January 10, 1987: The Mohawks, Steve ‘Silk’ Hurley, Hot Chocolate, Freeez, Blaze


Barry Island holiday camp has been sold as building land, so Livewire’s next Soul Weekend has been moved to Prestatyn Pontin’s in North Wales and brought forward to Easter, Good Friday to Bank Holiday Monday April 17-20 inclusive (the first four-dayer) – not so good for the weather, maybe, although the camp is evidently superior, with closed-circuit colour TV in all the self-catering chalets, Roy Ayers as an exclusive live act, and the usual mafia DJs joined by Jazzy Jeff, Chad Jackson, Tim Westwood, Johnnie Walker, Ian Reading (details on 01-364 1212) … Disco Mix Club didn’t tell us that there is a London heat for the UK DJ Mixing Championships, at Streatham’s Sussex Tavern on Wednesday, January 28 while, just to recap, the other heats to come are at Manchester Saturdays Tuesday (13), Barnsley Japanese Whispers Wednesday (14), Birmingham Millionaires Monday (19), Bristol Chasers Tuesday (20), Bournemouth Clouds Monday (26), with the UK final at London’s Hippodrome Tuesday, February 10, and the World Final at the Royal Albert Hall on Monday, March 9 (limited public tickets for the latter are available with full details on 06286-67276) … Aleem featuring Leroy Burgess ‘Get Down Friday Night’ (US NIA NI-1258) has been reissued, a Sharon Brown ‘I Specialise In Love’-inspired burbling jiggly “I like to boogie” chanter, presumably still 113-113½-115-116-117bpm, one of the first (if not the very first) M&M mixes … T.C. Curtis ‘Slave Of Love’, a real nagging sleeper, has been remixed yet again as the 100⅔bpm Final Count Down Mix (Hot Melt ISTC 007), rhythmically go go-ish still with added silly noises and samples slotted in … Heavy D. & The Boyz’ 98½bpm ‘Mr Big Stuff’ remix (MCA Records MCAX 1106) is cut and scratched on top of the original scratching – different, if not entirely necessary … Sylvia Striplin ‘You Can’t Turn Me Away’, now I’ve finally located my original 1980 copy, squeakily weaves through 90½-89½-88⅔-90-88⅔-89-90bpm … Freddie Jackson’s sinuous smoochy 89⅔bpm ‘Have You Ever Loved Somebody’ is due on single (Capitol 12CL 437) to coincide with his UK visit … Davis/Pinckney Project’s hit has been given a totally pointless remix with added synth and tempoless intro … Les Adams has created a Midnight Star megamix to be UK flip of ‘Engine No. 9’ – which, let’s face it, to judge from import reaction will need the help … Champion are releasing the recently bootlegged old Masterdon Committee ‘Funk Box Party’ and have picked up M.C. Shy-D, Sweet Tee & Jazzy Joyce, Home Wreckers, Blaze, plus a remix by Phil Harding and Pete Waterman of the old Kinkina ‘Jungle Fever’ … Judy La Rose ‘Little Bit Of Love’, in a reverse deal, has already been picked up from Champion for US release by Profile, and with its lurching momentum is proving to be a bit of a grower which maybe I underestimated … Stacey Q ‘Two Of Hearts’ is due again in an even more blatantly hi-NRG 130¾bpm ‘Q-Mix’ – I wonder what the “Q” stands for? … Ian Levine has been producing Archie Bell & The Drells and Jr Walker – not, thankfully, in hi-NRG style – for his Nightmare label … Richard Long, who installed the world beating sound system at New York’s Paradise Garage, died of AIDS before Christmas … Michael Jackson, who, through his purchase of ATV Music, now controls the Beatles’ copyrights, objected to the Beastie Boys’ use of bits of ‘I’m Down’ on a track that consequently had to be left off their album … I concentrated so much on our year-end chart statistics for the Hammy Awards that I forgot my own personal choice for The One That Got Away, beyond any doubt Shirley Jones ‘Do You Get Enough Love’ … Wayne Fitzgerald (0733-237968), area controller for the Superjocks Hit Squad, is updating his DJ mailing list for the East Anglia area (which stretches to Lincoln, Northampton, Milton Keynes) … Buddy Holly lookalike, Johnnie Walker has got Mike Sefton’s old disco plugging job at Phonogram, who are reviving Casablanca as a label, while Mike at his new gig is starting an A&M Breakout black music label … Jeff Young lived up to our expectations and managed to oversleep before Christmas, arriving only in time for the last 40 minutes of his Radio London Saturday breakfast soul show, which luckily bright eyed and bushy tailed Gilles Peterson was able to start for him! … Richard Searling, back on Red Rose Radio from this Sunday 7-9pm, has his monthly ultra-soulful bash at Clayton-Le-Woods Halfway House next Wednesday (14) … Michael Knight, with no dance floor to keep filled, plays all sorts of classy soul Sunday lunchtimes at Brynmawr’s New Griffin Hotel cellar bar (on the A465) … Paul James souls Liverpool’s 19 Fun Pub Sundays … Tuesdays, Andrew Holmes spins soul/jazz/funk at Manchester’s Berlin, as do Danny Smith and Richard Routledge at Gt Yarmouth’s Two Necked Swan … Ricky John reports his Burnley venues Annabellas & Cat Whiskers are having a £1,750,000 refit in February … Arista’s press officers Patsy Johnson and Val Rooker took some journalists (self included) for lunch in Boulogne a week before Christmas; it was so rough that many were seasick and the ferry was so late that the booked restaurant was closed (the one next door was good, though), a Swedish guy had no visa and wasn’t allowed to land with us, and we only caught the boat back by five minutes – but it was great fun! … John Godfrey, who complained in rm about people throwing beer at the Barry Island weekender, was noticeably the first to chuck food about at Nicky Holloway’s party! … Essex R&B DJ Bob Jones had a haircut and seems to have gone grey – the Phil Seaman look? … Chris Hill is 10 years younger than Elvis Presley would have been today (January 8), the birthday also of David Bowie, Shirley Bassey, Jerry Garcia of the Grateful Dead, and Laura Leyton-Pope (her dad manages Matt Bianco!) … KEEP CHILLED!

