard’ Disco Dancing final, Kev Ashman funks an MCA-promoting “white” night (£1 discount if you wear white) at Charing King Arthur’s Court, Trevor ‘Redeye’ Hughes starts at Telford’s revamped (and re-named?) Town House . . . Mastermind Roadshow are in full scratching force at Birmingham Dale End’s Hummingbird alldayer on Sunday (4), along with Paz live and a break dancing exhibition by national crews . . . Chadwell Heath’s Regency Suite becomes the hip hopping Dodge Club with Spence, Deblus, Ralph & Debbie funking with fluorescent break dancers every Saturday, which is when Kev Hill now souls Harlow’s Whispers (revamped ex-Tiffanys) despite the loss of his current vinyl and an old Cortina Ghia RPK 882R . . . Soho Gossips on Tuesdays becomes the Krush Groove with Bristol’s Wild Bunch Cuts hip hopping their street scene thing . . . Franklin Sinclair, now a fully qualified partner in a solicitors firm, nevertheless funks Fri/Sat at Radcliffe (Bury) Bennies! . . . Darren Fogel (who evidently missed earlier mentions) still jazz-funks Kensington’s Thackerays wine bar Fri/Sat (pub hours free), and does Under-18s Sunday at Soho Bananas . . . Ernie Priestman & Steve Naylor at Egremont’s Old Hall, handy for Windscale and not far off the route to Scotland, are after bands for PAs or gigs (fully lit stage) on 0946-820307 — Chris Hill & I look like heading there soon . . . Brian Mason (01-441 1322) is selling his trusty old 220 watt disco and lightshow . . . Greek Adam Cheolakakis from Salonica don’t speaka de Eenglish very good but is hot enough at mixing to impress the DMC’s Tony Prince and would love a London gig — better write, rather than call to 474 Garratt Lane, Earlsfield, Wandsworth SW18 . . . The Malemen’s LP sleeve features a pile of fan mail — but whose, as it’s obviously not theirs? . . . Omni for two albums running have given special thanks to West Phillips . . . if you funk all night with scratch fever — STAY FRESH!


PHIL FEARON & GALAXY: ‘What Do I Do’ (Ensign 12ENY 510)
Another frothily infectious pop-aimed bouncy 113½bpm 12in swinger with a kicking backbeat (M&M mixed), Phil’s most commercial since ‘Dancing Tight’ (inst flip). To be ludicrously accurate for The Tube to quote, it’s actually 113 3/5bpm, and sounds even brighter when speeded up!

THE RONNIE McNEIR EXPERIENCE: ‘Come Be With Me’ (US Capitol MLP-15015)
On a 4-track “mini LP”, this Rene & Angela-penned superb if specialist soul stormer is a subtly pushing 104½bpm jogger full of jiggly undertow and sinuous singing, the more sombrely jolting 101½bpm ‘Keep Giving Me Love‘, punchily bumping 108bpm ‘Light My Fire‘ (new song) and lovely deep slow 41bpm ‘Is This What Happens To A Love?’ adding to the excellent value. Hot!

THE FUNKMASTERS: ‘Have You Got The Time’ (Master-Funk MF 008)
Less universally appealing than ‘It’s Over’ but good ‘n beefy for the hard core floor, the Tony Williams-produced bumpily tugging 12in chugger has nice vibes and Benson-style scat, halfway on the 113½bpm vocal or from near the start of the more powerfully opened out 0-114bpm Disco Mix.

TOUT SWEET: ‘Another Man Is Twice As Nice’ (US Buzz Records BZ1103)
The name (toot suite!) echoes Barbara Mason’s “too sweet” and this indeed is the Len Barry-adapted 110½bpm answer version, in which the gay cheater simpers such funny lines as “hey, if you stay, you’d better not gain no weight, because now both of us are a perfect size 8” (dub/edit flip, no rap). Pinnacle are rushing it here on Buzz International, if you can wait!

WEST PHILLIPS: ‘(I’m Just A) Sucker For A Pretty Face’ (Trans Q/S.O.U.N.D. BUBT-401)
Deceptively powerful Prince/Rick James/’Another One Bites The Dust’-type hypnotic sparse hard driving 113bpm 12in bass line with muttering and yelping vocal, recently huge on import, the flip’s instrumental now being joined by a clumsily re-edited “alternate version” rather than the announced remix.

