September 6, 1986: Timex Social Club, Club Nouveau, The Vicious Rumor Club, Bobby Jimmy & The Critters, Midnight Star


AS VISITORS to the PLASA Light & Sound Show will have discovered, our parent Spotlight Publications is soon launching a new monthly, Jocks magazine, to compliment and expand on these BPM pages (which will remain weekly in rm) – full details later! … Timex Watches have, as it turns out, had to relent and those ‘Rumors’-mongers can continue as Timex Social Club after all – incidentally, Cooltempo’s press officer Clare Smith (01-408 2355) is desperately seeking Susan, or rather some idea of who, if anyone in particular, the “Susan” is that’s mentioned along with the more obvious “Tina” and “Michael” in the lyrics … Chaz Jankel’s featured soloist appears not to be one of the Jones Girls, instead this Brenda Jones is the New York session singer who’s had disco hits of her own in the past … Ralph Tee himself re-edited the new seven inch of Phyllis Hyman ‘You Know How To Love Me’, getting in more of the full length original’s highlights than did the 1979 edit: future reissues in his Arista Masters series will include Chapter 8 featuring Anita Baker, Niteflyte, Bobby Womack, and indeed most of the label’s past black acts … Radio London jazz jock Gilles Peterson is now being retained as Jazz/Latin A&R Consultant by StreetSounds, amongst other projects his upcoming ‘Jazz Juice 3‘ compilation LP includes Eydie Gormé ‘The Coffee Song‘ and Lou Rawls ‘The Girl From Ipanema‘ (just to undermine a few DJs’ collections!) … London’s inevitable reissue of Little Eva ‘The Locomotion’ (LOCOX 1) has been turned into an 130-129¾-130¼bpm remix with the awkward addition of digital delay hiccups – at least the long fade reaches its previously unheard final finish now, though for most the original 1962 seven inch will remain definitive … Gladys Knight & The Pips have moved to MCA Records … Georgie Fame this time really does seem likely to appear, along with Fatback, at Live Wire’s “Bognor Sequel” October 10-12 Barry Island soul weekender (details on 01-364 1212) … Disco Mix Club are promoting a couple of late season Discotheque Holidays at £169 for a week, with full holiday facilities plus nightly disco entertainment hosted by Steve Walsh on Ibiza in San Antonio Sept 28-Oct 5, and by Chad Jackson on Majorca in Magaluf Oct 5-12 … The Hippodrome’s Star Bar has been converted into a members-only music biz club within a club, appropriately called The Biz Bar … Jonathon Moore joins residents Baz fe Jazz and Sylvester as first guest jock this Thursday (4) at the new weekly funk-jazz-latin-R&B Bang Bang in London Euston Road’s Portlands, and then with KJ on Saturday (6) at Clapham Common’s The Alexandria he adds ancient Tamla and Northern to the mixture … Phil Fearon next Thursday (11) PAs at Rhyl Downtown … Fridays are serious funk ‘n’ soul nights at Purley Cinderellas Rockefellas, with Chris Hill regularly joining residents John ‘Nick’ Osbourne and John Mayoh – the latter, incidentally, is booking DJs and PAs for various clubs at the Mecca Agency, despite the closure of Kev ‘Guvnor’ Hill’s actual club division there … Tilly Rutherford and Karen Ashley in addition to Lisson Records are running The London Promotion Company, aiming to plug major labels’ dance product specifically in the disco orientated London market (at retail and radio level, so it’s not DJs they want on 01-724 5826, not yet anyway) … ‘Showing Out’, as in Mel & Kim’s title, is the fresh way to say ‘showing off’, as in attracting the opposite sex … Billy Ocean ‘Love Zone’ topped US Black 45s in Billboard … New York City has a brand new urban-cum-pop station, WQHT (“Hot 103”), which by playing lots of fresh street music is shaking up the other increasingly dull urban stations’ complacency … Freakie Dee funks Sundays 2-5pm on Birmingham’s Radio WM 95.6FM, filling what he calls “a big hole with no soul”! … Iain Bruce has taken over Cardiff’s Red Dragon Radio Saturday 6-8pm disco show, and welcomes relevant information (plus product!) at the station, West Canal Wharf, Cardiff CF1 5XJ … Tony Glass of Rochford’s Disco Mix Roadshow is creating special remixes for broadcast on Disco John Leach’s weekday evening Essex Radio soul show … Millie Scott’s producer Bruce Nazarian played in 8th Day, Brownsville Station and Was (Not Was), his partner Duane Bradley DJed at Detroit’s Studio 54, Todds, and is currently at the Warehouse and on WJLB … JACK THE HOUSE!