THE PHOTO we had to publish! Special Branch and Doo At The Zoo-promoting DJ NICKY HOLLOWAY is getting ever more ambitious with his recently formed Starship Enterprises, the launch of which he marked with a party for all the funk mafia DJs at Mexican restaurant Break For The Border (coincidentally exactly a year after Adrian Webb similarly launched Livewire). Nicky’s two main upcoming enterprises are a weekender at Poole’s Rockley Sands on March 20-22 and a funk holiday package in Corfu for your choice of one or two weeks in May, 9-16 or 2-16. DJs common to all events include Pete Tong, Gilles Peterson, Jay Strongman, Bob Jones, Chris Brown, Johnnie Walker, Paul Oakenfold, Chris Bangs, Bob Masters, Nicky himself, with others in Corfu and Jeff Young of Poole (details on 01-439 2628). Er, Nicky, you should have paid me the bribe!


THE MOHAWKS ‘The Champ’ (Pama PMT 1, via Jet Star)
Number one on most DJs’ want lists ever since, thanks to its inclusion in so many recent scratch mixed medleys, they discovered it was a top New York break beat, this actually London-recorded UK club smash from 1968 is finally out again, on a 12 inch that (as the BPM will show) simply doubles up the original seven inch, inspired by Lowell Fulsom’s Otis & Carla-covered ‘Tramp’ in its female title chant and basic structure, it’s a bubbling and staggering 108½-114-111⅔-114-111-113¼-108½-114-111⅔-114-111-113¼bpm instrumental played by piercingly wheezing reedy organ with Stax-style brass and a very live drum kit. Had the charts been as fairly organised as they are today, it was big enough to have been a proper hit back then. Maybe now it’s gonna make it?

STEVE ‘SILK’ HURLEY ‘Jack Your Body’ (London LONX 117)
Unbelievably out here at last after being massive on import as long ago as last April, this is considered by London to be the official follow-up to Farley ‘Jackmaster’ Funk’s hit, a sizzling and rattling house bounder in four different versions, the 122¼bpm ‘Jack Your Body – Home Made’ namechecking “J.M. Silk” before monotonously repeating, as do the 122¼bpm ‘Club Your Body’ and 122bpm ‘Dub Your Body’, the basic “jack your body” title line, while the 126bpm ‘Steve Silk Hurley’ repeats that particular name.