LEFTURNO: ‘Out Of Sight’ (MCA MCAT 874)
Reputedly due here as a remix, though apart from now being faster at 114½bpm no difference is noticeable, this chick-sung good beefy bass pushed 12in jiggly canterer infectiously nicks many of its elements from other tunes without being a “mixer” as such (inst flip).

FAMILY BROWN: ‘I’m Gonna Getcha’ (US Buzz Records BZ1102)
Gruff guy-led good jauntily burbling jittery 115bpm chugger doing nothing we haven’t heard before but in a style that British funk fans usually enjoy, on 4-track 12in with edit/dub/sharper 116bpm L.A. Mix (by Nick Martinelli & David Todd).

STANLEY CLARKE: ‘Are You Ready?’ (US Epic 49-04972)
Excellent exciting extremely stark, hard ‘n heavy bass synth thudding 122bpm 12in instrumental lurcher, really vicious funk but possibly a bit too empty for some (frantic 141bpm thunder thumbs flip aptly called ‘Speedball‘).

KASSO: ‘I Love The Piano’ (Banana FRUIT 9T)
Extremely facile Shakatak piano tinkling over a ‘Billie Jean’ beat to create a blandly “pleasant” 115bpm 12in Eurodisco instrumental with an equally innocuous chugging 111bpm ‘Dancing On The Beach‘ flip. Almost Hi-NRG.

MAJOR HARRIS: ‘I Want Your Love’ (Buzz International VIBE 1T, via Pinnacle)
Major sounds soulful but the rhythm and girlie group backing of this undeniably jaunty 120bpm 12in romper are blatantly pop-aimed — so maybe it’s another Kool & The Gang? Over-“clever” confusing 0-120bpm Club Mix flip, different from the import.

TIA MONAE: ‘Don’t Keep Me Waiting’ (US First Take FTR 516)
Already briefly reviewed after hearing just one version, this vibes-tinkled jerkily jittering 0-118bpm 12in jiggler has four different versions: the A-side Club Mix with cooing chix behind wailing Miss Monae, followed by its similar instrumental, the flip’s much starker Dub Mix and its acappella-introed 118-0bpm instrumental (which strips down to bare percussion and mixes well out of David Joseph ‘You Can’t Hide’).

TYRONE TAYLOR: ‘Cottage In Negril’ (MCA MCAT 875)
Recent reggae smash remixed for crossover chances, a mind-nagging lazy 67-67½-68½-68¾bpm 12in rumbling swayer with tootling sax and superbly soulful hoarse vocal, kinda like Jackie Opel singing ‘No Woman No Cry’ Check it!

ASWAD: ‘Chasing For The Breeze’ (Island 12ISX 160)
Particularly nice mellow slowly drifting 81/40½bpm reggae-soul smoocher, sold initially as a 12in twin-pack with a free dub plate of its ‘Dub Chase‘ version (and the 85bpm ‘Gave You My Love‘ flip’s ‘Have This Dub’), lovely listening.

POORSAH: ‘Go Right Up In Day’ (Trindisc TRIN 008, via 01-674 3419)
Confusingly at 33 1/3rpm though labelled Disco 45 (and ‘Day’ should surely be ‘Deh’?), an enthusiastic ‘Hot-Hot Hot’ type 124bpm 12in soca jump-up, as also is the 124bpm CHEVI: ‘Mr DJ’/’National Ride’ (Sunburn SB-D 46, via Jetstar), though the thick-sung 105-106bpm HOT SYNDICATE: ‘Take Me Back‘ (Sunburn SB-D 45) is jolly but uncharacteristically slow.

SHIKANE: ‘Change Your Mind’ (Red Bus RBUSL 87)
Lee Vanderbilt co-prod (and sung?) rather sneaky old fashioned jiggly odd tempo semi-slow spurting 99¼bpm 12in shuffler (inst flip), interesting if not ideal for dancing.

MAIN LINE: ‘Somebody’s Watching Me’ (US Master Mix MMR-002)
Began Cekic-produced 127bpm 12in remake medley of Rockwell’s hit with bits of ‘Thriller’ woven into it, which rather loses the point without Michael Jackson’s own voice (Pt. II/inst flip).