ROCKY JONES has graduated from running the Chicago DJs’ record pool to owning the labels DJ International Records, Underground, plus (for rock) Fierce, (pop) Power House, (metal) Metallica, and he distributes Farley Keith’s House Records. In point of fact the reason why, until now, “house” productions have been kept in purposefully limited underground supply is that the strictly local Chicago-based business just couldn’t cope with wider distribution! Now however he is planning to set up a movie about Chicago and its music, based on the true tragic story of a young singer/producer called Jesse Velez, who got caught up with the street gangs and died last year in mysterious circumstances. How’s this for a title, ‘Good To House’?

London’s cuddly DJ Steve Walsh muscled his way into this snap of lovely Porscha from the new somewhat reorganised group ROYALLE DELITE, whose latest UK release is ‘I’ll Come When You Call‘ (Streetwave MKHAN 71), a pleasant if not particularly memorable jiggly 109¼bpm repetitive swayer.


TIMEX SOCIAL CLUB ‘Rumors’ (Cooltempo COOLX 133)
This smash-bound hypnotically lurching nagger with intriguing tittle tattle lyrics, a tabloid reader’s delight (and the next Nu Shooz) is here as new more rounded Shep Pettibone 106⅓bpm remix and 106⅚bpm dub versions plus the US hit 105⅚bpm original and 106bpm ‘Vicious Rumors‘. However, read on . . .

CLUB NOUVEAU ‘Jealousy’ (US Tommy Boy/King Jay Records TB 884)
Undaunted by most Timex Social Club members leaving his control, their producer Jay King has rapidly formed his own group and a new label affiliation to make an “official” follow-up answer version to ‘Rumors’, similar even down to the artwork, with a now bassier (0-) 110bpm beat (inst too) and “vicious vocal” longer 110¼bpm ‘Malicious Jealousy‘ flip. And . . .

THE VICIOUS RUMOR CLUB ‘Rumor Rap (Yeah, Yeah That’s It)’ (US Musicworks Records SUN 444)
Actually naming celebrities’ names, rather than leaving you to guess if they mean who you think they mean, this straightforward 108bpm answer version adds scratching too (inst flip). And . . .

BOBBY JIMMY & THE CRITTERS ‘Roaches’ (Spartan I2SP 142)
The first ‘Rumors’ answer to hit Stateside, this 106⅙bpm spoof finds Tina, Michael and more trying to rid their homes of (cock)roaches (inst flip). All this before the original record’s even out here!

MIDNIGHT STAR ‘Midas Touch’ (US Solar 0-66836)
At last here’s a remix (by Ellis Jay) of their album’s obviously smash-bound standout, the old style Shalamar/Whispers-type jaunty (0-)117½bpm strutter now smacking more sharply (in four versions).

MAZE featuring Frankie Beverly ‘Live In Los Angeles’ LP (US Capitol SWBB-12479)
Eagerly awaited although predictable, Side Three of the live material starts in suspiciously Hammersmith style with an acappella singalong finished 110bpm ‘Joy And Pain’, followed (both after “one two three four”) by ‘Before I Let Go‘ and ‘Back In Stride‘ (if you let them ride you won’t be mixing so I haven’t BPMed ’em, yet), while the studio newies arc the brittle skittery 110⅔bpm ‘Freedom (South Africa)‘ message jitterer, lushly swaying 112⅔bpm ‘Dee’s Song‘, and smoochy 71½bpm ‘When You Love Someone‘. Doubtless due out here soon, the double LP will obviously sell regardless.

