November 3, 1984: Matt Bianco, Rick James, Total Contrast, Thelma Houston, Linda Clifford


SHO-PROS last Caister was an emotional event (it’ll be moving to a sandy part of Kent next year), Chris Hill choking as WEA’s Fred Dove gave him a silver disc for reviving Sister Sledge ‘Thinking Of You’, while Froggy had pre-recorded a “re-mix” of the usual finale sequence — no definitive “Caister records” emerged, but big were Thelma Houston, Breekout Krew, Temptations, Teena Marie, Matt Bianco, Chaka Khan, Dazz Band, Brass Construction, Krystol, and (a Jeff Young exclusive) the Intruders ‘Who Do You Love‘ . . . Chris Hill’s biggest oldie on his last night at Canvey’s Goldmine was the Isley Brothers ‘Harvest For The World’, his near namesake Kev Hill up the road at Harlow’s Whispers packing Saturdays with oldies like Cameo ‘It’s Serious‘, Reuben Wilson ‘Got To Get Your Own‘ . . . Alan Donald, packing weekends at Rothesay’s Ashburn, points out the title track of Gilberto Gil’s 1979 LP ‘Alapala (The Myth Of Shango)‘, and suggests trying Horace Silver ‘Song For My Father‘ (Blue Note LP) with any Steely Dan (like ‘Rikki’, ‘Do It Again’) . . . Ian Anthony Stephens’ new Fantasia label is starting a mailing list (not entirely Hi-NRG so state what music types you play along with full work details) c/o Ken Crivello, 84 Redston Road, London N8 7HE, and similarly Dave McAleer is updating his Hi-NRG list (for radio DJs and dealers too) at Priority Promotions, 38 Wharncliffe Gardens, London SE25 6DQ . . . Record Shack are re-releasing The Ritchie Family’s original old ‘The Best Disco In Town‘ flipped by a new Hi-NRG remix . . . London picked up The Breekout Krew for rush release, Motown hustling out a 12in of The Temptations even sooner . . . Street Sounds are boxing all eight previously released ‘Street Sounds Electro’, ‘Crucial Electro’ & ‘UK Electro’ albums plus an otherwise unavailable bonus LP of the US Vintertainment label’s various ‘Hip Hop On Wax’ mixers as a limited edition ‘Essential Electro — The Business‘ 9-pack, due in three weeks for about £28 — all you little boys, tell your mum what you want for Christmas! . . . Morgan Khan is doubtless trying to register Hammersmith Palais as a chart return shop on December 20th, buyers of £12 tickets for Only The Party there being given £12-worth of “free” albums! . . . Richard Jones has started DAT Records (“Distinctive Artistic Technology” rather than “dat ting dare”!) for artistes like his sister Gloria Jonas, Billy Preston, Dennis Dwyer . . . Disco Mix Club’s ‘Madonna Goes To The Doctor‘ medley seems to have helped break the included Margie Joseph ‘Midnight Lover‘ especially in pop clubs — maybe a renewed WEA effort could make it actually do a Madonna ‘Holiday’? . . . JA Publications (8 Beverly Road, Canterbury, Kent) have printed two more lists of useful addresses and details, Hospital Radio (£3) and Campus Radio (£1) — both of necessity rather flimsy although the info is comprehensive . . . Kevin James edits an English language Danish DJ News monthly mag (Grønnedalen 16B st th, 7100 Veile, Denmark), which reveals the original of the Pepe Goes To Cuba and Boney M-covered ‘Kalimba De Luna’ is by Tony Esposito, “using a new drum-type instrument the Tamborder” . . . The Earons ‘Land Of Hunger‘ (reminiscent of Odyssey’s ‘Roots’) seems to have been big in holiday hotspots like Greece and Spain . . . London’s autumnal gales having abated last weekend Solar (definitely the permanent name now) re-erected their aerial on 102.45FM, but