HOT CHOCOLATE ‘You Sexy Thing (Extended Replay Mix)’ (EMI 12EMI 5592)
Dutch mastermixer Ben Liebrand has brilliantly created a brand new chunky 106⅔bpm go go backing into which he slots only some of the melody carrying elements and vocal strands of the original 1975 pop hit, to give a totally updated and much improved result (inst flip, and 107⅓bpm ‘Every 1’s A Winner’).

FREEEZ featuring John Rocca ‘I.O.U. (The Ultimate Mixes ’87)’ (CityBeat CBE 1209, via WEA/Island)
Totally restructured by Arthur Baker in four new mixes, the once archetypal electro hit now bounds along in house style in the 121¼bpm Club Dub and 121bpm Club Vocal mixes, but even more interestingly and radically becomes powerful go go in the 105¼bpm Shakedown Vocal and Instrumental mixes. I mean, how different can one original recording get?

BLAZE ‘Whatcha Gonna Do’ (US Quark Records QK 001)
Hot for four weekends now although (thanks to holiday deadlines) this is my first chance to review it, this Colonel Abrams-style nagging house bounder is in 118¼bpm Vocal, 118½bpm Acadub, (0-)118bpm Radio and 118½bpm Bonus Mixes. As Champion have already picked it up, they’ll have both Raze and Blaze!

HOT HOUSE ‘Don’t Come To Stay’ (deconstruction Records M6212, via PRT)
Featuring the stunning vocal debut of Heather Small, sorta like Sade with Aretha’s emotion, this London-recorded superb gospel-style intensity surging 72½-74-73¾bpm powerful soul swayer has been earning raves as a promo for ages and is finally out this coming Monday. Start queueing now!

RAZE ‘Let The Music Move U’ (Champion CHAMP 1227, via PRT)
Not another ‘Jack The Groove’ although catchily frisky, this Wanda Sykes-sung guttural 119¼bpm jittery house jumper is joined here by the title repeating 119½bpm ‘Get Down’ and hi-NRG 128¼bpm ‘Control Me’.

THE MASTERS OF CEREMONY featuring Don Barron ‘Sexy’ (US Strong City ST 001)
An excitingly def ‘n’ fresh fusion of reggae and rap from New York City, this 92bpm hip hop jiggler keeps dropping bits of Jamaican songs amidst the otherwise tough rap ‘n’ scratch, with a completely Reggae Toast version, and excellent fierce Dub. Lookin’ large, la de da de!

WILLIE COLON ‘She Don’t Know I’m Alive’ (US A&M SP-12220)
Although at first seeming like a dull disappointment after the fluidity of ‘Set Fire To Me’, this jittery striding 111⅕bpm Latin-accented lurcher picks up steam as the backing and beat fill out (with two dubs as flip), to end up a real “grower” and really bright once you’re used to it. Could be big.

SWING OUT SISTER ‘Surrender (Stuff Gun Mix)’ (Mercury SWING 312)
Spiked with ‘Top Gun’ jet effects (beware the one at the end), this subtle slowly building and doodling ultimately quite jazzy (0-)52-103⅚-0bpm atmospheric lush jogger is, in this promoed mix, possibly too classy without enough actual song for the pop public, although other mixes may of course be less circuitous.

THE NATURALS ‘Funky Rasta (’87 Mix)’ (Cooltempo COOLX 140)
Revived from 1982 by the independent efforts of Tim Westwood and Dancin’ Danny D, this rambling slinkily pushing jogger isn’t reggae at all, the more spaciously remixed new (0-)104⅔-0bpm A-side version emphasising the chanting’s female vocal and a male rap break, while the flip’s much tighter less vocal original was always 106⅙bpm but as the reviewed promo is single-sided I can’t confirm if it is still.

XRAY ‘Let’s Go’ (US Transmat MS001)
Juan Atkins-mixed quite exciting distinctively galloping 125⅔-0bpm jack track with various repeated vocal lines and effects washing through it, a Mayday-mixed more percussive 123½-0bpm Dubmix, plus an unlabelled totally different 120¼bpm bonus track, breaking first up North.

GARY L ‘Time (Time To Party)’ (Champion CHAMP 1228)
Colonel Abrams-style breezily bounding 120½bpm house from New Jersey (like Raze), here in three mixes with the main one by Regisford & Jarvis.