PHYLLIS HYMAN ‘You Know How To Love Me’ (Arista ARIST 12669)
Kicking off the Ralph Tee supervised Arista Masters reissue series, this gloriously swinging 115-115¾bpm Mtume & Lucas-created sophisticated whomper still oozes class (back in 1979 it was brill between ‘Ain’t No Stoppin’ Us Now’ and ‘And The Beat Goes On’), flipped now by 1983’s soulfully swirling 99/49½-101-102½-105-105⅔bpm ‘We Should Be Lovers‘ and less good Teena Marie-ish (0-)112bpm ‘Riding The Tiger‘. Also in on import LP (check the Disco chart for BPMs) are her sultry brand new Philadelphia International set, plus excellent soulful Beau Williams, well varied George Duke, and – on UK LP – classy Al Jarreau, commercial Five Star. Sorry there’s neither room nor time for full reviews yet.

BENNIE BRAXTON ‘Come To Me’ (US Phanelson Records Inc 960)
Far from Dhar (Braxton), a great soul drenched richly sung jazzily dragging 80bpm slowie with soloing flute, and an even jazzier sombre instrumental 87⅓bpm ‘Blue Sky‘ flip for added value. It says copyright 1983, or is that just the label design?

RAINY DAVIS ‘Sweetheart’ (US SuperTronics RY 013)
Largely ignored here although recently big in US clubs, this winsome girl sung 108-0bpm nagger is a bit like ‘I’ll Be A Freak (For You) ‘ meeting the ‘Rumors’ rhythm with more space and wriggle (in four versions) — and it’s gradually building a delayed buzz around London.

FIVE STAR ‘Rain Or Shine (Remix)’ (Tent PT 40902)
The moppets are at that level of teenybopper acceptance where as long as their product sounds sanitary it transcends criticism. Sanitary sums up this squeaky clean lethargic 101⅔bpm swayer (dub too), flipped by the similar 105⅓bpm ‘Summer Groove‘ and remixed 118¼bpm ‘Find The Time‘ instrumentals.

T.C. CURTIS ‘Slave Of Love’ (Hot Melt 12TC007)
Chunkily lurching jiggly remorseless 101bpm jitterer with snatches of staccato hoarse vocal and O’chi Brown, Dotty Green and Sharon Benson chipping in (dub flip), a real nagger offering no release to the tension – which may be too strong, without enough song, for some.

ACTIVE FORCE ‘Give Me Your Love’ (A&M AMY 345)
Plodding 99bpm swayer soulfully enough sung after a long instrumental intro which made it useful for mixing DJs three years ago, when on import in this remix version.

BREAKWATER ‘Say You Love Me Girl’ (Arista ARIST 12674)
BB&Q producer Kae Williams Jr’s earlier group sounds EWF-ish on a rattling jittery pent-up 105⅙bpm swaying jogger, pleasant though not one that’s stuck in my mind since 1980, flipped by the languidly striding 0-108½-111½bpm ‘No Limit‘ and jazzier (0-)91-95⅓-96½bpm ‘Work It Out‘.

FRESH FORCE ‘She’s A Skeezer’ (US Sutra SUD 052)
Opportunist right down to their name, this jolting 0-95bpm rap answers ‘My Adidas’, coupled with two versions of the juddering 0-90⅔bpm ‘All Hail The Drum‘.

SAM L. DEES ‘Survive’ (MS 11, via Charly)
Revered deep soulster Sam Dees oddly makes this nice Lamont Dozier-ish snappily buoyant 104⅚bpm swaying piano instrumental his lead track (in two lengths), coupled with the vocal truly deep and slow gospelly 64½-0bpm ‘Fly Angel Fly‘.