JFM were nowhere to be heard — and a new black DBC-style Lovelight Radio snuck in near where they’d planned moving to on 104.45FM (with suspiciously over-loud distortion around Kensal Rise!) . . . London’s Standard newspaper reports IBA Director General John Whitney was highly embarrassed when his leaving present from Capital Ratio, appropriately (as it turns out) an antique crystal radio set proved only able to pick up Horizon Radio! . . . South-East London’s fully legal experimental community Radio Thamesmead are beefing with justification that they’re only allowed to “broadcast” over Rediffusion’s TV cables, which only reach a third of homes in their area, while a low power pirate-type transmitter would give them full reception . . . Dave Gregory’s 7-9pm soul show has now been extended to all six weekday evenings on Essex Radio (95.3FM reaches Central London), Kev Hill guesting Nov 3 on the 6pm-starting Saturday edition . . . Northern guru Richard Searling, still Sheffield Radio Hallam’s Saturday 6-8pm soul jock, is now tearing back to Preston’s Red Rose for a new Saturday 10pm-2am addition to his Sunday 4-5pm ‘Soul Sauce’ show (Sun remains disco-ish, Sat is more soulful) — oh, and he’s with Pete Haigh again Friday (2) at Blackpool Baskerville’s for more Mecca classix . . . Steve Dennis’s Birmingham BRMB soul show has been totally restructured and moved from Friday to Saturday 6-8pm (he’s after star interview guests on 021-351 3217), while from Sunday (4) he and the Studio 222 Experience roadshow do Sat/Sun at Walsall’s Royal Hotel as well as Mon at Kingswinford’s Summerhill House Hotel and Fri at Ward End’s Fox & Goose . . . Friday (2) finds Froggy at Stanmore Chevaliers, Jeff Young at Dartford Flicks, Broken Glass Street Crew with George S Georgiou at Aycliff Bee Jays, Darryl Hayden at Epsom Youth Centre (Sat 3 at Ashill Community Centre in Norfolk) . . . Sunday (4) Leeds Tiffany’s 3pm alldayer stars Colin Curtis and the usual crew with breakdance competitions (so what else is new?) . . . Manu Dibango, playing Hammersmith Palais Monday (5), is reportedly suing Michael Jackson for his unauthorised use of ‘Soul Makossa’ during the break in ‘Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin’ . . . George Lee’s Anansi is top 12in seller at Stern’s African Record Centre in London’s Whitfield Street . . . Chaka Khan topped US Hot Dance/Disco . . . Sheila E has finally started to break here after an appearance on ‘The Tube’ — the British are such a visual nation they can’t buy records for the music alone (and similarly they don’t care about a famine that’s been raging for years until it’s shown on TV) . . . US RCA’s ‘Ultra Dance‘ LP, not from 1982, is a brand new compilation of ’70s dance tracks including Charme plus the likes of Hues Corporation, Vicki Sue Robinson, Brainstorm, Grey & Hanks, Odyssey, Rhyze . . . The RAH Band are about to sign with a new major label, so the finished version of ‘Clouds Across The Moon‘ could be their January debut release (or its follow-up) . . . Record Mirror’s disco charts don’t compile themselves, and especially the main black/soul chart needs more sustained support from contributing DJs to match the time and effort put into its compilation by Alan Jones and myself — please send genuine floor reaction charts, Top 20 or even more if possible, to Disco Charts, Record Mirror, 40 Long Acre, London WC2E 9JT (anything received after Wednesday is too late for inclusion the following week so post Sun/Mon) . . . HEAVE HO, HEAVE HO!