WALLY JUMP JR. & THE CRIMINAL ELEMENT ‘Turn Me Loose’ (US Criminal Records CRIM 00006)
Prod/penned by Arthur Baker, this Will Downing and Craig Derry moaned Colonel Abrams-ish skitterer has possibly over-busy beats in the two Timmy Regisford mixed electro driven 118⅓bpm Side A mixes, although the basic melody is quite nagging, while Arthur’s own 0-118⅓bpm Peak and 0-117⅓bpm House Mixes on Side AA are much more loose and rambling in Chicago style, the ones to try.

MATT WARREN ‘The Way To My Heart’ (US Sunset Records Inc SUN-2777)
Another that’s been growing for four weekends, this Warren-created though actually girls sung house galloper is in 117⅖bpm Club, Jazz and Chicago House, and 117⅗-0bpm 5:30 AM Mixes, the latter two instrumental and possibly best.

D.J. POLO & KOOL G. RAP ‘It’s A Demo’ (US Cold Chillin’ CC 101)
Mr Big Stuff gives the Funky Drummer some (get my drift?) for a serious Marley Marl-produced 98½bpm scratch ‘n’ rap, full of bounce, with a dub that fades into a continuous run-out groove, and more ponderously rapped 87½-0bpm ‘I’m Fly’ flip.

SWEET TEE AND JAZZY JOYCE ‘It’s My Beat’ (US Profile PRO-7126)
Roxanne Shanté-ish JJ keeps burbling on between James Brown beats cut into the 0-89bpm rhythm by  DJ T (inst/acappella flip), nagging more than grabbing but selling well.

THE HOUSE MASTER BOYZ and THE RUDE BOY OF HOUSE ‘House Nation’ (US Dance Mania Records DM 003)
Presumably that’s The Rude Boy Himself Farley Farley Farley mixing beats behind Sweet D’s keyboards on this basic fast seeming 123⅔bpm jack track, with the title line its only stutteringly sampled lyric (in three mixes).

RAY, GOODMAN & BROWN ‘Take It To The Limit’ LP (EMI America AML 3113)
Consistently good pleasant silky soul by the ex-Moments, more for home listening maybe, with the soulfully swaying and snapping 65¾bpm title track, sweet slinky (0-)83⅘-0bpm ‘Celebrate Our Love’, ‘phonecall started smoochy 0-67bpm ‘(Baby) Let’s Make Love Tonight’, Smokey-ish 0-70½bpm ‘Waiting For Dawn’, urgent 119bpm ‘Why Must I Wait’, lightly thrumming 110⅔ ‘Good Love’, lush 67¾bpm ‘We’ve Got Tonight’ and 70¾bpm ‘Someone’s Missing Your Love’.

ASWAD ‘Hooked On You’ (Simba 12SIM 104, via Jet Star)
Virtually unknown at the Radio One level of national consciousness but greatly loved on the black scene, the supastars’ latest is a soulful sweet 77¾bpm reggae swayer tinged with Isleys-style wistfulness.

MIQUEL BROWN ‘Footprints In The Sand’ (Nightmare MARE 5, via PRT)
Sinitta’s mum tries to break from her hi-NRG image with an Ian Levine-created typically idiosyncratic and tuneful lightweight 110-0bpm MoR-slanted swinger, breathily muttered and soaringly surging (dub flip), pitched at the Greg Edwards/Tony Blackburn market.

JANICE CHRISTIE ‘Heat Stroke’ (London LONX 120)
Sneakily nagging pent-up jolting basher obviously inspired by Janet Jackson’s ‘Nasty’, here in Tony Humphries’ 101⅔bpm Club, jolting Dub, and brand new UK-only Instrumental Mixes, plus Larry Levan’s 99⅚bpm Garage Mix.

MK II ‘Used By DJ’ (US D.J. International Records DJ 925)
With plaintive vocals by Chris, a girl, complaining in story song style about a DJ who done her wrong, this driving 0-123bpm pumper is beefier and more coherent than the usual house fodder – a song rather than a jack track, but more “disco” than soul (in four mixes). Last night a DJ shared her life.