OMNI: ‘Omni’ LP (US Mercury 422-818035-1)
The funky trio’s new set oddly duplicates four tracks from their year old ‘All For The One’ LP, its infectiously burbling 111bpm title track (still the best thing on it) though now shorter being exactly the same, as are the slow ‘Leave It Up To Me’ and ‘Just How Bad’, although the jiggly 111bpm ‘Warriors‘ is largely remade. Newies include the steadily pulsing slinky 100¼bpm ‘Let Me Run It‘, bumpily hip hop 116bpm ‘Roctron‘, and jerky 123¼bpm ‘On & Off (Love Affair)’, all underpinned — held back? — by electronic rhythms.

NEWCLEUS: ‘Jam On It’ (US Sunnyview SUN 411)
Disappointing electro rap 0-116bpm 12in follow-up with the chipmunk/smurf voices reprising “wikki wikki” near the start but then making way too much for more normal voices (inst flip).

ROZ RYAN: ‘Boy Where Have You Been’ (Streetwave MKHAN 8)
Loosely burbling 120½-119-121-122-121bpm 12in sideways shuffler (119-121-120-121bpm instrumental Club Mix), now out here.

MIRAGE: ‘Let’s Groove (Medley)’ (Passion PASH 1220)
Now it’s Earth, Wind & Fire’s turn for a less accurate 0-120-126-127-126-127bpm 12in medley, so weedy it could be the Bee Gees.

PAULA MOORE: ‘Valparaiso’ (Canadian Unidisc 12UNI-113)
Pleasantly melodic bossa nova-ish piano played then slightly off-pitch Astrud Gilberto-type c.117-118bpm 12in MoR swayer.

PASSION: ‘You Can’t Hide It’ (US Prelude PRL D675)
Latin percussion driven fast c.135bpm 12in frisky canterer, very tuneful and nicely sung — shame about the tempo (inst flip).

PEEK: ‘Rhumba My Sensations’ (US Sutra SUD 020)
Ultra frantic chix sung c.130bpm 12in flier, selling more for the instrumental club mix flip’s vibes break.

GEORGE WEBLEY: ‘Tasty’ (Simple 12SIM 1, via IDS)
Jaunty jangly if derivative 124¼bpm pop song stretched on 12in dance mix into a jiggly backbeat stomper with long instrumental bits, brassy flourishes and dub effects between vocal bursts, rather infectious.

SCRITTI POLITTI: ‘Wood Beez (Pray Like Aretha Franklin)’ (Virgin VS 65712)
Arif Mardin-produced somewhat current Yes-like disjointed beat box jolted 113bpm 12in white funk (version flip), from an unexpected source perhaps? Could be good with Dr John.