MATT BIANCO: ‘Half A Minute’ (WEA YZ 26T)
Hopefully a smash to justify disco DJs power (and taste), this newly extended delightful 108bpm chick-sung samba shuffler has great instrumentation and an added percussion finale, flipped by the more ’60s-style Booker T-ish 120bpm ‘Matt’s Mood II’ (which interestingly is the only side pop jocks are into so far).

RICK JAMES: ‘You Turn Me On’ (Gordy TMGT 1359)
Long established as huge on the floor but alone not enough to sell his ‘Reflections’ LP, this now remixed rolling brassy 112bpm smacker has snatches of Spanish conversation and a new percussive cold outro, flipped by his classic duet with Teena Marie, the pent-up romantic slow tortuous ‘Fire And Desire‘.

TOTAL CONTRAST: ‘Sunshine’ (Total Contrast Records TCR 2)
Really nice attractive lazily tempoed breathy chaps-wailed mushily rumbling and bubbling 0-101bpm sinuous “today’s groove” tugger, double A-sided with the much harder rock-funk 113bpm ‘Next Time I’ll Know Better‘.

THELMA HOUSTON: ‘You Used To Hold Me So Tight’ (US MCA MCA-23520)
Eagerly awaited first fruit of her sessions produced by Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis (no sign of Hawk here though), a subduedly pushing 111bpm jogger with startling electro drumbeats, jazzily wailing sax and lush cooing support, very classy but less exciting in impact than ‘Change Of Heart’ so probably only a soul smash (dub/LP version flip).

LINDA CLIFFORD: ‘Runaway Love’ (CRC CRCT 002)
Good news and bad news — simmering especially in Essex as an oldie this is now out here again, but it is NOT the highly prized 1978 US Curtom promo-only remix. A Gil Askey-prod/penned pattering and pushing 0-105-106bpm subdued then soaring soul swayer (always surprisingly good synched out of ‘Sex Machine’!), it’s flipped by a chorus-only inst and the Hi-NRG 0-125bpm ‘You Are‘. Even worse news — I’ve got the old promo remix (limited edition number 000005) but I’m not selling!

TOMORROW’S EDITION: ‘I’m The Best’ (US Mel-O Records MLO 438)
Amir Bayyan co-penned good starkly introed 114-0bpm hot tempo bass synth jolter with nice vocal group-backed soulful lead fellah — a mixture of the old and the new if you like (inst Part 2).

Al JARREAU: ‘Let’s Pretend’ (WEA W 9257T)
The last singer on earth who needs it has adopted a rock-disco tempo for this thankfully quite subdued and pleasant for listening 139bpm sparse ticker, flipped by its inst dub and — the one that’s actually filling floors — his marvellous current US 7in B-side Rod Temperton/Crusaders-ish gently sassy 97½bpm ‘I Keep Callin’.

ASHFORD & SIMPSON: ‘Solid’ (Capitol 12CL 345)
Sneakily weaving gently purposeful 101bpm jogger with terrific soaring and gurgling vocal interplay, likely to grow on you, flipped by its dub and the old 110-111bpm ‘Street Corner‘ — which could be an attraction in itself now.

LONNIE LISTON SMITH: ‘Enlightenment’ (LP ‘Silhouettes’ US Doctor Jazz FW39420)
I’ve a growing backlog of LPs to review and never enough time — suffice to say that this largely laid-back sets only “dancer” is a dated jittery shuffling 117bpm jazz-funk instrumental with cooing chorus and electric piano solo. Full review next week!

ROSE ROYCE: ‘New Love’ (Streetwave MKHAN 31)
Straight UK issue of the original first US 12in from their current LP, a pleasant enough Chaka-ish 114bpm burbling swayer, flipped more interestingly by both the new remix and original versions of ‘Work It‘, an urgently lurching 114bpm funker growled and wailed by Kenny and Ricci over beefy bass and “billiard ball” beats.

CLAUDIA: ‘Don’t Give Up (Your Love)’ (Rhythmic RMIC5, via 01-597 2776)
Bass and guitar burbled beefy little 123bpm wriggling backbeat bopper with spirited chanting chix and bright lead, good for a British production (alternative shorter mix and more deliberate 112½bpm ‘Do You Wanna Dance With Me‘ flip).

GLEN RICCS: ‘When Love Is New’ (Diamond C International DCD 006)
Brassily arranged lushly romantic sophisticated 94-93-94bpm reggae-soul swayer, rather nice, double A-sided with the very different more ethnic appealing chix-sung 76-77bpm version by LOI of ‘Lovers Magic’ (magic, magic, magic).