MELBA MOORE ‘A Lot Of Love’ LP (Capitol EST 2017)
Fully reviewed months ago although it never yet has fitted, the set’s mid-paced slowies are strongest with hottest tracks so far being the Dennis Collins-duetted 98⅙bpm slinkily rolling ‘It’s Been So Long’, Freddie Jackson-duetted predictably intensifying 0-38½-77bpm ‘A Little Bit More‘.

GLENN JONES ‘Take It From Me’ LP (US RCA Victor AFLI -5807)
As above, the disappointing set’s only dance hit to date is the pleasant gently swaying 92⅓bpm ‘Stay’ (no relation of other similar current titles).

CLAUSELL ‘Don’t Let It Be Crack’ (US Easy Street EZS-7526)
Meant to warn about drug abuse, this calmly striding Colonel Abrams-ish soulfully moaned 116½bpm wriggly loper (in four Paul Simpson mixes) is lyrically too bland to be much of a deterrent, but makes a nice soul dancer.

UK DISCO TOP 100 – September 6, 1986

01 01 LOVE CAN’T TURN AROUND/DUB CAN’T TURN AROUND, Farley ‘Jackmaster’ Funk featuring Darryl Pandy, London 12in
02 04 WHEN I THINK OF YOU (REMIX), Janet Jackson, A&M 12in
03 12 RUMORS/VICIOUS RUMORS, Timex Social Club, Cooltempo 12in
04 06 AUTOMATIC, Millie Scott, Fourth & Broadway 12in
05 02 AIN’T NOTHIN’ GOIN’ ON BUT THE RENT (LARRY LEVAN MIXES), Gwen Guthrie, Boiling Point 12in
06 26 WORD UP/INSTRUMENTAL, Cameo, Club 12in
07 07 FOOL’S PARADISE (PARADISE MIX), Meli’sa Morgan, Capitol 12in
08 03 I CAN PROVE IT, Phil Fearon, Ensign 12in
09 11 BURNIN’ UP/PIANO DUB, Michael Jonzun, A&M 12in
10 09 (I’M A) DREAMER (SHEP PETTIBONE REMIX), BB&Q, Cooltempo 12in
11 64 SWEET FREEDOM, Michael McDonald, MCA Records 12in
12 22 WHAT DOES IT TAKE (TO WIN YOUR LOVE), Kenny G, Arista 12in
13 10 EVERYONE A WINNER/DUB, Zuice, Club 12in
14 08 I WANNA BE WITH YOU, Maze featuring Frankie Beverly, Capitol 12in
15 05 SOWETO (ARTHUR BAKER REMIX)/DUB, Jeffrey Osborne, A&M 12in
16 20 YOU CAN DANCE (IF YOU WANT TO), Davis/Pinckney Project featuring Lorenzo Queen, US Studio Records 12in
17 14 HUMAN, Human League, Virgin 12in
18 18 BREAKING AWAY, Jaki Graham, EMI 12in
19 13 DO YOU GET ENOUGH LOVE, Shirley Jones, Philadelphia International 12in
20 — SHIVER/TEASER/DID YOU HEAR THUNDER, George Benson, Warner Bros LP
22 24 JACK YOUR BODY, Steve ‘Silk’ Hurley, US Underground 12in
23 23 JUMMP-BACK/CHANT-BACK/LO-LO REGGAE RAP, Wally Jump Junior & The Criminal Element, Club 12in
24 47 LOVE CAN’T TURN AROUND (VOCAL REMIX), Darryl Pandy/Farley ‘Jackmaster’ Funk & Jessie Saunders, US House Records 12in
25 92 I’M FOR REAL/I GOT 2 GO/I COMMIT TO LOVE (95)/STAY (98bpm), Howard Hewett, Elektra LP
26 63 HOLIDAY RAP, M.C. Miker ‘G’ & DeeJay Sven, Debut 12in