CUT MASTER D.C. ‘Brooklyn Rocks The Best’ (US Zakia Records ZK-019)
Based on ESG’s old ‘UFO’ break beat with others cut in, this 101bpm jiggler has a chauvinistic Brooklyn-boosting rap and clichéd party chants (inst/edit plus, too late now, the 0-103bpm ‘Santa’s Beat Box’). Incidentally the recent ‘Bum MC’s’ single credited to Cut Master D.C. in the absence of proper label copy was in fact by The Maniacs.

ROYALTY LADIES ‘Fly Guys Are Fresh (R&B Version)’ (US Ave. B Records BM-41951)
Out for a while, these quite endearing shrill girl rappers scold and chant to a spare tight scratch backing, 90⅓-90½bpm with a slightly longer 90⅓bpm B-side version and 90bpm dub.

UK DISCO TOP 75 – January 10, 1987
(A reduced Top 75 only was printed this week)

01 01 BIG FUN, The Gap Band, Total Experience 12in
02 05 THE RAIN (REMIX), Oran ‘Juice’ Jones, Def Jam 12in
03 03 CHILLIN’ OUT (REMIX), Curtis Hairston, Atlantic 12in
04 02 SHIVER (REMIX), George Benson, Warner Bros 12in
05 04 CANDY/REMIX, Cameo, Club 12in
06 08 YOU CAN DANCE (IF YOU WANT TO), Go Go Lorenzo & The Davis/Pinckney Project, Boiling Point 12in
07 07 MR BIG STUFF, Heavy D & The Boyz, MCA Records 12in
08 06 JACK THE GROOVE, Raze, Champion 12in
09 13 SHAKE YOU DOWN, Gregory Abbott, CBS 12in
10 09 NIGHTS OF PLEASURE (REMIXES), Loose Ends, Virgin 12in twin-pack
11 12 GO SEE THE DOCTOR, Kool Moe Dee, Jive 12in
12 10 SHOWING OUT, Mel & Kim, Supreme Records 12in
14 16 JACK YOUR BODY, Steve ‘Silk’ Hurley, London 12in
15 14 SMALL CHANGE (SPARE A DIME MIX), Hindsight, Circa Records 12in
16 20 SEE ME/I REALLY DIDN’T MEAN IT, Luther Vandross, Epic LP
17 28 ONCE BITTEN TWICE SHY (REMIX), Vesta Williams, A&M 12in
20 15 MIDAS TOUCH (REMIX), Midnight Star, Solar 12in
21 21 LET THE MUSIC MOVE U/GET DOWN, Raze, Champion 12in white label
23 33 PASSION AND PAIN, Janice McClain, MCA Records 12in
24 25 TO THE BEAT OF THE DRUM, Wired, US Underworld 12in
25 37 MISUNDERSTANDING (REMIX), James (D-Train) Williams, US Columbia 12in
28 39 BITS & PIECES 87, US Dynamite Mix 12in bootleg mixer
29 55 THE BRUTAL HOUSE/LET’S GET BRUTAL, Nitro Deluxe, US Cutting Records 12in
30 24 BREAKOUT (N.A.D. MIX), Swing Out Sister, Mercury 12in
31 36 L.A. NIGHTS, Yasuko Agawa, Bluebird 12in
32 31 THIS TIME, Private Possession featuring Hunter Hayes, 4th + B’way 12in
34 34 STEP RIGHT UP (PURE DANCE MIX), Jaki Graham, EMI 12in
35 27 OUTSIDE IN THE RAIN (REMIX), Gwen Guthrie, US Polydor 12in
36 — THE CHAMP, The Mohawks, Pama 12in
37 18 I’M CHILLIN’, Kurtis Blow, Club 12in
38 49 I FOUND LOVE (REMIX), Darlene Davis, US Take One 12in
39 74 KING OF SWING, Fission, Streetwave 12in
40 88 IT’S TOO LATE (FOR LOVE), Stardom Groove featuring Tonya Wynne, US New York Groove 12in
42 40 I’VE GOTTA BE TOUGH/WE DON’T PLAY, M.C. Shy-D, US Luke Skyywalker 12in
43 — THE THROWDOWN MIX (LES ADAMS HIT MEDLEY), Kool & The Gang, Club 12in
44 26 SWEET LOVE/NO ONE IN THE WORLD, Anita Baker, Elektra 12in
46 — THE CHAMP/BUST THE CHAMP, Throwdown, HardBack 12in
47 93 WHATCHA GONNA DO, Blaze, US Quark Records 12in
48 46 SACRIFICE, Cyndi Phillips, US Atlantic 12in/promo
49 23 FACTS OF LOVE, Jeff Lorber featuring Karyn White, Club 12in
51 — LOVESTRUCK, Projection, Elite 12in
52 65 MY MIKE SOUNDS NICE/TRAMP, Salt-n-Pepa, US Next Plateau LP
53 29 PUMP THAT BASS/LIVE (GET A LITTLE STUPID…HO!), Original Concept, US Def Jam 12in
54 48 THE MORNING AFTER/TAKE CHARGE, Curtis Hairston, US Atlantic LP
55 44 JACKIN (EMU STYLE), Home Wreckers, US Dance-Sing 12in
56 — FUNKY RASTA (’87 MIX)/ORIGINAL, The Naturals, Cooltempo 12in
57 — GET DOWN FRIDAY NIGHT, Aleem featuring Leroy Burgess, US NIA 12in
58 45 GIVE ME THE REASON/SHE’S SO GOOD TO ME/SEE ME, Luther Vandross, Epic 12in
59 57 MIND GAMES (DUB GAMES), Cultural Vibe, US Easy Street 12in
60 60 FOLLOW YOUR HEART/EVERYBODY’S IN A HURRY, Ronnie McNeir, Expansion Records 12in
61 38 I CAN’T TURN AROUND, J.M. Silk, RCA 12in
62 — I.O.U. (ULTIMATE SHAKEDOWN/CLUB REMIXES), Freeez featuring John Rocca, CityBeat 12in promo
63 69 CAN YOU FEEL IT/WASHING MACHINE, Mr Fingers, US Trax Records 12in
64 — SURRENDER (STUFF GUN MIX), Swing Out Sister, Mercury 12in promo
65 43 TELL ME WHAT I GOTTA DO (REMIX), Al Jarreau, WEA 12in twin-pack
66 62 WHO THE CAP FIT, Shinehead, Virgin 12in
67 72 2 THE LIMIT (PARTY TIME REMIX), Octavia, Cooltempo 12in
68 — MR BIG STUFF (REMIX), Heavy D & The Boyz, MCA Records 12in
69 87 YOU GOT THE LOVE, The Source featuring Candi Staton, Streetwave 12in
70 52 TIME (TIME TO PARTY), Gary L, Champion 12in white label
72 100 THE WAY TO MY HEART, Matt Warren, US Sunset Records Inc 12in
73 73 DO YOU WANT IT BAD ENUFF, Jenny Burton, US Atlantic 12in/promo
74 re I WANT YOU, Tamiko Jones, Detail Records 12in
75 59 BROADWAY, Duke Bootee, HardBack 12in