FIRE FOX: ‘Street People’ (Polydor POSPX 706)
Chix sung slow juddering 0-104-0bpm tumbler from the ‘Breakin’/Breakdance’ soundtrack, trying to be an electrofied ‘Ain’t Nobody’, co-prod/penned by OLLIE & JERRY whose own 115bpm instrumental ‘Showdown‘ joins their previous hit 116bpm ‘Breakin’… Ain’t No Stopping Us’ as flip.

PHILIP BAILEY: ‘Children Of The Ghetto’ (US Columbia 44-05093)
Phil (Genesis) Collins-produced dead, dead slow atmospheric 63/31½bpm revival of the Real Thing tune by EWF’s semi-falsetto singer, a gently classy late night smoocher (hot for Ian Reading of Southend!), actually flip to the jerky rock-disco 134bpm ‘Photogenic Memory‘.

DYNAMIC BREAKERS: ‘Dynamic (Total Control)’ (US Sunnyview SUN 419)
Good sinuous 112bpm hip hop starts with a friendly introduction to your MCs for the evening, who take total control of the stereo channels while the rhythm weaves away (dub flip).

MAN PARRISH featuring FREEZE FORCE: ‘Boogie Down (Bronx)’ (US Sugarscoop SS-430)
Staccato poppin’, vocoder and percussive vocal effects driven by tight jittery 111bpm beats, quite mesmeric if you’re into it (dub flip).

ROCK MASTER SCOTT & THE DYNAMIC THREE: ‘Request Line’ (US Reality Records D-230)
“Earl” and “Joanne” call up to say “Hi, I’d like to talk to the Dynamic Three”, but then it becomes a Malcolm McLaren-ish 109bpm rap judderer (dub too), flipped by the hackneyed “somebody say HO!” 117bpm ‘The Roof Is On Fire’ (inst too).

SERIOUS INTENTION: ‘You Don’t Know’ (US Easy Street EZS-7512)
Paul Simpson-produced ‘D’ Train-type rumblingly loping 118bpm wriggler sung in het-up bursts with some scat (in four versions).

Wailing Jimi’s presumably a lady, this Mark Liggett/Chris Barbosa-produced noisily jolting 116½bpm electro-ish backbeater adding a rock edge to their usual Shannon formula. In fact because of Shannon’s pop breakthrough in the States, where the full spectrum of electro is still less familiar than here, the majority of electro hits have been by Shannon copyists — recent examples include (Arthur Baker’s wife) the 116bpm TINA B: ‘Honey To A Bee‘ (US Elektra 0-66944), 119bpm CARRIE LUCAS: ‘Summer In The Street‘ (US MCA Constellation MCA-23512), 115bpm UNLIMITED TOUCH: ‘Reach Out (Everlasting Lover)‘ (US Prelude PRL D683), 118bpm MIKKI: ‘Love Emergency‘ (US Pop Art PA-1404), 120bpm X-POSED: ‘Point Of No Return‘ (US Pantera PANT 85), while a massive hit back in the spring which never got printed was the also ‘IOU’-inspired c.122bpm LARRICE: ‘Bop ‘Til I Drop‘ (US Streetwise SWRL 2227).

SHAKATAK: ‘Watching You’ (Polydor POSPX 711)
Yet another “watching you watching me” lyric, punctuating in bursts a comes-and-goes 120bpm spurter that’s more stop than go, flipped by a 120-0bpm ‘Bitch To The Boys (Live In Japan)‘ and gently fluid 115bpm ‘Rio Nights (Percussion Mix)‘.

JODY: ‘Where The Boys Are’ (Mercury JODY 112)
Excruciatingly ugly stark (0-)125bpm electro pop, all noise no tune and similar 128bpm ‘My House (4-free)‘ flip. She was Jody Watley of Shalamar.

Yowling guitar started speeded up ‘Beat It’-type frantic 159bpm rock-disco . . . well, it would be, wouldn’t it? (edit, and nice enough soulful slow Imagination-ish 0-79½bpm ‘You’re The One For Me‘ flip).

DEE C LEE: ‘Don’t Do It Baby’ (CBS TA 4838)
Wham’s black bird eases back for a Roy Carter-produced guitar introed brass prodded jerkily swaying 115½bpm shuffler, no great shakes, with a bass snapped brassily jolting 110½bpm instrumental flip presumably called ‘Yes!