27 — MIDAS TOUCH (REMIX), Midnight Star, US Solar 12in
28 38 SLOWDOWN (REMIXES), Loose Ends, Virgin 12in twin-pack promo
29 72 GIMME YOUR LOVE (EXTENDED VERSION), Active Force, A&M 12in
31 — SAY YOU LOVE ME GIRL, Breakwater, Arista 12in
32 96 IF YOU WANT ME (98)/SCREAMING AT THE MOON (118¾)/AIN’T YOU HAD ENOUGH LOVE (95⅓)/LIVING ALL ALONE (0-63¾-0bpm), Phyllis Hyman, US Philadelphia International LP
33 34 EXCITE ME, Carlton, US Infuture 12in
34 — WALK THIS WAY/MY ADIDAS, Run-D.M.C., London 12in
35 56 DON’T YOU TRY IT/DUB, Raww, Debut 12in
36 16 NEW YORK AFTERNOON, Mondo Kané/Georgie Fame, Lisson Records 12in
37 29 KISSES IN THE MOONLIGHT, George Benson, Warner Bros 12in
38 30 NO WAY/INSTRUMENTAL, Bobbi Humphrey, US Mercury 12in
39 44 NO WAY BACK/INSTRUMENTAL, Adonis, US Trax Records 12in
40 33 LOVE WILL CONQUER ALL/DON’T STOP, Lionel Richie, Motown LP
41 69 HEAVEN IN YOUR ARMS, R.J.’s Latest Arrival, US Manhattan 12in
42 — I CAN’T LET YOU GO (DETROIT MIX), Haywoode, CBS 12in
43 27 GIRLS NIGHT OUT/MOMENTARY VISION, Cool Notes, Abstract 12in
44 42 WE CAN’T GO ON WITHOUT LOVE, Gil Silverbird, US TC Records 12in
45 — HOOKED ON YOU (105bpm), Tourist, US Vista Sounds International 12in
46 36 ERIC B. IS PRESIDENT/MY MELODY, Eric B. featuring Rakim, US Zakia 12in
47 46 GODFATHER OF HOUSE, House People, US Underground 12in
48 52 GIRLS AIN’T NOTHING BUT TROUBLE, Jazz Jeff & Fresh Prince, US Word Records 12in
49 — I FOUND LOVIN’ (STEVE WALSH ‘ANTHEM’ MIX)/(LONDON BOYS REMIX), Fatback, Important Records 12in
50 65 GOTTA SEE YOU TONIGHT, Barbara Roy, RCA 12in promo
51 43 MY ADIDAS/PETER PIPER, Run-DMC, London 12in
52 — TO WHOEVER IT MAY CONCERN, DJ Hollywood, US Spring 12in
53 59 GIRLS & BOYS/EROTIC CITY, Prince And The Revolution, Paisley Park 12in
54 50 FEELIN’ JAMES, US T.D. Records 12in
55 — SUMMERTIME, SUMMERTIME, Nocera, US Sleeping Bag Records 12in
56 — SEVENTH HEAVEN (0-108½)/GETTING HOT (111½-0)/IT SHOULD HAVE BEEN YOU (118bpm) (LARRY LEVAN REMIXES), Gwen Guthrie, 4th + B’way 12in promo
57 49 THE HOUSE MUSIC ANTHEM, Marshall Jefferson, US Trax Records 12in
58 40 LEAVE IT TO THE DRUMS, Tricky Tee, US Sleeping Bag Records 12in
59 41 SHOWING OUT, Mel & Kim, Supreme Records 12in white label
60 35 YOU WERE MEANT TO BE MY LADY (NOT MY GIRL) (REMIXES), Alexander O’Neal, Tabu 12in
61 — YOU’RE MY OCCUPATION, Chaz Jankel featuring Brenda Jones, A&M 12in
62 57 JACK THE GROOVE, Raze, US Grove St. 12in
63 — NO MORE TEARS (118¼)/ALL BECAUSE OF YOU (109¼)/I’LL BE TRUE (115½)/THERE’S JUST SOMETHING ABOUT YOU (59⅓bpm), Beau Williams, US Capitol LP