DISCO TOP 85 – MARCH 3, 1984

01 07 BREAKIN’ DOWN (SUGAR SAMBA), Julia & Company, London 12in
02 01 LET THE MUSIC PLAY/REMIX/DUB, Shannon, Club 12in
03 02 HOLIDAY, Madonna, Sire 12in
04 03 SOMEBODY’S WATCHING ME, Rockwell, Motown 12in
05 05 SHARE THE NIGHT, World Premiere, Epic 12in
06 04 STREET DANCE/INSTRUMENTAL, Break Machine, Record Shack 12in
07 06 SPICE OF LIFE, Manhattan Transfer, Atlantic 12in
09 10 LOVIN’ YOU, Status IV, Design Communications 12in
10 11 ON THE FLOOR (ROCK-IT), Tony Cook & The Party People, Half Moon 12in
11 09 JOYS Of LIFE (REMIX), David Joseph, Island 12in
13 13 LOLLIPOP LUV, Bryan Loren, Virgin 12in
14 22 SECRET LOVE, Evan Rogers, RCA 12in
15 16 HEY! DJ/INSTRUMENTAL, World’s Famous Supreme Team, Charisma 12in
17 26 YAH MO BE THERE, James Ingram/Michael McDonald, Qwest 12in
19 12 TELL ME WHAT YOU WANT, Loose Ends, Virgin 12in
20 14 ANOTHER MAN, Barbara Mason, Streetwave 12in
21 20 MAGIC, Circle City Band, US Circle City Records 12in
22 27 IT’S ALL YOURS, Starpoint, US Elektra 12in
23 19 BABY I’M SCARED OF YOU/T.K.O./LOVE WARS, Womack & Womack, European Elektra LP/12in promo
24 23 FRESH (SCRATCH MIX)/FRESH, Tyrone Brunson, US BID 12in
25 33 (I’M JUST A) SUCKER FOR A PRETTY FACE, West Phillips, Trans Q/S.O.U.N.D. 12in
26 24 AIN’T NOBODY, Rufus & Chaka Khan, Warner Bros 12in
27 41 OUT OF SIGHT, Lefturno, MCA 12in
28 36 RENEGADES CHANT/RENEGADES OF FUNK/INSTRUMENTAL, Afrika Bambaataa & Soul Sonic Force, Tommy Boy 12in
29 37 TAXI/WHERE IS LOVE, J. Blackfoot, US Sound Town 7in/LP
31 25 LET ME SHOW YOU, Larry Wu, US Atlantic 12in
32 29 STAY ON IN THE GROOVE, Rodney Franklin, US Columbia LP
33 40 RELAX (US REMIX), Frankie Goes To Hollywood, ZTT 12in
34 45 DIN DAA DAA (TROMMELTANZ), George Kranz, Fourth & Broadway 12in
35 72 JOANNA, Kool & The Gang, De-Lite 12in
36 28 SERIOUS, Billy Griffin, CBS 12in
37 69 NEVER TOO LATE, Julius Brown, US West End 12in
38 35 AL-NAAFIYSH (THE SOUL), Hashim, Streetwave 12in
39 32 THE SOUND OF MUSIC, Dayton, Capitol 12in
40 38 BABY DOLL (REMIX), Girls Can’t Help It, Virgin 12in
41 48 FILL MY CUP/DUB, L.C.G.C., Island 12in
42 31 A NIGHT IN NEW YORK, Elbow Bones & The Racketeers, EMI America 12in
43 — (OOH) I LIKE THE WAY IT FEELS, Toni Smith, Malaco 12in
44 30 WHAT ABOUT MY LOVE?, Damaris, US Columbia 12in
45 42 ENCORE, Cheryl Lynn, US Columbia 12in
46 66 DANCE TO THE BEAT, T.C. Curtis, Hot Melt 12in white label
47 62 DEJA VU, AB’s, Japanese Moon LP
48 53 THE SOUND OF MUSIC (X-TENDED US REMIX), Dayton, Capitol 12in promo
51 70 PLANE LOVE (REMIX)/DUB, Jeffrey Osborne, US A&M 12in
52 65 BACK AT YA (INSTRUMENTAL), Kerr, US Tra San 12in
54 43 STRAIGHT FROM THE HEART (REMIX), Fat Larry’s Band, Virgin 12in
56 39 YOU’RE A WINNER/ACTIVATE, Sharon Redd, Prelude 12in
57 — WHAT DO I DO, Galaxy featuring Phil Fearon, Ensign 12in
58 — COME BE WITH ME/KEEP GIVING ME LOVE, The Ronnie McNeir Experience, US Capitol mini-LP
59 52 THRILLER (INSTRUMENTAL), Michael Jackson, US Epic 12in
60 — HUMP TO THE BUMP, Steve Arrington’s Hall Of Fame, Atlantic 12in
61 — BAD TIMES (I CANT STAND IT), Captain Rapp, Becket 12in
62 50 LAGOS JUMP, Third World, CBS 12in
63 77 WORK THAT BODY, Keith & Darrell, Motown 12in
64 58 FEEL LIKE WALKING IN THE RAIN, Millie Jackson, Sire 7in
65 47 EBONY EYES, Rick James & Friend, Gordy 12in
66 54 PLAY THAT BEAT MR. DJ (MASTER MIX), Double Dee & Steinski, Aircheck cassette
67 56 SOMEHOW SOMEWAY (VOCAL), Visual, US Prelude 12in
68 76 WHITE LINES, Grandmaster & Melle Mel, Sugarhill 12in
69 34 SO DIFFERENT, Kinky Foxx, Sound Of New York 12in
70 51 MAGIC, Carl Anderson, US Epic 12in
71 — ANOTHER MAN IS TWICE AS NICE, Tout Sweet, US Buzz Records 12in
72 — HAVE YOU GOT THE TIME, Funk Masters, Master-Funk 12in
73 60 WISH YOU WERE HERE, First Light, London/Oval 12in
74 — WHITE HORSE (US MEGAMIX), Laid Back, Creole 12in
76 64 OUT TO GET YOU, Fascination, Banana 12in
77 — KEEP IT COMIN’/BETTER THINGS TO DO, Jones Girls, US Philadelphia International 7in
78 73 KING OF THE BEAT, Pumpkin, US Profile 12in
79 — I LOVE THE PIANO, Kasso, Banana 12in
80 61 IT’S ALRIGHT, NV, Sire 12in
81 74 YOU AIN’T GOT NO MONEY, Jaime Lynn, US Salsoul 12in
82 — I’VE GOT TO FIND A WAY, Zena Dejonay, US TVI 12in
83 — I’M GONNA GETCHA/L.A. MIX, Family Brown, US Buzz Records 12in
84 — ON THE UPSIDE, Xena, Streetwave 12in
85 81 LOVE TEMPO (REMIX), Quando Quango, Factory 12in