RODNEY SAULSBERRY: ‘I Wonder’ (Allegiance ALES 127)
Black TV actor letting his popularity in the daytime US soap ‘Capitol’ help launch his singing career on a slushy 19/39-78-0bpm radio romancer produced by Stanley Clarke.

LEVEL 42: ‘The Chant Has Begun’ (Polydor POSPX 710)
Pop aimed not particularly danceable dramatic though unexciting comes-and-goes 107½bpm rock chugger with familiar trademarks, flipped by the frantic jittery self-penned 134-136½bpm ‘Almost There‘ and slowed-down 99bpm Upfront Mix of last year’s ‘The Sun Goes Down (Living It Up)‘.

PATTI AUSTIN: ‘Shoot The Moon (US Dance Remix)’ (Qwest W9281T)
Slow purposeful 109bpm plopper more for radio, flipped by the lurching 116bpm ‘Hot! In The Flames Of Love‘ and older jazzy 122bpm ‘Solero‘.


Hi-NRG BREAKERS include:
Roni Griffith: ‘Dancin’ Machine’ (US Vanguard)
Marsha Raven: ‘Doctor DJ’ (Record Shack)
Chaka Khan: ‘I Feel For You’ (Warner Bros)
Astaire: ‘The Power Of Love’ (Passion promo)
English Evenings: ‘Tear You Down’ (Safari)

EURYTHMICS: ‘Sexcrime (nineteen eighty-four)’ (Virgin VS 728-12)
From the film ‘1984’ — which is repetitively vocodered throughout — a mournful 119bpm synth chugger with dramatic stuttery electro pauses and bursts of actual song building accumulative tension to end up quite exciting (7in mix and good soulfully moaned wordless 0-96½-0bpm ‘I Did It Just The Same‘ flip — useful for “today’s groove” mixers?).

HOT GOSSIP: ‘Don’t Beat Around The Bush’ (Fanfare 12FAN 1, vla PRT)
Ian Levine-Fi Trench-prod/penned gruff chap-sung shrill skittery busily percussive 133bpm “northern soul” driver (inst flip), naggingly good of its type.

KIM WILDE: ‘Lovers On A Beach’ (MCA KIMT 1)
Smoothly weaving melodic 129bpm bounder wailed like Donna meeting Abba, unearthed on the flip of (and much better than) her current hit by Record Shack shop supremo Chris Lucas — for whom at least it’s hot at Earls Court Copacabana.

DENNIS DWYER: ‘Be My Baby’ (Dutch Friends 390.026)
Largely unrecognisable jauntily chugging 133bpm rhythmic restructuring of the Ronettes classic with almost a ‘Suspicion’ bass line now (inst flip), briefly warm on import and only just sent me. Radio jocks’ll love it!

PAUL PARKER: ‘Without Your Love’ (Fantasia PP 1)
Ian Anthony Stephens-produced beefily pumping routine 129bpm strutter (inst flip), due commercially mid-Nov.

TRUE: ‘Long After Tonight (Is All Over)’ (Rock City RCRT 4, via PRT)
Jimmy Radcliffe’s 20 years old Bacharach & David-penned northern soul classic slaughtered by an insensitive electro drums stuttered 131½bpm palais chick-sung “Hi-NRG” treatment. I used to know Jimmy, and hate to think what he’d have thought of this.

ASTAIRE: ‘The Power Of Love’ (Passion PASH 1236)
Hazell Dean-ish female sung mundane 129bpm bonker (inst flip), evidently the same title as Frankie’s newie.

MARSHA RAVEN: ‘Doctor DJ’ (Record Shack SOHOT 31)
US-recorded suprisingly lacklustre badly mixed undynamic 125bpm shuffler spoilt from the outset by an irritatingly long tempoless tease intro (inst flip).