64 — JOY AND PAIN (110>108-110-111-0)/BEFORE I LET GO (121-117…115)/BACK IN STRIDE (118½-119…121-0bpm), Maze, US Capitol LP
65 17 FIND THE TIME (MIDNIGHT MIX), Five Star, Tent 12in
66 53 BACK TO THE SCENE OF THE CRIME/FREEZE’S THEME, The Incredible Mr. Freeze, US Pow Wow 12in
67 60 ALWAYS, James Ingram, Qwest 12in
68 19 SET FIRE TO ME/INFERNO DUB, Willie Colon, A&M 12in
69 62 LE FREAK, Chic, Atlantic 12in
70 98 RUMOR RAP, The Vicious Rumor Club, US Musicworks Records 12in
71 83 MOVE, Farm Boy featuring Darryl Pandy/Etheridge Williams, US DJ International Records 12in
72 — YOU KNOW HOW TO LOVE ME, Phyllis Hyman, Arista 12in
73 95 SWEET LOVE, Anita Baker, Elektra 12in
74 — LATELY (118)/TRUST ME (115⅔)/SAY HEY (122)/LOVE’S BEEN HERE AND GONE (0-30⅓/60⅔)/NEVER FELT SO GOOD (0-114¾bpm), James Ingram, Qwest LP
75 66 MA FOOM BEY, Cultural Vibe, US Easy Street 12in
76 88 ON THE HOUSE, Midnight Sunrise, Crossover 12in white label
77 71 IT’S BEEN SO LONG, Melba Moore, Capitol LP
78 — SHE’S MINE (95½)/BACK AND FORTH (112)/FAST FIERCE & FUNNY (101⅔)/CANDY (110½)/DON’T BE LONELY (91/45½)/YOU CAN HAVE THE WORLD (113bpm), Cameo, US Atlanta Artists LP
79 70 STRANGEST LOVE AFFAIR (TOWNHOUSE MIX)/(MANOR MIX), Carroll Thompson, Virgin 12in promo
80 — R U HOT ENOUGH (119½)/FREE YOURSELF (119¾bpm), Virgo, US Trax 12in
81 93 GIVE YOURSELF TO ME, The Rude Boy Farley Keith, US Trax Records 12in
83 re SAVE SOME TIME FOR ME/JOY RIDE, Pieces Of A Dream, Manhattan LP
84 37 OVER AND OVER/SPECULATION, Colonel Abrams, MCA Records 12in
85 73 HUNGRY FOR YOUR LOVE, Hanson & Davis, US Fresh Records 12in
86 — SO MEAN TO ME (109¼)/BROKEN GLASS (108¼)/KING FOR A DAY (115¾)/STAND WITH YOU MAN (84½bpm), George Duke, US Elektra LP
87 54 IT’S ALL OVER THE GRAPEVINE, Steve Mancha, Columbia 12in
88 84 YOU DON’T KNOW/DUB MIX, Tambi, US Electric Ice 12in
89 31 CAN YOU FEEL THE FORCE (JEDI MIX), Real Thing, PRT 12in
90 — SWEETHEART, Rainy Davis, US SuperTronics 12in
91 97 JEALOUSY/MALICIOUS JEALOUSY, Club Nouveau, US Tommy Boy 12in
92 86 HOOKED ON YOU, N.Y. Sensation, 10 Records 12in
93 — BREAKING BELLS (100⅚)/BASS MACHINE (98bpm), T La Rock, 10 Records 12in
94 — EVERY TIME WE TOUCH, Loretta Sinclair, CityBeat 12in
95 — WHEN YOU HOLD ME, Master C & J, US Trax Records 12in
96 — DON’T LET IT BE CRACK (116½bpm), Clausell, US Easy Street 12in
97 — COUNT YOUR BLESSINGS (54-108…112bpm), Ashford & Simpson, Capitol 12in
98 45 LOVE ZONE (REMIX), Billy Ocean, Jive 12in
99 82 STAY, Glenn Jones, US RCA Victor LP
100 61 SWEET, SOFT N’ LAZY, Viktor Lazlo, Belgian Miracle! 12in