BUBBLING UNDER the Disco 85 are:

The Deele: ‘Body Talk’ / ‘Working (9 To 5)’ (Euro Solar LP)
Duces Wild: ‘Gimmick’ (US Next Plateau)
Shannon: ‘Give Me Tonight (Dub)’ (US Emergency)
Main Line: ‘Somebody’s Watching Me’ (US Master Mix)
Mavis Staples: ‘Love Gone Bad’ / ‘Beat Well Done’ (US Phono)
Davy DMX: ‘One For The Treble’ (US Tuff City)
Kadenza: ‘Livin’ In A Back Street’ (Calibre)
Art Of Noise: ‘Beat Box’ (ZTT)
Stanley Clarke: ‘Are You Ready?’ (US Epic)
Shalamar: ‘Dancing In The Sheets’ (US Columbia)
Double Vision: ‘Clock On The Wall’ (US Profile)
Takanaka: ‘Soul On Fire’ (Japanese Kitty LP)
Cameo: ‘She’s Strange’ (US Atlanta Artists 7in)
Peek: ‘Rhumba My Sensations’ (US Sutra)
Newcleus: ‘Jam On It’ (US Sunnyview)


Beats Per Minute for last week’s Top 75 entries on 7in (endings denoted by f/r/c for fade/resonant/cold):

Soft Cell 168½f, Tina Turner 0-31½-62½-0r, Sade 90f, Alexei Sayle 128-0r, World’s Famous Supreme Team 94½f, Gary Portnoy 0-45-94f, Orange Juice 108r, Torvill & Dean ‘Bolero’ 33/66-72-0r, Loose Ends 118f, George McCrae 160-161f.