DISCO TOP 85 – November 3, 1984

01 01 I FEEL FOR YOU/REMIX, Chaka Khan, Warner Bros 12in
02 04 LET IT ALL BLOW, Dazz Band, Motown 12in
03 03 GOTTA GET YOU HOME TONIGHT, Eugene Wilde, Fourth & Broadway 12in
04 02 SLIPPERY PEOPLE, Staple Singers, US Private I 12in
05 09 OFF AND ON LOVE, Champaign, CBS 12in
06 07 TUCH ME, Fonda Rae, Streetwave 12in
08 11 I CHOOSE YOU, Paris, Bluebird 12in
09 13 GEORGY PORGY, Charme, US RCA Victor 12in
11 32 TREAT HER LIKE A LADY, The Temptations, US Gordy LP/7in
13 08 THE MEDICINE SONG/DUB VERSION, Stephanie Mills, Club 12in
14 61 NAUGHTY TIMES, Cutty, Cooltempo 12in
15 15 CANDLELIGHT AFTERNOON, Phyllis St. James, Motown 12in
16 31 CARIBBEAN QUEEN/DANCEFLOOR, Billy Ocean, Jive 12in
17 20 SECRET FANTASY/TOMMY GUN, Tom Browne, Artista LP
19 17 HALF A MINUTE, Matt Bianco, WEA LP/12in remix promo
21 38 IN THE DARK/LOVE IS IN THE FEEL, Roy Ayers, US Columbia 12in
22 12 INTERNATIONAL (REMIX), Brass Construction, Capitol 12in
23 16 RAIN FOREST/SOUND CHASER, Paul Hardcastle, Bluebird 12in
24 50 I FORGOT, The Cool Notes, Abstract Dance 12in
25 34 SEXOMATIC, Bar-Kays, US Mercury 12in
26 54 RUNAWAY LOVE, Linda Clifford, CRC 12in white label
27 46 YOU TURN ME ON, Rick James, Gordy 12in
28 23 YOUR TOUCH (CLUB VERSION), Bonnie Pointer, US Private I 12in
29 25 LOST IN MUSIC (REMIX), Sister Sledge, Atlantic 12in
30 33 AFTER THE DANCE IS THROUGH, Krystol, US Epic 12in
32 43 CHANGE YOUR WICKED WAYS, Pennye Ford, US Total Experience 12in
33 22 MAGIC TOUCH (REMIX), Rose Royce, Streetwave 12in
34 — YOU USED TO HOLD ME SO TIGHT, Thelma Houston, US MCA 12in
36 55 EAT YOUR HEART OUT, Paul Hardcastle, Cooltempo 12in
37 28 LOVERGIRL, Teena Marie, US Epic 12in
39 — MATT’S MOOD, The Breekout Krew, US Next Plateau 12in
40 41 I’M WARNING YOU, Gayle Adams, Fourth & Broadway 12in
41 19 AIN’T NO TURNIN’ BACK/PHONEMATE, Phyllis St. James, US Motown LP
43 49 HOT POTATO, LaToya Jackson, US Private I 12in
44 42 OOOHH/THAT’S THE WAY I LIKE IT, Slave, US Cotillion 12in
45 24 ENCORE/GOT TO BE REAL, Cheryl Lynn, Streetwave 12in