01 04 LOVE CAN’T TURN AROUND/DUB CAN’T TURN AROUND, Farley ‘Jackmaster’ Funk featuring Darryl Pandy, London 12in
02 13 QU’EST QUE C’EST?, Splash, Rocket 12in
03 — KNOCK ME SENSELESS, Eastbound Expressway, Passion 12in white label
04 14 YOU’RE GONNA SUFFER, Bertice Reading, Sublime 12in white label
05 10 ON THE HOUSE, Midnight Sunrise, Crossover 12in white label
06 03 LANDSLIDE, Croisette, Passion 12in
07 02 NO MAN’S LAND, Seventh Avenue, Record Shack 12in
08 09 MORE THAN PHYSICAL, Bananarama, London 12in
09 — WALK IN MY SHOES, Hazell Dean, Dutch EMI 12in
10 — SPIES, Jesse’s Gang featuring Ronnie, US Jes Say Records 12in
11 22 (I WANT TO GO TO) CHICAGO, R.T. & The Rockmen Unlimited, US Criminal Records 12in
12 06 DON’T LEAVE ME THIS WAY, The Communards, London 12in
13 05 AMERICAN LOVE, Rose Laurens, German WEA 12in
14 — CRAZY, Arrogance, US DJ International Records 12in
15 07 DOWN AND COUNTING, Claudja Barry, US Epic 12in
16 18 TWO OF HEARTS (EUROPEAN DANCE MIX), Stacey Q, Atlantic 12in
17 01 LOVE IN THE SHADOWS (REMIX), E.G. Daily, US A&M 12in
18 — YOUR LOVE IS ALL I NEED, Carol Hahn, US Wide Angle 12in
19 19 HOW MANY HEARTS, Evelyn Thomas, Record Shack 12in
20 17 THE HOUSE MUSIC ANTHEM, Marshall Jefferson, US Trax Records 12in
21 — DON’T YOU TRY IT, Raww, Debut 12in
22 16 RUN TO ME, Tracy Spencer, CBS 12in
23 11 SEX SYMBOL, Man 2 Man, US Recca 12in
24 25 JACK YOUR BODY, Steve ‘Silk’ Hurley, US Underground 12in
25 27 I NEED A LOVER TONIGHT, Caren Cole, Passion 12in
26 re SECRETS, Albert One, Italian Time 12in
27 08 DOWN DOWN ROMEO, Meccano, German Ariola 12in
28 23 PLAY IT COOL, Model 500, US Metroplex 12in
29 28 I FEAR THE NIGHT, Tyree, US Underground 12in
30 re I WON’T GIVE IT AWAY, Olga, US Top Hits 12in

One thought on “September 6, 1986: Timex Social Club, Club Nouveau, The Vicious Rumor Club, Bobby Jimmy & The Critters, Midnight Star”

  1. Jocks magazine, which re-branded and re-launched itself as DJ Magazine in 1991, would be James’s second journalistic home for the rest of his life. It would be great to see the insides of some old copies, but sadly none are to hand. Being a monthly publication initially aimed at mainstream commercial DJs, the magazine could never be as upfront as the Record Mirror column, as its choice of cover stars also sometimes indicated (e.g. Samantha Fox, Steve Wright, Alan Freeman, Hazell Dean, Chris Tarrant, Steve Winwood, Janice Long etc.), but James’s reviewing style within its pages remained consistent with Record Mirror’s, and after the closure of RM (also in 1991) the magazine would become his most widely available means of communication.

    Clausell’s ‘Don’t Let It Be Crack’ is, I think, the first example of what would become a significant trend in late 1986: anti-drug anthems, most usually specifically anti-crack, mirroring the epidemic that was taking hold in the USA at the time.


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