No Eurobeat chart this week.

One thought on “January 10, 1987: The Mohawks, Steve ‘Silk’ Hurley, Hot Chocolate, Freeez, Blaze”

  1. And so, in the very first column of 1987, we can already see some pointers to the way ahead. The term “rare groove” has yet to make its first appearance, but the position of The Mohawks “The Champ” as lead review clearly indicates which way the wind is blowing. Elsewhere, two adjacent releases – “It’s A Demo” and “It’s My Beat” – share the distinction (unless I’ve overlooked something?) of being the first rap tracks in these pages to use a sample from the soon-to-be-ubiquitous “Funky Drummer” (which we first encountered last year as a bare bones breakbeat on the “Feelin’ James” bootleg mixer); certainly, both them sound firmly like 1987 hip hop, rather than the go go-flavoured 1986 strain. And then there’s Xray “Let’s Go”, ushering in two of the big Detroit Three – Juan Atkins and Derrick May – on a track which, particularly in its dub mix, does contain some of the elements of what we will eventually call “techno”. (You might also recall, in August 1986, a fleeting glimpse of Juan Atkins as Model 500 in the Eurobeat chart, with a track that couldn’t be called techno at all, while his inclusion as Cybotron on StreetSounds Electro 4 in 1984 didn’t warrant even the briefest of mentions in these pages).

    I’ve also got to mention “House Nation”, which after a slow start on import will end up becoming a massive track. Maybe it was just too “out there”, until people got their heads around it – I can certainly vividly recall the first time I heard it, on a local pirate radio station way ahead of its UK release, and feeling simultaneously baffled and stunned.


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