46 29 WE NEED SOME MONEY, Chuck Brown & The Soul Searchers, Master Mix 12in
47 35 IPANEMA LADY, George Duke, US Epic LP
48 51 TODA MENINA BAIANA, Gilberto Gil, WEA 12in
49 48 SEA SHELLS, George Lee’s Anansi, Ebusia 12in
50 66 IT MUST BE HEAVEN, Mercy Mercy, Ensign 12in
51 39 OUT OF CONTROL, Evelyn ‘Champagne’ King, RCA 12in
52 21 I’M GIVIN’ ALL MY LOVE, Terri Wells, US Philly World 12in/London LP
53 59 WE’RE ROCKING THE PLANET, Hashim, US Cutting Records 12in
55 62 RELEASE YOURSELF (DUB), Aleem, Streetwave 12in
56 re LET HER FEEL IT, Simplicious, Fourth & Broadway 12in
57 44 MAS QUE NADA, Sergio Mendes & Brasil ’66, A&M LP
59 26 I WISH YOU WOULD, Jocelyn Brown, Fourth & Broadway 12in
60 63 WHAT ARE WE GONNA DO?, Ultimate 3 MC’s, US Partytime 12in
61 40 YOU MAKE ME HAPPY, Hi-Tension, Streetwave 12in
62 — SOLID, Ashford & Simpson, Capitol 12in
63 72 I WISH YOU WOULD (MASTERMIX), Jocelyn Brown, Fourth & Broadway 12in
64 47 INSIDE MOVES/JET STREAM, Grover Washington Jr, Elektra LP
65 58 I CAN’T WAIT TO BREAK, Billy Jones, US NIA 12in
66 36 IN THE NAME OF LOVE, Ralph MacDonald/Bill Withers, London 12in
67 45 GOTTA MAKE UP YOUR MIND, Major Harris, Streetwave 12in
68 67 KEEPING SECRETS, Switch, US Total Experience LP
69 53 JAZZY LADY, Richard ‘Dimples’ Fields, RCA LP/US 12in
71 70 I KEEP CALLIN’, Al Jarreau, WEA 12in
72 — I’M THE BEST, Tomorrow’s Edition, US Mel-O Records 12in
73 79 CAN’T SLOW DOWN, Angela Bofill, US Arista 12in
74 — CONTAGIOUS, Whispers, US Solar 7in
75 85 DYNAMIC (TOTAL CONTROL), Dynamic Breakers, US Sunnyview 12in
76 — WE’VE GOT OUR CHANCE, Linda Clifford, US Red Label LP
77 78 FRESH, WILD, FLY AND BOLD, The Cold Crush Brothers, US Profile 12in
78 71 ROUGH CUT, Kid Frost T.M.S., US Electrobeat 12in
79 re BATTLE CRY, Rockers Revenge (‘Beat Street 2′), Atlantic LP
81 77 FORGIVE ME GIRL/ITCHIN’ FOR A SCRATCH, Force MD’s, Tommy Boy/Island 12in
82 re THE GLAMOROUS LIFE, Sheila E, Warner Bros 12in
83 52 NOW THAT I HAVE YOU, McGee, US American Dream Records Ltd 12in
84 64 LET SLEEPING DOGS LIE, Intrigue, Music Power Records 12in
85 69 SURPRISE, SURPRISE, Bobby Womack, Motown LP/7in