01 01 I’M LIVING MY OWN LIFE, Earlene Bentley, Record Shack 12in
02 02 HE’S A SAINT HE’S A SINNER, Miquel Brown, Record Shack 12in
03 04 EVERGREEN/JEALOUS LOVE, Hazell Dean, Proto 12in
04 06 COUNTDOWN (HERE I COME), Kofi & The Lovetones, Electricity 12in
05 05 ROCKET TO YOUR HEART (REMIX), Lisa, Dutch BMC 12in
06 03 LIFE IS THE REASON, Norma, ERC 12in
07 16 THE MAN’S SO REAL, Mimi, Challenge 12in
08 15 DANGER, Flirts, Canadian Unidisc 12in
09 11 LOVE TRAP (REMIX), Astaire, Passion 12in
10 13 DIDN’T SAY A WORD (MEGAMIX), Shirley Lewis, Electricity 12in
11 09 YOU’RE A WINNER, Sharon Redd, Prelude 12in
12 07 SOUND OF MY HEART, Sleeping Lions, CBS 12in
13 08 IT’S TOO LATE, Simone, KRP 12in
14 10 RELAX (US REMIX), Frankie Goes To Hollywood, ZTT 12in
15 12 IN ORBIT, Yvonne Gidden, Electricity 12in
16 14 COMING OUT OF HIDING, Pamela Stanley, US TSR 12in
17 19 WHERE IS MY MAN, Eartha Kitt, Record Shack 12in
18 17 I AM WHAT I AM, Gloria Gaynor, Chrysalis 12in
19 20 JUMP, Pointer Sisters, US Planet LP
20 18 BRING ON THE MEN, Wow, US MEMO 12in
21 21 LET THE MUSIC PLAY/REMIX/DUB, Shannon, Club 12in
22 24 GOT A DATE (REMIX), Dionne Warwick, Arista 12in
23 — LOVE ON THE ROCKS (RE-REMIX), Lama, Carrere 12in
24 29 MANPOWER/BEELINE, Miquel Brown, Record Shack LP
25 28 I’VE GOT THE MUSIC IN ME, Yvonne K, Italian X-Energy 12in
26 27 EVERLASTING LOVE, Vicki Sue Robinson, US Profile 12in
27 22 STRANGERS IN THE NIGHT, Baumann, Arista 12in
28 23 I’VE GOT TO FIND A WAY, Lena Dejonay, US TVI 12in
29 — RE-LIME-D (MEDLEY), Lime, Dutch Polydor 12in
30=— NO REGRETS, Amanda Lear, German Ariola 12in
30=— TOUCH AND GO LOVER/LOVE NOW PLAY LATER, Carol Jiani, Streetwave 12in
30=— STRESS, David Christie, Carrere 12in promo


POP JOX are playing: 1 (1) Frankie GTH, 2 (2) Madonna, 3 (5) Rockwell, 4 (3) Matthew Wilder, 5 (8) Shannon, 6 (4) Break Machine, 7 (6) Cyndi Lauper, 8 (12) Gloria Gaynor, 9 (9) Man Tran, 10 (16) Kool ‘Joanna’, 11 (15) World Premiere, 12 (11) Kool ‘SA’, 13 (13) Michael Jackson, 14 (23) Eartha Kitt, 15 (14) Elbow Bones, 16 (7) Queen, 17 (10) Lionel Richie, 18 (29) Thompson Twins, 19 (21) Hazell Dean, 20 (18) Bobby Nunn, 21 (—) Miquel Brown ‘He’s A Saint’, 22 (re) David Joseph, 23 (30) The Smiths, 24 (17) Sharon Redd, 25 (—) Julia & Co, 26(—) Swans Way, 27 (—) JBs All-Stars, 28 (28) Jimmy Cliff, 29 (22) Melle Mel, 30 (re) Dayton, 31 (19) George Kranz, 32 (—) Tony Cook, 33 (20) Re-Flex, 34 (—) Bryan Loren, 35 (—) Wang Chung, 36 (—) Was (Not Was), 37 (—) Millie Jackson, 38 (—) Big Country, 39 (—) Nena, 40 (—) Sleeping Lions.

This takes up less room, yet gives you a 40. OK?

4 thoughts on “March 3, 1984: Phil Fearon & Galaxy, Ronnie McNeir Experience, Funkmasters, Tout Sweet, West Phillips”

  1. That’ s Max (LX) and Dave (VJ) who used to do the hiphop show on Kiss in London when it first went legal (when it was a bloody good station looking back). And that’s the Wild Bunch up in London from Bristol getting an early mention – I think they became Massive Attack.

    The drop off in the quality of the music really starts to drop off for me around now and was on its way to plumbing the depths it reached in 1985/86. 1978-83 really was a golden era.


    1. “Jam On It” is a curious one. At the time, I agreed with James, and I’d roll my eyes whenever it turned up in a mix; it just felt like another dud follow-up to a good hit. And yet “Jam On It” has somehow stood the test of time better than “Jam On Revenge”. Sections of the rap have recently turned up on DJ Soopasoul’s 7-inch re-edit of “We Are Family” (re-titled ‘We Are Edits (Cosmo On The Groove)’), which I’ve been playing out every week for the past couple of months.


  2. I agreed with James too – tbh at the time the single came and went (in the UK anyway) with most people not even knowing it existed. And I’m still unchanged in that opinion still very unimpressed with it and surprised it became well known – I love wikki wikki though – probably my favourite electro tune and always takes me right back to having it playing as I got ready to go out in 1983.


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