Beats Per Minute for last week’s Top 75 entries on 7in (endings denoted by f/r/c for fade/resonant/cold):

Status Quo 124-126f, Pointer Sisters 182f, Heaven 17 0-123-0r, Siouxsie 0-57/114-0f, Bucks Fizz 109f, Chicago 20-81/40½f, Huey Lewis (0-)97-98f, Tracey Ullman 140f, Alvin Stardust 133f, Brass Construction 120f, Jackson/Zadora 152½f, Orange Juice 138f.


01 02 ALL AMERICAN BOY, Barbara Pennington, Record Shack 12in
02 01 BLACK LEATHER, Miquel Brown, Record Shack 12in
03 04 SECOND BEST/HEARTLESS/RUNNING WILD IN THE NIGHT, Evelyn Thomas, French In The Mix LP/Record Shack promo
04 05 I’M ON FIRE, Kelly Marie, Calibre Plus 12in
05 07 REACHING FOR THE BEST, Xenia Rowe, Crystal City 12in pre
06 10 LAST CALL, Jolo, US Megatone 12in
07 11 HANDS OFF!, Laura Pallas, Record Shack 12in
08 03 IN THE EVENING, Sheryl Lee Ralph, US New York Music Company 12in
09 06 IF IT’S LOVE (THAT YOU’RE AFTER), Jackson Moore, ERC 12in white label
10 18 DON’T BEAT AROUND THE BUSH, Hot Gossip, Fanfare 12in
11 22 THUNDER AND LIGHTNING, Heat-X-Change, Passion 12in white label
12 08 CAN THE RHYTHM, Girltalk, Innervision 12in
13 15 THE FIGHT (FOR THE SINGLE FAMILY), Norma Lewis, ERC 12in
15 13 HEARTS ON FIRE, Sam Harris, US Motown LP
16 12 SHARPSHOOTER, Laura Branigan, US EMI America LP (soundtrack)
17 21 HELPLESS, Flirts, US Telefon 12in
18 16 LONG AFTER TONIGHT (IS ALL OVER), True, Rock City 12in
19 14 TIME BOMB, Jeanie Tracy, US Megatone 12in
20 24 BACK IN MY ARMS (ONCE AGAIN), Hazell Dean, Proto 12in
21 — WITHOUT YOUR LOVE, Paul Parker, Fantasia 12in white label
22 20 ALWAYS WANTED TO BE FREE, Tina B, Elektra LP
23 19 I DON’T GIVE A DAMN, Nicci Gable, Passion 12in white label
24 — I FEEL LOVE (JOHNNY REMEMBER ME), Bronski Beat, London LP
25 — REACH FOR THE STARS, Life Force, Polo 12in promo
26 09 HIGH SEX DRIVE, Dolmann, Passion 12in
27 — I’LL CRY FOR YOU (1984 REMIX), Kumano, Canadian Power 12in
28 30 LOVERGIRL, Teena Marie, US Epic 12in
29 re THE LUCKY ONE, Laura Branigan, Atlantic 12in
30=re HE LOVES ME, HE LOVES ME NOT, Kim Fields, US Critique 12in
30=26 BREAK ME UP (THE BREAK), The Energy Section, Canadian Matra 12in
30=23 GONNA GET ALONG WITHOUT YOU NOW, Viola Wills, Touch 12in


POP JOX are playing: 1 (2) Stephanie Mills, 2 (8) Billy Ocean, 3 (9) Culture Club, 4= (1) Sister Sledge, 4= (3) Ray Parker Jr, 6 (10) Chaka Khan 12in, 7 (25) Wham!, 8 (17) Eugene Wilde, 9 (6) Bronski Beat, 10 (5) Stevie Wonder 12in, 11 (19) Moroder/Oakey, 12 (4) Miami Sound Machine, 13 (21) Style Council, 14 (11) Animal Nightlife, 15 (20) Fonda Rae, 16 (15) Staple Singers, 17 (—) Spandau Ballet, 18 (7) Paul Hardcastle ‘RF’, 19 (14) David Bowie, 20 (12) Simplicious, 21 (22) The SOS Band ‘WG’, 22 (31) Prince, 23 (re) Margie Joseph, 24 (28) Cars, 25 (16) Sade, 26 (18) Jocelyn Brown, 27 (33) Phyllis St James ‘CA’, 28 (—) U2, 29 (—) Sister Sledge ‘We Are Family’, 30 (30) Lionel Richie, 31 (re) Haywoode, 32 (24) Matt Bianco ‘MM2’, 33 (—) Stranglers, 34 (—) Real Thing, 35 (35) Melle Mel ‘WL’, 36 (34) Paul Young, 37 (36) Paul McCartney, 38 (—) Gayle Adams, 39 (—) Eddy Grant, 40 (27) Alphaville.

3 thoughts on “November 3, 1984: Matt Bianco, Rick James, Total Contrast, Thelma Houston, Linda Clifford”

  1. So Kev Hill was the first DJ to re-discover and play Reuben Wilson’s ‘Got To Get Your Own’ which was such a big oldie over the next 2 or 3 years.

    I was at this Caister weekender and only now reading this did I realise that it was supposed to be the last Caister at the site – I went to Showstoppers weekenders at other places after this but this that this was supposed to have been it is news to me. I’m surprised more was not made of it at the time. What I do remember is Pete Tong refusing to read our request out for a party in our chalet on Caister radio when we made our way to the radio room early on the Saturday night!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Re: Madonna Goes to the Doctor: I can’t believe it’s over 35 years ago I “sequenced” this with Les. We then went to Tony Prince’s place and next thing I knew, it ended up on vinyl.
    I never got paid anything, but I have a feeling Les did 😉


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